Otto A. Rothert Collection on Young Ewing Allison (1853-1932), 1878-1943

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Allison, Young Ewing (1853-1932)

Title: Otto A. Rothert Collection on Young Ewing Allison, 1878-1943

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 6 cubic feet

Location Number:  Mss. A A439

Scope and Content Note

Collection contains correspondence, pictures, legal documents, manuscript and printed copies of Allison’s works, much of it collected by Otto A. Rothert to be used in the Select Works of Young E. Allison. Young’s works include lyrics, opera scores, biographical sketches, editorials and news stories, essays, speeches, etc. Includes material concerning the work of the Old Kentucky Home Commission. Collection includes paperwork regarding the publication of Select Works. Also includes separate Correspondence files of Y.E. Allison and Rothert. Three notebooks of Allison, two letter books, and miscellaneous notes of Allison and Rothert.

Correspondents include J. Christian Bay, William Fortune, Henry A. Sampson, Madge Rowan Frost, Samuel J. Boldrick, Phillip Allison, Frank M. Drake, and Gustave A. Breaux.

Biographical Note

1853                       Born in Henderson, Ky.

1880                       Became city editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

1883                       Married Maggie Yeiser.

1888                       Founded and edited an insurance trade newspaper the Insurance Herald.

1899                       Started the Insurance Field.

1891                       Wrote his epic poem Derelict.

1932                       Died and was buried at Cave Hill Cemetery.

For more information consult the Kentucky Encyclopedia.


Folder List

fl. 1 Correspondence, 1887-1890.
fl. 2 Correspondence, 1891-1905.
fl. 3 Correspondence, 1907-1912.
fl. 4 Correspondence, 1913-1916.
fl. 5 Correspondence, 1917-1923.
fl. 6 Correspondence, 1924-1926.
fl. 7 Correspondence, 1927-1928.
fl. 8 Correspondence, 1929-1930.
fl. 9 Correspondence, 1931 Feb.-Dec.
fl. 10 Correspondence, 1932 Jan.-June.
fl. 11 Bibliographies.
fl. 12 Manuscript: Cradle of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 13 May 1881.
fl. 13 Manuscript: How Father Ryan Died, Aug. 1886.
fl. 14 Manuscript: Moonshine Men, 1887.
fl. 15 Courier-Journal article: Sue Mundy, Feb. 1887.
fl. 16 Manuscript: The Longworth Mystery, Oct. 1889.
fl. 17 Derelict, 1890; printed copies and reviews.
fl. 18 Manuscript: Social Morality and Hypocrisy in Fiction, 1893.
fl. 19 Playbill: “The Ogalallas,” 1893. The Columbia, Chicago.
fl. 20 Manuscript: An Incident of War, Oct. 1894.
fl. 21 Manuscript: Robert Louis Stevenson, Mar. 1895.
fl. 22 Manuscript: On the Vice of Novel Reading, 24 June 1897.
fl. 23 Manuscript: The Mouse and the Garter (opera), 1897.
fl. 24 Manuscript: Autobiography of His Youth, ca. 1915.
fl. 25 Manuscript: Autobiography of His Youth (continued), ca. 1915.
fl. 26 Manuscript: Burns’ Day Remarks, 25 Jan. 1915.
fl. 27 Newspaper articles: The Trappist Abbey of Gethsemani, Jan. 1916. Life in a Trappist Monastery, Feb. 1916.
fl. 28 Manuscript: The Vital Relation of Insurance to Banking and Shipping in the World’s Trade After War, 1917.
fl. 29 Manuscript: The Old Piano, May 1917. Second draft-Dec. 1931.
fl. 30 Courier-Journal story: The Old Music Master, Dec. 1919.
fl. 31 Manuscript: Morgue, 1920.
fl. 32 Manuscript: Stephen Collins Foster and American Songs, 1920.
fl. 33 Manuscript and newspaper article: My Old Kentucky Home, 1921.
fl. 34 Manuscript and printed article: The Curious Legend of Louis Philippe in Kentucky, 1924.
fl. 35 Printed article: The Curious Legend of Louis Philippe in Kentucky, (continued), 1924.
fl. 36 Reviews of The Curious Legend of Louis Philippe in Kentucky.
fl. 37 Manuscript: A Chapter of Trappist History in Kentucky, 1927.
fl. 38 Manuscripts: Men, Women, and Careers, 16 May 1927. The Constitution and Women. Newspaper clippings about women in industry.
fl. 39 Manuscript: Women in Business, ca. 1927.
fl. 40 Manuscript: Cross Examined, 1927.
fl. 41 Manuscript: Spawn of Satan, 1929.
fl. 42 Manuscript: A Pioneer for Souls: Benedict Joseph Flaget, first Bishop of Bardstown-Louisville, 1932.
fl. 43 Sheet music.
fl. 44 Addresses 1896-1929.
fl. 45 Biographical sketches 1918-1928.
fl. 46 Manuscripts of humorous works 1897-1919.
fl. 47 Printed material on insurance topics 1913-1927.
fl. 48 Manuscript: Mary the Apple-Girl (play).
fl. 49 Poems: Recollections of a Country Town. Sequel to The Vital Relation. Fragments.
fl. 50 Miscellaneous works n.d.
fl. 51 Miscellaneous works 1876-1913.
fl. 52 Newspaper clippings 1914-1929.
fl. 53 Copy of an 1829 letter written by Young E. Allison, Sr. Sketch giving the background of the letter and its writer. Copy of an 1837 letter written by Lazarus W. Powell.
fl. 54 Legal documents and Correspondence, 1896-1923.
fl. 55 Miscellaneous notes.
fl. 56 Photographs of Young E. Allison and others.
fl. 57 Caricatures of Young E. Allison and others.
fl. 58 Newspaper clippings and other material about Young E. Allison 1884-1920.
fl. 59 Newspaper clippings and other material about Young E. Allison 1922-1930.
fl. 60 Newspaper clippings and other material about Young E. Allison 1932-1943.
fl. 61 Miscellaneous writings presented to Young E. Allison.
fl. 62 Allison Memorial Meeting, Henderson, Ky. 24 June 1933 materials.
fl. 63 Materials concerning the bronze tablet to Allison unveiled in Henderson, Ky. 3 Nov. 1934.
fl. 64 Materials of the Young E. Allison Commemoration Committee of the Filson Club 1934.
fl. 65 Select Works of Young E. Allison- Lists of contents, record of material sent to the printer, revisions, etc.
fl. 66 Pictures used in Select Works of Young E. Allison.
fl. 67 Select Works of Young E. Allison. Copies of the bibliography compiled by J. Christian Bay.
fl. 68 Select Works of Young E. Allison- Galleys 1-10: Pipe Dreams.
fl. 69 Reviews of Select Works of Young E. Allison.
fl. 70 Lists of subscribers, bills, receipts, etc. for the sale of Select Works of Young E. Allison.
fl. 71 Statements sent for purchase of Select Works: A-K.
fl. 72 Statements sent for purchase of Select Works: L-W.
fl. 73 Young E. Allison, Jr. (1890-) Correspondence, 1932-1933.
fl. 74 Young E. Allison, Jr. (1890-) Correspondence, 1934 Apr.-Aug.
fl. 75 Young E. Allison, Jr. (1890-) Correspondence, 1934 Aug.-Dec.
fl. 76 Young E. Allison, Jr. (1890-) Correspondence, 1935 Jan.-May.
fl. 77 Young E. Allison, Jr. (1890-) Correspondence, 1935 June-Nov.
fl. 78 Young E. Allison, Jr. (1890-) correspondence1937 June-1938 Jan.
fl. 79 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1915-1932.
fl. 80 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1933 Jan.-June.
fl. 81 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1933 July-Sept.
fl. 82 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1933 Oct.
fl. 83 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1933 Nov.-Dec.
fl. 84 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1934.
fl. 85 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1935 Jan.-June.
fl. 86 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1936 July-Dec.
fl. 87 Otto A. Rothert Correspondence, 1936-1943.
fl. 88 Henry A. Sampson Correspondence, 1907-1909.
fl. 89 Old Kentucky Home Commission Correspondence, 1921.
fl. 90 Madge Rowan Frost A.L.S. 19 July 1923.
fl. 91 Samuel J. Boldrick correspondence1923-1934.
fl. 92 Philip Allison letter to his father, George Allison 26 June 1933.
fl. 93 Frank M. Drake Correspondence, 1935 June-Nov.
fl. 94 Gustave Breaux Correspondence, 1935-1936.
fl. 95 William Fortune Correspondence, 1919-1935.
fl. 96 Henry Watterson articles.
fl. 97 Newspaper clippings 1920-1938.
fl. 98 Old Kentucky Home Commission materials 1921.
fl. 99 Material about Allison family members 1934-1935.
fl. 100 Henry A. Sampson poetry.
fl. 101 Otto A. Rothert miscellaneous notes.
fl. 102 Notebook, 1927-1930.
fl. 103 Notebook, 1930-1932.
fl. 104 Notebook.
fl. 105 Letterbook, 1892-1895.
fl. 106 Letterbook, 1899-1902.
Package 107 Two unbound copies of Select works of Young E. Allison.
Package 108 Mimeographed biography of Allison written by J. Christian Bays for the Select Works.
Package 109 Original manuscript and page proofs of Select Works of Young E. Allison.
Package 110 Bound copies of Brother Francesco and A Piratical Ballad. Negative photostats of Brother Francesco, The Furnace, and A Piratical Ballad.

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