Fellowship Application Procedures

Fellowship Application Procedures

Application deadlines for all fellowships are February 15th and October 15th each year (or the Monday following the 15th if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday). A committee of internal and external reviewers will consider each cycle of applications and awards will be made based on their rankings. Criteria considered include:

  • New historiographical perspectives provided by the proposed project
  • Relevance of Filson collections
  • Relevance of the project to the public mission of the Filson
  • Expected quality of the proposed publications, exhibits, or other products
  • Capacity of the applicant to conduct the work proposed

Applications consisting of the following items should be emailed to gro.l1685261388aciro1685261388tsihn1685261388oslif1685261388@spih1685261388swoll1685261388ef1685261388 or mailed to:

Committee on Fellowships
The Filson Historical Society
1310 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208

  1. Cover sheet with the following information:
    • Name, mailing address, email address
    • Present rank and institution name
    • Project Title
    • Name of the fellowship for which you are applying
    • History of financial aid received during the last five years
  2. A description of your research project (no longer than two single-spaced pages) specifying the research collections you plan to consult at the Filson and your progress to date.
  3. A Curriculum Vitae
  4. Two letters of recommendation from colleagues familiar with your work. In the case of MA and PhD candidates, the recommendations should include the professor directing your research. Applicants are responsible for contacting all persons providing recommendations.

Direct questions relating to the Filson’s collections and holdings to gro.l1685261388aciro1685261388tsihn1685261388oslif1685261388@hcra1685261388eser1685261388. Direct general application questions to gro.l1685261388aciro1685261388tsihn1685261388oslif1685261388@spih1685261388swoll1685261388ef1685261388.