Louisville Transit Company Records, 1866-1965

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Louisville Transit Company

Title:  Records, 1866-1965

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection:  7 cu. ft.

Location Number:  Mss. BN L888t

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes correspondence and business papers dealing with the company’s history, operations, and property; pamphlets regarding court cases, hearings, and city ordinances involving the company; detailed financial reports of many phases of the company’s operations for the years 1921-1951; blueprints of the Louisville Railway Co. and other companies in the area, showing equipment, property, track routes, and right-of-ways; and several maps outlining the company’s routes in the Louisville area.

Historical Note

The records of the Louisville Transit Company and its corporate predecessors, including the Beargrass Railway Company.


Folder List
fl. 1 Correspondence, 1903-1906.
fl. 2 Correspondence, 1907-1910.
fl. 3 Correspondence, 1912-1915.
fl. 4 Correspondence, 1919 Sept.-1922.
fl. 5 Correspondence, 1919 July-Aug.
fl. 6 Correspondence, 1935-1939.
fl. 7 Correspondence, 1940-1941.
fl. 8 Correspondence, 1942-1943.
fl. 9 Correspondence, 1947-1949.
fl. 10 Correspondence, 1951-1962.
fl. 11 Papers, 1866-1868.
fl. 12 Papers, 1890-1892.
fl. 13 Papers, 1900-1904.
fl. 14 Papers, 1905.
fl. 15 Papers, 1906 Mar-Apr. 15.
fl. 16 Papers, 1906 Apr. 15-Sept.
fl. 17 Papers, 1907-1908.
fl. 18 Papers, 1912.
fl. 19 Papers, 1919.
fl. 20 Papers, 1922-1929.
fl. 21 Papers, 1931-1939.
fl. 22 Papers, 1940-1941.
fl. 23 Papers, 1942.
fl. 24 Papers, 1943-1947.
fl. 25 Papers, 1948-1949.
fl. 26 Papers, 1950-1965.
fl. 27 Miscellaneous papers.
fl. 28 Miscellaneous papers.
fl. 29 Newspaper clippings.
fl. 30 Newspaper clippings relating to the strike of 1919.
fl. 31 Newspaper clippings relating to the strike of 1919.
fl. 32 Miscellaneous clippings.
fl. 33 Material relating to the history of the Louisville Transit Co.
fl. 34 Material relating to the history of the Louisville Transit Co.
fl. 35 Miscellaneous material, n.d.

pkg. 1 Pamphlets, 1890-1929.
pkg. 2 Pamphlets, 1930-1935.
pkg. 3 Pamphlets, 1940-1947.
pkg. 4 Pamphlets, 1950-1952.
pkg. 5 Pamphlets, 1929-1930 and n.d.
pkg. 6 Detail reports, 1921-1922.
pkg. 7 Detail reports, 1924-1925.
pkg. 8 Detail reports, 1926.
pkg. 9 Detail report, 1927.
pkg. 10 Detail reports, 1928-1931.
pkg. 11 Detail reports, 1932-1934.
pkg. 12 Detail reports, 1935-1937.
pkg. 13 Detail reports, 1938-1940.
pkg. 14 Detail reports, 1941-1943.
pkg. 15 Detail reports, 1944-1946.
pkg. 16 Detail reports, 1947-1949.
pkg. 17 Detail reports, 1950-1951.
pkg. 18 Franchises, ordinances, and deeds. Typed copies.
pkg. 19 Charter and charter amendments.
pkg. 20 Leases.
pkg. 21 Franchises and rights of way for the Louisville and Interurban Railroad Co.
pkg. 22 Statutes, ordinances, etc. affecting the Louisville Railway Co.
pkg. 23 Scrapbook containing clippings, pictures, and ads from various transit
pkg. 24 Blueprints of the Louisville Railway Co.-equipment, property, and right of way
pkg. 25 Blueprints of the Louisville Railway Co. and Interurban Railroad Co.- company
property, real estate, and right of way maps.
pkg. 26 Blueprints of the Louisville and Eastern Railroad Co.-right of way maps.
pkg. 27 Blueprints of the Louisville, Anchorage and Pewee Valley Electric Railway-
right of way maps.
pkg. 28 Company maps of routes.

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