Board and Staff

Board and Staff

Leadership Team

President and CEO: Richard H. C. Clay | Email Richard Clay

Vice President: Dr. Julie Scoskie James | Email Julie Scoskie

The Filson Historical Society Curator: James J. Holmberg | Email Jim Holmberg

Chief Financial Officer: Diane Cornwell | Email Diane Cornwell

Director of Collections Access: Jennie Cole | Email Jennie Cole

Director of Collections and Research: Patrick A. Lewis, Ph.D. | Email Patrick Lewis

Director of Development: Brenna Cundiff | Email Brenna Cundiff

Collections Department

Manuscripts, photographs, prints, architectural records, ephemera, and other primary sources. Genealogy, printed materials, maps and other published items. Portraits, ceramics, silver, textiles, weapons, and other artifacts.

*Please submit reference queries to gro.l1642755069aciro1642755069tsihn1642755069oslif1642755069@hcra1642755069eser1642755069; image orders to gro.l1642755069aciro1642755069tsihn1642755069oslif1642755069@sega1642755069mi1642755069

Librarian: Kathryn Bratcher | Email Kathryn Bratcher

Associate Curator of Collections: Jana Meyer | Email Jana Meyer

Curator of Photographs and Prints: Heather J. Potter, MLIS | Email Heather Potter

Curator of Museum Collections & Exhibits Coordinator: Maureen Lane | Email Maureen Lane

Curator of Jewish Collections: Abby Glogower, Ph.D. | Email Abby Glogower

Manuscript Cataloger: James M. Prichard | Email James Prichard

Collections Cataloger: Dr. Lynn Pohl | Email Lynn Pohl

Assistant Museum Curator and Exhibits Designer: Brooks Vessels | Email Brooks Vessels

Research Specialist: Hannah Costelle | Email Hannah Costelle

Associate Curator of Digital Projects: Danielle Spalenka | Email Danielle Spalenka

Collections Assistant: Emma Johansen | Email Emma Johansen

Native American Collections Specialist: Kelly Hyberger | Email Kelly Hyberger

Education and Programming

Programs and Education Manager: Scott Scarboro | Email Scott Scarboro

Marketing and Public Relations Manager: Jamie Evans | Email Jamie Evans
Editor of The Filson news magazine, Managing Editor of Ohio Valley History


Membership, annual fund, donations, planned giving, business partnerships, and sponsorships.

Director of Development: Brenna Cundiff | Email Brenna Cundiff

Associate Director of Development: Kate Wanke | Email Kate Wanke

Community Engagement Specialist: Emma Bryan | Email Emma Bryan

Education and Development Assistant: Nicole Clay | Email Nicole Clay

Education and Development Assistant: Chelsea Wilson | Email Chelsea Wilson

IT/Administrative Department

Business and Rental Manager: Sarah Laufer Bruns, CTA | Email Sarah Bruns

Technology and Facilities Manager: Kyle Brewer | Email Kyle Brewer

Research and Ohio Valley History

Co-editor of Ohio Valley History: Dr. David Stradling | ude.c1642755069u.lia1642755069mcu@s1642755069dldar1642755069ts1642755069

Ohio Valley History Book Review Editor: Casey A. Huegel | ude.c1642755069u.lia1642755069m@acl1642755069egeuh1642755069