Ingram, Frances (1874-1954) Papers, 1894-1953

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Frances Ingram, 1874-1954

Title: Papers, 1894-1953

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 4 cubic feet

Location Number: Mss./A/I54a

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, speeches and papers written by Ingram, speeches and papers written by others, reports by governmental and private organizations, copies of proposed laws, articles and newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous items related to Ingram’s involvement in social work in Louisville during the early twentieth century. Includes information on Ingram’s career as a social worker, activist, and head resident of the Louisville settlement house, Neighborhood House.

Also contains some of Ingram’s personal correspondence, biographies of and clippings about her, and information on her graduation from Louisville Girls’ High School and Louisville Normal School.

Biographical Note

Frances MacGregor Ingram was a social worker in Louisville during the early twentieth century and the Head Resident of the Neighborhood House settlement from 1905 to 1939. During that time, she worked on issues regarding child welfare, child labor, vice, working women, and the Americanization of immigrants. Ingram was involved with social work groups such as the American Association of Social Workers, the National Federation of Settlements, and the Kentucky Child Labor Association. She was a graduate of Louisville Girls’ High School, Louisville Normal School, and the University of Louisville. After her retirement from Neighborhood House, she moved to Philadelphia but returned to Louisville shortly thereafter. She died in Louisville in early 1954 and is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery.

Folder List

Folder 1: Personal Correspondence

Folder 2: Ingram – Biographies

Folder 3: Ingram – Clippings

Folder 4: Ingram – Education

Folder 5: Americanization – Correspondence

Folder 6: Americanization – Speeches

Folder 7: Americanization – Aids and Study Guides

Folder 8: Americanization – Articles

Folder 9: Americanization – Clippings and Miscellaneous

Folder 10: Neighborhood House – Correspondence

Folder 11: Neighborhood House – Activities

Folder 12: Neighborhood House – Annual Reports

Folder 13: Neighborhood House – Club Reports

Folder 14: Neighborhood House – Studies

Folder 15: Neighborhood House – Stories

Folder 16: Neighborhood House – Stories for Book

Folder 17: Neighborhood House Story Introduction

Folder 18: Neighborhood House – Papers

Folder 19: Neighborhood House – Fiftieth Anniversary

Folder 20: Neighborhood House – Pre-Ingram Materials

Folder 21: Neighborhood House – Canteen

Folder 22: Neighborhood House – Lists

Folder 23: Neighborhood House – Ethnic Food

Folder 24: Neighborhood House – Speeches and Article Transcripts

Folder 25: Neighborhood House – Articles, Publications, and Clippings

Folder 26: Neighborhood House – Miscellaneous

Folder 27: Family Studies, 1932

Folder 28: Child Labor – Correspondence

Folder 29: Child Labor – Cases and Laws

Folder 30: Child Labor – Essays

Folder 31: Child Labor – Publications

Folder 32: Child Labor – Committee Reports and Clippings

Folder 33: Child Welfare – Correspondence

Folder 34: Child Welfare – Legal and Government

Folder 35: Child Welfare – Lectures and Minutes

Folder 36: Child Welfare – Publications

Folder 37: Child Welfare – Pamphlets, Clippings, Miscellaneous

Folder 38: Delinquency

Folder 39: The American Child

Folder 40: Kentucky Welfare Association

Folder 41: Kentucky Children’s Bureau

Folder 42: Report on Child Caring Institutions in Kentucky, pt. 1

Folder 43: Report on Child Caring Institutions in Kentucky, pt. 2

Folder 44: Recreation – Correspondence

Folder 45: Recreation – Programs and Pamphlets

Folder 46: Recreation – Neighborhood House Activities

Folder 47: Recreation – Papers I

Folder 48: Recreation – Papers II

Folder 49: Recreation – Reports

Folder 50: Recreation – Playground Theory

Folder 51: Recreation – Articles

Folder 52: Recreation – Clippings

Folder 53: Recreation – Miscellaneous

Folder 54: Recreation Council

Folder 55: Jefferson County White House Conference

Folder 56: Jefferson County White House Conference, 1933 Report

Folder 57: Dance Halls

Folder 58: Dance, Substitutes for Saloons, etc.

Folder 59: Night Messengers

Folder 60: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Correspondence

Folder 61: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Papers

Folder 62: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Annual Reports, 1915-1927

Folder 63: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Annual Reports, 1928-1940

Folder 64: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Music

Folder 65: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Clippings

Folder 66: Louisville Fresh Air Home – Miscellaneous

Folder 67: Unemployment – Correspondence and Publications

Folder 68: Unemployment – Reports, Clippings, Miscellaneous

Folder 69: League for Industrial Democracy

Folder 70: Housing

Folder 71: Prison Probation Reform

Folder 72: Social Work – Correspondence

Folder 73: Social Work – American Association of Social Work

Folder 74: Social Work – Publications

Folder 75: Social Work – Clippings and Miscellaneous

Folder 76: New York School of Social Work

Folder 77: National Folk Festival

Folder 78: The Inquiry/Race Relations Commission

Folder 79: Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs – Public Welfare Committee

Folder 80: Kentucky Child Welfare Commission

Folder 81: Kentucky Child Welfare Commission – Minutes

Folder 82: Louisville and Jefferson County Children’s Home

Folder 83: Louisville Industrial School of Reform

Folder 84: Kentucky Children’s Code Commission

Folder 85: National Probation Association – Correspondence, 1921-1930

Folder 86: National Probation Association – Correspondence, 1931-1935, 1948

Folder 87: National Probation Association – Reports and Clippings

Folder 88: National Probation Association – Miscellaneous

Folder 89: Settlements – General Material

Folder 90: Settlements – Papers and Articles

Folder 91: Settlements – Printed Materials

Folder 92: Settlements – Examples

Folder 93: Settlements and Depression

Folder 94: Pine Mountain Settlement School

Folder 95: Louisville Federation of Settlements

Folder 96: National Federation of Settlements – Correspondence

Folder 97: National Federation of Settlements – 50th Anniversary of Settlements in the South

Folder 98: National Federation of Settlements – Minutes and Memos

Folder 99: National Federation of Settlements – Reports and Surveys

Folder 100: National Federation of Settlements – Burns Studies

Folder 101: National Federation of Settlements – Medical Care in Settlements

Folder 102: National Federation of Settlements – Unemployment

Folder 103: National Federation of Settlements – “Powers and Needs of the Settlement” (1923)

Folder 104: National Federation of Settlements – Miscellaneous, 1937

Folder 105: National Federation of Settlements – Miscellaneous

Folder 106: Syrians

Folder 107: Charities Endorsement

Folder 108: 1937 Flood

Folder 109: 1937 Flood Chapter

Folder 110: World War I Chapter

Folder 111: Honorary Degree Ceremony

Folder 112: Caroline Manning

Folder 113: Linda Neville

Folder 114: Graham Taylor

Folder 115: Community Chest

Folder 116: Mental Hygiene

Folder 117: Crafts

Folder 118: Native American Dances

Folder 119: Community Service

Folder 120: Literature

Folder 121: Kentucky Pageantry

Folder 122: Women

Folder 123: Women’s Organizations

Folder 124: Working Women

Folder 125: Institutes

Folder 126: Bibliography

Folder 127: Miscellaneous Sociological Materials

Folder 128: Miscellaneous Articles

Folder 129: Miscellaneous Pamphlets I

Folder 130: Miscellaneous Pamphlets II

Folder 131: Miscellaneous Pamphlets III

Folder 132: Bound Pamphlets

Folder 133: Neighborhood: A Settlement Quarterly

Folder 134: Miscellaneous Notebook

Folder 135: Miscellaneous

Folder 136: Notebook, 1912-1928

Folder 137: Journal, 1921

Folder 138: Kentucky Appointment Certificates (oversize)

Subject Headings

Addams, Jane, 1860-1935

Adult education – Kentucky

American Association of Social Workers


Anderson, Mary, 1872-1964

Burns, Allen T.

Charities – Kentucky – Louisville

Child labor

Child welfare

Children – Institutional care

Chute, Charles Lionel, 1882-1953

Creech, William, 1845-1918


Dance halls – Kentucky – Louisville

Depressions – 1929

Drug traffic – Kentucky – Louisville

Federations, Financial (Social service)

Floods – Kentucky – Louisville

Folk festivals

Hill, Archibald A., 1871-1907

Hill, Mary Anderson

Immigrants – Kentucky – Louisville

Indian dance – North America

J.B. Speed Memorial Museum

Juvenile courts – Kentucky – Jefferson County

Juvenile delinquency

Kentucky Child Labor Association

Kentucky Child Welfare Association

Kentucky Children’s Code Commission

Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs

Kentucky Welfare Association

Kentucky. Children’s Bureau

Lasker, Bruno, 1880-1965

League for Industrial Democracy

Louisville Federation of Settlements

Louisville Fresh Air Home

Louisville Industrial School of Reform

Louisville-Jefferson County Children’s Home

Louisville School of Social Work

Manning, Caroline

Medical care

Mental illness

National Child Labor Committee (U.S.)

National Probation Association (U.S.)

Neighborhood House (Louisville, Ky.)

Neville, Linda

New York School of Social Work

Norman, J. Van Dyke

Orgera, Louis

Paperboys – Kentucky – Louisville

Pine Mountain Settlement School (Pine Mountain, Ky.)

Playgrounds – Kentucky – Louisville


Prostitution – Kentucky – Louisville

Recreation and juvenile delinquency

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968

Smith, John F., 1878-1940

Social service

Social settlements

Social work with children

Sociology – Bibliography

Sociology – Periodicals

Syrians – Kentucky – Louisville

Taylor, Graham, 1851-1938

Tenement House Commission (Louisville, Ky.)

Unemployment – Social aspects

United States. Women’s Bureau

University of Louisville

War Recreation Board (Louisville, Ky.)

White House Conference on Child Health and Protection

Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892 – Criticism and interpretation

Women employees

Women – Societies and clubs

World War, 1914-1918 – Social aspects – Kentucky – Louisville

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