Campbell, Arthur Papers, 1752-1811

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Campbell, Arthur 

Title:  Papers, 1752-1811 

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Size of Collection:  1.33 cubic feet 

Location Number:  Mss. A C187 

Scope and Content Note 

Collection includes correspondence, statements of account, receipts, promissory notes, land papers, military papers, and legal papers. 

Papers reflect Campbell’s activities as county lieutenant of Washington County, Va., from its formation in 1777 through the Revolution and the Indian wars that followed, his service as sheriff of Washington County, and as a member of the Virginia Assembly. 

Correspondence, 1774-1811, concerns land, the state militia, frontier defense against the Indians, military aid to Ky., Indian treaties, the Creek War, the Va.-N.C. boundary, the state of Franklin, separation of Ky. from Va., navigation of the Mississippi River, Anglo-American relations, national and state politics, proceedings of Congress in 1790, Anthony Wayne’s campaign against the Northwest Indians, the French Revolution, and Jedidiah Morse’s Geography. 

Includes an account, 1764-1765, against Colonel John Buchanan for “teaching scholars.” 

Land papers, 1752-1806, includes papers concerning lands in Lee, Russell, and Washington counties, Va., including a “short narrative of the discovery of Powell’s Valley”; petition of inhabitants of Washington and Montgomery counties that Dr. Thomas Walker’s grant be buried in oblivion; papers, 1773-1806, concerning lands in Sullivan and Claiborne counties, Tenn.. 

Legal papers include bonds, 1797-1798, to Arthur Campbell as sheriff; writ in the case of Arthur Campbell v. Andrew Vance, 1799; transcript of record in case of Salathiel Martin v. Arthur Campbell and John Jones, 1804-1811. 

Military papers, 1773-1797, include a certificate signed by Daniel Boone, 1774, and a military journal kept by William Dells on an expedition against the Cherokee in 1776. 

Correspondents include Moses Austin, David Campbell, Jr., William Christian, Lord Dunmore, Reverend William Graham, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Hutchings, Aaron Lewis, Joseph Martin, George Mason, Valentine Meriwether, Jedidiah Morse, Francis Preston, William Preston, Edmund Randolph, John Sevier, Isaac Shelby, Daniel Smith, John Steele, John Todd, Jr., and George Washington. 

Folder List 

Box 1 

1 Arthur Campbell correspondence, 1774-1779.

2 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1780-1782.

3 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1783-1785.

4 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1786-1789.

4aToRichard Henry Lee, 1784 Dec. 20. Negative photostat of A.L.S. enclosing letter from Arthur Campbell. 

5 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1790-1791.

6 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1792-1793.

7 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1794.

8 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1795-1798.

9 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence, 1799-1811.

10 Arthur Campbellcorrespondence,n.d. 

11 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1764-1769.

12 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1770-1773.

13 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1774-1777.

14 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1779.

15 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1780-1786.

16 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1788-1801.

17 Arthur Campbell accounts, 1807-1811.

18 Arthur Campbell Kentucky land papers, 1773-1806.

19 Arthur Campbell Tennessee land papers, 1780-1809.

20 Arthur Campbell Sullivan County, Tennessee land papers, 1787.

21 Arthur Campbell Virginia land papers, 1752-1806.

22 Arthur Campbell Virginia land papers,n.d.

23 Arthur Campbell legal papers, 1777-1809.

24 Arthur Campbell military papers, 1773-1797.

25 Arthur Campbell military papers, 1774-1779.

26 William Dells military journal kept on an expedition against the Cherokee, 1776Aug.-Sept.

27 Arthur Campbell miscellaneous papers.

28 John Buchanan’s will, 1769 June 25.


Box 2 

29 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1801-1810.

30 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1812.

31 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1813.

32 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1814.

33 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1815.

34 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1816.

35 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1817.

36 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1818-1819.

37 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1820-1824.

38 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1825-1832.

39 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1833-1834.

40 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1835.

41 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1836.

42 Arthur Lee Campbellcorrespondence, 1837.

43 Arthur Lee Campbelljournaland memo book, 1812-1815. 


Box 3 

44 Arthur Lee Campbell accounts, 1816-1822.

45 Arthur Lee Campbell accounts, 1833-1837.

46 Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Hardin County, Ky., 1834.

47 Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Jefferson County, Ky., 1773-1813.

fl.. 48 Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Jefferson County, Ky., 1814-1836. 

49 Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Louisville, Ky., 1833-1837.

50 Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Portland (Louisville, Ky.), 1818-1823.

51 Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Tenn., 1803-1827.

51a Arthur Lee Campbell land papers for Lee County, Va., 1836.

52 Arthur Lee Campbell miscellaneous papers.

53 Biography of Isaac Shelby by Alfred Shelby.


Box 4 

54 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: Commonwealth v. George Rose, 1801.

55 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: Campbell, Martin & Co. v. Caleb & ThomasReece, 1809. [click to access PDF]

56 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: Francis and William Preston v. Arthur LeeCampbell, 1819.

57 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: Arthur L. Campbell, executor v. Robert D.Pierce, Stephen Cordon, et al., 1816.

58 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: William Beard and wife v. Arthur LeeCampbell, et al. 1817.

59 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: William Beard and wife v. Arthur L. Campbellet al.

60 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: James C. Johnston v. Arthur L. Campbell,1834-1837.

61 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: James D. Breckinridge v. Arthur L. Campbell,et al., 1837.

62 Arthur Lee Campbell legal papers: Caroline H. Preston, guardian v. Arthur L.Campbell, 1837.

63 Arthur Lee Campbell miscellaneous papers, 1811-1816.

64 Arthur Lee Campbell miscellaneous papers, 1817-1837.


Box 5 

65 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1829-1831.

66 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1832.

67 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1833.

68 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1834.

69 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1835.

70 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1836.

71 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1837.

72 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1838.

73 Matthew Monroe Campbell correspondence, 1839.

74 James Madison Campbell papers, 1833-1835