Mills, Madison, d. 1873. Diary, 1846-1847. 1 vol. 74 pp. 28 cm. Typed copy.

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Mss. A M657


Surgeon's diary, March 11, 1846 - Nov. 6, 1847; service in the Mexican War; marched - with the 3rd Brigade of the Army of Occupatlon under Gen. Zachary Taylor from Corpus Christi, Texas for the Rio Grande; erection of fortifications opposite Matamoras; battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma; criticism of General Taylor; occupation of Matamoras, May 18, 1846; comments on Medical surgery; arrival of Louisville Legion at Matamoras; establishment of base at Camargo reinforcements of "twelve months" men from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky expected at Polot Isabel in July, 1846; march to Monterey; battle of Monterey; criticism of Texas Rangers as they are mustered out of service; the 1st Kentucky Regiment ordered to the rear in disgrace, Nov. 28, 1846; General Taylor ordered to Saltillo to command troops in that quarter; January 14, 1847; General (Robert) Patterson ordered to Tampico with the remainder of the army; encampment near Tampico, January 23, 1847; capture of Major Gaines of the Kentucky Cavalryand Captain Cassius M. Clay, January 23, 1847; received reports of Battle of Buena Vista; march to Perote under General George Cadwalader; criticism of General Cadwalader; march to Puebla with Colonel Thomas Childs' division; the author ordered by the Surgeon General to organize hospitals at Puebla; names of his assistants, including Owen of Kentucky; removal of hospitals to San Jose; received report of General Scott's capture of the Clty of Mexico; arrival of General Lane's troops at Puebla; plunderlng of the city by American soldiers; the author expected to close up his hospital in the Spring; the use of artillery, cavalry, dragoons, voltiguers, rangers and infantry 18 recorded; notes on Mexican scenery.

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Mills, Madison, d. 1873. Diary, 1846-1847. 1 vol. 74 pp. 28 cm. Typed copy.