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Ohio Valley History is a quarterly, peer-reviewed  journal of the history and culture of the Ohio Valley and the Upper South collaboratively edited and published by The Filson Historical Society, Cincinnati Museum Center, and the University of Cincinnati. In addition to a print circulation of over 3,000, the entire run of OVH is globally available on Project Muse.

In addition to articles, Ohio Valley History features historiographical and review essays, notes and documents, and reviews of books, exhibits, and historical sites. A full table of contents for OVH articles from 2001-Present is available online; click here.

Subscription and Access

Ohio Valley History is available to members of the Filson both in print and online. To learn more about levels of membership (including E-Memberships, Teacher, Student Memberships) and subscription to the journal, click here. Members will receive an email with a link when newly available OVH issues are published. Members seeking access to back issues of Ohio Valley History should contact Jamie Evans at gro.l1713709033aciro1713709033tsihn1713709033oslif1713709033@snav1713709033ej1713709033. Not a Filson member? You can access articles or issues of Ohio Valley History at Project Muse.


Authors should submit their manuscripts in Microsoft Word by email attachment to the editors, gro.l1713709033aciro1713709033tsihn1713709033oslif1713709033@siwe1713709033lkcir1713709033tap1713709033 and ude.c1713709033u.lia1713709033mcu@n1713709033jrapu1713709033rk1713709033.

The preferred manuscript length is 20 to 25 pages (6,000 to 7,500 words), exclusive of notes. Research notes and review essays are approximately half the length of articles. Please use New Times Roman, 12-point font, with footnotes preferred to end. OVH uses omnibus citations (one note per paragraph).

To facilitate our policy of anonymous manuscript review, the author’s identifying information should not be included in the Word document of the article, just the article title. In a separate document, include the author’s name, institutional affiliation, a short (3-5 sentence) biography, and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address).  Ohio Valley History follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition or above. We suggest that authors refer to previous issues of the journal for examples of format and style.



Patrick A. Lewis The Filson Historical Society

Jason Krupar, University of Cincinnati


Jamie Evans The Filson Historical Society


Daniel Farrell, University of Cincinnati


Luther Adams University of Washington, Tacoma

Joan Cashin Ohio State University

Kathleen Duval University of North

Nicole Etcheson Ball State University

Craig T. Friend North Carolina State University

Douglas Hurt Purdue University

James C. Klotter Georgetown College

Tracy K’Meyer University of Louisville

Clarence Lang The Pennsylvania State University

David A. Nichols Indiana State University

Christopher Phillips University of Cincinnati

John David Smith University of North Carolina

Rachel A. Shelden Pennsylvania State University

Nikki M. Taylor Howard University

Frank Towers University of Calgary

Publishing Information

Ohio Valley History (ISSN 1544-4058) is published in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky by The Filson Historical Society and the Cincinnati Museum Center.