Grossman Chapman Klarer Architects Inc.  Architectural drawings, 1972-2010 

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Grossman Chapman Klarer Architects Inc. 

Title:  Architectural drawings, 1972-2010 

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Size of Collection:  39 cu. ft. (13 boxes) 

Location Number:  Mss. AR G878 

Scope and Content Note 

This collection contains architectural drawings of projects produced by Grossman Chapman Klarer Architects, dating from 1972-2010. Architectural records include working drawings for residential, commercial, religious, medical, and educational buildings.  The majority of architectural projects are located in the Louisville, Kentucky area; however, there are projects located in other parts of the state as well as Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado and Rhode Island.  The firm was known for its work on tennis clubs: the collection includes plans for the Louisville Tennis Club, Jefferson Racquetball Club, Blairwood Raquet Club, and Asheville Racquet Club.  The firm also completed major commercial projects at Bellarmine College, Humana, and the Filson Historical Society.  See the project index (PDF) for more information.  

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Grossman Chapman Klarer Architects Inc.’s project files are in the Filson’s manuscript collection (015×19)  

Historical Note 

Grossman Chapman Klarer Architects Inc. was an architecture firm in Louisville, Kentucky.  The firm formed in 1972 under the name Voit, Grossman and Martin.  The firm’s name underwent periodic changes over the years as architects joined or left the firm.  Six architects were partners at various times: Bill Martin, John Grossman, Alvin Augustine Voit III, Stow Chapman, Robert Kingsley, and Leo Klarer.  Ronald Case also did some design work at the firm, although he never joined as a partner.  Many of the firm’s projects were constructed by Atelier Construction Company.    

The firm had a reputation for modern, contemporary designs from the time of its inception.  It won design competitions for projects at Bellarmine, Humana, and the Filson Club.  It was also known for its work on tennis clubs and churches of various denominations.  Notable works include renovation of a historic building at 223 E. Broadway for the Doe Anderson Advertising Agency and the Larry Townsend residence, Humana and Bellarmine each of which won the Kentucky Society of Architects (KSA) Annual architecture award. The Humana Project was also featured in the Italian Architectural Magazine ABITARE.   

The firm closed in 2015. 

Container List 

Box 1  

Roll 1:  Lincoln Income Life  

Roll 2:  Hayfield Montessori  

Roll 3:  Highland Baptist Church  

Roll 4:  American Printing House for the Blind Museum Renovation  

Roll 5:  Louisville Collegiate School  

Roll 6:  Our Lady of Lourdes  

Roll 7:  Our Lady of Lourdes Addition  

Roll 8:  Our Lady of Lourdes Renewal  

Roll 9:  Our Lady of Mount Carmel  

Roll 10:  First Unitarian Church  

Roll 11 :  First Unitarian Church  

Roll 12 :  The Theater  

Roll 13 :  Mark Sullivan House  

Roll 14 :  Normandy Inn  

Roll 15 :  Dumesnil Residence  

Roll 16 :  Dumesnil Residence Presentation  


Box 2  

Roll 17 :  Family Scholar House, Academic Service Center  

Roll 18:  Louisville Scholar House, Early Childhood Model School  

Roll 19:  Louisville Scholar House, Apartments  

Roll 20 :  All Saint’s Episcopal Center  

Roll 21 :  Thomas House addition  

Roll 22 :  Doug’s Hallmark shop  

Roll 23 :  Whitestone Building  

Roll 24 :  Levy Residence  

Roll 25 :  First Christian Church  

Roll 26 :  Felice Vineyards Renovation  

Roll 27 :  Saint Williams Apartments Renovation  

Roll 28 :  Dr. Edward and Dr. Barbara Bell residence  

Roll 29 :  Ascension Lutheran Church  

Roll 30 :  Ascension Lutheran Church – Sunday School Addition  

Roll 31 :  Saint Stephen Martyr Church  

Roll 32 :  Saint Stephen Martyr Church  


Box 3  

Roll 33 :  The Catholic Community of Saint Patrick  

Roll 34 :  Saint Patrick – Parish Center and School  

Roll 35 :  The Catholic Community of Saint Patrick Sanctuary, Education, and Multipurpose Building  

Roll 36 :  Community of Saint Patrick Classroom Addition  

Roll 37 :  Day Spring (Woods)  

Roll 38 :  Day Spring (Homes)  

Roll 39 :  Day Spring (Resource Center)  

Roll 40 :  Day Spring (Multi-Family Housing)  


Box 4  

Roll 41 :  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton  

Roll 42 :  Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton Addition  

Roll 43 :  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church – Multipurpose building  

Roll 44 :  Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church  

Roll 45 :  Saint Andrew United Church of Christ  

Roll 46 :  Renovations for Paul Schultz Catalogs, Inc.  

Roll 47 :  Schultz Catalog Expansion  

Roll 48 :  Schultz Catalog Expansion  

Roll 49 :  The Paul Schultz Companies Studio Building  

Roll  50 :  Asheville Racquet Club  

Roll  51 :  Handicapped program renovations for the Jefferson County Board of Education  

Roll  52 :  Saint Aloysius Learning Center  

Roll  53 :  Bluegrass East Office Park  


Box 5  

Roll 54 :  Oldenburg Brewery (Belknap Building Number 4)  

Roll 55 :  Proposed Candy Shop for the World’s Fair in Knoxville  

Roll 56 :  Hazelwood Group Homes   

Roll 57 :  Bridgehaven  

Roll 58:  Bridgehaven  

Roll 59 :  Wyandotte Park Shelter  

Roll 60 :  Bashford Manor Revitalization  

Roll 61 :  517 West Ormsby (office)  

Roll 62 :  Schuyler Residence  

Roll 63 :  Buechel Park Baptist Church Renovation  

Roll 64 :  Shadow Wood House 18  


Box 6  

Roll 65 :  Humana Kaster Building  

Roll 66 :  Humana Executive Offices  

Roll 67 :  Humana Conference and Fitness Center  

Roll 68 :  Humana Conference and Fitness Center  

Roll 69 :  California Park Renovation  

Roll 70 :  California Park Phase Two  


Box 7  

Roll 71 :  Saint Helen’s Church  

Roll 72 :  Saint Helen’s Church  

Roll 73 :  Kentucky Central Credit Union  

Roll 74 :  Public Radio Partnership- Renovation of Electric Building   

Roll 75 :  The Bank of Louisville – Branch Feasibility Study  

Roll 76 :  Residence for Doctor Martin Raff  

Roll 77 :  Residence for Dr. Martin Raff Addition  

Roll 78 :  Rudy Hicks Residence  

Roll 79 :  710 West Main Street  

Roll 80 :  Green Hill Manor Addition  

Roll 81 :  Dr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Petrick Residence  

Roll 82 :  Cherry Residence  

Roll 83 :  The Speed House  

Roll 84 :  Jones’ Residence  

Roll 85 :  Saint Ignatius Church  

Roll 86 :  Osolnik Residence  

Roll 87 :  Saint Bernard Church – Middle School Classroom  


Box 8  

Roll 88:  Saint Paul United Methodist Church Family Life Center & Church Renovation  

Roll 89:  Danville-Boyle County Library  

Roll 90 :  Ciliberti Residence  

Roll 91 :  Saint Francis High School  

Roll 92 :  Cooper Memorial United Methodist Church  

Roll 93 :  Townsend Residence  

Roll 94 :  Zegart Residence  

Roll 95 :  Horton Residence  

Roll 96 :  Rule Memorial Chapel  

Roll 97 :  Peters’ Residence  

Roll 98 :  Sloane’s Carriage House  

Roll 99 :  Cardiovascular Associates- Denham and Post PSC  


Box 9  

Roll 100:  Louisville Nature and Conservation Center  

Roll 101:  Shadow Wood House- Lot 19  

Roll 102:  Saints Peter and Paul Church  

Roll 103:  Louisville Deaf-Oral School  

Roll 104:  Claiborne Farm Residence  

Roll 105:  Apple Valley Lodge   

Roll 106:  Cherokee Road House  

Roll 107:  Saint John’s Episcopal Church  

Roll 108:  Jefferson Racquetball Club, Inc.   

Roll 109:  Puckett Residence  

Roll 110:  Sinking Fund Office Renovation  

Roll 111:  Royce and Clinton Cook Residence  

Roll 112:  Calvary Lutheran Church  

Roll 113:  Riverwood Campground- Kampgrounds of America  

Roll 114:  Elevator and Handicap renovation for Marion C. Moore High School  

Roll 115:  Third District Police Substation  

Roll 116:  Mid City Mall  

Roll 117:  Anaconda Aluminum Medical Facility- Division of Atlantic Richfield  

Roll 118:  Robert Lockhart Studio  

Roll 119:  Miles Residence  

Roll 120:  Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church  

Roll 121:  Anne-Lynne Manor  

Roll 122:  Argyll Apartments  

Roll 123:  Westerman Residence  


Box 10  

Roll 124:  Rigazio House  

Roll 125:  The Friary  

Roll 126:  Church of the Epiphany  

Roll 127:  Planned Parenthood of Louisville  

Roll 128:  The Louisville Tennis Club  

Roll 129:  Louisville Tennis Club  

Roll 130:  Doe Anderson Advertising Agency  

Roll 131:  Appalachian Regional Center  

Roll 132:  Lyle Residence  

Roll 133:  Juniper Condominiums  

Roll 134:  Cardinal Harbour Row Houses  

Roll 135:  Kolozsi Residence  

Roll 136:  Handmaker Residence  

Roll 137:  1413 S. Second Street Renovations  

Roll 138:  Gift Residence Renovation  

Roll 139:  Grace Lutheran Church  

Roll 140:  Fourth and Park Houses – Preservation  

Roll 141:  Potter & Company – 4th floor Fincastle Building  

Roll 142:  Salerno Residence  

Roll 143:  Howell Residence  

Roll 144:  Saint John Lutheran Church – Sanctuary Renovation  

Roll 145:  Saint Stephen’s Baptist Church  


Box 11  

Roll 146:  Blairwood Racquet Club  

Roll 147:  Blairwood Racquet Club Addition  

Roll 148:  Kuhn Residence  

Roll 149:  David Scott House  

Roll 150:  The Presbyterian Church of Danville  

Roll 151:  Bell Residence  

Roll 152:  The Rechter Residence   

Roll 153:  Puritan Apartments  

Roll 154:  W. L. Lyons Brown Education Center at Locust Grove  

Roll 155:  Larry B. Franklin Residence   

Roll 156:  Kensington Pleasant Grove Community Center  

Roll 157:  Stone Creek Trace Farm  

Roll 158:  Taylor Residence  

Roll 159:  Sylvania Community Center and Park renovation  

Roll 160:  Weiss Residence  

Roll 161:  Tom Jones House  

Roll 162:  Place Montpellier  

Roll 163:  Berman Residence  

Roll 164:  First National Bank Tower 24 – Peat Marwick Mitchell  

Roll 165:  Stewart & Winner Mary D. Hill School  

Roll 166:  Scheirich Residence  


Box 12  

Roll 167:  Russell Community Center  

Roll 168:  Liberty National Bank  

Roll 169:  Liberty National Bank – Revisions to Airport Branch  

Roll 170:  YMCA Southwest  

Roll 171:  Bellarmine Administration Building- Entry and Conference Room  

Roll 172:  Bellarmine Art Building  

Roll 173:  Canopy Expansion for Administration Building at Bellarmine  

Roll 174:  Bellarmine Lobby Expansion  

Roll 175:  Bellarmine Dormitory Building Number 1 (Petrick Hall)  

Roll 176:  Bellarmine College Library  

Roll 177:  Bellarmine Site Plan  

Roll 178:  ”Humanities, Art, Music, Activities, Recital, and Lecture Building (Bellarmine)”  

Roll 179:  Proposed Nursing and Education Building for Bellarmine  

Roll 180:  Miles Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences Building for Bellarmine   

Roll 181:  Miles Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences Building for Bellarmine  


Box 13  

Roll 182:  The Filson Club – Carriage House Revisions  

Roll 183:  The Filson Club – Carriage House  

Roll 184:  The Filson Club  

Roll 185:  The Filson Club Millwork  

Roll 186:  The Filson Club  

Roll 187:  The Filson Club- add. Contractors  

Roll 188:  The Filson Club – Ferguson Mansion  

Roll 189:  The Filson Club – Ferguson Mansion  


Subject Headings 


Architects – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Architecture – Designs and plans.  

Architecture – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Architecture, domestic – Designs and plans.  

Banks and banking – Kentucky – Louisville. 

Bellarmine College (Louisville, Ky.) 

Church architecture – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Filson Club.  

Humana, Inc.  

Louisville (Ky.) – Buildings, structures, etc.  

Public architecture – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Racquetball clubs. 

Religious architecture – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Tennis clubs.