Law Club (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1915-2015

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Law Club (Louisville, Ky.) 

Title: Records, 1915-2015

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection:  3.75 cubic feet in 4 boxes

Location Number:  Mss. BO L415

Scope and Content Note

Collection contains the records of the Law Club, an organization formed in Louisville, Kentucky 1915 to advance the interests of the younger members of the Louisville Bar and to promote legal scholarship and social interaction among its members.  Records include meeting minutes and correspondence, as well as lists of members and monthly speakers.  At each meeting, a member of the Club would present a paper on a legal topic of interest.  Meeting minutes contain a summary of the paper presented during the session, and in some instances, a copy of the talk was filed with the minutes.  Also included are eulogies composed to remember members who passed away.  The collection also contains menus from Club dinners, including a few from the Pendennis Club and the River Valley Club.  Finally, there are documents relating to collecting dues from the membership, as well as other bills and financial statements.

Folder 61a contains a floppy disk with digital files, ca. 1994-1996.  Used by the Law Club secretary, these files include meeting notices, speaker lists, attendance sheets, and membership documents.  Copies of the files have been retained on the Filson’s server.

Photographs have been separated to the Filson photo collection.

Biographical Note

The actual beginning of the Law Club is unknown, the early records having been lost, misplaced, or destroyed many years ago.  The Club was conceived of at least as early as 1915 in Louisville, Kentucky, with the “Rules,” or constitution, being drafted sometime in 1915.  The organization was officially named the Junior Lawyers’ Club, although common usage resulted in the name “Law Club” replacing it.  The first formal meeting was held in January 1916.  Following its beginning in 1915 and after meeting through 1916, the Club apparently disbanded in 1917 for the duration of World War I, reforming in 1919 after the war’s conclusion.  The earliest known minutes, those of November 20, 1919, state that a meeting was called “for the purpose of reorganizing and carrying on the work that the club was engaged in previous to the outbreak of the war.”

The purpose of the Club, according to the “Rules” was “to advance the interests of the younger members of the Louisville Bar; to increase and encourage the legal scholarship and the social intercourse of its members.”  The active membership was limited to 25 members of the Louisville Bar licensed to practice law for less than 10 years.  In addition to active members, there was a provision for honorary members consisting of distinguished persons and those who have been active members of the Club for as many as 10 years.  The Club met monthly, with the membership taking turns presenting papers.  A copy of these papers was to be placed in the Law Club archives, although this did not always occur.

As of 2015, the Law Club continues to gather monthly for discussion and socializing.

From: Revell, Richard A. “A History of the Law Club.”

Folder List

Folder 1:          “A History of the Law Club,” by Richard A. Revell.

Folder 2:          Abstract of Meeting Minutes, 1916-1979

Folder 3:          Membership & Monthly Speakers Lists, 1916-1982

Folder 4:          “Rules” of Junior Lawyers’ Club (original constitution), 1915

Folder 5:          Constitution & By-Laws revisions, 1985, 1997, 2005

Volume 6:       Minute book, Junior Lawyers’ Club, 1919-1940

Folder 7:          Records, 1941-1950

Folder 8:          Records, 1950-1954

Folder 9:          Records, 1955-1959

Folder 10:        Records, 1960-1961

Folder 11:        Records, 1962-1964

Folder 12:        Records, 1965-1966

Folder 13:        Records, 1967-1968

Folder 14:        Records, 1969-1973

Folder 15:        Records, 1974

Folder 16:        Records, 1975

Folder 17:        Records, 1976

Folder 18:        Records, 1977

Folder 19:        Records, 1978

Folder 20:        Records, 1979

Folder 21:        Records, 1980

Folder 22:        Records, January-August 1981

Folder 23:        Records, September-December 1981

Folder 24:        Records, January-June 1982

Folder 25:        Records, July-December 1982

Folder 26:        Records, 1983

Folder 27:        Records, January-June 1984

Folder 28:        Records, July-December 1984

Folder 29:        Correspondence, 1985

Folder 30:        Correspondence, 1986

Folder 31:        Correspondence, 1987

Folder 32:        Correspondence, 1988

Folder 33:        Correspondence, 1989

Folder 34:        Correspondence, 1990

Folder 35:        Correspondence, 1991

Folder 36:        Correspondence, 1992

Folder 37:        Correspondence, 1993

Folder 38:        Correspondence, 1994-1996

Folder 39:        Correspondence, 1997

Folder 40:        Correspondence, 1998

Folder 41:        Correspondence, 1999

Folder 42:        Correspondence, 2000

Folder 43:        Correspondence, 2001

Folder 44:        Correspondence, 2002-2003

Folder 45:        Correspondence, 2004-2007

Folder 46:        Correspondence, 2008-2012

Folder 47:        Minutes, 1985-1987

Folder 48:        Minutes, 1988-1990

Folder 49:        Minutes, 1991

Folder 50:        Minutes, 1992

Folder 51:        Minutes, 1993

Folder 52:        Minutes, 1994

Folder 53:        Minutes, 1995

Folder 54:        Minutes, 1996

Folder 55:        Minutes, 1997

Folder 56:        Minutes, 1998-1999

Folder 57:        Minutes, 2000

Folder 58:        Minutes, 2001

Folder 59:        Minutes, 2002

Folder 60:        Minutes, 2009-2015

Folder 61:        Thomas Ballantine, Jr. memorial resolution, 1992

Folder 61a:      Digital files of Law Club secretary, ca. 1994-1996

Folder 62:        River Valley Club annual dinner, 1992-1994, 1997-1999

Folder 63:        Pendennis Club bills and menus, 1985-2001

Folder 64:        Menus, 1994-1999

Folder 65:        Member rosters, 1989-2001

Folder 66:        Speaker notifications, 1989-1993

Folder 67:        Attendance sheets, 1993-2000

Folder 68:        New member nominations, 1987-1992

Folder 69:        New member nominations, 1996

Folder 70:        New member nominations, 2000

Folder 71:        New member nominations, 2001

Folder 72:        Assessment (member dues), 1986-1989

Folder 73:        Assessment (member dues), 1990

Folder 74:        Assessment (member dues), 1991-1992

Folder 75:        Assessment (member dues), 1992-1993

Folder 76:        Assessment (member dues), 1994

Folder 77:        Assessment (member dues), 1994

Folder 78:        Assessment (member dues), March 1995

Folder 79:        Assessment (member dues), August 1995

Folder 80:        Assessment (member dues), March 1996

Folder 81:        Assessment (member dues), 1997

Folder 82:        Assessment (member dues), 1998

Folder 83:        Assessment (member dues), 1999

Folder 84:        Assessment (member dues), 2000

Volume 85:     Checks, 1974-1999

Folder 86:        Bills, 1988-1991

Folder 87:        Bills, 1991-1996

Folder 88:        Bills, 1997-1998

Folder 89:        Bills, 1999-2000

Folder 90:        Bills, 2000-2001

Folder 91:        Bank statements, 1985-1988

Folder 92:        Bank statements, 1989-1992

Folder 93:        Bank statements, 1993-1998

Folder 94:        Bank statements, 1999

Folder 95:        Bank statements, 2000-2001

Folder 96:        Deposit slips, 1994-1998

Folder 97:        Miscellaneous


Subject Headings

Boy Scouts of America – Trials, litigation, etc.

Clubs – Kentucky – Louisville

Contested elections – United States

Fraternal organizations – Kentucky – Louisville

Gays – Legal status, laws, etc


Law – Kentucky – 20th century

Lawyers – Kentucky – Louisville

Liebson, Charles M.

Louisville (Ky.) – Politics and government

Louisville (Ky.) – Social life and customs

Religion and state

School integration – Kentucky – Louisville

Urban renewal – Kentucky – Louisville

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