Moore, James Francis (d. 1809) and John Jones (d. 1850) Papers, 1782-1852

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Moore, James Francis, d. 1809, and John Jones, d. 1850 

Title:  Papers, 1782-1852 

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Size of Collection:  0.33 cubic feet 

Location Number:  Mss. A M822 

Scope and Content Note 

Collection includes land records, 1782-1839, particularly about the salt works at Mann’s Lick; Moore’s appointment, 1789, as a colonel in the Jefferson County militia; legal papers of John Jones, 1814-1841; and Mary Field’s,1824 Feb. 28, marriage contract with Woodford Floyd. 

Folder List 

Box 1 

1 James Francis Moore Jefferson County land papers, 1786-1810.

2 James Francis Moore estate Jefferson County land papers, 1842.

3 James Francis Moore estate legal papers: John Adams v. J. F. Moore’s heirs.

4 James Francis Moore estate legal papers: affidavit of John Powell.

5 Deed of John Read to Edward and John Jones, for land near Askins Station, 1782 Mar. 7. 

6 John Jones land papers, 1816-1823.

7 John Jones receipts, 1840-1841.

8 John Jones legal papers: Jones and wife v. Miller.

9 Report on a warrant of Jefferson County issued to John Jones and Robert Miller,1814 Aug. 25-27.

10 Survey notes of Isaac N. Brooks, 1839 Aug. 20-21.

11 List of notes and bonds of John Jones Tanner, 1851 Dec. 30.

12 Deed of Edward and Anne Jones to Caroline J. Neale for Jefferson County land,1853 Jan. 1.

13 John Crosby will, 1797 Feb. 9.

14 Transcript of record in case of William Gregory V. Dennis Mitchell before the Harrison Circuit Court, Corydon, Ind., 1819 May 4.

15 Marriage contract of Mary Field and Woodford Floyd, 1824 Feb. 28.

16ElismonBasye Henry County, Ky. land papers, 1827. 

17 James F. Moore and Thomas Irwin contract whereby Moore sells his lease of Mann’s Lick to Irwin, 1794 Apr. 8.

18 James Francis Moore appointment as a Jefferson County militia colonel, 1789Jan. 26.

19 Virginia land grant to Osborn Sprigg, for land in Jefferson County, Va., 1788Aug. 5. (Contemporary copy). 

20 Deed to James F. Moore and Henry Ditto from Osborn Sprigg for land in Jefferson County, 1794 Oct. 31. 

21 Deed to James F. Moore from Osborn Sprigg and wife for Jefferson County land, 1795 May 18. (Copy). 

22 Lease from James F. Moore to David L. Ward for salt wells at Mann’s Lick,1806 Oct. 11.(Contemporary copy). 

23 Deed for lands near Mann’s Lick, 1826 Dec. 18.(Copy).

24 John Jones et al. v. F. McCawleyet al., 1859 Dec. 7. 

25 G. D. Alsop and wife v. James F. Mooreeta., 1872. 

26 Land deed to Benjamin Sebastian for Jefferson County land, 1794 June 9.Deed to James Francis Long for land in Livingston County, Ky., 1808 June 27.(Contemporary copy). 

27 Letter to two unidentified persons about a political campaign.

28 List of surveys issued and delivered to Mr. Charles Young of Philadelphia, and a list of those remaining in the office ready to issue upon application.