Ingram, Jeremiah Papers, 1796-1832

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator:  Ingram, Jeremiah

Title:  Papers, 1796-1832

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Size of Collection:  .33 cu. ft

Location Number:  Mss. A I54 1-12

Scope and Content Note

Included are Ingram’s records of accounts, 1796-1830, with a variety of vendors for general merchandise; bills of sale for enslaved people, 1804-1805, and 1818, from Culpepper County, Virginia and Adair County, Kentucky;  deeds for property transferred in Adair County, Kentucky and Caldwell County, Kentucky from Ingram to relatives; and a bill of lading, 1843, for goods being shipped on a flatboat from the Green River to New Orleans by Ingram’s son-in-law, Thomas Jefferson Smith.

Also includes miscellaneous papers of Pilson Smith of Greensburg, Kentucky, 1843-1861, (who was the son of Thomas Jefferson Smith and Sarah Ingram Smith, grandson of Jeremiah Ingram), a list of practicing physicians in Green County, Kentucky, 1888-1899, and miscellaneous ephemera.


Folder List:

Folder 1: Account with John McKinney, July 26, 1796 to June 13, 1799 for general merchandise. Signed by George Jones for John McKinney. 1 item. [click to access PDF]

Folder 2: Account with Robert Patton, Robert Patton and Co., and Wagley, Caldwell, and Pattison (of Columbus, Kentucky), for the years, 1796-1827. 4 items. [click to access PDF]

Folder 3: Bills of sale for enslaved people purchased by Jeremiah Ingram: Culpeper County, Virginia, 1804-1805, and Adair County, Kentucky, September 15, 1818. 6 items. [click to access PDF]

Folder 4: Deed from Jeremiah Ingram and wife, Sarah Ingram, of Adair County, Kentucky, to son, John Ingram, of same for 136 1/2 acres of land in Adair County, Kentucky, May 29, 1822 (contemporary copy). 1 item. [click to access PDF]

Folder 5: Accounts with Field and Creel, Creel and Embry, E. and E. Creel, Elijah Creel and Co., Wagley, Caldwell, and Patteson, and Elijah Creel of Columbia, Kentucky, for general merchandise, 1810-1829. Accounts for 1822-1828 show credits of tobacco. 29 items. [click to access PDF]

Folder 6: Jeremiah Ingram and Garnett Ingram (his son) accounts with McCroskey and Bailey of Columbia, Kentucky, 1829-1830. 2 items. [click to access PDF]

Folder 7: Deed from Jeremiah Ingram, Senior, of Green County, Kentucky, to his son-in-law, Thomas Jefferson Smith, of same county for 1/5 page of 1500 acres of land in Caldwell County, Kentucky, November 7, 1832 (contemporary copy). 1 item. [click to access PDF]

Folder 8: Thomas Jefferson Smith’s bill of lading to Hewitt Heran and Co. from Green County, Kentucky to New Orleans on the flat boat “The Comet” “now lying in Green River”, June 11, 1843. 1 item. [click to access PDF]

Folder 9: Pilson Smith Miscellaneous Papers, 1843-1861. Pilson Smith was the grandson of Jeremiah Ingram. [click to access PDF]

Includes record of vote of the Fourth Congressional District, August 1843 for Caldwell, Owsley, and Stone; Letter to Pilson Smith from John M. Buckley March 2, 1845, which includes local news and recipes for ink and medicines; work agreement between Silas Cheek (a tenant) and Pilson Smith, December 11, 1848; Pilson Smith’s account with John B. Carlile, 1851-1852; letter from John W. Lewis of Greensburg, Kentucky to Pilson Smith regarding secessionists raiding of stores in Greensburg, Kentucky, December 30, 1861. Also some sort of account book regarding merchandise and blacksmith work, 1843-1844, mentioning Pilson Smith, Jeremiah Ingram, and others. 6 items.

Folder 10: Letter to “Dear Sir” from Rockbridge County, Virginia, Dated April 15, 1822, sharing family news and discussing a debt and lawsuit with a Mr. Buckner (only first page). 1 item. [click to access PDF]

Folder 11: Register of practicing physicians in Green County, Kentucky, 1889-1899. 8 pages. [click to access PDF]

Folder 12: Miscellaneous. [click to access PDF]

Includes Price list for Valentin Blatz, wholesale dealer in oils, paints, varnishes, and window glass, Louisville, Kentucky, February 1, 1882 and small philosophical broadside, printed by S. Robinson in Greensburg, Kentucky, on behalf of Daniel Boody, Campbellsville, Kentucky, October 18, 1838. Also list of pamphlets removed to library collection. 6 items.