Stratton Owen Hammon (1904-1997) Papers, 1929-1996

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Stratton Owen Hammon 1904-1997 

Title:  Papers, 1929-1996 

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Location Number:  Mss. AH225 

Scope and Content Note 

Papers collected by Hammon dealing with his career as an architect in Louisville. The bulk of the papers deal with correspondence, invoices, contracts and specification books for buildings he designed but there are files dealing with his time in the Army during WWII and some genealogical files.  

Separation Note  

Architectural drawings and photographs were removed from collection and cataloged separately, respectively as the “Stratton Owen Hammon (1904-1997) Architectural Drawings, 1929-1996” [Mss. AR H225] and the “Stratton 0. Hammon Photo Collection.”  Please refer to the correlating project indices for a complete listing and more information.  

Biographical Note 

Stratton Owen Hammon was born in 1904 :in Louisville, Ky. By the age of 18 he was working for the firm M. J. Murphy as a draftsman and learning architecture. He left M. J. Murphy in 1929 to start his own business. His business quickly grew and he was recognized as a first class architect not only in the city of Louisville but in national magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, McCall’s Magazine and Good Housekeeping Magazine.  

During the Second World War he enlisted as a Captain in the Army Corps of Engineers in the summer of 1942 and was placed in charge of the construction of an airfield in Columbus, Ind. When that job was done he was then sent to oversee the construction of the airfield at Sturgis, Ky. By spring of 1943 he was promoted to Major and sent to the Regional Office of the Corps of Engineers in Louisville where he was involved in such projects as construction at the Naval Ordinance Plant, Bowman and Standiford Fields, Nichols General Hospital and Jeffersonville Quatermaster Depot.  

Hammon’s army career took a change when he was classified as fit for combat and sent to the University of Virginia to be trained in Military Occupational Government. He was then sent over to England and then to France where he arrived a couple of weeks after D-Day. Hammon then became an officer in the Museum, Fine Arts and Archives Division of the Allied Forces. He worked in France and the Low Countries surveying historical sites for damage and or looting. He eventually was assigned to the SHAEF in Paris before coming home to the United States just before the war ended.  

After the war he returned to Louisville and started practicing as an architect. His son Neal joined him to form Hammon and Hammon in the 1950’s. They designed many houses as well as doing work for such companies as Reynolds Aluminum and General Box as well as government jobs for Jefferson County, Ky., Jefferson County, Ind., Orange County, Ind., and the Corps of Engineers. Hammon practiced his trade up until his death in 1997.  

Folder List 

Box 1  

Folder 1: 1929-1934 Correspondence: Photograph of the Sugar Creek Bridge. June 29, 1934 Alben W. Barkley letter on Public Housing Bill. July 19, 1934 letter from Mayor Neville Miller, about Sinking Fund. Nov 10, 1934 Thank you letter from Senator J.M. Robsion.  

Folder 2: 1935 Correspondence: May 30, 1935 letter from Millersburg Military Institute on sending two boys. July 8, 1935 Millersburg Military Institute.  

Folder 3: 1936-1941 Correspondence: 28Sept. 1936 letter from American Institute of Architects to Hammon about suing for ownership of house plans. Feb.8, 1938 letter from Albert B. Chandler while governor of Kentucky.  

Folder 4: Undated pre-war letters: Copy of letter to editor on Slum Clearance. Letter to M.J. Murphy telling him off. Letter opposing NRA fees with NRA Code.  

Folder 5: Personal Diary 7Dec. 1941 to 29 Jan.1943: Columbus, Indiana airfield construction. Page 54 12 August 1942 complains about the Jews winning most of the contracts. Page 87 10 Oct. 1942 ”Unions are as hard to fight as the Japs - harder in fact.” Map of airfield between 100-  

101. After Nov.28, 1942 transferred to Sturgis, Kentucky. P.124, 8 Dec. 1942 has a hand drawn map of his Sturgis Barracks. Map of Sturgis Airfield and photographs of Sturgis Airfield and Camp Breckinridge, Ky. in Back of diary.  

Folder 6: Typed transcripts of letters home to his wife from 7 Dec. 1943 to 1 Aug. 1944: 31 May 1944 letter describes trip over to Europe on the “Queen Elizabeth”. 8 June 1944 describes architecture in England. 10 June 1944 describes an English Tea at a home in Swindon. 18 June 1944 went to pup “Horse and Jockey” in Manchester with John Sherman Cooper. Describes V1 attack. 15 July 1944 another “buzz bomb” attack. 19 July bombed out Southampton. 20 July crossing the channel. Copy of an article published in the Journal of Mississippi History Feb. 1972 about Archivist in Italy during the war. Copy of key to code devised by Hammon to beat security.  

Folder 7: Correspondence 1945: 8 Aug. 1945 letter from Col. Henry C. Newton describes post war Germany and his work with MFA&A (Museums, Fine Arts and Archives). Photograph and post cards from Europe. Booklet on returning to civilian life.  

Folder 8: Correspondence Feb. 1942 – May 1948: 5 March 1942 letter from Delhi, India talking about the war in the Southeast Asian sector. Mentions General Wavell. Letter 23 Dec. 1942 tells of his genealogy from Owenton, Ky. 12 May 1943 Letter to Kenneth Tuggle offering his support to Tuggle in the election. Letter ofl 5 May from Tuggle Thanking him for his support in his campaign for Lt. Gov. Letter 20 June 1945 from Col. Henry C. Newton describes VE Day in Paris, a trip to Venice and Germany around Frankfurt an Main.  

Folder 9: Correspondence Aug 1938 – Nov. 1950: Certificates of Course completion while in Army Reserve. 11 Dec. 1941 Letter from J.M. Robison about commission in service. 2 Jan. 1942 letter from Albert B. Chandler about commission in service. Letter August 1945 from Pete discusses building POW camps in Germany and Rumors of Japan surrender. Letter 1 Oct. 1945 discusses re-conversion of American production after the war. Letter 17 Dec. 1945 from Col.  Henry C. Newton discusses the MFA&A operations and the taking of ”loot” to the United States. Letter 22 May 1946 discusses John Sherman Cooper’s election to the Senate. Letter 26 July 1946 discusses European Peace Plan and Soviet threats. Discusses Nazi sentiments in Germany and the elections of France and Italy. Letter 19 Nov. 1946 describes L. J. Simonisch’s last year of the war and post war duty with Vl attacks on Liege and marriage to a Belgium woman. Letter 13 Dec.  1946 from Col. Henry C. Newton describes Stalin “to build another Maginot line from the Elbe to Trieste”. Other discussions of Soviet policy including in Greece. Discusses the American election, Republican candidates. Willkie Dollar Certificate.  

Folder 10: Military Orders 1942-1945: Order 19 July 1943 on which Stratton has noted it was in response to Race riots. Includes commission, promotion and discharge papers.  

Folder 11: Military Forms and newspaper articles: Pay Vouchers, Newspaper articles and photographs of a plane crash. Japanese Peso from Philipine Islands.  

Folder 12: Education Files: Letters attempting to get a degree from U ofL.  

Folder 13: Medical Records: 1942-1956: Letters dealing with war injuries. Include 1945 photograph of Stratton Hammon in uniform.  

Folder 14: Insurance Records: 1942-1951  

Folder 15: Military Papers: I.D. Card, discharge Papers.  

Folder 16: Fine Arts, Monuments and Archive Papers: Copy of report by Capt. Ralph Hammett on the importance of the FAM&A section and how it is dominated by the British. Article describing duties and personnel of the FAM&A. College Art Journal January 1946 with article SHAEF and the Protection of Monuments in Northwest Europe and other articles of such nature. Includes a history of his service in Fine Arts, Monuments and Archives.  

Folder 17: Personal Narrative of his ”Battle at Pierrefitte. Photograph of Hammon and ”Houston”.  

Folder 18: Gundling Material: Lawsuit by Government.  

Folder 19: Fine Arts, Monuments and Archive Papers: 1944-1946: General order from Eisenhower about the Fine Arts, Monuments & Archives mission. Reports about some French  

Sites. Photographs from France and Italy of Monument and library damage. Several rough drafts of articles about FAM&A and a Winter 1946 Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review Article by Ralph W. Hammett The Army and Art.  

Folder 20: Promotion Papers: 1943-1953: Organization chart for Louisville Construction. Feb. 10 1945 letter from Lt. Gov. Kenneth H. Tuggle requesting Hammon resign and come home to design hospitals for Kentucky’s war on TB. Papers dealing with Hammon’s attempt to get his efficiency rating changed so he cold receive a promotion to Lt. Col. And his attempts to get a Bronze Star for himself and Lt. Wosk.  

Folder 21: Army Correspondence: 1942-1945: Official and some personal correspondence. Mostly deals with the construction of air bases in Kentucky and Indiana with some personal letter dealing with after war prospects for construction.  

Folder 22: 1996 newspaper article about recovered stolen art from WWII. A September 1995 issue of FlyPast Magazine with an article on American WWII airfields.  


Box 2  

Folder 23: 1941 Inspection Manual for U.S. Engineer Office: Vol. 1  

Folder 24: 1942 Corps ofEngineers Engineering Manual: Lay out for different camp designs.  

Folder 25: Equipment Manual for Area and Post Engineers: Equipment needed for different types of buildings (Hospitals, Mess Halls, etc… )  

Folder 26: Engineering Manuals and articles on pouring concrete.  

Folder 27: Job Diary July 29, 1942 – December 5, 1942 Columbus Air Base, Columbus, Indiana: Day to day descriptions of the construction and weather. Problems include the weather strikes and material shortages.  

Folder 28: Job Diary December 8, 1942 - March 1, 1943 Sturgis Air Base, Strugis, Ky.: June 20 1945 letter from Ruth Wilson telling of the death ofLt. Harold Dettman in the Philippines. Day to day descriptions of work on constructing the airbase.  

Folder 29: Job Diary March 1, 1943 - April 26, 1943 Louisville Area Office: Job Diary for central organization of projects in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. These projects include work at Standiford and Bowman fields, Nichols General Hospital, the Louisville Ordinance Plant and the Quartermaster Depot in Jeffersonville Ind.. On 19 April a note is made stating that the best, highest quality equipment needs to made available to the troops even if it means repairing equipment with baling wire for domestic use.  

Folder 30: Job Diary 26 April- June 30 1943 Louisville Area Office: 5-7 May 1943: Labor Union threaten to pull labor unless extra workers supplied by U.S. Employment Services are laid off from the Jeffersonville QM Depot.  

Folder 31: Telephone Diary 9 December 1942 - 1 March 1943 Sturgis Air Support Command Base: 6 Feb. 1943 a fire destroys a building and a jeep.  

Folder 32: Telephone Diary 1 March 1943 - 15 May 1943 Corps of Engineers, Ky. District: Projects include Bowman and Standiford Fields, Nichols General Hospital, Louisville Ordinance Plant, and Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot.  

Folder 33: Telephone Diary 15 May – 30 June 1943 Corps of Engineers, Ky. District: Same as above.  

Folder 34: Training Material from the School ofMilitary Government, University ofVirginia, Charlottesville, Class VII: Catalog of the school and class with Hammon’s picture. Training material of military government problems and Hammon’s answer to some of the problems.  Includes description of German and Japanese occupational government.  

Folder 35: Training Material from the School of Military Government, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Class VII: Military Organization, Medical Procedures.  

Folder 36: Engineering Manual for an Air Base Design  


Box 3  

Folder 37: Josh Adams, Danville, Ky. Renovation Sketches, Photographic Negatives 1975. Folder 38: Joshua B. Adams, Rock Creek, Louisville, Ky. 1956. Correspondence and Notes. Folder 39: Mrs. Martin Adams, Cherokee Gardens lot 25 (Fairfield Unit): Correspondence.  

Folder 40: American Refined Oil Company, State Road 52, New Albany, Ind.: Correspondence, Sketches and blue prints dealing with the construction of display cases for their Service Stations in 1953.  

Folder 41: Sarah Anderson, Tompkinsville, Ky. : Correspondence and sketches.  

Folder 42: Apartment Building, Champaign, Illinois: Correspondence, contracts and some Illinois Power and Plumbing Code material.  

Folder 43: Dr. Edward Arn, 406 Club Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence. Folder 44: Artemus High School Gymnasium, Artemus, Kentucky: Correspondence.  

Folder 45: Ashland Oil & Refining Co., Ashland, Ky.: Correspondence on building gas stations for the company.  

Folder 46: Mrs. Peter Lee Atherton, Brown Hotel, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, Sketch and drawing.  

Folder 47: Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky., (Bud Martin- Travelers): Correspondence.  

Folder 48: Tom D. Barbee, 147 Westwind Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence to rebuild his house after a tornado.  

Folder 49: Barbourville Armory, Barbourville, Ky.: Specifications Book for the proposed Armory and Correspondence about the legal case that followed when the Armory was not built.  

Folder 50: Horace M. Barker, Anchorage, Ky.: Correspondence and sketches. 

Folder 51: Barren County Farm Building, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence for building a home for the poor in Glasgow with a conflict between Hammon and the County because the county decided to build in a different place and reqired new plans before they paid for the old plans.  

Folder 52: Wm. E. Barth, 408 W. Ormsby, Apt. #2, Louisville, Ky.: Sketches and notes for their house built on Crosshill Road with a newspaper article about the finished home.  

Folder 53: Gordon Beckler, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and Sketches of the house being built on Westwind Road.  

Folder 54: Men’s Dormitory, Murray State University: Correspondence about a proposed Dormitory at the University. 

Folder 55:Robert Begley, Richmond, Ky.: Correspondence on a remodeling job.

Folder 56: Homer Bennett, Marsee Drive, Harlan, Ky.: Correspondence, contract and photographs of the lot on which the Bennet’s wish to build a house.  

Folder 57: C.P. Besendorf, Watterson Trail, Louisville, Ky.: notes and correspondence. Folder 58: Better Homes and Gardens ”Model Home”: Correspondence and magazine articles.  

Letter 6 April 1950 discusses Louisville’s changing economy after WWII and the price of building  homes.  

Folder 59: Better Homes and Gardens: Correspondence to 1940: Letters discussing Hammon sending plans and payment for published plans. Copies of two houses as they appeared in the magazine.  

Folder 60: David Blue, #3 Popular Crest Louisville, Ky.: Notes, Correspondence and Specification Books on building his house.  

Folder 61: Blue Boar Cafeteria #1, 644 South Fourth Street, Louisville, Ky.: Notes, drawings, correspondence, specification book and supplement material for the remodeling of the cafeteria in Louisville.  

Folder 62: Board of Education, Rubel Avenue School Survey, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence. Letter 17 December, 1948 from Charles P. Farnsley discusses the survey.  

Folder 63: Dean Boggs, Attorney, Jacksonville, Fla.: Correspondence, notes, travel information dealing with a legal case in Florida dealing with vibration damage.  

Folder 64: Charles E. Boles, 3024 Que Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.: Correspondence and sketches for a remodeling job in Glasgow, Ky.  

Folder 65: W.B. Bowles, 113 College Street, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence and notes. Folder 66: Morton Boyd, Louisville, Ky.: Notes, drawings and bills.  

Folder 67: Boxhill Estates: Map, Restriction book, and illustrated book on Boxhill Estates.  

Folder 68: Owsley Brown, 6501 Longview Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, bills, photographs and drawings of the remodeling of his house.  

Folder 69: Helm Bruce: Correspondence and bill.  

Folder 70: E. J. Buechel, 2514 Valetta, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, bills, specification books  

Folder 71: R.H. Burdette, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence, bills, sketches, drawings, contract and specification book for the house.  

Folder 72: Fred G. Burdorf, Alta Vista, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence.  

Folder 73: L.E. Byrne, Apt. E-5, 114 Cresent Avenue, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and bills.  


Box 4  

Folder 74: A. Cakir, Nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey: Correspondence and plot plan for  the nightclub. The club may not have been built because of fears of the Christian owner in a Moslem country.  

Folder 75: Clarence A. Campbell, Cloverlot, Anchorage, Ky.: Correspondence and sketches on converting an old cabin and a shed into new useful buildings.  

Folder 76: Tim Lee Carter, Tompkinsville, Ky., House Remodeling - Evans House: Correspondence about collecting money owed to Hammon.  

Folder 77: Central Oil Company, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence, sketches and specification  book on remodeling of their office.  

Folder 78: Central Tire Company, Bowling Green, Ky.: Correspondence.  

Folder 79: Henry S. Chesnut, Hopkinsville, Ky.: Correspondence and specification books on a motel built in Hopkinsville, Ky.  

Folder 80: Church, Rev. James Sowders: Correspondence, sketches and booklets on laminated arches.  

Folder 81: Stephen A. Cisler, 565 Upland Road, Louisville, Ky. (Addition): Correspondence, notes and invoices for the work done.  

Folder 82: Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust, Balcony Addition, Main Branch, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and figures.  

Folder 83: Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust Co., St. Matthews Branch: Notes, correspondence, invoices and photographs for a remodeling job at the branch of the bank.  

Folder 84: C.C. Clarke, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence, sketches and invoices for remodeling his home.  

Folder 85: Archibald Cochran, Blankenbaker Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence. Folder 86: Hagen Codell, Winchester, Ky.: Corr,espondence, notes, invoices and sketches.  

Folder 87: James Codell III, Winchester, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and photographs of remodeling job.  

Folder 88: James Codell, Winchester, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, sketches and booklets dealing with the construction of his house.  

Folder 89: James Codell III, Winchester, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes, sketches and specification book for a new house.  

Folder 90: Abe Cohen, 3212 Bon Air, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, drawings and contract for building a house.  

Folder 91: B.H. Collings, Newburg Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence on charge for services. Folder 92: Philip Comstock, 2401 Randsell Ave., Louisville, Ky.: Invoices and sketches.  

Folder 93: Raymond Comstock, 1106 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, Ky.: Invoices and sketches.  

Folder 94: Curtis Congleton, Barbourville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice and plumbing specification book.  

Folder 95: Contracts: Contracts for Architectural jobs done by Hammon.  

Folder 96: Roderick G. Cooper, GulfHills, Ocean Springs, Mississippi: Correspondence.  

Folder 97:John B Copenhefer: Correspondence, contracts and court case decisions in a dispute over money owed.  

Folder 98: Corps of Engineers: Papers and forms dealing with projects for the Corps of Engineers.  

Folder 99: Corps of Engineers, Remodeling of Armor Maintenance Board Headquarters Building: Correspondence, notes sketches and specification book for the project.  

Folder 100: Corps of Engineers: Correspondence trying to get government work for Hammon’s firm Vibration Damage Specialist.  

Folder 101: Corps of Engineers, Ft. Knox Gymnasium and Guest House: Correspondence, notes contracts and applications to build these buildings.  

Folder 102: Corps ofEngineers, Ft. Knox, 300 seat Chapel: Correspondence, notes drawings invoices and other material related to the building of the chapel. Includes equal employment information.  

Folder 103: Corps of Engineers, Ft. Knox, 300 seat chapel: Specification book.  

Folder 104: Corps of Engineers, U.S. Government, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, contracts and estimates for 300 seat chapel.  

Folder 105: Court of Appeals Building, Frankfort, Ky.: Letter 12 April 1946 to Kenneth Tuggle from Eldon S. Dummit talks of build contracts going to an architect who has contributed heavily to the campaign. 18 April letter from Governor Simeon Willis. Other correspondence about securing the contract for the Court of Appeals building.  

Folder 106: W. R. Cory, 2853 Regan Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, drawings and specification book for their house.  

Folder 107: Millard Cox: Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and notes.  

Folder 108: J. H. Cross, Albany, Ky.: Correspondence and drawing of their house.  


Box 5  

Folder 109: E. L. Davis, Mayflower Apartments, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contract, invoices, notes and drawing of a house being designed by Hammon.  

Folder 110: Cedric Denny, Indian Hills, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, Specification book, Plot Plan for lot and sketches for the house.  

Folder 111: Mrs. Wm. Dickinson, 107 Trigg Court, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence sketches and blue prints for the remodeling of their house.  

Folder 112: Division of Economic Security, District Office Building, Elizabethtown, Ky.: Correspondence, notes invoices, price list and drawings for the rernodling of the building for the state of Kentucky.  

Folder 113: Jacob M. Dowerrnan, Budd Road, New Albany, Indiana: Correspondence and notes.  

Folder 114: Edenside Baptist Church, Bardstown Rd., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence about remodeling the church.  

Folder 115: Hayden Edwards, Lightfoot Rd., Louisville, Ky. (Old Wallace Davis House): Correspondence and invoice with some notes on the remodeling of the house.  

Folder 116: George J. Ellis Jr., Glasgow, Ky. : Correspondence, notes and sketches of a house to be built.  

Folder 117: Luther C. Ellis, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence between Hammon and his Lawyer, Cecil Wilson of Glasgow as they try to collect money owed by Ellis to Hammon.  

Folder 118: Elizabethtown Country Club, Elizabethtown, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and drawings of the heating system at the club.  

Folder 119: Cecil Embry, Blankenbaker Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and sketches of proposed remodeling.  

Folder 120: Embry Container Corporation, 646 ‘West Hill Street: Invoice and sketches of work done.  

Folder 121: William C. Embry, Valetta Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and specification book for an addition at the home.  

Folder 122: William C. Embry, Florida Horne: Correspondence and sketch of property. Folder 123: Engineering Calculations  

Folder 124: ESSA - Weather Bureau, Rockville, Maryland: Correspondence, notes and information booklets.  

Folder 125: W. George Evans, Glasgow, Ky. : Correspondence, specification book and photographs of the house being remodeled.  

Folder 126: Fair Grounds Grandstand Building: Specification Books.  

Folder 127: Farmers National Bank, Somerset, Ky.: Correspondence and specification book for remodeling job. Post card with illustration of the bank.  

Folder 128: Myron Feinberg, Marott Hotel Apt. 1026, Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana: Correspondence and clippings.  

Folder 129: Richard B. Fenley, Louisville, Ky.: Contract, notes and sketches with a neighborhood map for the home being built on Poplar Crest Court.  

Folder 130: Robert L. Forste, Linwood Drive, New Albany: Notes.  

Folder 131: Specification Book for construction of Gymnasium, Fort Knox, Ky.: Not in a folder, bound book.  

Folder 132: Paul Fox, 2348 Tyler Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Sketches, Appliance books and wall paper sample.  

Folder 133: W.G. Frank, Jarvis Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, contracts, sketches, drawings and photograph of the house built for Mr. Frank.  

Folder 134: Frankfort Airport, Kentucky Aeronautics Commission, Frankfort, Ky.: Correspondence dealing with finding a place for the airport and drawing the plans. Invoices for services rendered.  

Folder 135: Walt Freeman, Jr., 227 East Lee Street, Louisville, Ky. Correspondence and notes.  

Folder 136: Wallace A. Fritton, 2927 Avon Rd., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence.  


Box 6  

Folder 137: William Gabbard Jr., Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence.  

Folder 138: Richard L. Garnett, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence about building a house started before the war and continued after the war with material shortages.  

Folder 139: General Box Company Factory, Old Shepherdsville Rd., Jefferson County, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, invoices, sketches and drawings from the construction of the factory.  

Folder 140: General Box Company Factory, Old Shepherdsville Rd., Jefferson County, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, sketches, drawings, invoices and photographs from the construction on their factory.  

Folder 141: Walker Gibbs, Shelbyville, Ky.: Correspondence, sketches and notes.  

Folder 142: Glasgow Airport, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence and applications to do the construction on the airport.  

Folder 143: Glasgow Baptist Church Educational Bldg., Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence, contract and invoices for building the educational building for the church.  

Folder 144: Glasgow Houses 1937-1941: Correspondence, notes and sketches from clients in Glasgow.  

Folder 145: Glasgow Swimming Pool, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence and invoices for building the city swimming pool.  

Folder 146: Carl F. Gobert, 725 North Third Street, Bardstown, Ky.: Correspondence, contract, invoices and lot plan for his house.  

Folder 147: Harry Goldberg, 3945 Kennison, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and contracts dealing with the construction of the house and the legal problems when a contractor fails in his obligations.  

Folder 148: Laman A. Gray, Upper River Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence notes and sketches dealing with building the Gray’s a house. Includes correspondence for two house plans as the first was found to be too expensive.  

Folder 149: Gus Griffin, 422 Country Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Specifications for remodeling job. 

Folder 150: T. B. Grissom, Burnside, Ky., Moter Court and Restaurant: Correspondence, pamphlet for the town of Burnside and the new Wolf Creek Dam of Lake Cumberland, and contract for building a motel. 

Folder 151: George E. Gutermuth, Elizabethtown, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, sketches, notes and contract for building a house.  

Folder 152: Harriet Grundy, Proctor Knott Avenue, Lebanon, Ky.: Correspondence, drawings, notes and contract for building her house.  


Box 7  

Folder 153: Stratton O Hammon, Blankenbaker Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices sketches drawings and other material related to the construction of his house. Letter 15 March 1947 describes how to keep a road private use only and the two ways the public can lay claim to use of a private road making it a public road. Photographs of construction and a house fire.  

Folder 154: Stratton 0. Hammon, Maple Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and invoices for a house being built.  

Folder 155: Stratton 0. Hammon, 147 Westwind Rd.: Correspondence, catalogs, invoices and photographs for the house built by Hammon for his own personal use after acquiring the lot from a house destroyed in the 1974 tornado. Photographs are of the remains of the house in November of 1974.  




Folder 171: The Otis Hidden Company, 531 West Main Street, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, invoice and sketch for entrance to building.  

Folder 172: John Hill, Somerset, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and sketches for a house. Folder 173: Leonard Hislope, Somerset, Kentucky: Correspondence and drawing for a Motel. Folder 174: Richard Holt, 1111 Covered Bridge Rd., Prospect, Ky.: Specification book.  

Folder 175: Housing Projects, LaSalle and College Court: Sketches and notes from the building of these two housing projects.  

Folder 176: Humane Society of Kentucky, Animal Rescue League, 1036 South Hancock St.: Notes and drawing for their office and pens.  

Folder 177: Arthur T. Hurst, 2305 Raliegh Lane, Remodeling and addition: Correspondence, invoices, notes and sketches for the remodeling and addition to the house.  

Folder 178: William T. Ingram, Indian Hills, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and sketches. 

Folder 179: James C. Irvin: Invoice, specification book, contract, notes and sketches. Folder 180: M. D. Jasper, Mt. Washington, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice and notes.  

Folder 181: Jefferson County, Ky., Proposed Architectural work: Letters to George Berry and Bemis Lawrence asking for work from the county and exploiting his Republican connections.  

Folder 182: Jefferson County Fiscal Court #462, Fire and Police Sub-station, Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky.: Correspondence and drawings for the construction of the fire house on Dixie Highway.  

Folder 183: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Fire Station and Police Sub-station, Newburg Rd, Louisville, Ky.: Invoices, Correspondence, specification book notes and drawings for the Newburg Rd. fire house.  

Folder 184: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Fire and Police Sub-station, Middletown, Ky.: Invoices, correspondence, specification book, drawings and photographs for the construction of the substation and Hammon getting the key to the city.  

Folder 185: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Evaluation of Jefferson County Property: Correspondence and figures as Hammon was one of the people chosen to do a property evaluation for County owned property.  

Folder 186: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Fire and Police Substation, U.S. 42, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence dealing with the acquisition of the property for the substation.  

Folder 187: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Judge Barker’s Court Room, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and invoices for remodeling Judge Barker’s Court room.  

Folder 188: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Jefferson County Jail, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, supply booklets and drawings for the remodeling of the jail.  

Folder 189: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Jefferson County Power House, Louisville, Ky.: Invoices, correspondence and specification book for the power house for the Jefferson County Jail.  

Folder 190: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Jeffersontown County Home, Jeffersontown, Ky.: Invoices correspondence and notes.  

Folder 191: Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Playground & Recreation Board, Louisville, Ky.: Invoices, correspondence and specification book for a remodeling of the offices of the Playground & Recreation Board in the Armory.  

Folder 192: Jefferson County Post, Gilmore Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Sketch and note. Folder 193: I. Sidney Jenkins, Natchez Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and invoice.  

Folder 194: I. Sidney Jenkins, Apartment Complex: Correspondence, zoning book, plot plans and newspaper articles about building apartments near the Westport Rd. Ford plant.  

Folder 195: L.E. Johnson, 547 Primrose Way, Louisville, Ky.: Note and sketch for a doset.  

Folder 196: Joseph P. Jones, Jr., #10 Seneca Gardens, Louisville, Ky.: Invoice, notes and sketch.  

Folder 197: Loren Jones, Paducah, Ky.: Correspondence and drawing for remodeling their Doctor’s Office.  

Folder 198: E. Skiles Jones, Middletown, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, sketches and fixture book for an apartment complex.  

Folder 199: S.P. Jones, Servomation Building, Robards Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Invoices, correspondence, specification books, notes and heating books.  

Folder 200: Preston P. Joyes, Upper River Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, Invoices, notes, sketches, drawings and contract for a house.  


Box 9  

Folder 201: Franklin E. Katterjohn, 407 Lincoln Park Drive, Evansville, Indiana: Correspondence and plot plan for a garage apartment.  

Folder 202: Kenyon College, Pierre B. McBride: Correspondence about designing a fraternity house at the college.  

Folder 203: Kentucky Building Company, Lexington, Ky. (Moran and Gartell): Correspondence about designing an apartment.  

Folder 204: Kentucky Central Life and Accident Insurance Company: Correspondence about the legal case to collect payment.  

Folder 205: Kentucky Air Transport: Correspondence, notes and drawings for building a hanger and office at Bowman Field.  

Folder 206: Kentucky Fried Chicken: Correspondence and contracts for designing two prototype stores for KFC with a Kentucky Heritage theme.  

Folder 207: Kentucky School for the Blind Physical Education Bldg., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and drawings for building the Physical Education building at the Kentucky School for the Blind. Includes an article on how to design a swimming pool for blind people.  

Folder 208: Kentucky School for the Blind, Physical Education Bldg., Louisville, Ky.: Invoices.  

Folder 209: Kentucky School for the Blind, Physical Education Bldg., Louisville, Ky.: Specification.  

Folder 210: Kentucky School for the Blind: Correspondence and invoices for building the new building. In a letter 24 Feb. 1959 he voices his opinion of the old building calling it a ”monument to” Costigan instead of a practical school for the blind. ”Even in 1855 the necessity of blind children trudging up and down five flights of steps to attend school, to reach their meals and to carry water and coal to their rooms was abominable. Costigan knew this as well as we do today but he needed a large high mass of building upon which to set his useless dome.”  

Folder 211: Kentucky School for the Blind, Physical Education Building: Correspondence and invoices for construction of the building. A booklet with a history of the school for the blind with reprints of articles from the 1842 Louisville Journal newspaper.  

Folder 212: Kentucky School for the Blind: Periodical estimates and progress charts. 

Folder 213: Kentucky School for the Blind: Correspondence and invoices.  

Folder 214: Kentucky School for the Blind: Report of Final Foundation Investigation.  

Folder 215: Kentucky State Fair Grounds, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence about remodeling some buildings at the Kentucky State Fair Grounds in 1947. Includes correspondence about collecting money Hammon thought he was owed from the board.  

Folder 216: Kentucky Unemployment Compensation Building, F’rankfort, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, drawings and notes for the construction of this building. Includes contracts between Hammon and a firm in Frankfort, Ky., C. Julian Oberwarth.  


Box 10  

Folder 217: Freeman Keyes. Reverie Knoll, Danville, Ky.: Correspondence, Invoice, sketches and notes for designing a home.  

Folder 218: Knox county Courthouse, Barbourville, Kentucky: Correspondence, sketches and notes about proposed additions to the courthouse in 1942.  

Folder 219: John B. Kingham, Remodeling Florida Residence: Correspondence, notes, sketches and drawings.  

Folder 220: Kingham Trailer Company, 1409 W. Hill St., Louisville, Ky.: Notes and sketch. Folder 221: John B Kingham, Indian Hills: Invoices and bids for the construction of a house.  

Folder 222: George Land, Murnfordsville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and newspaper article for designing a house.  

Folder 223: Logan’s Uniform Rental, Shelbyville, Ky.: Specification Book and addendum. Folder 224: D. Irving Long, Louisville, Ky.: Note and invoice for architectural study.  

Folder 225: Louisville Boat Club, 4200 River Road, Louisville, Ky., Clubhouse: Correspondence trying to get the job as architect of the new clubhouse.  

Folder 226: Louisville, Builders Supply Company, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes and sketches for remodeling job.  

Folder 227: Louisville Electric Manufacturing Company, 3008 Magazine St., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice and sight plan.  

Folder 228: Louisville Public Schools, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence about new school designs in the late 1940’s.  

Folder 229: Louisville Tennis Association, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence about building a Crescent Hill Tennis Court. Letter 28 February 1947 from E. Leleand Taylor, Mayor of Louisville. Newspaper clippings.  

Folder 230: Ethel Lyons, 2502 Valley Vista Rd., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes sketches and drawings for the house.  

Folder 231: Charles H. R. Lyon, Box 490, Route #1, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts and notes for the house.  

Folder 232: MacArthur Fields, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence on the proposed project.  

Folder 234: Pierre B. McBride, Pointe Au Baril, Ontario, Canada: Correspondence, notes sketches and drawings for remodeling a cabin. Includes some photographs of the cabin.  

Folder 235: Lucian McCord, Richmond, Ky.: Correspondence, notes sketches and photographs about designing a house. House was not designed.  

Folder 236: Lucian McCord, Richmond, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, and information on stereo equipment for a remodeling of a living room.  

Folder 237: John Mackey, Barbourville, Ky.: Correspondence and notes on designing a house with an exchange of lumber for fees.  

Folder 238: Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana, Court House: Correspondence, invoices, notes and drawings for the remodeling of the court house and jail.  

Folder 239: Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana, Jail: Correspondence, invoices, contracts and specifications for remodeling the jail.  

Folder 240: Madison Shopping Center, Madison, Ind.: Correspondence and some plot sketches for a proposed shopping center.  

Folder 241: Thomas Markham, Chattanooga, Ga.: Correspondence and contract for designing a house.  

Folder 242: Earl Martin, Hartford, Ky.: Correspondence and contract for designing a house.  

Folder 243: Dr. J.O. Mattax, 453 Main Street, Carrolton, Ky.: Correspondence and contracts for a remodeling of a house.  

Folder 244: Meeks Motor Freight, Eleventh and Oak Streets, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts, notes, sketches and drawings of Meeks Motor Freight.  

Folder 245: Meidinger Building, 2440 Grinstead Dr., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and drawings for an addition to their office building.  

Folder 246: Howard E. Meixner, Seneca Vista, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts and sketches for a house.  

Folder 247: Mengel Company, Wood Products Division, E.H. Courtney, 2300 4th St.: Correspondence, photographs, catalogs and notes.  

Folder 248: Merchandise Mart: Correspondence and catalogs.  

Folder 249: John Merritt, Lexington, Ky.: Letter inviting Hammon to the house.  

Folder 250: George R. Metford, 426 North Vine, Madison Indiana: Correspondence, contracts, notes sketches and drawings for designing a house.  

Folder 251: Don Meyers, Madison, Indiana: Correspondence and magazine article, notes and sketch.  

Folder 252: Ralph Meyers Construction, Huntington (Salem) West Virginia: Vibration damage studies.  

Folder 253: A. Stevens Miles, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts, invoices and notes dealing with the designing of the house.  

Folder 254: Harry Miles, Louisville, Ky.: Notes.  

Folder 255: George Miller, 528 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, Ky. Notes and invoice.  

Folder 256: Howard H. Miller, Barbourville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice, notes and sketches.  

Folder 257: Julius C. Miller, Rugby Building, Owensboro, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts, invoices, notes, sketches and drawings for designing a house.  

Folder 258: Philip J. Miller, Louisville, Ky.: Note and business card.  

Folder 259: Alfred D. Minary, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and legal case paper work.  

Folder 260: Thomas H. Minary, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, estimates, notes sketches drawings and specification books for designing and building a house.  

Folder 261: J. H. Mitchell, 315 South Green Street, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and contracts for designing a garage apartment.  

Folder 262: Modem Loan Company, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and invoice.  

Folder 263: G.S. Monson, Campbellsville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes sketches and photographs for a remodeling of their house.  

Folder 264: Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Louisville, Ky.: Invoices and notes.  

Folder 265: Murray State College, Murray, Ky.: Correspondence: and applications for building at the college.  


Box 11  

Folder 266: Dr. William Nash, Louisville, Ky.: Time sheet.  

Folder 267: Naval Ordinance Plant: Correspondence attempting to  get a job designing  a building at the sight. Letter 7 June 1955 from Senator Alben W. Barkley. Letter 18 May 1955 from Congressman John H. Robsion, Jr. Specification book for previous job at plant.  

Folder 268: Naval Ordinance Plant, South Side Drive, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts, notes and specification booklets for work at the Naval Ordinance Plant in Louisville as well as Naval Reserve Training Centers in Lexington and Owensboro.  

Folder 269: New Farmers Bank, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence and notes for remodeling job.  

Folder 270: Dr. Ray O Noojin, 2916 Fairway Drive, Birmingham, Alabama: Correspondence, notes specification book and photographs of a house in California as a model for a design.  

Folder 271: Frank K. Noojin, Huntsville, Alabama: Correspondence, invoices, notes and sketches of a house to be designed.  

Folder 272: A. E. Norman Jr., Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, :invoices, notes and sketches of a house.  

Folder 273: Norman Kiln Drying Company, 905 West Magnolia, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and specification book for remodeling an office.  

Folder 274: Glen S. Olinger, Anchorage, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, contracts and notes about building a house.  

Folder 275: George B. Olmstead, 2107 Murray Avenue, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and estimates on building a house.  

Folder 276: C.C. Omer Jr., 113 West Forest, Hodgenville, Ky.: Correspondence and note. Folder 277: Mrs. J.T. O’Neal, 109 North Hite, Louisville, Ky.: Sketch of floor plan.  

Folder 278: Chester L. Owens, 2500 Grinstead Drive, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and sketches for remodeling of the house.  

Folder 279: Paget House, Fulton Street, Louisville, Ky.: Article written by Hammon in the March 1949 issue ofNational Architect about the Paget House, a home built  by his great-great grandmother.  

Folder 280: Paoli, Indiana, Orange County Courthouse specifications: Correspondence and specification books for remodeling the courthouse in Paoli, Indiana.  

Folder 281: Paoli, Indiana, Orange County Courthouse: Specifications and other papers dealing with the remodeling of the courthouse after a fire caused by painters stripping paint off the walls with blow torches. Hammon was arbitrator between the county and the insurance companies.  

Folder 282: Paoli, Indiana, Orange County Courthouse: Specification book and correspondence.  

Folder 283: Paducah Housing Project, Paducah, Ky.: Correspondence, Invoices, contracts, notes and drawings for designing a housing project. A letter 15 Jan. 1951 talks of hiring “workers of African decent - the darker the better”. Photographs and slides.  

Folder 284: Pearce Motor Co., Shelbyville, Ky.: Correspondence and specifications for a new building.  

Folder 285: Pearce-Barnett Commercial Building, Shelbyville, Ky.: Specifications. Folder 286: Pearl Packing Company, Madison, Ind.: Invoice for remodeling job.  

Folder 287: G.S. Perkins, 110 North Shelby St., Frankfort, Ky.: Correspondence and specification book for a house.  

Folder 288: Dr. Irving B. Perlstein, Woodbourne & Millvale, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, sketches and specification book for an addition to a house.  

Folder 289: John H. Perry Jr., Perry Park, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and specification book for remodeling an Inn at Perry Air Park.  

Folder 290: Scott Pickins, 1015 East Main Street, New Albany, Indiana: Correspondence, notes sketches, invoices and specification book for remodeling a house.  

Folder 291: Pinnacle Motors, Inc., Middlesboro, Ky.: Correspondence about remodeling their showroom.  

Folder 292: Dr. A. A. Plagman, Davenport, Iowa: Correspondence and plot plan for designing the lot for one of Hammon’s designs from Better Homes and Gardens.  

Folder 293: James G. Polk & Company, 850 South Third Street, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, sketches and drawings for a new showroom and office. Radiant heat diagrams.  

Folder 294: Dr. Mason Pope, West Main Street, Richmond, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes and specification books for a house. Legal trouble with the builder is also included.  

Folder 295: Post Offices in Kentucky and Postmasters in Jefferson County: Historical research on the post office in Kentucky.  

Folder 296: Howard W. Pound, 2140 Bonnycastle Road, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and sketch.  

Folder 297: Prospective Jobs: Correspondence pitching Hammon and Hammon as designers and vibration specialist.  

Folder 298: Purdy Motor Company, Glen Purdy, Frankfort, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes and specification book for building a new showroom building.  

Folder 299: Perry Pushell, Somerset, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, contract, notes, sketches, drawings and specification book for a house.  


Box 12  

Folder 300: Quality Courts, Elizabethtown, Ky.: Correspondence and notes about designing a motel. Includes a book of requirements for a Quality Inn motel.  

Folder 301: Lupton Rainwater, Shelbyville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes, sketches and contract for desining a house.  

Folder 302: Charles J Randolph, Hurstbourne, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice, notes sketches and drawing of a house.  

Folder 303: Carl Rankin, Monticello, Ky.: Correspondence and invoice for a new porch.  

Folder 304: Richard Ratliff, Princeton, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, sketches and drawings for a house.  

Folder 305: Carroll M. Redford, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence, notes invoices and specification book for a house and a later remodeling of the porch.  

Folder 306: Resthaven Gardens, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence for designing an entrance gate to the cemetery. Includes a booklet describing the cemetery.  

Folder 307: Abram D. Reynolds, Indian Hills, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, contract and specification book.  

Folder 308: Reynolds Alumi-Drome Conference Room, Plant No. 7, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and specification books for the conference room.  

Folder 309: Reynolds, Alumi-Drome Regional Office, St.Louis, Missouri: Correspondence, notes sketches with l 940’s St. Louis map.  

Folder 310: Reynolds Alumi-Drome Regional Office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Correspondence, photographs and drawings for the all aluminum building.  

Folder 311: David Reynolds, River Hill Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and specification book for remodeling.  

Folder 312: David P. Reynolds, 2545 Woodboume Avenue, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence.  

Folder 313: Reynolds - Dunne: Correspondence and newspaper article about remodeling a burned home for Dunne, who refused payment for the plans.  

Folder 314: Reynolds Metals Company: Pamphlets and articles about aluminum as a construction material.  

Folder 315: Reynolds Metals Company: Invoices and correspondence about invoices. 

Folder 316: Reynolds Metals Company, Plant #7, 2500 South Third Street, Louisville, Ky.  General Sales Office: Correspondence, invoices, drawings and specification book for remodeling  the sales office. Information on aluminum as a building material.  

Folder 317: Reynolds Metals Company, Louisville, Ky., General Sales Division: Elevator booklets.  

Folder 318: Reynolds Metals Company, Sheffield, Alabama: Correspondence and drawings for remodeling a cabin on a lake.  

Folder 319: Reynolds Metals Company, Regional Office Design: Correspondence about designing regional offices for the company.  

Folder 320: Reynolds Metals Company, Book ”aluminum in Architecture: Correspondence about writing the book.  

Folder 321: Reynolds Metals Company: Correspondence and invoices, 1948. Folder 322: Reynolds Metals Company: Correspondence and invoices, 1949. Folder 323: Reynolds Metals Company: Correspondence and invoices, 1951-1954.  

Folder 324: John E. Richardson, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence for remodeling a porch and designing an apartment building. Photographs of the apartment building included.  

Folder 325: Raymond C. Riebel, Seneca Gardens, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and estimates for building a house.  

Folder 326: Ben Robertson Sr., 3300 Lightfoot Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and specification book for a new porch.  

Folder 327: P. Booker Robinson, Louisville, Ky.: Notes and specification book.  

Folder 328: Cary Robertson, Anchorage, Ky.: notes sketches and lot survey for a house.  

Folder 329: Robert Riggs, Blankenbaker Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Specification book for house. Folder 330: W. Boyd Roe, Shelbyville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and sketches for a house. Folder 331: J.C.T. Rogers, 30 Gary Baker Drive, Urbana, Illinois: Correspondence.  

Folder 332: James J. Roth, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice and sketches for designing a house.  

Folder 333: Marshall M. Royce, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contract, invoice and notes for designing a house.  

Folder 334: Edwin Ruby, Madisonville, Ky.: Notes and invoices. Correspondence, notes, sketches, specification book, photographs and drawings for a house.  

Folder 335: William Rue, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts and invoices for building a house.  

Folder 336: Russell Federal Savings and Loan, Russell, Ky.: Correspondence and notes.  


Box 13  

Folder 337: St. James Evangelical and Reform Church, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoice and lot plans for the church.  

Folder 338: Salvation Anny Home & Hospital, 512 West Kentucky Street, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, sketches and photographs for building the Susan Speed Davis Hospital in Louisville.  

Folder 339: Salvation Anny Home & Hospital, 512 West Kentucky Street, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, sketches and photographs for building the Susan Speed Davis Hospital in Louisville.  

Folder 340: George B. Sanders: Correspondence, notes and sketches for designing a house. Includes a sketch of a triangular shaped house.  

Folder 341: George C. Sanders, Cherokee Gardens: Specification book and photograph of a house.  

Folder 342: E.J. Schickli, Summitt Avenue, Louisville, Ky.: Invoices, correspondence and specifications for a heating system.  

Folder 343: Dan Schlegel, Louisville, Ky.: Note scheduling a conference.  

Folder 344: Schupp and Snyder: Correspondence, contracts, invoices specifications for remodeling.  

Folder 345: School Project: Letters to schools across the state trying to sell their design for a school building to different school boards.  

Folder 346: John Scott, 307 West Main Street, Madison, Indiana: Correspondence for remodeling.  

Folder 347: Servomation of Louisville, Inc.: Correspondence, invoices, estimates and notes for building a factory.  

Folder 348: Servomation of Louisville: Specification books for factory.  

Folder 349: Servomation of Louisville: Correspondence, invoices, contracts and notes for building a factory.  

Folder 350: Shelbyville, Kentucky, First Christian Church: Correspondence, notes and sketches for a church.  

Folder 351: Wade Skidmore, Harlan Ky.: Correspondence for remodeling a house.  

Folder 352: Robert L. Sloss, Marion E. Taylor Building, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes and drawings for a house.  

Folder 353: Ben D. Smith, First national Bank Building, Somerset, Ky.: Correspondence and notes for remodeling a window.  

Folder 354: J.D. Smoot, Glasgow, Ky.: Article written about remodeling an 18th century house.  

Folder 355: Carl Snyder, 140 East Woodlawn Avenue, Louisville, Ky.: Invoice, notes and correspondence for remodeling.  

Folder 356: Somerset Baptist Church, Somerset, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, drawings and specification book for building an educational building for the church.  

Folder 357: Irvin H. Sonne, 1640 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Ky.: Letter about expanding a building.  

Folder 358: M. C. Spradlin, Somerset, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes and sketches for building a house.  

Folder 359: Faye Starr, 700 Leslie Ave., Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence about remodeling a house Hammon built for Cecil Wilson in 1936.  

Folder 360: State Parks, Department of Conservation, Frankfort, Ky.: Correspondence and reports about making a state park in Frankfort. Includes map of Kentucky State Parks.  

Folder 361:Thomas M. Stokes, 460 Swing Lane, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes sketches, drawings and photographs of the house.  

Folder 362: Robert Struck, Naples, Florida: Correspondence for building an apartment building. Includes map of Naples and a book of building regulations.  

Folder 363: Sun Oil Company, Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada: Correspondence, invoices and notes for a seismic study with a letter to an editor about seismic damage.  

Folder 364: Sunset Lodge, Dixie Highway, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts and drawings for a proposed addition to the Sunset Lodge.  

Folder 365: Sunshine Lodge, Jefferson County, Ky.: Correspondence and applications for doing work at the Children’s lodge.  

Folder 366: Bill Swearingen, 110 Tribal Road, Louisville, Ky. (A.D. Reynolds house): Correspondence, notes, sketches and estimate on mill work for remodeling the house.  


Box 14  

Folder 367: T.P. Taylor, Lightfoot Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and notes.  

Folder 368: A.A. Tiller, 724 South Fourth Street, Louisville, Ky.: Letter about gaining :financing a house.  

Folder 369: Trinity Assembly Church, Whipps Mill Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices specification books and estimates for building the church education building. Letter 28 June 1968 describes Union activity and the delays caused by these activities for getting bids on the construction of the church.  

Folder 370: Tri-State Airport, Ceredo, West Virginia: Correspondence and notes for building an airport.  

Folder 371: Milton Trost, 2343 Village Drive, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts, notes and sketches for a house.  

Folder 372: Kenneth Tuggle, Barbourville, Ky.: Correspondence, contracts, notes, sketches and drawings for building a house and a later addition.  

Folder 373: Two-Thirty-Five Club, 235 South Fifth Street, Louisville, Ky.: Information on elevators.  

Folder 374: William Veeneman Jr., 3030 Beals Branch Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, notes, sketches, estimates and contract for a remodeling job.  

Folder 375: Veterans Administration Hospital, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence attempting to get the job of designing hospitals in Louisville and Cincinnati. Letters 22 April and 3 May 1946 from Congressman Emmet O’Neal.  

Folder 376: Robert E. Viall, Lexington, Ky.: Correspondence. 

Folder 377: Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, 26th and Virginia: Correspondence, invoices, contracts specification books and drawings for a new church and educational building.  

Folder 378: Fred W. Volkerding, 810 Rubel Avenue, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes and specification  books. Neighborhood  rules for the Tecomah  neighborhood  gives the rule #3 as ”None of the lots in said subdivision shall ever be sold or leased to, or owned by, persons of negro or African descent”.  

Folder 379: Willis Watson, Village Drive, Louisville, Ky.: Two original pencil drawings, one of a female head and the other of male torso and leg.  

Folder 380: J.A.Weakley, Fisherville, Ky.: Correspondence and notes.  

Folder 381: Western Adjustment, LaSalle, Illinois: Studies for vibration damage near an Illinois strip mine.  

Folder 382: Howard Wood, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, notes specification book and drawings for an addition.  

Folder 383: Bryan W. Whitfield, Brookside, Ky.: Correspondence and notes.  

Folder 384: Thompson Willett, 112 East Dartie, Bardstown, Ky.: Correspondence and notes. Willett Distilling letterhead.  

Folder 385: W. Armin Willig, 2806 Newburg Road, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices, contract, notes and sketches for a house.  

Folder 386: Roy Wilson, Campbellsville, Ky.: Correspondence, invoices and notes.  

Folder 387: John T. Wilson, Lexington, Ky.: Correspondence, legal files and drawings from a court case where Hammon sued to get money owed him by Wilson.  

Folder 388: Cecil Wilson, Glasgow, Ky.: Correspondence about remodeling an old house.  

Folder 389: George B. Wilson, Carrollton, Ky.: Correspondence and invoices for remodeling job.  

Folder 390: Wintersmith Chemical Company, 649 West Hill Street, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and invoice for remodeling.  

Folder 391: John L. Wrege Jr., 2132 East Oak, New Albany, Indiana: Correspondence, invoices, estimates, notes and contract for remodeling a house.  

Folder 392: John L. Wrege Sr., New Albany (Louisville Tin and Stove): Correspondence, notes, contract, invoices and estimates for a house. Very good correspondence on all of the things that can go wrong on a house.  

Folder 393: Robert Yunker, R.F.D. #5, Madison Indiana: Correspondence, notes and blueprints for remodeling a home.  

Folder 394: Lee Yunker, West Main Street, Madison, Indiana: Correspondence, invoices and specification book for remodeling of a kitchen.  

Folder 395: Allen Zimmer, Valley Vista, Louisville, Ky.: Correspondence and notes for designing a house.  


Box 15  

Folder 396: Miscellaneous: Brochures and magazine clipping.  

Folder 397: John Hammon Road Marker, Mussel Shoals Baptist Church, Owenton, Ky., Erected 1 November 1976: Correspondence with the Kentucky Historical Society and the Owen County Historical Society as well as an article about John Hammon written for, but rejected by, The Filson Club Quarterly.  

Folder 398: Saga of John Hammon: Rough draft and notes for this article.  

Folder 399: Saga of John Hammon: Rough Draft, notes and final Copy. Photographs (Jesse Hammon).  

Folder 400: Correspondence with the Owen County Historical 1978-1980 about his book ”Saga of John Hammon”.  

Folder 401: Genealogical correspondence answering some questions about the Hammon Family. Mostly correspondence about his boolklet ”Saga of John Hammon” with the Owen County Historical Society.  

Folder 402: Genealogical correspondence, A copy of the “Hammond Herald” and more correspondence with the Owen County Historical Society.  

Oversized Material  

Folder 403: Flow chart of business expenses for the years 1946 , 1947, 1948. Mounted copy of a magazine article called ”Kentucky Doors” by Stratton Hammon.  

Folder 404: Drawings done by Stratton Hammon when in college, Watercolor renderings of the walls at the Reynolds Metals Company offices, Plant No. 7.