Cowell-Rueve Genealogy Collection

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Brian Mason Cowell

Title: Cowell-Rueve Genealogy Collection

Extent: 3 cubic feet

Scope and Content Note
Genealogical material on the family of Brian Mason Cowell. Cowell researched his family roots locally, as well as in the countries of Ireland and Germany. The collection is divided into three series: family files, research notes, and miscellaneous. Family files include research on the families of Bain, Bauer, Benz, Bischoff, Bohan, Brode, Carney, Clancy, Cowell-Hartley, Crawford, Daly, Eskridge, Gallagher, Hall, Hardin-Holtzclaw, Harris, Hobbs, Hoffman, Hook, Jennings, Kaelin, Lander-Skinner, Lehr, Lewis, Lincoln-Hanks, Mason, Metten-Stuckenborg, Mitchell, Pease-Bryant, Ricketts, Rueve, Schuler, Spelger, Wale/Wales, Wilcox, Wilmott, and Zimmerman. Family files contain materials such as research notes, correspondence, copies of public records, clippings, deeds and plats, and genealogical charts. The Research Notes series contains Cowell’s notes on some of the previously mentioned families, especially notes on their European roots. The Miscellaneous series contains items such as genealogical charts, research on Irish history, images reproduced from the National Library of Ireland, and a few death and cemetery records.

Biographical Note
Brian Mason Cowell (1963- ) is the son of Harold Mitchell “Bub” Cowell (1926- ) and Mary Ann Rueve (1930- ). He has spent many years researching his family roots.

Folder List
Series 1: Family Files
Folder 1: Bain family
Folder 2: Bauer family
Folder 3: Bauer family
Folder 4: Bauer, Adam & Louis (Evansville, IN)
Folder 5: Benz family
Folder 6: Bischoff family
Folder 7: Bohan family
Folder 8: Brode family
Folder 9: Carney family
Folder 10: Clancy family (Louisville, Ky)
Folder 11: Clancy family (Louisville, Ky)
Folder 12: Clancy family (Ireland)
Folder 13: Cowell family (Louisville, Ky)
Folder 14: Cowell family (Louisville, Ky)
Folder 15: Cowell family (Pittsburg, Pa)
Folder 16: Cowell family (Ireland)
Folder 17: Cowell family (England) & allied Hartley family
Folder 18: Crawford family
Folder 19: Crawford family
Folder 20: Daly family
Folder 21: Daly family
Folder 22: Eskridge family
Folder 23: Gallagher family
Folder 24: Hall family
Folder 25: Hardin/Holtzclaw family
Folder 26: Harris family
Folder 27: Hobbs family
Folder 28: Hoffman family
Folder 29: Hoffman family (Cincinnati area)
Folder 30: Hoffman, Catherine
Folder 31: Hook, Louise
Folder 32: Jennings family
Folder 33: Jennings family
Folder 34: Jennings family (Hancock Co.)
Folder 35: Kaelin family
Folder 36: Lander/Skinner family
Folder 37: Lehr family
Folder 38: Lewis family
Folder 39: Lincoln/Hanks family
Folder 40: Mason family
Folder 41: Metten familyFolder 42: Metten family
Folder 43: Metten family (Germany)
Folder 44: Metten family (Germany)
Folder 45: Metten/Stuckenborg family
Folder 46: Mitchell family
Folder 47: Mitchell family
Folder 48: Pease/Bryant family
Folder 49: Ricketts family (Illinois)
Folder 50: Ricketts family (Kentucky)
Folder 51: Ricketts family (Pennsylvania)
Folder 52: Rueve family
Folder 53: Schuler family
Folder 54: Schuler family (Descendants of Rosa Schuler)
Folder 55: Spelger family
Folder 56: Wale/Wales family
Folder 57: Wale/Wales family
Folder 58: Wale family (Descendants of Henry Harrison)
Folder 59: Wale/Wales allied familes: Basham, Harrison, Hopkins, Lawson, Martin, Otey, Scott/Watts.
Folder 60: Wilcox family
Folder 61: Wilmott family
Folder 62: Zimmerman family

Series 2: Research Notes
Folder 1: Notes on the Clancy & Cowell families of Louisville. Also notes from a trip to Ireland on the families of Boughan, Carny, Clancy, Daly, Hobbs, and Mitchell.
Folder 2: Notes on the families of Berachstresser, Brode, Jennings, Lander, Moorman, Ricketts, Wale/Wales, Wilcox, and Wilmot.
Folder 3: Notes on German and Swiss/German families of Bauer, Benz, Bischoff, Hoffman, Kealin, Metten, Ruwe, and Schuler. Also, notes on Metten, Rueve, and Stukenborg families.

Series 3: Miscellaneous
Folder 1: American Indian ancestry (Piscataway tribe)
Folder 2: Death/Cemetery Records
Folder 3: Genealogical Charts
Folder 4: Ireland History. Research on areas where Irish ancestors lived, particularly County Mayo and Achill Island. Some maps of the areas included.
Folder 5: Ireland Photographs. Reproductions of several plats, and the will of Thomas Hobbs. Also an image of Keel Village on Achill Island, and a photograph of the R.C. Chapel in Portumna.
Folder 6: Land deeds. Photocopies of land deeds, mostly from Breckinridge County, Ky. Family names mentioned include Jennings, Lander, May, and Wale.
Folder 7: Research Contacts. Names and phone numbers of people contacted by Cowell. Also, directory listings from Ireland.

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