Historical Files

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Title: Historical Files

Scope and Content Note
The Filson’s historical files contain miscellaneous information on a number of Kentucky history topics. Subjects include historic homes, wars (especially the Civil War), schools & colleges, and organizations & businesses. Files on individuals are also included. Files contain items such as correspondence, research notes, and other miscellaneous information.

Folder List
A – Miscellaneous
Abert, James
Actors and Actresses
Adair, John
Adams Papers
Adams, Daniel (Mrs.)
Adkins, Betty Lawrence
African American Genealogy
African American History
African Americans
African Americans – Indiana
African Americans – Kentucky
African Americans – Louisville
Ahrens, Theo (Jr.)
Ainslie, Hew
Alexander, Barton Stone
Ali, Muhammad
Allensworth, Allen
Allison, John S.
Allison, Young E. – Jr. & Sr.
Altsheller, Brent
Alves, Bernard P.
American Heritage
American Letter Express Co.
American Literary Manuscripts
American Revolution
American Revolution – Anecdotes
American Revolution – Soldiers
Amish – Indiana
Anderson, Alex F. (Ship – Caroline)
Anderson, James B.
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Richard Clough
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, William Marshall
Anderson, William P.
2018 12:08 PM Andressohn, John C.
Andrew’s Raid (James J. Andrews)
Antiques – Kentucky
Antiquities – Kentucky
Applegate, Elisha
Archaeology – Kentucky
Architecture and Architects
Architecture and Architects – McDonald Bros.
Archival Symposium – Louisville (1970)
Archivists and Archives Administration
Ardery, Julia Spencer (Mrs. W. B.)
Ark and Dove
Arnold, Jeremiah
Arthur Kling Center
Asbury, Francis
Ashby, Turner (Gen.)
Ashland, KY
Atkinson, Henry (Gen.)
Audubon State Park (Henderson, KY)
Augusta, KY
Authors – KY
Authors – KY – Allen, James Lane
Authors – KY – Cawein, Madison
Authors – KY – Creason, Joe
Authors – KY – McClellan, G. M.
Authors – KY – Merton, Thomas
Authors – KY – Rice, Alice
Authors – KY – Rice, Cale
Authors – KY – Roberts, Elizabeth Madox
Authors – KY – Sea, Sophie F.
Authors – KY – Spears, W.
Authors – KY – Still, James
Authors – KY – Stober, George
Authors – KY – Stuart, Jesse
Authors – KY – Sulzer, Elmer G.
Authors – KY – Warren, Robert Penn
Authors – Louisville
Auto License
B – Miscellaneous
Bacon, Nathaniel
Badin, Theodore (Rev.)
Bakeless, John
Baker, James G.
Baker, Joshua
Baker, Lisle Jr.
Balfour, Lloyd
Ballard, Proctor
Ballard, Thruston
Banks and Banking – KY
Banks, Clarence
Banners – Political
Banvard, John
Barbour, Philip
Bardstown, KY
Barker, Ralph
Barkley, Alben W.
Barkley, David
Barlow, Thomas and Milton
Barr, Leslie J.
Barr, John W.
Barr, Lockwood
Barrow, David
Barry, William Taylor
Barton, William E.
Baseball – Louisville Redbirds
Bate, R. Alexander (M. D.)
Batte Abbey – Roll for 1066
Battle of New Orleans (1815)
Battles – KY – Miscellaneous
Bayley, Beatrice
Beam, T. Jeremiah
Beche, Francois
Beck, James Burnie
Beckner, Lucian
Bell, Joshua Fry
Bell, Theodore S. (Dr.)
Bemis, John
Bemis, Samuel
Benedict, Jennie
Bentley, James
Bergmann, Gustavus
Bernheim Forest
Berthoud, James
Beste, J. Richard
Bibb Lettuce
Big Bone Lick
Bijur, Martin
Billings, C. E. G.
Bingham, Barry and Mrs.
Bingham, Robert Worth
Bird, Henry
Birds – KY
Blackburn Papers
Blackburn, Joseph C. S.
Blackburn, Luke P.
Blackwell, James S.
Blair, Francis P.
Blakey, George D.
Blatterman, G. W.
Blennerhassett, Harman
Blewett, Benjamin T.
Bligh, Delos T. (Capt.)
Bloody Monday
Blue Licks
Blue People
Boat Races
Boldrick, Charles (Msgr.)
Boldrick, Samuel J.
Boone – Bicentennial
Boone Block and Boone Tree
Boone Day
Boone Portrait
Boone Relics
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Daniel – Monuments
Boone, Daniel – Rifle
Boone, Squire
Boonesboro, KY
Booth, John Wilkes
Borden Museum
Boston, KY
Boswell, Helen
Bourgard, Caroline
Bowman, John (Col.)
Boyce, James Pettigrew (Dr.)
Boyd, Linn
Boyle, Jeremiah T. (Gen.)
Bradford, John
Bradford, William (Maj.)
Bramlette, Thomas E. (Gov.)
Brandeis, Louis D.
Breaux, C. Ballard
Breaux, Gustave
Breckinridge, Catherine
Breckinridge, John
Breckinridge, John C.
Breckinridge, Robert B.
Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson
Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston
Breck-Rodes Family
Brennan Family Files # 1
Brennan Family Files # 2
Brennan, Albert Andrews
Brent, Lucinda Trabue
Brevoort, Eliza H. (Mrs.)
Bridges – KY
Bridges – KY – George Rogers Clark
Bridges, John
Bridwell, Margaret M.
Briney, Melville
Bristow, Benjamin Helm
Bromsen, Maury, A.
Brown, Benjamin Gratz
Brown, John (Senator)
Brown, John Mason
Brown, Mary Mason
Brown, Orlando
Brown, Phyllis George
Brown, Preston
Brown, Samuel (M. D.)
Browne, Mattie Griffith
Browning, Charles A.
Browning, Orville H.
Bruce, John
Bryant, Dixie Lee
Bryant, Edwin
Buchanan, Joseph
Buchanan, Joseph Rodes
Buck, William C.
Buckner, Philip
Buckner, Simon B.
Buechel, KY
Buell, Don Carlos
Buffalo Traces and Trails
Buford, Abraham
Buildings – Historic
Bullitt Families (various)
Bullitt, Neville
Bullitt, Thomas
Bullitt, William Marshall
Bullock, William F.
Bundles for Britain
Bunker Hill (Battle of)
Burke, Frank
Burns, Annie W.
Burr, Aaron
Burton, Allen A.
Business – History
Butler Memorial State Park
Butler, Noble
Butler, Richard
Buzzard, KY
Byron, George Gordon
C – Miscellaneous
Caldwell, John
Calhoun, John
California – Emigration
Call, R. E.
Callahan, James
Callahan Correspondence
Calmes, Marquis
Camp Knox – Green Co. (1796)
Camp Nelson
Camp Nevin
Camp Taylor
Camp Tekawitha
Campbell, Arthur (Col.)
Campbell, John
Capital Punishment
Carlisle, John G.
Carr, Joseph
Carrico, Mitchell and Mary Ann
Carrollton, KY
Carson, James O.
Carson, Kit
Carver, Gayle
Casseday, Jennie
Cassidy, Morton (Mrs.)
Castleman, John (Gen.)
Cattle Breeders
Caudill, Harry
Cauthen, Steve
Caves – Indiana
Caves – Kentucky
Caves – Kentucky – Cave-in Rock
Caves – Kentucky – Mammoth Cave
Cawein, Madison Julius
Cedar Lake Lodge
Cemeteries – Christian Co. – Hopkinsville
Cemeteries – Encyclopedia of Louisville – Research
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – African American
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Catholic
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Cave Hill
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Churches (other than Catholic)
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Churchill Family
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Eastern Cemetery
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Herr Family
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Jewish
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – John Floyd & Family
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – National and Military
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – “Potter’s Field”
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Public
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Rudy Family
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Western Cemetery
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Western Cemetery
Cemeteries – Jefferson Co. – Western Cemetery
Cemeteries – Kentucky
Cemeteries – Oldham Co. – Confederate Cemetery
Census – Kentucky
Census – KY – 1810 Census Index
Census – KY Counties
Census – Microfilm Census Holdings of the Filson Club
Census Records
Centerville, KY
Challen, James
Charless, Joseph
Charts – Genealogical
Chenoweth Massacre
Chenoweth, Richard
Cherry, Thomas
Chess, Mary
Chewing Gum
Child Welfare
Children – Disabled – Kentucky
Chiles, David (Gen.)
Chilton, Thomas
Christian, William
Church, Archibald
Church History – Kentucky
Church History – Kentucky – Baptist
Church History – Kentucky – Baptist – Larue County
Church History – Kentucky – Catholic
Church History – Kentucky – Catholic – Archdiocese of Louisville
Church History – Kentucky – Cumberland Presbyterian
Church History – Kentucky – Disciples of Christ
Church History – Kentucky – Episcopal
Church History – Kentucky – Louisville
Church History – Kentucky – Methodist
Church History – Kentucky – Presbyterian
Church History – Kentucky – Presbyterian – Louisville
Church History – Kentucky – United Church of Christ
Churches – African American
Churches – Historical Societies
Churches – Indiana – Mormon
Churches – Jefferson Co. – Cane Run Methodist
Churches – Jefferson Co. – Christ Church Cathedral
Churches – Jefferson Co. – First Unitarian
Churches – Jefferson Co. – Long Run Baptist Church
Churches – Jefferson Co. – Presbyterian Seminary
Churches – Jefferson Co. – St. Mark’s Lutheran
Churches – KY – Traveling Church
Churches – Low Dutch Churches in KY
Churches – Mercer Co. – New Providence Church
Churches – Nelson Co. – St. Joseph’s Cathedral
Churches – Oldham County – Duncan Memorial Chapel
Churches – Woodford Co. – Pisgah Presbyterian Church
Churchill Downs
Churchill, James
Churchill Weavers
Civil Rights
Civil War – Bibliography
Civil War – Camps and Training Centers
Civil War – Confederacy
Civil War – Confederate Archives
Civil War – Confederate Bonds and Money
Civil War – Confederate Congress
Civil War – Confederate Imprints
Civil War – Confederate Leaders
Civil War – Confederate Monuments
Civil War – Confederate Officers
Civil War – Confederate Refugees
Civil War – Confederate Reunions
Civil War – Confederate Seal
Civil War – Confederate States of America – Constitution
Civil War – Confederates – Canada
Civil War – Forts and Sites
Civil War – History (Roswell, Georgia)
Civil War – Kentucky
Civil War – Kentucky – Calloway County
Civil War – Kentucky – Confederate Occupation
Civil War – Kentucky – Cumberland Gap
Civil War – Kentucky – Louisville Centennial
Civil War – Kentucky – Louisville Pensions
Civil War – Kentucky – Richmond
Civil War – Kentucky – Troops
Civil War – Letters
Civil War – Prisons, Hospitals, QM Depot
Civil War – Soldiers
Civil War – Soldiers and Pensions
Civil War – Spies – Confederate
Civil War – Spies – Union
Civil War – Stamps
Civil War – Women
Civil War Commission
Civil War Roundtable – Indiana
Civil War Roundtable – Kentucky
Civilian Conservation Corps
Clark, George Rogers
Clark, George Rogers – Manuscripts
2018 12:08 PM Clark, George Rogers – Mill (Clarksville, Indiana)
Clark, George Rogers – Soldiers (Descendants)
Clark, George Rogers – Statue
Clark, John
Clark, Jonathan
Clark, Marcellus Jerome (Sue Mundy)
Clark, Thomas D.
Clark, William
Clark-Hite Papers
Clarke, James Freeman
Clay, Brutus
Clay, Cassius M.
Clay, Henry
Clay, Henry – Carriage Relics
Clay, Henry – Memorial Association
Clay, Henry – Papers
Clay, Henry – Pictures
Clay, Henry – Portrait
Clay, Nanine (Mrs. Grady Clay)
Clay, Thomas J.
Cleland, Thomas (Rev.)
Clemens, Samuel L.
Cleveland, Henry Whitney
Clock – Gebhard R. L.
Clocks and Clockmakers
Cluskey, Michael W.
Coal Mining
Coat of Arms
Cochran, Archibald Prentice
Coffin, Alice Virginia
Coffman, William H. (Mrs.)
Coins – U. S. – Filson Club Collection
Coins and Tokens
Coke, James G.
Cole, Whiteford
Coleman, Chapman Jr.
Coleman, J. Winston Jr.
Colgan, John
Colleges – Alice Lloyd College
Colleges – Augusta College
Colleges – Bellarmine University
Colleges – Berea College
Colleges – Centre College (1921)
Colleges – Centre College (1931-1950)
Colleges – Centre College (1954)
Colleges – Daughters College
Colleges – Eastern Kentucky University
Colleges – Georgetown College
Colleges – Hanover College
Colleges – Indiana University
Colleges – Jefferson Seminary
Colleges – Kentucky Military Institute
Colleges – Kentucky – Miscellaneous
Colleges – Lees College
Colleges – Lincoln Memorial University
Colleges – Louisville Municipal College
Colleges – Morehead State University
Colleges – Spalding University
Colleges – Sue Bennett College
Colleges – Transylvania University
Colleges – University of Kentucky – Brief History
Colleges – University of Kentucky – Library Associates
Colleges – University of Louisville – Fellowships
Colleges – University of Louisville Medical School
Colleges – Yale University – Alumni Association of Kentucky
Collins, Napoleon
Collins, Richard H.
Colonial Publishing Co.
Colonial Records – Governors (to 1776)
Colter, John
Columbus, KY
Columbus-Belmont Battlefield
Commonwealth (Definition)
Comstock, Albert B.
Congressional Districts – Kentucky
Congressional Record Articles – Kentucky
Congressmen – Kentucky
Connolly, John
Conscientious Objectors – 1862
Constitutional Union Party – 1860
Constitutions – Kentucky
Conventions – Political
Conway, Miles Withers, Judge
Cook, Charles Lee
Cook, Marlow
Cooke, Philip St. George
Cooper, John Sherman (Sen.)
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Corn – Kentucky
Corn Island
Corn, Eugene and James F.
Corner in Celebrities, A
Cotton Industry – “The First Cotton Factory in the West”
Counties – Kentucky – Records
Court Day
Court Records – Filson Historical Society Collection
Courts – Kentucky
Covered Bridges
Covington, KY
Cowan, Andrew
Cowles, John H.
Crabb, Alfred L. (Dr.)
Craddock, Robert
Craig, William Newton
Cramer, Zadok
Crane, Hubert H.
Crawford, Jane Todd
Crawford, William (Col.)
Creeks – Kentucky
Cresswell, Nicholas – Journal
Crestwood, KY
Crittenden, John J.
Crittenden, Thomas L. and George B.
Crockett, Davy
Croghan, John (Dr.)
Croghan, William
Cross, Dorothy Embry (Mrs. William T.)
Crume, L. G. (Dr. and Mrs.)
Culbertson, William and Samuel
Cumberland Falls, KY
Cumberland Gap National Historic Park
Cushman, Pauline
Custer, George A. (Gen.)
D – Miscellaneous
Dale, Evelyn (Curator)
Dams – Kentucky – Louisville
Daniel Boone National Forest
Danville Political Club
Danville, KY
Davenport, Gwen Keys (Mrs. John)
Davenport, Richard
Davidson, Philip
Davie, Preston (Mrs.)
Davie, Winston Jones and George M.
Daviess, Joseph H.
Daviess, Marie Thompson
Davis, Edward (Gen.)
Davis, Jefferson
Davis, Susan Speed
Dawson Springs, KY
Dawson, Nelson
De Warnsdorff, Charles
De Weldon, Felix
Dean, Amanda
Dean, Israel and Benjamin Evans
Dearing, Charles T. (C. T.)
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence – Signers
Declary, John P.
Delisle, Guillaume
Denhardt, Henry H.
Denny, Alexander Rice (A. R.)
Derby Pie
Desha, J. R. Langherne
Desoto Relics – Kentucky
DeSpain, Daysie
Detchen, Fannie Lillian Wood
Diamond Hoax
Dickore, Marie
Diddle, Edgar Allen
Diplomats – Kentucky
Distilleries – Heaven Hill
Distilling – Kentucky
Distilling Industries – Kentucky – Labels
Dixon, Archibald
Doctors – Kentucky
Doe Run Inn
Doe-Anderson Advertising Agency
Dolmetsch, Arnold
Domesday Book
Donovan, Herman Lee
Dorman, John Frederick III
Dorr, William Meriwether
Dorris, J. T.
Douglas, Stephen
Drake, Daniel
Drake, Louise C.
Drake, William P.
Drakesboro, KY
Drama – Outdoor – Kentucky
Draper Manuscripts
Drennon Springs, KY
Dudley, Bruce
Dudley, Thomas (Bishop)
Duels – Kentucky
Dugan, Madison (Capt.)
Duke, Basil
Duncan Tavern
Duncan, Blanton
Duncan, Fannie Casseday and John
Duncan, Matthew
Dunlap, George Washington
2018 12:08 PM Dunmore, John Murray – Papers
Dunn, C. Frank
Dupont Family – Louisville
Durrett Collection
Durrett, Lydian – Estate
Durrett, Reuben Thomas (R. T.) (Col.)
DuVal, John Crittenden
Dyes – Recipes
E – Miscellaneous
Earth Day
Eastin, Churchill and Thomas
Economics – “Prices Current”
Edison, Thomas A.
Edwards, Davis W. (Judge)
Edwards, Hayden
Elizabeth, KY
Elizabethtown, KY
Elkin, Robert W.
English, Granville
Engravers and Engraving
Estill, James (Capt.)
Ethnic Groups – Louisville
Ethridge, Mark Jr.
Exploration – Early
Ewing, John H., Jr.
F – Miscellaneous
Fackler, Calvin Morgan
Fairs – Kentucky
Fairs – Kentucky State Fair
Fallout Shelters
Falls of the Ohio
Farmers – Kentucky
Farnsley, Charles (Hon.)
Farnsworth, Benjamin
Farris, Hazel
Faulkner, Sandy
Faust, Burton
Fawcett, John
Federal Archives Survey – 1936
Ferguson Estate
Ferguson, Richard W. (Dr.)
Fern Creek, KY
Ferries – Kentucky
Ferris, George (Ferris Wheel)
Feuds – Kentucky
Ficklin, Joseph
Fillmore, Millard
Filson Club – Historic Times (Juniors group)
Filson Historical Society – 118 West Breckinridge St. Building
Filson Historical Society – Annual Reports
Filson Historical Society – Architectural Competition
Filson Historical Society – Bicentennial Newspaper Series No. 1
Filson Historical Society – Bicentennial Newspaper Series No. 2
Filson Historical Society – Bicentennial Newspaper Series No. 3
Filson Historical Society – By-Laws
Filson Historical Society – Cave Hill Cemetery Records
Filson Historical Society – Clippings
Filson Historical Society – Committee Meetings
Filson Historical Society – Department Head Meetings, 1991-1994
Filson Historical Society – Donations
Filson Historical Society – Donations – Colonial Wars and Mayflower Society
Filson Historical Society – Donations – William H. Greer, Jr.
Filson Historical Society – Filson Friday lecture powerpoints
Filson Historical Society – Form Letters
Filson Historical Society – General Facility Survey, 1990
Filson Historical Society – History
Filson Historical Society – In House Publications, 1970-1980
Filson Historical Society – In House Publications, 1980-1990
Filson Historical Society – Librarian’s Report, 1992-1993
Filson Historical Society – Librarian’s Report, 1993-1994
Filson Historical Society – Librarian’s Report, 1994-1995
Filson Historical Society – Library Resources
Filson Historical Society – Library Use
Filson Historical Society – Memorial Book Fund
Filson Historical Society – Memos, 1980-1990
Filson Historical Society – Memos, 1990-1991
Filson Historical Society – Move to 1310 S. 3rd St., 1986
Filson Historical Society – Mummy
Filson Historical Society – Pearson Funeral Home Records
Filson Historical Society – Pictures
Filson Historical Society – Portrait Collection
Filson Historical Society – Press Releases
Filson Historical Society – Publications
Filson Historical Society – Staff Meetings – 1990
Filson Historical Society – Staff Memos – 1990
Filson Historical Society – Staff – Miscellaneous
Filson Historical Society – Surveys
Filson Historical Society – Trips
Filson, John
Fink, Albert
Fink, Mike
Finley, Isaac
Finley, John
Fire Engines
Fire Marks
First Kentucky Regiment – Co. “A” – 1954-56
First Kentucky Regiment – Co. “A” – 1957-63
Fish – Natural History
Fishing Reels and Makers
Fitch, John
Fitzbutler, Henry (Dr.)
Fitzhugh, Dennis – Papers
Fitzhugh, Mary Darby
Flag – Gen. George Rogers Clark
Flag – U. S. – Calvert’s 15-Star
Flagg, Edmund
Flags – Civil War
Flags – Confederate States
Flags – Jefferson County
Flags – Kentucky (and other symbols)
Flags – Notes and Legends
Fleming Papers – Personal Index
Flood – 1937 – Breathitt County
Flood – 1937 – Louisville
Flood – 1937 – Watterson Hotel
Floyd, Charles
Floyd, John
Floyd, John – Memorial Committee
Floyd, William Barrow
Floydsburg, KY
Folklife – Kentucky
Folklore – Kentucky
Folklore Societies
Folklore Society – Kentucky
Fontaine Ferry Park
Ford, Alice
Ford, James C.
Ford, John Baptiste (Capt.)
Forrester, William (Dr.)
Fort Knox
Fort Knox – Patton Museum
Fort Mandan
Forts and Stations
Forts and Stations – Bowman’s Station
Forts and Stations – Bryan’s Station
Forts and Stations – Floyd’s Station
Forts and Stations – Fort Harrod
Forts and Stations – Fort Jefferson
Forts and Stations – Fort Mitchell
Forts and Stations – Fort Nelson
Forts and Stations – Fort-on-Shore (Louisville)
Forts and Stations – Hughes Station
Forts and Stations – Irish Station
Forts and Stations – Linn Station
Forts and Stations – Low Dutch Station
Forts and Stations – Sandusky Station
Forts and Stations – Spring Station
Forts and Stations – Vienna (Calhoun, KY)
Foster Memorial Building (Pittsburgh)
Foster, Stephen Collins
Founders Square (Louisville)
Fountains – Louisville
Fowke, Gerard
Fowler, John (Capt.)
Fox, Francis Barton
Fox, John Jr.
Francisco, Peter
Frankfort, KY
Franklin – State (Tennessee)
Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Mary (Mrs. J.O.)
Franklin, KY
Franston, Frank Castle III
Frantz, W. Harold
Frederick, Warren Kellar
Freedom Train – July, 1948
Fremont, John Charles – Papers
French Lick, IN
French Merci Train (1949)
French, William
Frick Art Reference Library
Frontier Life
Funeral Homes – Louisville, Ky.
Funeral Homes – L. D. Pearson
Funeral Homes – Maas Brothers
Funeral Urn – Roman
Fur Trade
Furman, J. M. – Library
Furniture – American
Fuson, H. H.
Futrell, Nathan
G – Miscellaneous
Gale, Anthony
Galt Family Papers
Gantt, Edward
Garber, Daniel A.
Gardens – KY – Early
Gardiner, Florence Edwards (Mrs. A.S.)
Gas Lines
Gauld, Charles Anderson
Genealogists – Professional
Genealogy – Foreign
Genealogy – Institute of American Genealogy
Genealogy – Irish
Genealogy – KY – Families and Sources
Genealogy – Miscellaneous
Genealogy – Satire and Humor
Genealogy and Computers
Geology – KY
Germans – Kentucky
Germans – Louisville
Gheens, C. Edwin
Ghosts – Louisville
Gibson, Charles H.
Giles, Janice Holt
Gillooly, John F. (Capt.)
Gingko Tree
Girty, Simon
Gist, Christopher
Gist, Nathaniel
Glass Manufacture (early)
Goebel, William
Goforth, William
Gold Rush – Kentuckians
Golf – Kentucky
Goodloe, William C.
Gordon, Maurice Kirby
Governor’s Conference – Frankfort, 1910
Governor’s Mansion – Kentucky
Governors of Kentucky
Graddy, Jesse
Graham, Christopher Columbus
Graham, Christopher Columbus – Portrait
Graham, Isaac
Graham, Mentor
Grainger, Charles F.
Grant, Frederick Dent
Grant, Ulysses S.
Gratz Family
Graves – Soldiers (all wars)
Gray, George
Gray, John Thompson
Gray, Laman (Dr.)
Gray, Mary Preston
Grayson, Peter
Great Steam Duck
Greater Louisville Economic Development
Greater Louisville Exposition
Green Harold
Green, Isaac R.
Green, Jennie – Estate
Green, Marion – Estate
Green, Norvin
Green, Ruth C.
Green, Will S.
Green, Willis
Greenback Party
Greenup, Christopher (Gov.)
Grenfell, George (Col.) – Correspondence
Griffith, David Wark
Grigsby, Susanna P. S.
Gross, Samuel D. (Dr.)
Groves, Fergus Coleman
Grundy, Felix
Grundy, Hugh Lee
Guerrant, Edward O.
Gunn, John C.
Gunsmiths – KY
Guthrie, Blaine
Guthrie, Jack
Guthrie, James
Gwathmey, Isaac
Gwathmey, John
H – Miscellaneous
Haggard, David Rice
Haggin, James Ben Ali
Hagy, Richard L.
Haldeman, William B.
Hall, Edwin Gilbert
Hall, Eliza Calvert
Hall, James
Halleck, Reuben Post
Halley, John – Journal
Halsey, Edmund T.
Ham – KY
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Holman
Hammond, John Henry
Hancock, George Jr. & Sr.
Handicrafts – KY
Hardin, Bayless
Hardwick, Fred W.
Harlan, John Marshall
Harlan, Silas (Maj.)
Harlow, Silas & James
Harmony Landing
Harney, Ben & John H.
Harp Brothers
Harper, Charles
Harris, Credo (Mrs.)
Harris, Nathaniel
Harris, Thomas A. (Gen.)
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Lowell
Harrison, William Henry
Harrod, James
Harrodsburg – Pioneer Memorial Assn.
Harrodsburg, KY
Harvey, Will
Hast, Lisette & Louis
Hatcher, John H.
Hawes, C. W.
Hayes, Rutherford B.
Hays, Will S.
Heady, James Morrison
Heavey, Eliza Bennett
Hebel, Louis J.
Heck, Frank Hopkins
Heinrich, Anthony Philip
Helm, Ben Hardin
Helm, John L.
Hemp Cultivation
Henderson, Keokee
Henderson, KY
Henderson, Thomas
Henderson, William B.
Henry, A. Read
Henry, Anson G. (Dr.)
Henry, John R. & Joseph
Henry, Josephine K.
Henry, Patrick
Henry, Ruby
Hensley Settlement
Herchenroeder, John
Hereditary Societies
Herr-Snook Wedding Tragedy
Hesse, H.
Hessian Soldiers, 1776
Hewitt, James
Hickman, William
Highland Writers Group
Hill, Ambrose P. (Gen.)
Hill, J. B.
Hill, Patty & Mildred
Hill, Richard H.
Hill, Mary Jo Gheens (Mrs. Richard H.)
Hines, Thomas Henry
Historians – KY
Historic American Buildings Survey
Historic Homes – KY – Boyle Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Boyle Co. – McDowell House
Historic Homes – KY – Clark Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Fayette Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Floyd Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Franklin Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Hardin Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Hopkins Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Allison- Barrickman- Ewing House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Bashford Manor
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Brennan House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Brennan House – Book Collection
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Briney Hall
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Carmichael House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – David Farnsley House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Farmington
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Farmington – African Americans
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Farnsley-Moorman House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Ferguson Mansion
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Floore House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Garden Court
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Guthrie House (Lad & Lassie)
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Gwathmey House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Hayfield
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Heigold House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Hite House
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Kalorama
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Locust Grove
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Miscellaneous
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Mulberry Hill
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – River Rd. Historic District
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Soldier’s Retreat
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Spring Grove
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Spring Station
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Springfield
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Trough Spring Farm
Historic Homes – KY – Jefferson Co. – Whitehall
Historic Homes – KY – Jessamine Co. – Chaumiere
Historic Homes – KY – Jessamine Co. – White House (Camp Nelson)
Historic Homes – KY – Knox Co. – Thomas Walker House
Historic Homes – KY – Lincoln Co. – William Whitley House
Historic Homes – KY – Logan Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Madison Co. – Whitehall
Historic Homes – KY – Mason Co. – Spalding House
Historic Homes – KY – Mason Co. – Basil Duke House
Historic Homes – KY – Meade Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Mercer Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Miscellaneous
Historic Homes – KY – Nelson Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Oldest Houses in KY
Historic Homes – KY – Oldham Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Shelby Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Warren Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Washington Co.
Historic Homes – KY – Woodford Co.
Historic Homes Foundation
Historic Markers
Historic Papers – Location (1945)
Historic Papers – Miscellaneous
Historic Preservation
Historic Records Assn.
Historic Sites – Kentucky
Historic Sites – Kentucky – Restoration
Historical Societies – Constitution and By-Laws
Historical Societies – Illinois
Historical Societies – Indiana
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Baptist Historical Society
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Carroll Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Christopher Gist
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Danville & Boyle Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Hardin Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Henderson Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Jefferson Co. – Jeffersontown
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Kenton Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Kentucky Historical Society
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Kentucky Historical Society – Archives
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Lincoln Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Local & Regional
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Madison Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Northern Kentucky
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Ohio Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Oldham Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Taylor Co.
Historical Societies – Kentucky – Warren Co.
Historical Societies – Maryland
Historical Societies – Missouri
Historical Societies – New York
Historical Societies – North Carolina
Historical Societies – Ohio
Historical Societies – Ohio – Anthony Wayne Parkway
Historical Societies – Ohio – Cincinnati
Historical Societies – Oklahoma
Historical Societies – Pennsylvania
Historical Societies – Pennsylvania – Presbyterian
Historical Societies – Tennessee
Historical Societies – Virginia – Essex Co.
Historical Societies – Virginia – Hanover
Historical Societies – Wisconsin
Historical Zoning Task Force
History Day Contest
Hite, Isaac
Hobbs, E. D.
Hoe, Robert
Holifield, Marvin Bertie
Holley, Horace
Holloway, James M.
Holt, Joseph
Honig, George H.
Hooker, Joseph (Gen.)
Hoover, Gertrude
Hoover, Herbert (Pres.)
Hopkins, Arthur E.
Hopkins’ Expedition
Horner, Fanny (Mrs. Charles)
Horse Racing – KY – Louisville
Horses – KY Thorobreds – Man O War
Horses and Horse Breeding
Hoskins, Harry P.
Hotels – Galt House
Hotels – Hardin Springs Hotel
Hotels – Louisville Hotel
Hotels – Seelbach Hotel
House of Representatives
Houston, Russell (Judge)
Howe, Jean (Miss)
Howells, William Dean
Huddleston, Walter D.
Hughes, W. J. & Sons Co.
Hughes, Wallace Taylor
Hull, Henry
Humana Heart Institute International
Humana Heart Institute International
Humana Heart Institute International
Hume, Elmer C. (Dr.)
Hunt, John Wesley – Papers, 1792-1849
Huson, Hobart
I – Miscellaneous
Ice Companies
Illinois – Montgomery Co. – Settlers
Imlay, Gilbert
Immigration – KY
Immigration Records – Louisville
Inaugural Medals
Indentured Servants
Indiana – Clarksville and Clark’s Military Grant
Indiana – Counties
Indiana – Genealogy and Sources
Indiana – Maps
Indiana – Marriages
Indiana – Newspapers – History
Indiana – Schools and Churches
Indiana – Springs
Indiana – Vigo County
Indices – Miscellaneous Carbon Copies
Ingles, Mary
Ingram, David
Ingram, Frances M.
Innes, Harry (Judge) and James
Institute of Early American History
Inventories – Early
Inventors – KY
Iron Furnaces
Irwin, William Howard
Isenberg, James C. (Col.)
Iwo Jima
J – Miscellaneous
Jackson Purchase
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Donald
Jackson, William Lowther
Jacob, Charles D.
Jacob, James Baird
Jacob, John J.
Jacobson, Era C.
James, Frank and Jesse
Jarvis, John Wesley
Jefferson Co. – KY – Archives
Jefferson Co. – KY – County Judges
Jefferson Co. – KY – Courthouse
Jefferson Co. – KY – Estate Survey (1925)
Jefferson Co. – KY – Government
Jefferson Co. – KY – History
Jefferson Co. – KY – History (Louise Warren)
Jefferson Co. – KY – Jail and Workhouse
Jefferson Co. – KY – Kenwood Hills
Jefferson Co. – KY – Land and Survey Grants
Jefferson Co. – KY – Marriages
Jefferson Co. – KY – Pennsylvania Run
Jefferson Co. – KY – Social Services
Jefferson Co. Forest Commission
Jefferson Co. Memorial Forest
Jefferson Co. Office of Community Outreach
Jefferson, Floyd
Jefferson Institute of Arts and Sciences
Jefferson, Isabel
Jefferson, Thomas
Jefferson, Thomas – Letters and Writings
Jefferson, Thomas – White House Portrait
Jeffersontown, KY
Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot
Jeffersonville, IN
Jeffrey Papers (Rosa)
Jeffrey Papers (William)
Jennings, Kathleen
Jesup, Thomas S. (Maj. Gen.)
Jillson, Willard R.
Johnson, Andrew – Papers
Johnson, Cave
Johnson, Richard M.
Johnston, Albert Sidney
Johnston, Annie Fellows
Johnston, J. Stoddard
Johnston, James D.
Johnston, John
Johnston, William Preston
Jones, Katherine M.
Jordan, Philip D.
Jouett, Jack
Joyes, Preston P.
Judaism – Art and Historical Material
Judaism – KY
Judges – KY
Jug Bands
K – Miscellaneous
Kamp Kaintuck
Kansas – Border Wars
Kavanaugh, Hubbard Hinde (H.H.) (Rev.)
Kaye, Frederick Augustus
Kazanjian, Nectar
Keats, George
Kelly, William
Kendall, Amos
Kenton, Simon
Kentuckians – Famous
Kentuckians in U. S. Service
Kentucky – Agriculture and Domestic Animals
Kentucky – Archives and Records Commission
Kentucky – Bicentennial
Kentucky – Biography
Kentucky – Boundaries
Kentucky – Cluster Diamond Ring
Kentucky – Commission on Conservation
Kentucky – Constitution
Kentucky – Counties
Kentucky Counties – Adair
Kentucky Counties – Allen
Kentucky Counties – Anderson
Kentucky Counties – Ballard
Kentucky Counties – Barren
Kentucky Counties – Bath
Kentucky Counties – Bell
Kentucky Counties – Boone
Kentucky Counties – Bourbon
Kentucky Counties – Boyd
Kentucky Counties – Boyle
Kentucky Counties – Bracken
Kentucky Counties – Breathitt
Kentucky Counties – Breckinridge
Kentucky Counties – Bullitt
Kentucky Counties – Bullitt
Kentucky Counties – Butler
Kentucky Counties – Caldwell
Kentucky Counties – Calloway
Kentucky Counties – Campbell
Kentucky Counties – Carroll
Kentucky Counties – Carter
Kentucky Counties – Christian
Kentucky Counties – Clark
Kentucky Counties – Clay
Kentucky Counties – Clinton
Kentucky Counties – Cumberland
Kentucky Counties – Daviess
Kentucky Counties – Edmonson
Kentucky Counties – Estill
Kentucky Counties – Fayette
Kentucky Counties – Fleming
Kentucky Counties – Gallatin
Kentucky Counties – Grant
Kentucky Counties – Graves
Kentucky Counties – Grayson
Kentucky Counties – Green
Kentucky Counties – Greenup
Kentucky Counties – Hancock
Kentucky Counties – Hardin
Kentucky Counties – Harlan
Kentucky Counties – Hart
Kentucky Counties – Hart
Kentucky Counties – Henderson
Kentucky Counties – Henry
Kentucky Counties – Hickman
Kentucky Counties – Hopkins
Kentucky Counties – Jessamine
Kentucky Counties – Johnson
Kentucky Counties – Kenton
Kentucky Counties – Knott
Kentucky Counties – Knox
Kentucky Counties – Larue
Kentucky Counties – Laurel
Kentucky Counties – Lee
Kentucky Counties – Leslie
Kentucky Counties – Letcher
Kentucky Counties – Lewis
Kentucky Counties – Lincoln
Kentucky Counties – Logan
Kentucky Counties – Lyon
Kentucky Counties – Madison
Kentucky Counties – Marion
Kentucky Counties – Marshall
Kentucky Counties – Mason
Kentucky Counties – McCracken
Kentucky Counties – McCreary
Kentucky Counties – McLean
Kentucky Counties – Meade
Kentucky Counties – Mercer
Kentucky Counties – Monroe
Kentucky Counties – Montgomery
Kentucky Counties – Muhlenberg
Kentucky Counties – Nelson
Kentucky Counties – Ohio
Kentucky Counties – Oldham
Kentucky Counties – Owen
Kentucky Counties – Perry
Kentucky Counties – Pike
Kentucky Counties – Powell
Kentucky Counties – Rowan
Kentucky Counties – Russell
Kentucky Counties – Scott
Kentucky Counties – Shelby
Kentucky Counties – Simpson
Kentucky Counties – Spencer
Kentucky Counties – Taylor
Kentucky Counties – Warren
Kentucky Counties – Washington
Kentucky Counties – Wayne
Kentucky Counties – Webster
Kentucky Counties – Whitley
Kentucky Counties – Wolfe
Kentucky Counties – Woodford
Kentucky – Counties – Origins
Kentucky – Counties – Tax Lists
Kentucky – County Records
Kentucky – Dept. of Economic Development
Kentucky – Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Kentucky – Dept. of Public Relations
Kentucky – Dept. of State
Kentucky – Description and Travel
Kentucky – Division of State Parks
Kentucky – Education
Kentucky – Elections
Kentucky – Enabling Act
Kentucky – Facts
Kentucky – Firsts
Kentucky – General Assemblies
Kentucky – Government
Kentucky – Governors’ Proclamations
Kentucky – Mid Century Homecoming, 1950
Kentucky – Name Derivation
Kentucky – Names
Kentucky – Poems
Kentucky – Post Office
Kentucky – Printing and Publishing
Kentucky – Prisons and Prisoners
Kentucky – Quotations
Kentucky – Regions – Pennyroyal
Kentucky – Silver
Kentucky – Social Life and Customs
Kentucky – State Anniversaries
Kentucky – State Capital
Kentucky – State Papers and State Publishers
Kentucky – Tax Reform
Kentucky – Vital Statistics
Kentucky Bicentennial Commission
Kentucky Bookmobile Project
Kentucky Botanical Gardens
Kentucky Boys Estate
Kentucky Collectors Newsletter
Kentucky Day
Kentucky Derby
Kentucky Derby Festival
Kentucky District
Kentucky Encyclopedia
Kentucky Gazette
Kentucky Geography
Kentucky Geological Survey
Kentucky Heritage Commission
Kentucky Heritage Council
Kentucky Homecoming, 1906
Kentucky Insurance Company
Kentucky Legislative Research Commission
Kentucky Library Network
Kentucky Militia Commission
Kentucky National Guard
Kentucky Opera
Kentucky Oral History Commission
Kentucky Resolutions (1788-1799)
Kentucky Rifle
Kentucky School for the Blind
Kentucky School for the Deaf
Kentucky Scottish Weekend
Kentucky Show
Kentucky Society of Natural History
Kentucky State Nature Preserve Commission
Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Co.
Kentucky Wildlife and Natural History Conference
Kilpatrick, Claude P.
Kimmel, Husband E.
Kincaid, Robert L. and Garvice
King’s Mountain – Battle
Kinkead, Ludie J.
Kinkead, Mary
Kirby, Samuel and Alex
Kirk, Charles D.
Knight, John (Dr.)
Knives – Bowie and Boone
Knott, J. Proctor
Knott, Richard W.
Knott, Stuart
Know Nothing Party
Knox, Henry
Kopmeyer, M. R.
Kossuth, Louis
Krimm, Martin C.
Ku Klux Klan
L – Miscellaneous
L & N Employee Magazine
L & N Railroad
L & N Railroad – Advertisement
Labor Organizations
LaBree, Ben
Lacassagne, Michael
Lafayette, Marquis de – Portrait
Lafayette, Marquis de (General)
LaGrange, KY
Lair, John
Lakes – Kentucky
Land Grants, Patents, and Bounties
Land Records – Kentucky
Lane, George W. , Judge
Lapham, Increase
Larne, KY
LaSalle, Nicholas de
Latham, John C.
Launitz, Robert E.
Leach, Elijah
Leach, Frank W. – Manuscripts
Leavy, William
Lee, Collins
Lee, Robert E.
Lees of Virginia in Kentucky
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Lewis and Clark Papers
Lewis, Aaron (Col.)
Lewis, Lilburn and Isham
Lewis, Meriwether
Lewis, Robert Warner
Lewis, William (Gen.)
Lexington (Horse)
Liberty Bell – Louisville
Liberty Hall, Inc.
Libraries – Bookmobiles
Libraries – IL – Newberry Library
Libraries – IN
Libraries – KY
Libraries – KY – Lexington Public Library – Newspapers
Libraries – KY – Louisville Free Public Library
Libraries – KY – Maysville Public Library
Libraries – KY – Public Library
Libraries – KY – University of Kentucky – Margaret I. King Library
Libraries – KY – Western Kentucky University
Libraries – MO – Winston Churchill
Libraries – Moving
Libraries – Special
Libraries – Special Collections
Library of Congress
Lincoln Institute
Lincoln National Park
Lincoln Pilgrimage – 1937
Lincoln – Route to Indiana
Lincoln Trail
Lincoln, Abraham
Lincoln, Abraham – Ancestry
Lincoln, Abraham – Bibliography
Lincoln, Abraham – Cabin and Farm (Illinois)
Lincoln, Abraham – Correspondence
Lincoln, Abraham – Joe Ball’s Anecdote
Lincoln, Mary Todd
Lincoln, Thomas
Lind, Jenny
Linn, William
Lithographic Stone
Litsey, Edwin Carlisle
Littell, James
Lochry Expedition
Log Cabins and Houses
Logan, William
Long Hunters
Lord’s Prayer
Loretto Mother House
Lossing, Benson John
Lost Cause Press
Loughborough, Preston
Louis-Philippe (King)
Louisville – Actors and Actresses
Louisville – Airports and Airplanes
Louisville – Airports – Citizen’s Advisory Committee
Louisville – Airports – Clippings
Louisville – Alleys
Louisville – Apartment Buildings
Louisville – Architecture
Louisville – Art
Louisville – Art galleries
Louisville – Banks
Louisville – Banks – Bank of Louisville
Louisville – Banks – Portland Federal Savings
Louisville – Banks – Stock Yards Bank
Louisville – Bath Houses
Louisville – Beargrass Creek
Louisville – Buildings
Louisville – Business Firms
Louisville – Business Firms – Brinly-Hardy Mfg. Co.
Louisville – Business Firms – Kaye Bell Foundry
Louisville – Cement
Louisville – Chamber of Commerce
Louisville – Charter
Louisville – City Planning
Louisville – Commissioners of Sewerage
Louisville – Convention Center
Louisville – Courthouse
Louisville – Dairies
Louisville – Dept. of Public Safety
Louisville – Descriptions & Reminiscences
Louisville – Drugstore (First)
Louisville – Ecology
Louisville – Economic Development
Louisville – Education – Evening Schools
Louisville – Encyclopedia of Louisville
Louisville – Famous People
Louisville – Fire Dept. and Fires
Louisville – Flags
Louisville – French Connections
Louisville – Government
Louisville – Health and Health Services
Louisville – History – 1780 Act
Louisville – History
Louisville – History – Buildings
Louisville – History – Settlement
Louisville – Hope Rescue Mission
Louisville – Hospitals
Louisville – Hospitals – Central State – Anchorage
Louisville – Hospitals – Hazelwood
Louisville – Hospitals – Jewish
Louisvill — Hospitals – Marine Hospital
Louisville – Hospitals – Military
Louisville – Hospitals – Norton Children’s Hospital
Louisville – House of Refuge
Louisville – Humane Society
Louisville – Imprints – Louisville Industry
Louisville – Industries
Louisville – Jail
Louisville – Jewish Community
Louisville – Jewish Temples
Louisville – Junior Art Gallery
Louisville – Kindergartens
Louisville – Landmarks Commission
Louisville – Landmarks Commission – National Historic Sites
Louisville – Law Schools
Louisville – Lawyers and Law Firms
Louisville – Legal Aid Society
Louisville – Firsts
Louisville – Louisville Library Club
Louisville – Louisville Literary Club
Louisville – Market
Louisville – Mayors – Bucklin, John
Louisville – Mayors – Miscellaneous
Louisville – Mayors – Office
Louisville – Mayors – Reed, Paul B.
Louisville – Mayors – Schmied, Kenneth A.
Louisville – Militia
Louisville – Murals
Louisville – Music
Louisville – Music Publishers
Louisville – Neighborhoods
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Beechmont
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Butchertown
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Cherokee Triangle
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Clifton and Crescent Hill
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Glenview
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Graymoor-Devondale
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Indianola
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Limerick
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Oak Hills
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Old Louisville
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Old Louisville – Newsletters
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Portland
Louisville – Neighborhoods – Smoketown
Louisville – Neighborhoods – South Park
Louisville – Organizations
Louisville – Origin of Name
Louisville – Parks – Ballard
Louisville – Parks – Baxter
Louisville – Parks – Board of Parks Commissioners
Louisville – Parks – Central
Louisville – Parks – Cherokee
Louisville – Parks – Churchill
Louisville – Parks – George Rogers Clark
Louisville – Parks – Miscellaneous
Louisville – Parks – Planning
Louisville – Parks – Thruston
Louisville – Periodicals
Louisville – Photographers
Louisville – Police Court
Louisville – Port
Louisville – Post Office
Louisville – Printing
Louisville – Race Tracks
Louisville – Real Estate
Louisville – Restaurants
Louisville – Riverfront Development
Louisville – Salvation Army
Louisville – Seal of Louisville
Louisville – Segregation – Campaigns
Louisville – Segregation – Schools
Louisville – Segregation – Urban Planning
Louisville – Senior Citizens’ Week – 1959
Louisville – Sesquicentennial
Louisville – Sister Cities
Louisville – Springs
Louisville – Statues
Louisville – Statues – Thomas Jefferson
Louisville – Steamboats – Belle of Louisville
Louisville – Streets
Louisville – Streets – Main St.
Louisville – Streets – St. James Court
Louisville – Theaters
Louisville – Tours
Louisville – Town Crier
Louisville – Transportation
Louisville – U. S. Navy
Louisville – Urban Renewal
Louisville – Urban Renewal – Southwick
Louisville – Vital Statistics
Louisville – Weather
Louisville & Jefferson Co. Economic Progress Commission
Louisville & Portland Canal
Louisville Area Interchurch Organization for Service
Louisville Auditorium Association
Louisville Ballet
Louisville Board of Insurance Agents
Louisville Board of Trade
Louisville Bridge Co.
Louisville Cement Co.
Louisville Central Area
Louisville Chorus
Louisville Civil War Round Table
Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau
Louisville Council of Churches
Louisville Exposition – 1875
Louisville Fund for the Arts
Louisville Gas & Electric Co.
Louisville Genealogical Society
Louisville Historical League
Louisville Jazz Society
Louisville Legion
Louisville Legion – Flags
Louisville Library Association – 1874
Louisville Orchestra
Louisville Transit Co.
Louisville Tuberculosis Association
Louisville Visual Art Association
Louisville Water Company
Louisville Waterfront Development
Louisville Zoological Garden
Lyceums – Kentucky
Lynchings – Kentucky
Lyon, Crittenden
Lyon, Matthew
Lystra, KY
Lytle, William
M – Miscellaneous
McAfee, Robert B.
McAlpine, William H.
McArthur, Duncan
McBride, Charles
McCall (alias Bill Sutherland)
McCann, William R.
McChord, James
McClellan, G. M.
McCleve, William Alexander
McCloskey, J. J.
McClure, Paul
McConnell, Mitch
McCorison, Marcus
McCoy, Isaac (Rev.)
McCulloch, Sue R.
McDermott, Edward J.
McDonald Family (architects)
McDonald, William N. (Capt.)
McDowell, Ephraim
McDowell, Robert E.
McElroy, Alice – Estate
McGee, Patrick
McGill, Josephine
McGready, James
McGuffy, William Holmes
McIlvain, Thomas
McKee, William R.
McKinley, Jerome B.
McKinley, John
McKinley, John (Judge)
McKinney, John [James]
McMeekin, Isabel (Mrs. Samuel)
McMurtrie, Douglas
McMurtry, Gerald
McNemar, Richard
McNitt Massacre
McVey, Frances Jewell
MacCalla, William L.
Mackin Council – Portland
Maclure, William
Madison, James
Magazines/Journals – DeBow’s Review
Magill, John
Magoffin, Beriah
Major, S. I. M. (Col.)
Malcolm, Howard
Mann, Ambrose Dudley
Manuscript Evaluation
Maps – America – Mitchell
Maps – Filson
Maps – Filson – American Antiquarian Society
Maps – Filson – Bourne
Maps – Filson – Davie, Preston
Maps – Filson – French Edition
Maps – Filson – German Edition
Maps – Filson – Goodspeed
Maps – Filson – Graff – Newberry
Maps – Filson – Harvard
Maps – Filson – Hooe Copy
Maps – Filson – Huntington
Maps – Filson – Jillson, W. Rouse
Maps – Filson – John Carter Brown Library
Maps – Filson – Jones
Maps – Filson – King Library
Maps – Filson – Library of Congress
Maps – Filson – London – British Museum
Maps – Filson – Madrid
Maps – Filson – Manuscript – Chicago & Ottawa
Maps – Filson – Miscellaneous Correspondence
Maps – Filson – Nebenzahl
Maps – Filson – New York Historical Society
Maps – Filson – Pendleton
Maps – Filson – Pennsylvania Historical Society
Maps – Filson – R.C.B.T. – Correspondence
Maps – Filson – R.C.B.T. – Notes
Maps – Filson – R.C.B.T. – Weaks, Mabel C.
Maps – Filson – Reprint – Russian Linen
Maps – Filson – Reproduction
Maps – Filson – Rosenbach
Maps – Filson – Schmidt, Martin F.
Maps – Filson – Wolford, Leo
Maps – Filson – Yale University
Maps – KY
Maps – KY – Big Sandy – Pentecost, 1790-91
Maps – KY – Fayette Co. – Lexington
Maps – KY – Fire Insurance
Maps – KY – Geological Survey
Maps – KY – Jefferson Co. and Louisville
Maps – KY – Land Owners
Maps – KY – Louisville – Brooks’ Map
Maps – KY – Louisville – Terraza
Maps – Miscellaneous
Maps – U.S. Cities and States (other than KY)
Markers and Monuments
Markers and Monuments – KY – Highways
Markers and Monuments – Not in KY
Markland, Absalom H. (Col.)
Marriage Records and Bonds
Marriage Registers – Jefferson Co., KY
Marschall, Nicola
Marshall, Humphrey
Marshall, John
Marshall, Robert (Rev.)
Marshall, Thomas
12:08 PM Martin, Robert M. (Col.)
Maryhurst Mission
Maryland Colonization League
Maryland Genealogy Society Newsletter
Maryland Historical Society
Mason and Dixon Line
Mason, George
Mason, Luther Whiting
Mason, Sam
Mather, Otis M. (Judge)
Mature, Victor
May, William L.
Meade, Bishop William
Meade, David
Meagher, Mary T.
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
Medical History – KY
Meriwether, David
Methodist Home
Mexican War
Middlesboro, KY
Middletown, KY
Mill Springs Battle
Miller, Christopher
Miller, John (General)
Miller, Kent
Miller, Robert N.
Miller, Shackelford
Miller, Silas F.
Miller, Warrick
Miller, Zane
Mills – Cotton
Mills – Grist Mills, etc.
Mills – Paper
Mills on Beargrass Creek (by James Speed)
Mills, Benjamin
Millstones – KY
Milne, Colin Ross
Milton, William
Ministers – Southern
Ministers – Jefferson County, KY
Mint Julep
Miss Louisville Pageant
Mississippi River Commission
Mississippi Valley Historical Association
Mix, Grace Allin (Tom Mix)
Monday, William S. (Capt.)
Monroe, James
Montford, Richard
Montgomery, John (Col.)
Moody, Minnie Hite – Joist-Hite Papers
Moody, Minnie Hite (through William Greer)
Moody, Wilkie O. (Mrs.)
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, Charles
Moore, George H.
Moore, James Francis (Col.)
Morehead, James T. (Gov.)
Morgan, Daniel
Morgan, John Hunt
Morgan, Morgan ap
Morgan, Thomas Hunt
Morgan’s Men
Morris, Robert
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese
Morton, John P. & Co. – Records, etc.
Morton, Rogers C.B. (Hon.) – Secretary of the Interior
Morton, Thruston (Sen.)
Moss, Lewis Arnold
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Mount Sterling, KY
Mountain Laurel Festival – Pineville, KY
Muldoon Monument Company
Muldraugh Hill
Munfordville, KY
Murphy, Isaac Burns
Murray, Henry
Murray, William
Murrell, John A.
Museums – IN
Museums – IN – Howard
Museums – KY
Museums – KY – Frankfort
Museums – KY – Lexington
Museums – KY – Louisville
Museums – KY – Louisville – History and Science
Museums – KY – Louisville – Kentucky Derby Museum
Museums – KY – Louisville – Portland
Museums – KY – Louisville – Railway
Museums – KY – Louisville – Speed
Museums – KY – Paducah
Museums – KY – Paducah – Market House
Museums – KY – Paducah – Young Historian Museum
Museums – Military History
Musgrove, Charles Hamilton
Music – Clubs
Music – Filson Sheet Music Collection
Music – KY
Music – Research and Cataloging
Music – Songs – “Dixie”
Music – Songs – “Happy Birthday”
Music – Songs – Kentucky
Music – Songs – “My Old Kentucky Home”
Musicians – KY
Muster Rolls – KY
Myers, Raymond
Nail Chronology – Dating Old Buildings
Nash, Robert M.
Nathan, Simon
National Archives
National Rivers and Harbors
Native Americans
Native Americans – “Welsh Indians”
Native Americans – Captivities
Native Americans – Kentuckians of Native American Descent
Native Americans – Missions
Native Americans – Mounds – KY and IN
Native Americans – Names – KY
Native Americans – Pigeon Roost Massacre
Native Americans – Removals
Native Americans – Research
Native Americans – Trails
Naturalization Papers
Neal, R.B. (Rev.)
Neef, Joseph
Neighborhood Development Corporation
Neighborhood House
Nelson, William (Gen.)
Nerinckx, Father Charles (“Hail to the Queen”)
New Albany, IN
New Harmony, IN
New Jersey – Archives
New Jersey Genesis – Beaver Log
Newman, Phillip III (Mrs.)
Newport, KY
Newport, KY – Barracks
Newspaper Project
Newspapers – KY
Newspapers – KY – American Citizen
Newspapers – KY – Guardian of Freedom
Newspapers – KY – Louisville
Newspapers – KY – Louisville – Courier-Journal
Newspapers – KY – Louisville – Courier-Journal and Louisville Times
Newspapers – KY – Louisville – Louisville Anzeiger
Newspapers – KY – Louisville – Louisville Times
Newspapers – KY – Louisville – New Louisville Anzeiger
Newspapers – KY – Paducah – Cumberland Wave
Newspapers – Microfilm
Newspapers – Microfilm – Microprint
Newspapers – New York Herald, Vicksburg Citizen, Boston Gazette
Newspapers – Reprints – Ulster Co. Gazette
Newton, Rosalind
Nicholas, Robert Carter
Nicholas, Samuel S. (Judge)
Nichols, Charles
Nickerson, G.H. and H.B.
Night Riders
Nolan (Horse)
Norton, Eckstein
Norton, John Nicholas
Norvell, Wyatt (Dr.)
Norwood, Joseph G. (Dr.)
Nunn, Beula
Nunn, Louie B.
Nuttall, Thomas
O’Bannon, Presley Neville (Lt.)
O’Fallon, John
O’Hara, Theodore
O’Neal, Emmett
Ohio Records (Genealogical)
Ohio River Traffic
Ohio River Survey
Ohio Valley
Oil Wells – KY
Old Ironsides
Old Mud Meeting House
Olmsted Brothers
Oneida Institute
Organ Makers
Organizations – Abraham Lincoln Association
Organizations – Abraham Lodge No. 8, F&AM
Organizations – Aloha Club
Organizations – American Antiquarian Society
Organizations – American Association for State and Local History
Organizations – American Cancer Society
Organizations – American Red Cross
Organizations – American Turners (Louisville)
Organizations – American War Mothers
Organizations – Anti-Saloon League
Organizations – Athenaeum Literary Association
Organizations – Beargrass/St. Matthews Historical Society
Organizations – Boone and Crockett Club
Organizations – Boone Trail Highway Assn.
Organizations – Boy Scouts – Kentucky
Organizations – Citizens Historical Association
Organizations – Citizens Metropolitan Planning Council
Organizations – Colonial Dames
Organizations – Consumers League of Kentucky
Organizations – Country Clubs
Organizations – Daughters of 1812
Organizations – Daughters of the American Colonists
Organizations – Daughters of the American Revolution
Organizations – Daughters of the American Revolution – Abraham Hite Chapter
Organizations – Daughters of the American Revolution – Fincastle Chapter
Organizations – Daughters of the Cincinnati
Organizations – Daughters of the Colonial Wars
Organizations – Daughters of the Confederacy
Organizations – Early American Industry Association
Organizations – English Speaking Union – Kentucky
Organizations – Entrepreneur Society
Organizations – Fraternal Clubs
Organizations – Frontier Nursing Service
Organizations – Garden Club of Kentucky
Organizations – George Washington Bicentennial Commission
Organizations – Germanna Foundation
Organizations – Goodwill Industries
Organizations – Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.)
Organizations – Greater Louisville Fund for the Arts
Organizations – Hemophilia Foundation
Organizations – Jamestown Society
Organizations – Junior Achievement
Organizations – Kentuckiana Germanic Heritage Society
Organizations – Kentuckiana Interfaith Community
Organizations – Kentucky Academy of Science
Organizations – Kentucky Archaeological Assn.
Organizations – Kentucky Archaeological Society
Organizations – Kentucky Artists Guild
Organizations – Kentucky Arts Council
Organizations – Kentucky Association of Museums
Organizations – Kentucky Center for the Arts
Organizations – Kentucky Colonels
Organizations – Kentucky Colonization Society
Organizations – Kentucky Covered Bridge Association
Organizations – Kentucky Gourd Association
Organizations – Kentucky Humanities Council
Organizations – Kentucky Mayflower Society
Organizations – Kentucky Society of Washington
Organizations – Kentucky Weavers Guild
Organizations – Knights of Honor Lodge
Organizations – Knights of the Golden Circle
Organizations – Leadership Louisville Foundation
Organizations – League of Women Voters of Kentucky
Organizations – Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Fondation, Inc.
Organizations – Lexington Democratic Club
Organizations – Lincoln National Life Foundation
Organizations – Louisville – Clubs – Miscellaneous
Organizations – Louisville Commerical Club
Organizations – Louisville Country Club
Organizations – Louisville Turners
Organizations – Louisville Woman’s Club
Organizations – Mississippi Historical Assn.
Organizations – Monday Afternoon Club
Organizations – NAACP
Organizations – National Genealogical Society
Organizations – National League of American Pen Women – Bluegrass & KY Branch
Organizations – National Loyalists of the United States of America
Organizations – Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Organizations – Now and Then Club
Organizations – Pendennis Club
Organizations – Pioneer National Monument Assn.
Organizations – Planned Parenthood
Organizations – Queen’s Daughters and Junior Circle
Organizations – Query Club of Louisville
Organizations – Rock Creek Riding Club
Organizations – Salmagundi Club
Organizations- Satellites of Mercury
Organizations – Society of Colonial Wars
Organizations – Society of Kentucky Pioneers
Organizations – Society of Mayflower Descendants
Organizations – Society of the Cincinnati
Organizations – Sons of the American Revolution
Organizations – Southeastern Library Association
Organizations – Temperance Societies
Organizations – Temperance Societies – Anti-Saloon League – KY
Organizations – Transylvanians
Organizations – Travelers Aid Society
Organizations – United Daughters of the Confederacy
Organizations – Veteran Fireman’s Volunteer Association
Organizations – Visiting Nurse Association
Organizations – Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
Ormsby, Henry
Orphanages – Bellewood Presbyterian
Orphanages – Cook Benevolent Institution
Orphanages – Home of the Innocents
Orphanages – Louisville and Jefferson County Children’s Homes
Orphanages – Miscellaneous
Osborne, Lulu
Ottenheim Settlement
Otter, Bethel Veech (Lt.)
Owen, Brackett
Owen, David Dale
Owen, Tom
Paducah, KY
Page, Samuel K.
Paper – Conservation
Parks- KY
Pattie, James
Patton, James
Patton, L. K.
Paul, John
Pearce, Marvin J.
Peers, Henry P. – Papers
Peixotto, Ernest
Pelley, William D.
Pendleton, Edmund
Penitentiary – Frankfort
Penn, Shadrack
Pensions – National Archives – Forms
Pering, Cornelia S.
Perkins, Thomas
Perrin, William Henry
Perryville – Battle
Peters Colony
Petitions – Early KY
Pewee Valley, KY
Piatt, Sarah Morgan Bryan
Pickett, George E. (Gen.)
Pickett, John T. (Col.)
Pierce, Franklin
Pierce, John J.
Pike, Zebulon M.
Pineville, KY
Pioneers – KY – Bibliography
Pioneers – KY – Picture Material
Pirtle, Alfred
Pitt, Felix N. (Rev.)
Place Names – KY
Plato, Samuel
Poet Laureate – KY
Poetry – KY
Poets – KY
Pogue, Robert
Pohl, E. Robert
Point Pleasant – Battle
Politics – KY
Politics – KY – Progressive Party
Politics – KY – Whig Party
Politics – MO – Whig Party
Politics & Government
Polk, James K. – Papers
Pope – Thruston Familes
Pope, Curran
Pope, John
Population – KY
Porter, Edith R. (Mrs. H. Boone)
Porter, Jim
Portraits Copied
Postal Service
Postlethwaite, John
Potter, Hugh (Mrs.) and Richard G.
Potteries – Louisville – Bauer
Potteries – Louisville – Hadley
Potteries – Louisville – Misc.
Powell, Ambrose
Powell, Edward L. (Mrs.)
Powell, Lazarus
Powers, Caleb
Prather, Basil
Prehistoric – KY
Prentice, George Denison
Preservation Alliance – Louisville
Preservation of Materials
Presidential Elections
Presidents – U. S.
Preston, Francis
Preston Papers – William Preston
Preston, Robert – Joyes Collection
Prewitt, Michael
Price, Lois Olcott
Price, William
Princeton, KY
Printers – Pioneer
Printers and Engravers
Prints, Old – Method of Making
Proclamations – KY
Proctor, John R.
Quantrill, William Clark
Quebec Act
Quilp, Daniel
R – Miscellaneous
Rafinesque, Constantine
Railroads – American
Railroads – KY
Randolph, Edmund
Randolph, Helen
Ransdell, Lena Gibbs
Rapp Letter
Rash, Dillman
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
Recipes – KY
Recreation – Louisville
Reelfoot Lake
Rehabilitation Centers – Louisville
Renneisen, Richard
Retirement Communities
Retirement Communities – Confederate Home, Pewee Valley
Revolutionary War Round Table
Reynolds, Charlie
Rice, David (Rev.)
Richard, Gabriel (Fr.)
Richardson, William
Riebel, Ray C.
Rivers – KY
Ritchie, Jean
Roach, Abby Meguire (Mrs. Neill)
Roads – KY
Roads – Milestone
Robbers & Outlaws
Roberts, Elizabeth Madox
Robertson, Archibald Thomas
Robins, Vernon (Dr.)
Rodman, Hugh
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Theodore
Rose, Edward
Rose, Frank
Rose Island (Fern Grove)
Rose, Lewis (Capt.)
Rothert, Otto A.
Rothert, Otto A. (25th Anniversary)
Rouse, Shelby D.
Rousseau, Lovell H.
Routt, Elizabeth Rose
Rowan, John
Rowe, Bob
Ruffner, Henry (Dr.)
Rule, Lucien V.
Russell, Henry C.
Ryan, Abraham (Father)
Ryman, Robert
S – Miscellaneous
Sackett, Frederic M.
St. Louis, MO
St. Matthews, KY
St. Patrick’s Day
Sallings, John
Saltworks – KY
Salyers, James R.
Salyers, Robert
Sanders, David Warren (Maj.)
Sanders, George N.
Sanders, Harland (Col.)
Sanders, John
Sangraim, Antoine (Dr.)
Schmidt, Martin F.
Schools – KY
Schools – KY – Academies
Schools – KY – Fayette Co. – Mantelle School
Schools – KY – Franklin Co. – Poplar Hill Academy
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co.
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – African-American
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Atherton High School
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Bellewood
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Cedar Grove Academy
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Girls High School
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Kentucky Home School
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Louisville
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Louisville – Academies
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Louisville Deaf Oral School
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Louisville Male High School
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Louisville – Parent-Teacher Council
Schools – KY – Jefferson Co. – Richmond School
Schools – KY – Larue Co.
Schools – KY – Lotts Creek Community School
Schools – KY – Marion Co. – Academy of Sisters of Loretto
Schools – KY – Nelson Co. – Nazareth Academy
Schools – KY – Nelson Co. – St. Joseph’s
Schools – KY – Ohio Co. – Hartford Academy
Schools – KY – Pine Mountain Settlement
Schools – KY – Scott Co. – Choctaw Academy
Schools – KY – Scott Co. – Georgetown Female Seminary
Schools – KY – Shelby Co. – Science Hill School
Schools – KY – Woodford Co.
Scobee, Joseph Simpson (Dr.)
Scott, John M.
Scott’s Expedition/Spur Expedition
Seal – Jefferson Co.
Seal – Kentucky
Sears, Charles
Seaton, Allene
Sebastian, Benjamin
Seddon, James Alexander
Seibel, Ruth
“Selim the Algerine”
Sellers, Matthew Bacon
Semple, Ellen Churchill
Shacklette, J. D. (Judge)
Shakers – Books and Manuscripts
Shakers – Filson Collections
Shakers – Kentucky
Shakers – Shakertown
Shaler, Nathaniel S.
Shallcross, John (Capt.)
Shane, John D. (Rev.)
Shaw, John R.
Sheehan, Bernard W. (Dr.)
Shelby, Cass
Shelby, Evan (Col.)
Shelby, Isaac (Gov.)
Shelby, Lafayette
Shell, John
Shepherdsville, KY
Sherman, William Tecumseh (Gen.)
Sherrill, J. Garland (Dr.)
Shiloh – Battle
Shipman, Paul
Ships – U. S. Navy – Battleships
Ships – U. S. Navy – Cruiser & Submarine (“Louisville”)
Ships – U. S. Navy – LST
Shively, KY
Short, Charles Wilkins (Dr.)
Short, William
Shreve, Henry M.
Shreve, Octavia Allen
Shryock, Gideon
Shumard, Benjamin F.
Silliman Manuscripts
Silver – Churchill Family
Silver – KY
Silver – Miscellaneous
Silversmiths – KY
Silversmiths – KY – Blanchard Associates
Singer, T. W.
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth/ Sisters of Loretto
Slaughter, George
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Edith (Dr.)
Smith, Henry W.
Smith, J. Lawrence
Smith, John (Capt.)
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Samuel (Capt.)
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Zachariah F.
Smithland, KY
Soldiers – KY
Soldiers – Unknown
Soldiers – VA
South Central Kentucky Historical Quarterly
South Union Messenger
Southern Bell Telephone Co.
Southern Exposition
Southern Mountain Workers
Spanish-American War
Sparks, Jared
Speed Family Papers
Speed, James & James B.
Speed, Joshua Fry
Speed, Mary Louise
Speed, Thomas
Spencer, John Henderson
Spencer, Spier
Spilman, T. J.
Spotswood, Alexander Elliot
Sprague, Stuart Seely
Spratt, John (Dr.)
Spring Bank Bottling Co.
Spring Mill Park
Springs – KY – Watering Places
Stagecoaches & Stagecoach Lines – KY
Standard Printing Co.
Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co.
Stanton, Henry
Staples, Charles R.
Starck, Otto
Steam Engines
Steamboat Captains
Steamboats – Belle of Louisville
Steamboats – Delta Queen
Steamboats – Kentucky River
Steamboats – Lucy Walker
Steamboats – Pilot Licenses
Steamboats – Songs
Steamboats – Travel
Steamboats – Whistles
Stearns, T. J. (Dr.)
Stedman, Edmund Clarence
Stephenson, James
Steuben, Frederick William von (Baron, Gen.)
Stevenson, Adlai E.
Stewart, Cora Wilson
Stewart Dry Goods Co.
Stewart, J. Adger
Stewart, J. Alexander
Stewart, William
Stierlin, Ludwig
Stillwell, Nicholas
Stirewalt, John
Stone Carvings
Stout, Elihu
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Street Cars
Strode, Samuel
Sullivant, William Starling
Sunday School – First in KY
Supreme Court Members – KY
Sutherland Farms
Swagar, Sherley
Swainson, Bernice Lewis (Mrs. W. O.)
Swem, E. G.
Swift, John
Symmes, John Cleves
T – Miscellaneous
Talbot, Clayton Meriwether
Tape Recordings
Tarascon, Louis A.
Tarrant, John E.
Tate, Lou
Taverns – KY
Tax Lists – KY
Taylor, Edmund
Taylor, Hubbard
Taylor, James (Gen.)
Taylor, John
Taylor, Jonathan
Taylor, Richard (Col.)
Taylor, Zachary (Pres.)
Taylor, Zachary – Family Charts
Tehuantepec Company
Ten Broeck – Racehorse
Ten Broeck, Richard
Tennessee – History
Teupe, Frank
Texas – Miscellaneous
Thomas, Jean
Thomas Walker State Park
Thomas, Samuel
Thompson, George
Thompson, Hunter S.
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, William (Gen.)
Throckmorton, John B. (Maj.)
Thruston, John
Thruston, R. C. Ballard
Thwing, Fred W.
Tilden, Samuel Jones (Pres.)
Tippecanoe – Battle
Tocqueville, Alexis de
Todd, Charles Stewart (Col.)
Todd, Jouett Ross
Todd, John (Col.)
Todd, Lyman Beecher (Dr.)
Todd, Thomas (Justice)
Todd, Thomas Wilson
Tornado – 1890
Tornado – 1974
Toulmin, Harry (Rev.)
Tours – KY
Towns – KY
Trabue Family – Papers
Trades – Colonial U. S.
Transylvania Company
Transylvania, KY (in Jefferson County)
Travis, John, Captain
Trees – Historic
Trees, Inc.
Trimble, David
Triplett, Robert
Trotter, Samuel
Tyler, Mattie Richards
Tyler, Poyntz
U – Miscellaneous
U. S. Army – Corps of Engineers
U. S. Constitution
U. S. Dept. of the Interior – National Park Service
U. S. Supreme Court
Underground Railroad
Union League Movement – KY
Uranium – KY
V – Miscellaneous
Van Buren, Martin
Van Stockum, Ronald R. (Brig. Gen.)
Vann, Joseph
Varble, Pinckney (Capt.)
Verhoeff, Carolyn
Verhoeff, Frederick H. (Dr.)
Verhoeff, Mary
Vest, George Graham
Vevay, IN
Victor, William B.
Vietnam War
Vietnam War – Soldiers
Vincennes, IN
Vincennes, IN – Militia
Vinson, Frederick Moore (Chief Justice)
Virginia – Albemarle County
Virginia – Census & Marriages
Virginia – Culpepper County
Virginia – Fincastle County
Virginia – Giles County
Virginia – Harrison County
Virginia – Kentucky County
Virginia – Montgomery County – Militia Muster Roll – 1781-1783
Virginia – Parishes & Counties
Virginia – Prince William County
Virginia – Stafford County
Virginia State Library
Visalia, KY
Visitors – Notable
Visscher, William Lightfoot
W – Miscellaneous
Walker, George
Walker, Thomas
Wall, William C.
Wallace, Tom
Walling, Mary Cole
Walter, Lewis A.
Walters, Jacob W.
Walton, John
Waltz, Robert L.
Walworth Estate
War of 1812
War of 1812 – Congress
War of 1812 – Soldiers
Ward, Henry
Ward, Matthew
Ward, Sallie (Downs)
Ward, Tom
Warrants for Land – First Surveys in KY
Warriner, Henry A. (Dr.)
Washington, George & Mary
Washington, George – Papers
Washington, George – Portrait
Washington, KY
Washington Lands in KY
Watches and Watch Cases
Water Resources
Watson, James Jr.
Watterson, Henry
Watterson, Henry – Papers
Wayne’s Campaign
Wayne, John (biography of actor), See Kentucky Derby Festival
Weaks, Mabel Clare
Weavers – “The Kentucky Weaver”
Weavers – “The Weavers”
Weavers and Weaving
Webb, Benjamin J.
Wedding Announcements
Weir, James
Weisert, John J. (Dr.)
Weissinger, George W.
Wells, William
West Point, KY
West Virginia – Jefferson County
West, William Edward
Western Lunatic Asylum
Western Military Intstitute
Western Travels – Early
Westport, KY
Wetherington, Mark
Whalen, John H. & James P.
Whiskey – Manufacture
White City Amusement Park – Louisville
White, J. M.
Whitestone, Henry
Whitley, William
Whitsett, R. B.
Wickliffe, Charles & Robert
Wickliffe, KY
Wicks, Lena Jones (Mrs. William R.)
Wilderness Road
Wilkinson, James (Gen.)
Williams, John S. (Gen.)
Williams, Lucien F., Jr.
Williamsburg, VA – Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsville, KY
Wilson, Elizabeth A.
Wilson, Enoch Harper
Wilson, John Henry
Wilson, Samuel (teacher)
Wilson, Samuel Mackay
Wilson, Woodrow – Papers
Winchester, KY
Wirz, Henry
Wit and Humor
Wolford, Leo T.
Women – KY
Women – KY – Foreign Connections
Wood Products & Manufacturing
Woodford, William (Gen.)
Woodson, Urey (Hon.)
Works Progress Administration
World War I – Soldiers
World War II
World War II – Filson Historical Society Holdings
World War II – Ships and Heroes
World War II – Women’s Army Corps Mother’s Association – Louisville
World War II – Women’s Recreational Council
World Wars I & II – KY – Records
World’s Fair – 1893, Chicago
Wornall, Thomas
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wright, John Montgomery (Maj.)
Yager, Arthur (Dr.)
Yandell, Lunsford Pitts (Dr.)
Young, Bennett Henderson
Young, Gates F. (Sen.)
Young, William K. (Rev.)
Youngman, Anna Pritchett

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