Jones, Carridder Collection, 2000-2002

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator:  Jones, Carridder

Title:  Collection, 2000-2002

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection:  0.66 cubic feet

Location Number:  Mss. A J76

Scope and Content Note

Collection contains transcripts of oral history interviews for a project “Historic African American Neighborhoods in Jefferson County”.  From 2000-2002 Carridder Jones conducted oral history interviews with residents of Jefferson County’s historic African American communities.  Interviewees resided in Berrytown, Griffytown, Newburg/Petersburg, Prospect, Harrods Creek, and Jeffersontown.  These communities were selected because of their origins in the 19th century, with several interviewees being direct descendants of the founders of their communities.  In all, 23 individuals were interviewed during the course of the project; transcripts of the interviews have been retained by The Filson.

Interviewees discuss a number of subjects including early life and childhood; schools attended and educational experiences; work and professional careers; social life and recreation; food and cooking; churches, religious beliefs, and spiritual life; and medical care and health concerns.  They also speak about living conditions in their communities; crime, safety, and relationships with the police; and urban renewal, including the growth and changes in their neighborhoods.  They share their knowledge about the founders of their communities and local landmarks, such as churches and cemeteries.  Finally, many interviewees speak about race relations and relate their experiences with segregation and integration.  (Several interviewees were leaders in the Civil Rights Movement or involved in other forms of activism.)

In addition to oral history interviews, additional research material on these neighborhoods was gathered and forms a portion of the collection.  Sources consulted include census records, death certificates, military records, maps, and newspaper clippings.  Additionally, some research data in the form of digital files has been retained on the Filson’s server.

Some interviewees also provided photographs of their families.  All photographs have been transferred to the Filson’s photo collection (015PC55).

List of Interviews

Harrods Creek & Prospect

Interview with William A. Kellar.  June 7, 2000.  4 pages.

Interview with Mary Margaret Merriweather Kellar.  June 7, 2000.  6 pages.

Interview with Clarence Weathers.  Prospect, August 19, 2000.  3 pages.

Interview with Minne Alta Broaddus.  May 2000.  6 pages.

Interview with Laura Brooks.  James Taylor Subdivision, Prospect.  July 5, 2000.  2 pages.

Interview with Martin Dunbar II.  James Taylor Subdivision, Prospect.  June 7, 2000.  20 pages.

Interview with Chester L. Trowel.  Prospect, October 25, 2000.  3 pages.

Berrytown & Griffytown

Interview with Juanita Pope Bone.  Berrytown, October 18, 2000.  9 pages.

Interview with Ann S. Reynolds – Re: Lincoln Institute.  May 1, 2001.  12 pages.

Interview with Sarah Jones.  Berrytown.  September 11, 2001.  6 pages.

Interview with Diana L. Dow.  Griffytown.  November 11, 2000.  17 pages.

Interview with Lula Bald McCoy.  Griffytown.  August 17, 2000.  7 pages.

Interview with Robert L. Gaskin, Jr.  Griffytown.  December 2, 2000.  17 pages.


Interview with Richard F. Greathouse, MD – Re: Jeffersontown, Rev. Thurmond Coleman.  July 20, 2001. 8 pages.

Interview with Reverend Thurmond Coleman – Re: Jeffersontown.  June 11, 2001.  18 pages.

Interview with Linda Wilson – Re: Alberta Wilson, teacher in Jeffersontown & the Louisville school system.  November 6, 2000.  15 pages.


Interview with Nathaniel E. Green.  July 24, 2002.  11 pages.

Interview with Anna Merritt.  Newburg, March 5, 2002.  7 pages.

Interview with Pen Bogert, Reference Specialist, The Filson Historical Society on Eliza Tevis of Petersburg/Newburg community.  January 2, 2002.  17 pages.

Interview with Effie Lyons.  Newburg, September 10, 2001.  6 pages.

Interview with Earnestine Sharelle Lyons Logan.  Newburg, August 9, 2001.  8 pages.

Interview with Adlene M. Abstain.  Newburg, August 10, 2001.  12 pages.

Interview with Lloyd E. Davis.  Newburg, August 15, 2001.  12 pages.


Historical Note

This project, “Historic African American Neighborhoods in Jefferson County”, arose from the desire to understand the origin and development of early African American communities of Jefferson County, Kentucky.  Overlooked in the standard historical surveys of Jefferson County, the histories of these communities were largely hidden.  To address this deficiency, it was determined that oral history interviews should be gathered, and supplemented with data from other historical sources.

In 2000 The Filson Historical Society partnered with Carridder Jones to conduct an oral history project documenting the history of these African American communities.  A playwright and historian, Jones’ research interests included the black hamlets of Lexington and Louisville; she had recently completed a project on “Black Hamlets in the Kentucky Bluegrass”.  The goal of the oral history project was to provide a preliminary survey of accessible historical information that could be used for further research and study.


Folder List

Folder 1:              Interview Transcripts, Harrods Creek and Prospect, 2000

Folder 2:              Interview Transcripts, Berrytown and Griffytown, 2000-2001

Folder 3:              Interview Transcripts, Jeffersontown, 2000-2001

Folder 4:              Interview Transcripts, Newburg/Petersburg, 2001-2002

Folder 5:              Research data, Harrods Creek and Prospect

Folder 6:              Research data, Berrytown and Griffytown

Folder 7:              Research data, Newburg


Subject Headings

African American children – Education.

African American churches.

African American cooking.

African American singers.

African Americans.

African Americans – Education – Kentucky.

African Americans – Housing – Kentucky.

African Americans – Medical care.

African Americans – Migrations.

African Americans – Social life and customs.

Agriculture – Kentucky.

Arab-Israeli conflict.

Banks and banking.

Berrytown (Jefferson County, Ky.)

Business enterprises – Kentucky – Louisville.

Catholics – Kentucky.

Cemeteries – Kentucky – Jefferson County.

Central High School (Louisville, Ky.)

Civil rights movements – Southern States.

Coal mining – West Virginia.

Coleman, Thurmond.

Coroners – Kentucky.

Crime – Kentucky – Louisville.

Dating (Social customs)

Depressions, 1929.

English language – Slang.

Foundries – Kentucky – Louisville.

General Electric Company.

Gospel music.

Griffytown (Jefferson County, Ky.)

Grocers – Kentucky – Louisville.

Harrods Creek (Ky.)


Horse farms – Kentucky – Shelbyville.

Housekeepers – Kentucky.

Interracial marriage.

Jeffersontown (Ky.)

Korean War, 1950-1953 – Participation, African American.

Lincoln Institute (Ky.)

Musicians – Kentucky.

Newburg (Ky.)

Parks – Kentucky – Louisville.

Physicians – Kentucky.

Political activists.

Police – Kentucky – Louisville.

Police brutality.

Prohibition – Kentucky.

Prospect (Ky.)

Race relations.

Real estate business.

Religious leaders.



Shelbyville (Ky.)

Schools – Kentucky.

Slave traders – Kentucky.

Slavery – Kentucky – Louisville.

Stockbrokers – Kentucky – Louisville.

Teachers – Employment – Kentucky.

Tevis, Eliza Curtis Hundley, ca. 1800-1890.

Transportation – Kentucky – Louisville.

United States – History – Civil War, 1861-1865 – African Americans.

Urban renewal – Kentucky – Louisville.

Watterson, Henry, 1840-1921.

Wilson family.

World War, 1939-1945.

World War, 1939-1945 – Medical care.

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