Newspapers on Microfilm at the Filson Library

Newspapers on Microfilm

The following is an inventory of newspapers available on microfilm in the Filson library. This is not a complete list of all the newspapers at the Filson–original copies of many newspapers are also available in our Special Collections department. Please note that multiple newspapers may be on a single reel of microfilm. In addition, date ranges do not necessarily mean that we have every issue of the newspaper for those years; some issues may be missing.

Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky, Newspapers

American Democrat & Weekly Courier (Louisville, Ky.), 1845-1846
The Critic (Louisville, Ky.), 1889-1893 (Reels 18-19)
Civic Opinion (Louisville, Ky.), 1922, 1927-1930 (no title sheet; on same reel as The Critic, Reel 19)
Daily Journal and Focus (Louisville, Ky.), 1832 (on same microfilm roll as Louisville Daily Journal, Reel 3)
Daily Louisville Herald & Commercial Gazette (Louisville, Ky.), 1832-1833
The Focus (Louisville, Ky.), 1826-1831
The Highlander (Louisville, Ky.), 1934, 1937, 1940
The Jefferson Reporter (Buechel, Ky.), 1955-1961 (Reels 25-30)
The Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), 1907-1941 (Reels 32-41); second set, 1934 July-1953 [six reels, not numbered]
The Kentucky Gazette (Shively, Ky.), 1939-1942 (on same reel as The Oldham Era, Reel 17)
The Kentucky Irish American (Louisville, Ky.), 1898-1968 (Reels 1-16)
The Kentucky Red Man (Louisville, Ky.), 1906-1915
The Kentucky Reporter (Louisville, Ky.), 1940-1943 (Reel 42)
Louisville Anzeiger (Louisville, Ky.), 1849-1938 (Reels 1-75); German language paper
Louisville Anzeiger (Louisville, Ky.), 1849-1938 (Reels 76-150); German language paper
Louisville Anzeiger (Louisville, Ky.), 1849-1938 (Reels 151-173); German language paper
Louisville Daily Journal (Louisville, Ky.), 1830-1839 (missing 1838), (Reels 1-3)
Louisville Dispatch (Louisville, Ky.), 1897 (Reel 43-44)
Louisville Evening Bulletin (Louisville, Ky.), 1853, 1860-1862
Louisville Journal (Louisville, Ky.), 1831-1858 (weekly), (1835-1836 also on same reel as Louisville Daily Journal, Reel #3)
Louisville Public Advertiser (Louisville, Ky.), 1818-1841 (28 reels)
The Louisville Weekly Democrat (Louisville, Ky.), 1845-1854
The Microscope (Louisville, Ky.), 1824
The Mirror (Middletown, Ky.), 1965-1969
The New Highlander (Louisville Ky.), 1928-1929
Omnibus (Louisville, Ky.), 1867-1883
Portland Civic News (Louisville, Ky.), 1923-1940 (Reel 20-21)
The Post Sentinel (Louisville, Ky.), 1947-1949 (on same reel as The Kentucky Red Man (Louisville, Ky.), Reel 31)
St. Matthews Booster (St. Matthews, Ky.) 1901, 1930
Sonntags-post (Louisville, Ky.), 1867-1870
The Sunday Argus (Louisville, Ky.), 1876-1884 (3 reels)
The Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.) 1974-1979 (9 reels, started on final reel of the Voice-Jeffersonian June 28, 1973)
The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.) 1966-1973 (8 reels, last reel includes The Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.) starting June 28, 1973)
The Voice of St. Matthews and the Voice of the Highlands (St. Matthews, Ky.) 1952-1965 September (15 reels)
Weekly Louisville Democrat (Louisville, Ky.), 1855
West End Weekly News (Louisville, Ky.), 1938-1941 (on same reel as Portland Civic News, Reel 21), 1942-1952 (Reel 22-24)

Kentucky Newspapers

Augusta Telegraph (Augusta, Ky.), 1833
Bardstown Gazette (Bardstown, Ky.), 1859
Bardstown Saturday Gazette (Bardstown, Ky.), 1856-1858
Miscellaneous Bardstown newspapers (Bardstown, Ky.), 1851-1855
Western Herald (Bardstown, Ky.), 1825-1828
Green River Gazette (Bowling Green, Ky.), 1833, 1841-1843
Southern Kentucky Argus (Bowling Green, Ky.), 1847-1848
Spirit of Times (Bowling Green, Ky.), 1826-1827
The Messenger (Central City, Ky.), 1954-1955
The Times Argus (Central City, Ky.), 1954
Covington Journal (Covington, Ky.), 1849-1876 (9 reels)
The Licking Valley Register (Covington, Ky.), 1841-1848 (3 reels)
Western Visitor (Cynthiana, Ky.), 1836, 1839, 1843
Danville Advertiser (Danville, Ky.), 1825-1826
Olive Branch & Danville Advertiser (Danville, Ky.), 1828-1830
Kentucky Register (Elizabethtown, Ky.), 1835-1852
Kentucky Statesman (Elizabethtown, Ky.), 1829-1831
Western Sentinel (Elizabethtown, Ky.), 1833-1834
Fleming Gazette (Flemingsburg, Ky.), 1930-1932
The American Republic (Frankfort, Ky.), 1810-1812
Palladium (Frankfort, Ky.), 1798-1803
The Western World (Frankfort, Ky.), 1808-1810
Georgetown Patriot (Georgetown, Ky.), 1816
Kentucky Sentinel (Georgetown, Ky.), 1834-1836
Hopkinsville Gazette (Hopkinsville, Ky.), 1835-1836
Kentucky Republican (Hopkinsville, Ky.), 1821
The Oldham Era (La Grange, Ky.), 1910-1950, 1974 bicentennial edition (Reels 1-17)
Lebanon Post, (Lebanon Ky.), 1852-1857
American Statesman (Lexington, Ky.), 1811-1813
Kentucky Gazette (Lexington, Ky.), 1787-1844 (Reels 1-11)
Kentucky Reporter (Lexington, Ky.), 1808-1811 (2 reels)
The Kentucky Statesman (Lexington, Ky.), 1855-1856
The Lexington Public Advertiser (Lexington, Ky.), 1821, 1823
Eagle (Maysville, Ky.) 1818, 1825
Tri-Weekly Maysville Eagle (Maysville, Ky.), 1850-1851, 1857-1859 (2 reels)
Tri-Weekly Post Boy (Maysville, Ky.), 1850
Columbian Spy (Mt. Sterling, Ky.), 1824-1825
Paducah Weekly American (Paducah, Ky.), 1854-1855
Western Citizen (Paris, Ky.), 1812-1861 (17 reels)
Farmers Chronicle (Richmond, Ky.), 1826
Kentucky Weekly Messenger (Richmond, Ky.), 1859-1860
Richmond Republican (Richmond, Ky.), 1822-1825 (2 reels)
The Weekly Messenger (Richmond, Ky.), 1853-1854
Farmers Friend (Russellville, Ky.), 1809-1810
The Herald & Advertiser (Russellville, Ky.), 1841 (on same reel as The Logan Herald)
The Logan Herald (Russellville, Ky.), 1839-1841
Mirror (Russellville, Ky.), 1806-1808
Russellville Herald (Russellville, Ky.), 1850, 1852
Weekly Messenger (Russellville, Ky.), 1819-1829 (3 reels)
Shelby News (Shelbyville, Ky.), 1841-1857 (3 reels)
Salt River Valley News (Shepherdsville, Ky.), 1949-1953 (2 reels)
The News Leader (Springfield, Ky.), 1896-1898
The Springfield News (Springfield, Ky.), 1889-1890
The Springfield Sun (Springfield, Ky.), 1933
Washington County Leader (Springfield, Ky.), 1887-1889
The Mirror (Washington, Ky.), 1799
The Williamsburg Times (Williamsburg, Ky.), 1891-1893, 1908
Clark County Democrat (Winchester, Ky.), 1878-1881 (on same reel as Winchester Democrat)
Winchester Democrat (Winchester, Ky.), 1887-1899 (5 reels)

Out-of-State Newspapers

The Freeman (Indianapolis, Ind.), 1886-1916 (17 reels)
The Microscope and General Advertiser (New Albany, Ind.), 1824-1825 (on same reel as The Microscope, Louisville, Ky.)
Orleans Gazette & Commercial Advertiser (New Orleans, La.), 1805-1816, 1819-1820 (3 reels)
The Appeal (St. Paul, Minn.), 1889-1893 (2 reels)
Western Appeal (St. Paul, Minn.), 1885-1888
Mississippi Gazette (Natchez, Miss.), Aug. 17, 24, 1833 (Roll # 1116)
The Mississippi Messenger (Natchez, Miss.), 1805-1808 (Roll #505)
Mississippi State Gazette (Natchez, Miss.), 1818-1819 (Roll #1116), 1820-1823 (Roll #A590), 1824-1825 (Roll #1116)
Mississippi Statesman (Natchez, Miss.), 1826-1827 (Roll #1116)
The Mississippi Statesman and Natchez Gazette (Natchez, Miss.), 1827 (Roll #1117)
The Natchez (Natchez, Miss.), 1831-1832 (Roll #626)
Natchez Advertiser (Natchez, Miss.), 1832-1833 (Roll #278)
Natchez Courier (Natchez, Miss.), 1840 (Roll #1117)
Natchez Daily Courier (Natchez, Miss.), 1840 (Roll #1117)
Natchez Gazette (Natchez, Miss.), 1825 (Roll #1116), 1826-1827 (Roll #1117)
Statesman and Gazette (Natchez, Miss.), 1827-1829 (Roll #1117)
Time’s Tablet and Mississippi Gazette (Natchez, Miss.), Sept. 18, 1833 (Roll #1116)
The Gazette (St. Louis, Missouri), 1808-1814
Western Spy (Cincinnati, Ohio), 1799-1822 (3 reels)
The Chambersburg Gazette (Franklin County, Pa.), 1793
Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig (Knoxville, Tenn.), 1860-1865
National Banner (Nashville, Tenn.), 1825-1826
Nashville Clarion and Tennessee Gazette (Nashville, Tenn.), 1800-1822 (Rolls #112-115)
Nashville Whig (Nashville, Tenn.), 1823-1832 (Rolls #118-120)
Miscellaneous 19th century Nashville newspapers, various issues, (Nashville, Tenn.), (Roll #101)
Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, Va.), 1736-1780, (Reels 1-6)