Hemp Family Film Collection, 1926-1937

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Hemp Family

Title: Hemp Family Film Collection, 1926-1937

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Size of Collection: 10 reels of 16mm black and white film and 1 unknown reel

Location Number:  003PC11

Accession Number: 003PC11


Biographical Note:

Dr. Shirley Thomas Hemp (1892-1976) was a Louisville, Kentucky, optometrist who worked for Paul Johnston Optical Company. He was married to Roxana L. Parious Hemp (1893-1986) and they had one son, Shirley J. Hemp.

Scope and Content Note:

These home movies capture images of the Hemp family and their friends and neighbors in a variety of settings: in their neighborhood on Napoleon Boulevard in Louisville, Ky., family picnics, vacations, historic places. Highlights include 1929 American Legion Parade in Louisville, Kentucky; footage of Charles Lindbergh’s visit to Louisville in 1929; footage of New York City (statue of Liberty from the water, shot of lions in front of the NYPL, blimps flying over the city); two long scenes of a neighbor girl doing the Charleston; and a steamboat race between the Steamer Cincinnati and Steamer America.

A journal kept by the filmmaker recording varying degrees of information (location, year, names) about the films is included in the collection.

Reels 1-10 have been digitized. Reel indexes have been created for each film showing a screenshot for each change of scene.  They are kept on the X: drive and have been printed out and put in a binder for easy access.

Access Notes:

The digitized film can be accessed through PastPerfect or the Digital Collections SharePoint. Please speak to collections staff about how to use these platforms. DVD access copies are also available onsite. Film must be digitized before it can be accessed.


Reel List:

Reel 1 [Click here to access reel index]

Reel 2 [Click here to access reel index]

Reel 3 [Click here to access reel index]

Reel 4 [Click here to access reel index]

Reel 5 [Click here to access reel index]

Reel 6 [Click here to access reel index]

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Reel 11


Subject Headings:

Airplanes (1900-1940) reel 9, 10

America (Steamship) reel 1

American Legion. National Convention reel 7

Atlantic City (N.J.) reel 8

Bowman Field (Ky.) reel 2/reel 10

Cave Hill Cemetery (Ky.) reel 10

Charleston (Dance) reel 2, 5

Cherokee park (Louisville, Ky.) reel 5,6

City of Cincinnati (Steamship) reel 1;

Clifty Falls State Park (Ind.) reel 2

Dix River (Ky.) reel 9

Floods–Kentucky–Louisville-1927 reel 5

French Lick Springs Hotel

Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Reel 3

Lookout Mountain (Tenn.) reel 6

Louisville (Ky.) reel 1-10

Marietta (Ga.) reel 6

Napoleon Boulevard (Louisville, Ky.) reel 4, 5

New York (N.Y.) reel 3

Stone Mountain (Ga.) reel 6

Thousand Island Park (N.Y.) reel 7

Washington (D.C.) reel 8

West Baden Springs Hotel (West Baden, Ind.) reel 4