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Title: Family Charts

Scope and Content Note
Family charts contain a pictorial representation of family relationships.

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Abell family. The Abell, Mills, and allied families of Maryland and Kentucky : a 12 generation record / compiled by Stratton O. Hammon, architect, October 1939.
Anderson family. Descendants of Robert Anderson I. / Given by Alexander F. Anderson, 1938.
Ardery family. Ardery/Ardrey chart. Contains information on the Kentucky branch of the family, as well as North & South Carolina, Pennsylvania, & Ohio branches. / Compiled by Julia S. Ardery, 1930.
Arnold family. Pedigree of Arnold / copyright 1896 by George C. Arnold.
Barr family. Descendants of Thomas Barr, 1703-1789, and Mary Ross.
Bealmear family. Bealmear chart. Also contains information on allied Sanders, Beckwith, and Manning families. / Given by Joseph A. Manning, 1952.
Beaumont family. A Beaumont genealogical chart.
Beckwith family. See entry for Bealmear family.
Bohannon family. See entry for Griswold family.
Bottom family. Bottom family chart: lineage of the Bottom family showing line of descent in America. Descendants of Thomas Bottom, fl. 1640-1696, of Henrico county, Va. / Given by Nora McGee, 1967.
Branch family. Branch family genealogical chart (4 sheets) / given by Fannie Detchen estate, 1983.
Brechin/Bricken family. Descendants of William Brechin, Scotch Presbyterian, settled in Manchester, Virginia, 1747 / Leta Francis Brown, copyright 1937.
Brent family. Brent family chart / loaned by Margaret Ponder, 1941.
Broun family. Descendants of William Broun, d. 1797, of Lancaster county, Va. / Compiled from research by Major Thomas Lee Broun, corrected and updated to 1961 by Philip H. Broun.
Brown family. Brown family tree (2 sheets). / Donated by W. L. Lyons Brown, 1958-1959.
Bullitt family. Genealogical chart of the Bullitt family of Oxmoor / prepared by Nettie Watson.
See also entry for Courtenay family.
Campbell family. See entry for Griswold family.
Cardwell family. Descendants of William Cardwell, 1760-1836, and Faymaria Hughe. / Donated by Billye Jackson, 1989.
Carter family. Carter family tree. Descendants of John Carter of Lancaster county, Virginia, buried 1669. / Designed and written by R. R. Carter of Shirley ; copyright 1897 by M. C. Oliver.
Casseday family. Casseday family chart. Descendants of Peter Casseday and Mary (Polly) McClung.
Castleman family. An abbreviated chart of the descendants of David Castleman, 1734-1826, of Frederick county, Virginia / copyright 1958 by H. B. Castleman.
Chenault family. Chenault family chart. Descendants of Estienne Chenault, b. ca 1765 – after 1740. / Prepared by Nettie Oliver, 1992.
Chenoweth family. Chenoweth family chart. / Donated by Mrs. Wm. C. Chenoweth, San Antonio, Texas, 1993.
Chichesters of Widworthy. (2 sheets.) Descendants of John Chichester & Thomasia (d. 1402).
Clagett family. Family of Robert Clagett, b. about 1490 at Malling, Kent county, England.
Clark family. (2 charts.)
1. Gen. William Clark’s family tree. / Copyright 1939 by William Glasgow Clark.
2. Gen. William Clark’s family tree. Including a list of sources. / Compiled by John Grady Clark, drawn by John Grady Clark, Jr. Copyright 1991.
Clay family. (2 charts.)
1. Clay family chart. Descendants of Jordan Clay (b. 1777 in Virginia) and Mary Carter. / Given to the Filson by John W. Clay, 1942.
2. “The colonial Clays of Virginia and some of their descendants (1443-1943).” Including a copy of an 1807 marriage record for John Clay and Julie Duralde. / Donated by Huey Henry Clay Breaux, 1962.
Colonial Kinsmen chart. (8 sheets.) Ye colonial kinsmen from Plymouth Rocke to York Towne…
Conant family. Descendants of John Conant, 1520-1596.
Cooke family. Cooke family tree / prepared by Joseph Spears Keller, who died in 1900. With a few additions in the line of Dr. David Keller. Given by Louise Welsh Keller, 1940.
Cooper family. 1695-1895: Descendants of Daniel Cooper and Grace Runyon of Long Hill, Morris county, New Jersey. / Collated by Arthur E. Cooper, New York. Given by Philip S. Tuley.
Coppage family. See entry for Cumming family.
Courtenay family. The royal lineage of the Courtenay family and of kindred families at Louisville, Kentucky. (Kindred families include the Bullitt, Tyler, and Wilder families.) / Compiled by Isabel C. Courtenay. Donated by Isabel C. Courtenay, 1936.
Craig family. Craig family charts (3 sheets). Chart no. 1: Paternal kindred of Mary Mason Craig. Chart nos. 2-3: Maternal kindred, descendants of brothers and sisters of maternal grandmother of Mary Mason Craig. / Given to the Filson by D. L. Thornton, 1950.
Cravens family. Ancestors of Estill Cravens, Metellus Furman Cravens, Gertrude Priest Cravens. / Given by Lee Belle Cravens, 1955.
Crume family. Crume from 1700-1960. Descendants of Daniel Crume and Elizabeth Brooks. / Prepared for Robert and Mary Stiles by W. E. Crume, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1960.
Cumming family. (2 charts.)
1. Table of the descendants of William Cumming of Frederick county, Maryland. (Descendants of Willing Cumming and Sarah Coppage.) / compiled and arranged by Montgomery Cumming, Washington D.C., July 1st, 1905.
2. Descendants of Thomas Cumming and Ann Clay (1767-1849). (2 sheets).
De La Fontaine family. Descendants of Jean (1500-1563), Count de la Fontaine, France.
De Salignac family. Descent from noble families in Europe. The house of Fenelon de Salignac, taking title from the village of Salignac, was raised to a barony in 1460. / Given to the Filson by Mrs. Wm. H. Matlack, June 1927.
Deardorff family. Descendants of Anthony Dierdorff. / Presented to the Filson by Mrs. Eugene H. Ray Wessinger Gaulbert, Louisville, Ky., Dec. 1952.
Digges family. (2 sheets.) Pedigree and arms of Digges of Co. Kent and of Maryland. / Presented to the Filson by Mrs. E. H. Ray Wessinger Gaulbert, Louisville, Ky., Dec. 1952.
Dinwiddie family. William Dinwiddie or Dunwoody, d. 1791 or earlier. / Chart prepared by Emily W. Dinwiddie, Richmond, Va., from information provided by Edgar E. Dinwiddie, Charlottesville, Va., May 1933.
Dishman family. Descendants of Samuel & Cornelia Dishman (Duchemin) of Westmoreland county, Va. / by James Dallas Dishman, Lynchburg Va., 1993. Presented to the Filson by James Dallas Dishman, 1994.
Drake family. Descent from Edmund Drake through Francis Drake, father of James Drake, from Lady Drake’s The Family and Heirs of Sir Francis Drake. / compiled by Gabrielle Palmer Drake McColl, assisted by Louise Dasher Enloe & Laura Drake Satterfield Harnell, 1961. Presented to the Filson by Mrs. Louise D. Enloe, Atlanta, Ga., 1963.
Duchemin family. See entry for Dishman family.
Duncan family. (3 sheets.) Paternal family chart of A. E. Duncan, chairman of the board, Commercial Credit Company, Baltimore, Maryland. / Donated by A. E. Duncan, 1945.
Dunwoody family. See entry for Dinwiddie family.
Dupuy family. (3 charts.)
1. Bartholomew Dupuy & Susanna La Villan, refugees from France in the year 1700. / Drawn by Mrs. M. J. Stovall (aged 50 years), Memphis, March 18th, 1861.
2. Dupuy family tree. Descendants of Bartholomew Dupuy. / Owned by Florence Crates, of Eminence, Ky. Loaned to the Filson to be copied, Nov. 1972.
3. Descendants of Hugo des Pavens (du Puy) of Languedoc, France. / Presented to the Filson by the estate of Miss Lillie Anderson Ballard, Sept. 1947.
Durand family. Descendants of Arsine Durand and Lucie Faucher. / Given to the Filson by Elden E. Durand.
Elbert family. Hugh Elbert of Kent Island, Maryland. Emigrated to America, prior to 1687, from England, presumably from Devonshire. Died 1703, his widow “Ellenor” Executrix. / Presented to the Filson by Dr. & Mrs. Floyd R. Davis, Louisville, Ky., Oct. 1990.
Fisher family. Descendants of Louis Fisher and Barbara Blandkenbaker. / To Col. Jas. A. Fisher this genealogical tree of the Fisher family is affectionately dedicated by his daughter Mattie L. Fisher, designer and compiled May 23, 1890, Danville, Ky. Presented to the Filson by C. B. Heinemann, Chicago Ill.
Gill family. Ancestors of Newell Raymond Gill. (Contains information on allied Neville family.) / Chart copied by Helen Crane Gill. Presented to the Filson by Sue Newton Farrand, Corona del Mar, Calif., 1975.
Green family. (3 charts.)
1. The Green family of Culpeper county, Virginia. Descendants of Robert Green (son of William Green) & Eleanor Dunn. / Compiled and arranged by Susanna T. Green, Louisville, Ky. Copyright 1895. Donated to the Filson by Susan Green, 1928.
2. The Green family of Culpeper county, Virginia. Descendants of Robert Green (son of William Green) & Eleanor Dunn. / Compiled by A. A. Lewis, Fredericksburg, Va., 1939-1940. Given to the Filson by A. A. Lewis, 1941.
3. The Green family of Kentucky. Descendants of Norvin Green & Martha Anne English.
Griswold family. Griswold family tree, with information on allied families of Morton, Bohannon, Viets, White, Schellings, Lake, and Campbell / from a chart given to Harriet Griswold Kirby by Robert Griswold, copied from one that Emma Nugent Griswold had. Presented to the Filson by Col. Alexander G. Kirby, Coronado, Calif., 1974.
Grubb family. The Grubb families of America (6 charts.) / Compiled by Geo. F. P. Wagner, Pottstown, Penn., 1913. Presented to the Filson by William Grubbs, Louisville Ky, 1971.
1. The Irish family. Descendants of Ishmael Grubb (1594-1676).
2. Descendants of Christian Grubb of Va.
3. Descendants of Thomas Grubb of Va.
4. Descendants of Henry Grubb of Va. (immigrant from Switzerland in 1717, d. 1726).
5. Descendants of John Grubb & Frances, his wife.
6. Descendants of John Grubb.
Guthrey family. Genealogical chart of the known descendants of William Guthrey, 1772-1854 / by William Morris Guthrey.
Hall family. Descendants of William Hall, who emigrated to Tennessee 1785-1787. / Given to the Filson by Dan B. Kelly, Louisville, Ky, 1959.
Harlan family. Descendants of William Harland. History of Harlan family taken from old bible and history of Harlan family by Alpheus H. Harlan. / Chart by Marion B. Harlan, 1954.
Harland family. See entry for Harlan family.
Harrod family. (2 charts.)
1. John Harrod. Descendants of John Harrod (d. ca. 1767) and Sarah Moore. / Compiled from documented records by Bernice Lewis Swainson, 1947.
2. The Harrod family. Descendants of John Harrod (d. ca. 1767) and Sarah Moore. / Compiled from documented records & revised 1956. By Bernice Lewis Swainson.
Hobbs family. Descendants of Elizabeth Hobbs (1790-1834), daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth (Cumming) Hobbs.
Jenkins family. (2 charts.)
1. Genealogy of the descendants of George Jenkins of Ap Jenkin of Wales, and Susannah Cole of England. / Data collected by Mrs. F. X. Wathen nee Marguerite Jenkins, great-granddaughter of Edward & Ann Gardiner of Kentucky, 1969.
2. Genealogy of the descendants of William Jenkins, the son of Ap Jenkin of Wales, and Mary, daughter of Lieut. Thomas Courtney of England. / Data collected by Mark W. Jenkins prior to 1869; continued & compiled by his oldest son to Jan. 1st, 1877.
Justice family. Justice and antecedents. (3 charts.)
1. Ancestors of Zachariah Justice (1889-1953).
2. Ancestors of Lucretia Florence Charles (1890-1954).
3. Ancestors of Squire Mack Galbreath (1887-1957).
Kirby family. Descendants of Bennett Kirby & Martha Tompkins. / Presented to the Filson by Col. Alexander G. Kirby, Coronado, Calif., April 1974.
Klapheke family. Klaphecke Stammbaum. Klapheke family tree. / researched and prepared by Josef Schoning, Bad Laer, and Dieter Heimsath, Glandorf. Donated to the Filson by Rudy Klapheke, Louisville Ky, 1983.
Lake family. See entry for Griswold family.
Lawson family. Ancestors of Jon Christopher Lawson (b. 1971) and Paul Joseph Lawson (b. 1973), Columbus, Bartholomew county, Indiana. Contains information on allied Tatem family.
Lee family. Genealogical chart of the family of Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) and a brief outline of the life of Robert E. Lee. Illustrated. / Copyright 1949 by Karl Smith, Charlotte NC.
Lewis family. Descendants of Sir Edmund Lewis of Van Edgington, Wiltz co., and Lady Ann (daughter of the Earl of Dorset). / Compiled 1917-1948 by F. H. Miller, McGowan Miller, and Margaret Fox.
Lincoln family. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865): a pictorial outline of the life of the sixteenth president of the United States. Illustrated. / Historical data by John Speed. Copyright 1934 by John Speed and Karl Smith, Louisville Ky. Donated to the Filson by Karl Smith.
Lithgow family. The line of the Scoto-Irish branch of the ancient (Linlithgow) Lithgow family, who settled in the Townlands of Lithgow, Carn, Fincarn, Lisnagelvin, and Ardnabrocky, Parish of Glendermott, Co. Derry, Ireland, 1610. Descendants of James, Robert, & David Lithgow. / Donated by Dr. & Mrs. Floyd Davis, Louisville, Ky, 1990.
Manning family. See entry for Bealmear family.
Marshall family. (4 charts)
1. Genealogical chart of the Marshall family, or the descendants of John Marshall and Elizabeth Markham. With an index to the chart. / Drawn by W. M. Paxton, Platte City, MO, 1885. Given by Mary Verhoeff, 1948.
2. A chart of four generations of the descendants of John Marshall and Elizabeth Markham of Virginia. (A preliminary to the chief work.) / by W. M. Paxton.
3. 1964 extension through 2440. Addendum to “The Marshall family by Wm McClung Paxton, pub. 1885.”
4. Descendants of John Marshall of the Forest (1700-1752) and Elizabeth Markham (1704-1775).
Matlack family. See entry for De Salignac family.
McClanahan family. Descendants of Robert McClanahan (d. 1791) of Augusta county, Virginia and Sarah Breckinridge (daughter of Alexander Breckinridge). / Information from H. M. White’s “The McClanahans”, printed at Roanoke, 1894. [Prepared by] J. Adger Stewart, Louisville, Ky, 1932.
McClure family. Ancestors of Daniel Patrick McGeachy II & Elizabeth Lyle McClure. / Prepared by Daniel Patrick McGeachy II and Elizabeth McClure McGeachy, Clearwater, Florida, 1963. Donated to the Filson by Daniel McGeachy.
McGeachy family. See entry for McClure family.
Medley family. Ancestors of Wathen Medley. / Donated to the Filson by Wathen Medley, Owensboro, Ky, 1957.
Miller family. Descendants of Sir Edmund Lewis of Van Edgington, Wiltz co., and Lady Ann (daughter of the Earl of Dorset). / Compiled 1917-1948 by F. H. Miller, McGowan Miller, and Margaret Fox. Donated by Francis H. Miller, Louisville Ky, 1948.
Mills family. See entry for Abell family.
Morsell family. Ancestors and descendants of Benjamin Morsell (1804-1869) and Hannah Travilla English (1806-1895).
Morton family. See entry for Griswold family.
Neville family. See entry for Gill family.
Philips family. Descendants of Thomas Philips, 1717-1776 (who fought in the Revolutionary War) and Joana Jenkins. / Compiled by Herbert Swindler; copied by Rebecca Swindler, 1967.
Porter family. Porter family of Somerset county, Maryland. / Compiled and drawn by Charles M. Noble, Princeton, NJ, 1956. Revised to Oct. 23, 1973. Given to the Filson by Charles M. Noble, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 1974.
Rainwater family. Descendants of John Rainwater (c. 1695-1777) and Mary Fussell (1708-1780). / by Terrell Rainwater, Sherman, Tex., 1982.
Reade family. Descent of Col. George Reade from medieval and modern kings, knights of the garter, and from thirteen sureties, and seven other barons for the Magna Carta of A.D. 1215. / Copyright 1941 by John S. Wurts. Given by Fannie Detchen (estate), Louisville Ky, 1983.
Resor family. (2 charts.)
1. Ancestors of Stanley Burnet Resor (b. 1879).
2. Descendants of Jacob Resor (1784-1845) and Margaret Wolfe (1788-1864).
Compiled by Griffith Livingston Resor II. Given by Robert C. Jobson, Jeffersontown, Ky, 1989.
Rice family. See entry for Kirby family.
Robertson family. The ancestors of Clifford Parker Robertson, III. / Researched and compiled by Katherine W. Ewing, genealogist. With assistants Margaret Y. Morrison & Jane Barton Street, all of Nashville, Tenn. Given by Robert Jobson, Jeffersontown, Ky, 1987.
Rogers family. Descendants of John Rogers (1680-1768) who married a Byrd of Virginia, had 10 children, and is buried in Park Church, King & Queen county, Virginia.
Runyon family. See entry for Cooper family.
Russell family. The Russell chart. Descendants of Peter Russell (d. 1746) & his wife Sarah, of Orange county & Culpepper county, Virginia. / Compiled & given to the Filson by Margaret Campbell Pilcher.
Sanders family. See entry for Bealmear family.
Schellings family. See entry for Griswold family.
Short family. Descendants of William Short (d. 1782) and Elizabeth Skipwith (1738-1771). / Compiled from various sources by William Allen Richardson, Edwardsville, Ill., January 1931.
Sturgeon family. Descendants of Samuel Sturgeon I. / By Edith L. Wood, 1969. Given by Paul Sturgeon, 1983.
Sumner family. See entry for Wood family.
Tafel family. Chart of the descendants of Carl Christian von Tafel (1785-1854) and his wife Marie Auguste Tafel (nee Schmid). / Copyright Ruth Tafel, Stuttgart, 1976.
Taft family. Descendants of Robert Taft of Massachusetts. / Donated by Mrs. Howard Blair, Louisville, Ky, 1989.
Taliaferro family. Descendants of Robert Taliaferro (b. 1626) and Sarah Grymes of Virginia. / Copyright 1927 by W. B. McGroarty, Fairfax Co., Virginia. Presented to the Filson by Mrs. Alexander M. Watson, 1942.
Tatem family. See entry for Lawson family.
Taylor family. (5 charts.)
1. Ancestors of Sarah Crittenden Taylor. / Donated by Sarah Crittenden Taylor, Louisville Ky, 1950.
2. Descendants of Rowland Taylor (1510-1555) of England.
3. Taylor family tree compiled by Edward Taylor (b. 1845), son of Thomas Hart Taylor (b. 1825) from information for the most part supplied by Fall Taylor. (2 sheets.) / This Photostat made from the original in 1918 and presented to the Filson by Mrs. Alexander Mackenzie Watson, 1936.
4. Descendants of Richard Taylor (1741-1829) and Sarah Strother (1760-1822). / Compiled by Henry Clay Woodson, 1956.
5. Taylor family tree. / Compiled by Samuel Martin. (25 pages.)
Thornton family. Thornton family of Virginia. / Presented to the Filson by Mrs. Wm. C. Chenoweth, San Antonio, Texas, 1993.
Thruston family. (3 charts.)
1. Thruston chart from Lansdowne bible. Descendants of John Thruston (1709-1766) and Sarah Mynn (1716-1786).
2. Descendants of Judge Buckner Thruston (1764-1845) and Jeanette January. / by Robert Thruston Houk, Dayton, OH, 1901. Presented to the Filson by H.C. Bowers, Louisville Ky, 1964.
3. Thruston family chart. Descendants of Malachias Thruston of England and others.
Tyler family. See entry for Courtenay family.
Viets family. See entry for Griswold family.
Washington family. (3 charts.)
1. The Washington connection: a royal pedigree. / Produced by J. E. Cobb, Jr.; with contributions from the staff, Mount Vernon Ladies Association, and W. Blount Stewart, professional genealogist. Copyright 1979.
2. Ancestors of George Washington. Ancestro-scroll: descent from medieval and modern kings, knights of the garter, and from ten sureties and eight other barons for the Magna Charta of A.D. 1215. / Copyright 1934, 1941 by John S. Wurts. Gift of Fannie Detchen estate.
3. Augustine Washington’s descendants: 4 generations. / Compiled 1945-1964 by John A. Washington.
White family. See entry for Griswold family.
Wilder family. (See also entry for Courtenay family.)
Descendants of Edward Wilder (1779-1828) and Sussanah Key Edgerton (1795-1879). / Completed in 1968 by Robert Bailey.
Wood-Sumner family. Descendants of William Sumner and Mary West. Descendants of Robert Wood (b. 1819) and Margaret Sumner. / Prepared by Helen Fields, 1979-80. Donated by Fannie Detchen estate, Louisville, Ky, 1983.

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