Stone-Green Family added papers, 1849-1981

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Creator:  Stone-Green Family

Title:  Stone-Green Family added papers, 1849-1981

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Size of Collection:  0.75 cu. ft. (in 1 cu. ft. box)

Location Number:  Mss. A S877b

Biographical Note

Bobby Green (1930-2011) was the son of Raymond O. Green (1894-1989) and Nora L. Stone (1896-1983). Bobby graduated from Milburn High School in Milburn, Kentucky, in 1948 and attended Western State College in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In 1953, he entered the United States Air Force, for which he worked as an educational specialist and instructor of volunteer air defense groups. He later served in the Air Force Reserves, in which he achieved the rank of major. After working as a teacher and assistant principal for several years, he became principal of Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Jefferson County in 1963. In 1973 he became the director of “the elective quarter” of the Jefferson County School system. He was married to Edith Lucille Franklin (1931-2007) and had at least one child, David.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of papers relating to the Green and Stone families of Mayfield and Milburn, Kentucky, most prominently Bobby Green.

Folders 1-4 contain correspondence, including personal letters, greeting cards, invitations, and postcards.

Folder 5-6 contain papers related to Bobby Green’s education and career. Folder 5 contains papers from his time at school, including transcripts from Western State College. Folder 6 contains papers from his time in the Air Force and Air Reserve, including a certificate for education and training from the Veterans Administration.

Folder 7 contains a letter from the office of the Governor and a certificate appointing Raymond Green and Nora Green (called in these papers “Mrs. Raymond Greene”) to the Carlisle County Social Service Advisory Committee.

Folder 8 contains legal documents from several generations of the Stone-Green family, including the wills of Raymond Green and Thomas D. Stone and a 1909 Pharmacists Renewal Certificate for Samuel D. Stone.

Folder 9 contains financial documents from several generations of the Stone-Green family, including tax documents and receipts.

Folder 10 contains a ledger, the first page of which reads “William R. Green, this Feb. 28, 1888.” The second page reads “Mayfield, Grave Co., Ky., 1863,” and the third page is headed with “Record book for School District No. 25.” The following pages seem to include data from the Mayfield school district dating from 1849 to 1871. Pages in the back of the ledger seem to have been used later as a school notebook, possibly by William R. Green.

Folder 11 contains a World War II ration book used by Bobby Green, as well as ration book identification stubs and a gasoline rationing stamp.

Folder 12 contains two autograph books. The first belonged to Tom Stone of Milburn, Kentucky, and is dated 24 May 1879. The first page includes the outline of a child’s hand and the words “Dec. 23, 1908, 3 years old, George Stone.” The second book belonged to Lucille Franklin, wife of Bobby Green, during her time at Greenwood School, dated 12 March 1945.

Folders 13-14 contain pages from scrapbooks. The first was kept by Bobby Green ca. 1940 and the second is unidentified and undated.

Folders 15-19 contain miscellaneous published material. Folder 17 contains advertisements, including a notice of the 1912 sale of a house and farmland in Milburn, Kentucky, by G. O. Stone and T. D. Stone. Folder 19 contains scattered issues from various Kentucky newspapers, including the Paducah Sun-Democrat, the Carlisle County News, the Mayfield Messenger, the Park City Daily News (Bowling Green), the College Height Herald (Western Kentucky State College), the Church Page (a newsletter for churches in Mayfield), the Carlisle County Report, and the Paw Print (the Pleasure Ridge Park High School newspaper).

Folder 20 includes miscellaneous material, including tags from “G. W. Stone & Son Manufacturers of Wagons and Plows and General Blacksmiths,” dated 1870 and 1875, and a menu for Alexander’s Hotel in Louisville, dated 10 April 1889.


Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1: Bobby Green correspondence, 1937-1965

Folder 2: Miscellaneous family correspondence, 1874-1977 and undated

Folder 3: Greeting cards and invitations, 1892-1950

Folder 4: Postcards, 1902-1954 and undated

Folder 5: Bobby Green school material, 1953-1958 and undated

Folder 6: Bobby Green Air Force and Air Reserve papers, 1953-1965 and undated

Folder 7: Nora and Raymond Green Carlisle County Social Service Advisory Committee papers, 1961

Folder 8: Legal documents, 1880-1980

Folder 9: Financial records, 1868 -1960 and undated

Folder 10: Mayfield school district ledger, ca. 1849-1888

Folder 11: World War II ration book, ca. 1943

Folder 12: Tom Stone and Lucille Franklin autograph books, 1879-1945

Folder 13: Bobby Green scrapbook pages, ca. 1940

Folder 14: Unidentified scrapbook pages, undated

Folder 15: Event programs, flyers, and tickets, 1938-1981

Folder 16: Travel brochures and material, ca. 1960s

Folder 17: Advertisements, 1921-1964 and undated

Folder 18: Newspaper clippings, 1937-1973 and undated

Folder 19: Miscellaneous Kentucky newspapers, 1947-1975

Folder 20: Miscellaneous material, 1870-1959 and undated


Subject Headings

Businesses – Kentucky.

Drug Stores – Kentucky.

Education – Kentucky.

Green, Bobby, 1930-2011.

Green family.

Newspapers – Kentucky.

Pleasure Ridge Park High School (Louisville, Ky.)

Race in the theater.

Ration books.

Stone family.

United States. Air Force.

United States. Air Reserves.