Engineers and Architects Club of Louisville Records, 1891-1985

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Engineers and Architects Club of Louisville

Title: Records, 1891-1985

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special collections.

Size of Collection: 4 cubic feet

Location Number: Mss./BF /E57

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Engineers and Architects Club of Louisville consist of membership records ranging from the late nineteenth century through the mid-1980s. The records contain applications for membership, letters of acceptance, correspondence related to payment of dues, and letters of resignation. In addition, the collection consists of financial and tax records from 1937-1985. Also included in the collection are meeting minutes, meeting notices, general correspondence, and correspondence with other scientific societies. Two membership pins included with the collection were transferred to the museum.

Biographical Note

The Engineers and Architects Club of Louisville was founded in 1891 as an organization to unite professional engineers and architects within the city. The club held monthly meetings, invited guest speakers to lecture on relevant topics, took educational group fieldtrips, and encouraged a high level of professionalism among its members. In order to provide its members with a quality service, the Club formed professional associations with numerous other scientific societies and organizations, including the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School, the Louisville Engineering and Scientific Societies’ Council, the Kentucky State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, and various state scientific societies.

Folder List

Folder 1: Membership Records, Abolins-Ash

Folder 2: Membership Records, Ashby-Berg

Folder 3: Membership Records, Berger-Byrne

Folder 4: Membership Records, Cabot-Clemens

Folder 5: Membership Records, Clerget-Czuba

Folder 6: Membership Records, Dabney-Dreisbach

Folder 7: Membership Records, Drollinger-Ewing

Folder 8: Membership Records, Fallahay-Fusiek

Folder 9: Membership Records, Gaffney-Gregory

Folder 10: Membership Records, Griesbach-Hays

Folder 11: Membership Records, Heck-Husted

Folder 12: Membership Records, Isert-Kirchheimer

Folder 13: Membership Records, Kirchner-Lazar

Folder 14: Membership Records, Leake-Lyons

Folder 15: Membership Records, MacKenzie-Mengel

Folder 16: Membership Records, Meredith-Myrick

Folder 17: Membership Records, Nachod-O’Sullivan

Folder 18: Membership Records, Pace-Ptraw

Folder 19: Membership Records, Rahiya-Russell

Folder 20: Membership Records, St. Ledger-Scott

Folder 21: Membership Records, Seales-Speed

Folder 22: Membership Records, Sprowls-Sweet

Folder 23: Membership Records, Tafel-Tyler

Folder 24: Membership Records, Ulrich-Voorhees

Folder 25: Membership Records, Walker-White

Folder 26: Membership Records, White-Wurtele

Folder 27: Membership Records, Yarbrough-Zimmerman

Folder 28: Meeting Announcements, 1947-1952

Folder 29: Meeting Announcements, 1953-1957

Folder 30: Meeting Announcements, 1958-1960

Folder 31: Meeting Announcements, 1961-1964

Folder 32: Meeting Announcements, 1965-1971

Folder 33: Meeting Announcements, 1972-1976

Folder 34: Meeting Announcements, 1983-1984

Folder 35: Constitution and By-Laws

Folder 36: Membership Applications, Blank

Folder 37: Membership Lists & Mailing Records, I

Folder 38: Membership Lists & Mailing Records, II

Folder 39: Membership Lists & Mailing Records, III

Folder 40: Membership Lists & Mailing Records, IV

Folder 41: Membership Lists & Mailing Records, V

Folder 42: Correspondence – Address Changes

Folder 43: Club Member Booklets

Folder 44: Minutes – Board of Directors, Jan. 1950-Jan. 1965

Folder 45: Minutes – Board of Directors, 1950-1951

Folder 46: Minutes – Board of Directors, 1952-1953

Folder 47: Minutes – Board of Directors, 1963-1971

Folder 48: Minutes – Board of Directors, Jan. 1964-Jan. 1968

Folder 49: Minutes – Board of Directors, June 1977

Folder 50: Minutes – Regular Meeting, Jan. 1950-Jan. 1965

Folder 51: Minutes – Regular Meeting, 1951-1952

Folder 52: Minutes – Regular Meeting, 1964-1971

Folder 53: Officers & Committees Reports/Correspondence

Folder 54: General Correspondence, 1940s

Folder 55: General Correspondence, 1950s

Folder 56: General Correspondence, 1960s

Folder 57: General Correspondence, 1970s & 1980s

Folder 58: Advertising and News Releases

Folder 59: Commonwealth of Kentucky – Paperwork

Folder 60: The Engineer and Architect

Folder 61: Ladies Auxiliary

Folder 62: Kentucky State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers – Correspondence

Folder 63: Kentucky State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers – Paperwork

Folder 64: Exchange Clubs

Folder 65: W. Boyd Hoskinson Co., Inc. – Correspondence

Folder 66: Election Ballots

Folder 67: Louisville Area Development Association

Folder 68: University of Louisville

Folder 69: University of Louisville, Speed Scientific School

Folder 70: Louisville Engineering and Scientific Societies’ Council

Folder 71: Louisville Engineer and Scientist

Folder 72: Jefferson County Forest Commission

Folder 73: Pamphlets- Miscellaneous Engineering

Folder 74: Photographs and Postcards

Folder 75: Stationary

Folder 76: Envelopes

Folder 77: Dues – Correspondence

Folder 78: Citizen’s Fidelity Bank – Correspondence and Records

Folder 79: Savings & Loan Accounts

Folder 80: Club Savings Bonds

Folder 81: Tax Records, 1937-1945

Folder 82: Tax Records, 1946-1948

Folder 83: Tax Records, 1949-1951

Folder 84: Tax Records, 1952-1955

Folder 85: Tax Records, 1956-1957

Folder 86: Tax Records, 1958-1960

Folder 87: Tax Records, 1961-1966

Folder 88: Tax Records, Undated

Folder 89: Tax Records, Correspondence and Blank Forms

Folder 90: Bills and Receipts, 1958-1961

Folder 91: Bills and Receipts, 1962-1964

Folder 92: Bills and Receipts, 1965-1966

Folder 93: Bills and Receipts, 1967-1969

Folder 94: Bills and Receipts, 1970-1978

Folder 95: Bills and Receipts, 1979-1983

Folder 96: Checkbook Ledger, Jan. 1953-Jan. 1958

Folder 97: Checkbook Ledger, Jan. 1958-May 1962

Folder 98: Checkbook Ledger, May 1962-Jan.1964

Folder 99: Checkbook Ledger, March 1964-Nov. 1966

Folder 100: Checkbook Ledger, June 1971-Aug. 1983

Folder 101: Bank Statements, 1953

Folder 102: Bank Statements, 1954

Folder 103: Bank Statements, 1955

Folder 104: Bank Statements, 1960

Folder 105: Bank Statements, 1961

Folder 106: Bank Statements, 1962

Folder 107: Bank Statements, 1963

Folder 108: Bank Statements, 1964

Folder 109: Bank Statements, 1965

Folder 110: Bank Statements, 1966

Folder 111: Bank Statements, 1972

Folder 112: Bank Statements, 1977-1979

Folder 113: Bank Statements, 1980-1981 & 1985

Folder 114: Deposit Tickets, 1962-1978

Folder 115: Cancelled Checks, 1970-1976

Folder 116: Miscellaneous

Folder 117: Articles of Incorporation

Folder 118: Club Checkbook

Folder 119: Financial Ledger Book, Jan. 1947-Dec. 1954

Folder 120: Financial Ledger Book, Jan. 1955-Dec. 1964

Subject Headings

Engineers and Architects Club of Louisville

University of Louisville

Architects – Kentucky – Louisville

Civil service – Kentucky – Louisville

Science clubs – Kentucky – Louisville

World War, 1939-1945 – Maps

World War, 1939-1945 – Monuments

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