Filson Serials

The Filson Historical Society holds a variety of serials in our library, within the serials collection as well as in the book collection and family files. Please consult this listing to look for specific titles, publishers, and our holdings information.
[updated 3/2022]

Abraham Lincoln Quarterly Abraham Lincoln Association Vol.3, [4,7] L2 n/a
Abstract of general orders and proceedings of the…annual encampment, Dept. of New York, GAR Grand Army of the Republic 1899 L4 973.781 G751 CC 1899
Accounting Historians Journal Vol. 13, #2, Fall 1986 L2 n/a
Adams Addenda Adams Addenda Association V.1 (71)-Vol.28 (99); V.29 (00) L4 929.2 A211G
Addresses delivered before the California Soc. of the SAR Oct.1917 L3 369.133 C153
Ahrens Trade High School Record Theodore Ahrens Trade School Vol.[19,21,24-35] 36-37 [38-53] [1939-55],1955-57; [1957-74] L2 n/a
Albemarle Co. Hist. Soc., Papers of the Albemarle Co. Hist. Soc. Vol.1-11 L2 n/a
Albemarle County History, Magazine of Albemarle Co. Hist. Soc. Vol.12- V.65 (07); V.66 (08) V. 68, v.70 [12], v.71(13) L2 n/a
American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 1812-1849, 1856-1880; L2 n/a
American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings, New Series American Antiquarian Society V.1 (1880/81)-V.108 (98); V.109 (99), Pt. 1, 2 L2 n/a
American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings-New Series American Antiquarian Soc. Vol.1-V.111 (01)-V.117(09); V.118, (09) 2; 2017 #93 March L2 n/a
American Book Collector Vol. 8-9 L2? Pam 813.5 S931;  P810 A512
American Farmer Vol.3, 5 L3? 630.5 A512
American Genealogist David L. Greene Vol.14- V.80 (05); V.81 (06), #1 L2 n/a
American Genealogist and New Haven Gen. Mag. Vol.9-13 L2 n/a
American Heritage Society’s Americana Vol.1-5, #2, 1973-77 L2 n/a
American Historical Association, Annual Report of the American Historical Assn. 1894-1968 L2 n/a
American Historical Review American Hist. Assoc. Vol. 9 (1979)- V.104(1999),V.107 (2002)-V.18 (13); V.119 (2014) 1-5; V120(2015)#1,5 L2 n/a
American Horseman Vol.6, [7-8], 1938 [1939-40] L2 n/a
American Horseman Sportologue Vol.[4] [1955] L2 n/a
American Medical Bi-Weekly [Vol.6] L2 n/a
American Medical Weekly [Vol.1] L2 n/a
American Monthly Magazine Vol.1-42, 1892-1913 L2 n/a
American Museum or Universal Magazine Vol.5-12 L2 050.73 A512
American Museum: or Repository of Ancient and Modern Fugitive Pieces Vol.1-4 L3? 050.73 A512
American National Preacher, or Original Monthly Sermons from Living Ministers of the United States [Vol.3-9] [1829-1834] L2 n/a
American Phrenological Journal and Life Illustrated [Vol.10,34] [1848, 1861] L3? LgPam 139.05 A512
American Practitioner vol.1, #1 JA 1870 L2 n/a
American Practitioner and News [Vol. 1-4, 6-9,23,27] [1866-1899] L2 n/a
American Presbyterians Vol.63,#3, 1985 L2 n/a
American Queen [1898-99] L2 n/a
American Review: A Whig Journal of Politics, Literature, Art and Science Vol.1-11 1845-1850 L3? 051 A512
American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society Annual Report 1913-17 L2 n/a
American Spirit – Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine DAR V.135 (2001) thru V.150(2016) #1-5; v. 151(2017) #1-6; V.152(2018)#3,4,5; V.154(2020)#4,6;V155(2021)#1,2,3,4,5,6 L2 n/a
American Whig Review Vol.11-16 L3? 051 A512
American Wine and Liquor Journal [Vol.4,6] [1935,1937] L3? 663.5 A512
Americana (American Heritage Society) Vol.5, #3-10, #4 JL/AU 1977-MR/AP 1982 L2 n/a
American-German Review [17-30] scattered issues L2 n/a
Appalachian Heritage Appalachian Heritage V.25(1997)- V.36 (2008), #1-3; v. 40 (2012) v. 41(2013); V. 42 (2014) #1-4;V.43(2015)#1-4;V.44(2016)#1-4;V.45(2017)#1,2,3; V.46(2018)#2,3; V.47(2019/20) L2 n/a
Appalachian Journal- A Regional Studies Review Appalachian State University V. [1] 2-V.24(97) -[V.3] V.39(12); V.40(13), #1-2 L2 n/a
Approaches. Aquarterly of Poems By Kentuckians Vol.1-6 [7], 8, [9], 10-11 L2 n/a
Archaelogia Americana: Transactions and Collections of the American Antiquarian Society Vol.1,3-7; inactive L2 n/a
Association for Documentary Editing- ADE Newsletter 1Microfiche; Microfilm n/a
Association for Documentary Editing- Newsletter of the Association for Documentary Editing Vol.2-5 Microfiche microfilm n/a
Atkinson’s Casket Vol.6,#6 L4 050 A877
Atlanta Historical Journal 1978 Fall, 1986/Winter 1987 L2 n/a
Atlanta History: Journal of Georgia & the South Atlanta Historical Soc. V.31#1/2 (87)- [V.40(96)];  V.42#4 L2 n/a
Back Home in Kentucky Greysmith Publishing V.21(98)-V.28 (05) V.30 #2,5; V. 31 #2, 3, 4,5 L2 n/a
Ballou’s Pictorial Drawing Room Companion Vol.10-11, JE 1856-DE1856 L2 n/a
Banker’s Magazine and State Financial Register Vol. 3, #1-#12, JL 1848-JE1849 L3 332.1
Baptist Chronicle and Literary Register (Georgetown, KY) [Vol.2] L3 ? 286.105 B222
Bearings; the Cycling Authority of America Vol.12, #24, [Vol.13] JA9, 1896 [1896] L3? 796.05 B368
Bellewood Newletter, Anchorage, KY [4] L2 n/a
Bluegrass Roots Vol.1-V.34 (07); V.35 (08) #1, 2,3,4. [1974 to current issue now available online for members] L2 976.95
Breckinridge News (Hardinsburg, KY) Vol.24, #47 JE10, 1903 L2 n/a
Bulletin (Cincinnati Historical Society) Vol.22-26, (64)-(68) L2 n/a
Bulletin (Historical & Philosophical Society of Ohio: 1944) Vol. 2-5, #3, 1944-1947 L2 n/a
Bulletin (Historical & Philosophical Society of Ohio: 1953) Vol. 11, #2-Vol.21, #4, 1953-63 L2 n/a
Bulletin of the Bureau of School Service (University of Kentucky . bureau of School Service) Vol.1-43, #2; 1928-1970 L2 n/a
Bulletin of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio Vol. 5,#4-11,#1; 1947-1953 L2 n/a
Bulletin of the United Daughters of the Confederacy [Vol.5-7] L2 n/a
Bulletin: Woman’s Club of Louisville Woman’s Club of Louisville [V.61, (1998)]  [V.63(1999)] – [V.79(2012)]; V.80 #1-8;V. 81 #1,2,3,4,5; v. 82(2014-15)#6,7,8; v.83(2015-16)#1,2,3,5,7,8; V.84(2016-17) #1;V.85(2017)#1,3-8;V.87(2018)#1,3,4,5;V.89(2019-20)#1,4,6,7; V.90(2020-21)#1,2 L2 n/a
Bureau of School Service Bulletin (U of K. Bureau of School Service) Vol. 43,#3-46; 1971-74 L2 n/a
Canadian Historical Review Vol.11, 1930 L2 L4? n/a
Catholic Advocate (Bardstown & Louisville) [1837-1838, 1842-1844] L6 n/a
Center (Louisville, KY) [NV1984-] L2 n/a
Central Methodist (Lexington, KY 1915) Vol. 39 (1905), v.43 (1909), v.49(1915), v. 52(1919), v.55(1921), v.58-64 (1924-29) L3? 287.05 C397
Century Illustrated Magazine Vol.40,41 MY/OC 1890, AP/NV 1902 L2 n/a
Charleston Museum Quarterly Vol.1,#1 1923 L3? Pam 069 B813
Children’s Hospital Newsletter (Louisville, KY) Vol.1, #1,2 L2 n/a
Christian Observer (Louisville, KY) [Vol. 118-121, 126-161] [1930-33, 1938-73] L2 n/a
Christian Repository (Meadville, PA) [Vol.5,7,9] L3? 286.05 C555
Chronicles of Oklahoma The Oklahoma Historical Society Vol. [6]-V.89 (11); V.91 (13)-V.95(2017)#1,2; V.96(2018)#1,2,3,4; V.97(2019)#1,3; V.98(2020-2021)#1,3,4 L2 n/a
Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin Vol.27-40, 1969-82 L2 n/a
Civic Opinion (Louisville, KY) [1922, 1927-30] L2 n/a
Civil War Times Illustrated [Vol. 2-3, 10, 14-15] 19-20 OC 1974 Spec. Issue,V. 24 (1985), #1; L2 n/a
Clan Macmillan Magazine [Vol.1-3] L4 929.2 M167 M
Clay County Ancestral News Clay Co. Gene. & Hist. Soc. Vol.1 (1985) thru V.29 (2013), #1 thru V.34(2018); V.35(2019)#1; V.36(2020)#2; V.37(2021)#1,2 L2 976.936
Clubwoman (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) Scattered Issues L2 n/a
Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Bulletin Vol.1, (68) L2 n/a
Council Courier [1958-81] L2 n/a
County Court Notebook Vol.[1], 2, [3-4, 7] L2 n/a
County Seat Scraps County Seat Genealogical Soc. Vol.10 (97), #3,  Vol.12 (99),V.13 (00), V.14 (01); V.15 (02), #1 L2 n/a
Crib Sheet Vol. [1, 3-8] 9 [10] L2 n/a
Cycling Gazette Vol.3, #5 DE31, 1896 L3? 796.05 C995
Danville Quarterly Review Vol.1, [2-4] 1861, [1862-1864] L3? RB 285.173 D197
Daughters of the American Revolution Mag. DAR Magazine Office V.132(98)- V.134 (00),V.135 (01), #1-5 L2 n/a
Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine vol.43-71 1913-37 L2 n/a
Daviess County History Quarterly Daviess Co. Hist. Soc. Vol.1- 1983-V.14(96)#1-4 L2 976.9965
Diversion [1953-62] L2 n/a
Documentary Editing Vol. 6- 1984- Microfiche L2 n/a
Early American Homes Early American Life V. 27 (96) #3-,6 -V.30(99); V.31 (2000),#1-5, L2 n/a
Early American Life Vol.10 (79) #5, V.11(80)-[V.17] (86), [V.19] (88); V.20 (89)-V.25 (94), V.26 (95), #1-5, V.27 (96)1,2 L2 n/a
East Kentuckian, The Lukas Murphy V.1(65)- V.32(98), V.34 (00), #2,3,4; V.35 (01) L2 976.91
East Tennessee Historical Society Publications Vol.1-61 L2 n/a
Echoes (Columbus) Vol.1, (62)- L2 n/a
Educational Bulletin Vol.1-7 [9, 14, 16] 17-20 [21, 27, 28] L2 n/a
Everton’s Family History Magazine A. Lee Everton V.56 – V.57; V.58 (04), #3 L2 n/a
Everton’s Genealogical Helper V.13 (1959)- V.53  (99) #3; V.55 (01); V.59 (05), #1,2,3 L2 n/a
Ewing Family Journal Ewing Famly Association [Vol.1 (95)-V.20 (14) # 1,2,3,4; V.22(16)#1,2; V.23(17)#1,2; V.24(2018)#1,2; V.25(2019)#1,2; V.26(2020)#1,2; V.27(2021)#1,2 L4 929.2 E95
Family Chronicle Moorshead Magazines, Ltd [V.3(98)] -V.17 (12); V.18 (13), #1 L2 n/a
Family Lines Vol. 1 (74)-8 (81), #3 L2 n/a
Family Lines News Vol.1 (81)- L2 n/a
Fayette County KY Genealogical Society Quarterly Fayette Co. Ky. Gene. Soc. Vol.1 (86), #1-V.12(97)#1-3, – V.17 (02) L2 976.969
Fetter’s Southern Magazine Vol.1 [2,3] 1892 [1893] L2
Filson News Magazine – The Filson The Filson Historical Society V.1 thru V.16(16); V.20(2020)#1,2,4; V.21(2021)#1,2,3 L2 n/a
Florist and Gardener Vol.4, #1-Vol.4, #5 AU-DE 1897 L2 n/a
Foster Hall Bulletin Vol.8-12 L2 n/a
Frank Leslie’s Lady’s Magazine [Vol.24-25] L2 n/a
Franklin Farmer, Devoted to Improvements in the Science of Agriculture Vol.1 [2] L3? 630.5 F831
Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin Frontier Nursing Service Vol.4 (1928)- Vol.92(2017)#1,2,3; V.93(2018-19)#3,4; V.94(2019-20)#1 L2 n/a
Gann Gazette, The Gann Historical Soc. & Library, Inc. #13-34; V.1 (1996)-V.18(2013); V.19(2014)#1,2,3,4; v.20(2015-16) #1,2,4; V.21(2016-17)#1,3,4;V.22(2017)#1,3,4; V.23(2018)#1,3,4;V.25(2018)#2 L4 929.2 G198
Gateway Heritage: Quarterly Journal of the Missouri Historical Society Vol.1-6, 1980-SUM1985; Vol.20 (00), #4 L2 n/a
Gazette of the Arts in Louisville Vol.1 (58,59) L2 n/a
Genealogical Helper [Vol.10-29, 33] 34-37 [38] 39 [40] 41-42 [43]; 44-45, #6 L2 n/a
Genealogist, The / Picton Picton Press/ America Soc. of Genealogists V.15 (01), #1, V.18 (04); V.19 (05), #1,2 L2 n/a
Genealogy Magazine Vol.11-14 L3? Pam 929.1 G326
Genealogy, A Journal of American Ancestry [Vol.6,7] L3? Pam 929.1 G326
Gleason’s Pictorial Drawing Room Companion [Vol.2-7] L2 n/a
Godey’s Lady’s Book 1844 [1849, 1859, 1861-62], 1865, [1866, 1867, Sept 1868, 1870, 1885] L2 n/a
Godey’s Magazine and Lady’s Book 1844 L2 n/a
Goffs of the U. S. and Their ancestors Vol.1 (82) L4 929.2 G612G
Goffs of the U. S. and Their Ancestors (82) Vol.1 1982 L4
Goffs/Goughs, Their Ancestors & Descendants Vol.1 (82), #3- L4 929.2 G612G
Graham’s Magazine [Vol.19-21, 25-40] L2 n/a
Green County Review Green County Historical Soc. Vol.1 (77)-Vol.22 (98)-V29 (05), Sp06, Su06 L2 976.9946
Grigsby Gazette National Grigsby Family Soc. 99-03, -[V.24 (06)] V.25 #2, V.26 (08), #1, Vol 27 (10) #1 Family Files n/a
Hard Scuffle. Folio 1979-82 L3? 798.45 H258
Harden Newsletter Harden-Hardin-Harding Family Association Vol.1 (83), #1, #3, V. 31 (14) #1 L4 929.2 H259
Harden-in-ing Newsletter, The J.Oran Hardin Vol.12 (95) #4-V.29 (12), V.30 (13) #1,2,4; V.31 #2 (2014) L4 929.2 H259
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine [Vol.1-79] L2 n/a
Harper’s Weekly 1858-59, 1861, 1863-64 L2 n/a
Hart County Historical Quarterly (Munfordville, KY) Hart Co. Hist. Soc. Vol. 1(69)-05 Win05-Win10, Spr10,Sum10 L2 976.9949
Henry County Historical Society Quarterly Review Henry Co. Hist. Soc. Vol.1 (79)-V.36 (13); V.37 (14), #1; V, 38 (14) #1; V.39 (2014)#1; V.40 (2014)#1; V. 41 (2015)#1; V. 42 (2015)#1,2 L2 976.981
High Roads Folio Vol.7-9 (83-84), 11(86) – L2 n/a
Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio Publications (Historical and Phil. Soc. of Ohio) 1924-26 L2 n/a
Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Quart. Publication of the Hist. & Phil. Soc. of Ohio Vol.1-18 L2
Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio: Bulletin Vol.1 (43) L2 n/a
Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church Vol. [15-16] 17-21 [22] L2 n/a
Historical Research: The Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research scattered issues L2 n/a
Historical Society of Hopkins County Yearbook Hist. Soc. of Hopkins Co. 1975-1999, 2000, 2008 L4 976.9971
Historical Society of Northwestern Ohio. Quarterly Bulletin. Vol.1-15 L2 n/a
History News (AASLH, Nashville, TN) American Assoc. for State & Local Hist. V.68 (2013); V.69(2014)#2,3,4; v. 70(2015) #1,2; V73(2018)#3 V.74(2019)#1,2; V.75(2020)#3,4; V.76(2021)#1 L2 n/a
History Quarterly Vol. 1-3, 1926-1928 Microfilm L2 n/a
History Quarterly of the Filson Club Vol.  3, 1929 L2 n/a
Hoosier Journal of Ancestry Hoosier Journal of Ancestry Vol.1-5, V.20(98)#1,2 L2 n/a
Horizons [Vol.1-] L2 n/a
Hyden Families Vol.1 L4 929.2 H615H
Illinois State Historical Library. Publications Vol.7-24, 26-43 L4? 977.3 I291
Illinois State Historical Soc. Journal of the Illinois State Hist. Soc. Vol. [1-2] 3-73 [1908-09] 1910-80 L2 n/a
Illinois State Historical Soc. Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society Illinois State Hist. Soc. V.91(98)-V.97 (04), V.98 (05)1-3 L2 n/a
Illinois State Historical Soc. Papers in Illinois History and Transactions 1937-42 L4? 977.3 I291
Illustrated American [Vol.1,6] L2 n/a
In Kentucky Vol.1-20 [21-22] L2 n/a
Independent (New York, NY: 1848) Vol.74, #3367 L3? Pam 973.52 V282
Index Library, The British Record Soc. 84Micro.; V.1(1888)-83(68), V. 85 (72)-V.106(96)-, V111(98) L2 n/a
Indian Advocate (Louisville, KY) [Vol.2 (1847), 5 (1850), 7 (1852) L6 n/a
Indiana History Bulletin Vol.1-33 (42-50) Scattered Issues L2 n/a
Indiana Magazine of History Indiana Magazine of Hist. Vol.9 (13)-V.106 (10);V.107 (11), V.110 (14)#1 L2 n/a
J. B. Speed Art Museum Bulletin [Vol.1-28] L2 n/a
James Sprunt Historical Studies Vol.12-22 L4? 905 S771
James Sprunt Studies in History & Political Science Vol.23-33, 35-47, 52, 55, 57-58 L4? 905 S771
Journal of American History Organization of American Historians Vol.51 (1964)- V.100 (2013); V. 101 (2014) #1,2,3,4; V.102(2015) #1-4 L2 n/a
Journal of Confederate History Southern Heritage Press #1,4-V.25 L2 n/a
Journal of East Tennessee History East Tennessee Historical Soc. V.62 (1990)- V.78(2006); V.83(2011); V.84(2012) L2 n/a
Journal of North Carolina Genealogy Vol.8 (62)-12 (66) L2 n/a
Journal of Presbyterian History (62) Vol.40 (62)- 63 (85) L2 n/a
Journal of the Department of History (The Presbyterian Hist. Soc. of the Presb. Church in the USA) Vol.14 (30)-20 (32) L2 n/a
Journal of the Kentucky Dental Association [Vol.14] L2 n/a
Journal of the Kentucky State Library [Vol.1 (69)- 4 (74)] L2 n/a
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society Vol.21 (43)-39 (61) L2 n/a
Keats-Shelley Memorial Bulletin, ROME Vol.3-10 L2 n/a
Kenton County Historical Society Bulletin Kenton County Historical Soc. (96)-(07), (08) Ja/Fe, L2 976.959
Kenton County Historical Society Newsletter #1 Au (78) L2 976.959
Kenton County Historical Society Quarterly Review MR 1979-Winter (87) L2 976.959
Kentucky Arts Commission Quarterly Vol.4- L2 n/a
Kentucky Arts Commission. Newsletter. [Vol.2-] L2 n/a
Kentucky Bar Journal [Vol.35 (71) -38 (74)] L2 n/a
Kentucky Bench & Bar [Vol. 39 (75)]- L2
Kentucky Business (Kentucky Chamber of Commerce) Vol.3-33 L2 n/a
Kentucky Business and Government (KY Chamber of Commerce) Vol.1-2, #12 1980-81 L2 n/a
Kentucky Cardinal [Vol.10 (56)- 25 (71)] L2 n/a
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce News Vol.1-2 L2 n/a
Kentucky City (Lexington, KY: 1930) Vol. [2-4] 5-14 L2 n/a
Kentucky City (Lexington: 1968) [1968-76] L2 n/a
Kentucky City Bulletin Vol.1-14 L2 n/a
Kentucky Civil War Journal Cahill Communications, Inc. V.1(96-97)#1-5 L2 n/a
Kentucky Congress of Parents & Teachers. “Kentucky Parent-Teacher [1929] 1930-31 L2 n/a
Kentucky Council Quarterly [1954-58] L2 n/a
Kentucky Department of Health “Bulletin of the Department of Health, Commonwealth of Kentucky [Vol.9-21] L2 n/a
Kentucky Family Records Regional Family Research Center Vol.22,Vol.23(99) Vol.37 [13], V.38 (14) # 1,2,3 L2 976.9966
Kentucky Farmer Southern Farm Pub. Inc. [1950-64] 1965-V.133(97)#1-7,9-12 L3? 630.5 K37
Kentucky Farmer (1840) [vol.4-5] L3? 630.5 K37
Kentucky Farmers’ Home Journal [1946-50] L2 n/a
Kentucky Folk-Lore and Poetry Magazine Vol.1-3 [4-5] [1926-30] L2 n/a
Kentucky Folklore Record V.1-13 [14] 15-33 L2 n/a
Kentucky Folklore Society Bulletin 1925 (1931-38) L2 n/a
Kentucky Governmental Affairs (KY Chamber of Commerce) V.4, #1-9 L2 n/a
Kentucky Historical Society Bulletin [1977-] L2 n/a
Kentucky Historical Society Bulletin: News & Views of State & Local History [1974-1976] L2 n/a
Kentucky Law Journal [V.1-2] L3? Pam 347.06 K37
Kentucky Libraries Kentucky Library Association V.45, #1; V.63 (99) #3, V.78 (14) #1,2 L2 n/a
Kentucky Library Association Bulletin V.1-44, #4 L2
Kentucky Living Ky. Assoc. of Electric Cooperatives V.43, #3(89)- V.53(99),-V.67 (2013); V.68 (2014) #2-7,9,11; v. 69(2015) #3,4,6; V.70(2016) #1,2,9,10,12;V.71(2017)#1-6, 9-12;V.72(2018)#4,5,6,7-12; V.73(2019)#1-8; V.74(2020) #1,7,8,11,12;V.75(2021)#1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 L2 n/a
Kentucky Medical Journal [1909-1945] L2 n/a
Kentucky Medical Journal. Part 2. Woman’s Auxiliary Section. V.2-11 n/a
Kentucky Medical Recorder. New Series. [V.3, 1853/54] L3? Pam 610.05 K37
Kentucky New Era (Hopkinsville, KY) [1851] L6 n/a
Kentucky Premiere: The Kentucky Center for the Arts Magazine [V.1-2] [1983-1984] L2 n/a
Kentucky Progress Magazine V.1-7, 1928-36 L2 n/a
Kentucky Reporter [1949-51] L2 n/a
Kentucky State Bar Journal [V.1-35] [1936-1971] L2 n/a
Kentucky State Dental Association Journal [V.1-7] L2 n/a
Kentucky State Historical Soc. Register V.1-44 1903-1946 L2 n/a
Kentucky State Medical Association. Womans Aux. Quarterly V.1-2 L2 n/a
Kentucky Sunday School Reporter 1096, [1947-48] L2 n/a
Kentucky Traces Butler Co. Hist.&Gen. Soc.,Inc. V.1 (77) -Vol.23(99), V.23 (00) L2 976.9963
Kentucky Travel Guide 1969-1972 L2 n/a
Knox Countian, The Charles Reed Mitchell V 1-V.22(2013); V.23(2014-15)#1,2,3; V.24(2015)#1,2,3; V.25(2017)#1-3; V.26(2018)#4; V.27(2019)#1,2,3,4; V.28(2016-2021)#1 L2 976.937x
Knox County, KY Kinfolk Knox Co. Genealogical Soc. V.1 (77)-V.22(98)-[V.28 (04)], V.29 (05), #1,2,3 L2 976.937
L & N Magazine V.15-35, 37-50 L2 n/a
Ladies’ Repository (Cincinnati, Ohio) V.11-13 [14] 1851-53 [1854] L2 n/a
Lady’s Book V.12-13 1836 L2 n/a
Land We Love [V.4} L3? 050 L253
Lincoln Herald, The Lincoln Memoiral Univ. Press V.40-V.116; V.117(2015) #1-3; V.118(2016) #1-3; V.121(2019)#3/4; V.122(2020)#1-2 L2 n/a
Lincoln Log [V.1-3] L2 n/a
Lipreader [V.1] L2 n/a
Littell’s Living Age [1851,1855-1956] L2 n/a
Longhunter, The Southern Ky. Gene. Soc. V.7, #2 (1984)-V.33 (2010), V.34 (2011) 1 L2 976.995
Louisiana Historical Quarterly [V.1-31] 32-44 L2 n/a
Louisville V.1-41 1950-90; L2 n/a
Louisville & Nashville Employe’s Magazine V.1-14 1925-1938 L2 n/a
Louisville A La Carte [1962] L2 n/a
Louisville League for the Hard of Hearing Bulletin [1944-45] L2 n/a
Louisville Magazine Louisville Chamber of Commerce V.42 (1991)- [V.64(2013)];V.65 (2014)#1-10; V.66 (2015) #6,9; V.67 (2016) #11 L2 n/a
Louisville Medical Monthly L2 n/a
Louisville Medical News [V.3-20] L2 n/a
Louisville Montly Medical News [V.2-3] L2 n/a
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Register V.17, #1, V. 35, #4 L3? Pam 285.05 L888
Louisvillian [1957/58] L2 n/a
Magazine of American History [44-46] [1915-1917] L2 n/a
Magazine of American History with Note & Queries V.1-29 L2 n/a
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Virginia Genealogical Soc. V.22 (84)-V.35(97)#1, V.49 #2 L2 n/a
Magazine of Western History V.1-12 L2 n/a
Maryland Genealogical Bulletin V.1-4 L2 n/a
Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin Maryland Gene. Soc. V.14 (73)- V.50 (09), V.51 (10) 1,2,3 L2 n/a
Maryland Genealogical Society, Bulletin of the L2 n/a
Maryland Historical Society, Fund Publication V.2, 5-9, 11-13, 15-20, 25-35 L4 975.2 M393
Maryland Magazine of Genealogy V.1-5, #2 1978-1982 L2 n/a
Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings Mass. Hist. Soc. V.1; 2Ser1, 4-5, 7-20; 3ser 42-67, 77-106(94), V.21-40 called also 2nd ser V1-20; L4 974.47
Mechanics’ Magazine, and a Journal of the Mechanics Institute V.1-2 (1883) L2 n/a
Medical Herald [V.1,4] L2 n/a
Medical Progress (Louisville, KY) [V.6-7, 14, 17] L2 n/a
Meriwether Connections The Meriwether Society Inc. Vol.4 (85) #3-V.32 ( 2013); Vol. 33 (14) #1,2; V34(15)#2-4; V.35(2016)#1,3,4; V.36(2017)#1,2,4; V.40(2018) #1,2,3,4; V.38(2019) #1,2,3,4; V.39(2019-2020) #1,3,4; V.40(2021)#1,2,3,4 L4 929.2 M563
Michigan History V.54-62, #2 1970-Au 1978 L2 n/a
Michign History Magazine (Mich. Hist. Commission & the Mich. Pioneer & Hist. Soc.) [V.3, 12] L2 n/a
Midway College News and Views V.1- L2 n/a
Midway Junior College/ Pinkerton High School [V.32-48] L2 n/a
Midway Mentor [v.48-52] L2 n/a
Millennial Harbinger V.1-5 L4 RB 286.6 C187M
Minnesota History V.6-32 L2 n/a
Minnesota History Bulletin V.1-5 1915-1924 L2 n/a
Minute Man V.18, #3-24, #4 1923-1930 n/a
Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica V.1-2 1868-1876 L2 n/a
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. New Series. V.1-4 (1874-1884) L2 n/a
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. Series 2 V.1-5 (1886-1894) L2 n/a
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. Series 3. V.1-5 (1896-1903) L2 n/a
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. Series 4. V.1-5 (1904-1914) L2 n/a
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. Series 5. V.1-10, (1916-1938) L2 n/a
Mississippi Quarterly [V.10-11] [ 1957-1958] L2 n/a
Mississippi Valley Historical Association Proceedings V.1-7 L2 n/a
Mississippi Valley Historical Review V.1-50 1914-1964 L2 n/a
Missouri Historical Society Bulletin Missouri Historical Society V. [18] 20-36 L2 n/a
Monthly Magazine and American Review [V.2} L3 050 M789
Mount Vernon: Yesterday, Today Tomorrow Mount Vernon Ladies’ Ass. of the Union [V.14-17] 2007, 2009 Annual Report, 2010 A.R. L2 n/a
Mountain Empire Genealogical Quarterly V.2 (83), #4- L2 n/a
Mountain Empire Quarterly V.1 (82)Spr- V.2 (82) Fall L2 n/a
Museum Echoes (Ohio State Museum & Oh. State Arch. & Hist. Soc.) V.1-34 L2 n/a
National Genealogical Soc. Magazine National Genealogical Soc. Vol.25(99)-V.34 (08), V.35 # 1,2,3,4 L2 n/a
National Historical Magazine V.71-80 L2 n/a
National Horseman V.1#3, 73 #12- 74, #12, 75-107, 109, 110 OC 1935, De1937–De1938, 1939-71, 1973, 1974 L2 n/a
National Parks & Conservation Magazine 1970-1974 L2 n/a
National Parks Magazine 1968-70 L2 n/a
National Preacher: or, Original Montly Sermons from Living Ministers V.2, Nv 1827-Ja 1828 L2 n/a
Nebraska History Magazine [V.8] L2 n/a
Nelson County Pioneer Nelson Co. Hist. Soc. V.1-V.17(93)#1-3, L2 976.9944
New Albany Medical Herald V.12, 18 L2 n/a
New England Ancestors. Magazine of the New England Historic Genealogical Society New England Historic Genealogical Society V.1 (00)-V.6 (05), V.7 (06), #1 L2 n/a
New England Historical & Genealogical Register NEHGS V.1-V.159(05), V.160 (06), #637 L2 n/a
New England Magazine (Boston, Ma: 1887) V.7, #6 1893 L2 n/a
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 1870 V.41- (Master Index 1870-1982) L4 929.05 N532 W
New York History Quarterly. Journal of the New York State Historical Association v.13-27 [27-28, 30] L2 n/a
Nexus NEHGS V.16 L2 n/a
Niles’ National Register V.53-58 L3 905 N696
Niles’ Weekly Register (cont. Political, Hist. Geog., Scien., Stat., Eco., & Biog. Documents, … V.7-52 1814-1837 L2 905 N696
North American Quarterly Magazine [V.9 (1838)] L3 805 N864m
North American Review [V. 1823, 1829, 1832, 1836, 1838, 1878-95,1915-17], V.249- L2 n/a
North and South North and South Magazine, Inc V.5 (02)-V.12 (10), V.13 (11), #1,2,3,4,5 L2 n/a
North Carolina Genealogy V.13-16 L2 n/a
North Carolinian V.1-7 1955-1961 L2 n/a
Northern Kentucky Heritage The Kenton County Historical Society Vol.6 (99)-V.19 (12), V. 20 (12) #1,2 L2 976.95n
Northern Neck of Virginia Historical  Magazine. Annual Northern Neck of Va. Hist. Soc. V.3-6, 8-V.47(97)-[56], V.57 (08), #1 L2 n/a
Northwest Ohio Quarterly V.[16] 17-52 L2 n/a
Nutmegger V.2 1969-1970 L2 n/a
Ohio Archaeiological and Historical Quarterly V.[12-22] 23-43 L2 n/a
Ohio Cultivator: A Semi-Monthly Journal… [V.5, 1849] L3 Lg Pam 630.5 O37
Ohio Historical Quarterly V.64 (55)- 70 (61) L2 n/a
Ohio History Ohio Historical Society V.71-V.111 (02),v.120(13), v.121[14] L2 n/a
Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly (1935) 1935-54 L2 n/a
Oral History Review, The UC  Press for the Oral History Association V.28 (01), #2 L2 n/a
Origins Family Hist. & Comm. Center V.11(95)#1-3,V12(96)#1,2 L2 n/a
Outing, An Illustrated Montly Magazine of Recreation V.43, #6 MR 1904 L2 n/a
Pages From the Past Palatines to America Pub. Plus #1, 1991; #2, 1992 L2 n/a
Palatine Immigrant, The Palatines to America [V.4, V.17 (92)-18]; Indx V.1-15, V.24 (04), #4 L2 929.1 P154
Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine Gene.  Soc. of PA V.16 (48)- V.41(99)#1,2,3 L2 n/a
Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography Hist. Soc. of PA V.1- V.127 (03), #1, V.131 (07) # 1 L2 n/a
Pentecostal Herald [V.27 (1915) L2 n/a
Pentecostal Herald and Way of Faith [V.47 (35)- 48 (36) L2 n/a
Perry County Genealogical & Historical Society Newsletter Perry Co. Gene. & Hist. Soc. Vol.1 (79)-Vol.V.21(99) L2 976.929
Perspectives on History American Historical Association Vol. 46 (2008)-Vol. 50 (2012), Vol. 51 (13) # 1,2,3,4,5 L2
Peterson’s Magazine [V.43, 57-60, 62] L2 n/a
Port Folio Series 4 (by Oliver Oldschool, Esq) V.1, 7 (1816, 1819) L2 050 P839
Port Folio. New Series 1809 (By Oliver Oldschool, Esq) V.1,3, 6-8 1809, 1810, 1811-12 L3 050 P839
Port Folio. New Series. (by Oliver Oldschool, Esq.) V.1-2 [4] 1806-1806 [1807] L3 050 P839
Port Folio. Series 3 (By Oliver Oldschool, Esq.) [V.6 1815] L3 050 P839
Porters Spirit of the Times. A Chronicle of the Turf, Field, Sports Lieterature and the Stage. V.1, #1 1856- V.1, #26, 1857 L3 070.446 P849
Presbyterian and Reformed Review [V.9, 1898- V.10, 1899 L2 n/a
Presbyterian Herald JA 17, 1850 L6 n/a
Presbyterian of the West JA 31, 1850 L6 n/a
Preservation News [V.16-30] L2 n/a
Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration Nat. Archives Trust Fund Board V.1-V.44 (12);V.45 (13), #1-4; V.46(2014)#1,2,3,4; V.47(2015)#1,3,4; V.48(2016)#1,3,4; V.49(2017)#1,2,4 L2 n/a
Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania V.1-15 L2 n/a
Putnam’s Monthly Magazine of American Literature Science and Art [V.3 Ja-Je 1854] L3 805 P993
Quarterly (Virginia Genealogical Society) V.7, #2 (69)- v.19 (81) L2 n/a
Quarterly of the Virginia Genealogical Society V.20 (82)- V.21 (83) L2 n/a
Queen City Heritage Cincinnati Hist. Soc. V.41 (83)- V.55(97)#1-2,4; V56(98)-V.57(99) L2 n/a
Rare Books & Manuscripts Librianship Assoc. of Colleges & Research Lig. V. 1(86) , V.10(95)#2, V.11(96)#2, V.12(97), V.13(98)#1,2 L2 n/a
Record, The (Louisville Girls High School) [V.15 (13)- V.24 (23)] L2 n/a
Red Bird Notes (Red Bird Mission of the Evangelical Church) [V.6] L3 Pam 070.482 R312
Richardson Family Researcher & Historcial News V.1, #3- Se1975,V26 (00), #2,3, V.27 (01) Family Files n/a
Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal [V.7-8, 10-12, 14-15] L3 610.05 R532
Ridge Runners V.1-15 1975-1982 L4 929.05 Y34
Rural Kentuckian V.36(1982) #6,9-12; thru V.43(1989)#1,2 name changed to Kentucky Living with V.89#3 L2 n/a
Southern Historical Society Papers V.1-52 L4 973.742 S727
Southern Kentucky Genealogical Society V.1-7, #1 1978-1984 L2 976.995
Sparks Quarterly, The Sparks Family Association Vol.1 (53)-V.49 (01); V.50 (02) L4 929.2 S736
Spectator (Athenaeum Literary Society) [V.39-62] [1954-1981] L2 n/a
Tennessee Historical Magazine V.1-10 1915-1926 L2 n/a
Tennessee Historical Magazine. Series 2 V.1-3 L2 n/a
Tennessee Historical Quarterly Tennessee Historical Society V.1-40 (1942)- V.73(14)1,2,4; V74(2015); V.75(2016); V.77(2018)#1,3,4;V.78(2019)#1,2; V.79(2020)#1 L2 n/a
The War (N.Y., N.Y.) V.1-2 1812-1814 L4 973.52 W899
Appalachian Review Berea College V.48(2020)#2,3,4; V.49 (2021) #2,3 L2
Then and Now V.1, 1954 L2 n/a
Tie (Louisville) [V.48-53] [1979-1985] L2 n/a
Traces: South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly South Central KY Hist. & Gene. Society V.6 (78)- V.9 (81); L2 976.994
Tree Shaker Eastern Kentucky Gene. Soc. V1 (77)- V.33 (08), V.34 (09) 1 L2 976.91t
Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine V.1-32 (33) L2 N/A
Tyler’s Quarterly.  A Journal of American History, Biography and Genealogy [V.1] L2 n/
Ulster Journal of Archaeology. Second Series. V.1-16, #2 L2 n/a
United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine V.7, 9-13, 15, 16, 19-20 [21-42] L2 n/a
United States. Congress. Congressional Globe 1841-1842, 1848-1849, 1851-1852, 1855-1856, 1867 L2 n/a
University of Pennsylvania Library Chronicle V.7 L3 Pam 020.5 U58
Virginia Appalachian Notes v.[1], 2- [1977] L2 n/a
Virginia Cavalcade Virginia State Library V.47(98)-V.48(99),VV.50 (01), V.51 (02), #1,2,3 L2 n/a
Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Bulletin V.1-7, #1 1963-69 L2 n/a
Virginia Historical Register, and Literary Advertiser V.1-2 1848-49 L4 975.5 M465
Virginia Historical Register, and Literary Companion V.5-6 1852-1853 L4 975.5 M465
Virginia Historical Register, and Literary Note Book V.3-4 1850-51 L4 975.5 M465
Voice of Masonry and Family Magazine December 1859 L6 filed w/ newspapers
Water-Cure Journal V.6-8 L2 n/a
Weekly Register (Baltimore, MD) V.1-6 L4 905 N696
Welcome to Kentucky 1968 L2 n/a
West Virginia History West Virginia History V.7 (45)- V.59 (01-03), V.60 (2004-2006) L2 n/a
Western Baptist Review V.3-4 [5] Se 1847-Je 1850 L2 n/a
Western Conference News-Letter V.6, #6 Je 1910 L3 Pam 288 W527
Western Farmer & Gardener. Devoted to Agriculture, Horticluture, & Rurarl Economy [V.2] L3 Pam 630.5 W527
Western Journal and Civilian V.[5-7] 12 L2 n/a
Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery V. 3, #4 AP 1849 L3 610.7 Y 21
Western Journal of the Medical & Physical V.4, #4, V.6 Ja/Mr 1831, 1833 L3 610.5 W527
Western Literary Institute and College of Professional Teachers V.1, 1853 L3 370 T138
Western Literary Magazine & Journal of Education, Science, Arts & Morals V.1, 1853 L2 n/a
Western Luminary [1826-29] L2 n/a
Western Magazine and Review [V.1, 1827] L2 n/a
Western Monthly Magazine V.[1-2] 3 [4-5] L4 977.005 W527
Western Monthly Magazine, and Literary Journal. New Series [V.1, 1837] L4 977.005 W527
Western Monthly Review [V.1] L4 977.05 W527
Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine V.[4, 9] 10-11 [12] 18-27 [28] 29-69 L2 n/a
Western Presbyterian Louisivlle, KY [V.1] L3 Pam 285.105 W527
Western Recorder (Middletown, KY) V.99, 101, 103-124, 1925, 1927, 1929-1950 L2 n/a
Western Review and Miscellaneous Magazine (Lexington, KY) [V.1-4] L4 905.769 W527
Wheel, and Cycling Trade Review V.16, #23 Ja 24, 1896 L3 796.05 W561
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine (College of William and Mary) V.3-27; 2nd Ser. 1-23 L2 n/a
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers (College of William and Mary) V.1-2 1892-1894 L2 n/a
William and Mary Quarterly Inst. of Early Amer. Hist. & Cult. V.1 (44)- V.55(98)-V.64 (07), V65(08), #1,2 L2 n/a
Wisconsin Then and Now V.1-26, #5 1954-1979 L2 n/a
Wood’s Household Magazine [V.8-9] L2 n/a
Writings on American History 1912-1917, 1948-1980/81, 4 V. set 1962-72 pub. in ’76 L2 n/a