Adopt an Artifact

Adopt an Artifact

About the Program 

The Filson’s mission is to collect, preserve, and share the history and culture of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley. To fulfill this mission, the Filson actively works each year to identify, research, and fund the restoration and conservation work of our collection’s items, to preserve these items for future generations. 

We need your help! Join us in our goal to protect and preserve the stories these material objects hold by Adopting an Artifact! We have chosen projects that represent the wide scope of our collections. Learn more about each project, its significance, its damage and disrepair, the conservation work to be done, and the total cost of the project.  

How to Adopt 

Contact Community Engagement Specialist, Emma Bryan, via email or 502-635-5083. We are happy to discuss these projects in greater detail!  

Adopters will receive regular updates on the condition and conservation progress of the piece, private viewing at the Filson once the item is restored and returned, and if recognition is desired, your name on our website with gratitude for helping us preserve the piece!  

Would you like to fundraise for a project? Consider reaching out to family, friends, community groups, or other interested parties to cooperatively adopt an artifact! Let us know!


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