Baer Fabrics (Louisville, Ky.) records, ca. 1950-2008 (bulk: 1986-2008)

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Baer Fabrics (Louisville, Ky.)

Title: Baer Fabrics (Louisville, Ky.) records, ca. 1950-2008 (bulk: 1986-2008)

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Size of Collection:  5 cu. ft. and 1 ovsz. folder

Location Number: Mss. BB B141

Historical Note

Baer Fabrics (formerly A. Baer Co.) was a Jewish-owned business in Louisville, Kentucky, for 103 years. Its founder, Nathan Baer (ca. 1878-1950), was a Russian Jewish immigrant. He worked in the men’s tailoring industry as a cutter in a suit factory before opening his own tailoring supply store in 1905. Although it is unclear where his first store was located, the business changed locations multiple times as it grew. Nathan was married to Simmie Brownstein Baer (b. ca. 1886), another Russian Jewish immigrant, and they had six children, including Abraham (1907-1982). Abraham began working with Nathan in the 1930s.

Nathan’s store initially specialized in men’s tailoring supplies (including buttons) and dry-cleaning supplies. The move to the extensive inventory of the later Baer Fabrics was due, in part, to Abraham’s involvement. Abraham may have taken over the business by the 1940s; his World War II registration card lists “A. Baer” at 622 West Market as his “place of employment or business.” Abraham saw the opportunity to expand A. Baer Co.’s business model to include “women’s fabrics, costuming materials, dance wear and trims,” as noted in the “Baer Fabrics by Mail” document. Mail orders were a key part of the successful expansion. He also opened the first Evansville, Indiana, location in 1949.

In 1976, Abraham welcomed his son-in-law, Stuart Goldberg (b. 1941), into the company as his successor. A Baer Co. continued to expand after Stuart joined Abraham, and they worked together to ensure a successful transition in ownership, as noted in Stuart’s conference speech about his succession. In the years after 1976, the business continued to grow. A. Baer Co. was incorporated in 1978, and the name officially changed to Baer Fabrics. Still a family business, Baer Fabrics was owned and operated by Abraham and Stuart and other family members. In the incorporation paperwork, Abraham is consistently listed as the president and Stuart as the secretary treasurer. In some papers, Ida Baer (1908-1979), Abraham’s wife, is listed as the director and operator, and in others, she is the vice president. Linda Goldberg (b. 1941), Abraham and Ida’s daughter and Stuart’s wife, is listed as the secretary. Alongside Stuart, Linda would continue to be involved in the business until its closure.

In the years following the incorporation, Baer Fabrics continued to outgrow its current locations. The St. Matthews location was purchased in July 1982 from Werner Herz, who ran the Fabric Shop. The location was intended to be used as a specialty shop for fine fabrics that did not fit with the fashion-focused Louisville and Evansville stores. It is unclear when this location closed or if its specialty fabrics focus was ever fully developed.

In downtown Louisville, the 620 W. Market St. location was replaced by the larger 515 E. Market St. location in 1986. With three floors, 23,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and 37,000 sq. ft. of wholesale and storage space, this was the flagship location from which Stuart ran the company. There were different departments and checkout stations on each floor. Its central location and extensive retail space attracted local and out-of-state customers, and the annual sewing events with sewing professional Sandra Betzina routinely filled up and made the news. In 2008, Baer Fabrics closed due to financial issues. In loan records, the property at 515 E. Market St. is listed as collateral, and newspaper and customer correspondence from 2008 suggest that Baer Fabrics inventory was liquidated as part of the loan repayment and closure process.

Like his predecessor, Stuart responded to a changing market and diversified the company’s inventory throughout his tenure as president. As noted in several company history information sheets, the changes included enlarging existing departments—“bridal, fashion, dance, drapery, quilting supplies, notions and buttons”—and adding the “upholstery and automotive fabrics” departments (folder 1). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Baer Fabrics began selling nationally, fulfilling mail orders from individual customers and wholesale orders from other suppliers. In 1998, Baer Fabrics registered the domain Soon after, it launched a website and began taking online orders.

Throughout Nathan’s and Abraham’s leadership, A. Baer Co. was a central business for many community members. Under Stuart’s leadership, Baer Fabrics continued to be a community business and made extensive contributions to local charities and community groups. Longstanding charity partners included the Louisville Zoological Gardens and the Salvation Army. Longstanding community partners included local quilt festivals and the Kentucky Women’s Show. Because of the expertise and inventory available within Baer Fabrics, it also supported local and national educational endeavors. Year-round sewing classes, the summer Camp Baer for teenagers, and special guest presentations helped local visitors learn basic and advanced sewing skills. Baer Fabrics also supported the Louisville Actors Theatre and sold costume supplies to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

Confirmed store locations, sizes, and dates of operation:

  • 515 East Market St., Louisville, KY (downtown flagship), 23,000 sq. ft. of retail space and 37,000 sq. ft. of wholesale and storage space, opened in 1984 or 1986, closed in 2008
  • 3706 Lexington Rd., Louisville, KY (St. Matthews), 3,500 sq. ft. of retail space, unknown opening date, closed in 1988
  • 620 and 622 W. Market St., Louisville, KY, opened in ca. early 1940s, closed in ca. 1984-1986
  • Imperial Plaza Shopping Center, Lexington, KY, unknown operation date
  • 1328 Green River Rd. and Vogel Ave., Evansville, IN, 9,500 sq. ft. of retail space and 4,500 sq. ft. of wholesale and storage space, opened 1985, closed in 2008
  • 412 N. Main St., Evansville, IN, unknown opening date, closed in 1985


Ely, Carol. Jewish Louisville: Portrait of a Community. 2003

1940 United States Census for Nathan Baer and Simmie Baer,

Abram David Baer’s World War II registration card,

Baer Fabrics (Louisville, Ky.)

Records, ca. 1950-2008 (bulk: 1986-2008)


Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of records primarily related to the business of Baer Fabrics (formerly A. Baer Co.), a Jewish-owned fabric and sewing supply store that opened in 1905 in Louisville, Kentucky. The company name changed to Baer Fabrics when it incorporated in 1978, and there were multiple locations under both names in Louisville and in Evansville, Indiana. At the time of the closure of Baer Fabrics in 2008, the main location was at 515 East Market Street in downtown Louisville.

The bulk of the collection spans 1986-2008, the years when owner Stuart Goldberg ran the company. Business and financial records document Baer Fabrics’ marketing strategies, development, position in the larger textile industry, and closure. Customer newsletters, community event and charity materials, and news articles document Baer Fabrics’ role in the Louisville community. The collection is organized into the following series: A. Baer Co. business and location history; financial records; employee documents; marketing and advertising; newsletters; community engagement and events; business relationships; articles; and local business groups.

A. Baer Co. Business and Location History

Folders 1-4 hold historical information, legal documents, and ephemera for A. Baer Co. and Baer Fabrics. Folder 1 contains an advertisement about Baer Fabrics’ company values and a company information flyer. The original photo of Nathan Baer in the advertisement has been removed to the photo collection. Folder 2 includes a paper merchandise bag from A. Baer Co. (oversized merchandise bags are in folder 187), stationery, and order forms. Folders 3-4 contain the legal paperwork from the store’s incorporation in 1978 and information about the company’s ownership and management structure.

Folders 5-9 relate to openings, renovations, and closures of A. Baer Co. and Baer Fabrics locations from the 1960s through the 1980s. Folder 5 contains a few photographs from the late 1960s of the 620 West Market Street location in Louisville. In 1985, the Evansville, Indiana, location moved from 408 North Main Street to 1328 North Green River Road, and folders 6 and 7 contain designs, décor samples, and media coverage related to the move (oversized plans for the storefront and floorplan are in folder 187). Photos of both locations, the move, and renovations of 408 North Main Street have been removed to the Baer Fabrics photograph collection. Between 1984 and 1986, the Louisville location moved to 515 East Market Street, which remained the flagship location until the company’s closure in 2008. Interior and exterior designs, construction contracts, city permits, and photographs for this location are in folder 8. Folder 9 contains certificates of approval for the elevator at 515 East Market Street for 1950-1955; at that time, Joseph Lang owned the building and ran a furniture company from it.

Financial Records

Folders 10-13 contain Baer Fabrics financial records. These files are not in chronological order; older records appear to have been attached to later negotiations with the banks. Folders 10 and 11 contain general banking records, including bank statements, correspondence with Fifth Third Bank, and records of opening bank accounts and financing loans with Fifth Third Bank. Folders 12 and 13 contain account statements and records relating to the closure of Baer Fabrics, including loan agreements, correspondence with Fifth Third Bank, and correspondence between Baer Fabrics and their lawyers regarding financial concerns and business closure.

Employee Documents

Folders 14-26 contain records related to Baer Fabrics employees. Folders 14-17 contain an employee directory, employee training and introduction material, a policy manual, and class schedules. Folders 18-21 relate to Baer Fabrics’ extensive button inventory, including inventory counts, order forms, and wholesale efforts. The button samples and printed website pages in folder 21 are the “button book” referenced in folder 20. The book was taken to trade shows in an effort to expand Baer Fabrics’ button wholesale contracts. Folders 22-25 contain employee newsletters, correspondence, and a Baer all-stars drawing. The fashion illustrations in folder 26 may be related to marketing and advertising, store inventory, or the Baer Fabrics website.

Folders 27-37 contain records for the Baer Fabrics website domain (, keywords associated with Baer Fabrics inventory, online order forms, physical samples of the products, and online orders that were pending in 2008. Folder 29 contains samples of holographic glitz fabrics and faux fur, and folder 31 contains samples and reorder information for chainette fringe. Additional fabric samples, order cards, and textiles are in folders 33-37. The order cards are made by Baer Fabrics, Ultrasuede, and Clarendon Textiles, Inc. An oversized fabric sample board for automotive headlining and an oversized bulk button display board are in the Baer Fabrics museum collection.

Folders 38-45 contain a series of reference books and catalogs, including a commercial dry cleaning guide, fabric safety and treatment tests, and Baer Fabrics 1985-2008 catalogs for their commercial products division, sewing supplies, and theatre and costume offerings.

Marketing and Advertising

Folders 46-55 contain records relating to Baer Fabrics marketing and advertising initiatives. Folders 46-49 contain ad stats for advertisements printed in newspapers and magazines. The advertisements fit into three broad categories: general Baer Fabrics, Baer Fabrics departments, and PFAFF (a sewing machine brand). Folder 50 contains Baer Fabrics advertisements clipped from newspapers. The advertisements in folder 51 are a mix of print and email advertisements, postcards, and notecards. Of note is an advertisement designed to look like a theatre playbill and titled “McBaerth” that advertises Baer Fabrics’ theatrical resources. There is a 1988 letter from Stuart Goldberg about parking during a sale at Baer Fabrics and a thank you letter from a customer who won a sewing machine. Folder 52 contains correspondence and transaction records between Stuart Goldberg and Dresher, a logo design company, about Baer Fabrics’ new logo. Folder 53 contains reports on market and customer research. Folders 54-55 relate to an ongoing partnership with Alutex Awnings to market and sell fabric awnings to homeowners.


Folders 56-66 contain Baer Fabrics publications and newsletters. Folder 56 contains Baer’s Pantry (The Baer’s Pantry) cookbooks, published ca. 1980-1985. Folders 57-66 contain Baer Fabrics newsletters from 1980 to 2008. The newsletters in folders 57-61 are from the Louisville and Evansville locations. There are draft newsletters in folder 58, including individual sections to be combined when photocopied. Schedules for sewing classes held at Baer Fabrics are in folder 62. Folders 63-66 contain email newsletters that appear to have served both locations.

Community Engagement and Events

Folders 67-120 contain an array of correspondence, programs, schedules, and other documents relating to Baer Fabrics’ engagement with various Louisville communities. General correspondence is in 67. Folder 68 contains customer correspondence relating to the closure of Baer Fabrics, and one letter critiques Fifth Third Bank’s handling of Baer Fabrics’ accounts. Folder 69 relates to the passing of Bonnie Beaver, a long-term Baer Fabrics employee. Folder 70 documents Baer Fabrics’ support of the Louisville Actors Theatre and Louisville Ballet costuming needs. Folder 71 contains awards given to Baer Fabrics and Stuart Goldberg (one additional award is in folder 185). Folder 72 documents Baer Fabrics summer sewing camp for teenagers. Folder 73 pertains to the annual “Banana Sale,” where customers donated bananas for the Louisville Zoo or cash or canned food for the Salvation Army. Of note is a thank you letter from the Zoo that contains a peacock feather. Folder 74 pertains to a charitable home remodel. Alongside other local businesses, Baer Fabrics supported the repairs and decoration of Lois June Jackson’s home. Jackson, who was blind, was sold a home that needed extensive undisclosed repairs.

Folders 75-90 document Baer Fabrics’ 1980-2008 involvement with and sponsorship of multiple state fairs, quilt shows, quilt contests, quilting groups, art exhibits, art projects, and organizations. These include the Kentucky Derby Children’s Parade, Kentucky Women’s Show, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society Quilt Show, Kentucky Fall Festival of Quilts; Louisville Nimble Thimbles, Paducah Quilt Show, Kentucky State Fair, Louisville Art Gallery and Water Tower Association. Folder 91 contains pamphlets for two miscellaneous events: Runway and the Army Soldier Show.

Folders 92-96 document two of Baer Fabrics’ anniversary events, the 86th anniversary in 1991 and the 100th anniversary in 2005. For both anniversaries, Baer Fabrics invited customers to submit their memories of Baer Fabrics to win in-store credit. The correspondences about and entries for the 86th anniversary are in folder 92. Folders 93-96 document the 100th anniversary.

Folders 97-102 pertain to Baer Fabrics’ ongoing business relationships with other sewing professionals. Folder 97 contains correspondence with and a photograph of Eunice Farmer, a sewing professional and associate of Stuart Goldberg. Folders 98-102 relate to Sandra Betzina, a nationally recognized sewing professional who hosted annual sewing classes at Baer Fabrics from 1988-2007. The folders contain programs, speeches, schedules, and other related materials.

Folders 103-107 contain programs, articles, and Stuart Goldbergs speeches from the following sewing and business conferences held between 1980 and 1992: Climbing Mountains Seminar; BV Conference; trade shows; OTC Atlanta; and a costuming event.

Folders 108-115 contain correspondence, planning and organization documents, and speeches related to Baer Fabrics annual spring and fall customer fashion shows. Customers were invited to wear the clothes they made at Baer Fabrics events or with fabric and supplies purchased from Baer Fabrics. These fashion shows are extensively documented in the photo collection.

Folders 116-120 document Baer Fabrics’ support of local schools, youth, and education groups. Folder 116 relates to Baer Fabrics’ support of Louisville schools, including correspondence from the students and teachers at Indian Trail School and Jefferson Country Public Schools (JCPS) in general. Folders 117 and 118 contain projects about Baer Fabrics completed by University of Louisville (UofL) students and correspondence between these students and Stuart Goldberg. Folder 119 documents Baer Fabrics’ support of the Sister Cities Youth Soccer program. Folder 120 contains books published in 1994 and 1995 by the American Quilt Study Group (ASQG), who used Baer Fabrics as a community meeting space, and the Kentucky Quilt Project.

Business Relationships

Folders 121-129 contain correspondence between Baer Fabrics and their business partners, records of transactions, and documentation of special events or programs. Folders 121-124 document various aspects of Baer Fabrics’ and Stuart Goldberg’s association with Bernina, a sewing machine manufacturer. Baer Fabrics was a long-term supplier and supporter of Bernina machines. Also of note is folder 125, which documents Baer Fabrics’ ongoing relationship with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Clown College, and folder 126, which contains correspondence, news coverage, and photographs relating to Virginia Clinton Kelley’s dress for the presidential inauguration of her son Bill Clinton. Folders 127-129 pertain to business relationships with the home shopping network Quality, Value, and Convenience (QVC), Apex Entertainment, and Junior Achievement.

Folders 130-141 contain fabric sample books published or utilized by Baer Fabrics. Folders 130-134 contain planning documents for and two editions of The Fabric Thesaurus. The Fabric Thesaurus was a Baer Fabrics project led by education director Catherine Gross. It places samples of natural textiles alongside brief descriptions of them and was marketed as a reference and education tool to individuals and schools. The student and teacher copies are in this collection, and the general edition is in the Filson’s library collection. Folders 135-139 contain a fabric sample book that Baer Fabrics employees took to fairs and trade shows to show to costume design students. The acquisition note in this folder indicates that Goldberg believed students were future costume design leads and networking now was one way to encourage future business. Folder 140 contains the 1974 book Fabric Science New Fourth Edition by Joseph J. Pizzuto and revised by Arthur Price and Allen C. Cohen. Folder 141 contains the accompanying Fabric Science Swatch Kit.


Folders 142-169 contain magazine, newspaper, and digital articles related to Baer Fabrics or of general interest to Stuart Goldberg. Goldberg collected most of the articles on his own, and a few were sent to him by friends or business associates. The articles are divided by content, medium, and date. Folders 142-153 contain magazine, newspaper, and photocopied/printed articles from 1975-2008 that specifically mention Baer Fabrics. Folders 145, 149, and 153 also contain correspondence between Goldberg and the article writer. Folders 154-162 contain articles about sewing and business in general. Included are a broad range of articles about business management, trends in the textile industry, and sewing-related technological advancements. Of note are an article in folder 159 about artistic responses to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City and a publication about silk in folder 163. Folders 164-169 contain articles about Goldberg’s friends and Baer Fabrics business relationships. The article about Sandra Betzina in folder 165 provides a general overview of her work that pairs well with the documentation of her events at Baer Fabrics in folders 98-102.

Local Business Groups

Folders 170-186 document Stuart Goldberg’s involvement with local business groups, sometimes as a representative of Baer Fabrics and sometimes in the more general role of local businessman. In addition to general UofL School of Business records, folders 170-172 contain Goldberg’s input on the search for a new dean for the School of Business. Folders 173-178 and folders 182-184 contain records from city development committees and local business boards with an emphasis on Goldberg’s involvement in planning for the city’s future. Folders 179-181 contain records from the Kentuckiana Continuous Improvement Network (KCIN), a collaborative organization of local businesses that supported improvements in employee relations and internal business structures. Folder 186 contains a development plan for Liberty Green, a housing development close to Baer Fabrics. It also contains a 1993 Kentucky real estate flyer for 319-321 Pearl Bear Building, which has a street front name of Baer’s Bazaar 1900. The connection between this building and Baer Fabrics is unclear.

Folder 187 contains the collection’s oversized materials: a map of delivery routes; two A. Baer Co. merchandise bags; and plans for the storefront and floor plan of 1328 North Green River Road store in Evansville, Indiana.

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Folder List

Box 1

  1. Baer Fabrics company flyers and history, ca. 1975-1990s
  2. Ephemera, stationery, and order forms, ca. 1970-2008
  3. Articles of incorporation, 1977-2006
  4. Documents from the incorporation process, 1977-1986
  5. 620 W. Market St. storefront photographs, ca. late 1960s, 2002
  6. Décor samples for Evansville N. Green River Rd. store, 1985
  7. Newspaper articles about the Evansville N. Green River Rd. store, 1984-1985
  8. Designs, permits, and photographs for 515 E. Market St. store, ca. 1984-1986
  9. Certificates of approval for the elevator at 515 E. Market St., 1950-1955
  10. Bank records, loan records, and correspondence, 1992-2008
  11. Bank correspondence and Fifth Third Bank proposal, 2000-2001
  12. Financial closure and loan records from Fifth Third Bank, 2000-2008
  13. Financial closure and loan records from Fifth Third Bank, 2004-2008
  14. Employee directory, 1995-2006
  15. Employee training and introduction, ca. 1980s
  16. Policy manual, returns policy, and class schedule, ca. 2000-2008
  17. Training and orders, 1998 and ca. 2007-2008
  18. Button inventory, ca. 1980s-2008
  19. Button and buckle catalog numbers and prices, ca. 1992-2002
  20. Button marketing and wholesale, ca. 1980s-2008
  21. Button samples and website printout of button and buckle catalog, ca. 1990s-2008
  22. Employee newsletters, ca. 1981-1985
  23. Employee newsletter, 1993 and 1999
  24. Miscellaneous employee correspondence, 1985-1988
  25. Bear Fabrics all-star team drawing, ca. 1980s-2008
  26. Fashion illustrations, ca. 1980s-2008
  27. Internet homepage, 1998
  28. Keyword pages, 2008
  29. Miscellaneous website and online order records and fabric samples, 2008
  30. Pending online orders, 2008
  31. Order forms and samples, ca. 2008
  32. Customer order forms, ca. 1985-2008
  33. Fabric samples and order cards, ca. 1985-2008
  34. Awning purchase guides and material samples, ca. 1985-2008
  35. Ultrasuede fabric sample catalogs, ca. 1985-2008
  36. Ultrasuede fabric samples, spring palettes, 1994 and 1995
  37. Clarendon Textiles, Inc. fabric sample book, ca. 1985-2008
  38. Fabric tests, 1987
  39. Master Drycleaners Notebook, 1987
  40. Product guides, ca. 1980s-2008
  41. Commercial products catalogs, 1998-2001


Box 2

  1. Commercial products division catalogs, 2003-2007
  2. Notions and sewing supplies catalogs, ca. 1990s
  3. Notions and sewing supplies catalogs, ca. 2000s
  4. Theatre and costume catalogs, including sew-on button samples, ca. 1970-1989
  5. Ad stats, 1988-1989
  6. PFAFF ad stats, ca. 1980-1990s
  7. Bridal department ad stats, ca. 1980s-2008
  8. Theatre and costume ad stats, ca. 1980s-2008
  9. Newspaper advertisements, ca. 1980-2008
  10. Miscellaneous advertisements, 1988, ca. 1994-2008
  11. Logo design, 1980-1982
  12. Market research, 1977, 1987, 2003
  13. Homearama awning advertising, 2002
  14. Awning advertising, 2008
  15. The Baer’s Pantry cookbooks, ca. 1980-1985
  16. Baer Facts newsletters, Louisville, 1980-1989
  17. Baer Facts newsletters, Louisville, 1985
  18. Baer Facts newsletters, Louisville, 1990-1992

59a: Baer Facts newsletters, Louisville, 1990-1992

  1. Baer Facts newsletters, Evansville, 1980-1989
  2. Baer Facts newsletters, Evansville, 1990-1992
  3. Class schedules, spring, summer, and fall, 1993-1998
  4. Email newsletters, 2003-2006
  5. Email newsletters, January-March 2007
  6. Email newsletters, April-June, December 2007
  7. Email newsletters, 2008


Box 3

  1. Business and customer correspondence, 1984 and 1994-1995
  2. Customer and employee correspondence re: the closure of Baer Fabrics, 2008
  3. Bonnie Beaver obituary, condolence cards, and celebration of life booklet, 2007
  4. Actors Theatre and Louisville Ballet correspondence and programs, ca. 1981-1994
  5. Awards given to Stuart Goldberg or Baer Fabrics, 1991-2008
  6. Camp Baer summer teen sewing camp, 1987
  7. Banana Sale and Christmas sale correspondence and artwork, 1986-2008
  8. Lois June Jackson charitable home restoration, 2004
  9. Kentucky Derby Festival Children’s Parade, 1992-1993
  10. Kentucky Women’s Show event sponsorship, correspondence, and photographs, 1987
  11. Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft sponsorship, correspondence, and photographs, 2004-2005
  12. Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society Quilt Show sponsorship and correspondence 2006
  13. Kentucky Fall Festival of Quilts contest sponsorship and correspondence, 1991-1992
  14. Kentucky Fall Festival of Quilts contest sponsorship, correspondence, and photographs, 1993
  15. Kentucky Fall Festival of Quilts contest sponsorship and correspondence, 1994
  16. Kentucky Fall Festival of Quilts contest sponsorship and correspondence, 1995-1996
  17. Louisville Nimble Thimbles KY Quilt Fest contest sponsorship and correspondence, 1980s
  18. Kentucky Quilt Fest Nimble Thimbles contest sponsorship and correspondence, 1990s
  19. Paducah Quilt Show, correspondence, exhibit space plan, and photographs, 1994
  20. Kentucky State Fair textile awards sponsorship and correspondence, 1981-1988
  21. Kentucky State Fair textile awards sponsorship and correspondence, 1992-1999
  22. Kentucky State Fair textile awards sponsorship and correspondence, 2000-2008
  23. Louisville Art Gallery lace exhibit correspondence and news coverage, 1982
  24. Water Tower Association collaborative art project, 1985
  25. Runway, 1985, and the Army Soldier Show, ca. 1980s-2008
  26. Baer Tales entries and correspondence, 1991
  27. 100th anniversary contest entries, originals, 2005
  28. 100th anniversary contest entries, store display copies, 2005
  29. 100th anniversary contest entries, marked “previous memories,” 2005
  30. 100th anniversary newspaper clippings, advertising, and contestant directory, 2005
  31. Eunice Farmer correspondence and photograph, 1985-1993
  32. Sandra Betzina sewing event pamphlets, ca. 1988-2008
  33. Sandra Betzina sewing event correspondence, publicity, and program, 2005
  34. Sandra Betzina sewing event correspondence, publicity, and program, 2006
  35. Sandra Betzina sewing event correspondence, publicity, and program, 2007
  36. Sandra Betzina sewing event correspondence, publicity, and program, 2008
  37. Stuart Goldberg’s business succession speech, Climbing Mountains seminar, 1988
  38. Notes, business card, and photographs from BV conference, Las Vegas, 1989
  39. Stuart Goldberg’s sales speech and guide for the American Home Sewing Association (AHSA) conference, Las Vegas, 1990
  40. Stuart Goldberg’s speech about sewing classes at OTC, Atlanta, 1992
  41. Costuming event slide presentation and photograph, ca. 1980s-1990s
  42. Baer Fabrics customer fashion shows correspondence and speeches, 1986-1987
  43. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1988
  44. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1989
  45. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1990
  46. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1991
  47. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1992
  48. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1993
  49. Baer Fabrics customer fashion show correspondence and speeches, 1995


Box 4

  1. Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) and Indian Trail School correspondence, includes photographs, 1987
  2. University of Louisville (UofL) student projects about Baer Fabrics, 1996-1997
  3. University of Louisville (UofL) student projects about Baer Fabrics, 2005
  4. Sister Cities Youth Soccer support and correspondence, 1994-1999
  5. The American Quilt Study Group and the Kentucky Quilt Project correspondence and publications, 1994-1995
  6. Bernina sales incentive trip to Switzerland correspondence 1983-1986
  7. Bernina sales incentive trip to Hong Kong correspondence, 1987
  8. Miscellaneous Bernina correspondence, 1992-2000
  9. Bernina dealers meeting transcript, 2000
  10. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College correspondence and programs, 1989
  11. Virginia Clinton Kelley inaugural gown correspondence and publicity, 1993
  12. Quality, Value, and Convenience (QVC) quilt kits and quilt sample square, 1994
  13. Apex Entertainment velvet order and sample, 1996
  14. Junior Achievement publications and correspondence, 1986-1993
  15. The Fabric Thesaurus planning documents, 1987-1989
  16. The Fabric Thesaurus student edition part 1, 1987
  17. The Fabric Thesaurus student edition part 2, 1987
  18. The Fabric Thesaurus teacher edition part 1, 1987
  19. The Fabric Thesaurus teacher edition part 2, 1987
  20. Fabric sample book for theatre conventions, cover-page 8, ca. 1985-1999
  21. Fabric sample book for theatre conventions, pages 9-19, ca. 1985-1999
  22. Fabric sample book for theatre conventions, pages 20-29, ca. 1985-1999
  23. Fabric sample book for theatre conventions, pages 30-39, ca. 1985-1999
  24. Fabric sample book for theatre conventions, pages 40-44 and index, ca. 1985-1990
  25. Fabric Science New Fourth Edition, 1974
  26. Fabric Science Swatch Kit, 1974
  27. Magazine articles about Baer Fabrics, magazines, 1975-1989
  28. Newspaper clippings about Baer Fabrics, 1975-1989
  29. Photocopies and prints of articles about Baer Fabrics, 1980-1989
  30. Homesewing Trade News article about Baer Fabrics and correspondence, 1987


Box 5

  1. Magazine articles about Baer Fabrics, 1990-1999
  2. Newspaper clippings about Baer Fabrics, 1990-1999
  3. Photocopies and prints of articles about Baer Fabrics, 1990-1999
  4. “Ruler of the Material World” article about Baer Fabrics and correspondence, 1992
  5. Magazine articles about Baer Fabrics, magazines, 2000-2008
  6. Newspaper clippings about Baer Fabrics, 2000-2008
  7. Photocopies and prints of articles about Baer Fabrics, 2000-2008
  8. Southern Living article about Baer Fabrics and correspondence, 2004
  9. Photocopies and prints of articles about sewing and business, 1985-1989
  10. Magazine articles about sewing and business, 1990-1999
  11. Newspaper clippings about sewing and business, 1990-1999
  12. Photocopies and prints of articles about sewing and business, 1990-1999
  13. Magazine articles about sewing and business, 2000-2008
  14. Newspaper clippings about sewing and business, 2000-2008
  15. Photocopies and prints of articles about sewing and business, 2000-2008
  16. Articles about sewing and business, sewing with computers, 2002
  17. Articles about sewing and business, 2002
  18. Silk: Its Origin, Culture, and Manufacture, 1911
  19. Newspaper clippings about friends and business relationships, 1980-1989
  20. Newspaper clippings about friends and business relationships, 1990-1999
  21. Photocopies and prints of articles about friends and business relationships, 1990-1999
  22. Magazine articles about friends and business relationships, 2000-2008
  23. Newspaper clippings about friends and business relationships, 2000-2008
  24. Photocopies and prints of articles about friends and business relationships, 2000-2008
  25. UofL Business School Advisory Council minutes and correspondence, 1987-1989
  26. UofL Business School Advisory Council minutes and correspondence, 1990-1999
  27. UofL Business School Advisory Council minutes and correspondence, 2000-2002
  28. Downtown Development Commission (DDC) records and plans, 1989-2000
  29. DDC records and plans, 2000-2007
  30. DDC publications, ca. 1986-2007
  31. Leadership Louisville organization book and directories, ca. 1980-2008
  32. East Market District Business Directory, ca. 1990-2008
  33. Stuart Goldberg’s involvement in local business boards, 2001-2003
  34. Kentuckiana Continuous Improvement Network (KCIN) minutes and correspondence, 1993
  35. KCIN minutes and correspondence, 1994
  36. KCIN, minutes and correspondence, 1995-1997
  37. Miscellaneous city development documents, 1996-1998
  38. Louisville store board member records, 2005-2006
  39. Correspondence about sidewalk replacement, 1990
  40. Entrepreneur Society newsletters and correspondence, 1985-1987
  41. Liberty Green development plan and Kentucky real estate flyer, and ca. 1993-2008
  42. Folder 187 (oversized): Delivery route map, merchandise bags, and Evansville store plans, ca. 1980-1989


Subject Headings

A. Baer Co. (Louisville, Ky.)

Abramson, Jerry, 1946-

Actors – Kentucky – Louisville.

Actresses – Kentucky – Louisville.

Advertising – Kentucky – Louisville.

American Quilt Study Group.

Baer Facts (Louisville, Ky.)

Baer, Abraham (Abe) David, 1907-1982.

Baer, Ida G., 1908-1979.

Baer, Nathan, 1979-1950.

Ballet – Kentucky – Louisville.

Barnum and Bailey.

BERNINA of America Inc.

Betzina, Sandra, ca. 1943-

Boy’s clothing – Kentucky – Louisville.

Business enterprises – Kentucky – Louisville.

Business records – Kentucky – Louisville.

Buttons – Kentucky – Louisville.

Catalogs – Kentucky – Louisville.

Catherine Gross, ca. 1957-

Charitable contributions.


Children’s clothing – Kentucky – Louisville.

Clothing and dress – Kentucky – Louisville.


Commercial catalogs.

Costume – Kentucky – Louisville.

Day camps – Kentucky – Louisville.

Education – Kentucky – Louisville.

Electronic newsletters – Kentucky – Louisville.

Farmer, Eunice, 1917-2014.

Fashion shows – Kentucky – Louisville.

Finance – Kentucky – Louisville.

Girl’s clothing – Kentucky – Louisville.

Goldberg, Linda Baer, 1941-

Goldberg, Stuart S., 1941-

Jefferson County Public Schools.

Jewish businesspeople – Kentucky – Louisville.

Kelley, Virginia, 1923-1994.

Kentucky State Fair.

Louisville Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild (Ky.)

Louisville Zoological Society (Ky.)

Marketing – Kentucky – Louisville.

Marketing research – Kentucky – Louisville.

Men’s clothing – Kentucky – Louisville.

Merchants – Kentucky – Louisville.

Newsletters – Kentucky – Louisville.

Newspapers – Sections, columns, etc. – Fashion.

Nimble Thimbles Quilt Club.

Notions (Merchandise) – Kentucky – Louisville.

Pfaff (Firm).

Quilts – Kentucky – Louisville.

QVC (Firm).

Ringling Brothers.

Sales management – Kentucky – Louisville.

Sales personnel – Kentucky – Louisville.

Salvation Army.

Sewing – Equipment and supplies – Kentucky – Louisville.

Sewing – Kentucky – Louisville.

Stores, retail – Kentucky – Louisville.

Tailoring – Kentucky – Louisville.

Textile fabrics – Kentucky – Louisville.

Theatre – Kentucky – Louisville.

University of Louisville.

Wedding costumes.


Women’s clothing – Kentucky – Louisville.