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Family Files

The Filson's family files collection contain information on Kentucky families, listed by surname. Family files may include items such as correspondence, research notes, newspaper clippings, and other miscellaneous information.

Family Files List

Family Bibles

The Filson also has a collection of family bibles. Bible records can be helpful identifying birth, marriage and death dates prior to when the state started keeping records.  The family bible genealogical information has been copied out of the bibles and added to the appropriate family files, so bibles are not typically pulled for researchers; please see the list linked below and cross reference it with the Family Files list above.

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Family Charts

Another source of family information at the Filson is the library's collection of family charts.  Family charts contain a pictorial representation of family relationships.

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Cowell-Rueve Collection

Genealogical material on the family of Brian Mason Cowell, broken down into family files, research notes, and miscellaneous on Cowell, Rueve, and allied families.

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Lyons Collection

The library also has a collection of family files compiled by Father James Aloysius Lyons, a priest known for his research on Catholic Church history in Kentucky. His files on families and individuals primarily involve research on the earliest settlers in Kentucky.

Lyons Collection Listing

Weathers Collection - Williams Collection

Collection includes seven loose-leaf books on the genealogy of Richard Weathers, James Williams, Lucien Francis Williams, Jr. James Weathers, and allied families. This collection was transferred from the library to Special Collections, and is titled "Lucien F. Williams, Jr. Collection, 1804-1952 (bulk: 1948-1952)" call number Mss. A W721. View the online finding aid here:

Charles D. Waggoner Collection on the Eastin/Easton Family

Genealogical material on the Eastin/Easton family and allied families compiled by Charles D. Waggoner, including sections on Eastin family files, Eastins in the United States, and allied families.

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Subject Files

Historical Files

Our historical files contain miscellaneous information on a number of Kentucky history topics. Subjects include historic homes, wars (especially the Civil War), schools & colleges, and organizations & businesses. Files on individuals are also included. Files contain items such as correspondence, research notes, and other miscellaneous information.

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Newspaper Clippings

The library also maintains newspaper clippings files. Our newspaper clippings are separated into 2 categories: biographical and subject. Our biographical files contain clippings on individuals, while our subject files categorize articles by topic. Our subject files have particularly good coverage of regional schools, businesses and organizations, and famous houses. Many articles are from the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Louisville Times, but other local and statewide publications are also represented. Most of the articles in our files were written in the latter half of the 1900s, but some may date back to the earlier part of the century.

Newspaper Clippings - Biography Files

Newspaper Clippings - Subject Files

Ohio Valley Artists

Our artist file index is a guide to our collection of materials on Ohio Valley artists. The artist files are composed of various materials such as clippings, articles, brochures, Internet findings and research letters on each artist.

Ohio Valley Artist Files