Williams, Lucien F., Jr. (1897-1952) Collection, 1804-1952

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Collector: Williams, Lucien F., Jr., 1897-1952

Title: Collection on Weathers family genealogy, 1804-1952 (bulk 1948-1952)

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 4 cubic feet

Locator Number: Mss. A W721

Scope and Content Note

This genealogical collection on the Weathers family consists of information collected by Lucien F. Williams, Jr. Documents include Williams’ original research, correspondence, photographs, transcripts, clippings and scrapbooks. Two items date from 1804. Materials collected trace lineage of Williams’ ancestor James Weathers of Frederick County, Virginia and Kentucky, and related families. A list of related families is included in finding aid.

Biographical Note

Born in 1897 in Louisville, Kentucky, Lucien F. Williams, Jr. gathered information on his ancestor James Weathers of Frederick County, Virginia with a view to publishing the information he collected. Evidence suggests that he died before publishing the genealogy, though a hand-written draft can be found in the Filson Historical Society’s Library. Williams actively participated in a number of clubs and associations. He served as president of the Kentucky Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, and also as chairman of the tennis committee of the Pastime Boat Club. He was a member of the Filson Club, the Optimist Club and the Dale Carnegie Club. He married Lorene Doris Knobloch on July 29,1932. They had no children. Williams battled cancer for 20 years and died 1952.

Folder List

Folder 1: Weathers A

Folder 2: Weathers B

Folder 3: Weathers B (Bell family)

Folder 4: Weathers C

Folder 5: Weathers D

Folder 6: Weathers E

Folder 7: Weathers F

Folder 8: Weathers G

Folder 9: Weathers H

Folder 10: Weathers J

Folder 11: Weathers K

Folder 12: Weathers L

Folder 13: Weathers M

Folder 14: Weathers N

Folder 15: Weathers P

Folder 16: Weathers R

Folder 17: Weathers S

Folder 18: Weathers T

Folder 19: Weathers W

Folder 20: Weathers Y

Folder 21: Miscellaneous material

Folder 22: Miscellaneous material

Folder 23: Miscellaneous material

Folder 24: Miscellaneous Material

Folder 25: Alspach Scrapbook

Folder 26: Stewart Scrapbook

Folder 27: James Weathers Scrapbook

Folder 28: Richard Weathers Scrapbook, Book One

Folder 29: Richard Weathers Scrapbook, Book Two

Folder 30: James Williams Scrapbook

Folder 31: Lucien F. Williams, Jr. Scrapbook

Subject Headings

Weathers family

Weathers, James

Williams, Lucien F., Jr., 1897-1952

List of Family Names

Box 1

Folder 1: Weathers A

Agan, John

Alspach, Reinhart

Alspach, Mathias

Alspach, Philip

Alspach, Heinrich

Alspach, Johannes

Alspaugh, Henry

Alspaugh, David

Ashley, John Clinton

Folder 2: Weathers B


Beam, Michael

Belles, Frank

Benson, Jessee

Bird, David Samuel

Blume, John


Boggs, Joseph

Brooks, Wiley

Brown, John

Bruner, John Jacob William

Bussabarger, Joseph

Folder 3: Weathers (Bell family)

Bell, Dickie

Bell, John

Folder 4: Weathers C

Conoway, Peter

Cobbs, Ambrose

Callery, William

Condra, John


Cobb, Henry

<span”>Folder 5: Weathers D


Davis, Doland


Folder 6: Weathers E

Early, Jeremiah

Edmontoston, Bazil Brook

Engleman, Jacob

Elliot, Randolph

Folder 7: Weathers F

Fauver, Jacob


Feller, Joseph

Ferguson, John

Freeman, John

Foster, Daniel

Fitzgeral, Edward

Funk, John Eli

Folder 8: Weathers G

Geiger, Fred

Glore, Margaret

Graham, James

Gilbert, John Jacob

Goodman, John

Gray, David

Folder 9: Weathers H

Hannell, Jacob

Haun, Henry

Hayes, Edward Rutherford

Henton, George

Hottel, John

Huston, James

Folder 10: Weathers J

Jenkins, Johnathon

Jones, David

Jones, Elijah

Jones, Elisha

Jones, Henry

Jones, James

Jones, William

Jones, Zachariah

Johnson, William B.

Johnston, William

<span”>Folder 11: Weathers K

King, John

Knobloch, Henry

Box 2

Folder 12: Weathers L

Lamblin, Silas


Leonard, Edward

Lewis, Thomas


Lincoln, John

Lopez, Alfred Bunton

Lopp, Daniel

Loucks, Philip


Folder 13: Weathers M

McCutcheon, John

McDonald, William

McColley, James


Meriwether, John

Miller, Henry

Montelius, Frederick Marcus

Folder 14: Weathers N

Norris, Thomas

Nolan, Jack

<span”>Folder 15: Weathers P

Patrick, Elias

Pavey, John

Pender, Paul

Paul, Philip

Parrett, Richard


Pottenger, John

Folder 16: Weathers R

Reed, Michael

Ripperdon, Frederick

Rosenbarger, Rudolph

Routh, William

Robinson, John

Runkle, Jeremias

Folder 17: Weathers S

Sauerheber, George

Seibert, Frank

Seibert, Unidentified

Seibert, George Christian

Seibert, Johannes

Seibert, Nicholas

Seibert, John Wendell

Sherrod, James

Shephard, William

Somers, John

Seacat, Peter

Scott, Alexander

Scott, Thomas

Sloan, Benjamin Neal

Shropshire, Walter

Sugg, George

Miscellaneous Unlabeled

Folder 18: Weathers T

Taylor, William Baxter

Tadlock, James Doak


Thompson, Greenberry

Trimble, Seldon Y.

Trout, Anthony Daniel

Turner, James H.

Folder 19: Weathers W

Williams, Joseph


Windell, Anthony

Wiseman, Lewis

Folder 20: Weathers Y

Yager, Nicholas

Box 3

Folders 25-29 Scrapbooks



Weathers, James

Weathers, Richard, Book 1

Weathers, Richard, Book 2

Box 4

Folders 30-31 Scrapbooks

Williams, James

Williams, Lucien Francis, Jr.

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