Newspaper Clipping Files List

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Title: Newspaper Clippings Files

Scope and Content Note
The Filson maintains newspaper clippings files separated into 2 categories: biographical and subject. Our biographical files contain clippings on individuals, while our subject files categorize articles by topic. Our subject files have particularly good coverage of regional schools, businesses and organizations, and famous houses. Many articles are from the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Louisville Times, but other local and statewide publications are also represented. Most of the articles in our files were written in the latter half of the 1900s, but some may date back to the earlier part of the century.

Folder List
Abbott, Okra
Abbott, Frank James “Bud”
Abell, Dr. Irvin
Abell, Dr. Irvin Jr.
Abell, Mrs. Helen
Abell, Dr. N. Douglas
Abell, Dr. Spalding
Abell, William H.
Able, Miss Nell B.
Abraham, Marc
Abramson, Jerry
Abramson, Madeline
Acree, John T., Sr.
Adair, John
Adams, E.W.
Adams, Evelyn Crady
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Dr. M.B.
Adams, Marshall Browning
Adams, Robert E.
Adelberg, Milner
Agar, Hebert
Agnew, Spiro – V.P. USA
Agnew, Judy (Mrs. Spiro)
Ahrens, Theodore
Ainslie, Hew
Aker, John R.
Alberts, Bruno W
Alberts, John Bernard
Alexander, Dr. Alexander John
Alexander, Buford Cain
Alexander, John
Alexander, Lloyd
Alexander, Robert
Alford, Mrs. Frank B.
Allen, Arthur D.
Allen, Charles Willis, Sr.
Allen, Mrs. Charles W., Jr.
Allen, Dr. Ellis
Allen, General Ethan
Allen, Everett
Allen, James Lane
Allen, Julia
Allen, Lafon
Allen, Peter
Allen, William Belknap
Ali, Muhammad (folder missing?)
Allin, Rt. Rev. John M.
Allison, Young E.
Allison, Bob
Allmond, Allen
Almond, J. Lindsay
Altsheler, Brent
Altsheler, Eliza
Altsheler, Yancy, Jr.
Alves, Juliet
Alvey, Ed
Ament, Nolte C.
Amlung, Martin J.
Amlung, Ray N.
Amster, Betty Lou
Anderson, Miss Annie S.
Anderson, Barbara
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Dwight
Anderson, Frank C.
Anderson, Joe
Anderson, Col. John B.
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Olof
Anderson, Reed
Anderson, Richard Clough
Anderson, Richard Clough, Jr.
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, William
Andrews, Dudley C.
Anshultz, Thomas P.
Apperson, Judge Lewis
Archer, Edgar G.
Ardery, Phillip
Ardery, Judge William B.
Armentrout, L. Vance
Armstrong, Mrs. Francis T.
Arnett, Walter Wendell
Arnold, Dr. Isaac A.
Arnow, Harriette Simpson
Aronson, Albert Y.
Arrasmith, William Strudwick
Arrasmith, Betty
Arrasmith, John
Asbury, Bishop Francis
Asbury, Eslie
Ashby, Carroll W., Sr.
Ashley, Bruce, 1st Lt.
Ashworth, Rev. J. Pater III
Atcher, Randy
Atcher, Bob
Atchison, David Rice
Atherton, John M.
Atherton, Peter Lee
Atherton, Sarah
Atkins, Orin
Atlas, Ron
Attkisson, Eugene R.
Aud, Dr. Guy
Audubon, John James
Ayers, Judge William
Ayre, Robert E. 3
Bach, Dr. Luther
Bach, Mrs. Pearl Day
Bacon, H.C.
Badger (family)
Badin, Stephen Theodore
Bagby, George L.
Baggett, Dr. John F.
Bahl, Rolf
Bailey, C.W.
Bailey, William H.
Baird, Capt. Lewis C.
Baker, D. Everett H.
Baker, Dr. Melvin C.
Baker, R. Lynn
Baker, Richard J.
Baker, Dr. Thomas H.
Baldez, Joseph D.
Bale, Dr. Shelby G.
Balke (family)
Ball, Jerry
Ballantine, John T.
Ballantine, Thomas
Ballard, Addison M.
Ballard, Andrew J.
Ballard, Bland
Ballard, Mrs. Charles T.
Ballard, Gustave Breaux & Mrs.
Ballard, S. Thruston & Mrs.
Ballard, Thomas J.
Bamberg, Theo
Bancroft, Spencer T.
Banks, Mrs. Ann Smith
Banks, Clarence L.
Banks, Dennis
Banvard, John
Barber, Dr. Richard L.
Barbour (family)
Barker, Judge A.V.
Barker, Ralph M.
Barkes, Glen
Barkley, Alben W.
Barkley, David M.
Barksdale, Nora
Barlowe, Thomas Harris
Barmore, Alonzo W.
Barnard, George Grey
Barnes, Mrs. Dolly Sullivan
Barnes, J. Timothy
Barnes, Vego E.
Barnett, Bernard
Barnette, Helen Poarch
Barnum, Fayette
Barnhart, Raymond
Barnstable, Patricia
Barnstable, Priscilla
Barr, John Watson, Jr. 4
Barr, Leslie J.
Barret, Judge Alex G.
Barret, Mrs. Mary Wagner
Barret, Mason Brown
Barret, Rosa Robinson
Barret, Margaretta Brown
Barrow, Sgt. Finis Gordon
Barry, James P.
Barry, John Michael “Mike”
Barth, Paul C.
Bartley, William E., Jr.
Bartley (family)
Baskett, Dorothy
Bass, A.
Bate, James Smalley
Bate, Dr. John T.
Bate, Dr. Richard A., Jr.
Bate, Dr. R. Alexander, Sr.
Bates, Can M., Jr.
Bates, Dr. David A.
Bates, James H.
Bates, Martin
Batson, James
Baude, Rudolph H.
Bauer, Albert
Baugher, Ruby
Baumer, Augie
Baumgardner, Charles E., Sr.
Bauscher, Catherine
Baxter, W.M.
Bayless, Geo. W.
Bayley, Malcolm
Baylor, Orval William
Beach, Henry
Beam, Leon C.
Beam, John G.
Beam, Mrs. T. Jeremiah
Bean, Mrs. Jennie Catherwood
Bean, Leonard
Bean, Richard
Beard, Daniel C.
Beard, John T.
Beard, Pat (Mrs. Frank)
Beason, Rosa Brooks
Beattie, Capt. Thomas T.
Beauchamp, Jereboam
Beauchamp, Judge Mark
Becht, Sister Clara
Beck, Sen. James B.
Beckee, Gail R.
Becker, Fred A.
Beckett, Willis W.
Beckham, J.C.W.
Beckman, Bernard C.
Beckman, Mrs. Eliza Rogers Atwood
Beckner, Lucien
Bedford, Mrs. E.W.
Bedinger, Capt. David Wade
Bedinger, Miss Olivia M.
Beebe, M.W.
Beem, Miss Blake
Beer, William
Begley, Elmer E.
Beiting, Ralph
Belknap, William Burke
Belknap (family)
Bell, Miss Bernice W.
Bell, Charles R.
Bell, Chester A.
Bell, John E.
Bell, Mrs. Rubye
Bell, William J.
Bell, Will S.
Bell, Maj. Gen. J. Franklin
Benard, Gladys Page
Bendl, Gerta
Benedict, Miss Jennie
Benfield, Dr. William A., Jr.
Bennett, Dr. Donald M.
Bennett, John C., Jr.
Bent, Silas
Bentley, Geraldine
Bentley, James R.
Berman, Mrs. Bernard
Bernheim, Bernard
Bernheim, Isaac W. & Mrs.
Bernheim, John Berry
Berry, Nick T.
Berry, Paul W.
Berry, Capt. Samuel O.
Berry, Dr. Thomas F.
Berry, Wendell
Berry, William F.
Berryman, John W.
Berryman, Miss Sallie T.
Beshear, Steven
Beutel, Dr. Herald Victor
Bewley, Lois
Bickett, John & Sybil
Biddle, Nicholas
Bidgood, Col. Clarence
Bier, Dr. Justus
Bigelow, Mrs. Rachel
Bimmerle, Paul
Bingham, Walter
Bingham, Barry, Sr.
Bingham, Barry, Jr.
Bingham, Mary C.
Bingham, Robert Worth
Bingham, Sadie
Bingham, Sallie
Bingham (Books)
Bingham (Publicity, Reviews, etc.)
Bingham Family Enterprises (4 envelopes)
Bingham Family sale of newspaper
Bird, Robert B. 6
Bird, Tate
Birkett, John
Bishop, Ella
Bishop, Dr. John A.
Bisson, Terry
Bitter, Victor L.
Bittner, Joseph F.
Bittner, William C.
Bizot, Mrs. Ray
Black, Edward
Black, Mrs. Hannah Postelwaite
Black, Eddie
Blackburn, James
Blackburn, Julia Churchill
Blackburn, Sen. Joseph
Blackerby, James F.
Blackwell, H.B.
Blackwell, Robert Lee
Blair, John Henry
Blair, Robert
Blake, Charles W.
Blakemore (family)
Blalock, Bowman B.
Bland, Mary
Blanding, Sarah Gibson
Blandford, Don
Blankenburg, Jack
Blasi, Betty
Blazer, Paul G.
Blazer, Rex
Blevens, George
Bloch, Adm. Claude Charles
Block, Lou
Bloom, Lee
Bloom, Nathan
Blue, Jane
Blue, Tom
Blythe, Betty
Boaz, Bishop Hiram Abiff
Bodley, Mrs. Ellen
Bodley, Temple
Bodley, William Stewart
Boebinger, Woodford R.
Boeck, Lawrence
Boehl, Herbert F.
Boesser, Roy
Bohn, Paul
Bohon, Davis T.
Boll, Rev. Robert H.
Bomhard, Mr & Mrs. Moritz
Bond, Jim
Bond, Julian
Bond, Oscar
Boomer, George
Boomer, John T.
Bonnie, Robert P.
Bonnie, Sevier, Sr.
Bonneycastle, William Robinson
Bonnycastle, Arthur C.
Booe, Ruth
Booker, Bodley, Sr.
Boone (family)
Boone, Daniel (Conkwright material)
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Daniel (statues)
Boone, Squire
Booth, Alexander Galt
Booth, Florence Curd
Booth, Harold Booth, Jr.
Booth, John Wilkes
Booth, Percy
Bordorg, David
Bornstein, Maurice
Borries, Fred
Bosler, Nicholas, Sr.
Bostick, Cynthia Anne
Boswell, Miss Helen
Bottorff, Charles R.
Bounnell, Bonnie
Bowie, James
Bowen, Beth
Bowen, Ed
Bowen, Rev. Kenneth B.
Bowen, Dr. Otis
Bowen, Pete
Bowles, Windell
Bowman, Clifford
Bowman, John E.
Bowman, Mrs. Pauline
Bowman, A.H.
Boycott, Capt.
Boyd, Belle
Boyd, Clarence
Boyd, John
Boyd, John Rehm
Boyd, Morton
Boyd, Samuel G.
Boyer, Harold E.
Bradford, John
Bradford, Benjamin D.
Braden, Carl
Braden, Anne
Bradley, Col. E. R.
Bradley, William O’Connell
Brady, Matthew
Branch, Brother Edward
Brandeis, Adele
Brandeis, Fanny
Brandeis, Louis D. (2 envelopes)
Branyan, Roger
Branzburg, Paul
Brashear, Dr. Walter
Bratcher, C. Rhodes
Breathitt (family)
Breathitt, Judge James
Breathitt, Gov. Edward T. (Edward III)
Breaux, Gustave A.
Brecher, Leonard
Breckenridge, Mary Frances
Breckinridge, John
Breckinridge, John B.
Breckinridge, John Cabell (see also Statues- Ky.)
Breckinridge, Madeline McDowell
Breckinridge, Lucy
Breckinridge, Mrs. Mary
Breeden, Helen
Brennan, Michael J.
Brennan (family)
Brennan, Robert
Brennan, Albert
Brennan, John
Brennan, Bruce
Brenner, Carl
Brent, Mrs. George Anderson
Brewer, Allen F., Jr.
Bridwell, Margaret
Brigham, Anne Gordon
Bright, Barney
Bright, Newton
Briney (family)
Briney, William N.
Briney, Russell
Briney, John O.
Briney, Melville O.
Bristol, Theodore F.
Broaddus (family)
Broaddus, Andrew
Broaddus, Dr. John Albert
Broaddus, Mrs. Russell
Brodhead, Mrs. Sarah Breck
Brodschi, Dr. George
Broecker, Carla Sue
Broecker, Leo
Broecker, Bradley
Bromley, Rev. Dr. Henry W.
Brooks, Mrs. Alice S. Marshall
Brooks, Cleanth
Brooks, Foster
Brooks, Willett D.
Brown, Ada Boone
Brown, Al
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Edward Webb
Brown, Eli H.
Brown, Fanny
Brown, Frank I.
Brown, J. Graham
Brown & Foundation
Brown, J. Michael
Brown, John
Brown, John Mason
Brown, John Young
Brown, John Young, Jr.
Brown, Ellie
Brown, Innes A.
Brown, Kenneth G.
Brown, Knox
Brown, Lucy Barbee
Brown, Margaretta Mason & Margaretta Brown Barrett
Brown, Owsley Brown III
Brown, Pamela
Brown, Phyllis George
Brown, R. Brooks
Brown, R. Henry
Brown, Richard Jones
Brown, Robinson S., Sr.
Brown, Mrs. Samuel F.
Brown, W. L. Lyons
Brown, William
Browne, J. Ross
Browne, Ruth
Browning, Dr. J.C.
Browning, Louis Rogers
Bruce, Gen. Andrew Davis
Bruce, Judge H.W.
Bruce, Mrs. Helm, Sr.
Bruce, Dr. James W.
Bruner, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bruns, Jack
Bryan, Mrs. Margaret
Bryan, Mary Boone
Bryan, James L.
Bryan, James W.
Bryan, Dr. James W.
Bryant, Charles
Bryant, Ruth
Bryant, Thomson R.
Bryant, Oscar S., Jr.
Bryce, Prof. James
Bubbles, John
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, June
Buckley, Emma E.
Buckley, Robert Sanford
Buckley, J.D.
Bucklin, John C.
Buckner, James F., Sr.
Buckner, Capt. Phillip
Buckner, Simon Bolivar, Sr.
Buckner, Simon Bolivar, Jr.
Buddeke, Charles
Buerck, Frank T.
Buford, Brigadier Gen. Abram
Buford, Gen. Napoleon B.
Buhner, Edward John
Bull, John
Bull, Olie
Bullitt (family)
Bullitt, Barbara Bullitt Christian
Bullitt, Kervin
Bullitt, Thomas
Bullitt, William C.
Bullitt, William Marshall
Bullock, William Fontaine
Bunce, Frank
Bundy, Laura
Bunning, Jim
Bunning, Louis
Bunt, George
Bunting, Dr. Dewey L.
Buntline, Ned
Bunton, Winfrey Jr.
Burch, William O.
Burchett, Thomas, Jr.
Burdon, Mrs. Ida S.
Burdorf, Arthur G.
Burdorf, Fred G.
Burge (family)
Burge, Joseph
Burge, Mrs. Joseph
Burge, Richardson
Burke, Frances
Burke, Mary Long
Burkholder, James R., Jr.
Burman, Ben Lucien
Burmester, Leo
Burnam, Judge Anthony Rollins
Burnett, D.J.
Burnett, Edward H.
Burnett, Gilbert
Burr, Aaron
Burress, Mrs. Proctor S., Sr.
Burroughs, John
Burton, Mrs. Henry J.
Burton, Carl
Burton, Mary
Burwell, Bill
Busath, Anton
Buschemeyer, John Byrne
Bush, Ellis
Bush, Dr. Evelyn R.
Bush, Pres. George
Bushong, Dr. Perry
Buster, William R.
Butler, Lorine
Butler, Ollie
Butler, Noble
Butler, Dr. Thomas L.
Butler, William O.
Button, J.W.
Byck, Dann
Byck, Dann, Jr.
Byck, Mary Helen
Bywater, J.A. 11
Cain, John
Caldwell, Alexander
Caldwell, Charles
Caldwell, Dr. Frank H.
Caldwell, Robert Tate
Calk, William
Callahan, James
Callaway (family)
Callaway, Mrs. Elliott
Calmes, Gen. Marguis de la
Cameron, Mrs. John
Cammack, James W.
Camp, Frank
Camp, William Hoke
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, Dr. Elmer Grant
Campbell, G. Ed
Campbell, Robert Alexander
Campisano, Kathleen
Cane, Alice N.
Cannon, Clarence
Cannon, “Uncle” Joe
Cannon, Mrs. Jouett Taylor
Cannon, John W.
Cantacuzene, Princess
Cantrell, Jim
Caperton, Mrs. Hugh John
Caperton, Marion Lambert
Careskey, James L.
Carlisle, John Griffin
Carmichael, Omer
Carnahan, Dr. Alonzo Brutus
Carpenter, Dr. Homer W.
Carpenter, John R.
Carpenter, Mrs. Tevis
Carr, Walter
Carrell, Elmer
Carrier, Robert Moorhead
Carrithers, Margaret Thompson
Carrithers, Virgil
Carrithers, Mrs. Virginia
Carroll, Orville A.
Carroll, Thomas
Carson, Kit
Carson, Sunset
Cartees, Russell (family)
Carter, Dr. Bettina
Carter, Ellerbe Winn
Carter, Henry H.
Carter, James G.
Carter, John A.
Carter, Dr. John M.
Carter, Mrs. Maria Kendrick
Carter, Mrs. Nora Gheens
Carter, Pearce B.
Carter, Dr. Randall M.
Carter, Tim Lee
Cartwright, Noah
Carver, Frank
Carver, Dr. William Owen
Cary, Mrs. Mary
Casey, Edward B.
Caskey, W.H.
Caskey, Wm. R.
Cassady, Raymond F.
Cassedy, Miss Jennie
Castleman (family)
Castleman, David Pryor
Castleman, Gen. John B.
Castleman, Kenneth G.
Castleman, Margie
Castner, Charles
Caudill, Rebecca (see: Appalachia)
Caudill, Harry
Caufield, Lin
Cawein, Karen
Cawein, Madison
Cawood, James
Cayse, Edward
Cayse, Frank Q.
Caywood, William C.
Cecil, Mrs. Florence Weaver
Cedarbaum, David I.
Cerf, Bennett
Chamberlain, Alex S.
Chamberlain, C.D.
Chamberlain, Dr. William Douglas
Chamberlain, Winnie
Chambers, Frank Taylor
Chambers, Franklin J.
Chambers, Henning
Chambers, Mrs. Kirby Locke
Chance, Tirginia
Chancey, Malcolm
Chandler, A.B.
Chandler, A.B., Jr.
Chandler, Mrs. John H.
Chandler, Joseph S.
Chapin, E.P.
Chapman, Charles F.
Charlet, M.L.
Charlton, Louise
Chase, Miss Helen
Chase, Terry
Chauvin, Leonard Stanley, Jr.
Cheatham, Dr. William
Cheek, Alexander Jones, Jr.
Chenault, William A.
Chenault, Mrs. William A.
Chenoweth, Mrs. James S.
Cherry, Dr. Henry Hardin
Cherry, Wendell
Chescheir, Col. George
Child, Henrietta
Childress, Morton
Childress, William
Chinn, George M.
Choate, Dr. Benjamin D.
Christen, Albert
Christensen, Vicki
Churchill, Carroll
Churchill, Mrs. Hooper D.
Churchill, Samuel & Abigail
Churchill, Winston
Cissell, John W.
Clagett, Charles E.
Clar, Robert L.
Clark, Billy C.
Clark, Dorothy Park
Clark, E.C.
Clark, Eric
Clark, Ernest L.
Clark, Francis P.
Clark, George Rogers (2 envelopes)
Clark, Herman Zamora
Clark, James
Clark, Joe
Clark, Jonathan
Clark, Meriewather Lewis
Clark, Sarah Frances
Clark, Dr. Thomas D.
Clark, William
Clarke, James Freeman
Clarke, Peyton Neale, Sr.
Clarke, Rev. Dr. W.R.
Clary, Judge Richard
Clay, Albert C.
Clay, Cassius M. (boxer)
Clay, Cassius (senator)
Clay, Grady
Clay, Green
Clay, Henry
Clay, Howard
Clay, Laura
Clay, Porter
Clay, Susan
Claypool, Dr. John
Claxton, Helen Marion
Cleaves, Richard
Cleland, Mamie T.
Clement, Emma Clarissa
Clements, Earle
Clements, William
Clemons, Thelma
Cleveland, Virginia Cary Hudson
Clift, David H.
Clift, G. Glenn
Clingman, Charles
Clooney, Rosemary
Clopper (family)
Clore, Mrs. J. Alves
Clowes, Molly
Cloudman, Ruth
Cobb, Elizabeth
Cobb, Irvin S.
Cobb, Mary
Cobb, William Ray
Cocanougher, Hubert A.
Cochran, Archibald P.
Cochran, Belle
Cochran, Gavin
Cochran, Mrs. Gavin
Cockrell, Alexander
Cody, William F.
Cogar, James
Cogshall, Ruth
Cogshall, Wilbur B.
Coke, J. Guthrie
Cole, James
Cole, Mrs. Mary Conner Bass
Cole, Stephen S.
Coleman, Mrs. Chapman
Coleman, Louis
Coleman, Mrs. Thomas C.
Coleman, Judge William C.
Coleman, J. Winston, Jr.
Colgan, Henry C.
Colgan, Mrs. Henry C.
Colgan, Mrs. Robert T.
Colgan, Mrs. William
Collier, Blanton
Collins, Floyd
Collins, Lewis
Collins, Martha Layne
Collins, Steve
Collins, William G.
Collings, Crittenden T.
Collis, John Vance
Combs (family)
Combs, Bert Gov.
Combs, Earle Bryan
Combs, Harry H.
Combs, Leslie II
Conkwright, Bessie Taul
Conn, Lewis
Connelly, Robert D.
Conner, Catherine
Conrad, Charles Lamont
Converse, Eugene A.
Cook, Charles Lee
Cook, Harry L.
Cook, Marlow W.
Cook, Mrs. Minnie Gathright
Cook, Nancy
Cooke, V.V.
Coombs, Edwin
Coombs, Miss Mary Kate
Coomer, Dr. Orville Boggess
Cooper, C.E.
Cooper, Cordie
Cooper, Don E.
Cooper, George
Cooper, John Sherman
Cooper, Leven
Cooper, Lorraine
Cooper, Dr. Thomas Pope
Cooper, William Armstrong
Corbett, Mrs. Mollie
Corn, James Franklin
Cornett, Ewell
Cornwell, Dorothea
Corso, Lee
Corum, Bill
Corby, Fortunatus, Jr.
Costello, Hildegard H.
Costigan, Francis
Cotter, Joseph S.
Courteau, Rev. Arthur
Courteau, James Clark
Courtenay, Alexander
Courtenay, Mrs. Isabel Stevenson
Courtenay, William Howard II
Cousins, Mr. I.W.
Couzens, James
Covington, Robert Wells, Jr.
Cowan, Lt. Andrew
Cowger, William O.
Cowherd, Adriel Melton
Cowherd, Barney
Cowles, Annette B.
Cowles, Frederic A.
Cowles, John H.
Cowling, Mrs. Lydia D. Hampton
Cox, Mrs. Attilla
Cox, Barbara
Cox, Millard, Jr.
Cox, Mrs. Millard
Coyle, Frank
Craddock, Rev. Elijah
Craddock, Robert
Craig, Dr. Hardin
Craigmyle, H. Beach
Craigs, Bobby
Craik (family)
Craik, C.E., Jr.
Crain, Rev. E.B.
Crain, G.D., Jr.
Crandall, Robert L.
Cranfill, William E.
Cranor, Loomis E.
Crase, John
Crawford, Jane Todd
Crawford, Matt
Crawford, Mrs. Newton
Crawford, Capt.
Creason, Joe
Creel, Enrique Clay
Creel, Reuben
Creese, Dr. Walter H.
Crenshaw, King C.
Crim, Mort
Crismon, Leo
Crist, Col. Henry
Crittenden, John J.
Crittenden, William L.
Crockett, Davy
Croghan (family)
Croghan, Miss Ella T.
Cromer, Earl & Lady
Cromwell, Emma Guy
Cromwell, Thomas B.
Cronan, Charles J., Jr.
Cross, Dara Estes, Sr.
Cross, Laura
Crow, Jim
Crowe, Rev. Conrad
Cruise, Tom
Crum, Denny
Crume, Louis
Crump, Albert
Crutcher, Major James
Crutcher, Mrs. William H.
Culbertson, Craig
Culbertson, King
Cullen, Dorothy Thomas
Cullinane, John
Cullom, Shelby M.
Culp, J. Miner
Cunningham, James N.
Cunningham, Mrs. Sallie Ann
Curd, Dan S.
Curris, Dr. Constantine
Curry, James G.
Curtis, L.R.
Cushman, Pauline
Cushman, Charlotte
Custer, George A.
Cutchins, Williams S.
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Dabney, Gordon
Dabney, William C.
Dabney, Mrs. William
Dainegerfield, Keene
Dalai Lama
Dale, Mrs. Charles F.
Dale, Evelyn R.
Dale, Gen. Samuel
Dale, Dr. William
Danforth, Florence Standiford
Danforth, George Lewis
Danforth, Joseph
Danhauer, Jack
Daniel, Clay
Daniel, Dewey
Daniel, Shawn
Darnell, Mrs. James S.
Daubert, Karl J.
Daugherty, Frank E.
Davenport, Gwen
Davidson, Dr. Carter
Davidson, Morris W.
Davidson, Philip & Mrs. Jane
Davie, George M.
Daviess, Joseph Hamilton
Davis, Mrs. Annie
Davis, Brinton B.
Davis, Clara Clendenine
Davis, Clarence B.
Davis, Dorothy
Davis, Edwin O., Jr.
Davis, George
Davis, Harold
Davis, Harry V.
Davis, Horace
Davis, Jefferson
Davis, Mrs. Jefferson and family
Davis, Jefferson C.
Davis, John W.
Davis, Loran G.
Davis, Roger
Davis, Sarah Knox Taylor
Davis, W.O.
Davis, Mrs. William Golden
Davis, Mrs. Willis Perkins
Davis, Winnie
Davison, Ellen
Dawson, Cleo
Dawson, Janna
Day, Alice Bridgeforth
Day, Marie Frazier
Dean, Everett
Dearing, Anderson Chenault
Dearing, J. Earl
Deateale, Raymond E.
Deatrick, Ambrose Winston
Dedmon, Mrs. T.C.
De Gaulle, Yvonne
Dehler, Mrs. Arthur
Delahanty, Robert E.
Dembitz, Lewis N.
Denbo, Mrs. A.B.
Dent, Mrs. Paul
Dent, Dr. Paul Lawrence
DePauw, Mrs. Letitia
Desmond, Bob
Desmond, Robert J.
DeSpain, Charles R.
Detrick, Scott
deWeldon, Felix
Devon, Gary
DeVries, William C.
Dick, Albert C., Sr.
Dick, Mrs. Albert C.
Dick, G.T.
Dick, Mary Tyler “Ming”
Dickens, Charles
Dickens (love letters)
Dickens (visit to America)
Dickey, Rev. C.K.
Dickey, Jane K.
Dickey, Rev. John J.
Dickey, Margaret Osborne Steele
Dickey, Bishop James E.
Dickey, Fielding III
Dickinson, Charles
Dickinson, Joseph B.
Dickinson, Melvin
Dickore, Miss Marie
Dickson, Joseph S.
Dickstein, Dr. Leah
Dicter, M.
Diddle, Ed
Diehl, Robert B.
Dietrich, John
Dillard, Bill
Dillon, John A.
Dirksen, Everett M.
Dishman, Joseph
Ditto, H.S.
Dixon, J.R.
Dobbins, Charles
Dobbins, Innes W.
Dodd, Allen Peeler, Sr.
Dodson, Sarah Bradley
Doherty, Robert J., Jr.
Dolan, Thelma
Dolle, Fred J.
Donahue, Robert H.
Donnelly, Sister Mary Louise
Donovan, Herman L.
Doran, Adron & Mrs.
Doremus, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Ward
Dorris, Jonathan T.
Dorsey (family)
Dosker, Cornelius, Sr.
Dosker, Nicholas H.
Dougherty, James D.
Dougherty, M. Roger
Douglas, J. J.
Douglas, Rev. Rutherford E.
Douglas, William O.
Douman, George
Dover, Thomas A.
Dowell, Coleman
Dowell, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Downard, C. Paul
Downard, J.H.
Downing, Mrs. Aldride Clifton
Downing, Dero G.
Downing, John R.
Downing, Joseph Dudley
Downs, Rev. Rusaw S.
Downs, Diane
Downs, Sally Ward
Doyle, Donald E.
Drake, Dr. Daniel
Drake, Sir Francis
Drane, Agnes Keats
Drane, Merritt
Drautman, James J.
Drautman, James J., Jr.
Dreisbach, A.J.
Driscoll, Dr. Glen R.
Dudine, Rev. Charles
Dudley, Bruce
Dudley, Mrs. Bruce
Dudley, Charles L.
Duerr, Rev. Thomas A.
Duerson, H. Lyle
Duerson, Mary Stewart
Duffy, J. Hamilton
Duffy, William
Dufour, Charles L.
Dugan, F.C.
Dugan, Mrs. F.C.
Duke, Basil
Duke, Mrs. Calvin (Jennie Speed)
Dulaney, Mrs. Annie McAfee
Dulaney, Woodforth & Mrs.
Dumas, Edward B.
Dumesnil, Miss Florence
Dumesnil, Mrs. Joseph P., Sr.
Dummit, Eldon S.
Duncan, Dr. B.H.
Duncan, Charles, Sr.
Duncan, Mrs. Fannie Casseday
Duncan, Jane
Duncan, Lawrence G.
Duncan, Parker W.
Duncan, Richard N.
Duncan, Stuart
Duncan, Todd
Duncan, Tom B.
Duncan, William G.
Dunlap, John R.
Dunn, Frank
Dunn, H.M., Sr.
Dunn, H.M., Jr.
Dunne, Irene
DuPont (family)
DuRelle, Judge George
Durham, James E.
Durham, Marilyn (Evansville, IN writer)
Durlauf, Bernice Kron
Durrett (family)
Durrett, Lydian
Durrett, Reuben TR.
Duveneck, Frank
Dwire, Sgt. William J.
Dyche, Russell
Dyche, Russell III
Dykeman, Wilma
Eagle, Delbert
Eaker, Dr. H.M.
Eakin, Dr. Carl T.
Easley, Roy
East, Margaret L.
Eaton, Clement
Eaton, H. Burton, Jr.
Eddleman, Dr. H. Leo
Edelen, Ben
Edelen, Dr. Charles Maurice
Edens, Joseph
Edgington, Capt. J. Emory
Edgy, James
Edison, Thomas A.
Edmondson, Belle
Edrington, William C.
Edstrom, Ed
Edwards, Capt. C.R.
Edwards, Davis W.
Edwards, Dr. E.E.
Edwards, Floyd
Edwards, Julia
Edwards, Dr. Stella
Edwards, Col. William Harvey
Egan, Sister Eileen
Egerton, Graham
Ehrler, Bremer
Eisen, Emil
Eisenhower, Dwight David
Eisenhower (inauguration)
Eisenhower (funeral)
Ekstrom, Dr. William F.
Elbrick, C. Burke
Ellender, Allen
Elliott-Baker, Frank
Ellis, James Tandy
Ellis, Dr. Rudy
Ellis, Wade H.
Ellison, Mrs. Martha
Ellison, Patricia
Elliston, George
Ellsworth, George A.
Ellsworth, Rex
Elmore, Charles
Elmore, Dr. R.R.
Elswick, Fred
Embry, Jrs. Jacqueline
Embry, William Colston
Emrich, Joseph C.
Endres, I.F.
Engelhard, John C.
Engerud, Col. Hal
Engler, Mrs. Frank I.
English, William H.
Enlow, Mary Brooks LaRue
Ennis, Trigg A.
Epler, Kent
Ernst, Dean R.C.
Ernst, Edgar W.
Ernst, Mrs. Jacob
Ervin, Max
Esch, Bianca
Estes, Lt. Lee Allen
Estey, Horace S.
Estill, Capt. James
Estill, Rev. Robert W.
Ethridge, Mark F.
Ethridge, Mark, Jr.
Ethridge, Mary Snow
Ethridge, Willie Snow
Eubank, Capt. A.L.
Eudaley, Maja
Eudy, Mary Cummins Payne
Evans, Catlett T.
Evans, Douglas C.
Evans, Mrs. Howard (Catherine Seaton Peter)
Evans, Mrs. Joseph C.
Evans, Judge Walter
Everett, Edward
Everman, Dr. Ord
Everly, Don & Phil
Ewald, George R.
Ewald, William N.
Ewell, Tom
Ewen, Mrs. Douglas
Ewen, Victor W. (lawyer)
Ewing, Judge Ben F.
Ewing, Charles Oscar
Ewing, Mrs. Sarah
Ewing, Dr. Unbiss
Eyl, R.C.
Fairish, Will
Fairleigh, Mrs. Robert McClure
Falkenburg, William Russell
Farley, Claude H.
Farnsley (family)
Farnsley, Alex Thurman
Farnsley, Mrs. Alexander T.
Farnsley, Judge Burrel H
Farnsley, Charles P.
Farnsley, Nancy
Farragut, Admiral
Farrell, Walter T.
Farris, James Neil
Faulkner, John M.
Faulkner, Ed
Federa, Mrs. Edna Marie
Feige, Louis Carl, Sr.
Feldhaus, Elizabeth
Fentress, J. Leo
Fetter, John Burks
Fetterman, John
Field, Emmet R.
Field, Eugene
Field, Henry Wm. S.
Field, Judge William Hill
Field, Mrs. Willis W.
Fields, J.J.
Fields, William J.
Fife, Samuel Thomas
Filson, James Edwin
Filson, John
Finch, Edwin P.
Finck, Bert
Finck, C. Henry
Finck, Dr. Theodore D.
Finegan, Jimmy
Fink, Albert
Finn, Henry E.
Fischer, Carl, Sr.
Fischer, Henry
Fischer, Joseph J.
Fishback, James O.
Fitch, Barbara
Fitch, John
Fitzbutler, Dr. Henry
Fitzgerald, William
Flaget, Joseph Benedict
Flanigan, Peter
Flanigan, Raymond
Fleischaker, Arthur
Fletcher, Mrs. Charlotte S.
Flexner, Dr. Abraham
Flexner, Jennie Maas
Flexner, Dr. Morris
Flexner, Dr. Simon
Flexner, Stuart Berg
Floersch, John A.
Flood, Charles Bracelen
Floore, Marshall
Flowers, Mrs. Viola
Floyd, Charles Arthur (Pretty Boy)
Floyd, John
Flynn, Earl J.
Flynn, Margaret
Folger, Henry C.
Fontaine, Col. Aaron
Fonteyn, Margot
Ford, Ben
Ford, George
Ford, Gerald R.
Ford, H. Church
Ford, James
Ford, Dr. John
Ford, John B.
Ford, Kochester
Ford, Rodney
Ford, Wendell
Ford, Mrs. Wendell
Ford, William Perry
Fordyce, Jerry
Forgy, Larry
Foreman (family)
Foreman, Dr. Kenneth J.
Forman, Howard Clark
Forrest, Nathan Bedford
Fort, Dr. John Lowe
Fossey, Dian
Foster, Stephen Collins
Fowler, Mrs. Annie Eliza
Fowler, D.W.
Fowler, Prof. Earl B.
Fowler, Ila Earle
Fowler, Capt. John
Fowler, Mattie
Fox, Fontaine
Fox, Henry I.
Fox, Dr. J. Ernest
Fox, James
Fox, John, Jr.
Francis, David Rowland
Frank, Edward C.
Frank, Wallace
Frank, Rev. William C.
Frankel, Harry W.
Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Clyde Ray
Frantz, W. Harold
Frazee, Dr. L.J.
Frazer, Dr. T. Atchison
Frazier, Amelia Brown
Frazier, Emery
Freeman, Mrs. D.E.
Freibert, Lucy M.
French, Millard F.
French, Susan
Friedman, Benjamin
Frisch, David
Fryberger, Mrs. Agnes Moore
Fugazzi, Fred
Fuhrman, J.M.
Fuller, J. Luther
Fulton, Will H., Sr.
Fultz, Eulice “Ray”
Funk, Arville L.
Funk, Dr. Bruce
Funk, Dr. Charles A.
Funk, Neil W.
Funkhouser, William Delbert
Furman, Lucy
Gage, Mrs. Hanrold Minot
Gaines, John Pendleton
Gaines, Nannie B.
Gaither, Gant
Gaither, J.G.
Galanter, Dr. Harry
Galbreath, John W.
Gale, Lt. Col. Anthony
Galloway, Don
Galloway, Capt. F.E.
Galphin, Martha
Gamage, Robert P.
Gamble, Mrs. J.F.
Gano (family)
Gans, Mary
Gardner, Casper S.
Gardner, H.T.
Gardner, Dr. Hoyt D.
Gardner, Rose
Gardner, William A.
Garfield, James A.
Garner, William
Garon, Milton
Garrett, Dr. Paul L.
Garrison (family)
Garrison, Rev. Robert H.
Gast, Robert
Gatewood, Jim
Gathright, Capt. Richard O.
Gatliff, Dr. Ancil
Gatton, Mrs. Bill
Gatton, Harper
Gatz, Dr. Robert
Gay, Mayor John L.
Gay, Marvin
Gebhard, R.L.
Geiger, Ruth
Geiser, Carl H.
Gentry (family)
Gentry, Ray C.
George, Christopher
George, Lynda Day
German, E.L.
Gernert, John
Gerst, Anita Hammond
Gettys, Mrs. Elsie Briggs
Gettys, Francis M.
Getzel, Izadore K.
Gheens, C. Edwin
Gibson, Dr. Churchill Jones
Gibson, Dr. Finley F.
Gibson, George Gordon, Sr.
Gibson, James Thurman
Gibson, Randall Lee
Gibson, Victor M.
Gifford, Chloe
Gifford, Mrs. Morris
Gifford, Phyllis Knight
Gifford, Ralph Clayton
Gilbert, Ralph Waldo
Gilbert, Dr. Richard B.
Giles, Janice Holt
Giles, Henry
Gill, W.D.
Gillespie, Haven
Gilliam, Dr. Adolphus
Gillis, Prof. Ezra L.
Gillock, Mayor Vernon P. (Carrollton)
Gillooly, Capt. Jack
Gilmore, Artis
Giltner, Thomas M.
Girdler, Tracy
Gish, Eelas M.
Gittleman, Jacob
Givens, Judge C.C.
Givens, Dr. Olen
Glazebrook, James Robinson
Gleason, H.J.
Gleichenhaus, Ollie
Glenn, Nita
Glenn, Pap
Glover, Mrs. Anna (Madame Glover)
Godsey, H. Carleton
Goebel, William
Goetz, George M.
Gold, Dr. Marvin
Goldberg, Dr. Harry
Goldman, Edwin Franko
Goldman, Hon. Marleen
Goldstein, Joel
Goldstein, Joseph
Goldwater, Barry
Gonzaga, Brother
Gooch, Horace
Goodell, William
Goodlett, Caroline Meriwether
Goodloe, Abbie Carter
Goodloe, Mrs. Hallie Dudley
Goodloe, Mrs. John Kemp (Mary Lucretia)
Goodloe, William Cassius
Goodwin, Nelson Daniel
Goose, Roscoe
Gordon, Judge James F.
Gordon, Maurice Kirby
Gore, Robert H., Sr.
Gorin, Lewis J.
Gorman, Patrick
Gortney, Judge Oscar E.
Gosnell, Dr. Thomas F.
Goss, Norbert L.
Gould, Dr. Augustus A.
Gould, Charles E.
Grabisch, Dr. Josef
Grafton, Sue
Graham (family)
Graham, Amos R.
Graham, Dr. C.C.
Graham, Clarence R.
Graham, Geraldine
Graham, Martha
Graham, R.R.
Graham, Tom
Graninger, Margaret
Grant (family)
Grant, J.N.
Gratz, Howard
Grauman, Edna
Grauman, Judge Lawrence S.
Graves, Ran
Grawemeyer, H. Charles
Grawemeyer, Lucy
Gray, Downey Milliken, Jr.
Gray, Downey Milliken, Sr.
Gray, Mrs. George H. (Mary Belknap)
Gray, Capt. George
Gray, Henry S.
Gray, Laman A.
Gray, Mary Preston
Grayson, Gen. John B.
Greathouse (family)
Greathouse, Clarence
Greeley, Horace
Green, C. Hunter
Green, Hetty
Green, John W.
Green, Johnny
Green, Marion
Green, Nathaniel E.
Green, Norvin E.
Green, Paul
Green, Robert E., Sr.
Green, Thomas M.
Greene, Charles J.
Greene, Margaret
Greene, Gen. Nathaniel
Greenebaum, Samuel Lewis
Greenwell, Betty
Greenwell, Dr. Joseph I.
Greer, J. Marcus
Gregg, F.H.
Gregory, Mrs. Elizabeth Hiatt
Gregory, Judge James P.
Gregory, Leslie R.
Gregory, Mamie Spears Reynolds
Gregory, Noble J.
Gregory, Scott Smith
Grenough, Father Richard
Grenough, Vince
Grider, Dottie
Grider, Linda
Griffin, Dr. John Strother
Griffin, Marjorie
Griffith, D.W.
Griffith, Dan M.
Griffith, Robert D.
Grisanti, “Ferd”, Albert & Don
Grise, Dr. Finley C.
Grissom, David
Griswold, Howard D.
Griswold, Dr. R. Arnold, Sr.
Grooms, Ralph
Gropper, William
Grove, Isaac D.
Grow, Dr. Charles B.
Growth, Edward
Grubbs, William L.
Gruber, Mrs. Lynn
Grundy, Felix
Grundy, Mrs. Rose
Guenthner, Louie
Guerrant, Rev. Dr. Edward O.
Gulick, Rev. Edwin F.
Gullion, Maj. Gen. Allen
Gum, Bishop Walter C.
Gumer, Isaac R.
Gunderson, Ingrid
Gunn, William A.
Gunsalus, Rev. Dr. Catherine
Gunterman, Bertha
Gusling, Mrs. Kalfus
Guthrie, A.B.
Guthrie, Calvin
Guthrie, Jack
Guthrie, James
Guy (family)
Guyon, Joseph N. “Indian Joe”
Haager, Jacob
Haan, William
Haberer, Charles
Haddad, Frank, Sr.
Haddad, Frank, Jr.
Hadley, George E.
Hadley, Mary Alice
Hagan, Mrs. Annie
Hagan, Elenor Beaslee Farnsley
Hagan, Robert J. Haggard
Haggin, Louis Lee II
Hagy, Richard L.
Hahn, Mrs. Lulu Sutherland
Halberstam, David
Haldeman (family)
Hale, Lula
Hall, Mrs. A.V.
Hall, Deedy
Hall, Judge James A., Jr.
Hall, Joe
Hall, M.D.
Hall, Tom T.
Hallam, “Mister” Theodore
Halleck, Reuben Post
Halleck, Mrs. Reuben P.
Hallenberg, Mrs. Leone W.
Halley, Dr. Samuel H.
Halloran, Ryan
Halstead, Mrs. James A.
Ham, Rev. Mordecai F.
Hamilton, Allen
Hamilton, Bruce Ross
Hamilton, Ed (sculptor)
Hamilton, Judge Elwood
Hamilton, Dr. Harold P.
Hamilton, Gen. Henry
Hamilton, Dr. Holman
Hammer, Dr. Armand
Hammond, Elinore
Hammond, Ogden Haggerty
Hammond, Dr. William A.
Hancock, Mrs. A.B.
Hancock, B.L.
Hancock, Dr. J. Duffy
Handley, Gov. Harold W.
Handmaker, F. Hermon G.
Handy, William Christopher
Hanna, Dr. C. Morton
Hanna, Mrs. C. Morton
Hannah, Charles S.
Hanson, Gen. Roger W.
Haragan, Mrs. Robert (Alma Lee)
Hardaway, Howard
Hardesty, Henry T.
Hardesty, R.W.
Hardgrove, Arden E.
Hardin, Bayless E.
Hardin, Ben
Hardin, Parker Watkins
Harding, Ellen Temple
Hardwick, Fred W.
Hardwick, John H.
Hardwick, Robert
Hardy, Lewis R.
Hardy, Mrs. Sallie Ewing Marshall
Hardy, William B.
Hargan, Matt R.
Hargis, James (the Boss of Breathitt)
Harlin, Chief Justice John
Harm, Ray
Harness, Albert P.
Harper, John
Harpes (The)
Harreld, Mrs. J.W. (Laura Ward)
Harriman, Mrs. Oliver
Harris, Credo
Harris, Leigh
Harris, Lizzie Lee
Harris, Perce McKinley
Harris, W.O.
Harrison, Carter H.
Harrison, Mrs. James Blaine
Harrison, Maud L.
Harrison, William B. & Mrs.
Harrison, William H.
Harriss, Maj. Charles M.
Harrod, James & Mrs.
Hart (family)
Hart, Brothers
Hart, Jane
Hart, Joe
Hart, Joel T.
Hart, Luchie
Hart, Marvin (see “Boxing”)
Hart, Mary Rodes
Hart, Nancy
Hartke, Sen. Vance
Hartwell, Frank Newcomb
Hartwell, Herman Verhoeff
Hartwell, Dr. S.A.
Hartwell-Hunter, Ann
Harvey, Rev. Dr. William Patrick
Hasenour, Ed
Haskins, Iris
Hast, Lisette
Hast, Louis
Hatcher, John H.
Hatcher, Porter, Sr.
Hatfield, Anse
Hatfield, Janet
Haunz, Carl F., Jr.
Hawes, Mrs. G. Bright
Hawes, Hon. Richard
Hawes, Rev. T.M.
Hawkins, Mrs. Elizabeth
Haycraft, Samuel, Jr.
Hayes, Alice
Hayes, Roland
Hayes, William
Haynes, Dr. Douglas
Haynes, K. Gregory
Haynie, Hugh
Hays, Will S.
Hazelrigg, Judge James Hervey
Head, Rev. Jesse
Head, Dr. Murdock
Headley, Genevieve
Heady, James Morrison
Healy, G.P.A.
Heaps, Rev. Donald W.
Hearin, Marshall Elmer
Hearn, John Tevis
Hebel, Art
Heermann, Norbert
Heffernan, William L.
Hegan, Mrs. Emma
Heidenberg, William S.
Heiman, Lee
Heinrich, Anthony Philips
Heiss, Willard
Heitzman, Rev. Anthony E.
Helburn, Maj. E.S.
Hellmann, Stanley
Helm, Ben Hardin
Helm, Dorothy
Helm, Mr. & Mrs. John
Helm, John Blakey, Jr.
Helm, Katherine
Helm, Margie May
Helm, Mary Bruce (Mrs. Harvey)
Helm, Nelson
Helm, T. Kennedy
Helm, Mrs. T. Kennedy
Hemp, Shirley T.
Hemphill, Rev. Dr. Charles R.
Hendershot, J.W.
Henderson, Dr. Archibald
Henderson, Dr. Elmer Lee
Henderson, Harold W.
Henderson, William B. (Big Six) Hendon, Mrs. G.A.
Henning, Dr. Basil D.
Henning, Fanny
Henning, Henrietta
Henning, James W. IV
Henning, Julia
Henning, Sue T.
Henning, Susanne
Henry, George
Henry, Helen
Henry, Col. Jouett
Henry, Dr. M.J.
Henry, Patrick
Henry, Robert L.
Henry, Ruby
Henry, Susannah (Mrs. Thomas Madison)
Hepburn, Mrs. Susan Preston
Herchenroeder, John
Herndon, Rev. J. Gano
Herr, Benson Ormsby
Herr, Kincaid Adair
Herr, Mrs. Virginia Lee Whipps
Herrick, Myron T.
Hert, A.T.
Hertz, Billy
Heuser, Gustav A.
Heuser, Henry V. & Henry V., Jr.
Heustis, Carl
Heustis, Henry
Heyburn (family)
Heymann, Dr. George H.
Heywood, Rev. John Healy
Hibben, Gil
Hibbs, Irvin E.
Hickman, Peck
Hickman, Mrs. R. Baylor (Stannye Ormsby)
Hicks, Samuel E.
Hieatt, Clarence C.
Higgins, Loyta
Highbaugh, L. Leroy
Hill, Charles W.
Hill, Dr. John R.
Hill, Mildred
Hill, Patty Smith
Hill, Richard H.
Hill, Mrs. Richard H.
Hill, West T.
Hillen, O.C.
Hillerich, John A. (Junie)
Hilliard (family)
Hilliard, E.H.
Hilliard, E.H., Jr.
Hilliard, Henning
Hilliard, Isaac
Hilliard, J. Byron
Hinds, Charles
Hines, Edward W.
Hines, Rt. Rec. John E.
Hines, Judge Thomas H.
Hinkey, Mrs. G.W.
Hinton, Dean Robert Taylor
Hinz, Betty
Hirsch, Lewis A.
Hirsch, Kenneth L.
Hite, Abraham
Hite, Mrs. Allen R.
Hite, Robert W., Jr.
Hoagland, Rev. Alvin J.
Hoagland, Edwards D.
Hoagland, John H.
Hoblitzell, Bruce
Hocker, Jesse Shy, Sr.
Hodapp, William C.
Hodge, Dr. Howard E.
Hodge, W.J.
Hoertz, John
Hoffman, Barbara
Hoge, Peyton III
Hoge, Rev. Dr. Peyton Harrison
Hogg, Astor
Hoke, Enloe B.
Holbrook, Morton
Holcombe, Rev. Steve
Holden, Goodwin
Holladay, Harriett McDonald
Hollenbach, Louis J. III Hollenbach, Louis J., Jr.
Hollenbach, Mrs. Peter K.
Hollenbach, Phil G.
Hollis, William L.
Holman, Andrew Wake
Holmes, Mary Jane
Holmes, Dr. Sarah B.
Holt, Felix
Holt, Hon. Joseph
Holt, Judge William H.
Holtevert, Henry B.
Holzclaw, Mrs. Ida Matilda
Honore, Adrian C.
Hooker, Maj. Gen. Joseph
Hooper, Marjorie
Hopkins, Arthur
Hopkins, Edwin
Hopkins, Gen. Samuel
Hopper, Dr. W.O.
Hord, Mrs. Martha Hazelwood
Horine, Dr. Emmet
Horrigan, Rt. Rev. Alfred F.
Horszowski, Mieczyslaw
Hoskins, R.H.
Houchens, John H.
House, Clifford Ray
Howard (family)
Howard, Dr. C.C.
Howard, Dr. Garfield
Howard, James B.
Howard, James E. (Capt. Jim)
Howard, James F.
Howard, Loretta
Howard, Mrs. Mariah D.
Howe (family)
Howe, Amanda
Howe, Jenn
Howe, Dr. Laurence L.
Howe, Ralph E.
Howe, Dr. T.M.
Howell, Homer E.
Hower, Frank, Sr.
Hower, Frank, Jr.
Howerton, Jean
Howington, Mary Lou
Hubbard, Carroll
Hubbard, Harlan
Hubble, Edwin
Hubbuch, Joseph F.
Hubley, George W.
Huddleston, Walter (Dee)
Huddleston, Walter F.
Hudson, Rev. Howard
Huecker, Gail S.
Hughes, Dan
Hughes, E. Joseph
Hughes, Howard
Hughes, John C.
Hughes, Mary F.
Hughes, Paul
Hughes, Wallace T.
Hughes, Walter
Huhlein, Capt. Charles F.
Hukenbeck, Anthony H.
Hull, Cordell
Hull, Josephine
Humble, Nancy
Hume, Walter I.
Humes, Debra
Humes, Helen
Humphrey (family)
Humphrey, Alex P., Sr.
Humphrey, Alex P., Jr.
Humphrey, Hubert
Humphrey, Virginia Brown
Humphries, Mrs. James (Marie)
Hunt, William I.
Hunter, Kermit
Hutcherson, Dr. John Kenneth
Hutchings, E.T.
Hutchins, Francis S.
Hutchins, James E.
Hutchins, William J.
Hutton, Mrs. Grace (see: Caywood, William)
Hutton, Jane Bird
Hyde, C.J.
Igo, Vincent Hamilton
Imorde, George
Innes, Judge Harry
Ingram, Frances
Ingram, Robert
Ingwerson, Donald
Insull, Samuel
Iredale, William J.
Irvine, Mrs. William E.
Irwin, Mrs. Wallace (Laetita McDonald)
Irwin, Gen. William Howard
Isaacs, Norman
Isenberg, James L.
Ishikawa, Shinji
Ising, Edward
Ison, Mrs. Charles (Eleanor McFatridge)
Jacke, Raymond E.
Jackson, Abbie Clement
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Eugene
Jackson, Gen. James Streshley
Jackson, Kate
Jackson, Stonewall
Jacob, Arthur
Jacob, Chas. D.
Jacob, Chas., Jr.
Jacob, Donald R.
Jacob, Mrs. Donald (Hallie Louise Burge)
Jacob, John J.
Jacob, Thomas Prather
Jaglowicz, Rev. Michael
James (family)
James, Frank
James, Grace
James, Henry E.
James, Jesse
Jansen, Etta
Jansing, Harry
Jarrett, Jane (Dir.: Stage One)
Jay, John
Jeff, Morris F.X.
Jefferson, Dr. Charles W.
Jefferson, Floyd W., Sr.
Jefferson, Thomas
Jefferson, Thomas, Pres. U.S.
Jeffrey, Mrs. Rosa Vertner
Jelsma, Dr. Franklin
Jenkins, Ken
Jenkins, Mrs. Walter (Mary Story)
Jerome, Jennie (Winston Churchill’s mother)
Jewell, George Raleigh
Jewett, Helen
Jillson, Willard Rouse
Jobson, Robert C.
John, Donald Dwight
Johns, Mrs. Winnie
Johnson, Absalom Yarborough
Johnson, Annie K. (Mrs. Ben Johnson)
Johnson, Mrs. Augusta Phillips
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, Dr. C.B.
Johnson, Mrs. Catherine
Johnson, Darwin Ward
Johnson, Donald L.
Johnson, Mrs. Donald
Johnson, E. Polk
Johnson, Eugenia
Johnson, Fenton
Johnson, Frank E.
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, Mrs. Greene L.
Johnson, H. Vance
Johnson, Henry M., Sr.
Johnson, Dr. Joseph E.
Johnson, Gov. Keen
Johnson, Lyman T.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (2 envelopes)
Johnson, Lynne
Johnson, Oz
Johnson, Mrs. Pauline Ahrens Burgess
Johnson, Richard Henry
Johnson, Col. Richard M.
Johnson, Richard W.
Johnson, Robert L.
Johnson, Thruston
Johnson, Tom
Johnson, Dr. W.O.
Johnson, Dr. William A.
Johnston, Annie Fellows
Johnston, Albert Sidney
Johnston, J. Stoddard
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Percy H.
Johnston, Col. William Preston
Joiner, Harvey
Jolly, Jesse Reid
Jones (family)
Jones, Alberta
Jones, Ben
Jones, Brereton
Jones, Elizabeth (Penny)
Jones, Ellis
Jones, Dr. J.L.
Jones, John Paul
Jones, Lawrence L.
Jones, Pleas
Jones, Mrs. Raymond E.
Jones, Samuel D.
Jones, Samuel E.
Jones, Scoggan
Jones, Tommy
Jones, Virgil Carrington
Jones, Warner
Joplin, George Adams, Jr.
Jordon, Thomas L.
Joseph, Alfred S., Sr.
Joseph, Alfred S., Jr.
Joseph, George
Jouett, Edward S.
Jouett, Jack
Jouett, Landon
Jouett, Matthew (see also: Price, Gen. Samuel Woodson)
Joyes, Preston P.
Joyner, Marie “Polly” Colgan
Judah, Clarence F.
Judah, Mrs. S.B.
Judd, Wynonna & Naomi
Judy, Ray
Jungbluth, Amelia Churchill
Junghert, Audia
Kahn, Walter
Kammerer, William Stephen
Kane, Daniel J.
Kannapell, John, Jr
Kaplan, Lucille Thomas
Karan, Dr. P.P.
Karem, Fred
Karsell, Doris
Kasey, A.R.
Katzenbach, Mrs. Nicholas
Kavanaugh, Frank
Kavanaugh, Mrs. Rhoda
Kaye, Lewis
Kaye, Mrs. Mary
Kazanjian, K.G.
Kearny, Gen. John Watts
Kearny, Gen. Philip
Kearny, Mrs. Philip (Diana)
Keats (family)
Keener, Dr. Orrin L.
Keeney, Arthur H.
Keiley, Edward H.
Keiley, Mary Sidney
Keisker, Fred W.
Keith, Dr. Charles Alexander
Keith, Dr. D.Y.
Keller, Elizabeth Carleton Brewer (Mrs. Charles E.)
Keller, Garnett V.
Keller, Helen
Keller, Dr. William K.
Kelly, Mrs. Edwin Parsons (Virginia Brown Rodman)
Kelly, Eleanor Mercein
Kelly, Thomas C.
Kelly, William
Kelly, William C.
Kelly, William P.
Kemper, Raymond
Kendall, J.L.
Kendall, Paul M.
Kendall, William H.
Kendrick (family)
Kendrick, George H.
Kendrick, George P.
Kendrick, William
Kennedy, Jackie & family
Kennedy, Dr. James A.
Kennedy, Jane Brown
Kennedy, Joe
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, John F. (arts center)
Kennedy, Brothers, J.M. – H.C.
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kennedy, General Thomas
Kent, Raymond, A.
Kenton, Simon
Kerr, Robert P.
Kersey, Capt. Marjorie
Keys, Eagle “Buddy”
Kidd, Mae Street
Kilness, Margarete
Kimbrough, Dr. Bradley Thomas
Kincaid, Bradley
Kincaid, Garvice D.
Kincaid, Dr. Robert L.
Kincheloe, David Hayes
King, Arthur M.
King, Helen
King, Hortense Flexner
King, Margaret I.
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
King, Nicholas Neal
King, William
Kingsley, Susan
Kinkead, Cleves
Kinkead, Miss Ludie J.
Kinnaird, Ralph Donald
Kinnaird, Squire
Kinnarney, Mrs. Mary Caroline
Kinne, Lt. Howard
Kinsman, Dr. J. Murray
Kirby, Maurice
Kirby, Samuel B.
Kirch, Nora
Kirchdorfer, Robert O.
Kirwan, Albert D.
Kirwan, Mrs. A.D.
Kirwan, Margaretta Dupont Baldwin
Kleber, Dr. John
Kleier, Jerry
Klein, Samuel H.
Kling, Arthur
Kling, Simcha
Klosterman, Mrs. Lillian
Klosterman, Warren G.
Klotzbach, Carroll
Klotzbach, Mitsue
Knebelkamp, Wathen R.
Knebelkamp, William F.
Knight, Ken
Knight, Phyllis (see Phyllis Knight Gifford)
Knight, Thomas Knopf, Mrs. Peter C.
Knott, Eugene Q.
Knott, J. Proctor
Knott, Richard Gillmore
Knott, Sarah Gertrude
Knue, John F.
Koch, Charles N.
Koch, Rev. Henry C.
Koener, George H.
Koenig, E.E.
Koerselman, Herbert
Koethen, Armand
Kohlhepp, Mrs. Norman
Kornhauser, Dr. Sidney I.
Krakaur, Mrs. Lula D.
Krebs, Charles C.
Krebs, Charles J.
Kremer, Fehr
Krieger, A.A.
Krock, Arthur
Krupp, Heinrich
Kuchenbrod, Charles J.
Kuhn, A.J.
Kuhn, Dr. Clifford
Kuiper, John Bennett
Kunz, Fred J., Sr.
Kunz, K.J.
Kuprion, Arthur E.
Kurfees, J.F.
Kutak, Rosemary
Kutz, Dr. Joseph
LaBree, Benjamin
Labrot, Mrs. Louisa
Lackey, F. Ernest
Ladd, Olivia
Lafayette, Marquis de (see also: Freemasons)
Lafferty, Mrs. W.T.
Lafon, Mary
Lam, Robert S.
Lamar, Charles
Lambert, Harry L.
Lammers, Herman J.
Lampton, Dinwiddie, Sr.
Lampton, Nancy Houghland
Lampton, Col. W.J.
Lancaster, Sister Althaire
Lancaster, Herbert V.
Landau, Joseph
Lander, Mrs. Sarah
Landis, Dr. R.W.
Landrum, Baylor
Landrum, Rev. W.W.
Landrum, Mrs. William Warren (Charlotte Baylor)
Lang, Elsie Ahrens
Lang, John C.
Langan, Paul
Langley, Rev. William Jr.
Lanier, Ike
Lanier, James F.D.
Lanier, Mrs. M.B. (Maud Ellen Brice)
Lanier, Philip M.
Lansing, Allan
Lanz, Francis J.
Lashley (Quads)
Latimer, George
Lauer, Ella May
LaVielle, William R., Jr. & Mrs. W.R.
Lawrence, Benjamin
Lawrence, Mrs. B.K. (Martha Campbell)
Lawrence, Donna
Lawrenson, Dr. Walter E.
Lawson, John
Layne, Lawrence P. (Larry)
Leach, George “Brownie”
Leach, Mary James
Leachman, Dr. George C.
Leader, Mary Shaw
Leake, Eugene
Leary, Joseph
Leatherman, Kenton D.
Leathers, J.A.
Leavell, Hugh
Leavell, Saint James
Leber, Guido “Guy
Lebre, Victor N.
Ledford, Cawood
Ledford, Homer C.
Ledford, Mrs. Homer
Lee (family)
Lee, Howard B.
Lee, Joseph M.
Lee, Nesta
Lee, Rebecca Smith
Lee, Robert E.
Leech, Carolyn
Leggett, Dr. Albert E.
Lehmann, Robert E.
Leibson, Charles
Leibson, Julius
Leidenger, Mrs. Lelia Calhoun
Leopold, Helen S.
Leopold, Mrs. Lawrence S.
Lesler, Ben J.
Lester, John E.
Lesousky, Alphonsus J.
Levi, Emanuel
Levitan, Tony
Levy, Arnold H.
Lewis, Charlotte
Lewis, Ella
Lewis, George Washington
Lewis, J. Clifford
Lewis, Mrs. Jessie D.
Lewis, Kendrick R.
Lewis, Lydia (Miss Kentucky, 1973)
Lewis, Meriwether
Liable, George
Libre, Victor N.
Lichtefeld, Fred J.
Lichtefeld, Michael
Liebschutz, Nehemiah
Lilly, Edward Rutledge
Lilly, Josiah Kirby
Lincoln, Abraham (17 envelopes)
Lincoln, Abraham (houses)
Lincoln, Abraham (statues)
Lincoln, Mary Todd
Lincoln, Levi
Lincoln, Walter Pierce
Lind, Jenny
Lindsay, Jesse
Lindsay, Judge William
Lindsey, Helen Bradley
Lindsey, Thomas
Linkenberg, F.H.
Linkenberg, Mrs. F.H.
Lipphard, Mrs. Virginia C.
Lissauer, Arthur W.
Litsey, Edwin Carlile
Litsey, Sarah
Littell, Mrs. E. Logan
Little, Rev. John
Little, Lucius P.
Little, Turtle
Littlejohn, John W.
Lloyd (family)
Lloyd, Alice
Loeffler, F. Juliet
Loewenstein, Fanny H.
Loftus, Rev. John T.
Logan, Mr. & Mrs. Ashlin
Logan, Ben
Logan, Dulaney
Logan, Hume, Sr.
Logan, James
Logan, Robert C.
Lomicka, William
Long, Charles
Long, D. Irving
Long, Gen. Eli
Long, Mary Shreve
Long, Dr. Robert
Long, Mrs. Susan
Long, Thomas F.
Long, Capt. Tyler
Long, Judge W. Strother
Lorch, Robert
Lord, “Little” Michael
Lord, Mildred Cresup
Lord, Nathan
Lothian, Lord
Lotspeich, E.S.
Lott, Simon Buckner
Loughridge, Dr. Cora K.
Louis, Frederick R.
Louis Phillippe (in Kentucky)
Love, Dr. Julian
Love, Mrs. R.V.
Lovell, Mrs. Ethel Weeter (Mrs. Harvey B.)
Lovell, Dr. Harvey Bulfinch
Loving, Emma
Lowe, James
Lowman, Janet Hatfield
Lucas, Rev. Edgar C.
Lucas, Mrs. Marvin
Lucas, Mrs. W.J
Luigart, Fred W., Jr.
Lukemeier, John F.
Lunderman, Charles J.
Lunger, Dr. Irvin E.
Lusky, Louis
Lusky, William Gast
Lutz, William C.
Luvisi, Ernest C.
Luvisi, Lee
Lyen, Dr. John B.
Lykins, Dr. Robert W.
Lynn, Loretta
Lyon, Dr. A.M.
Lyon, Rev. Dr. A.P.
Lyon, Elizabeth
Lyon, Gen. Hylan B.
Lyon, Matthew
Lyon, Mrs. Nina Joyes
Lyons, Mrs. Belle Clay
Lyons, Father John A.
Lyons, William
McAlpine, William H.
McAtee, Camden R.
McBride, Charles T.
McBride, Helen J.
McBride, Roy A.
McBroom, Mrs. S.O.
McCain, James
McCall, Dr. Duke
McCall, Logan T.
McCandless, David A.
McCandless, David Alexander
McCandless, Helen
McCarty, Dr. A. Clayton
McChesney, Harry V., Sr.
McChord, James (preacher)
McChord, John H., Sr.
McChord, William Caldwell
McClain, Rev. Jim
McClain, R. Scott
McClanahan, Ed
McClaskey, Mrs. Henry M. (Anne McMullen)
McClure, Capt.
McClure, Daniel E.
McClure, Dr. George Morris
McClure, John Edwin
McCloskey, Rt. Rev. William George
McConathy, Mrs. Cynthia O.
McConnell, J. Ed
McConnell, Lawrence F.
McConnell, Lela G.
McConnell, Mitch
McConnell, Dr. William C.
McCord, Charles W.
McCormack, Dr. A.T.
McCormack, Mrs. Jane Teare
McCormack, Dr. J.N.
McCoun, Betty
McCracken, Harvey M.
McCracken, Ralph E.
McCready, Dean R.L.
McCreary, James B.
McCubbin, Dan C.
McCullough, Rev. Dr. James
McCullough, Robert A.
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Bettie W.
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Edward Leavell
McDonald, John Clifton
McDonald, Marie
McDonough, Thomas H.
McDonough, Thomas Joseph
McDowell, Dr. Ephrain
McDowell, Robert C.
McDowell, Robert E.
McDowell, Robert Emmett
McDowell, Samuel
McDowell, Samuel R.
McDowell, W.T.
McDowell, William Cochran
McElligott, Dan
McElroy, Clarence Underwood
McElroy, Mrs. Eliza Casseday
McElroy, Judge Henry S.
McElroy, Neil H.
McElroy, Capt. R.Y.
McElroy, Robert
McFarlan, Claude W.
McFarland, L.F.
McFerran, John Byrd
McFerran, Watson B.
McGee, Nora L.
McGill, Anna B.
McGill, Josephine
McGloshen, Tom
McGlothlin, William J.
McGoodwin, Preston B.
McGregor, Thomas B.
McGrew, James G.
McGuffey, William Holmes
McHarry, Capt.
McHenry, John J.
McHugh, Henry G.
McIlvain, Moses
McIntyre, Marvin H.
McJenkins, Ed.
McKee, Eli
McKee, Hugh
McKinley, John
McKinley, Maarcus
McKune, Very Rev. J. William
McLaughlin, Marguerite
McLean, John G.
McLean, Paul R.
MacLeod, Mrs. Jessie Lillard
MacLeod, Dr. Robert L.
McMahan, Mary Orena
McMakin, Mrs. S.O.
McMeekin, Sam H.
McMeekin, Mrs. Sam (Isabel McLennan)
McMichen, Clayton “Pappy”
McMillin, Alvin Nugent
McMurtrie, Douglas C.
McMurtry, Dr. Lewis S.
McMurtry, Dr. R. Gerald
McNair, W.I.
McNeill, Louise
McNutt, Dolly
MacPherson, Col. Ernest
MacPherson, James Norris
MacPherson, Jamieson Glass
MacPherson, Joe, Jr.
McReynolds, James Clark
McVey, Frances Jewell
McVey, Frank L.
McWhorter, George T.
Maas, Frank H.
Macauley, Fannie Caldwell
Macauley, John T.
Mackoy, Harry Brent
Maconaquah of the Miamis
Madden, Anita
Madden, Lillian G.
Maddox, Carolyn
Madison, Governor
Madison, Thomas
Madoc (see subject heading Welsh Indians)
Magidoff, Nila
Magness, Edmund E.
Magoffin, Beriah, Jr.
Magoffin, Samuel McAfee
Maham, Dr. G.M.
Mahon, James C.
Mahorney, Efa Nell
Mainord, Willard
Majors, Lee
Mallaliew, Dr. William C.
Mallett, Dr. Donald R.
Malone, Harry Francis, Sr.
Malone, John T.
Maloney, Charles G.
Malott, Ira M.
Manby, Mrs. William J. (Mary Overstreet)
Mandeville, Fulton
Manly, Dr. Samuel
Mansfield, Mr. & Mrs. William
Mapother, Edith Ruebel
Mapother, Wible L.
Maranda, Hi 44
Marchal, James D.
Marcosson, Isaac F.
Marcum, Dulcy
Marcus, Calvin H.
Marcus, Edward H.
Marion, Gen. Francis “Swamp Fox”
Markey, Gene
Markey, Lucille Parker
Markland, Col. A.H.
Marks, Lelda
Marlowe, Julia
Marmion, Rev. C. Gresham
Marriott, Mary Payne
Marrs, Mrs. James J.
Marsh, John Robert
Marsh, Tom
Marschal, Nicola
Marshall (family)
Marshall, Judge Charles Cotesworth
Marshall, Dr. Ewing
Marshall, Mrs. George C. (Katherine Boyce Tupper)
Marshall, Humphrey
Marshall, John
Marshall, Mrs. Judith L.
Marshall, Louise
Marshall, Tom
Marshall, William Jefferson
Martin, Mrs. Atwood
Martin, Boyd
Martin, Mrs. Carl
Martin, Everett
Martin, George Madden
Martin, Harry J.
Martin, Henry, Sr.
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Gen. Joseph
Martin, Dr. Robert
Marvin, F.H.
Marzian, A.F.
Mason, Bobbie Ann
Mason, Lanelle
Mason, Margie Heywood
Mason, Marion Czarina
Mason, Stevens Thomson
Masters, Dr. Victor Irvine
Masterson, Paul
Mathis, Col. C.M.
Mathis, Wallace G.
Matney, Jerry
Matthews, Prof. Clarence W.
Matthews, Dr. Joseph McDowell
Matthews, Kate
Matthews, William E.
Matthis, James F.
Mattingly, Joseph
Mattingly, Marie
Mattingly, Thomas Bell 45
Mature, Victor
Maupin, Milburn Taylor
Maurer, Barbara S.
Maxon, Rev. James Matthew
May, William H.
Mayes, H. Harrison
Mayhall, Russell C.
Mayo, George Morrow
Mazzoli, Romano
Meade, W. Howe
Meagher, Leo A.
Meagher, Mary K.
Mechling, Dr. H.E.
Meek, Harry C.
Meeker, Tom
Meisel, Edward J.
Melillo, Larry
Menasco, Milton T.
Mengel, Col. Charles Christopher
Mengel, Clarence R.
Mengel, Herbert W.
Menifee, Richard H.
Menifee, Speed S.
Meredith, Hubert
Merhoff, Frank R.
Merida, Fred
Meriwether (family)
Meriwether, Adeline Elizabeth
Meriwether, David
Merkel, Una
Merrifield, Sam B.
Merrill, Col. C.E.
Mershon, Carl
Mershon, Melissa
Merton, Thomas
Mester, Jorge
Mester, Margarita
Mester, Paula
Metz, Milton
Metzger, F.J.
Metzger, Mrs. Homer (Catherine Dale Owen)
Meyer, Dr. Leland Winfield
Meyzeek, Albert
Michler, George J., Jr.
Middleton, Prof. Austin Ralph
Middleton, Charles G.
Milburn, W.S.
Miles, A. Stevens
Miller (family)
Miller, Maj. A.J.
Miller, Campbell
Miller, Mrs. Emma G.
Miller, Irving
Miller, Mrs. J. Ashby
Miller, J.S.
Miller, Dr. James Grier
Miller, Mrs. James G. 46
Miller, L.H.
Miller, Lee P.
Miller, Leo C.
Miller, Mrs. Lucy Young
Miller, Madeline
Miller, Martha Porter
Miller, Neville
Miller, Dr. Orville Ray
Miller, Dr. Oscar O.
Miller, Robert Netherland
Miller, Samuel C.
Miller, Samuel Freeman
Miller, Judge Shackelford, Sr.
Miller, Judge Shackelford, Jr.
Miller, Mrs. Shackelford
Miller, Capt. Silas
Miller, Lt. Thomas H.
Miller, William F. (Billy)
Miller, William Harris
Miller, W. Scott
Millican, Ashby
Milliken, Edna
Milliken, James B.
Millis, Walter
Mills, Haze
Milner, B. Hudson
Milner, Charles W.
Milner, Mary Ann (Mrs. Benjamin Charles, Jr.)
Milton, Amelia Pearce
Milton, Col. William A.
Mims, Marilyn
Minnigerode, Rev. Dr. James G.
Minor, Dr. O.R.
Minton, Miss Nola
Mirus, Albert L.
Mitchell, Rev. Ben F.
Mitchell, Broadus
Mitchell, Ira J.
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Myrtle Mae
Mobley, Rev. Henry P.
Modjeska, Madame
Modys, Bettie
Moffatt, Dr. Fred
Moloney, R.P., Sr.
Monohan, John M.
Monroe, Beatrice
Monroe, Burt
Monroe, Pete
Monsky, Herbert H.
Montgomery, Col. John
Montgomery, Mr. & Mrs. Morris C.
Montgomery, Richmond Ames
Montgomery, Robert
Moody, Dale
Moody, Mrs. William (Cordie Lee Winston Moncure)
Moon, Mrs. Matilda H.
Moore, Anna Peal
Moore, Annie E.
Moore, Bethuel
Moore, Charles C.
Moore, George H.
Moore, James R.
Moore, John Trotwood
Moore, Mrs. John Trotwood (Mary Brown Daniel)
Moore, Lee S.
Moore, Dr. Merrill
Moore, Robert W.
Moore, Scott W.
Moore, Wickliffe B.
Moorman, Judge Charles Harwood, Sr.
Moorman, Charles P.
Moorman, Lewis J.
Moorman, Mrs. Lily B.
Moorman, Walter R.
Moran, Dr. Charles Thomas
Moran, J.S.
Moran, Thomas W.
Morbach, Prof. Edward
Morehead, Charles S.
Morehead, C.G.
Moreman, John S.
Morgan, Frederick Lindley
Morgan, John Hunt
Morgan, Thomas Hunt
Morgenroth, Jones L.
Moriarty, Daniel J., Jr.
Morison, Samuel Eliot
Morrill, Richard
Morrin, Peter
Morris, Maj. C.
Morris, Dr. Charles D.
Morris, E.G. “Jack”
Morris, Elmore Richard
Morris, H.H.
Morris, Rev. J.C.
Morris, Lois
Morris, Robert
Morrison, Dr. John T.
Morrison, George
Morrow, Edwin P.
Morrow, William E., Sr.
Morton (family)
Morton, David
Morton, John P.
Morton, Col. Leon L.
Morton, Lloyd
Morton, Paul
Morton, Robert M.
Morton, Rogers C.B.
Morton, Thomas B.
Morton, Thruston B.
Mosby, Ranger
Moseley, Mrs. Elizabeth
Moses, Harold
Moss, Buddy
Moss, Forrest
Moss, Henry A.
Moss, Judge Marcellus J.
Moss, Judge McKenzie
Moss, Mrs. Sallie Rust
Moss, White Lane
Mount, Lt. William Pincky
Mueller, George M.
Mueller, Dr. Kate
Mueller, Theodore E.
Muir, John
Muldoon, Hannah
Muldoon, Michael
Mullican, Charles N.
Mullin, W.E.
Mullins, Dr. E.Y.
Mundy, Sue
Munn (family)
Munn, W. Garnett
Murphey, Cecil
Murphy, Francis Joseph
Murphy, Isaac Burns
Murray, Benjamin W.
Murray, Logan C.
Musgrove, Charles Hamilton
Myers, Dr. Raymond
Myers, Rodes K.
Nahm, Charles S.
Narz, Jack
Nash, Sissy
Nash, Warren
Natcher, William
Nation, Carrie
Neal, Patricia
Neb, Logan B.
Needham, Charles K.
Needham, Dr. Hugh J.
Neel, Estill W.
Neel, Eurie Pearl
Neibaur, Eddie
Neikirk, C. Homer
Nelson, Charles L.
Nelson, Dorothea
Nelson, Rev. J.M.
Nelson, Maj. Gen. William “Bull”
Neumayer, J.C.
Neville, Linda
Nevils, Annie
Nevin, Lt. John H.
Newcomb (family)
Newcomb, Herman Danforth
Newcomb, J. Churchill
Newman, John L.
Newman, Kenneth J.
Newton, Mrs. J.E. (Edythe Cowherd)
Nickell, Joe
Nickerson, Col. John C.
Nicholas, Charles P.
Nicholas, George
Nichols, Jonathan Ball
Niehaus, Charles H.
Niles, John Jacob
Nixon, Patricia
Nixon, Richard
Nixon (family and visits to Louisville)
Noe, A.L.
Noe, Samuel VanArsdale
Noer, Dr. Rudolph J.
Nolan, Billy
Noland, Thomas T.
Nones, Edith
Nones, William C.
Nordeman, Charles B.
Norman, Abner
Norman, J. Colgan
Norman, J. VanDyke, Jr.
Norman, Marsha
Norrenbrock, Paul Anthony
Norton, Mrs. Caldwell (Nannie Stephens)
Norton, Mrs. Ex (Jane Washington Helm)
Norton, George W., Jr.
Norton, Mrs. George W., Jr. (Jane Morton)
Norton, George W., Sr.
Norton, Mrs. George W., Sr. (Margaret MacDonald Muldoon)
Norton, J.J.
Norton, Lucie Underwood
Nourse, Mrs. Rosanna Logan
Noyes, John S.
Nuetzel, Carl
Nuetzel, Fred O.
Nunn, Beulah
Nunn, J. Douglas
Nunn, Louie B.
Nunnally, Otha
Nussear, “Brother John”
Nutter, Dr. Homer E.
Oates, Clinton Randy, Sr.
Oates, Warren
O’Bannon, Lt. Presley Neville
O’Bannon, William Barbee
O’Brien, Arthur, Jr.
O’Brien, Edward J., Jr.
O’Brien, Edward J., Sr.
O’Brien, Dr. Frank J.
O’Brien, J.G.
O’Brien, James Graves
O’Brien, Paul
O’Bryan, Don
O’Callaghan, Mrs. Frank III O’Connell, Charles K.
O’Connor, Edwin
O’Doherty, Judge Matthew
O’Donnell, Peter J.
O’Donnell, Leo G.
Oertel, Arthur
O’Fallon, Caroline (Mrs. John J.)
Offutt, Andrew J.
Offutt, Claggett
Offutt, Eleanor Hume (Mrs. Henry Y.)
Offutt, Henry Y.
Offutt, Hyman Graham
Offutt, Zach C.
O’Hara, Kean
O’Hara, Theodore
O’Hare, Peter J.
O’Hare, Rev. William
Oldfield, Barney
Oldham, Judge Richard C.
O’Lee, Rosemary
Oliver, John William
Oliver, Nettie
Oliver, Ray
Olmstead, Frederick Law
O’Neal, Emmet
O’Neal, Joseph T.
O’Neil, Ralph T.
O’Neill, James
O’Rear, Edward
O’Rourke, Dr. J.T.
Osborne, B.R.
Oster, E.E.
O’Sullivan, William J., Jr.
Oswald, Dr. John W.
Oswald, Mrs. John W.
Otis, W. Earle
Ott, Mrs. Mary A.
Otter, Alice Werne (Mrs. James)
Otter, Mrs. John J.
Otter, William M.
Ouerbacker, Joseph P.
Overstreet, Corneille A.
Overstreet, Comdr. Sam A.
Ovington, Robert C.
Owen, Benjamin
Owen, Benjamin Wioubar
Owen, Jesse C.
Owen, Col. Richard W.
Owen, Robert
Owen, Sterling III
Owen, William Preston
Owens, Chester L.
Owens, Mel
Owings, Thomas C
Owsley, Roy H.
Owsley, Gov. William
Pace, Mrs. Pearl Carter
Page, Grover
Palmer, Isaac
Palmer, Olive
Palmer, Mrs. Potter (Bertha Honire)
Palmer-Ball, Nicholas V.
Palmer-Ball, Virginia Vogt
Palmore, H.D.
Palmore, John S.
Pangburn, Thurman
Park, W. Sidney
Parker, Henry T.
Parks, Dr. Stanley
Parr, Capt. Daniel G.
Parr, Pauline
Parr, Dr. Walter O.
Parrish, Rev. Dr. Charles Henry
Parsons, Albro L.
Parsons, Leo Mayes
Pattersoon, George C.
Pattersoon, Helen
Pattersoon, James K.
Patton, Mrs. George Charles (Katherine Caldwell)
Patton, Capt. James
Paul, Col. Edgar
Pauline (see Webster, Pauline Tabor)
Paxton, E.J.
Payne, Mrs. Henry Thomas
Payne, Dr. John Howard
Payne, Mitchell
Payne, Thomas H.
Paynter, Thomas H.
Peabody, Mrs. James Royden (Annie Long)
Peak, R. Frank, Jr.
Pearce, John Ed
Pearce, John Clark
Peck, Elizabeth
Peden, Don
Peden, Joe
Peel, J.B. (Jack)
Pegram, Amelia
Pence, Charlton H.
Pendergast, Thomas P.
Penick, Rev. C.C.
Penman, Sharon Kay
Penney, James Cash
Pennington, Mrs. Dudley Wareham (Ann Bullitt Brewer)
Pennington, Estill Curtis
Perkins (family)
Perkins, Rev. Albert Roy
Perkins, Carl
Perkins, Chris
Perry, G.A.
Person, Brig. Gen. John L.
Peter, Dr. A.M.
Peter, Arthur
Peter, C. Robert Sr.
Peter, Mrs. Louise Cowling
Peterson, Mrs. Daniel (Nell Morris Freeman)
Peterson, Very Rev. Mainert Jordan
Peterworth, Wendelin “Pete”
Petot, John Searcy, Sr.
Petrie, Cordie Greer
Petrik, Pres. Eugene
Pettit, Katherine
Pettus, Shirley Gill
Petty, Col. Ludlow F.
Petway, Rev. Matthew
Peyton, Jim
Pfeadt (family)
Phelps, Mrs. Lila D.
Phelps, Mary Pearce
Phillips, Dr. Carroll Davidson
Phillips, Mrs. John B.
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Lena Madesin
Philpot, Ford
Pickett, Dr. Alice
Pickett, J.H.
Pickett, Stewart T.
Pickrell, O. Graham
Pike, Thomas H., Jr.
Pike, Rev. W.D.
Pilcher, Mrs. Helen (Mrs. William E.)
Pindell, Mrs. Henry C. (James Ann)
Pinson, Dr. William W.
Piper, Lewis A.
Pipes, William Breckinridge
Pipkin, Mrs. Elma Martin
Pirtle, Capt. Alfred
Pirtle, Claiborne
Pirtle, James S., II Pitt, Addison
Pitt, Rev. Felix N.
Pittinger, Chuck
Plaschke, Emil B.
Plaschke, Paul A.
Pleasants, Peyton R.
Pogue, Forrest
Pogue, Robert L.
Poindexter, Mrs. Maria Eloise
Polen, Anne
Polk, James G.
Pollard, Carl F.
Pollard, Ernest A.
Pollard, Lloyd
Pope, Alfred Thruston
Pope, Dr. Curran
Pope, James S., Sr.
Popper, Rev. F.T.
Porter (family)
Porter, C. Herschel
Porter, Cole
Porter, Ira Jared
Porter, James
Porter, Katherine Anne
Porter, Linda
Porter, Marion
Porter, Mrs. Maude Brown
Porter, Hon. W.L.
Porter, William L., Jr.
Porter, Woodford R.
Posey, Robert B.
Post, Edward M.
Post, John
Post, Pauletta
Potter, Charles S.
Potter, Douglass W.
Potter, Richard
Potter, Mrs. Stephen S. (Georgia Skiles)
Pottinger (family)
Potts, Alice E.
Potts, Terry
Powell, Ann Maria
Powell, Anna Gordon
Powell, Rev. Dr. Edward Lindsay
Powell, George B.
Powell, Capt. Halsey
Powell, J.C.
Powers, Caleb
Powers, Georgia
Powers, James S.
Powers, Col. Robert Boyd
Powers, Tom
Poynter, Harriet
Poynter, Thomas Fletcher
Poynter, W.T.
Prather, Rev. Cornelius Grant
Pratt, Dr. Charles H.
Prentice, George D.
Preston, Lucian W.
Preston, Gen. William
Preston, Mrs. Margaret Howard
Prewitt, Allen
Price, Charles Baird III
Price, Edwin Reynolds “Jack”
Price, Dr. John W., Jr.
Price, Lois A.
Price, Gen. Samuel Woodson
Price, William T.
Prichard, Ed
Pridday, J.E.
Procter, John R.
Prydatkevytch, Roman
Purdom, Ellen Sommer
Pursifull, Mrs. Bell
Purvis, James H.
Pusey, Dr. William A.
Pyle, Marion F.
Quantrell, William C.
Queen, Bob
Quilp, Danial
Quinn, Huston
Quisenberry, James Francis
Quisenberry, Tandy
Rachford, Dr. K.B.
Radford, Grace A. (Mrs. Walter A.)
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel
Rainey, Dr. Robert L.
Rains, Emil
Raisor, Gary
Ralston, John Chester
Ramey, C. Douglas
Ramsey, Ben R.
Ramsey, Reuben Simon
Ramsey, Venus
Ramsier, John
Randolph, Mrs. Walter (Grace)
Raney, Jimmy
Range, Henry G.
Rankin, Frank G.
Rankin, Jim & Benny
Rankin, Rev. William Thomas
Rapier (family)
Rash, Dillman A.
Rassinier, Edgar A.
Ratcliffe, Col. George M.
Rauch, Dr. Joseph
Rauner, Sgt. John
Rauterberg, Lt. Col. Carl
Ray, Andrew Eusebius, Sr.
Ray, Joseph R., Sr.
Ray, William W.
Reager, Allen M.
Reams, Lee Roy
Reardon, John Simeon
Reccius, John
Receveur, Betty Layman
Records, Dr. Ralph Lafayette
Redding, Dorcas
Redmon, Don
Redmon, George Lee
Reed, Rev. David
Reed, Emily
Reed, Henry M., Jr.
Reed, Stanley F.
Reed, Winifred Elgin
Rees, Mrs. J. Wendell
Reese, Harold (Pee Wee)
Reese, Mark
Reever, Sharon
Reeves, Dr. William S.
Rehnquist, William H.
Reid, B.L.
Reimers, G. Edward
Reising, J. Edward
Reitmeier, Dr. Ronald E.
Remmers, August R.
Renaker, Mary Edwards
Renau, Adolph G.
Renau, Lynn
Render, Dr. William E.
Rennick, Robert
Retherford, T.W.
Revell, Roy C.
Revenaugh, Daniell
Reynolds, Charles C.
Reynolds, Mrs. Edna Dalrymple
Reynolds, Richard S.
Reynolds, William T.
Rhee, Syngman
Rice, Alice Hegan
Rice, Cale Young
Rice, Rev. David
Rice, Mrs. Dora
Rice, Mrs. Irvin
Richards, A. Keene
Richardson, Judge Basil
Richardson, Brad
Richardson, Catherine
Richardson, Dr. Cleves
Richardson, Edwin A.
Richardson, John
Riddle, Mrs. Hugh (Alice Shelby)
Riddle, Margaret Copeland
Riddle, Samuel
Rieger, John C.
Riem, Charles
Ries, Arthur J., Jr.
Rietze, Evelyn
Rigsby, Chester L.
Riley, E. Carlisle
Rinehart, Mark Van Auken
Riner, Claudia
Riney, Zachariah
Ritchie, C.M.
Ritchie, Jean
Ritter, Mrs. E.M.
Ritter, Joseph Cardinal
Rives, Hallie Ermine
Rizk, Mrs. Paul F.
Roach, Mrs. Abby Mequire
Roach, B.P.
Roach, D.G.
Roark, Charles Wickliffe
Robb, Charles S.
Robb, George S.
Robb, Mrs. Jary J.
Robbert, James C.
Robbins, Col. Chandler P.
Robbins, James L.
Robbins, Jenny Loring
Roberts, Elizabeth Maddox
Roberts, Hiram P.
Roberts, James “Red”
Roberts, Shelby Saufley
Robertson, Archie
Robertson, Benjamin
Robertson, Benjamin G.
Robertson, Cary
Robertson, Charley
Robertson, Dr. Frank L.
Robertson, Judge George
Robertson, Harrison
Robertson, Gen. Jerome Bonaparte
Robertson, Jim B.
Robertson, Merle E.
Robinson, Alex Galt
Robinson, Mrs. Alex Galt
Robinson, Alexander Goldsborough
Robinson, Arthur Harley
Robinson, Avery
Robinson, Mrs. Avery (Mary Chess)
Robinson, Charles Bonnycastle
Robinson, Freeman L.
Robinson, George A.
Robinson, Mrs. George A. (Rose Johnston)
Robinson, Glenn Homer
Robinson, Judge Harry W.
Robinson, Henry Scott
Robinson, Ida May
Robinson, Jackie
Robinson, John M.
Robinson, Preston Johnston
Robinson, Richard Alexander
Robinson, Rev. Stuart
Robinson, Thomas H., Jr.
Robsion, John Marshall
Rockefeller (family)
Rodenheber, Frank W.
Rodes, Henry Clifton
Rodes, John Barret
Rodes, Joseph M.
Rodes, Brig. Gen. Peter Powell
Rodman, Admiral Hugh
Rodman, Patricia Andekrson
Roederer, Raymond W.
Rogan, John
Rogers, Elizabeth Reid
Rogers, Charles A.
Rogers, Dr. Coleman
Rogers, Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb
Rogers, Judge J.G.
Rogers, J.M.
Romo, Gabriel G.
Ropke, Frank A.
Rosa, Romano
Rose, David B.G.
Rose, Rev. Frank
Rose, John
Rose, William
Roseberry, Mercedes
Rosenbaum, Mrs. Fanny Rose
Rosenblum, Bernard
Rosenblum, Mrs. James
Rosevear, Henry
Rossiter, Dr. Clinton
Roth, George
Rothenstein, Lucy King
Rothert, Otto A.
Roulston, Robert T.
Rousseau, Theodore D.
Rout, Dr. Gelon H.
Routt, “Uncle Charlie”
Rowan, John
Rowe, John
Rowell, Elsie A.
Rowntree, Dr. Gradie
Royall, Ann
Royster, Robert Stewart
Rubado, C.A.
Rudd, Henry Watterson
Rudd, Mary
Rulander, Dr. John G.
Rule, Rev. Lucien V.
Rupard (family)
Rupp, Adolph
Rusch, Paul
Rush, Dr. William M.
Rushing, J.H.
Russell, A.C.
Russell, Prof. Andrew J.
Russell, Frank B.
Russell, Frederick Fuller
Russell, Henry W.
Russell, Sydney R.
Russell, Walter S., II
Ruthenberg, Dorcas
Ruthenberg, Reuben
Rutherford, Charles Edwin
Rutherford, Susan Bond
Rutledge, Arthur
Rutledge, Mrs. Arthur
Rutledge, Justice Wiley
Ryan, W.J. “Babe”
Ryans, John Kelly
Ryburn, Claude B.
Ryen, Mitchell
Sabin, Pauline Morton
Sachs, Benjamin H.
Sachs, D.A., Jr.
Sackett, Frederic M.
Sales, Grover
Salinger, Dr. S.F.
Salyers, Robert K.
Sames, E.B.
Sample, Mrs. John Dwight (Fanny Cole)
Sampson, Mrs. Emma Speed
Sampson, Gov. Flem D.
Sampson, Helen
Samuell, Dr. W.W.
Samuels, T. William, Jr. & Sr.
Sandburg, Carl
Sanders, Claudia
Sanders, Rev. Felix J.
Sanders, Col. Harland
Sanders, Rev. Lisle Maxwell
Sanders, Margaret
Sanders, Sgt. Michael
Sanders, Wallace Wolfred (Tubby)
Sandford, Charles H.
Sandfort, John
Sandlin, Sgt. Willie
Sandman, Leo J.
Sanneman, Everett
Sapin, Madame Cara
Sasseen, Mary Towles
Satterfield, Mrs. W.H.
Satterwhite, Dr. Preston Pope
Sattich, Albert A.
Saunders, Clarence
Saunders, Harold Y.
Saunders, Mary Goggins Hancock
Savage, Henry W.
Sawitsky, William
Sawyer, A.B., Jr.
Sawyer, Diane
Sawyer, E.P.
Sawyer, John P.
Sawyer, Tom
Sawyier, Paul
Saylor, Lettie
Schachner, Dr. August
Schachner, Mrs. August
Schacter, Harry
Schauberger, Herman
Scheff, Fritze
Scheirich, Henry J., Jr.
Scheree, E.P.
Schickli, Alfred
Schickli, E.J., Jr.
Schlenk, Dr. Henry O.
Schmid, Margaret Eiglebach (Mrs. Lyndon R.)
Schmidt, Alfred
Schmidt, Karl
Schmidt, Martin F.
Schmidt, Martin L.
Schmidt, Paul
Schmied, John
Schmied, Kenneth
Schmutz, Julius
Schneider, Charles W.
Schneider, Evelyn J.
Schneider, John Frederick
Schoen, Henry
Scholtz, Joseph D.
Schott, Walter
Schram, Albert
Schram, George
Schroeder, Emily Sidell
Schroeder, Mike
Schroer, George C.
Schroering, Charles
Schrumm, Phil
Schuele, George, Jr.
Schuhmann, Mrs. George W.
Schuler, Thomas
Schulz, George E.
Schupp, Fred F.
Schupp, George
Schuster, Joseph
Schwartz, Gerard
Schwartz, Dr. Harry A.
Schwartz, Meta
Schwartz, Theodore F.C.
Schweitzer, Margaret M.
Schwendeman, Dr. Joseph R.
Scott, Col. Albert
Scott, Gen. Charles
Scott, Clara C.
Scott, Deroy
Scott, Ernest Roy
Scott, Maj. Gen. Hugh L.
Scott, James A.
Scott, Tom
Scott, Dr. Znos E., Sr.
Scotty, Death Valley
Scriver, L.O.
Sea, Mrs. Andrew M. (Sophia Fox)
Searcy, Capt. Stanley S.
Seay, William A.
Sedley, Arthur
Seelbach, Charles
Seelbach, Louis
Seelbach, Otto
Segal, Herb
Segrest, Jim
Seibert, Julius
Seiler, John Gray
Seitz, Fred
Sellers, Matthew
Selligman, Bernard
Semonin, Paul
Semple, Charles H., Sr.
Semple, Ellen
Semple, Patty
Senning, Frederick
Sergesketter, Martin T.
Serpell, Mrs. John
Settle, George T. & Mrs.
Settle, Mrs. Louis (Mrs. T.J.)
Seum, Dan
Sevier, Capt. Frederick S.
Shacklette, Dr. Warner J.
Shackleton, Carl
Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate
Shalleross, Elise Wallace
Shalles, Louis F.
Shands, Rev. Alfred
Shannon, Guy
Shannon, Samuel
Shannon, Samuel II
Shannon, William
Shaper, Dr. Aaron A.
Shapira, Ed
Sharp, Hal
Sharp, Solomon
Sharum, Mrs. Louisa
Shatner, William
Shatz, Louis
Sheaffer, Louis
Sheckler, Arthur V.
Sheehan, John E.
Sheehy, James P.
Shelbourne, Judge Roy M.
Shelby, Isaac & family
Shelley, William H.
Shelton, Bud
Shelton, Rev. Sherman J.
Shely, Dr. Forest F.
Shepherd, Dr. W.W.
Sheppard, Rev. William H.
Sher, Jacob
Sherley, Mrs. Susan W.
Sherley, Capt. Zack M.
Sherman, Lloyd
Sherman, Sidney
Sherman, William Tecumseh
Sherrard, Glenn Michael
Sherrill, Dr. J. Garland
Sherrill, Dr. Lewis J.
Shields, Richard
Shields, Susie
Shipp, John Wesley
Shirley, Edna Earle
Shivell, William T.
Shivley, Christian
Shivley, Harry
Shobe, Benjamin F.
Shoemaker, Ralph
Sholl, Hon. Sir Reginald
Sholl, Lady (Anna Carpenter)
Shook, Tristram
Short, Mary Churchill
Short, Roy H.
Shouse, James Dudley
Shrader, Colby C.
Shreve, Henry
Shropshire (family)
Shryock, Cincinnatus
Shryock, Gideon
Shuck, Dick
Shultz, Arnold
Siler, Eugene E.
Simms, Phil
Simon, Dr. Ansel V.
Simon, Frank
Simons, Tom
Simmons, Courtney C.
Simpson, Dr. A.B.
Simpson, W. Kenneth
Simrall, Josephine Price
Sims, William Snowden
Sinex, Flora West
Singletary, Otis A.
Sitting Bull
Sizemore, “Aunt” Josie Jackson
Skaggs, Margaret
Skillman, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowmer
Skillman, Eva M.
Slater, Mrs. Robert H.
Slaughter, Mrs. Alic Carpenter
Slaughter, Susie
Sloan, J.G.
Sloane, Dr. Harvey
Sloane, Kathy
Slung, Louis Sheaffer
Smallwood, J.C.
Smiley, Mrs. Gloria
Smillie, Thomson
Smith, Al
Smith, Addison
Smith, Ballard
Smith, Rt. Rev. Benjamin Bosworth
Smith, Carl
Smith, Carol Cook
Smith, Charles Louis
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Cleo Dawson
Smith, Clifford, Sr.
Smith, Daniel Boone
Smith, Dr. David Thomas
Smith, Edward W.
Smith, Col. Frances K.
Smith, Prof. Francis H.
Smith, George Weissinger
Smith, H. Allen
Smith, Ira D.
Smith, James B.
Smith, Prof. John Lawrence
Smith, Dr. John Thomas
Smith, Joseph Brown
Smith, K.T.
Smith, Keene B.
Smith, Lacey
Smith, Larry
Smith, Louis
Smith, Mrs. Lucy
Smith, Macauley
Smith, Mrs. Margaret Proctor
Smith, Merle
Smith, Raymond E.
Smith, Richard Campbell
Smith, Robert
Smith, S. Russell
Smith, Dr. Samuel M., Jr.
Smith, Sara Hanford (Mrs. J. Lithgow)
Smith, Stephen D.
Smith, Thomas Floyd, Sr.
Smith, Tony
Smith, Mrs. V. Howell
Smith, Vertner Mathers
Smith, Vincent B.
Smith, Walter C.
Smith, Winton E.
Smock, Frederick
Smyser, Harry L.
Smyser, Jacob Lewis
Smyser, James L.
Snarenberger, J. F.
Snider, A.J.
Snyder, Gene
Snyder, Oscar E.
Snyder, Robert Clifford
Solomon, William “King”
Sommers, Col. Harry
Soper, Lorris
Sotsky, Shirley
South, Mrs. Christine Bradley
South, Dr. John Glover
South, Dr. Lillian H.
Spalding, Lt. Col. George R.
Spalding, Bishop John Lancaster
Spalding, Bishop Martin J.
Spalding, Peter E.
Spalding, Tom B.
Spalding, William
Sparks, Mrs. Harry
Sparks, Harry M.
Sparks, Thomas J.
Spauschus, Dr. Hans O.
Speckman, Lawrence Frederick
Speckman, Mrs. Lawrence F.
Speed (family)
Speed, Mrs. Percy Hays
Speer, Andrew
Spence, Brent
Spencer, Burt A.
Spencer, Mrs. Ella Collins
Spencer, Mrs. Julia
Spencer, Ollie
Spotswood, Alexander, Jr.
Spragens, Thomas Arthur
Sprague, Arnold David, Jr.
Sprague, Joseph W.
Sprague, Stuart
Sprowl, Edwin Vance
Spurling, Dr. R. Glen
Spurrier, Tom
Stabile, Dr. Vincent
Stahr, Elvis J.
Stamm, Frederick
Standiford, Hon. E.D.
Standiford, Ethel
Stanley, Augustus Owsley
Stanley, Mrs. A.O.
Stanley, Mrs. Amanda Owsley
Stanley, Mrs. Edith F.
Stanley, H.C.
Stansbury, Charles Bertram
Stansbury, William B.
Stanton, Harry Dean
Staples, Charles R.
Staples, George M.
Starck, Judge Fred
Stark, Mrs. Isaac F.
Stark, J.L.
Stark, James Hart
Stark, John Price
Stark, Thomas H.
Starling, Col. Edmund W.
Starr, Helen
Stealey, Col. Orland Oscar
Stearns, Robert Lyons
Stebbins, George H.
Steed, Virgil
Steedman, Alma
Steele, Cornelia A.
Steger, Alfred
Stein, Luther J.
Steinbock, Edward A.
Stephan, Leon B.
Stephens, C.C.
Stephens, Mrs. Florence H.
Stephens, Luther
Stephens, Robert F.
Stephens, Woody
Stephenson, Mary A.
Stepp, Mose
Sternberg, Marvin J.
Stevens, Daisy McLaurin
Stevens, Leroy Redwood
Stevenson, Adlai
Stevenson, John White
Stevenson, Richard Corwine
Stewart, Albert
Stewart, Brady
Stewart, Rev. Cr. Claire McKay, Sr.
Stewart, Cora Wilson
Stewart, D.D.
Stewart, James G.
Stewart, Jefferson Davis
Stewart, Joseph Adger & Mrs.
Stewart, William Kerfoot
Stewart, Zeb A.
Stickles, Dr. Arndt Mathis
Stiles, John K.
Stiles, Lewis K.
Still, James
Stilz, William A.
Stirman, Dr. W.F.
Stites, Heather
Stites, Henry J.
Stites, Mrs. Henry J. (Susan Edmunds)
Stites, James W.
Stites, Mrs. James W. (Edith Bodley)
Stites, John
Stites, Mrs. John (Mildred Ann Chenoweth)
Stites, William F.
Stivers, Dr. Edward C.
Stivers, Orville J.
Stockdale, Dr. Benjamin A.
Stockhoff, Arthur B.
Stockwell, E.C.
Stoess (family)
Stokes, John Milton
Stokes, Mrs. L. Duncan (Mary Ann Collins)
Stoll (family)
Stoll, C.W.
Stoll, George
Stoll, John William
Stoll, William A.
Stone, Andrew Broaddus
Stone, Edward Durell
Stone, Capt. Ephriam M.
Stone, James C.
Stone, Lynn
Stone, May
Stone, R.B.
Stoner, Michael
Stork, John R.
Storm, Samuel W.
Story, Harold A.
Stout, Mrs. Florence O.
Stout, Rufus S.
Stout, Wesley Winans
Stovall, Thelma
Stover, F.H.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Strader, Robert S.
Strange, Benjamin
Strassel, J.H.
Strater, Mrs. Adeline Helme
Strater, Edward L.
Strater, Henry
Straub, Karl A.
Straus, Bert
Straus, Lester
Straus, Mrs. Rachel L.
Streng, Jesse F.
Strickler, Mrs. Frank P.
Strickler, Woodrow
Strickler, Mrs. Woodrow
Strong, Arbra
Strother, Mrs. Ralph G.
Strotman, Joseph C.
Strull, Charles
Stuart, Ellen
Stuart, Eugene
Stuart, Jesse (2 envelopes)
Stubblefield, Frank A.
Stubblefield, Nathan B.
Stubbs, Dr. William Carter
Stuber, William G.
Stucky, Dr. Joseph A.
Stults, Count
Suddith, William MacLean
Sullivan, Mrs. Ethel Acree
Sullivan, J.R.
Sullivan, James P.
Sullivan, Mary
Summerhayes, W. Keath, Jr.
Summers, William E., III
Sundblom, Haddon
Surgener, Barbara Fitch
Surles, Maj. Gen. Alexander Day, Jr.
Surrat, Mrs. Mary E.
Sutcliff, Elbert Gary
Sutcliff, John Herr
Sutton, Eddie
Sutton, Mary Kathryn Sams
Sutton, Dr. W.L.
Swain, Donald C.
Swaiin, Enos
Swann, Rev. George B.
Sweatt, T.W.
Sweeney, Elsie Irwin
Sweets, Dr. Henry H.
Swem, Dr. Earl Gregg
Swigart, Jackie (Mrs. Richard) Swindler, Earnest F.
Swinford, Judge Mac
Swisher, Jack L.
Switow, Fred T.
Swope, Col. A.M.
Tabor, Pauline
Tachau, Charles B.
Tachau, Mrs. Lewis (Marie Mayer)
Tachau, Mary. K.
Tafel, Carl G.
Tafel, Mrs. Carl G. (Edna Sargent)
Tafel, Paul C.
Tafel, Paul, Jr.
Taff, Nollie O.
Taft, William Howard
Taggert, Ross E.
Talbott, Hudson
Talbott, J. Dan
Talbott, William Francis
Tapp, Edith Hudson
Tapp, Hambleton
Tapp, Jesse W.
Tapp, Neal
Tarbis, Dr. Raymond
Tarrant, John
Tate, Allen
Tate, James
Tate, Lou
Tate, Thomas H.
Tatum, Walter F., Sr.
Taulbee, Kelly
Taulbee, William Preston
Taylor, Bushrod W., Jr.
Taylor, Daniel T., III
Taylor, John Randolph
Taylor, H.T.
Taylor, Herbert L.
Taylor, Horace A.
Taylor, Col. J.C.
Taylor, Jesse
Taylor, John B.
Taylor, John Fuller
Taylor, John W.
Taylor, Marion
Taylor, Marion Sayle
Taylor, Reuben
Taylor, W.S.
Taylor, Zachary
Taylor, Zachary (family)
Temple, Mrs. John B.
TenBroeck, Richard
Terrell, Arch B., Jr.
Terrell, Zach
Terry, Prentiss M.
Terry, Mrs. Sarah H.
Terry, Silas Wright
Tevis, Eliza
Tevis, Sarah Hamilton
Tevis, Walter
Thatcher, Maurice H.
Thatcher, Mrs. Maurice
Theobald, J.C.
Thodis, Christ
Thomale, Carl R. “Tiny”
Thomas, Charles Preston
Thomas, Edison H.
Thomas, Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson
Thomas, Rev. Frank M.
Thomas, James C.
Thomas, Jean
Thomas, Judge John R.
Thomas, Mrs. John R. (Georgia Birmingham)
Thomas, M.W. “Chuck”
Thomas, Mary Ambrosia
Thomas, Michael
Thomas, Sam W.
Thompson, Carl N.
Thompson, E.H.
Thompson, Frank B., Jr.
Thompson, Hunter
Thompson, James
Thompson, Mrs. Jeanette
Thompson, Kelly
Thompson, Brig. Gen. M. Jeff
Thorne, William Pryor
Threlkeld, Hilda
Thum, Patty
Thumb, Tom
Thurman, Dr. David H., Sr.
Thurman, Judge Isaac Harrison
Thruston, R.C. Ballard
Tilford, Charles M.
Tilford, Judge Henry J.
Tilford, Henry Johnson
Tilford, Dr. John E., Jr.
Tilton, E. James
Tinsley, Hattie
Tinsley, Samuel B.
Tippett, Mrs. W.C.
Tipton, Ed A.
Todd (family)
Todd, Charles H., M.D.
Todd, James A.
Todd, James Ross
Todd, Jouett Ross
Todd, Mrs. Jouett Ross
Todd, Louise
Todd, Justice Thomas
Tonini, Edward
Torphy, Jim
Towles, Susan Starling
Towles, Dr. Thomas
Towne, Charles Hanson
Townes, Dr. C. Dwight
Townsend, William T.
Trabue (family)
Trabue, Alice E.
Trabue, Caroline C.
Trabue, Edmund F.
Trabue, Isaac H.
Trabue, James
Trabue, Robert
Trafton, Louise Rucker (Mrs. Spalding)
Trautwein, Louis William
Trawick, Dr. John D., Sr.
Traylor, Melvin A.
Tribble (family)
Trigg, R. Ballard
Trimble, Mrs. Carrie
Trimble, Dr. Ernest Greene
Trimble, Justice Robert
Trimble, South
Trotter, Rev. Isham Patton
Trout, Allan
Troye, Edward
Trueheart, Charles R.
Truesdell, Charlie
Truman (family)
Truman, Bess
Truman, Harry S.
Truman, Martha Ellen
Tuley, Philip Speed
Tunstall, Joseph
Turner, Eleanor Marshall
Turner, Helen
Turner, Henry Clay
Turner, J. Wirt
Turner, Margaret C. Paine
Turner, Mary Lee
Turner, Timothy
Turner, W.J.
Turney, Lawrence J.
Twain, Mark
Tway, William T.
Tweddle, Mrs. Blanche
Twyman, Mrs. Gladys
Twyman, Mrs. Lucy Ann
Tyler, Edward
Tyler, Sara
Tyler, Virginia
Tyler, Mrs. William Chambers, II (Mary Catherine Lemon)
Ufer, Walter
Uhrig, Charles A.
Uhrig, Edward J.
Ulmer, Daniel
Underwood, Oscar W.
Underwood, Capt. William
Unseld, Charles
Upson, Mrs. Lenore
Uri, Walter
Vail, Lester
Van Arsdale, Bert
Van Arsdale, Howard Lee
Van Arsdall, Dr. Charles Alexander
Van Arsdall, Dr. Condit B., Sr.
Vance, Burton
Vance, Ledcreich Stuart
Van Dam (family)
Vanhook, Charlie
Van Meter, Harriet
Van Nagell, John Rensselaer
Vanover, Frederick
Van Pelt, Edwin H.
Van Pelt, Capt. Sanford D.
Van Peursem, James E.
Van Stockum, Ronald
Van Stockum, Susanne (see also Henning, Susanne)
Van Wagner, C.A.
Van Winkle, Julian P.
Varble, Capt. Dan
Varble, Rachel McBrayer
Vaughan, Frank H.
Vaughan, R.E., Jr.
Vaughan, Dr. William H.
Vaughan, William Milton
Vaughn, Billy
Vaughn, F.B.
Vaughn, Sue Adams Landon
Veazey, J. Robert
Veech, Dr. Annie
Veech, Bethel Bowles
Veeder, Fredric Ryan
Veling, Charles J.
Verhoeff, Carolyn
Verhoeff, Dr. Frederick H.
Verhoeff, John
Verhoeff, Mary
Vest, Christine
Vettiner, Charlie
Vettiner, Mrs. Charlie
Vice, Robert B.
Vick (family)
Vick, John L.
Vincent, Norris Brooks
Vinson, Frederick Moore
Vinson, Fred M., Jr.
Vinson, Thomas W.
Viser, Mortimer
Vissing, Richard L.
Voelcker, Mrs. Elise Margaret
Vogt, Clarence Wedekind
Vogt, Ernest L.
Vogt, F. Sherman
Vogt, Louise Thierman
Voils, Thad Williams
Vollmer, Jesse
Volz, Harry A.
Von Allmen, Mrs. Oscar
Von Allmen, Pearl
Von Bismarck, Countess Mona
Von Steuben, Baron
Wade, Campbell M., Sr.
Wade, Capt. Richard Marshall
Waggener, John H.
Waggener, Mrs. John M.
Wagner, Sister Antonia
Wagner, George J.
Wagner, Walter C.
Wahking, Homer C.
Wakefield, Dunlap
Wakefield, Mark A.
Walesby, Alfred E.
Walker, Clarence
Walker, Senator Edward C.
Walker, Felix
Walker, Dr. Franklin M.
Walker, Henry Ajax
Walker, Jane Thompson Lowell
Walker, Dr. Mary Edwards
Walker, Morton
Walker, Dr. Newman
Walker, Mrs. Newman
Walker, Newman W.
Walker, R.R. (Pete)
Walker, Dr. Thomas
Walker, Thomas L.
Wall, Bennett
Wallace, Henry
Wallace, Lew
Wallace, Paul
Wallace, Robert
Wallace, Tom
Wallace, William Bertram
Waller, John W.
Waller, William E.
Wallop, Oliver H.
Wallop, Mrs. Oliver H.
Walls, John H.
Walls, Murray Atkins
Walsh, George E., Jr.
Walworth, Mrs. Corrine Bramlette
Ward, Anna Bell
Ward, Curtis Perry
Ward, David L.
Ward, Henry
Ward, Jasper
Ward, Mrs. Lydia Avery
Ward, Mary
Ward, Ossian P.
Ward, Paul S.
Ward, R.J.
Ward, Sallie Ward (Downs)
Warden, Susan E. (Mrs. John L.)
Ware, James
Warfield, Benjamin D.
Waring, John U.
Warley, William
Warns, Carl
Warren, Cary I.
Warren, Ella Churchill
Warren, Meta Speed
Warren, Robert Penn
Warrick, Harley
Washer, Ben F.
Washer, Benjamin Seelig, Jr.
Washington, George
Washington, George (painting: Ava Parks)
Washington, John
Waterfield, Harry Lee
Waterfill, Joseph H.
Waters, Annie S.
Waters, “Big Bill”
Waters, Mrs. Lilly Scott
Waters, W.T.
Wathen, Alford S., Jr.
Wathen, John B., Sr.
Wathen, Mrs. John Bernard, Jr. (Effie Ewell)
Wathen, Mimi
Wathen, Otho Will
Wathen, Richard
Watkins, J. Stephen
Watkins, James L.
Watkins, John F.
Watkins, Lowry
Watkins, Mrs. Mabel Cochron
Watkins, Bishop William T.
Watson, Maj. Alexander Mackenzie
Watson, Capt. Edward Howe
Watson, Fannie
Watson, Mrs. Jessie Strater
Watson, Rear Adm. John Crittenden
Watson, Willis M.
Watterson, Henry (2 envelopes)
Watts, Cato
Watts, John C.
Watts, Thomas Garnett
Way, Capt. Frederick
Wayne, Rollo L.
Weathers, George Seymour
Weaver, Dr. Albert B.
Weaver, Mrs. Albert B. (Jessie Vance Weaver)
Weaver, Jerry
Weaver, Sylvester
Weaver, William Gaulbert
Webb, George B.
Webb, Lt. Cmdr. James D.
Webb, L.K.
Webb, Donald
Webb, Dudley
Webb, Dr. William S.
Webber, William S., Sr.
Weber, Herman M.
Webster, Pauline Tabor
Wehrley, Prof. Gustave C.
Weir, James
Weil, Ted
Weinberger, Henri
Weisert, Dr. John J.
Weiss, Coleman G.
Weissmueller, Joseph K.
Weist, Herman
Welborn, William Gardner
Welch, Rev. Dr. Charles W.
Welch, Dr. Thomas R.
Weldon, Mrs. George C.
Weldon, Rev. Joney Wood
Wellendorff, Carl A.
Weller, George Pence
Wellkamp, Frank J.
Wells, Bill
Wells, Everett F.
Wells, Dr. Rainey T.
Wells, Theodore
Welsh, Virginia (Mrs. Matthew)
Welsh, William
Wentt, Rev. Allan
Wernert, Dr. John J., Jr.
Wesley, C.H.
Wesley, Dr. Emory J.
West, Bill
West, Charles
Westerfield, Rebecca
Weston, Rev. Robert T.
Wetherby, Evelyn Durbin
Wetherby, Lawrence W.
Wetter, William A.
Whaling, Rev. Dr. Thornton
Whallen, Col. James Patrick
Whallen, Col. John
Wharton, Mary
Wheat, R.M.
Wheeler, Mrs. Minnie Norton Marvin
Wheeler, Dr. Owen
Whelan, Wendy
Whitaker, Dr. Howard W.
White, Alice
White, Charles Stuart
White, E.P.
White, Harvey
White, James Daniel
White, Robert L.
White, Thomas H.
White, William Taylor
Whitehouse, Eugene
White-Moon, Charlie
Whitley, Andrew G.
Whitley, Edna
Whitley, William
Whitman, James N.
Whitney, Cornelius Vanderbilt
Whitney, James Edwin
Whitney, Mary Lou
Whitney, Robert
Whitney, Mr. & Mrs. Robert L.
Whitney, Roland
Whitney, Roland L.
Whittinghill (family)
Whitworth, Milton Tinsley
Wickham, Stephen
Wickliffe, Sallie Kroane
Wilbur, Cornelia
Wilburn, John J.
Wilcockson, Samuel
Wilcox, Thornton
Wilder, Maj. Isaac
Wilding, Mrs. Henry P., Jr.
Wiley, Jenny
Wilhoit, Anthony
Wilhoit, William Monroe
Wilke, Ulfert
Wilkinson, Wallace
Will, Charles, Sr.
Willard, Archibald M.
Willard, Frances E.
Willard, Mrs. William R.
Willett, Brother Leo
Willett, Mary Jane
Williams, Adriel N.
Williams, Albert “Bert” DMD
Williams, Judge Ben G.
Williams, Caroline
Williams, Charles Sneed
Williams, Edward
Williams, Esther Bakewell (Mrs. Charles W.)
Williams, Hal O.
Williams, James Kendrick
Williams, John L.
Williams, Gen. John S.
Williams, Lynn Sterling-Smith
Williams, Mrs. Martha D.
Williams, Mrs. Mary I (Mrs. Hal O.)
Williams, Newell Allen
Williams, Squire N., Jr.
Williams, Dr. Thomas D.
Williams, Thomas G.
Williams, Walter
Williamson, Mrs. Matilda
Williamson, Vincent Monroe
Willig, W. Armin
Willis, Rev. A.A.
Willis, Edward H.
Willis, Edwin C.
Willis, George L. III
Willis, Margaret F.
Willson, Augustus E.
Willson, James C.
Wilmouth, Louis
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Anne Elizabeth
Wilson, Ben
Wilson, Carl Vogt
Wilson, Ellis
Wilson, Mrs. Fannie Storts
Wilson, Gaines P., Sr.
Wilson, George H.
Wilson, Gordon, Sr.
Wilson, Dr. Horace Cady
Wilson, Judge Hudson
Wilson, Ivan
Wilson, J.H.
Wilson, Jerome S.
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, Lenore
Wilson, Margaret Sanders
Wilson, Raymond Kay
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Samuel M. & Mrs.
Wilson, T. Bert
Wilson, Rev. William F.
Wilson, Woodrow
Winburn, Gordon B.
Winchester, Mrs. Lucy Alexander
Windler, John T.
Wine, James
Winn, Judge John J. Winslow, George B.
Winstanley, Frances
Winston, J. Dudley
Wintersmith, Charles E.
Wintersmith, Mrs. Mary R.
Wintersmith, Robert F.
Wirz, Capt. Henry
Wischmeyer, H.W.
Wise, Henry
Wise, Nathaniel S.
Wiseheart, Marion F.
Wissman, Ernest
Witherspoon (family)
Witt, Bernard G.
Witten, Dr. Carroll
Witten, Curtis
Woerne, Emma J.
Wolf, Dr. David
Wolf, Rev. Geralyn
Wolfkill, William
Wolford, Leo T.
Wolford, Mrs. Thorp L.
Wolpert, Arthur F.
Wood, Capt. Allen B.
Wood, Allen W.
Wood, Dr. Charles
Wood, Mrs. Charles F.
Wood, Edith
Wood, Edwin D.
Wood, Hillis
Wood, J.E.
Wood, Lorenzo Kenna
Wood, McFarland
Wood, Richard V.
Wood, Thomas J.
Wood, W.O. Robert
Woodard, Dr. Robert L., Sr.
Woodard, William T.
Woodbury, Mrs. John L.
Woodcock, Charles Edward
Woodfill, Sgt. Samuel
Woodruff, Mrs. Frank (Jane Porter Scott)
Woods, Brent
Woods, Clarence E.
Woods, Harry MacGregor
Woods, Kate
Woods, Robert E.
Woodson, Elizabeth
Woodson, Isaac Thomas
Woodson, Dr. T. Ashby
Woodson, Urey
Woodward, William T.
Woodward, Mrs. William T.
Wooldridge, Dorothy Louise
Wooldridge, Mrs. Mary Chambers
Woolfolk, Junius Alexander
Wooley, Robert Wickliffe
Woosley, Elbert S.
Worful, Ernest
Workman, Jason
Wornall, Alice Wakefield Buchanan
Worth, Mrs. Phoebe Beckner
Wotowa, E.J.
Wrather, Dr. William E.
Wright, Dr. A.K.
Wright, Dr. Kenneth
Wright, Richard
Wright, Steve
Wright, Tom
Wright, Judge Willis C.
Wyatt, Wilson
Wykes, Florence
Wyman, Mary May
Wymond, Mrs. Louis, Jr. (Jane Tyler)
Wymond, Louis H., Sr.
Wymond, Mrs. Marc (Emma C. Speed)
Wymond, Maria Crittenden (Mrs. William I.)
Wymond, William Ingram
Wynn, J. Mac
Yandell, Enid
Yantz, Charles
Yarberry, M. Ray
Yarbrough, Charles W.
Yater, George
Yates, L.E.
Yenawine, Dr. Wayne
Yocum, Danny
Yonts, Mrs. Morton K.
York, Sgt. Alvin C.
Young, Bennett H.
Young, Col. Charles N.
Young, Sen. Gates F.
Young, Grace
Young, Tom
Young, Whitney M., Jr.
Younger, Clarenden Claudius
Yunker, James A.
Zachari, Elizabeth D.
Zegart, Amy
Zehe, Sister Mary Roberta
Zelanis, Dr. Mary F.
Zellich, Mary Louise
Zerega, E.
Ziegler, Ronald L.
Zimmerman, Abraham
Zirkle, Charles
Zlotolow, Pauline (Paula Rich)
Zoll, John G.
Zollicoffer (family)
Zurlinden, William E. “Cap.”


See: Schools – Kentucky
Ads – Courier Journal and other papers
Advertising – Ombudsman
See: Newspapers – Louisville, Kentucky – Courier Journal
– Aviation week
– Bowman Field Air Show
– Powder Puff Derby
Agricultural Machinery
Agriculture – Kentucky
See also: Bibb lecture
See also: Strawberry growers – Kentucky and Indiana
See also: Tobacco – Kentucky
Agriculture – UK Experimental Station 1912, etc.
See also: Tobacco – Kentucky
Airdrie Furnace – Paradise – Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
See: Iron Furnaces – Kentucky – Muhlenberg County
Airports – Kentucky
Airports – Kentucky – Louisville – Bowman
Airports – Kentucky – Louisville – Standiford
Airports – Kentucky – Proposed Jetport
Air Raid Shelters
Alamo – siege of
– New Town – land donated by Craig Hazelet
Alcoholism and drug abuse – Treatment – Jefferson County
All Kentucky City Awards
All Prayer Foundling’s Home
See: Orphans – Homes
Almanacs – Kentucky
America, Discovery of
American Legion
American Party – Kentucky
American Party – Know Nothing Party
American Printing House for the Blind
American Turners Association
Amish – the Amish in Kentucky and Indiana, etc.
See: Mennonites in KY and IN
Anthropology – Kentucky
Anti-Slavery – Kentucky
See also: Hobbies and Collections
See also: Textile Industry and Fabric
Apartment Houses
– “Kentucky’s still ravaged land” by John Fetterman
– Music
– Vista
Appalachian Region
Appalachian Regional Commission
Arch – Main Street
Archaeology – Kentucky I and II
Archaeology – (Fowke, Gerard)
– Rudolph, Paul
– Hammon, Stratton
Architectural Firms
– Luckett & Farnsley
Architecture – Kentucky
See also: Costigan, Francis (biog)
See also: Shryock, Cincinnatus (biog)
See also: Whitestone, Henry Conkwright (biog)
See also: Shryock, Gideon McMurty (biog)
Architecture – Kentucky – Louisville
– Cupolas
– Ironwork
– Church steeples
Archives – Kentucky
Archives – Louisville
Armistice Day Observance
Art – Galleries and Museums
Art – Kentucky
– Art Train
– Art Shows Science of Highways
– Lincoln Trail Art Colony
– Kentucky State Fair and Exposition Center
Art – Lehman Collection
Art – Louisville
– Business
– Art “Co-op” (Print Collectors Club)
– Arts Colony, Pleasure Ridge Park
– Louisville Art League
– Public Library
Art – Louisville Junior Art Gallery
Art – Wheeler Collection
Art Center – Louisville
Art Restoration
Art Shows
– St. James Court
– Kentucky State Fair
– Downtown Salutes the Arts
Arts Center – Centre College
Artists – Indiana
– Lomax, Maude Kelley
– Plaschke, Paul
Artists – Kentucky
Individual articles on obscure artists, all others are filed in Biographical Clippings
– Bond, Fred
– Coheleach, Guy
– Colton, Mary Russell Ferrell
– Cornwall, Dean
– Crapster, Kitty
– Creech, Mrs. Millicent
– Embry, Norris
– Farney, Henry
– Faulkner, Henry
– Greenfield, Esther
– Grissom, Rosa Flowers
– Koehler, Henry
– Lavrans, Brother
– Lockhart, Robert
– Luallen, Elizabeth
– Mayo, Reba H.
– Oswald, Tony
– Prowse, Charles O.
– Ross, Herbert William
Artists – Kentucky (Misc.)
See also: Sculptors – Kentucky
See also: Calligraphers
See also: Silhouettes – Kentucky
– Apollo
– Articles about various astronauts
– Kentucky Visit
Astronomical Observatories – Kentucky
Athenaeum Literary Association
See: Literary Societies – Kentucky
Australian Ballot
Authors – Kentucky – Misc.
Automobile Industry
– Old
– The Edsel
Bakers and Bakeries
– Heitzman Bakery, Louisville
Ballard Mills, Louisville, Kentucky
Balloon Ascensions – Kentucky
– Ballooning
– Kentucky Derby Balloon Race
– Pioneer Ballooning
See also: Australian Ballot
Banks and Banking
Baseball – Louisville
Basketball – Kentucky – Coaches
See also: Rupp, Adolph (biog. file)
See also: Hall, Joe (biog. file)
Basketball – Kentucky – Teams
– Cuba, Ky.
– Kentucky Colonels
– University of Kentucky
– University of Louisville
Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve
See: Parks – Louisville and Jefferson County – Joe Creason Park.
Beauty Shops – Louisville
– Wigmakers
Beaver – article by Robert McDowell
Bed and Breakfasts – Louisville
Belle of Louisville
See: Steamboats
See also: Steamboat Races
Bells – Historic – Kentucky
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
Bibb Lettuce [click to access PDF scan of file]
Bicentennial – Kentucky, 1974
Bicentennial – Kentucky, 1992
Bicentennial – Louisville, 1980
Bicentennial – U.S., 1976
– Fourth of July tradition
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Birds – American Eagle
Birds – Kentucky
See also: Parakeets – Kentucky
Black Muslims
Blacks – Civil Rights – Louisville
Blacks – Civil Rights – Louisville – Open Housing
Blacks – Kentucky – History
Blacks – Louisville
– Black Scene Magazine
– Business
– Debutantes
– Douglass Institute
– Hayes, Roland
See also: U.S. – History – War of 1812 – Black Troops
Blacksmiths – Louisville
– George Schoneman
– Carl Schoneman
– Farmington
“Bloody Monday” – August 6, 1855
Bluegrass Savannas
Boats and Boating
Books – History
– Kentucky
– Louisville
Books, Rare
See: Rare Books
Booksellers and Bookselling
Boone Day – Kentucky
– Festivals
– Trace and Trail
– Cabin
Boone Way
See also: Hobbies and Collections
Bowman’s Expedition
Boy Scouts of America – Kentucky Unit
Breweries – Kentucky – Louisville
Bridges – Covered – Indiana
Bridges – Covered – Kentucky (2 envelopes)
Bridges – Kentucky and Indiana
Bridges – Kentucky – Natural
Bridges – Louisville
– Big Four Bridge
– Beargrass Creek
Bridges – Louisville
– Clark Memorial Bridge
– Sherman Minton Bridge
– John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge
– Proposed (1991)
Bridges – Louisville – Park
Bridges – other than Kentucky or Indiana
Brokerage and Investment Firms – Louisville
– Brokers
Buffalo Trace – Scouts – Kentucky
See: Louisville – Buildings
Bus Companies
– Blue Motor
– Kentucky Bus Lines, Inc.
– Louisville-Jefferson County Transit Authority
– Louisville Transit Company
– Greyhound
Business Firms
See: Louisville – Business Firms
Cabbage Patch Settlement House
See also: Steamboats
Camp Beauregard
Camp Breckinridge
Camp Chelan (YWCA)
Camp Crescendo, Bullitt County, Kentucky
Camp Dick Robinson
Camp [Zachary] Taylor
See also: European War, 1914-1918 – Camp Taylor
Campaign Buttons and Ribbons
See also: Filson Club
Camps – Youth
Cane Brakes
Capital Punishment – Kentucky
Capitalists and Financiers – Kentucky
Carriages and Carts
See also: Toonerville Trolley
Cast Iron
See: Architecture – Kentucky
Caves – Illinois
Caves – Indiana
Caves – Kentucky
– Ash Cave
– Boone’s Cave
– Carter Caves
– Crystal Cave
– Diamond Caverns
– G. E. Cave
– Great Onyx Cave
– James Cave
– Pine Mountain Cave
– Thousand Room Cave
See also: Mammoth Cave
See: Graveyards
Census – Louisville
– 1810
– Special Census – 1964
– Kentucky – 1990
Centennial Exposition – Philadelphia, 1876
See: Pottery
Chautauqua – Madison, Indiana
Chewing Gum
Children’s Homes
– Beulah Mountain
– Boy’s Haven
– Children’s Bureau
– Jewel Manor
– Kentucky Children’s Home
– Louisville and Jefferson County Children’s Home
– Maryhurst
– Newsboys Home
– Open Door (Perry County)
– Ormsby Village
– Ridgewood
See also: Orphan Homes
Chinaware – Louisville
Christmas – First in Louisville
Christmas – Kentucky
– Maysville
– Washington
– White Hall
See also: Kentucky – County – Adair
Christmas – Miscellaneous
Church History – African American
Church History – Baptist
Church History – Baptist Conventions
Church History – Catholic
– Catholic Press
See also: Monasticism and Religious Orders – Gethsemani
Church History – Christian Church
Church History – Disciples of Christ
Church History – Episcopal
Church History – Methodist
Church History – Mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints)
Church History – Pilgrim Holiness Church, Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Church History – Presbyterian
Church Unity
Churches – Indiana
– Dutch Settlement and Presbyterian Church at Pleasant, Switzerland County
– New Albany Centenary United Methodist Church
See also: Ford, John B. (biog. file)
Churches – Kentucky
Churches – Kentucky – Baptist
– Anderson County
– Barren County
– Bell County
– Boone County
– Bourbon County
– Bullitt County
– Butler County
– Carroll County
– Clark County
– Daviess County
– Fayette County
– Fleming County
– Franklin County
– Garrard County
– Green County
– Hancock County
– Hardin County
– Harlan County
– Harrison County
– Hart County
– Henderson County
– Henry County
– Jessamine County
– Jefferson County
– Lincoln County
– Livingston County
– Logan County
– Madison County
– Mason County
– Mercer County
– Monroe County
– Montgomery County
– Muhlenberg County
– Nelson County
– Pulaski County
– Scott County
– Shelby County
– Simpson County
– Spencer County
– Warren County
– Washington County
– Woodford County
Churches – Kentucky – Catholic
– Campbell County
– Fayette County
– Franklin County
– Harrison County
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County
– Kenton County
– Marion County
– Meade County
– Nelson County
o St. Joseph’s Cathedral
– Washington County
Churches – Kentucky – Christian or Disciples of Christ
– Bourbon County
– Cane Ridge
– Fayette County
– Fleming County
– Franklin County
– Harrison County
– Henderson County
– Henry County
– Jefferson County
– Lincoln County
– Madison County
– Marion County
– Mason County
– Mercer County
– Shelby County
– Woodford County
Churches – Kentucky – Church of Christ Scientist
Churches – Kentucky – Church of the Brethren
Churches – Kentucky – Dutch Reformed
– Henry County
– Mercer County
– Old Mud Meeting House
– Shelby County
Churches – Kentucky – Eastern Orthodox
– Jefferson County
Churches – Kentucky – Episcopal
– Boyle County
– Fayette County
– Harrison County
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County
– Lee County
– Mercer County
– Montgomery County
– Shelby County
See also: Smith, Rt. Rev. Benjamin Bosworth (biog. file)
See also: Suburbs – Louisville – St. Matthews – Churches
Churches – Kentucky – Evangelical
– Jefferson County
Churches – Kentucky – Lutheran
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County
Churches – Kentucky – Methodist
– Boyle County
– Bullitt County
– Campbell County
– Carroll County
– Fayette County
– Fleming County
– Hancock County
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County
– Larue County
– Logan County
– Mason County
– Montgomery County
– Shelby County
See also: Spencer, Ollie (biog. file)
Churches – Kentucky – Miscellaneous (Louisville)
Churches – Kentucky – Presbyterian
– Bath County
– Bourbon County
– Boyle County
– Bullitt County
– Cumberland County
– Fayette County
– Fleming County
– Garrard County
– Harlan County
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County 1 and 2
– Lincoln County
– Logan County
– McLean County
– Madison County
– Marion County
– Mercer County
– Nelson County
– Oldham County
– Pulaski County
– Scott County
– Washington County
– Woodford County
Churches – Kentucky – Unitarian
– Jefferson County
Churches – Kentucky – United Church of Christ
– Bullitt County
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County
– Washington County
Churches – Virginia
Churchill Downs
See also: Young, Tom (biog. file)
Churchill Weavers
Cigar makers – Kentucky
Cincinnati Union Terminal
Cities and Towns –Kentucky – Growth
Citizenship, Applications for
City Directories – Louisville
Civil Rights – Kentucky
Civil War – Blacks
Civil War – History
See: U. S. History – Civil War
See: Kentucky – History – Civil War
Civil War Round Table
Clark, George Rogers
– Founding Festival, Louisville, Kentucky
Clark, George Rogers – Memorials
See also: Clark, George Rogers (biog. file)
Clay, Henry – Papers
Clock – Floral – Frankfort
Clock and Watch Makers
Clothing and Dress
Clubs – Kentucky
– Campbell Club, Owensboro, Kentucky
– Frankfort Country Club
– Garden Club of Kentucky, Paris, Kentucky
– Juniper Club
– Kentucky Federation of Women’s Club
– Lexington Country Club
– Sierra Club
– Woman’s Club of Central Kentucky
Clubs – Louisville
– Arts Club
– Athletic Club
– Authors Club
– Beckham Bird Club
– Betty Lee Lonely Club
– Book Club
– Business Woman’s Club
– Commercial Club
– Conversations Club
– Country Clubs
– Crescent Hill Woman’s Club
– Current Events Club
– Delmont Club
– Demolay Club
– Dickens Club
– Eighteen Eighty Club
– Elks Club
– Fincastle Club
– Highland Mother’s Club
– Interfaith Club
– Iroquois Club
– Junior League
– Louisville Alumnae Club of Kappa Alpha Theta
– Louisville Boat Club
– Louisville Gun Club
– Louisville Stamp Society
– Monday Afternoon Club
– Mose Green Democratic Club
– N.S.A. Club (Magpies)
– Old Timers Club
– Outdoor Art League
– Pastime Boat Club
– Pendennis Club
– Propeller Club
– Pyramid Trust (Investment Club)
– Society for the Arts in Louisville (Arts in Louisville House)
– Soldiers Club, Warren Memorial Presbyterian Church
– Tavern Club
– Woman’s Club of Louisville
– Woman’s Club of St. Matthews
– Yearlings, Inc.
– Younger Woman’s Club
Coal Mines and Mining – Kentucky 1 and 2
See also: Kentucky – County – Harlan
Coal Mines and Mining – Kentucky
– Western Kentucky
Coats of Arms
Coca-Cola Bottling Company – History
Cock Fighting – Kentucky
See: Hobbies and Collections
See: Universities and Colleges
Collins’ History of Kentucky
Colonial Dames of America
Community Centers – Louisville, Kentucky
– California Community Center
– Douglass Community Center
– Jewish Community Center
– Presbyterian Community Center
Computers – Data Network
Coney Island – Cincinnati
Confederate Homes
Confederate States of America
– Flags
o See also: Flags – Confederate
– Foreign Relations
– Kentucky Governor
– Seal
– Song
– Veterans – Reunions
– Descendants in Brazil
Congressional Districts – Kentucky
– 4th
– 7th – Ashland
– Jefferson County
– Redistricting
Constitution – U. S.
Constitutional Convention – Kentucky
– 1890
See also: Kentucky – Constitutions
Conveying machinery
Corn Island
See also: Forts and Stations – Kentucky – Jefferson County
Corncracker State (Kentucky)
Costumes – Filson Club
Court Records – Preservation
Courthouses – Kentucky
– Anderson County
– Boyle County
– Breckinridge County
– Bullitt County
– Butler County
– Caldwell County
– Carroll County
– Clark County
– Crittenden County
– Daviess County
– Elliott County
– Fayette County
– Fleming County
– Franklin County
– Green County
– Hancock County
– Harlan County
– Henderson County
– Henry County
– Jefferson County 1 and 2
– Lincoln County
– Livingston County
– McCracken County
– Madison County
– Magoffin County
– Mercer County
– Nelson County
– Owen County
– Owsley County
– Shelby County
– Todd County
– Warren County
– Washington County
Courthouses – Kentucky – Miscellaneous
Courts – History
Courts – Kentucky
– Court of Appeals
– Jefferson County
– “New Court vs. Old Court”
– U.S. District Court, 1789
Courts – Supreme Court
– U. S. History
Courtship – Louisville
Crab Orchard Springs
Creeks – Kentucky
See: Kentucky – County – Jefferson – Creeks
Cumberland Falls
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Cumberland National Forest
See: Forests and Forestry – Kentucky – Daniel Boone National Forest
Customs Administration
Dairy Products – Kentucky
Dams – Kentucky – Buckhorn
Dams – Kentucky – Gilbertsville
Dams – Miscellaneous
– Addison, Kentucky
– Cannelton, Indiana (Hawesville, Kentucky)
– Cave Run Dam (Licking River, Kentucky)
– Evans Landing, Indiana
– Leavenworth, Indiana
– Macklin Mill Dam, Kentucky (Forks of Elkhorn)
– Madison, Indiana
– Markland Locks and Dam, Kentucky
– Nolin River Dam
– Devils Jumps (McCreary County, Cumberland River)
Daughters of the American Revolution
– Henry County
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence – Signers
Deer hunting
Democratic Party – Kentucky
Democratic Party – Kentucky – 1899-1900
– William Goebel Affair
Dentistry – Louisville
Department Stores – Kentucky
– Ben Snyder, Louisville and Lexington
– J. Bacon, Louisville
– Levy Brothers, Louisville
– L. S. Ayers, Louisville
– Meyers, Lexington
– Shillito’s
– Stewart’s
See: Railroad Stations
Derby Pie
Detroit – Founding
– Hume, Cora Owens, 1863-1864
– Johnston, Leonora, 1907-1920
Distilling Industries – Bardstown
– Barton
– Heaven Hill
– Waterfill & Frazier
Distilling Industries – Loretto
– Makers’ Mark
Distilling Industries – Louisville
– Brown Forman
– Glenmore
– Stitzel Weller
Distilling Industry
See: Whiskey – Bourbon
Dixie – Origin of the Word
See: Songs – American – Southern – Dixie
Doe Valley
Drama – Kentucky
Drennon Springs – Henry County, Kentucky
Drug Stores
Dueling – Kentucky
Duncan Memorial Chapel, Floydsburg, Kentucky
Earthquakes – Kentucky
Education in Kentucky and Louisville
– 1925 Progress Report
– Continuing Education
– T.V. Classes
– Kenan Family Literacy Program
See also: Schools – Kentucky
800 Apartments
See: Apartment Houses
Elections – Kentucky
See also: Democratic Party – Kentucky
See also: Republican Party – Kentucky
See also: Kentucky – Politics and Government
Elections – Kentucky
– Candidates’ Spouses
Elections – Kentucky – 1851
Elections – Louisville, Kentucky
– November 1969
– November 1971
Elections – Louisville and Jefferson County
– 1897
– 1905
– 1973
– Primary
– General Election
Elections – School Board
– Louisville and Jefferson County
Elections – U. S. Senate Race – Kentucky – 1972
– Bartley
– Breeden
– Huddleston
– Nunn
Electric Power
See: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
English Speaking Union – Kentucky – Louisville
European War, 1914-1918
– Camp Taylor
Evangelistic Work
See also: Missions
Fairs – Kentucky
– Blue Grass Fair
– County Fairs
– Kentucky State Fair
– Mountain Crafts Fair
Falls of the Ohio
– Interpretive Center
– Proposed Park
Family and Children’s Agency
Fescue – Kentucky 31
Festival of American Folklife
– 1968
– Focus on Kentucky 1973
Feuds – Kentucky
Fiddlers – Kentucky
Fire Department
– Lexington, Kentucky
– Louisville, Kentucky
Fire Equipment – Louisville, Kentucky – Old
See also: Rifles
Fishes – Kentucky
Filson Club – Founding thru 1909
Filson Club – 1910 thru 1919
Filson Club – 1920’s
Filson Club – 1930’s
Filson Club – 1940’s
Filson Club – 1950’s
Filson Club – 1960’s
Filson Club – 1970’s
Filson Club – 1980’s
Filson Club – 1983
– Museum Proposal 1
– Museum Proposal 2
Filson Club – 1984
Filson Club – 1986
Filson Club – 1987
Filson Club – 1990’s
Filson Club – 1992 – Bicentennial
Fishing Reels & Makers
Flag Day
Flag Room – Memorial Auditorium
See also: Leech, Carolyn (biog. file)
Flags – Colonial
Flags – Confederate
See also: Confederate States of America
Flags – County
– Jefferson
– Oldham
Flags – Kentucky – State
Flags – Kentucky – Towns
– Bowling Green
– Burkesville
– Frankfort
– Glasgow
– Harrodsburg
– Middletown
– Newport
– Owensboro
– Paducah
– Prestonsburg
– Shively
– St. Matthews
Flags – Louisville
See also: Flags – U. S.
See also: Universities and Colleges – Kentucky – University of Louisville
See also: Flags – Kentucky – State
*note* – Louisville’s flag was designed in 1949 by then mayor Charles P. Farnsley
Flags – U. S.
– Etiquette, etc.
– History
Flea Markets
Flood Control
Floods – Kentucky
– Hazard 1957
– Kentucky – 1948
– Louisville – 1884
– Louisville – 1913
– Louisville – 1937 (1 and 2)
– Louisville – 1962
Floods – Kentucky – Frankfort
– 1937
– 1972
Floods – 1937
Florida – Naples – Kentuckians in
Flower Mission
Flowers – Kentucky
– Flower Mission – Louisville
– Kentucky Wildflowers
See also: Kentucky – State Flower
Floyd’s Defeat
Flying Saucers – Kentucky
Folk Songs – Kentucky
Folklore – Kentucky
Fontaine Ferry Park
See: Parks – Louisville and Jefferson County – Fontaine Ferry Park
Food – Kentucky
See also: Bibb Lettuce
See also: Hot Brown
Forests and Forestry
See also: Parks
Forests and Forestry – Kentucky
– Beaver Creek
– Bernheim Forest
– Daniel Boone National Forest (formerly Cumberland National Forest)
– Jefferson County Memorial Forest
– Jefferson National Forest
– Kentucky Ridge State Forest
– Lilly’s Wood
– Red River Gorge
– Youth Conservation Corps
Fort Campbell Kentucky
Fort Knox Kentucky
Forts and Stations – Kentucky
– Barnett’s Station
– Boonesboro Station
– Bryan’s Station
– Buchanan’s Station
– Burnt or Kinchloe or Polk’s Station
– Camp Knox
– Cartwright Station
– Ellis’ Station
– Fort Jefferson
– Fort Twitty
– Harlan’s Station
– Leitch Station
– Mefford Station
– Philip’s Station
– Pottinger’s Station
– Sandusky Station
See also: Kentucky – County – Mercer – Harrodsburg and Fort Harrod
Forts and Stations – Kentucky – Jefferson County
– Corn Island
– Dutch’s Station
– Floyd’s Station
– Fort Nelson
– Linn’s Station
– Spring Station
– Sturgis Station
Forts and Stations – Ohio
– Fort Washington
Fountains – Kentucky – Louisville – Falls Fountain
Fox Hunting
Freedom Train – July 31-August 1, 1948
See also: Masons
Friendship Train
Frontier and Pioneer Life – Kentucky
Frontier Nursing Service
Funeral Rites and Ceremonies – Kentucky
Furniture – Early Kentucky
See: Grand Army of the Republic
Gardens – Kentucky – Jefferson County
See also: Dreisbach, A. J. (biog. file)
Gas Lighting
Genealogy – Kentucky
Genealogy – Misc.
General Stores – Kentucky
Geology – Kentucky
George Rogers Clark Trail
– Proposed
See: Monasticism and Religious Orders – Gethsemani
See: Porter, Jim (biog. file)
See: Bates, Martin (biog. file)
Girl Scouts – Kentucky
Glass Manufacture – Louisville
See also: Alberts, John Bernard (biog. file)
See also: Patterson, Helen (biog. file)
Glass – Painting and Staining
Goatman, The
Golf – Kentucky
– Women
Golf – Louisville
See: Hunt, William J. (biog. file)
Governor’s Mansion – Kentucky
– Decorating
– Preservation
Governor’s Medallion – Kentucky
Grand Army of the Republic
Grand Ole Opry – Nashville
Grapes – Kentucky
– Diseases and Pests
– Vineyards
Graveyards – Desecration
Graveyards – Kentucky
– Barren County
– Bullitt County
– Carter County
– (Coleman’s list of Burial Places of Prominent Kentuckians)
– Edmonson County
– Fayette County
– Floyd County
– Fort Knox
– Franklin County
– Graves County
– Johnson County
– Kenton County
– Knox County
– Magoffin County
– Nelson County
– Oldham County
– Russell County
– Shelby County
– Union County
– Whitley County
Graveyards – Kentucky – Jefferson County
– Cave Hill
– Western
Graveyards – National
Graveyards – Restoration
Great Steamboat Race
See: Steamboats – Races – The Belle of Louisville vs. the Delta Queen
Groceries and Grocery Trade
– In the Hills
– Ghost Story
Hams – Kentucky
Handicrafts – Kentucky (also Appalachia)
– Appalachian Industries
– Hound Dog Hookers, Letcher County
– Kentucky Hills Industries, Pine Knot
– Needlepoint
– Vegetable dyeing
See also: Houses – Indiana – Floyd County – Yenowine House
Hardwood Industry
Harness Making and Trade
Haymarket – Louisville
Health Board – Kentucky
Health Resorts, Spas, Etc.
See also: Crabb Orchard Springs
See also: Drennon Springs
See also: Kentucky – County – Jessamine (Keene Springs Hotel)
Hemp – Marijuana
Herbs – Uses
Hides and Skins
Historic Preservation
– Fayette County
o See also: Houses – Kentucky – Fayette County – Misc.
– Jefferson County
Historical Societies – Kentucky
– Ashland
– Barren County
– Christopher Gist Historical Society
– Daviess County
– Harrodsburg Historical Society
– Jackson Purchase Historical Society
– Oldham County
– Webster County
Historical Societies – Louisville and Jefferson County
– Beargrass-St. Matthews Historical Society
– Historic Homes Foundation
– Jeffersontown Historical Society
– Louisville Historic League
See also: Filson Club
Historical Societies – other than Kentucky
Historymobile – Kentucky
Hobbies and Collections
– Autographs
– China Collections
– China Painting
– Clocks
– Concert and Stage Programs
– Fans
– Miniatures
– Shoes
Hobbies and Collections
– Butterfly Collecting
– Leathercraft
– Mosaics (Dr. Harold Berg)
– Porcelain Flowers
– Presidential Memorabilia
– Rock – Mineral – Fossil Collecting
– Winemaking
– Woodcarving
See also: Bottles
See also: Rare Books
See: name of holiday
Homeless People
Homestead Act of 1973
Horse Farms – Kentucky
– Bit O’ Heaven Farm
– Bluegrass Horse Farms
o Map
o Misc.
– Calumet
– Claiborne Farm
– Gainesway Farm
– Jefferson and Oldham County
– Man O’ War Farm
– Owned by Non-Americans
o Bonnie Braes Farm
o Fontaine Bleau
o Gainesway
o Maple Lawn Farm
– Spendthrift
Horse Racing – Kentucky
See also: Breeders Cup
See also: Dueling Ground
See also: Kentucky Derby
Horses – Diseases
Horses – Kentucky – Show Horses
Horses – Kentucky – Thoroughbred
Horses – Miscellaneous
Hospital Corporation of America
Hospitals – Indiana
– Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis
– Jefferson General Hospital
See also: U. S. History – Civil War – Hospitals, Charities, etc.
Hospitals – Kentucky
– Appalachian Regional Hospitals (formerly Miner’s Memorial Hospital)
– Cedar Lake Lodge, LaGrange, Ky.
– Central State Hospital, Anchorage, Ky.
– Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Ky.
– Frontier Nursing Service Hospital, Hyden, Ky.
– Gibson Hospital, Richmond, Ky.
– Harrison County Hospital, Cynthiana, Ky.
– Jane Cook Hospital, Frenchburg, Ky.
– Kentucky State Hospital, Danville, Ky.
– Mary Chiles Hospital, Mt. Sterling, Ky.
– Miner’s Memorial Hospitals, Harlan, Hazard, McDowell, Middlesboro, Pikeville, South Williamson, Whitesburg, Ky.
– Rockcastle County Baptist Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Ky.
– Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Lexington, Ky.
– U.S. Veteran’s Hospital, Lexington, Ky.
– Western State Hospital, Hopkinsville, Ky.
Hospitals – Louisville
– Central State
– Children’s Free Hospital
– Children’s Hospital
– City Hospital
– Deaconess
– General Hospital
– Jewish
– Kosair Hospital
– Marine Hospital
– Memorial
– Methodist
– Norton’s
– Red Cross
– St. Joseph’s
– Saints Mary and Elizabeth
– Suburban
Hot Brown
Hotels – Indiana
– French Lick
– West Baden
Hotels – Louisville
– Brown Hotel
– Cardinal Hotel
– Colonial Hotel
– Commercial Hotel (Thomas Evans)
– Early Hotel for riverboating men – N.W. Parkway
– Falls View Hotel
– Galt House
– Old Galt House
– 2nd Galt House, First & Main Sts.
– New Galt House Riverfront
– Homestead
– Indian Queen
– Kentucky (See also: Apartment Houses – Kentucky Towers)
– Kosair Hotel
– Louisville Hotel
– Milner
– National
– Nick Bosler Hotel
– Normandy
– Preston
– Rufers Hotel & Restaurant
– Seelbach
– Sheraton
– Sherwyn
– Stouffer’s
– Tyler
– Wellsworth
– Willard
Household equipment and supplies
– Colonial
Houses – Indiana
– Bartholamew County
o Castalia
– Clark County
o Capt. Ed Howard, 1891
o Duffy-Stewart House (Jackson St., Jeffersonville)
o George Rogers Clark Home (built 1803 by Clark)
o Zulauf House (built 1815, Pearl and Market, Jeffersonville)
– Crawford County
o Lowe House (Leavenworth)
– Floyd County
o John Conner Homestead (805 E. Market New Albany, built 1845-1848 by Conner)
o Culbertson Mansion (Main St., New Albany, built 1865)
o Scribner House
o Very-Blackiston Homestead (Charlestown Rd., built 1834-36 by Lawson Very)
o Yenowine House (5 miles west of New Albany, built 1835-39 by Daniel Yenowine)
– Jefferson County
o Costigan
o Hutchings House (118 W. 3rd, Madison built by Francis Suire)
o John Sheets House (2nd and Poplar St., Madison, built before 1831)
o Lanier House (built 1840-44 by James Franklin Doughty Lanier, architect Francis Costigan, 511 1st St, Madison)
o Shrewsbury Mansion (built 1846 for Capt Charles Lewis Shrewsbury)
o Sullivan House (built 1816 by Jeremiah Sullivan)
– Knox County
o Grouseland (Vincennes built 1802-04 by William Henry Harrison)
– Scott County
o Englishton Park Estate (State Rd. 203)
o Nicholson Home (Scottsburg)
– Switzerland County
o Armstrong Tavern (Vevay, built 1816 by Thomas Armstrong)
o Bird Hill (4.5 miles west Vevay, built 1839 by Capt. Thos. Wright)
o Joshua D. Cain Homestead (built 1812)
o Julia L. Dumont Home (built ca. 1840 by John Dumont; Vevay’s first high school classes taught here)
o Edward Eggleston’s birthplace (begun in 1836 by Edward Patton; sold to Joseph C. Eggleston)
o Ferry House (built 1811 by John Francis Dufour)
o Grisard Homestead (built 1844-46 by Frederick L. Grisard Sr. and family)
o George G. Knox Homestead (Main and Cross Streets, built before 1827 by Knox)
o Jean Daniel Morerod House (built after 1817)
o Ulysses D. Schenck Home (built 1844-46 by Schenck)
o John W. Wright Home (5 miles west Vevay)
– Vigo County
o Paul Dresser House (Terre Haute birthplace (1857) of Dresser, composer of Indiana state song)
Houses – Indiana – Misc.
– Auxier House (Madison) built ca 1850
– Buckner House
– Cedar Farm (Laconia) built 1837 for Jacob L. Kintner
– Clapham House (Madison) built ca 1850
– Willard Carpenter House (Evansville) built 1849
– Perry Coleman House (Crozier Ave., Madison)
– R.M. Copeland Home (Vevay) built 1840
– Culbertson Mansion (New Albany) built 1867
– Dawson Home (Brown St., Vernon) built 1840
– Fairmont House (1050 Michigan Rd., Madison) built 1870s by Arlie Gibson
– George House (Madison) built ca 1870
– Grizard-Seiglitz House (Vevay) built 1848 by Frederick L. Grizard
– Dr. Frank Hare House (Thomas Hill Rd., Madison) built early 1830s
– Heilman House (Evansville) built 1869 for Wm. Heilman
– Hillforest (Aurora) built 1852 by Thomas Goff
– Hoffstadt House (521 E. Main, Madison)
– Johnson Home (318 Jennings St., North Vernon) built 1853
– Keeton House (Madison) built late 1880s
– Lanham House (703 W. Main, Madison) built before 1820
– Lanier House (Madison) built 1844 by Francis Costigan for James F.D. Lanier
– Lloyd House (519 E. Main, Madison)
– Maywood (originally Wilbur’s Point) built 1832 by Shadrock Wilbur, a Madison banker
– Howard Miller Home (Attica) built 1845
– Millican House (Hanover) built 1860 by Richard Lawson
– Dr. David Dale Owen House (New Harmony) built 1815
– Gaines Hardy Roberts Home (Newburgh) built 1834
– Roger’s Home (S. and W. Sts., Hanover) built 1858
– Paul Schnatter Home (740 W. Main, Madison) built 1860 by August L. Frevert, a Madison banker
– Scribner House (New Albany)
– Charles Shrewsbury Home (Madison) designed by Francis Costigan, 1846
– Oliver Hampton Smith Home (Connersville) built 1831
– Speakman-Tallentire House (Rising Sun) built 1846
– Jeremiah Sullivan Home (Madison) built 1816
– Talkington House (Hanover) built before the Civil War
– Tallman House (Hanover) built 1825
– Townhouse (416 E. 2nd, Madison) built early 1830s
– John W. Wright Home (Vevay) built 1836 for Wright
Houses – Kentucky
See: Kentucky – County – [Name]
Houses – Kentucky – Anderson County
– Clifton Heights
– Henry Sparrow’s Cabin
– Kavanaugh Academy
– McBrayer-Clark House
Houses – Kentucky – Barren County
– A.L. Haris Home
Houses – Kentucky – Bath County
– Arrasmith Place
– Bryon Home
– Ellington Home
– Log House
– Marble Hill
– Myers Home
– Ownings Home
– Peck Place
– Woodford Place
Houses – Kentucky – Boone County
– Cave Johnson Home
Houses – Kentucky – Bourbon County
– Airy Castle
– Albermarle
– Auvergne
– Bishop Home
– Bucknore
– David-Patton-Dalzelle House
– Fairfield
– Glen Echo
– The Grange
– Hallecks’ Tavern
– Harkaway
– Johnson’s Inn
– John Kiser Home
– Lamont Farm
– The Larches—see: Wood Home
– Mansfield
– Mount Airy
– Mount Lebanon
– Parrish Home
– “Roccligan”
– “Runnymede”
– Spears Home
– Wilmott Home—See: Hallecks’ Tavern
– Wood Home
– Xalapa Farm
Houses – Kentucky – Boyle County
– Cambus
– Craik House
– Evans Mansion
– Ephraim McDowell House
– Roseland Farm (Governor Owsley’s home)
– Squire Ed Russell’s Place
– Traveler’s Rest (Governor Shelby’s home)
– Waveland
– Wee House in the Woods
Houses – Kentucky – Caldwell County
– Adsmore
Houses – Kentucky – Carroll County
– Butler Home
– Elston House
– Glenwood Hall
Houses – Kentucky – Carter County
– Adkins Home
– Plummer Home (Colonel John Plummer)
Houses – Kentucky – Christian County
– Jefferson Davis Home
– William H. Fortson Home (James Davis Plantation)
Houses – Kentucky – Clark County
– James Bradley Allen Home
– J.Q. Haggard Home (Sleepy Hollow)
– John Wm. Hodgkin Home
– J.L. Skinner Home
– Lewis House
– Springfield (Hubbard Taylor)
– Van Sickle House
Houses – Kentucky – Clinton County
Houses – Kentucky – Daviess County
– Beech Grove
– Haphazard
Houses – Kentucky – Fayette County
– Anchor and Hope
– Watson Armstrong House
– Ashland #1
– Ashland #2
– Aylesford
– Big Chimney House
– Botherum
– Mrs. Geary Briggs House
– Buckley Home
– Calumet Farm
– Carpenter House
– Castleton Farm
– Cave Hill
– Cave Spring Farm
– Clay Villa
– Cynthiana Hall
– Drew Real Estate Office Building
– Edgewood
– Ellerslie
– Elmside (sometimes called Elmwood)
– Flora Hall
– Forest Retreat—See: Moore, Charles C. (biog. file)
– Forkland
– Glengarry
– Graham Cottage
– Gratz Park Houses:
o William Bagby Home
o Lawrence Crump House
o Dudley House
o Benjamin Gratz Home
o Hopemont
o Rose Hill
o Tucker Home
– Warfield Gratz Home
– Greenacres Farm
– Green Hills
– Griffin Gate
– Harmony Hall
– Hazel Dell
– Helm Place
– High Street
o Wm. Bowman House
o Dr. John C. and Samuel B. Richardson House
o John Leiby House
o David Dodge House
o Wm. C.P. Breckinridge House
o Adam Rankin House
o Nicholas Brobston House
o #229-233. The Stone Movement and the Campbell Movement united here in 1832.
o Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church
o Colonel James Morrison House
o #319 built 1859 by Henry Lancaster
– Hope House
– Hollyrood
– Hurricane Hall
– Independence Hall
– Ingleside
– January House
– Matthew Kennedy House
– King Home
– Lilac Lodge
– Mary Todd Lincoln birthplace
– Mary Todd Lincoln home
– Llangollen
– “Log Cabin”
– Louden
– Lyndhurst
– Wm. L. Martin Apartment
– McConnell House
– Mike McCormick House
– McMeeken Home
– Meadows
– Jack Miller Home
– Millersburg Home
– Mount Hope
– Paradise Farm
– Major Robert Parker House
– Petterson Log Cabin
– Pebblebrook
– Perkins Town House
– Foster Pettit Home
– Plancentia
– John Pope House
– Preston Home
– Prothero-Barlow House
– Adam Rankin House
– Ridgely House
– Ridgefield
– Roger’s House
– Rose Hill
– Ross-Todd House
– J.J. Ruttenberg Home
– Scarlet Gate
– John W. Scott Jr. House
– John W. Scott Sr. House
– Shadyside
– Spendthrift Farm
– Spindletop Hall
– Stony Point
– Talbott House
– Hugh Turner House
– Arlyn Wagner Home
– Walmac Farm
– Waveland
– William Welsh’s Apartment
– Whitehall
– Windward
– Winton
Houses – Kentucky – Fayette County – Miscellaneous I & II
Houses – Kentucky – Floyd County
– Garfield Place
Houses – Kentucky – Franklin County
– Blair House
– Orlando Brown House
– Elk Hill
– Executive Mansion
– Garrard-Crittenden-Hoge House
– Glenn Willis
– Old Governor’s Mansion
– Innes Homestead
– Judge Innes Home
– Juniper Hill Mansion
– Liberty Hall
– John Brown Lindsey House
– Moorhead House
– Moorhead/Woodall Home
– Miscellaneous
– Scotland
– Terraces
Houses – Kentucky – Fulton County
– Cavender House
– John Earle House
– Meacham Manor
– Mitchell (Killebrew) House
– Dr. Hill Shine House
– Whitesell House
Houses – Kentucky – Garrard County
– Hogan Ballard Home
– Duncan Place
– Gov. William Owsley
Houses – Kentucky – Green County
– Log Cabin (Greensburg)
Houses – Kentucky – Hardin County
– Brown-Pusey House
– Haycraft Inn
– Helm House
– Lincoln Heritage House
– Hardin Thomas House
– Jacob Van Meter House
– James Young House
Houses – Kentucky – Harrison County
– Monticello
Houses – Kentucky – Hart County
– Glen Lily
Houses – Kentucky – Henry County
– Casa Blanca
– Pollard-Herndon Place
Houses – Kentucky – Jefferson County
See also: Louisville – Neighborhoods
– Joseph Abell House
– Allen-Humphrey House
– Allison House
– Ashbourne
– Atherton Home
– Baker Home
– Jeremiah Beam Home
– Bashford Manor
– Levin Bates House, Fern Creek
– Walter H. Beecher Home, Indian Hills
– Belknap Home
– Bellevoir House (Ormsby Village)
– Bernard Bernheim Home
– Berry Hill
– Bittner Cabinet Shop
– Black Acre
– Blair Home
– Blakely Estate
– Bonnycastle Home (1649 Cowling)
– Boxhill
– Breckinridge House
– Bray Place
– Brennan House
– Eli H. Brown III Law
– Brown, James
– Burge—See: J.B. Wilder
– Burks House
– Bullitt-Brandeis House
– Chatsworth
– Cherokee & Patterson (corner of); orig. Speed House
– Claggett Home
– Cardinal Hill
– Casseday Mansion
– Jonathan Clark Home
– Clark (3 houses)
– Robert Cochran Home
– Willis Cloud Home
– Carl Camenisch Home
– Candlewood
– Cedar Brook
– Cherry Springs
– Clover Hill
– Conrad House
– Culbertson
– Collings—See: Fox Hill
– Daneshall
– Donard
– Dorsey Farm—“Eden”
– Dorsey House
– Dumesnil House
– DuPont Home (DuPont & Homes 3rd & Broadway)
– Lydian Durrett Home
– Reuben T. Durrett Home
– Dutch Station
– Davis Home
– Squire J.W. Earick House
– Thomas Edison House
– “Eden”
– Albert Engelhard House
– Eight Mile House
– Farmington I,II,III & IV
– Farmington Garden
– Farnsley/Moreman
– Fegenbush Lane Log House
– Fenley House
– Ferguson Mansion—See also: Louisville – Business Firms
– Emmett Field House
– Fitzpatrick House
– Marshall Floore House
– Ford Mansion
– Fourth (4th) Street
– Fox Hill
– Frantz Home
– French Garden
– Gardencourt
– Graff House
– Gray Street
– 118-120 E. Gray Street
– Gwathmey-Grayson House
– Hadley House
– Happy Ridge Farm
– Hayfield
– Capt. Benjamin Head House
– Hegan Place
– Will S. Hays House
– Jasper Hagan House
– Hays House—See also: Houses – Jefferson County – Waverly Hill
– Heigold House
– Hellerich House
– Herr Houses
– Herz
– Abraham Hite House
– Hite-Wayatt House
– Homelands
– John Hughes House
– Claude H. Hunsinger
– Hunsinger House
– Humphrey-McMeekin (2240 Douglas)
– Hurstbourne
– Indian Hill
– Frederick W. Johanboeke Home
– K & I Railway Offices
– Kane House
– H. Tod Keith Home (Davis Tavern)
– Kenmore
– Robert C. Kinkead Home
– Kirby Home
– Lakeside Farm
– Lansdowne
– Lincliffe
– John S. Long Home
– Locust Grove I, II, III, IV &V
– McHarry House
– McMeekin House
– Mansfield
– Nicola Marschall House
– Maupin House
– Wm. D. Menefee Home
– Meriwether Place
– Merriwether (Harrod’s Ck.)
– Henrie Barret Monfort Home
– Murray Hill Farm
– Mulberry Hill
– Horatio Newcomb House
– Nitta Yuma
– Norris/Yunker
– Nunnlea
– O’Bannon House
– Odle House
– Oechsli House
– Old House Restaurant
– Oxmoor Farm
– Paget House
– Peaslee House
– Pelham
– Poplar Hill
– Porter-Todd
– Ridgeway
– Ridgeway Corner
– Rose Anna Hughes Presbyterian Home
– Rock Hill
– Rosewell
– Rostrevor
– Jacob Rudy Home
– St. Ann’s Convent
– Selema Hall (2837 Riedling Dr.)
– Shallcross House
– Douglass Sherley (SW corner 3rd & Chestnut)
– Ben Smith House
– Thomas Floyd Smith House
– Soldiers Retreat
– James Breckinridge Speed House
– Spring Grove
– Stony Brook
– Strater-Humphrey-Simpson Estate
– Springfield
– Edward Tilden Home
– Tompkins-Buchanan-Rankin House
– Trabue House
– Tyler-Tucker-Johnson-Smith House
– Vance Home
– Vatter House
– Vel Va Haven Farm Log Cabin
– Verhoeff House
– Pierre Viglini Estate
– Henry Vogt House
– William Walker House
– L.L. Warren House
– Waverly Hill
– W. Blakemore Wheeler Mansion
– Whitehall
– Wild Acres
– J.B. Wilder (7th between Main & the river)
– Governor Augustus E. Wilson Home
– Woodview
– White Home
– Yenowine House
– Youngland
Houses – Kentucky – Jefferson County – Misc. (1 article)
– Cedar Grove
– Dr. and Mrs. Milton Comer House
– Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Jobson Home
– Nunnlea
– Nunnlea Slave Quarters
– Mill Stream
– Mr. and Mrs. Donald Renau Home
– Ridgeway
Houses – Kentucky – Jessamine County
– Chaumiere
– Fairview
– Marfez
– Tom Reed Log Cabin
– Sunny Slope
– Don White Home
– J. Ned Worten Home
Houses – Kentucky – Johnson County
– John Mayo Mansion
Houses – Kentucky – Kenton County
– Carneal Home
– House on the Point
– Sanford Home
Houses – Kentucky – Knott County
– Johnson Home
Houses – Kentucky – Knox County
– Dr. Thomas Walker House
– Woodson House
Houses – Kentucky – Lincoln County
– Harry Hill Home
– Traveler’s Rest
– Old Whitley House
Houses – Kentucky – Livingston County
– Brown (Old Webb) Home
– Bower House
– Jim Smith House
– While Tavern
– Wilson (Old Rogers) House
Houses – Kentucky – Logan County
– Clark House
– Fairfax Washington House
Houses – Kentucky – McCracken County
– Whitehaven
Houses – Kentucky – Madison County
– Bernard Hall Farm
– Blanton House
– Castlewood
– Clay Home
– Cumberland View Mansion
– White Hall
Houses – Kentucky – Marion County
– Boldrick House
– Caskey/Edmonds House
– Cooper/Berry House
– Edelen House
– Funk Apartment House
– Hollyhill Inn
– Howard House
– Jackson House
– Kobert Place/Spalding House
– McElroy House
– The Old Manse
– Mapleton
– Parris Tavern
– Rowntree House
– Shuck/Lyle House
– Bishop Spalding Place
– Thomas Home
– V.F.W. Post
– Ma Wathen Place
– Williams House
Houses – Kentucky – Marshall County
– Oak Hill
Houses – Kentucky – Mason County
– Joshua Taylor Bradford House
– Buffalo Trace
– Cedar Hill
– George Doniphan House
– Joseph Doniphan House
– Federal Hill
– Grundy-Kehoe House
– Hall House/Colonial Manor
– Wm. Huston House
– January House
– General Albert Sidney Johnston Home
– Marshall Key House
– Lang-Anderson House
– Lee House
– Mechanic’s Row
– Paxton Inn
– John Payne Home
– Wm. Phillips Folly
– Winery
– Woodlawn/Poyntz Place
See also: Johnston, Albert Sidney (biog. file)
See also: Stowe, Harriet Beecher (biog. file)
Houses – Kentucky – Meade County
– Log Cabin (Brandenburg)
Houses – Kentucky – Mercer County
– Beaumont Inn
– Bellevue
– John L. Bridges House
– Clay Hill
– Forest Pillars
– Millwood
– Morgan Row
– Old Dr. Spilman Place
– Samuel Taylor House
– West Lot Farm
– Whitehall
Houses – Kentucky – Metcalfe County
– VanZant Farm
– VanZant Cook House
Houses – Kentucky – Montgomery County
– McCormick House
– Pocahontas Heights/Botts Property
– Stevens House
– Woodford Homestead
Houses – Kentucky – Nelson County
– Bowles House
– Columbian Inn
– Dr. David Harvey Cox Homestead
– Druien House
– Forman/Abell House
– Ben Hardin House/Edgewood
– William/Ben Johnson Home
– General Joseph Lewis Homestead
– Federal Hill/My Old Kentucky Home
– Nelson County Jail Building
– Shadowtown
– Talbott Tavern
– Villa Lawn
– Wickland
See also: Kentucky – County – Nelson
Houses – Kentucky – Nelson County – Misc
– Bardstown
o Edgewood
o Mrs. Jack Irvine House
o Jack Saltsman House
o Tom Spaulding House
o Mrs. Tom Stocker, Jr. House
o Frank Wilson Home
– Bloomfield
o Duncan Home/Miss Susanna
o Merriwood
o Sutherland Home
o Walnut Grove
Houses – Kentucky – Nicholas County
– Forest Retreat
– Daniel Boone Log Cabin
– Stone Tavern
Houses – Kentucky – Oldham County
– Beeches
– Clifton
– Confederate Run
– Edgewood
– Little Colonel/Hattie Cochran House
– The Locust
– Log House/Almond Cooke Farm
– Howard Mahan Farm
– Shiloh Landing
– Tuliphurst
– John Hanson Wheeler/Henshaw Family House
Houses – Kentucky – Scott County
– Bradley/Stevenson House
– Ferguson House
– Gorham House
– Graves/Anderson House
– Millwood
– Ward Hall
Houses – Kentucky – Scott County – Misc.
– Bel-Clair
– Brock Home
– Mills (Graves) Home
– Oldham Home
– Miscellaneous Homes
Houses – Kentucky – Shelby County
– James David Allen House
– Allen Dale—See also: Henning, Susanne (biog. file)
– Chevy Chase
– Duvall House
– Foree/Maddox Farm
– Happy Ridge Farm
– Helmwood
– John A. Hornsby Home
– Lee’s Log Cabin
– Lynn Land
– Montrose
– Old Stone Inn
– Oxford
– Randolph House
– Scearce Academy for Boys
– Sleadd Manor
– Sylvan Shades
– Charles Todd Mansion
– Undulata Farms
– Washburn House
– Whitney M. Young, Jr. Home
Houses – Kentucky – Simpson County
– Mayfair/Octagon Hall
Houses – Kentucky – Spencer County
– Old Spencer House
Houses – Kentucky – Todd County
– Halcyon
– Woodstock
– Davis Home
Houses – Kentucky – Trigg County
– Bacon Home
– Rocky Ridge
Houses – Kentucky – Warren County
– Hobson House
– Mt. Zion
Houses – Kentucky – Washington County
– Francis Berry Home
– Davidson House
– Elmwood
– Kalarama Estate
– William Platt House
– Simmstown
– James B. Smith Home
– Other Misc. Houses
Houses – Kentucky – Whitley County
– Tye House
Houses – Kentucky – Woodford County
– Buckpond
– Chandler House
– Old Crittenden Place
– Darby Dan Farm
– Dearborn
– Dunlap Home
– Elmwood
– Faywood
– Glenbrook Farm
– Graves/Blevins House
– Greenwood
– Highlands Farm
– Jack Jouett
– Kelly House
– Little House
– Muldrow House
– Nugent’s Cross Roads Tavern
– Pepper House
– Pinkerton/Davis House
– Scott Log House
– Spring Hill
– Charles Patterson Steele Home
– John William Steele Home
– Stone Castle
– Stonewall
– Stoney Lonesome
– Sunny Slope
– David L. Thornton Home
– Welcome Hall
Houses – Kentucky – Misc.
– Bibb House, Logan County
– Old Doctor Duncan House, Simpson County
– Gorrell Home, Logan County
– Ironwood, Warren County
– Riverview, Warren County
– Shaker Tavern, Logan County
– Spottswood House, Barren County
Houses – Renovation of Older Houses
Houses – United States other than Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia
– Alabama
– Georgia
– Louisianna
– Maryland
– Massachusetts
– Mississippi
– Missouri
– New Hampshire
– New York
– Ohio
– Texas
Houses – Virginia
– Arlington
– Gunston Hall
– Lockwood
– Ludwell-Paradise House
– Monticello
Peyton Randolph House
– Rural Plains
– Shield House
– Virginia House
– Woodlawn Plantation
Houses – Virginia – Westmoreland County
– Stratford Hall
Houses & Gardens – Kentucky – Tours
Housing – Kentucky, Louisville
Huguenot Society of Kentucky
Humane Societies – Louisville
Hydroplanes – Louisville
Ice Industry
Illinois – Cahokia
Inauguration Day – Kentucky
– Combs
– Wyatt/Chandler
– Ford
Inauguration Day – Presidential
– Kentucky and Indiana Societies Inaugural Parties
Incubators – Louisville, Kentucky
See also: Gilbert, Dr. Richard B. (biog. file)
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Indiana – County – Allen
Indiana – County – Brown
Indiana – County – Cass
Indiana – County – Clark
See also: Houses – Indiana – Clark County
Indiana – County – Floyd I and II
See also: Houses – Indiana – Floyd County
Indiana – County – Harrison
Indiana – County – Jefferson
See also: Houses – Indiana – Jefferson County
Indiana – County – Orange
Indiana – County – Perry
Indiana – County – Posey
– New Harmony
Indiana – County – Putnam
Indiana – County – Switzerland
Indiana – County – Washington
Indiana – History
Indiana – History – Civil War
See also: Morgan’s Raid, 1863
Indiana – Nickname, “Hoosier”
Indiana – Parks, misc.
Indians – Cherokee – Removal from the East
Indians of North America – Antiquities – Kentucky
See also: Archaeology – Kentucky
Indians – White
See: Welsh Indians
Insignia – Military
Insurance – Kentucky
Interurban Railroads
See: Street Railroads
Inventors and Inventions – Kentucky
Iron Industry
Iron Furnaces
See also: Kentucky – County – Estill
Iron Furnaces – Kentucky – Muhlenberg County
– Airdrie
See: Rivers – Kentucky – Ohio – Islands
Israelite, House of David
Jails – Kentucky
See also: Prisons – Kentucky
See also: Louisville – Jails
See: Shipbuilding
Jewelers – Kentucky
Jews – Kentucky – Louisville
Job Corps
See: U.S. Job Corps
Julep Cups
See: Mint Juleps
See: Racetracks– Kentucky, other than Louisville
Kentuckian Germanic Heritage Society
Kentuckians, Prominent
Kentucky – Bicentennial
See: Bicentennial – Kentucky – 1992
Kentucky – Boundaries
Kentucky – Bowl
Kentucky – Capital City
Kentucky – Capitol – New I and II
Kentucky – Capitol – Old, Old State House
Kentucky – Commerce
Kentucky – Constitutions
See also: Constitutional Convention – Kentucky – 1890
Kentucky – Counties
– Formation
Kentucky – County – Adair
Kentucky – County – Allen
Kentucky – County – Anderson
Kentucky – County – Ballard
Kentucky – County – Barren
Kentucky – County – Bath
Kentucky – County – Bell
– Middlesboro
– Pineville
See also: Mountain Laurel Festival, Pineville Kentucky
Kentucky – County – Boone
Kentucky – County – Bourbon
Kentucky – County – Boyd
Kentucky – County – Boyle
– Danville
– Perryville
See also: Harrod, James (biog. file)
Kentucky – County – Bracken
Kentucky – County – Breathitt
See also: Hargis, James (biog. file)
Kentucky – County – Breckinridge
Kentucky – County – Bullitt
– Mt. Washington
Kentucky – County – Butler
Kentucky – County – Caldwell
Kentucky – County – Calloway
– Murray
Kentucky – County – Campbell
– Dayton
Kentucky – County – Carroll
Kentucky – County – Carter
Kentucky – County – Casey
Kentucky – County – Christian
Kentucky – County – Clark
Kentucky – County – Clay
Kentucky – County – Crittenden
Kentucky – County – Cumberland
Kentucky – County – Daviess
Kentucky – County – Elliott
Kentucky – County – Estill
Kentucky – County – Fayette
– Lexington (3 envelopes)
o Gratz Park
Kentucky – County – Fleming
Kentucky – County – Floyd
Kentucky – County – Franklin
– Frankfort (2 envelopes)
Kentucky – County – Fulton
Kentucky – County – Gallatin
Kentucky – County – Garrard
Kentucky – County – Graves
Kentucky – County – Grayson
Kentucky – County – Green
– Greensburg
Kentucky – County – Greenup
Kentucky – County – Hancock
Kentucky – County – Hardin
– Elizabethtown
See also: Kentucky – County – Breckinridge
Kentucky – County – Harlan
Kentucky – County – Hart
– Munfordville
Kentucky – County – Henderson
– H enderson
Kentucky – County – Henry
Kentucky – County – Hickman
See also: Kentucky – County – Wayne
Kentucky – County – Hopkins I and II
Kentucky – County – Jackson
Kentucky – County – Jefferson
– Anchorage
– Archives and Records
– Creeks
o Beargrass
o Harrod’s
– Fairdale
– Jeffersontown
– Middletown
– Other cities and towns
– Planning agencies
– St. Matthews
Kentucky – County – Jessamine
Kentucky – County – Johnson
Kentucky – County – Kenton
– Covington
Kentucky – County – Knott
Kentucky – County – Knox
Kentucky – County – LaRue
– Hodgenville
See also: Lincoln Memorial – Hodgenville
Kentucky – County – Laurel
Kentucky – County – Lawrence
Kentucky – County – Lee
Kentucky – County – Leslie
Kentucky – County – Letcher
Kentucky – County – Lincoln
Kentucky – County – Livingston
Kentucky – County – Logan
Kentucky – County – Lyon
Kentucky – County – McCracken
– Paducah (2 envelopes)
Kentucky – County – McCreary
Kentucky – County – McLean
Kentucky – County – Madison
Kentucky – County – Magoffin
Kentucky – County – Marion
Kentucky – County – Marshall
Kentucky – County – Martin
Kentucky – County – Mason
– Maysville
– Washington
Kentucky – County – Meade
See also: Kentucky – County – Breckinridge (for information on Big Springs)
Kentucky – County – Menifee
Kentucky – County – Mercer
– Harrodsburg and Ft. Harrod I and II
Kentucky – County – Metcalfe
Kentucky – County – Monroe
Kentucky – County – Montgomery
Kentucky – County – Muhlenberg I and II
Kentucky – County – Nelson
– Bardstown I, II, & III
– Merrifield, J.H. “Memories of Bardstown and Nelson County.”
Kentucky – County – Nicholas
Kentucky – County – Ohio
Kentucky – County – Oldham
– Reminiscences of John T. Ballard
– Westport
Kentucky – County – Owen
Kentucky – County – Pendleton
Kentucky – County – Perry
Kentucky – County – Pike
Kentucky – County – Powell
Kentucky – County – Pulaski
Kentucky – County – Robertson
Kentucky – County – Rockcastle
Kentucky – County – Rowan
Kentucky – County – Scott
– Georgetown
Kentucky – County – Shelby I, II, and III
Kentucky – County – Simpson
– Surveyor’s transit on display at the Kentucky Life Museum
Kentucky – County – Spencer
Kentucky – County – Taylor
Kentucky – County – Trimble
Kentucky – County – Todd
Kentucky – County – Union
Kentucky – County – Warren
See also: National Youth Administration
Kentucky – County – Washington
– Fredericktown
Kentucky – County – Wayne
Kentucky – County – Webster
Kentucky – County – Whitley
Kentucky – County – Wolfe
Kentucky – County – Woodford
See also: Kentucky – Sesquicentennial
Kentucky – Creeks and Streams
Kentucky – Description and travel, I and II
Kentucky – Firsts
See also: Houses – Kentucky – Whitley County
Kentucky – General Assembly
Kentucky – Governors
See also: [Name] in biog. file
Kentucky – Governors – Confederate
See: Confederate States of America
Kentucky – Governors – Wives
Kentucky – History
– “The Story of Kentucky” by J.H. Hart
Kentucky – History – Civil War, I and II
See also: Railroads – L&N
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Campaigns and Battles
– Battle of Paducah
o See also: Kentucky – History – Civil War – Personal Narratives
– Battle of Richmond
– Fort Heiman
– Map of High Lights
– Mill Springs
– Perryville
– Tebbs Bend of Green River
– Wildcat Mountain
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Celebrations, Commemorations, etc.
Kentucky – History – Civil War
– First Kentucky Infantry Brigade (Orphan Brigade)
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Guerrillas
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Louisville
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Morgan’s Raid
See: Morgan’s Raid, 1863
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Personal Narratives
Kentucky – History – Civil War – Woman soldier (Julia Marcum)
Kentucky – History – Drama
Kentucky – Politics and government
See also: Democratic Party
See also: Elections
See also: Republican Party
Kentucky – Rifleman – War with Mexico
See: U.S. History – War with Mexico, 1845-1848
Kentucky – Seal
Kentucky – Sesquicentennial
Kentucky – Social life and customs, ca. 1900
Kentucky – State flower
Kentucky – State tree
Kentucky – Supreme Court Justices (from Kentucky)
Kentucky – Wildlife
Kentucky Air National Guard
Kentucky Arts and Crafts Foundation, Inc.
Kentucky Arts Commission
Kentucky Botanical Gardens
Kentucky Center for the Arts
Kentucky Colonels
Kentucky Department of Highways
Kentucky Derby, I and II
– Derby Festival
– Derby Festival, 1973
– Derby Queen
– Memorabilia
– Seats
– Visit of Princess Margaret, 1974
– Derby winners
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kentucky Foundation for Women
Kentucky Heritage Commission, Frankfort
Kentucky Historical Highway Markers
Kentucky Historical Society
See: Historical Societies
Kentucky Kinfolk I and II (Louisville Post)
Kentucky Opera Association
Kentucky Resolutions of 1798
Kentucky Society of New York
Kentucky Show
Kentucky State Archives
Kentucky State Guard
Knobs – Kentucky
– Jeptha Knob, Shelby County
– Pilot Knob
Ku Klux Klan
Knights of Pythias
Knights Templars
Labor – Kentucky
Labor Day
Lakes – Kentucky
Land Between the Lakes
Law – Kentucky
– Divorce
– Obscenity
– “Sunday Closing”
Law Day
– 1973
Law Enforcement – Kentucky
Legislature – Frankfort
– 1854
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Liberty Bell
Libraries – Indiana
– Indiana University
– New Albany Public
– Vincennes (Rare Book)
Libraries – Kentucky
Libraries – Kentucky – Bookmobile
Libraries – Kentucky – Keeneland
Libraries – Kentucky – Private
Libraries – Louisville Free Public Library I & II
See also: Thomas, Mary Ambrosia (biog. file)
Libraries – Misc.
Libraries – University of Kentucky
Libraries – University of Louisville
Libraries – Western State University
– Kentucky Building
Liederkranz Society
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, 1858
Lincoln Heritage Trail
Lincoln Memorial – Hodgenville
See also: Kentucky – County – Larue
Lincoln Pilgrimage
Little Colonel
See: Johnston, Annie Fellows (biog. file)
Little Sisters of the Poor
See: St. Joseph Home for the Aged
Literary Societies – Kentucky
– Athenaeum Literary Association, Louisville
Log Cabins
Long Hunters
Lotteries – Kentucky
Lotteries – Louisville
Low Dutch Colonies in Kentucky
Lynchings – Kentucky
Louisville – Buildings
– Actors Theatre
o See: Louisville – Buildings – Banks – Bank of Louisville
– Anzeiger Bldg. (319 W. Liberty)
– Arts in Louisville House
o See: Louisville – Buildings – Louisville Athletic Club
– Atherton Bldg.
– Belle View (139 S. 4th)
– Bradas and Gheens Candy Company (819-829 S. Floyd)
– Brown-Forman
– Board of Trade Building (3rd and Main)
– Capital Holding Bldg.
– Cast Iron
o See: Architecture – Kentucky – Louisville
– C.S.T. Building (811 S. 2nd)
– Columbia Auditorium (831 S. 4th)
– Columbia Building (4th and Main)
– Commonwealth Building
– Commonwealth Convention Center (River City Mall)
– Convention Center (Louisville Gardens) 525 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. (Corporate Plaza)
– Costigan Building (Kentucky School for the Blind, 1867 Frankfort Ave.)
– Courier-Journal Building (3rd and Liberty), Will Sales Building
– Eight Hundred (800) Building
– Farm Credit Bank (Riverview Square) 2nd & Main
– Francis Building (4th and Chestnut)
– Goodwill Building (214 S. 8th)
– Greyhound Bus Terminal (720 W. Walnut)
– Heyburn Building (4th and Broadway)
– Humana
– Inter-Southern (5th and Jefferson)
– Jefferson Community College
o See: Louisville – Buildings – Presbyterian Seminary
– Kaden Tower
o See: Lincoln Income Life Ins. Bldg.
– Kentucky and Indiana Terminal Railroad Office (2910 N.W. Pkwy)
– Kentucky Nurses Association Office (1400 S. 1st)
– Kentucky School for the Blind
o See: Louisville – Buildings – Costigan Building
– Kenyon Building (112 S. 5th)
– Legal Arts building (7th & Market)
– Levy Brothers Building
– Life Insurance of Kentucky Building (3rd and Main)
– Lincoln Income Life Ins. Building (Dutchmans Lane)
– Log Cabin Saloon
– Louisville Athletic Club/Arts in Louisville House (5th and Zane)
– McAuley Bldg. (957 S. 4th)
– Medical Institute of Louisville (8th and Chestnut)
– Medical Towers (Floyd and Gray)
– Memorial Auditorium
– Metro United Way Bldg. (Between 2nd & 3rd on Market)
– Norton Building
– Pickett Warehouse
– Presbyterian Seminary (1st and Broadway). Now Jefferson Community College.
– Republic Building
– River Pumping Station (Water Tower)
– Schuster (Bardstown Rd & Eastern Pkwy)
– Starks Building
– Marion E. Taylor Building (4th between Jefferson and Liberty)
– Trinity Towers
– Tyler Building (319 W. Jefferson)
– United Furniture Co.
– W.H.A.S. Building (6th and Chestnut)
– Washington Building (4th and Market)
– Wharfmaster’s Office
– Will Sales Building
o See: Louisville – Buildings – Courier Journal Building
– Y.M.H.A. Building (2nd and Jacob)
– Y.W.C.A. (2nd and Broadway)
Louisville – Buildings – Banks
– Bank of Louisville (322 W. Main). Now Actors Theatre.
– Citizens Fidelity Bank and Trust Company (Jefferson St. between 5th and 6th)
– Citizens Fidelity Bank and Trust Company, First Home (Bullitt and Main). Also home of:
o Citizens Fidelity, 1886
o Merchants Deposit Bank, 1858
o Southern Bank of Kentucky, 1853
– First Bank in Louisville (3rd and Main)
– First National Bank (5th and Main)
– Liberty National Bank and Trust Company (Jefferson St.)
– Second National Bank (Bullitt and Main)
– U.S. Trust Building (5th and Main)
Louisville – Buildings – Federal
– Federal Office Building (Chestnut between 6th and 7th)
– First Post Office, 1795 (5th and Main)
– U.S. Post Office, 1857-1892 (3rd and Liberty).
– U.S. Post Office Building and Customs House, 1892-1932 (4th and Chestnut)
– U.S. Post Office, Court House, and Customs House, 1932 (Broadway between 6th and 7th)
See also: Postal Services – Louisville.
Louisville – Buildings – Health
– Public Health Department Building (400 E. Gray)
– Home for the Aged and Infirm (near Shively).
o See also: Louisville Suburbs – Shively.
– Kentucky Lions Eye Research Institute (Floyd and Walnut)
– Red Cross Building (1347-1353 S. 3rd)
– State Department of Health Building (620 S. 3rd)
See also: Hospitals – Louisville
Louisville – Buildings – Miscellaneous
Louisville – Business Firms
See also: Types of Businesses (e.g. Glass Manufacture, Groceries and Grocery Trade, etc.)
– American Standard Company (7th and Hill)
– Louis Appel’s
– Asia Hand Laundry (5th and Chestnut)
– Avery Building Association
– B.F. Avery Plant
– J. Bacon & Sons
– Ballard Mills
o See: Ballard Mills
– Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company (1st and Main)
– Bensingers Inc.
– Bourbon Stock Yards (Main St.)
– Brecher Company (105 Hurstbourne Lane)
– Burdorf’s (223 E. Broadway)
– Bycks
– Capitol Holding Corp.
– Caudill Seed Company (1201 Story Ave.)
– Citizens Fidelity Corp.
– Devoe Reynolds
– Duncan’s Wallpapering (4232 Shelbyville Rd.)
– Dupont Company (Rubbertown)
– Fischer Packing Company
– Ford Motor Company (Fern Valley Rd.)
– Gatchel’s (5th and Walnut)
– Germans Brothers
– Heimerdinger’s (W. Market St.)
– Hillerich & Bradsby
– Home and Savings Fund Company
o See: Louisville – Business Firms – Avery Building Association
– Home Telephone Company
– Hubbucti’s
– Humana (Extendicare)
– Interior Directions, Inc.
– ICH Corp – Jefferson Dry Goods
– Kaelins
– Kaufman Straus
– Keisker Furniture Co.
– Kentucky Lithographing Company (Hancock and Main)
– Klarer of Kentucky, Inc.
– Lemon & Son
– Lemon Galleries
o See: Louisville – Business Firms – Burdorf’s
– Linker Cigar Company (431 E. Liberty)
– Louisville Gas and Electric Co.
– Louisville Pottery Company (228 E. Bloom St.)
– Louisville Stoneware
– G.A. McKee (724 W. Market)
– J.P. Morton & Company (420-426 W. Main).
o See also: Publishers & Publishing
– Minneapolis Moline
– Miscellaneous Businesses
– M.S. Moses
– Muldoon Monument Company (Broadway at Shelby)
– Needham’s Stone Works (Tyler Block, Jefferson St.)
– Old Curiosity Shop (217 E. Gray St.)
– Paramount Foods (Fern Valley Rd.)
– Pearson Funeral Home
– Porter Paint
– Reynolds Metals Company
– Richardson, Henry & Company (12th and Magazine)
– John J. Rose Wholesale and Retail Company (Broadway and W. Armory Pl.)
– Rueff Lighting Company (523 E. Broadway)
– Schuhmann Printing Company (4157 Park Blvd.)
– Shuckmans Old Louisville Sausage
– Silver Foods
– Snyder’s/Hess
– Solger Confectionary
– South Central Bell
– Standard Gravure
– Stewart Dry Goods Co.
– Stitzel-Weller Distillery
– Weinberger’s (Fincastle Building)
– Wilderness Road Book Shop (Brown Hotel)
– Williams Restaurant
– Wyatt’s Undertaking
Louisville – Business Firms – Old Photos
Louisville – Center City Plan
Louisville – Charter, 1780
Louisville – City Hall
Louisville – Clock
See: Clocks
Louisville – Commerce
Louisville – Conventions
Louisville – Description and travel
Louisville – Embroiderers’ Guild of America
Louisville – Exhibitions
See also: Southern Exposition, Louisville Kentucky, 1893
Louisville – Federal Grants
Louisville – Fire Department
Louisville – First Families and Descendants
Louisville – Firsts
See also: Christmas – First in Louisville
Louisville – Founders Square
Louisville – History I, II, III, & IV
Louisville – History Books
Louisville – Incinerator
Louisville – Islands
See also: Shippingport – Shippingport Island
Louisville – Jails
– City Workhouse
– Women in prison, 1919
Louisville – Landmarks
Louisville – Manufacturers
Louisville – Mayors
See also: {Name} in biog. file.
Louisville – Monuments.
See also: Statues – Louisville
Louisville – Municipal Boat Harbor
Louisville – Neighborhoods
See also: Louisville – Suburbs
– Audubon Park
– Beechmont
– Bardstown Road Area
– Black Hills
– Cabbage Patch
– Butchertown (2 envelopes)
– Cherokee Triangle
– Clifton
– Crescent Hill
– Downtown
– Germantown
– Griffytown
– Highland Park
– The Highlands
– Limerick
– Miscellaneous Neighborhoods
– Oakdale
– Old Louisville
o Belgravia Court
o St. James Court
– Orchard Hill
– Parkland
– Phoenix Hill
– The Point
– Portland
– Rivertown
– Rubbertown
– Smoketown
– Southwick
– West End
– Wilder Park
Louisville – Origin of Name
Louisville – Origin of Place Names
Louisville – Planning
Louisville – Police
Louisville – Politics and government
Louisville – Ponds
Louisville – Produce Market
Louisville – Riots.
See also: “Bloody Monday” August 6, 1855
Louisville – Riverfront I & II
See also: Urban Renewal
Louisville – Riverfront Development I & II
Louisville – Social Life and Customs
– 1850s
– 1880s
– 1900s
– 1920s
Louisville – Songwriters
Louisville – Streets
– Billy Goat Strut Alley
– Bingham Way
– Broadway
– Central
– Chestnut Street
– Eastern Parkway
– Fourth Avenue
– Fourth St.
– Fourth & Broadway
– Fourth & Walnut
– Grinstead Dr.
– Hale St.
– Kentucky St.
– Main St.
– Market St.
– Misc. Streets. See also: Houses – Kentucky – Jefferson County – Misc.
– Preston Highway
– River City Mall
– Second St.
– Third St.
– Walnut St.
Louisville – Suburbs & Subdivisions
See also: Louisville – Neighborhoods
See also: Kentucky – County – Jefferson
– Anchorage
– Audubon Park
– Berrytown
– Buechel
– Fairdale
– Fern Creek
– Glenview
– Greenwood
– Griffytown
– Harrods Creek
– Hurstbourne
– Jeffersontown
– Lime Kiln Area
– Lyndon
– Middletown
– Miscellaneous Suburbs
– New Town
– Newburg
– Okolona
– Pewee Valley
– Pleasure Ridge Park
– Prospect
– Rivertown
– St. Helens
– St. Matthews
– Shepherdsville
– Shively
– Stony Brook
– West Point
Louisville – Suburbs and Environs
– Businesses
Louisville – Urban Renewal I & II
See also: Kentucky Center for the Arts
See also: Louisville – History (Streets – Main St.)
See also: Louisville – Riverfront
Louisville & Portland Canal
Louisville Ballet
Louisville Bach Society
Louisville Civic Orchestra
Louisville Fund
Louisville Fund for the Arts
Louisville Legion
Louisville Magazine
Louisville Light Infantry
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
See: Railroads – L & N
Louisville Orchestra
Louisville Salvage Corps
Louisville Society for Natural Science
Louisville Stadium (proposal)
Louisville Water Company
Louisville Youth Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
See: Architecture – Kentucky – Louisville
Mad Stones
Mammoth Cave (3 envelopes).
Mammoth Cave National Park, I, II, & III. *(*Mammoth Cave National Park envelopes are in a separate box.)
Manhole Covers
Manuscripts – Kentucky
Maple Sugar
See: Hemp
Masonic Widows and Orphans Home
Masons (secret order)
See: Freemasons
Massacre Trail
Mastodons & Mammoths – Kentucky
See: Archaeology – Kentucky
Medal of Honor Winners – Kentucky
Medicine – Home Remedies
Medicine – Kentucky
– Vaccines
Medicine – Rural
Memorial Day, Confederate
Mennonites (Amish) in Kentucky and Indiana
Miles Park
See: Racetracks – Louisville
Militia – Kentucky
Mills – Indiana
– Beck’s Mill
– Blackiston Mill, New Albany
– Boone’s Mill, Corydon
– Chain Mill, Clifty Falls
– Tunnel Mill, Charlestown
Mills – Kentucky
See also: Kentucky – County – {Name}
– Beechland Mill (Springfield, Washington County)
o See: Litsey Mill
– Clark Grist Mill (Trapp, Clark County)
– Cornishville Mill (Chaplin River, Mercer County)
– Doe Run Mill (Near Brandenburg, Meade County)
– Grahamton Mill (Grahamton, Meade County)
– Green’s Mill (Falls of the Rough, Breckinridge County)
– Grimes’ Mill (Boone’s Creek, near Lexington, Fayette County)
– King’s Mill (Clear Creek, McCreary County)
– Litsey Mill (Springfield, Washington County)
– Macklin Mill and Dam (South Elkhorn Creek, Franklin County)
– Miscellaneous Mills
– Montgomery Mill (Pittman Creek, Greensburg, Green County)
– Old Mill Springs Mill (Wayne County)
– Otter Creek Grist Mill (Garnettsville, Meade County)
– Pusey and Coleman Mill (Doe Run Creek, Brandenburg, Meade County)
– Webb Mill (Bardstown, Nelson County)
– Weisenberger’s Mill (Elkhorn Creek, Midway, Woodford County)
– White Mills (Elizabethtown, Hardin County)
Mills – Louisville & Jefferson County
– Tarascon Mill, Shippingport
– Ward’s Mill, Beargrass Creek & Cherokee Park
– Wolf Pen Mill, Wolf Pen Branch
Mint Julep Cups
Mint Juleps
Missionaries – Kentucky Mountains
See also: Evangelistic Work
See also: Holcombe, Rev. Steve (biog. file)
– Bethany
– Gospel/Union Gospel Mission
o See: Houses – Kentucky – Jefferson County – Ben Smith House
– Way Side Mission
Missouri – History – Civil War
See: Sorghum
Monasticism and Religious Orders
– Brothers of St. Benedict, Nelson County, Kentucky
– St. Mark’s Priory (St. Maur’s)
– Gethsemani
– St. Meinrad
Monasticism and Religious Orders for Women
– St. Ann Convent
– Sister of Charity of Nazareth
– Sisters of Loretto
– Sisters of Mercy
– Ursuline Sisters
Moonshine – Kentucky
Morgan’s Raid, 1863
See also: Ellsworth, George A. (biog. file)
Mother of the Year – Kentucky
Mother’s Day – Founder
Mountain Laurel Festival, Pineville Kentucky
See also: Kentucky – County – Bell
Moving Picture Theaters
Moving Pictures Made in Kentucky
– “Flim Flam Man”
– “The Kentuckian”
– Raintree County
Mummy – Filson Club
Municipal Government – Kentucky
Museums – Indiana
– Evansville Museum
– Floyd County Museum
– Glass Museum in Dunkirk
– Howard Museum, Jeffersonville
– Indianapolis Museum
Museums – Kentucky
See also: Bishop, Ella (biog. file)
– Bardstown-Nelson County Museum (Spalding Hall, Bardstown)
– Barton Museum of Whiskey History (Bardstown)
– Bluegrass Railroad Museum
– Brazelton Young Historians Association Museum (Paducah)
– Classic Car Museum (proposed)
– Dorris, Jonathan Truman Museum (Eastern Kentucky University)
– Joe Ford Museum (Sorgho, Daviess County)
– Headley Jewel Museum and Library (La Belle Farm, Lexington)
– Kentucky Horse Park Museum
– Ky Military History (Frankfort)
– Lincoln museum – Hodgersville
– General John Hunt Morgan House Museum (Lexington)
– Herbie Moore Wax Museum (Cynthiana)
– Museum on Wheels (Kentucky Historical Society)
– Owensboro Area Museum
– General George S. Patton, Jr., Museum of Cavalry and Armor, Ft. Knox
– Perryville Battlefield Museum
– Shaker Museum (South Union, Auburn, Logan County)
– Shakertown Museum (Pleasant Hill, Mercer County)
– Wallace Nutting Museum (Berea College)
– Waveland
– Western Kentucky University Museum
Museums – Kentucky – Louisville
– Derby Museum
– Filson Club Museum
– Portland Museum
– Railway Museum
– Willis Museum (1811 Rockford Ln.)
– Natural History Museum of Louisville Free Public Library (5th and York)
– Museum of Science and History (727 W. Main)
– Speed Museum
o Gallery for the Blind
o Da Vinci? “Horse and Rider”
Museums – Kentucky – Miscellaneous
Museums – Education Center at the Falls of the Ohio
Museums – Other than Kentucky
– American Museum (Great Britain)
– Botetourt Historical Museum (Fincastle, Virginia)
– The Hall of Valor (New Market Battlefield Park, Virginia)
– Herron Museum (Indianapolis, IN)
– James Madison (Va.)
– Metropolitan Museum of New York (New York City)
– Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of History and Technology (Washington, D.C.)
Mushrooms – Kentucky
Music – Harpsichord – In the colonies
Music – Kentucky – Other than Louisville
Music – Louisville
Music Collections
Names – Kentucky
– Towns
– State Name
See also: Kentucky – County – {Name}
Natural Bridge – Kentucky
See: Bridges – Kentucky – Natural
Natural Gas – Kentucky
National Municipal League – Louisville
National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks – Kentucky
National Trust for Historic Preservation
National Youth Administration
Nazareth, Kentucky
See: Kentucky – County – Nelson
Nazareth, Kentucky (Sisters of Charity)
See: Monasticism and Religious Orders for Women
Neighborhood Development Office – Louisville
Neighborhood House
Newspapers – Indiana
Newspapers – Louisville, Kentucky
See also: Bingham Enterprises
– Courier-Journal
– Daily Times
– Free Press of Louisville
– German Language Press
– Irish American
– Louisville Journal
– Louisville Times
– Voice
Newspapers – Kentucky
– Western American, Springfield
– Kentucke Gazette
– Kentuckian-Citizen, Paris
– Prospect News
Night Riders
See also: Kentucky – County – Henderson
Nurses and Nursing
See: Petroleum
Old Age Homes
100th and 101st Divisions – Kentucky
Organ (Musical Instrument)
Orphans – Homes
– All Prayer Foundlings Home
– Bethany
– Buckhorn
– Louisville Baptist
– Newsboys’ Home
– Protestant Orphans Home
– St. Thomas-St. Vincent Home (1st Orphan picnic)
– Woodcock Hall (Episcopal Church Home)
Paper Dolls
Parades – Louisville
See also: Forests and Forestry
See also: Name of individual parks, e.g., Mammoth Cave
Parks – Indiana
Parks – Kentucky – State
Parks – Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky
– Ballard
– Baxter Square Park
– Central Park
– Cherokee Park
– Chickasaw Park
– Churchill Park
– Federal Square
– Fontaine Ferry Park
– Fort Nelson Park
– Founders Square
– George Rogers Clark Park
– Hidden Valley Golf Club
– Jacob Park (Iroquois)
– Jefferson County Memorial Forest (Tom Wallace Park and Forest View Parks)
– Joe Creason Park
– La Porte Park
– Lake Dreamland Park
– Lincoln
– Mini Park (4th and Kentucky)
– Otter Creek Park
– The Point (proposed)
– River Road Parks
– Rose Island
– Shawnee Park
– Shelby Park
– Six Mile Island
– Sun Valley Country Club
– Thruston Park
– Waterfront
– White City or Riverview
– Way Youth Center (Shivley)
Parks – Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky
– General articles
See also: Bridges – Louisville – Park
Parks – National
Parakeets – Kentucky
Pavements, Stone
Performing Arts – Kentucky
See also: Names of organizations, e.g. Louisville Ballet, Louisville Youth Center for the Performing Arts, Inc., etc.
Petroleum – Industry and Trade
Petroleum – Kentucky
See also: McDowell, Ephraim (biog. file)
Photograph collections
See: Universities & Colleges – Kentucky – Univ. of Louisville – Photographic archives
Photography (early)
Pillories – Kentucky
See: Kentucky – County – Boyle
Poet Laureate – Kentucky
Poetry – Kentucky and elsewhere
Poets – Kentucky – Women
Political Clubs
Political Conventions
– History
– Republican, 1964
– Republican, 1968
Poll Tax
Pollution Control – Kentucky
Population – Kentucky
Postal services – Kentucky
Postal services – Louisville
See also: Buildings – Louisville – Federal
Postal services – Pony Express Route
Pottery – Kentucky
– Bybee Pottery
Pottery – Kentucky – Louisville
– Hadley
– Louisville Pottery Company
Pottery – Ohio
– Rookwood (Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati Ohio)
Power Resources – Kentucky
Presbyterian Theological Seminary
See: Universities & Colleges – Kentucky
See: Kentucky Heritage Commission, Frankfort
See: National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks – Kentucky
See: Historic Preservation
See: Historical Societies
Presidents – U.S. – Pictures
See also: Visitors in Kentucky
Printing industry – Louisville
See also: Publishers and Publishing
Prisoners of War
See: Murals
Prisons – Kentucky
See also: Jails – Kentucky
See also: Louisville – Jails
Prohibition – Kentucky
Public Housing – Kentucky
Publishers and Publishing
See also: Printing industry – Louisville
Pumping Engines – Kentucky, Louisville (no envelope)
Purchase, The Kentucky (no envelope)
Quilts and Quilting
Racing Silks
Racetracks – Kentucky other than Louisville
See also: Kentucky – County – {Name}
Racetracks – Louisville, Kentucky, other than Churchill Downs
See also: Churchill Downs
– Douglas Park
o See: Douglas, J.J. (biog. file)
– Stations
– Disc Jockeys
Railroad Stations – Kentucky
– Elizabethtown
– Lexington
– Pewee Valley
– Shelbyville
Railroad Stations – Kentucky – Louisville
– C & O Railroad Depot
– Central Station
– Union Station
Railroads – Accidents
Railroads – Indiana
Railroads – Kentucky (2 envelopes)
Railroads – Louisville & Nashville
Railroads – Models
Railroads – Trains
– Amtrak
See also: Museums – Kentucky – Louisville – Railway Museum
Railroads – Trains
– The General
Railway, Street – Louisville
See: Street Railroads
Rare Books
Rauch Memorial Planetarium
Recording for the Blind, Inc.
Records – Kentucky – Historical
Red Cross
Red River Gorge
See: Forests and Forestry – Red River Gorge
Register of Births – Kentucky
Reporters and Reporting
Republican Party – Kentucky
See also: Elections
Republican Party – Seal
– Bill Boland’s
– Bunger’s
– Canary Cottage
– Childs’
– Des Ruisseaux’s Dining Guide
– Imorde
– J. Timothy (Mayflower)
– Jerrico (Jerry’s)
– Kaelin’s
– Kolb’s
– Kunz’s (The Dutchman)
– Mazzoni’s
– Old Walnut St. Chili Parlor
Rewards (Prizes, etc.) – Kentucky
Rhodes Scholars – Kentucky
Rivers – Kentucky – Kentucky River
Rivers – Kentucky – Misc.
– Barren
– Big Sandy
– Cumberland
– Dick’s (Dix)
– Green
– Licking
– North Fork
– Rough
– Salt
– Tennessee
– Tradewater
Rivers – Kentucky – Mississippi (Kentucky shore)
Rivers – Kentucky – Ohio River (2 envelopes)
– Frozen
– Locks and Dams
o See also: Dams
– Prehistoric
– Wild Rivers System
Riverside – Walkway
See: Louisville – Riverfront Development
Roads – Kentucky
– Bluegrass Parkway
– I-64 (Seneca Parkway)
– I-71
– I-75
– I-264 (Watterson Expressway, Shawnee Parkway)
– Jefferson Freeway (Gene Snyder)
– Kentucky Parkways
– Kentucky Turnpike (I-65)
– Lonesome Pine Trail Association
– Miscellaneous Roads
– US 42
– Western Kentucky Parkway
Roads – Kentucky – Old Turnpikes
See also: Tollgates
Robbers and Outlaws
Ronald McDonald House
– Our Lady’s Rosary Makers, Louisville
Rose Island
See: Parks – Louisville and Jefferson County – Rose Island
Rose Bowl Parade
– Kentucky Float
Rubber Industry and Trade – Louisville
Rural Development
See: Harness Making and Trade
Salt Industry and Trade
St. Joseph Home for the Aged
Sand Industry
Santa Claus Land Indiana
See: Parks – Indiana
Satellites of Mercury
Schools – Indiana
– Culver Military Academy
– Jeffersonville High School
– New Albany High School
Schools – Kentucky – Adair County
– Columbia Institute
Schools – Kentucky – Barren County
– Red Cross School
Schools – Kentucky – Bell County
– Henderson Settlement School
Schools – Kentucky – Bourbon County
– Bourbon Academy
– Seminary for Young Women, Paris
Schools – Kentucky – Boyd County
– McGuffy Log School House
Schools – Kentucky – Boyle County
– Kentucky School for the Deaf
Schools – Kentucky – Calloway County
– Dexter School
Schools – Kentucky – Carter County
– Erie School, Olive Hill
Schools – Kentucky – Clay County
– Goose Rock School
Schools – Kentucky – Daviess County
– Mount St. Joseph Academy
Schools – Kentucky – Fayette County
– Hamilton College
– Sayre School
Schools – Kentucky – Franklin County
– Sayre School
Schools – Kentucky – Hancock County
– Beechmont High School
Schools – Kentucky – Hardin County
Schools – Kentucky – Harlan County
– Pine Mountain School
Schools – Kentucky – Henderson County
Schools – Kentucky – Jefferson County
– Private
o Aquinas Prep School, 1405 Browns Lane
o Flexner School
o Goshen Academy, Upper River Road
o Hampton College
o Highland Presbyterian Church School, Cherokee Rd. & Highland
o Holyoke Academy, Broadway & 3rd
o Prof. Huntoon’s School for Boys and Girls
o Kentucky Academy, LaGrange Rd.
o Kentucky Country Day
See also: Kentucky Military Institute
o Kentucky Home School, 2301 Douglas Blvd.
o Kentucky Military Institute (K.M.I.)
See also: Kentucky Country Day
o Kentucky School for the Blind
o Locust Grove Academy, Highlands
o Louisville School of Art, Anchorage
o Louisville Collegiate School, 2427 Glenmary Ave.
o Louisville Country Day, Rock Creek Ln. & Browns Ln.
o Louisville Female College (Prettyman School), 7th between Broadway and Chestnut
o The New School, Downtown (proposed)
o Miss Annie Nold’s School, 2nd & Broadway
o Mrs. Nold’s Seminary for Young Ladies
o Presbyterian School
o Richmond School, 1235 S. Third
o Rugby University School, Woodford Place & Bardstown Rd.
o St. Francis School, Goshen
o Semple Collegiate School
o Leroy R. Stevens School for Retarded Children, 525 S. 6th
o “Miss Maggie” White’s School, 207 W. Chestnut
Schools – Kentucky – Jefferson County
– Private – Catholic
o Angela Merici High School
o Cathedral School
o Catholic (Country) Day School, Brown’s Ln. at Watterson Expressway
o Catholic High (Black)
o Flaget High School, 4420 River Park Dr.
o Holy Angels Academy, 224 Woodbine
o Holy Rosary Academy, 4801 Southside Dr. (early 4th and Park)
o Maryhurst
o Mount St. Agnes Boarding School, Newburg Rd.
o Our Lady of Mercy Academy, E. Broadway
o Presentation Academy, 861 S. 4th St.
o Sacred Heart Academy, 3107 Lexington Rd.
o St. Thomas Seminary, 7101 Brownsboro Rd.
o St. Xavier High School, Poplar Level Rd. (early 118 W. Broadway)
o Trinity High School, St. Matthews
o Ursuline Academy, 806 E. Chestnut
Schools – Kentucky – Jefferson County
– Public – Elementary & Junior High
o Miss Lizzie Aiken’s Kindergarten
o Anchorage School
o Ballard School, near Glenview
o Belknap Elementary School
o I.N. Bloom School, 1627 Lucia
o Albert S. Brandeis School, 26th and Kentucky
o Cane Run School
o Clifton School, 124 Vernon
o Gavin H. Cochran School, 2nd and Hill
o Cochrane Elementary School, 2511 Tregaron Ave, Jeffersontown
o Emma Dolfinger School, 25th and Montgomery
o Duncan Street School, 222 N. 17th
o Sallie Phillips Durrett Junior High School
o Victor H. Engelhard School
o Fairdale Junior High School, Fairdale
o John Filson Elementary School, Miles Lane
o Greathouse School, St. Matthews
o Highland Jr. High
o Thomas Jefferson School, Walnut St.
o Jeffersontown Junior High School, Jeffersontown
o J. Stoddard Johnston School, Flatlick Rd. and F St.
o Louisville Normal School (1. Main, between Preston and Jackson; 2. 615 E. Market; 3. Broadway near Barrett)
o Madison Junior High School, 1719 W. Madison
o Margaret Merker School
o John Marshall Elementary School, between 7th & 9th
o Medora School, Pendleton Rd.
o Miss Annie and Edith Moore School, 4th, north of Oak
o George W. Morris School, Floyd and Chestnut
o Patterson-Davenport School, 3rd St. South of A St.
o Portland Elementary School, 3410 Northwestern Pkwy.
o George D. Prentice School, 525 S. 6th
o Primrose School, 9900 Broad Run Rd., Ferncreek
o Hiram Roberts School, 615 E. Market
o Theodore Roosevelt School, 17th and Duncan
See also: Duncan St. School
o Harvey C. Russell Junior High School, 1719 West Madison
o Shryock School, Brown’s Lane
o Watson Lane Elementary School
o Henry Watterson Elementary School, Frederick’s Ln.
o Western Jr. High
o Ninde S. Wilker Elementary School, Herr Ln.
Schools – Kentucky – Jefferson County
– Public – High School
o Anrens Trade School, 1st and Chestnut
o Anchorage High School, Anchorage
o Atherton Girls’ High School, Rubel and Morton Ave.
o J.M. Atherton High School, Dundee Rd.
o Rogers Clark Ballard Memorial High School, Herr Ln. and Brownsboro Rd.
o Central High School, 8th and Chestnut
o DuPont Manual Training School (1. Brook and Oak; 2. 2nd and Lee)
o Fairdale Consolidated and High School, Fairdale
o Female High School, 1st St.
o Jefferson Seminary, 8th between Green (Liberty) and Walnut
o Louisville College, 8th between Green (Liberty) and Walnut
o Louisville Girls’ High School (1. 5th and Hill; 2. 2nd and Lee)
o Louisville Male High School (1. 9th and Chestnut; 2. 1st and Chestnut; 3. Brook and Breckinridge)
Schools – Kentucky – Jefferson County – Miscellaneous
Schools – Kentucky – Knott County
– Hindman Settlement School
Schools – Kentucky – Laurel County
– Pond School
Schools – Kentucky – Livingston County
– Hanlin School
– Harp Ridge School
Schools – Kentucky – Logan County
– Logan Female Academy
Schools – Kentucky – Marion County
Schools – Kentucky – Meade County
– Meade County High School
Schools – Kentucky – Menifee County
– Frenchburg School
Schools – Kentucky – Mercer County
– Daughters College, Harrodsburg
Schools – Kentucky – Nelson County
– Bardstown Institute
– Nazareth Academy
o See also: Universities and Colleges – Kentucky – Misc.
– St. Joseph College
– St. Joseph Preparatory School
Schools – Kentucky – Perry County
– Buckhorn
Schools – Kentucky – Scott County
– Choctaw Indian School
Schools – Kentucky – Shelby County
– Lincoln School
– Science Hill
Schools – Kentucky – Simpson County
– Mennonite School
Schools – Kentucky – Wolfe County
– “Blad” School
– Hazel Green Academy
– Wesleyan Academy
Schools – Kentucky – Woodford County
– Ashland Seminary
– Margaret Hall
Sculptors – Kentucky
See also: Statues – Kentucky
See also: Louisville – Monuments
See also: Statues – Louisville
See: Universities and Colleges
Settlement Houses – Louisville
See also: Cabbage Patch Settlement House
See also: Neighborhood House
See also: Community Centers – Louisville, Kentucky
Sewage Disposal
See also: Water – Pollution
See also: Kentucky – County – Jefferson – Creeks
Shakers – South Union and Auburn, Kentucky
See also: Museums – Kentucky
Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, I, II
See also: Museums – Kentucky
See also: Ships
See also: Shipment of Goods – Kentucky
– Shippingport Island
Shipment of Goods – Kentucky
See also: Boats and Boating
See also: Steamboats
Ships – “Kentucky” (Battleship & Submarine)
Ships – “U.S.S. Louisville”
Ships – “U.S.S. Constitution”
Shoes and Shoe Industry
Silhouettes – Kentucky
Silver and Silversmiths – Kentucky
Slavery in the United States
– Kentucky
Society for Creative Anachronisms (Barony of the Flame)
See also: Louisville Legion, 100th Division, etc.
Soldiers Retreat
See: Houses – Kentucky – Jefferson County
Songs – American
– Civil War
– National Song
– Revolution
Songs – American – Southern
– Dixie
– The Homespun Dress
– The Hunters of Kentucky
– My Old Kentucky Home
– Swingin’ on the Belle
Sons of the American Revolution
Southern Exposition, Louisville Kentucky, 1883
Spelling Bee
Spiders – Kentucky
Springs – Kentucky
See: Health resorts, spas, etc.
See: Kentucky – County – {Name}
Sports – Kentucky
Sports – Kentucky School
Square Dancing
See also: Kentucky – Social life and customs, 1900
Stained glass
See: Glass Painting and Staining
Stamps – Commemorative
– Kentucky Connections
Standard Oil of Kentucky
See: Petroleum Industry and Trade
Statues – Kentucky
– Daniel Boone (proposed) (? – Capitol Rotunda)
– John Cabell Breckinridge (Fayette Co. Courthouse)
– Henry Clay (proposed) (? – Caracas, Venezuela)
– Dr. Benjamin W. Dudley (bust) (Joel T. Hart (1839) – Peter family)
– William Goebel (? – Old Capitol grounds)
– Walter Hancock (Alben W. Barkley – Capitol Rotunda)
– Walter Hancock (replica) (Alben W. Barkley – Barkley Room, King Library, University of Kentucky)
– President Andrew Jackson (bust) (Joel T. Hart (1838) – Viley McFerran)
– Kentucky’s soldier dead (Father C.J. O’Connell – St. Joseph’s, Bardstown)
– Man O’War (? – Huffman Mill Pike)
See also: Louisville – Monuments
Statues – Louisville (3 envelopes). Information may be found on individual statues in all 3 envelopes.
– Ad Astra (Otello Guarducci – U of L Health Sciences Center)
– Daniel Boone (Enid Yandell – Cherokee Park)
– The Bride (Reginald Butler – River City Mall)
– Gen. John B. Castleman (R. Hinton Perry – Cherokee Park)
– George Rogers Clark (Felix de Weldon – Belvedere)
– Henry Clay (Joel Tanner Hart – Courthouse Rotunda)
– Confederate Monument (Ferdinand Von Miller, II – 3rd and Brandeis)
– Benjamin Franklin (Felix de Weldon – Louisville Free Public Library)
– Indian Queen (? – John R. Rose Tobacco Store, 519 W. Broadway)
– Thomas Jefferson (Sir Moses Ezekiel – Jefferson County Courthouse)
– Abraham Lincoln (George Grey Bernard – Louisville Free Public Library)
– Lions (? – Semple Home, now in Central Park)
– Louis XVI (Valois – 6th and Jefferson)
– Our Lady of Lourdes (Cucinotta, Stellaro – Lourdes Hall)
– Jose Marti (? – Shively Park)
– Pan, Hogan’s Fountain (Enid Yandell – Cherokee Park)
– Pan (Charlotte Williams Price – Belvedere)
– George Dennison Prentice (M. Alexander Bouly – Courier Journal (Will Sales) Building, now Louisville Free Public Library)
– General William Preston, bust (Felix de Weldon – The Filson Club)
– Prodigal Son (Barney Bright – Federal Square)
– Zachary Taylor (? – Zachary Taylor National Cemetery)
– The Thinker (Auguste Rodin – University of Louisville)
– Truth and Justice (Barney Bright – Legal Arts Building)
– Water Tower Ten (Theodore R. Scowden and Charles Hermany – Water Tower)
Statues – Misc.
Some information on the following named steamboats will be found in one or more of the envelopes marked: Steamboats; Steamboats – General Information; Steamboats – Belle of Louisville; Steamboats – Island Queen; Steamboats – Green Line Steamers; and Steamboats – Races.
See also: Tugboats
– Alice Dean
– Alton
– Avalon (Belle of Louisville)
– America
– Bald Eagle
– Belle Lee
– Belle of Calhoun
– Belle of Louisville
– Ben Sherrod
– Betsy Ann
– Blue Wing
– Bluff City
– Bowling Green
– Cape Girardeau
– Chaperone
– Chris Greene
– Providence
– Quincy
– Rappahannock
– Repose
– Richard Roe
– River Queen
– Robert E. Lee
o See also: Cannon, John W. (biog. file)
– Robert J. Ward
– Rosie Bell
– Scioto
– Stacker Lee (The Big Smoke)
– Statesman
– Sunshine
– T.T. Hillman
– Tennessee Belle
– Thompson Dean
– Tom Greene
– United States
– W.P. Snyder, Jr.
– Walk in the Water
– Washington
– We Three
– D.M. Wisherd
Steamboats – General Information (2 envelopes)
– The Belle of Louisville
– Greene Line Steamers, Cincinatti
o Chris Greene
o Delta Queen
o Gordon C. Greene
o Tom Greene
– Island Queen
Steamboats – Pilots and Rivermen
Steamboats – Races
– The Belle of Louisville vs. Delta Queen
– Robert E. Lee vs. Natchez (3 envelopes)
Steamboats – Showboats
– America
– Cotton Blossom
– The Eisenbarth-Henderson Floating Theatre
– Majestic, Indiana University
– City of Cairo (Mule)
– City of Louisville
– City of Monroe (Early Monday)
– City of Providence
– City of St. Louis
– City of Vicksburg
– Columbus
– Congo
– Crown Point
– Crystal Palace
– D.A. Brooks
– D.B. Campbell
– Delta Queen
– Dolly Varden
– Dolphin #2
– Elm G. Smith
– Evansville
– Falls City (Calendar Boat)
– Gayoso
– George Washington
– Golden Eagle
– Gordon C. Greene
– Grand Era
– Grand Republic
– Guiding Star
– Isaac Shelby
– Island Queen
– J.C. Kerr
– J.J. Odil
– J.M. White
– Jacob Strader
– James D. Parker
– John Howard
– John B. McComas
– Julia Bell Swain
– Julia A. Randolph
– Lady of the Lake
– Libbie Conger
– Little Tom Moss
– Lotus
– Louis Houck
– Louisville
– Lovin’ Kate
– Lucy Walker
– Madill
– Magenta
– Maggie Bell
– Mark Twain
– Morning Star
– Natchez
– New Orleans
– Pittsburg
– Prairie
– Princess
– Rhododendron
– Robinson’s Floating Palace
– Sprague “Big Mama”
– Water Queen Floating Theatre
Steamboats – Tugboats
– Chickasaw
– Jefferson
– Omar
o See: Steamboats – Showboats – Rhododendron
– Sprague
– Thelma Ann
o See: Steamboats – Showboats – Rhododendron
See also: Pavements, Stone
Strawberry Growers – Kentucky and Indiana
Street Railroads
Sunday School
See: Women – Suffrage
Swift Silver Mine
Swiss in Kentucky
Synagogues – Kentucky
– Henderson County
– Jefferson County
Tar – Kentucky
Taverns – Kentucky
– Duncan Tavern, Paris
Taverns and Inns – Kentucky
See also: Houses – Kentucky – Shelby County – Cross Keys Inn
See also: Kentucky – County – Hart
Taxation – Kentucky
– First Exchange in Louisville
– Last Hand-crank system in Kentucky
Television stations
Tennessee – County – Davidson – Nashville
Tennessee – History
Tennessee – History – Civil War
Texas – History – Revolution, 1835-1836
– Kentucky companies
Textile industry and fabric
Thanksgiving – Kentucky
Thank You Train
See: Friendship Train
Theater and Theaters – History – Kentucky
See also: Kentucky – History – Drama
Theater and Theaters – Kentucky – Outdoor
See also: Tent-shows (Toby’s Tent Shows)
– C. Douglas Ramey Amphitheater, Louisville
o Shakespeare in Central Park
– Don Talbot Amphiteater, Bardstown
o Stephen Foster Story
– George Rogers Clark Heritage, Inc.
– Hodgenville
o Mr. Lincoln
– Indian Fort Theater, Berea
o The Daniel Boone Story
o Wilderness Road
– Iroquois Amphitheater, Louisville
o Bound for Kentucky
– Jenny Wiley Summer Music Theater, Prestonburg
– Kentucky Lake State Park
o Rameses
– Kentucky Theater under the Stars, Cave City
o Land O’ My Own
– Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, Van, Kentucky
– Old Fort Harrod State Park Amphitheater, Harrodsburg
o Home is the Hunter
o Legend of Daniel Boone
– Park Mammoth Resort
o Big Tent Theatre Delux
– Pine Mountain State Park Amphitheater, Pineville
o Book of Job
– Pioneer Playhouse, Danville
– Shakertown at Pleasant Hill
o Four into Two equals One
Theater and Theaters – Little Theater/Dinner Theater
– Auburn
– Belknap Playhouse (UofL, merger of Louisville Little Theater and UofL Players)
– Bloomington (Indiana University)
– Chillicothe, Ohio
– Cincinnati (Showboat – Majestic)
– Clarksville
– Danville (Pioneer Playhouse)
– Georgetown (Old Opry House)
– Gilbertsville
– Guild (Bellarmine)
– Guild Community Theater
– Heritage Theater (Jewish Community Center)
– Indiana University Southeast
– Iroquois Park Amphitheater
– Jeffersontown (Manfield Players)
– Jeffersonville (Steamboat Cabin Players)
– Lexington (Red Mill Dinner Theater)
– Louisvill0e Little Theater
– Newport (Beverly Hills)
– Pewee Valley (Little Colonel Players)
– Pleasant Hill (Centre College Students)
– Shakespeare in Central Park
– Simpsonville (Beef and Boards)
– West Baden, Indiana (Northwest Institute)
– Winchester (Winchester Barn Dinner Theater)
Theater and Theaters – Louisville
– Actor’s Theatre
– Brown
– Kentucky Contemporary Theatre
– Loew’s (now Louisville Palace)
– Louisville Children’s Theatre
– Macauley’s. See also: Buildings – Louisville
– Macauley’s (new)
– Memorial Auditorium
– Savoy
– Vogue
Theater and Theaters – Louisville – Misc.
See also: Moving-Picture Theaters
Theological Seminaries
See: Universities and Colleges
Tobacco – Kentucky (2 envelopes)
See also: Night riders – Kentucky
See also: Kentucky – County – Henderson
See also: Houses – Kentucky
Tombstone Carving
Tornadoes – Kentucky
– Bullitt County, 1969
Tornadoes – Louisville
– August 27, 1854
– May 21, 1860
– November 28, 1879
– 1890
– April, 1974
Toonerville Trolley
See also: Street Railroads – Louisville
See also: Fox, Fontaine (biog. file)
Tourist Trade – Kentucky
Tours – Kentucky, Places and Points of Interest
See: Kentucky – Description and Travel
Tours – Louisville
See: Louisville – Description and Travel
See: Tugboats
Trade Union Co-operative League
Traffic School – Louisville
See: Railroads – Trains
Transylvania Company
See also: Kentucky – County – Henderson
Trees – Historic
– Boone Tree
– Naturalization Tree, Camp Taylor
Trees – Kentucky
Trees, Inc.
Trolley Cars
See: Street Railroads
Tuberculosis – Kentucky
Tugboats – Ohio River
See: American Turners Association
See: Land Between the Lakes
Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Kentucky – Harriet B. Stowe
See also: Kennedy, Gen. Thomas (biog. file)
See also: Weisert, Dr. John J. (biog. file)
Underground Railroad
Union Gospel Mission
See: Missions
United Appeal
United Daughters of the Confederacy
United Parcel Service – Louisville Hub
U.S. – Capital
U.S. – History
U.S. – History – Civil War
– “This was the Civil War” by Merlon T. Akers
U.S. – History – Civil War – Campaigns and Battles
See also: Kentucky – History – Civil War – Campaigns and Battles
U.S. – History – Civil War – Causes
– President’s Message
– Facts about Secession
– Writ of Habeas Corpus – Attorney General
– Fremont Platform
U.S. – History – Civil War – Hospitals, Charities, etc.
U.S. – History – Civil War – Naval Operations
U.S. – History – Civil War – Personal Narratives
– Andrew Cowan
– Cora Owens Hume. See also: Diaries
U.S. – History – Civil War – Prisoners and Prisons
U.S. – History – Civil War – Spies
U.S. – History – Civil War – “The Union Vidette”
U.S. – History – Revolution – Campaigns and Battles
– Bennington, Vermont
– Blue Licks
– King’s Mountain
– Yorktown, Straling Gun
U.S. – History – Spanish-American War
U.S. – History – War of 1812
– Battle of New Orleans
– Battle of River Raisin
– Battle of the Thames
– Black Troops
– Dudley’s Defeat
– Military Pig
– Perry Centennial
– Perry Memorial
– Survivors Reunion
– Tecumseh
– Veterans
U.S. – History – War with Mexico, 1845-1848
U.S. – History – World War II
U.S. – Job Corps
U.S. – Seal – U.S. Presidents
U.S. – Army
– 6th Armored Cavalry Unit
– Military Funerals
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Coast Guard – Louisville
U.S. Naval Ordinance Station
U.S.S. Louisville
See: Ships – U.S.S. Louisville
Universities and Colleges – Indiana
– Hanover
– Indiana University
Universities and Colleges – Kentucky
– Alice Lloyd College (formerly Caney Junior College)
– Asbury
– Bellarmine
– Berea (2 envelopes)
o See also: Hutchins, Francis S. (biog. file)
o See also: Museums – Kentucky
– Centre
o See also: Arts Center – Centre College
– Eastern
– Georgetown
– Kentucky Southern College
– Kentucky University (formerly Bacon College)
– Kentucky State University
– Lexington Theological Seminary (College of the Bible)
– Louisville Municipal
– Morehead
– Murray State University
– Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville
– St. Mary’s College
– Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
– Spalding University (formerly Nazareth College, Louisville also Catherine Spalding College)
– Transylvania University
– University of Kentucky
o Community Colleges
o History
– University of Louisville
o Health Science Building
o Presidents
o Playhouse
o Photographic Archives
o Law School
o Music School
o Medical School
– Western Kentucky State University
Universities and Colleges – Kentucky – Misc.
– Calvary College
– Campbellsville College
– Cumberland College
– Hampton College
– Kentucky Christian
– Kentucky State
– Kentucky Wesleyan
– Lees
– Lincoln Institute
– Lindsey Wilson
– Midway College
– Nazareth College, Bardstown
o See also: Schools – Kentucky – Nelson County
– Northern Kentucky State College
– Pikeville College
– Simmons College
– Spencerian College
– Sue Bennett
– Ursuline
– Villa Madonna
Universities and Colleges – Kentucky – Misc.
– General Information
o Building Room
o Buildings named for administrators, politicians, etc.
o Church related colleges
o College costs, 1972
o Ford foundation grants
o Investments and endowments
Urban Redevelopment – Urban Renewal
Urban Renewal
See: Louisville – Urban Renewal
Vietnam Conflict, 1961-1975
Virginia – Alexandria (city of)
Virginia – County – Wood
Virginia World War II History Commission
Visitors in Kentucky
See also: Dickens, Charles (biog. file)
See also: Lafayette, Marquis de (biog. file)
See also: Louis Phillipe (biog. file)
Vital Statistics
War Memorials
Waterfalls – Kentucky
See also: Cumberland Falls
Water – Pollution
See also: Sewage Disposal
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
W.C.A. (Women’s Christian Association)
See also: Tornadoes, Snow, etc.
Weaving – Kentucky
See also: Churchill Weavers
See also: Tate, Lou (biog. file)
– Traditions
Welsh Indians
WHAS Crusade for Children
Whiskey – Bourbon
See also: Distilling Industries
Wit and Humor – Kentuckians
Wine and Winemaking
– Kentucky
– Nine Parties, Louisville
– Ohio Valley
Wilderness Road
See also: Highways and Roads – Kentucky
See also: Taverns
Women – Employment
Women – Kentucky
Women – Kentucky – Louisville
Women – Kentucky – Mayors
Women – Suffrage
Wood Using Industries
Woodmen of the World
World’s Fair – Kentucky Exhibition
World War I
See: European War, 1914-1918
World War II
See: U.S. History – WWII
Y.M.C.A. and the Army
See also: W.C.A.
Yale Expedition, 1870 (Chas. T. Ballard)
Zoo – Louisville