Butler, Stuart L. (1931-2006) Papers, 1966-2006

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Butler, Stuart L., 1931-2006

Title: Papers, 1966-2006

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 6 cubic feet

Location Number: Mss./A/B985

Scope and Content Note

The Butler Papers contain organizational records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera related primarily to Stuart Butler’s interests in caving and environmental activism. The collection includes maps, guides, and information related to caving in and around Kentucky, and the records of a number of area environmental organizations, including the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Buckley Hills Audubon Society. The collection has been divided into three series, the first of which contains items pertinent to Butler’s caving activity. The second, and most substantial, series reflects Butler’s environmental concerns, and the third contains items from Butler’s non-environmental or recreational activities, including his involvement in church and community issues, as well as a folder of newspaper clippings tracking local reports of space exploration in 1969.

All photos and any published material not directly relevant to the collection were removed to the Filson’s photo archives and library, respectively.

Biographical Note

Born in Middleboro, Massachusetts in 1931, Stuart Butler moved to Versailles, Kentucky in 1958, where he spent the rest of his life. Although he was employed as an engineer by Texas Instruments until 1991, Butler was also an avid caver and environmental activist. As a member of a local caving “grotto”, Butler led countless trips into caves across Kentucky, including a number of exploratory expeditions for state and local governments, aimed at a better understanding of the region’s karst landscape and its impact on issues such as flooding. Butler was also active in a number of regional environmental organizations, including the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Buckley Hills Audubon Society, and served on a number of citizens’ advisory councils, such as the one for Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, in Lexington, Kentucky. Butler also served as Woodford County’s director of disaster emergency services from 1967 to 1997. Butler died of cancer in 2006, at the age of 75.

Folder List

Series 1: Caving

Box 1

Folder 1: Caving, 1974-1987

Folder 2: Caves/Trips, 1974-1990

Folder 3: Caves, Adams Cave

Folder 4: Caves, Clifton Cave

Folder 5: Caves, Mammoth Cave

Folder 6: Cave Guides

Folder 7: Cave Maps/Info

Folder 8: Central Kentucky Cave Survey, 1984

Folder 9: Caving Newsletters, 1986-1990

Folder 10: Cave Info, 1987-1989

Folder 11: Cave Stuff, 1987-1990

Folder 12: Cave Protection Law, 1988

Folder 13: Big-Eared Bat Survey, 1988-1989

Folder 14: Bluegrass Grotto, 1992-2002

Folder 15: Bluegrass Grotto, 1995-2000

Folder 16: Bluegrass Grotto, 1998-2002

Folder 17: Courthouse Cave Grotto Project, 1997-1999

Folder 18: Courthouse Cave Grotto Project, Maps

Folder 19: Kentucky Caver, Fall 1997

Folder 20: Kentucky Spelofest Programs, 1987-1990

Folder 21: National Speleological Society Publications, June 1987-May 1988

Folder 22: National Speleological Society Publications, June 1988-September 1989

Folder 23: National Speleological Society Publications, October 1989-March 1990

Folder 24: National Speleological Society Publications, June 1989-September 1991

Folder 25: National Speleological Society Publications, April 1990-April 1991

Box 2

Folder 26: National Speleological Society Convention, 1992

Folder 27: Sinking Creek/HKB Flood Reports, 1993-1997

Folder 28: Caving, Misc, 1992-1995

Folder 29: Caving, Misc, 1995-1996

Series 2: Environmentalism

Box 2

Folder 30: Boone Karst Conservation Task Force, 1995

Folder 31: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, 1988-1992

Folder 32: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, 1995-2002

Folder 33: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, 1996

Folder 34: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, 1998-2001

Folder 35: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, Board Rosters, 1989-1994

Folder 36: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, Bylaws

Folder 37: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, Correspondence, 1993-1997, Undated

Folder 38: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, National Audubon Society, Misc.

Folder 39: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, National Audubon Society Report, 1988-1994

Folder 40: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, Newsletters, 1990-2004

Folder 41: Buckley Hills Audubon Society, Miscellaneous

Folder 42: Cahill Farm, 1975-1994

Folder 43: Coal Mining

Folder 44: Daniel Boone National Forest, Reports, 1985-1989

Folder 45: Daniel Boone National Forest, Endangered Species, 1989

Folder 46: Daniel Boone National Forest, Reports, 1991-1992

Folder 47: Daniel Boone National Forest, 1993-1994

Folder 48: Daniel Boone National Forest, 1994

Folder 49: Daniel Boone National Forest, Maps

Folder 50: Elisha Creek/Tight Hollow, 1994

Folder 51: Elkhorne Land and Historic Trust, 1993

Folder 52: Environmentalism, Miscellaneous

Box 3

Folder 53: Field Guides, Kentucky

Folder 54: Field Guides, National Audubon Society

Folder 55: Forestry

Folder 56: Heartwood, 1994-2003

Folder 57: Heartwood, 1999-2003

Folder 58: Heartwood, 2003

Folder 59: Kentuckians For the Commonwealth

Folder 60: Kentucky-American Water Company, Consumer Advisory Council

Folder 61: Kentucky Conservation Committee, 1987-1990

Folder 62: Kentucky Governor’s Forest Summit, 1994

Folder 63: Kentucky Resources Council, 1986-1988.

Folder 64: Kentucky Resources Council, 1986-1996

Folder 65: Kentucky Resources Council, 1996

Folder 66: Kentucky River Basin Steering Committee, 1987-1989

Folder 67: Kentucky River Basin Steering Committee, 1989-1990

Folder 68: Kentucky River Conference, Proceedings, 1986

Folder 69: Kentucky River, Dams, 1987-1989

Folder 70: Kentucky Rivers Assessment, 1992

Folder 71: Kentucky Waterways, 1991-1997

Folder 72: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 101

Folder 73: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 102

Folder 74: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 103

Folder 75: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 104

Folder 76: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 105

Folder 77: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 106

Box 4

Folder 78: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 107

Folder 79: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 108

Folder 80: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 109

Folder 81: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 110

Folder 82: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 111

Folder 83: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 111a

Folder 84: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 111b

Folder 85: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 111c

Folder 86: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 111d

Folder 87: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 111e

Folder 88: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 112

Folder 89: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 113

Folder 90: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust) 114

Folder 91: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Bass Tournament

Folder 92: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Board of Directors Rosters, 1992-1997

Folder 93: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Cagles Farms

Folder 94: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Cagels Farms

Folder 95: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Correspondence, 1990-1999

Folder 96: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Financial Documents

Box 5

Folder 97: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Jamestown, Kentucky

Folder 98: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Meeting Minutes, 1990-1997

Folder 99: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), New Albany Water Plant

Folder 100: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Newspaper Clippings, 1990-1993

Folder 101: LCT (Lake Cumberland Trust), Miscellaneous

Folder 102: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1987-1989

Folder 103: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1991-1998

Folder 104: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1994-1996

Folder 105: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1995-2002

Folder 106: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1995-2002

Folder 107: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1997-2003

Folder 108: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 1997-2004

Folder 109: Raven Run Citizens Advisory Board, 2000-2002

Folder 110: Red River Gorge, 1986

Folder 111: Red River, Miscellaneous, 1993-1994

Folder 112: Rock Climbing Management Guide, 1993

Folder 113: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, File Contents, Compiled 2007

Folder 114: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Charlie Harper Poster

Folder 115: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Red River Gorge Douglas Hike Memories

Folder 116: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Early Correspondence, 1966-1967

Folder 117: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Early Correspondence, 1968-1970

Box 6

Folder 118: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Bylaws

Folder 119: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Douglas Dinner

Folder 120: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Bulletins, Ohio Section, 1967-1968

Folder 121: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Early Membership Lists, 1967

Folder 122: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Early Correspondence, 1967

Folder 123: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, First Meeting of Kentucky Group, 1967

Folder 124: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Early Newsletters, 1967-1970

Folder 125: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Organizational Meeting, 1967

Folder 126: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Outing Schedules

Folder 127: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Kentucky Section, Outings, 1967

Folder 128: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Kentucky Section, Outings, 1968

Folder 129: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Kentucky Section, Outings, 1969

Folder 130: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Red River Gorge, 1966-1969

Folder 131: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Red River Gorge Unsung Heroes

Folder 132: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Newsletters, 1977-1978

Folder 133: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Newsletters, 1970s/1980s

Folder 134: Sierra Club, Cumberland Chapter, Newsletters, 1990s

Folder 135: Sierra Club, International Assembly, 1983

Folder 136: Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Kentucky Chapter

Folder 137: Sierra Club, 1988-1998

Folder 138: Sierra Club, 1992

Folder 139: Sierra Club, 1992-1993

Folder 140: Sierra Club, 2003

Folder 141: Sierra Club Forest Watch

Folder 142: Sierra Club, Outings

Folder 143: Woodford County River Association, 1989-1994

Series 3: Other

Folder 144: Correspondence from Various Government Officials, 1976-2006

Folder 145: Trustees, Minutes

Folder 146: Trustees, Meeting, 1998

Folder 147: Trustees, Meeting Prep

Folder 148: Woodford County Community Education

Folder 149: Newspaper Clippings, 1969

Folder 150: Newspaper Clippings, 1990-2004

Folder 151: Ephemera, 1975-1996

Subject Headings

Audubon societies – Kentucky

Caves – Kentucky

Cumberland Lake (Ky.)

Daniel Boone National Forest (Ky.)

Douglas, William O. (William Orville), 1898-1980

Environmentalism – Kentucky

Fruit of the Loom (Firm)

National Speleological Society

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary (Lexington, Ky.)

Red River Gorge (Ky.)

Sierra Club. Cumberland Chapter

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