Allison, Young Ewing (1853-1932) Papers, 1840-1932

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Allison, Young Ewing, 1853-1932

Title: Papers, 1840-1932

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 10 cubic feet

Location Number:  Mss. A 439a

Scope and Content Note

The Young Ewing Allison Papers (1840-1932) includes extensive correspondence; manuscripts and printed copies of stories and articles by Allison; family papers, accounts, memorabilia accumulated by Allison; newspaper articles by and about him; and research and other projects in which he was interested. Also included are caricatures and sketches by Paul Plaschke, Wyncie King, and others; poetry and verse by Allison and friends and biographical and genealogical information gathered by Allison about his own and allied families.

These papers give insight into his political, civic, religious, and family attitudes; his literary and musical tastes; and his opinions on prohibition, women’s suffrage, World War I, and other issues of the day. Insurance is discussed throughout.


Biographical Note

1853       Born in Henderson, Ky.

1880       Became city editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

1883       Married Margaret “Maggie” Yeiser.

1888       Founded and edited an insurance trade newspaper the Insurance Herald.

1899       Started the Insurance Field.

1891       Wrote his epic poem Derelict.

1932       Died and was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery.

For more information consult the Kentucky Encyclopedia (

 Folder list

fl. 1 Miscellaneous papers and funeral notices for Young E. Allison, 1801-1874, and his wife, Susan S. Wilson Allison, and 1866-1881.
fl. 2 Miscellaneous Allison family papers 1831-1899.
fl. 3 Tarrant and Selleck family correspondence and genealogical material 1874-1958.Charlotte and Edward C. Kuss papers 1904-1935.Papers about a cotton claim 1894-1918.Mary Selleck correspondence about the Ladies Mt. Vernon Assn. n.d.
fl. 4 Personal correspondence and documents.
fl. 5 Correspondence from Young E. Allison (1853-1932) to Young E. Allison, Jr.(1890-1965) 1897-1910.
fl. 6 Correspondence from Young E. Allison (1853-1932) to Young E. Allison (1890-1965), 1911-1915.
fl. 7 Margaret Y. Allison correspondence 1881-1943.
fl. 8 Legal papers 1899.
fl. 9 Young E. Allison-Lawrence F. Abbott correspondence 1930 Feb.-Oct.
fl. 10 Young E. Allison-Marcus W. Adams correspondence 1895-1910.
fl. 11 Young E. Allison-J. Bernhard Alberts, Jr. correspondence 1922-1931.
fl. 12 Young E. Allison-William L. Allen correspondence 1902-1910.
fl. 13 Young E. Allison-Emma Wilson Anderson correspondence 1913-1922.
fl. 14 Young E. Allison-Artes family correspondence 1920.
fl. 15 Correspondence from Clarence Axman 1897-1928.
fl. 16 Correspondence A and miscellaneous.
fl. 17 Correspondence from James Wilson Allison 1883-1899.
fl. 18 Correspondence from James Wilson Allison 1900-1910.
fl. 19 Correspondence from James Wilson Allison 1911-1913.
fl. 20 Correspondence from James Wilson Allison 1914-1916.
fl. 21 Correspondence from James Wilson Allison 1917-1919.
fl. 22 Correspondence from James Wilson Allison 1920-1923.
fl. 23 Funeral notices. Obituaries. Article: “One Hundred Years of Patents” by J. W. Allison.
fl. 24 Correspondence from Richard D. Bakrow and family 1893-1930.
fl. 25 Correspondence from S. Thruston and Sunshine H. Ballard 1917-1927.
fl. 26 Correspondence from Nancy Houston Banks 1931.
fl. 27 Correspondence from Alben W. Barkley 1928-1932.
fl. 28 Correspondence from James O’Donnell Bennett 1927-1929.
fl. 29 Correspondence from Carl Bernhardt 1932.
fl. 30 Correspondence from Robert Worth Bingham 1923-1929.
fl. 31 Correspondence from Eleanor Bowman 1929-1932.
fl. 32 Correspondence from John Young Brown 1891-1898.
fl. 33 Correspondence from Simon Bolivar Buckner and Delia Claiborne Buckner 1889-1912.
fl. 34 Correspondence miscellaneous B.
fl. 35 Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1914-1915.
fl. 35a Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1916.
fl. 36 Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1917-1918.
fl. 37 Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1919.
fl. 38 Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1920-1925.
fl. 39 Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1927-1932.
fl. 40 Correspondence from J. Christian Bay 1933-1935.
fl. 41 P.H. Callahan-Allison correspondence 1924-1932.
fl. 42 J.A. and Mabel Porter Pitts Carey-Allison correspondence 1908-1919.
fl. 43 William B. Carlisle-Allison correspondence 1923-1931.
fl. 44 John B. Castleman-Allison correspondence 1896-1918.
fl. 45 Madison Cawein-Allison correspondence 1907-1917.
fl. 46 Eugene Cowles-Allison correspondence 1930.
fl. 47 Miscellaneous C correspondence.
fl. 48 Albert F. Dean-Allison correspondence 1898-1930.
fl. 49 Dixon family-Allison correspondence 1892-1932.
fl. 50 Charles Dobbs-Allison correspondence 1917-1927.
fl. 51 Cornelius J. Doyle-Allison correspondence 1927-1932.
fl. 52 John A. Doyle-Allison correspondence 1931-1932.
fl. 53 William F. Dunbar-Allison correspondence 1919-1932.
fl. 54 George DuRelle-Allison correspondence 1901-1926.
fl. 55 Miscellaneous D correspondence.
fl. 56 Henry Evans-Allison correspondence 1896-1924.
fl. 57 Miscellaneous E correspondence.
fl. 58 Lawson Fields-Allison correspondence 1916-1918 and n.d.
fl. 59 Correspondence from the Flexner family 1902-1928 and n.d.
fl. 60 William Fortune-Allison correspondence 1897-1932.
fl. 61 Newspaper articles by Allison 1920-1921.Booklet: “Stephen C. Foster and American songs” by Allison.
fl. 62 Correspondence from Madge Rowan Frost 1916-1922.
fl. 63 Robert Frothingham-Allison correspondence 1917-1932.
fl. 64 Lucy Furman-Allison correspondence 1897-1929.Photograph of Lucy Furman.
fl. 65 Miscellaneous F correspondence.
fl. 66 Francis H. Gavisk-Allison correspondence 1877-1932.
fl. 67 Correspondence from Louis N. Geldert 1896-1931.
fl. 68 William and Dolly Geppert-Allison correspondence 1893-1930.
fl. 69 Correspondence from Harry Giovannoli 1902-1904.
fl. 70 Miscellaneous G correspondence.
fl. 71 Miscellaneous Ha correspondence.
fl. 72 Miscellaneous He correspondence.
fl. 73 Champion I. Hitchcock-Allison correspondence 1901-1918.
fl. 74 Champion I. Hitchcock-Allison correspondence 1919.
fl. 75 Champion I. Hitchcock-Allison correspondence 1920-1922.
fl. 76 Champion I. Hitchcock-Allison correspondence 1923-1925.
fl. 77 Miscellaneous Hi correspondence.
fl. 78 Miscellaneous Ho correspondence.
fl. 79 Miscellaneous Hu correspondence.
fl. 80 I correspondence.
fl. 81 J correspondence.
fl. 82 Darwin P. Kingsley-Allison correspondence 1908-1929.
fl. 83 Darwin P. Kingsley-Allison correspondence 1930-1932.
fl. 84 Ka-Ki correspondence.
fl. 85 Marc Klaw-Allison correspondence 1885-1928.
fl. 86 Kl-Kr correspondence.
fl. 87 La-Li correspondence.
fl. 88 Alice Lloyd-Allison correspondence 1931.
fl. 89 Lo-Ly correspondence.
fl. 90 Anna Blanche McGill-Allison correspondence 1924-1926.
fl. 91 Miscellaneous Mc correspondence.
fl. 92 Correspondence from Mary Lanier Magruder 1907.
fl. 93 Ma correspondence.
fl. 94 Me correspondence.
fl. 95 Mi correspondence.
fl. 96 Mo correspondence.
fl. 97 My-My correspondence.
fl. 98 Correspondence pertaining to My Old Kentucky Home, Bardstown, Ky.
fl. 99 N correspondence.
fl. 100 Edmund M. Obrecht-Allison correspondence 1915-1931.
fl. 101 O correspondence.
fl. 102 Verses of Eliza Allison Park. Obituary of Eliza Allison Park.
fl. 103 The Crow Papers by Eliza Allison Park.
fl. 104 P correspondence.
fl. 105 Q correspondence.
fl. 106 Alice Hegan and Cale Young Rice-Allison correspondence 1903-1931.
fl. 107 Ben H. Ridgely-Allison correspondence 1888-1908.
fl. 108 Harrison Robertson-Allison correspondence 1923-1931.
fl. 109 Correspondence from Carl Rohl-Smith 1891-1897.
fl. 110 Correspondence from Otto A. Rothert 1913-1931.
fl. 111 R correspondence.
fl. 112 Flem D. Sampson-Allison correspondence 1930-1931.
fl. 113 Henry D. Sampson-Allison correspondence 1907-1920.
fl. 114 Correspondence from Mary Scott-Siddons 1891-1896.
fl. 115 Alfred and Joseph Selligman-Allison correspondence 1898-1917.
fl. 116 Swager Shirley-Allison correspondence 1911-1923.
fl. 117 Sa-Sn correspondence.
fl. 118 So-Sw correspondence.
fl. 119 Maurice H. Thatcher-Allison correspondence 1910-1932.
fl. 120 Lillian H. Thixton-Allison correspondence 1925-1932 and n.d.
fl. 121 Correspondence from James A. Thomas 1892-1908.
fl. 122 Thompson-Allison correspondence.
fl. 123 Susan S. Towles-Allison correspondence 1913-1932.
fl. 124 John Wilson Townsend-Allison correspondence 1915-1932.
fl. 125 Miscellaneous T correspondence.
fl. 126 U correspondence.
fl. 127 V correspondence.
fl. 128 Jefferson Wallace-Allison correspondence 1928-1929.
fl. 129 Correspondence from Tom Wallace 1923-1932.
fl. 130 Correspondence from Henry Waller 1892-1905.
fl. 131 Henry Watterson-Allison correspondence 1919-1921.
fl. 132 Correspondence from J. T. Welch 1910-1917.
fl. 133 Correspondence from Annie Nold Wells 1926-1927.
fl. 134 Augustus E. Willson-Allison correspondence 1907-1909.
fl. 135 Correspondence from Robert Burns Wilson 1886-1887.
fl. 136 Correspondence from Samuel M. Wilson 1905-1932.
fl. 137 E. Jay Wohlgemuth-Allison correspondence 1911-1932.Essay by Wohlgemuth “Within Three Chords.”
fl. 138 Urey and Anthony H. Woodson-Allison correspondence.
fl. 139 Miscellaneous W correspondence.
fl. 140 John W. Yerkes-Allison correspondence 1902-1907.
fl. 141 Miscellaneous Y correspondence.
fl. 142 Correspondence from unidentified authors 19th century.
fl. 143 Correspondence from unidentified authors 20th century.
fl. 144 Legal, educational, and official papers relating to the Herald under Allison’s editorship.
fl. 145 Accounts and checks 1910-1932.
fl. 146 Allison family lines: genealogical material.
fl. 147 Rubbing of monument of Y. E. Allison in Henderson Cemetery, Henderson, Ky.
fl. 148 Poetry and verse.
fl. 149 Postal and other cards.
fl. 150 Material relating to “The Curious Legend of Louis Philippe in Kentucky” by Y. E. Allison. Correspondence 1821-1925.Typed copies of congressional bills about Bishop Joseph Flaget for exemption of customs duties. Newspaper clippings and galley proofs. Bound copy of a booklet. Miscellaneous notes.
fl. 151 Bound copy of “The Curious Legend of Louis Philippe in Kentucky.”Handwritten manuscript of Bishop Benedict Joseph Flaget (1764-1850).
fl. 152 Correspondence 1915-1932.Prints of “The Derelict.”Handwritten copies of “The Derelict” and an explanation of its creation. Copies of “The Derelict” in The Scope.
fl. 152a The Book Monthly, Mar. 1915.
fl. 152b The Book Monthly, June 1915.
fl. 152c Illinois Catholic Historical Review, Jan. 1926.
fl. 153 Booklets: “A Chapter of Trappist History in Kentucky,” by Y.E. Allison, 1925.
fl. 154 Manuscript and printed copy of “The Delicious Vice,” by Allison. Correspondence relating to the work 1907-1923.Newspaper articles relating to the work 1908-1919.
fl. 155 Manuscript editorials.
fl. 156 Booklet: “A Man that I Knew,” by Allison. Unbound booklet: “How Curly Head Fought the War,” by Allison.
fl. 157 Script and other material pertaining to “Mary the Apple Girl.”
fl. 158 Material relating to “The Old Music Master.”Booklets reprinted from the Sunday Magazine of the Courier-Journal 1919.Correspondence 1920.Musical Courier article 15 Jan. 1920.
fl. 159 Article: “My Old Kentucky Home.”Article criticizing the changes at Federal Hill.
fl. 160 Bound volume: “Insurance at Piney Woods,” 1896.“Fieldgraphs,” “Down in Piney Woods,” and manuscripts of articles from the Piney Woods Clarion, 1895-1898.
fl. 161 Material related to “Spawn of Satan.”Bound volumes of “Spawn of Satan,” 1929. Correspondence, 1929-1930.
fl. 162 Alberta Theater, 1923 and n.d.
fl. 163 Conscience Lunch Club material, 1917-1931.
fl. 164 Dirty Works Unlimited and the Hugger Mugger Brokers material, n.d.
fl. 165 Pamunkey Tribe of Real Indians material 1916.
fl. 166 Letters to the editor 1920-1930.
fl. 167 Postcards.
fl. 168 Miscellaneous photographs.
fl. 169 Miscellaneous art.
fl. 170 Sheet music: “Ballad of Whiskey Straight” and “The Derelict.”
fl. 171 Advertisements.
fl. 172 Family memorabilia: commencement notices, programs, etc.
fl. 173 Insurance policy 1844.
fl. 174 Kentucky University Tuition Certificate and Payment Coupons 1866-1869.
fl. 175 Broadsides 1840, 1863, 1868.
fl. 176 Henderson Weekly News, 5 Dec. 1871.
fl. 177 Henderson Daily Chronicle, 15 Sept. 1874.
fl. 178 Booklet: “Robert Louis Stevenson,” from the Southern Magazine, Mar. 1895.
fl. 179 Account book.
fl. 180 Operas: “The Ogalallas,” and “The Mouse and the Garter.”
fl. 181 Manuscripts and copies of manuscripts on miscellaneous subjects.
fl. 182 Insurance on Noah’s Ark by Allison. Maps, programs and miscellaneous brochures.
fl. 183 Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Oct. 1933.
fl. 184 Dramatic Magazine Quarterly Aug. 1899.
fl. 185 Booklet: “In Memoriam: Evelyn Lyon Hegeman.”
fl. 186 Filson Club Quarterly Oct. 1933
fl. 187 Booklet by J. Christian Bay.
fl. 188 “Forest Retreat and Its Garden”, by Otto A. Rothert.
fl. 189 Proceedings of the Young E. Allison Memorial Meeting Henderson, Ky. 24 June 1933.
fl. 190 “Otto A. Rothert, 1871- Secretary of the Filson Club, 1917-1945,” by Hambleton Tapp.
fl. 191 “A Tennyson-Browning Association Book,” by J. Christian Bay.
fl. 192 Newspaper clippings about Allison 1887-1939.
fl. 193 Newspaper clippings: Works and death of Young E. Allison, 1919-1933.
fl. 194 Newspaper clippings about friends and relatives of Allison 1912-1934.
fl. 195 Newspaper clippings about Gethsemani, Bardstown Cathedral and other Catholic sites, Lowell, Ky. Cradle of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stephen Foster and Old Kentucky Home. 1897-1928.
fl. 196 Newspaper clippings: “The Curious Legend of Louis Philippe in Kentucky 1923-1932.Henry Watterson’s History of the Spanish American War. Manuscript and galley proofs.

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