Louisville Science Center Records, 1958-1985

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Louisville Science Center 

Title:  Records, 1958-1985  

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Collections Department. 

Size of Collection:  2 cubic feet 

Location Number:  Mss. BI L888a 

Scope and Content Note 

A collection of files dealing with the movement of the Louisville Museum of Natural History from its site at Fifth and York to a new location. There are meeting minutes and other material as they consider a site near the Louisville Zoo before deciding upon the location on Main Street. The Filson Historical Society’s proposal to take over the museum in the early 1980’s is also found in the collection. Pamphlets and annual reports from many other similar museums in the United States are included in the collection.  

Biographical Note 

These records cover the period from when the museum was part of the public library at 4th and York to its new home on Main Street. The search for a new location and a new director is the main focus of these records.  

Folder List 

Box 1   

Folder 1: Museum Brochures from Dallas, Berea, Kansas, Health Museum, Wilderness Trail, Houston, Kansas, and Los Angeles.  

Folder 2: Museum Brochures and magazines.  

Folder 3: Museum brochures and pamphlets.  

Folder 4: Museum Magazines and Newsletters mid 1960s. 

Folder 5: Museum Magazines and newsletters early to mid 1960s.  

 Folder 6: Articles of Incorporation for the Louisville Museum of Natural History dated 1 September 1961, with copies of by-laws Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences from 1953, the by-laws from Dayton Society of Natural History from 1961 and Constitution of the Cincinnati Society of Natural History from 1934.  

Folder 7: Museum brochures - Dayton, Oregon.  

Folder 8: Museum brochures from across the nation.  

Folder 9: Correspondence and other material from museums in Cincinnat i, Dayton, Evansville and Oregon.  

Folder 10: Correspondence and photograph 1958.  

Folder 11: Natural Food and Farming Magazine, February 1957.  

Folder 12: Correspondence 1960-1965.  

Folder 13: Newspaper clippings 1961-62.  

Folder 14: Newspaper Clippings 1963.  

Folder 15: Newspaper Clippings 1964-65.  

Folder 16: Museum Registration Material 1965-66. Folder 17: Correspondence 1966.  

Folder 18: Louisville Museum of Natural History letterhead and envelopes with a 1966 cover letter from Catherine D. Strickler.  

Folder 19: Newspaper clippings 1966.  

Folder 20: Correspondence 1967.  

Folder 21: Newspaper clippings 1967.  

Folder 22: Newspaper Clippings 1968.  

Folder 23: Correspondence 1968-69.  

Folder 24: Cover letter and card from the Kentucky Historical Society-1969.  

Folder 25: Newspaper clippings 1969.  

Folder 26: Newspaper clippings 1970-71.  

Folder 27: Correspondence, 1970-1972.  

Folder 28: Copies of letters supporting the Museum site near the Louisville Zoo, 1971-72.  

Folder 29: Newspaper clippings 1972.  

Folder 30: Correspondence 1973.  

Folder 31: Newspaper clippings 1973.  

Folder 32: Correspondence and meeting minutes, 1974. Folder 33: Newspaper clippings 1974.  

Folder 34: Correspondence and meeting minutes dealing with the choice of the site for the Natural History Museum in Louisville.  

Folder 35: Newspaper clippings 1975.  

Folder 36: Newspaper clippings, invitations and mailings from the opening of the museum on Main Street.  

Folder 37: Death of ER Pohl of Horse Cave in 1976 and paper titled “Foraminiferal Evidence For Biostratigraphic Parallelism Between the Type Mississippian Region and Western Europe” dated 1975.  

Folder 38: Newspaper clippings 197677.  

Folder 39: Letters from 1977 about the donation of these papers to the Filson.  

Folder 40: List of Fauna spotted near Bellarmine University/Collings Estate by Michael Ryan of the Audubon Society. Undated - circa 1970.  

Folder 41: Correspondence, 1979-1981 .  

Folder 42: Newspaper Clippings 1985.  

Folder 43: Newspaper clippings about the new director Gail R. Becker. Folder 44: Director search minutes 1966.  

Folder 45: Directorship application – Stephen Schmidt. Box 2  

Folder 46: Directorship application - Dale Reed. Folder 47: Directorship application - Leslie C. Drew.  

Folder 48: Directorship application - James L. Whitehead. Folder 49: Directorship application - Samuel C. Grundy. Folder 50: Directorship application - Halsey W Miller.  

Folder 51: Directorship application -Allan Roberts.  

Folder 52: Directorship application - Robert J. Badaracco. Folder 53: Directorship application - Russell I Peithman.  

Folder 54: Directorship application - Howard Bruce Greene.  

Folder 55: Directorship application -William L Groth, Jr.  

Folder 56: Directorship application - F Wayne King.  

Folder 57: Directorship application - Nixon Wilson.  

Folder 58: Directorship application - John C McCain .  

Folder 59: Directorship application - Theodore P Banks.  

Folder 60: Directorship application - Elmer R Nelson.  

Folder 61: Directorship application - Lawrence Thurman.  

Folder 62: Directorship application - W Eugene Atkinson. Letter from Senator Robert P Griffin.  

Folder 63: Directorship application - Hans Elias.  

Folder 64: Directorship application - Edward T Boardman.  

Folder 65: Directorship application -Allen S Liss.  

Folder 66: Directorship application - Thomas G Baker.  

Folder 67: Correspondence and site plans for the Museum 1966-1973.  

Folder 68: Articles of Incorporation, By-laws Friends of the Museum, Other correspondence, 1980-81.  

Folder 69: Material dealing with the Friends of the Museum and the lease of space from the Museum on natural History and Science.  

Folder 70: Slide show dealing with the natural history of the Falls of the Ohio River.  

Folder 71: Certificates of membership to the American Association of Museums, 1968-1969.  

Folder 72: Meeting minutes and suggested plans for the museum in 1982-1983.  

Folder 73: 1982-1983 meeting notes and budget sheets for Friends of the Museum, Inc. 

Folder 74: Blinder with museum exhibit plans for 1982-1983 and letters proposing the Filson Club taking over the museum and running it as their new headquar ter s.  

Folder 75: Audio tapes (cassettes and real-to-real tapes) of museum meetings/speakers.  


Publications not associated with specific correspondence: 

Financing Solid Waste services, 1972  

Solid Waste Management Handbook, 1971  

Developing Local Solid Waste Service Systems, 1972  

Rural Collection System Requirements  

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Atomic Energy How?  

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Schiele Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Search & Learn Guidelines, Grades 4-10  

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