Bingham, Robert Worth Additional Papers, 1787-1936

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator:  Bingham, Robert Worth, 1871-1937

Title:  Additional papers, 1787-1936

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection:  10 cu. ft.

Location Number:  Mss. A B613d

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, subject files, letter press books, and scrapbooks of Robert Worth Bingham, a politician, journalist and diplomat, along with his collection of Joan of Arc prints and articles. The correspondence is related to Bingham’s ownership of the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times and covers subjects such as elections and social issues. These issues include farm cooperatives, nature preserves on military bases and improved education for the poor. The subject files include information on Bingham’s hunting trips and dogs, his yacht, Eala, and investments. The letterpress books and the scrapbooks contain correspondence and newspaper articles from his political campaigns for political office. Bingham had a great interest in the French saint, Joan of Arc, and collected prints and articles on her life. The earliest dated print is from 1787; some may be older.

Biographical Note


Robert Worth Bingham (1871-1937) was a Louisville, Ky., lawyer, politician, newspaperman (owner/publisher of the Louisville Courier-Journal and Louisville Times newspapers), and diplomat (serving 1933-1937 as ambassador to the Court of St. James).  Bingham was active in local, state, and national politics. Bingham served as interim mayor of Louisville for a few months in the year 1907, but failed to win the special election for the office later that year. Though a Democrat, he ran on the Republican ticket for a position on the Kentucky Court of Appeals. He was eventually appointed to Jefferson Circuit Court in 1911 and became known as “Judge” Bingham for the rest of his life.


Bingham was a supporter of the farm products cooperative movement, both in Kentucky and nationally. He corresponded with politicians throughout the United States, looking for support of his favorite causes. These causes include farm cooperatives, wildlife preserves on military bases and improved education for African-Americans and the poor. In his personal life, Bingham was an avid hunter who kept a kennel of bird dogs and hunted internationally; he also owned a yacht, the Eala. He used the yacht himself, but he also leased it out to other people. Bingham had a particular interest in Joan of Arc, maintaining a collection of books, prints, and other materials related to the French saint, in both English and French, some of which is included in this collection.

Folder List

  1. Letter Press Book: 12 May 1911 – 29 June 1911.
  2. Letter Press Book: 13 November 1911 – 12 December 1911.
  3. Scrapbook: 9 August 1907 – 22 August 1907.
  4. Scrapbook: 11 March 1908 – 18 June 1909.
  5. Scrapbook: 12 October 1910 – 1 November 1910.
  6. Scrapbook: 2 November 1910 – 23 June 1913.
  7. Correspondence file: 17 October 1918 letter from Woodrow Wilson.
  8. Correspondence file: 1920 “S-T”.
  9. Correspondence file: 1920. “W”.
  10. Correspondence file: 1921. “S-T-U”.
  11. Correspondence file: 1921. “W – X – Y – Z”.
  12. Correspondence file: 1922. “L”.
  13. Correspondence file: 1922. “M”.
  14. Correspondence file: 1922. “N – O”.
  15. Correspondence file: 1922. “P”.
  16. Correspondence file: 1922. “R”.
  17. Correspondence file: 1922. “S”.
  18. Correspondence file: 1923.
  19. Correspondence file: 1923.
  20. Correspondence file: 1923-1925.
  21. Correspondence file: 1925. “A”.
  22. Correspondence file: 1925. “B”.
  23. Correspondence file: 1925. “C”.
  24. Correspondence file: 1925. “D”.
  25. Correspondence file: 1925. “E-F”.
  26. Correspondence file: 1925. “G”.
  27. Correspondence file: 1925. “H”.
  28. Correspondence file: 1925. “I-J-K”.
  29. Correspondence file: 1925. “L”.
  30. Correspondence file: 1925. “M”.
  31. Correspondence file: 1925. “N-O”.
  32. Correspondence file: 1925. “P”.
  33. Correspondence file: 1925. “Q-R”.
  34. Correspondence file: 1925. “S”.
  35. Correspondence file: 1925. “T-U-V”.
  36. Correspondence file: 1925. “W”.
  37. Correspondence file: 1925. “W”
  38. Correspondence file: 1925. “Y-Z”.
  39. Correspondence file: 1926. “N”.
  40. Correspondence file: 1926. “T – U – V”.
  41. Correspondence file: 1926. “W – X – Y – Z”.
  42. Correspondence file: 1927. “S”.
  43. Correspondence file: 1927. R W B Gifts and Travel..
  44. Correspondence file: 1929-1933. Walnut Hills Farm.
  45. Newspaper clippings 1924-1927 (and earlier).
  46. Prohibition cases, 1926-1927 – Northern Kentucky.
  47. Business Men’s Commission on Agriculture, 1927.
  48. Commission on State and Local Taxation and Expenditures, 1928.
  49. Correspondence file: 1929. “A”.
  50. Correspondence file: 1929. “B”.
  51. Correspondence file: 1929. “B”.
  52. Correspondence file: 1929. “C”.
  53. Correspondence file: 1929. “D-E-F”.
  54. Correspondence file: 1929. “G”.
  55. Correspondence file: 1929. “H”.
  56. Correspondence file: 1929. “I-J-K”.
  57. Correspondence file: 1929. “L”.
  58. Correspondence file: 1929. “M”.
  59. Correspondence file: 1929. “N-O-P”.
  60. Correspondence file: 1929. “R-S”.
  61. Correspondence file: 1929. “T”.
  62. Correspondence file: 1929. “U-V-W-X-Y-Z”.
  63. Correspondence file: 1930. “A”.
  64. Correspondence file: 1930. “B”.
  65. Correspondence file: 1930-1931.
  66. Correspondence file: 1930. Boy Scouts.
  67. Correspondence file: 1930. Burley Pool Clippings.
  68. Correspondence file: 1930. “C”.
  69. Correspondence file: 1930. Camp Knox.
  70. Correspondence file: 1930. Christmas letters and clippings.
  71. Correspondence file: 1930. C-J Program Better government for Kentucky.
  72. Correspondence file: 1930. “D”.
  73. Correspondence file: 1930. “E-F”.
  74. Correspondence file: 1930. “G”.
  75. Correspondence file: 1930.”H”.
  76. Correspondence file: 1930. “I-J-K”.
  77. Correspondence file: 1930. “L”.
  78. Correspondence file: 1930. “M”.
  79. Correspondence file: 1930. “N”.
  80. Correspondence file: 1930: “P”.
  81. Correspondence file: 1930. “R”.
  82. Correspondence file: 1930. “S”.
  83. Correspondence file: 1930. “T”.
  84. Correspondence file: 1930. “U-V-W-X-Y-Z”.
  85. Correspondence file: 1931. “A”.
  86. Correspondence file: 1931. “B”.
  87. Correspondence file: 1931. “C”.
  88. Correspondence file: 1931. “D-E-F”.
  89. Correspondence file: 1931. “G”.
  90. Correspondence file: 1931. “H-I-J-K”.
  91. Correspondence file: 1931. “L”.
  92. Correspondence file: 1931. “M-N-O”.
  93. Correspondence file: 1931. “P-Q”.
  94. Correspondence file: 1931. “R”.
  95. Correspondence file: 1931. “S”.
  96. Correspondence file: 1931. “T-U-V”.
  97. Correspondence file: 1931. University of Virginia.
  98. Correspondence file: 1931. “W-X-Y-Z”.
  99. Correspondence file: 1932. Associated Press, folder 1.
  100. Correspondence file: 1932. Associated Press, folder 2.
  101. Correspondence file: 1932. Associated Press, folder 3.
  102. Correspondence file: 1932. Associated Press, folder 4.
  103. Correspondence file: 1932. “B”.
  104. Correspondence file: 1932. “C”.
  105. Correspondence file: 1932. “D-E”.
  106. Correspondence file: 1932. “F”.
  107. Correspondence file: 1932. “G”.
  108. Correspondence file: 1932. “H”.
  109. Correspondence file: 1932. “I-J-K”.
  110. Correspondence file: 1932. “L”.
  111. Correspondence file: 1932. “M”.
  112. Correspondence file: 1932. “N-O”.
  113. Correspondence file: 1932. “P”.
  114. Correspondence file: 1932. “R”.
  115. Correspondence file: 1932. “S”.
  116. Correspondence file: 1932. “T”.
  117. Correspondence file: 1932. “U-V-W-X-Y-Z”.
  118. Correspondence file: 1933. “A”.
  119. Correspondence file: 1933. “B”.
  120. Correspondence file: 1933. “C-D-E”.
  121. Correspondence file: 1933. “F”.
  122. Correspondence file: 1933. “Fyfe & also rest of shipment”.
  123. Correspondence file: 1933. “G-H-I-J”.
  124. Correspondence file: 1933. “K-L”.
  125. Correspondence file: 1933. League of Women Voters.
  126. Correspondence file: 1933. “M”.
  127. Correspondence file: 1933. “N-O”.
  128. Correspondence file: 1933. “Overman – CC”.
  129. Correspondence file: 1933. “P”.
  130. Correspondence file: 1933. “R-S”.
  131. Correspondence file: 1933. “T”.
  132. Correspondence file: 1933. “1933 Tax Schedule”.
  133. Correspondence file: 1933. “U-V-W-X-Y-Z”.
  134. Subject file: 1927-1933. “Eala”.
  135. Subject file: 1930. “Fishel”.
  136. Subject file: 1926-1930. Fishel.
  137. Subject file: 1927. Fishel.
  138. Subject file: 1927. Fishel.
  139. Subject file: 1931. Fishel.
  140. Subject file: 1931. Fishel.
  141. Subject file: 1931-1932. Fishel.
  142. Subject file: 1932. Fishel.
  143. Subject file: 1930-1931. Game Sanctuaries.
  144. Subject file: 1930-1931. Kennels.
  145. Subject file: 1931-1932. Loan Association.
  146. Subject file: 1929. Pineland Lodge, Inc. Bylaws and stock holders.
  147. Subject file: 1928-1930. Pineland Lodge correspondence.
  148. Subject file: 1928-1931. Standard Petroleum Company.
  149. Subject file: 1926-1929. Zachary Taylor House.
  150. Subject file: 1929-1932. Wachovia.
  151. Scrapbook: 1935. “Simon of Corran.”. Judge Bingham’s Cocker Spaniel in competitions in Great Britain.
  152. Scrapbook: May 1936. “Maiden Voyage of the H.M.S. Queen Mary.”. Includes booklets, menus, and newspapers from the voyage.
  153. Various articles: 1903, The Nineteenth Century, Joan of Arc.; 1895, The Nineteenth Century, Joan of Arc.; 1890, London Society, The Maid of Orleans: Joan of Arc.; ca.1920, At the Birthplace of Joan of Arc.; 1903, The Bystander, The Beatification of Joan of Arc; 1878, Sunday Magazine, Some Noble Old English Gentlewomen: Lady Jane Grey; 1896, Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Personal Recollections Of Joan Of Arc; Undated, The Windsor Magazine The French Westminster Abbey; 1893, The Reviews Reviewed, The Miracle of the Maid of Orleans; 1896, The Review of Reviews, In Praise of Jeanne D’Arc.; 1920, The Magazine Of Art, Joan of Arc in Art/
  154. Printed Materials: 1891 calendar, French and features Joan of Arc artwork and Story; 1857, Panegyrique de Jeanne D’Arc; 1869, Second Panegyrique de Jeanne D’Arc;1925, Mercvre de France.
  155. Printed Materials: 1855, Des Villes de France et Leurs Gloires: Poeme Par Mme Plocq de Bertier, Orleans; 1909, Hymni et Incriptiones in Lavdem Joannae Arcensis Virg.; 1847, Jeanne D’Arc; Drame National en Cinq Actes et dix Tableaux; 1894 – sheet music, Ode Symphonique a Jeanne D’Arc; 1860, Panegyrique de Jeanne D’Arc; 1920, LaPetite Illutration Theatrale: Colette Baudoche (Uncut) ; 1916, Les Yeux Leves Vers Jeanne D’Arc Par Henri Lavedan (Uncut and untrimmed on Japanese paper from a wood cut).
  156. Prints and other images: 1893 illustration “Joan of Arc’s Entry into Orleans; Undated magazine Illustration of the painting “Joan of Arc Taken Prisoner” by Wheelright; Undated magazine Illustration of the painting “Joan of Arc in Prison” by Rousseau-Decelle; Undated magazine Illustration of the Statue “Jeanne D’Arc au Sacre”; Undated print “Jeanne D’Arc from the painting By Ingres”; Undated print Untitled (Joan of Arc on Horseback); Undated print “Jean d’Arc”; 1810 Print “The Presentation of Joan of Arc to King Charles VIIth From a M.S of Monstrelet in The British Museum”; 1790 Print “LaPucelle D’Orleans from a Portrait in the Town Hall at Orleans”; 1794 Print “Joan of Arc”; Undated Print “Joan of Arc”; Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; Undated Print “Joan of Arc From a print by Marcenary”; ca.1827 Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; 1790 Print “LaPucelle D’Orleans from a Portrait in the Town Hall at Orleans”, 2 copies; ca. 1787 Print from Raymond’s History of England Joan of Arc, commonly called the Maid of Orleans (receiving the sword of St. Catherine) previous to raising the Siege of that city and defeating the English Forces”; 1792 Print “Joan of Arc reproaching the Bishop of Beauvais at the place of Execution”; Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc ditte la Pucelle d’Orleans, native de Vaucouleurs en Lorraine, du regne de Charles 7 en lannee 1419 le 7 May deliura Orleans assiege par Anglois, et depuis fit sacuer le Roy a Rheims”; Undated Print “Porte de la maison de Jeanne d’Arc.”; Undated Print “Charles VII”; Undated Print “La Maison de Jeanne D’Arc A Domremy”; Undated Color Print Untitled (Joan of Arc on Horseback); Undated Color Print “Iohanna Darc Aurelianensis Puella Uulgo Nuncupata” Smaller version of Previous print; 1915 Print “Usque ad Mortem”; Undated Woodcut Print Untitled (Joan of Arc); Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc” and “Henri III”; Undated Print “Joan of Arc in Prison”; Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc Brule A Rouen – Bois Grave D’Apres Carrier-Belleuse”; Undated magazine illustrations “Romeo and Juliet”, “Joan of Arc Listening to the Voices” and “Cupid’s Captives”; Undated Print “Joan of Arc the Victorious Leader of the French Armyes, She was condemned by the English for a witch & burnt at Rohan July the 6th 1461 being about 22 years of Age”; Undated Print “Joan of Arc in Prison”; 2 copies Undated Prints “Joan of Arc” and “Cicero and Catiline in the Senate”; Undated Print, “King John Signing Magna Carta”; Undated Print Untitled  (Joan of Arc at Orleans).
  157. Prints numbered by Bingham: No. 4, Undated Print – Colored Jeanne D’Arc; No. 5, Undated Print “Jeanne Blessee Sous Paris”; No.10, Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; No. 11, Illustration “Jeanne D’Arc, figure de bronze, par M. Paul Dubois”; No. 13, ca.1833 Print “Monument eleve a Rouen a la memoire de Jeanne d’Arc”; No. 14, ca 1869 Print “Maison de Jeanne d’Arc, a Orleans”; No. 20, Undated Tinted Print “Statue de Jeanne d’Arc , a Rouen”; No. 21, Print “La Pucelle”; No. 22, Undated Print Untitled (Statue of Joan of Arc on Horseback); No. 24, Undated Print “Chapu: Meditation et Resolution”; No. 25, Undated Print “Chateau Construit Sous Philippe Auguste ou Jeanne d’Arc fut detenne pendant son sejour a Rouen”; No. 26, Illustration of Statue “Jeanne d’Arc, groupe en platre, par M. Mercie”; No. 32, Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; No. 33, Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc”; No. 34, Undated Print “Mort de la Pucelle d’Orleans”; No. 35, Undated Print Jeanne D’Arc”; No. 36, Undated illustration of coin? “Jeanne D’Arc”; No. 37, Undated Print “Jeanne d’Arc”; No. 38, Undated Color Print Untitled (Joan of Arc Painting); No. 37, Undated (1837?) Print “Jeanne D’Arc Brulle Vive Par Les Anglais”; No. 40, Undated Print “Bision de Jeanne d’Arc”; No. 41, Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc Reconnaissant Charles VII”; No. 42, Undated Print “Supplice de Jeanne d’Arc”; No. 43, Undated Print “Jeanne D’Arc Brulee Vive”.
  158. Oversized materials: Undated, Large Print “Puella Aurellaca”; Undated, 2 page article in French “Entrée de Jeanne D’Arc”; 24 April 1909, 2pp. Article in The Sphere “St. Joan of Arc – The Ceremony in St. Peter’s” (3 copies); 17 April 1909, 4pp Article in The Sphere “The Canonisation of Joan of Arc” (3 copies); 16 May 1908, 1 page Photograph with caption in The Graphic “In Memory of “The Maid”” (3 copies); 24 April 1909, Photograph with caption in The Illustrated London News “Making Joan of Arc a Beata: The Picture if the Maid Unveiled”; 24 April 1909, Photograph with Caption in The Graphic “The Beatification of St. Joan of Arc”; 10 June 1911, Photographs with captions from The Sphere “The Anniversary of the Beatification of Joan of Arc”; 18 June 1904, 1 page article in The Sphere “Anniversary of the Death of Joan of Arc”; 15 May 1909, photographs and captions from The Sphere “Joan of Arc Honored in Orleans” (2 copies); 1 October 1910, 1 page article from The Illustrated London News “Andrew Lang on a New Study of Jeanne D’Arc”; 22 March 1890, 1 page Illustrated article from The Queen, The Lady’s Newspaper “Joan of Arc”; 2 July 1910, Illustration with caption from Black & White “The Maid of Orleans”


Subject Headings

Africa, North – Description and travel.

Ambassadors – Great Britain.

Associated Press.

Bank failures – Kentucky.

Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956.

Billard, Frederick Chamberlayne, 1873-1932.

Bingham family.

Bingham Military School (Ashville, N.C.).

Boca Grande (Fla.).

Bonds – United States.

Bonus Expeditionary Forces.

Borah, William Edgar, 1865-1940.

Boy Scouts.


Brown, John Young, 1900-1985.

Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966.

Byrd, Richard Evelyn, 1888-1957.

Camp Zachary Taylor (Ky.).

Canada – Economic conditions.

Centre College (Danville, Ky.) – Football.

Communism and mass media – Kentucky.

Cooperative marketing of farm produce – Kentucky.

Courier-journal (Louisville, Ky.).

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

Dodd, William Edward, 1869-1940.

Dogs – Judging.

Elections – Kentucky.

Elections – United States.

Ernst, Richard Pretlow, 1858-1934.

Film criticism – Kentucky.

Finger, Charles Joseph, 1869-1941.

Florida – Description and travel.

Ford, Henry, 1863-1947.

Fort Knox (Ky.).

France – Foreign relations.

Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.

Game laws – United States.

Game reserves – United States.

Garner, John Nance, 1868-1967.

Georgia – History.

Gilbert, Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1882-1939.

Glass, Carter, 1858-1946.

Great Britain – Foreign relations.

Greco-Turkish War, 1921-1922.

Hagood, Johnson, b.1873.

Hansbrough, Henry Clay, 1848-1933.

Herald-post (Louisville, Ky.).

Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.

Hull, Cordell, 1871-1955.

Hunting Dogs.

Joan, of Arc, Saint, 1412-1431.

Johnson, Ben, 1858-1950.

Kellogg, Frank B. (Frank Billings), 1856-1937.


Kentucky – Politics and government.

Ku Klux Klan (1915-).

League of Nations.

League of Women Voters of Louisville and Jefferson County.

Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870.

Legal transcription – Kentucky.

Lehman, Herbert H. (Herbert Henry)1878-1963.

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974.

Logan, M. M. (Marvel Mills), 1874-1939.

London Naval Treaty (1930).

Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company.

Lowden, Frank O. (Frank Orren), 1861-1943.

Lozier, Ralph F. ( Ralph Fulton), 1866-1945.

MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964.

Massey, Vincent, 1887-1967.

Miller, William Burke, 1903-1983.

Morrow, Edwin Porch, 1877-1935.

Murray State University.

Mussolini, Benito, 1883-1945.

My Old Kentucky Home State Park (Bardstown, Ky.).

National Railroad Shopmen’s Strike, U.S., 1922.

Newspaper carriers – Kentucky.

Nolan, Dennis Edward, 1872-1956.

Norris, George W. (George William), 1861-1944.

North American Newspaper Alliance.

Oldfield, William Allan, 1874-1928.

Pan American Congress of Journalists.

Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965.

Physicians – Supply and demand – United States.

Prohibition – Kentucky.

Queen Mary (Steamship).

Radio broadcasting – Kentucky.

Railroads – Taxation – Laws and legislation.

Ransdell, Joseph E. (Joseph Eugene), 1858-1954.

Ritchie, Albert C. (Albert Cabell), 1876-1936.

Robsion, John Marshall, 1873-1948.

Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.

Sackett, Frederic M.

Sapiro, Aaron.

Scopes, John Thomas.

Smith, Alfred Emanuel, 1873-1944.

Southern Commercial Congress.

Stanley, Augustus Owsley, 1867-1958.

Stimson, Henry L. (Henry Lewis),1867-1950.

Stock Market Crash, 1929.

Stone Mountain (Ga.).

Summerall, Charles Pelot, 1867-1955.

Textbooks – Kentucky.

Thatcher, Maurice H. (Maurice Hudson), 1870-1973.

Thomas, Robert Young, 1855-1925.

Trucking – Laws and legislation – United States.

Tuberculosis patient’s writings.

University of Louisville.

University of Virginia.

Upshaw, William D. (William David), 1866-1952.

Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1873-1942.

Vicksburg Campaign Trail.

Vinson, Fred M., 1890-1953.

Wallace, Tom, 1874-1961.

Walsh, Thomas James, 1859-1933.

Watterson, Henry, 1840-1921.

Willson, Augustus Everett, 1846-1931.

Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924.

Winn, Matt J., 1862-1949.

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

Women in politics.

Woodrow Wilson Foundation.


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