Hopkins, Arthur E. Film Collection, 1930s-1943

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Hopkins, Arthur Earle, 1881-1944

Title: Arthur E. Hopkins Film Collection, 1930s-1943

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Size of Collection: 21 reels of 16mm film and 4.22 GB (12 digital files)

Location Number:  002PC8F

Accession Number: 002PC8F


Scope and Content Note:

The film collection of Judge Arthur Earle Hopkins (1881-1944) reflects his life of travel across the United States as well as Europe during the early part of the 20th century.  Hopkins was a prominent Louisville, Kentucky attorney and judge; a 1941 mayoral candidate; an active leader in the Republican Party, and the president of the Louisville Board of Aldermen at the time of his death in 1944. The film collection contains 21 16mm films that cover topics and locations that include: Kentucky: Louisville, Tour of George Rogers Clark Sites, My Old Kentucky Home; Indiana; Tennessee; New Orleans; Virginia; New England: New Hampshire; New York: Niagara Falls and scenes; Chicago; Florida: Miami and coast; Ireland; and Europe.

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Access Notes:

The digitized film can be accessed through PastPerfect or the Digital Collections SharePoint. Please speak to collections staff about how to use these platforms. Film must be digitized before it can be accessed.


Reel List:

002PC8F.1 / Reel 1: “Paris (1930’s)”

Format: 16mm, 400’, AGFA Safety film [European Film Stock], Reversal, no title slide.

Can label: Paris (12) Cattle Fields


002PC8F.2 / Reel 2: Indiana and Kentucky, 1933 [Digitized]

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Positive film, Reversal Stock (camera original), tails out, with a few scratches.

Original can label: Indianapolis-Vincennes-Bardstown, KY Derby 1933

Inside can list:

  • Indianapolis [Indiana]
  • Capitol [Indianapolis, Indiana]
  • Washington Street [Indianapolis, Indiana]
  • Meridian [Indianapolis, Indiana]
  • Monument Circle [Indianapolis, Indiana]
  • George Rogers Clark Memorial-Vincennes, [Indiana]
  • Road to Bardstown [Kentucky]
  • Joseph Cathedral [Bardstown (?), Kentucky]
  • Old KY Home [Federal Hill: Bardstown, Kentucky]
  • Bowman Field [Louisville, Kentucky]
  • EH & JA MINT-AEH KY Derby 1933 [Louisville, Kentucky]
  • Lost River West Baden [Indiana]


002PC8F.2A / Reel 2-A: Winter in Louisville, 1933 [Digitized]

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Film, Reversal stock, Diacetate film stock/Print stock (intercut), no title slide

Original can label: Snow


002PC8F.3 / Reel 3: New York Scenes, 1933 [Digitized]

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Film/Kodascope Reel

Original can label: N.Y. Winter—Follies

Inside can list:

  • Buster
  • EH (?)
  • Clouds
  • Wilmington
  • NY from Empire State Building
  • Night
  • Follies
  • Vanities
  • From Hotel Windsor
  • Ford Tri Motor


002PC8F.5 / Reel 5: Along the Florida Coast, 1934 (reel 2 of 2)

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Film, Reversal stock, Print/Titles intercut

Original can label: None

Inside label reads:

  • Florida – 1934 – No. 2
  • Blimp ride – Miami Beach [Florida]
  • Miami – Park – Harbor [Florida]
  • S. Munargo [Built in 1921 as a freighter, became U.S.S. in 1941, WWII]
  • Park
  • Flagler St. [Miami, Florida]
  • Swartz Statue & Studio
  • Shore Park Hotel & Lumas (?)
  • Park – Canal – On the Beach
  • EM. Sand Crab
  • Sea & Sky EH


002PC8F.9 / Reel 9: Travel and newsreel of Kentucky, 1935 [Digitized]

Format: 16 mm Kodak Safety Positive

Original can label: 1935 Misc. No. 2

Inside label reads:

  • House near Harrodsburg [Mercer County, Kentucky]
  • Owens Place
  • Downtown Detroit
  • Washington
  • Churchill Downs Races [Louisville, Kentucky]
  • Cincinnati [Ohio]
  • Louisville Boat Club (a-150) 25ft. [crossed out on label]
  • Lexington [Kentucky]
  • Morrison Chapel [Transylvania University (?), Lexington, Kentucky]
  • Allen Fountain [James Lane Allen Fountain (?), Gratz Park; Lexington, Kentucky]
  • Cemetery
  • Frankfort [Kentucky]


002PC8F.11/ Reel 11: Faces & Places in 1936 [Digitized]

Format: 16mm, Eastman Kodak Safety Film

Original can label

Inside label reads:

  • Hall’s GAR
  • Covered Wagon
  • Boat Harbor Ohio Falls & Dam
  • Frankfort [Kentucky]
  • Daniel Boone—grave [Frankfort, Kentucky]
  • Theodore O’Hara—grave
  • Knox speaking Last trip to E.B. (Eleanor)
  • Boat Harbor
  • First Snow
  • Flagpole dancers


002PC8F.12 / Reel 12: Cinegraphs of 1937-1938 Photographed by Arthur E. Hopkins [Digitized]

Description: Shakertown: In the 1930s after the last Shaker died and before 1961 restoration-

Format: 400’ 16 mm B/W Silent Reversal Film with Positive Inter-titles

Original can label: MISC 1937-8

Inside label reads:

(Side 1)  [Numbers added to each side by archivist Heather Stone]

  • Old House
  • Jessamine County [Kentucky]
  • Shakertown [Pleasant Hill, Kentucky]
  • Big Bone Creek [Big Bone Lick State Park, Boone County, Kentucky]
  • Hopkins Lot
  • Derry N.H.
  • Hopkins Farm
  • Big Bend U.S. 42
  • Grant Tomb [General Grant National Memorial, New York, New York]
  • Church
  • Buster & Bum
  • Snow

(Side 2)

  • Stutz
  • Lexington Trots Rebuilding [Lexington, Kentucky]
  • Dock EB
  • EB F & H 37 Rock
  • EB ’38 Building & built Rain. River. Clouds.
  • EB Summer
  • Buster- River
  • Boat Club


002PC8F.13 / Reel 13: Cinegraphs of Places and Friends, 1938

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Film / Kodak Chodachrome (color)

Original can label: Florida Color-1937-38

Inside label reads: Numbers 1 and 2 were added to the description card by archivist Heather Stone, 4/26/2013

(Side 1)


  • T. Hotel
  • EH & Boardwalk
  • Airport
  • S42 plane & buildings
  • S40 plane & buildings
  • Leveling out 170 ft.
  • Alton Road & Boliver
  • Beach–Palm Beach-S.A.H.
  • Hotel; B.W.
  • Indian River
  • Silver Springs
  • Cypress Garden-parrot
  • Singing Tower
  • Palm Beadch
  • Welsh Hotel
  • Ocean M.B.
  • MT Hotel & B. W
  • Ocean ” “

(Side 2)

Pretty but uninteresting

  • Ocean M. B.
  • MT hotel
  • EHE AEH Mack & Jane
  • Ocean –M B-
  • MT & Veranda
  • Miami from causeway
  • Biscayne Blvd & Ber.
  • BF Park-
  • Indiana Creek
  • Beech


002PC8F.22 / Reel 22: European Scenes, circa 1930s

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Film, Reversal film stock, Diacetate

Original can label: can’t read

Inside label reads:

  • Lion of Lucerne [Switzerland]
  • Town
  • Cable Road
  • Buda-Pesth [Capital of Hungary]
  • Danube [Central Europe]


002PC8F.23 / Reel 23: New Orleans, circa 1930s [NFPF Grant]

Format: 16mm, Kodak Safety Positive

Original can label: New Orleans /com.  3


002PC8F.28 / Reel 28: Historic Places in the Life of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1930s [Digitized]

Format: 350’ 16 mm B/W Silent Edited Reversal w/ B/W Positive Inter-titles

Inside label reads:

  • Lincoln Memorial Hodgenville Cabin-Spring [Hodgenville, Kentucky]
  • Weinemen Statute [possibly in Hodgenville, Kentucky]
  • Knobcreek Cabin [Knobcreek, Kentucky]
  • Nancy Hanks Park & grave-Hearth
  • Vincennes crossing
  • Todd Home, Lex. KY [Lexington, Kentucky]
  • Springfield Ills. Home [Springfield, Illinois]
  • “ ”  Capitol
  • Washington-Capital Whitehouse
  • Wills House Gettysburg
  • Cemetery “ ”
  • Ford Theater
  • House
  • Memorial Washington
  • Tomb at Sprinfield


002PC8F. 29.1 / Reel 29 (1): Historical Places in the Life of Abraham Lincoln


002PC8F.29.2 / Reel 29 (2): Historical Places in the Life of Abraham Lincoln [Digitized]

Format: 250’ 16mm Color (Kodachrome) & B/W Reversal and B/W Positive Silent Film

Inside label reads:


  • New Salem – color
  • Rockport Tavern [Spencer County, Indiana?]
  • Springfield Law Office
  • Springfield Home
  • Springfield Capitol
  • Springfield Tomb
  • Assassination


002PC8F.30 / Reel 30: Various scenes in Kentucky,

Format: 16 mm Positive Reversal film stock, under exposed

Original can label: Color 1943

Inside label reads: Color

  • Liberty Hall [Frankfort, Kentucky]
  • Armored Force Parade
  • Gordon C. Gree (?)
  • AEH and Fleetwood
  • KY River at Frankfort [Kentucky]
  • Forks at Elkhorn [Franklin County, Kentucky]
  • Tobacco
  • Hemp
  • Corn
  • Elkhorn-Road
  • Corn
  • Georgetown House [Georgetown, Kentucky]
  • Clays x Roads
  • Blanche Hegan (?)
  • L(?)b Edinger & (?) river
  • Something crossed out
  • River EB-Poor
  • New Orleans
  • Churchill Downs


002PC8F.32 / Reel 32: Locust Grove/ Clark Places (Clark Picture), circa 1935s [Digitized]

Format: 16mm B/W Silent Reversal & Kodachrome (mixed) film


002PC8F. 33 / Reel 33: Log Building, circa 1930s

Format: 16mm, 100 foot Reversal film stock


002PC8F.34 / Reel 34: Following the trail of Gen. George Rogers Clark: The Pioneer Hero of the American Revolution, circa 1930s

Format: 16 mm Kodak Safety Positive print (produced from negative), under exposed

Inside label reads:

  • Clark –Start at with river
  • Fort Massac [Metropolis, Illinois]
  • Fort Kaskaskia [Ellis Grove, Illinois]


  • Fort Chartres [Prairie du Rocher, Illinois]
  • Vincennes Memorial [Indiana; George Rogers Clark Memorial]
  • Wabash River [Vincennes, Indiana]
  • Alice at Old Vincennes house
  • Francis Vigo (?)

Notes: Film has a diameter of 3.5” = about 75 ft, 16 fps, little more than 3 min. long.


002PC8F. 35 / Reel 35: Pioneer Memorial State Park Harrodsburg [Harrodsburg, Kentucky], circa 1935 [Digitized]

Format: 16mm Kodak Safety B/W and Kodachrome (mixed) Reversal (small reel), 100 feet

Footage of the replica fort, cemetery, log cabins, and gardens.


002PC8F. 38 / Reel 38: Scenes in Louisville Kentucky Area, circa 1930s [Digitized]

Format: 16mm [Unsure of brand] No title frame according to note

Inside label reads:

  • Municipal
  • 312 Main
  • Bank KY
  • Main
  • 3rd
  • 6 & Main
  • From I-S Bldg
  • Air View
  • Down Town
  • Brown Hotel

[According to note written by possible archivist: Scenes in Louisville Area (no title frame) includes: big 4 bridge, Municipal Bridge, Downtown, air view, Brown Hotel.  Roll 3.  This note looks different from the other note]


002PC8F.39 / Reel 39: Historic Places in the life of Lincoln (New Salem and Springfield, Illinois), circa 1935

Format: 16 mm Kodak Safety Film Kodachrome, Reversal