The Filson's fellowships are designed to encourage research in all aspects of the history of Kentucky and the regions of the Ohio Valley and the Upper South.  The Filson’s collections are especially strong for the frontier, antebellum, and Civil War eras of Kentucky history. The Filson's fellowships and internships are funded by a variety of sources in order to facilitate the scholarly use of our nationally significant collections by providing support for travel and lodging.

Applicants for fellowships should indicate how the Filson’s collections are relevant to their research topics.  Fellows will have the opportunity to present the results of their research to scholars and the general public as appropriate. Internships are designed to provide practical experience in collections management and research for graduate students.

Application deadlines for fellowships and internships are October 15th and February 15th of each year (or the Monday following the 15th if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday). Applications are reviewed two times a year. Fellows and interns are expected to be in continuous residence at the Filson. The Filson anticipates that fellows will publish the results of their research in Ohio Valley History, a peer-reviewed journal published jointly by the Filson, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and the University of Cincinnati.

Please contact with any questions concerning the Fellowship and Internship Programs.

Application Information  


Master's Thesis Fellowships

Eligibility:  M.A. candidate at the thesis stage.

Tenure of Fellowship: One week.

Amount of Award:  $500.

Full support of a single $500 award is available for a one-week fellowship period to encourage use of our research collections by M.A. students developing and researching thesis topics. Partial support is available for students residing in Kentucky who travel from outside the greater Louisville area.

Filson Fellowships

Eligibility:  Ph.D. or equivalent, or doctoral candidate at the dissertation stage.

Tenure of Fellowship: One week.

Amount of Award: $500

Full awards are $500 per week and may be awarded for up to two weeks. Awards must be used within eighteen months of their receipt. Partial support is available for scholars residing in Kentucky who travel from outside the greater Louisville area.


H. F. Boehl Summer Interns

Eligibility: Current enrollment in or recent completion of a graduate program in history, library science, archives, museum studies, or a related field.

Tenure of Internship: 100 hours to be completed in-house at the Filson

Amount of Award: $12.00/hour

Interns work with appropriate curatorial staff and faculty advisers in areas of collections management and research.

Filson Fellowship Awards recipients made possible in part by the Bullitt Homestead Preservation Trust and the Boehl Trust.

2019 Spring Filson Fellowship Awards Recipients

H. F. Boehl Summer Internship

Ms. Olivia Raymond, University of Louisville, Manuscript and Photograph Cataloging and Digitization

Filson Fellowships

Mr. Peter J. DeCarlo, Research Historian, Minnesota Historical Society, “Trans-Mississippi Borderlands: George Rogers Clark and the Gallo-American Conspiracy, 1793-1794”

Mr. Steve Gallo, Ph.D. candidate, The University of Nottingham, “A Central Park of Their Own: Urban Parks and the New South Movement, 1865-1900”

Dr. Jeffrey Smith, Professor of History, Lindenwood University, “Cemeteries and Collective Memory in the Ohio Valley”

Ms. Laura Smith, Ph. D. Candidate, University of Arkansas, “Southern Doctors from Southern Communities: Medical Education and Professionalization in the Nineteenth-Century South”

Ms. Cassandra Jane Werking, Ph. D. Candidate, University of Kentucky, “Is My North Star also Your North Star? How Borderland Between Canada and the United States Shaped the American Civil War”

Dr. Emily West, Professor of American History, University of Reading, “Food, Power, and Resistance in U.S. Slavery”

2019 Fall Filson Fellowship Awards Recipients

Filson Fellowships

Michael Patrick Cullinane, University of Roehampton, “'What is Whiskey’ and the Transnational Search for Standards”

Lee Farrow, Auburn University at Montgomery, “The Uneasy Path of Russian-American Relations: The American Visit of Russian Grand Duke Alexis (1871-72) and its Larger Implications”

Keith Harris, Ph.D. Candidate Purdue University, “Creative Protection: Capitalism and Governmental Authority in U.S. Tariff Politics, 1789-1860”

Amanda Higgins, Kentucky Historical Society, “The Uses and Misuses of Citizenship in the Ohio Valley”

Jessica Roney, Temple University, “Revolutionary Settlement: The Colonies of the American Revolution, 1763-1815"

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