Jewish Family and Vocational Service (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1938-2010

Held by the Filson Historical Society

Creator:Jewish Family and Vocational Service(Louisville, Ky.)

Title: Records, 1938-2010

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Size of Collection: 2 cubic feet and one oversized volume

Location Number: Mss. BJ J59

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of records from 1938-2010 of Louisville’s Jewish Family and Vocational Service (JFVS) and its forerunners. The JFVS was formed by the 1978 merger between the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) and the Jewish Vocational Service (JVS). Included are board records, statistical and financial reports, histories, newspaper clippings, program materialsand publications. 

Folders 1-2 contain University of Louisville master’s theses on the histories of the Jewish Social Service Agency and the Jewish Vocational Service, written in 1952 and 1965. 

 Folders 3-6 contain various records of the JVS and a few records of the JFVS. Included are an early 1940s proposal and correspondence about the establishment of a Jewish Vocational Service in Louisville, an undated list of prospective employers and career mentors for clients, Vocation Guide newsletters from 1956-19601950s survey report, and statistical reports on clients, services, and budgets from the 1940s-1970s. 

Folders 7-10 contain publications and reports from the 1940s-1970s pertaining to JVS and other Jewish organizations. Included are a ca. 1946 Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA) pamphlet, 1959 notes on the Jewish Social Service Agency, a 1966 United Appeal for the Jewish Home for Convalescent Children, newspaper clippings, Jewish Occupational Council publications and conference proceedingsand reports on teenagers and on Louisville police-community relations. 

Folders 11-15 contain lists and correspondence of the JVS and JFVS Board of Directors from 1947-2005. Also included are annual reports from 1990-2006, resettlement committee and family life committee records, and treasurer’s reports from the early 2000s 

 Folders 1621 hold JFVS items from 20012009including program materials, newspaper clippings, awards, and certificates. There are materials related to the 100th anniversary of JFVS in 2008and CD-R with a PowerPoint presentation on Jewish Louisville, 1760-2010. 

Binders 2224 and oversized volume 25 are JVS and JFVS scrapbooks from 1943-2004, mostly containing newspaper clippings from YMHA publications, Kentucky Jewish Chronicle, Louisville Times, Courier-Journal, Jewish Post, and Louisville’s Jewish newspaper Community. Also included in the scrapbooks are programs and promotional materials for JVS and JFVS; a 1969 prayer book for Jewish worship for Central State Hospital; and JFVS annual reports.    

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Jewish Family and Vocational Service photograph collection (019PC42). 

University of Louisville Archives and Special Collections: Jewish Community Federation Records (1977_089-UA). 


Historical Note

Jewish Family and Vocational Service (JFVS) grew out of Jewish agencies established in Louisville in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1908, local Jewish leaders and organizations formed the Federation of Jewish Charities to assist Eastern European Jewish immigrants who settled in Louisville. The Federation also provided support to Jewish Hospital, a Jewish children’s home, and educational institutions. Its name changed to the Jewish Welfare Federation (JWF) in 1918 and became the Jewish Social Service Agency in 1951 

In 1943, the Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) was established to provide educational and vocational guidance to Jewish youth. It grew out of a committee formed in 1938 representing the JWF, the Louisville section of the National Council of Jewish Women, and the Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA). The committee was concerned with the lack of school and career guidance for young people and with the anti-Semitism faced by Jewish studentsLouisville became the smallest Jewish community in the country with a professionally staffed vocational service, which served not just Jewish youth but also adults, veterans, immigrants, and non-Jewish residents.  

In 1978, the JSSA and the JVS joined to create the Jewish Family and Vocational Service and moved to the newly opened Shalom Tower on Dutchmans Lane, next door to the Jewish Community Center. The organization has provided educational, testing, career, counseling, and family services, helped to resettle refugees, and sponsored programs for older adults. The Louis & Lee Roth Family Center opened in 2000, providing more spacious facilities for JFVS and its programs. In 2008, the organization’s name was changed to Jewish Family and Career Services. 


Carol Ely, Jewish Louisville: Portrait of a Community, pp. 92-93, 142-44 

Jewish Family and Vocational Service, Leadership, Legends, and Legacies: A Tribute to the 100th Anniversary Honoring Past Leaders (2008) 

Herman Landau, Adath Louisville: The Story of a Jewish Community (1981), pp. 122-34 


Folder List

Box 1 

Folder 1: History of the Jewish Social Service Agency, 1952 

Folder 2: History of the Jewish Vocational Service, 1965 

Folder 3: JVS and JVFS Records, ca. 19381984 

Folder 4: Prospective Employers and Career Mentors, ca. 1945-1960 

Folder 5: JVS Vocation Guide Newsletters, 1956-1960 

Folder 6Jewish Vocational Services in Other Cities, ca. 1940-1953 

Folder 7: Other Jewish Organizations in Louisville, 1946-1966 

Folder 8: Jewish Occupational Council Publications, 1955-1967 

Folder 9: Miscellaneous Reports and Presentations, 1960-1965 

Folder 10: Newspaper Clippings, 1962-1979 

Folder 11: Board Members and Correspondence, 1947-1979 

Folder 12: Board and Committee Members, 1978-2008  

Folder 13Annual Reports and Meetings, 1990-2006 

Folder 14: Board and Committee Records, 2001-2003 

Folder 15: Family Life Committee Records, 2003-2005 

Folder 16: Louis & Lee Roth Family Center2001 

Folder 17: JFVS Programs and Newspaper Clippings, 2002-2003 

Folder 18: Awards and Certificates, 2001-2008 

Folder 19: Recollections and Images Collected for the 100th Anniversary of JFVS, 2008 

Folder 20: Leadership, Legends, & Legacies: A Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of JFVS, 2008  

Folder 21PowerPoint Presentation on Jewish Louisville, 1760-2010, CD-R [a digital copy of this file is available in O:\DIGITAL COLLECTIONS – Reference Room Access\Mss BJ J59 – JFVS] 

Box 2   

Binder 22Scrapbook, 1968-1995  

Binder 23Scrapbook, 1996-1998 

Binder 24: Scrapbook, 1999-2004 

Volume 25: Scrapbook, 1943-1983 [oversized] 


Subject Headings

Ability  Testing  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Adoption  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Career education  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Charities  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Children  Services for  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Dobson, David19151978. 

Family services  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Federation of Jewish Charities (Louisville, Ky.) 

Four Courts Louisville Hebrew Home. 

Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. Louisville Chapter. 

Immigrants  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish American newspapers. 

Jewish college students  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish Community Center (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jewish educators  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish families  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish Family and Career Services (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jewish gays  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish Home for Convalescent Children (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jewish Occupational Council (New York, N.Y.) 

Jewish old age homes  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish refugees. 

Jewish Social Service Agency (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jewish students  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jewish veterans  Kentucky Louisville. 

Jewish Vocational Service (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jewish youth  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jews  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Jews  Kentucky  Louisville  Charities. 

National Council of Jewish Women. Louisville Section. 

Nearly New Shop (Louisville, Ky.) 

Older Jews. 

People with disabilities  Services for  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Policecommunity relations  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Psychological tests  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Social service. 

Social work with immigrants  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Universities and colleges  Entrance examinations. 

Vocational education  Kentucky  Louisville. 

Women  Services for  Kentucky  Louisville. 

World War, 19391945  Veterans. 

Young Men’s Hebrew Association (Louisville, Ky.) 

Youth  Services for  Kentucky  Louisville

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