Family Bibles

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Title: Family Bibles

Scope and Content Note
The Filson holds a collection of family bibles. Bible records can be helpful identifying birth, marriage and death dates prior to when the state started keeping records. The family bible genealogical information has been copied out of the bibles and added to the appropriate family files, so bibles are not typically pulled for researchers; please see the list linked below and cross reference it with the Family Files.

Folder List
Adams, M.B. bible.
Anderson-Towles family bible. Given by Miss Lillia Towles, July 5, 1955. Accession # 21581
Anderson bible. See also entry for Rowland bible.
Ballard bible. From Mrs. Jerome Robinson, Lawrenceburg, Ky. Accession # 11,161
Bartlett family bible. Loaned by Mr. Claude P. Killpatric, Mt. Sterling Ky.
Bates, Frank bible. Given by Mrs. Frank H. Brown, Seattle, Washington, May 6, 1957.
Beall bible.
Bennett, Olivia V. bible.
Bishop family bible. Accession# 25,596
Bishop family bible. Accession# 25,594
Booth family bible. Loaned Dec. 7, 1978 by Mrs. H.H. Harris, Richmond Va.
Bridwell bible. Placed in the Filson Club by Elijah Wm. Bridwell, Valley Station, Ky., Dec. 1940.
Brouster bible. Bought from the Indians by Wm. Johnston. Printed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1767. “Purchased by W. Johnston from some Indian on the River Wabash while he was a prisoner with the [illegible] for a pair of silver sleeve buttons, April 16, 1783. Given to the Filson Club in 1937 by [NM?] Kay, a great-great-granddaughter.” — R.C. Ballard Thurston.
Brown, John bible. Contains Letton family records. Gift of Mrs. Charles H. Watson, Evanston, Ill., 1959. Accession# 21,255
Bullitt family bible. Accession# 22,713
Bullitt, Neville bible.
Burch bible.
Burwell bible. Published: Boston, 1843. With the records of Burwell. Birth, marriage, death records copied. Given by Mrs. S. McCulloch Owensboro for Miss Fanny Todd, Nov. 1960. Accession# 21,775
Chenault family bible, 1698. Gift of Mr. Waller Chenault. Accession# 26,746
Cherry Springs Presbyterian Church, Scott County, Ky, 1813. Gift of J. Frederick Dorman. Accession# 28,153.
Churchill bible.
Churchill family bible. Bible of Henry C. Churchill. Given to Filson Club by Charles Todhunter, Payneville, Ky, June 1993. Updated: Jan. 2013
Coleman bible. Loan, October 1978 by Mrs. Richard Clark, Louisville Ky, and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr., Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman.
Conn family bible. Left at Filson in 1975 by Mrs. Walter R. Osborne, Crestwood, Ky.
Craddock bible. Given by John Frederick Dorman, Louisville Ky, October 20, 1953.
Crittenden, Todd, Innes families. Bible records. Accession# 25,608.
Darling family. See Howell entry.
Diviney bible.
Durkee bible. Gift of Mrs. Shelton Watkins. Accession# 32,482
Fleming family. See Howell entry.
Fontaine bible. Fontaine & Jacob families. Published: Oxford, 1784. Gift by Frederick Sterling Sherman, Kensington, Ca., April 7, 1981.
Fontaine bible. See also Pope entry.
Fosdick bible. Property of Thomas & Jane E. Fosdick, Louisville Ky, 1841.
Gateley family bible. Left at Filson in 1975 by Mrs. Walter R. Osborne, Crestwood, Ky.
Graham bible. Given by Mr. R.N. Downes, Newark, Delaware, October 26, 1953.
Grandilier bible.
Guthrie bible. See entry for Wallace family.
Haldeman family bible, 1844. Belonging to Walter Newman Haldeman, 1827-1902. From Haldeman family papers. May 23, 1990.
Haldeman family pictorial bible. Inscribed: “To Bruce and Annie Haldeman from their grandfather Bushrod T[aylor] Milton, March 1893.” From Haldeman family papers, May 23, 1990.
Hall bible.
Harding family bible.
Hays, Will S. bible.
Hazelrigg family bible records. Given to the Filson Club by Mrs. L.B. Keeper (Marjorie), Louisville Ky, June 15, 1995.
Hite family bible. Given by Helen Hite Sallee, Sept. 1987.
Howell, Fleming, Darling bible records. Given by Mrs. Doris Bush, Sept. 1987.
Humphrey bible (3 vols.) Gift of Miss Mary Churchill Humphrey. Accession# 30,793, 30,794, 30,795.
Humphreys bible. Given by Miss Susie Humphreys.
Hurt, John family bible. See entry for Smith, John & Anna.
Innes family. See Crittenden entry. Updated: Jan. 2013
Irvine family bible. Given by Robert P. Rhoads, Jeffersontown, Ky, July 1984.
Jacob family. See Fontaine entry.
Kinkead family bible. Published: Edinburgh, 1769. Gift of Reverend George B. Kinkead, Maple Grove, Poughkeepsie, NY.
Knabel bible.
Lawson & Hawley bible. Given by Mrs. Harry Thixton.
Letton family. See entry for Brown, John.
Lewis bible. Contains records of Lewis, Zane, and Shalletoss families. Given by Miss Mary Lee [Warren?]. Accession# 16,166.
Lewman family bible. Given by Mrs. W.N. Cox, Louisville Ky, March 11, 1958.
Lindsey family bible. (Joseph Weisiger Lindsey.) Accession# 25,609.
Lindsey/Thomas bible.
Long family bible. Gift of Mrs. Kate Bryan Smith. Accession# 25,904.
Lousada bible (2 vol.) Presented to Hariet Catherine Cosneck by her brother Guy Bozan while at Kelvendon in Essex, May 9, 1803. Given by Miss Martha Stephenson, Harrodsburg Ky.
Marshall bible.
Mastin bible. Given by Miss Marian E. Lowden, Louisville Ky, 1995.
McCandless bible. Loan, October 17, 1978 by Mrs. Richard Clark, Louisville Ky, and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr., Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman.
Miller family bible (Robert Miller). Gift of Mrs. Nicholas B. Finzer, El Cerrito, Calif. Nov. 10, 1969.
Montgomery family. See entry for Threlkeld family.
Mosby family. Gift of Margeret Mosby. Accession# 22,776.
Mulholland, Hugh. (Contains no family records.) Carried during the Civil War by Hugh Mulholland. Gift of Mrs. R.M. Bassett, Concord, Mass.
Munn bible. Published 1846.
Owens bible.
Parke bible.
Pearce family (3 vols.) Family records in vol. 1. Gift of Mrs. Frank Snead. Accession# 23,368; 23,369; 23,370.
Pearce, John H. family bible. Gift of Mr. Marvin Pearce, El Cerrito, California, 1970.
Pettet family bible. Loan, October 1978 by Mrs. Richard Clark, Louisville Ky, and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr., Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman.
Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman. Updated: Jan. 2013
Pfiester bible. Given by Edward Ahrens, Tuscon Az., June 1988.
Pirtle bible. Given by Liberty National Bank, March 1988.
Pope family bible. Also contains records of the Fontaine family.
Purdy & Thornton families. Gift of Mrs. Georgia Combs. Accession# 23,507.
Railey family bible. Loaned to the Filson Club by Mrs. Roy Bridwell, Jeffersontown Ky, Nov. 3, 1944.
Ray bible.
Robards bible. See entry for Winn.
Robinson family bible. Loan, October 1978 by Mrs. Richard Clark, Louisville Ky, and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr., Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman.
Rowland/Anderson bible. Given by John A. Rowland, Sr., Louisville Ky, March 25, 1950.
Seevers family bible. Loan, October 1978 by Mrs. Richard Clark, Louisville Ky, and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr., Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman.
Shalletoss family. See entry for Lewis family.
Short family bible.
Skanmal bible.
Smith, John & Anna family bible. Also contains records of the John Hurt family. John Smith traded the bible to John Hurt of Wayne County, Ky after his children died in a fire. Presented to the Louisville Free Public Library in 1872; now in the Filson bible collection.
Smith, Pomphret bible. Published: Brattleboro, Vt, John Holbrook. Gift of Mrs. L.L. Ellis, Glasgow, Ky, April 1971. Accession# 29,547
Smith, Thomas bible. Published: Philadelphia, 1871. Given by Mr. Horace Hanford Smith, Louisville Ky, 1971. Accession# 29,551.
Strange family bible. Gift of Mrs. Nell Minton, Louisville Ky.
Taylor, George P. bible.
Taylor, William Berry bible. Loaned by Miss Alice E. Trabue.
Thomas bible. Gift of Mrs. H. Boone Porter, St. Matthews, Ky, June 1965.
Thomas bible. See also Lindsey entry.
Thornton bible. See Purdy entry.
Threlkeld & Montgomery family bible. Accession# 25,595.
Todd bible. Dr. C.H. Todd, Owensboro Ky, March 1871. Birth, marriage, death records copied. Given by Mrs. S. McCulloch, Owensboro for Miss Fanny Todd, Nov. 1960. Accession# 21,776
Todd family. See also Crittenden entry.
Towles family. See Anderson entry.
Trabue bible.
Truman, Edmund A. bible. Given by Mrs. William Logan Fenley.
Tyler family bible. Loan, October 1978 by Mrs. Richard Clark, Louisville Ky, and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr., Richmond Va. Estate of Mrs. Spalding Coleman.
Tyler, Edward (b. 1761) bible. Given by Isaac H. Sturgeon to his son Tyler Sturgeon.
Valentine bible. Given by Bess Valentine, New Castle Ky.
Veech family bible. Given by Pat Marsh, Scottsburg, IN, June 2001.
Wakefield, Robert bible.
Wallace bible (2 vol.) Given by Mrs. Clarence E. Walker, July 1940. Arthur Wallace on flyleaf.
Wallace & Guthrie bible.
Ware bible.
Weller bible.
Whitley, William bible.
Williams family bible. Given by Mrs. William L. Fenley, Louisville Ky.
Winn & Robards bible. Published 1798. Given by Wm. P. Kendrick.
Wright, James bible. Given by Judge Davis W. Edwards.
Young family bible. (James Young bible, b. Nov. 4, 1771). Published: Philadelphia, 1816. Gift of Mrs. Calien Lewis, Louisville Ky, Nov. 1968. Accession# 26,697.
Zane bible. See entry for Lewis family.

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