Weller Family Papers, 1800-1898

Held by the Filson Historical Society

Creator: Weller family

Title: Papers, 1800-1898

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Size of Collection: 1 cubic foot

Locator Number: Mss. A W448

Scope and Content Note
Papers include letters from David Weller discussing the War of 1812, including a description of the Battle of New Orleans; John H. Weller’s letters discussing the Civil War, including the Battle of Chickamauga and the wound he received there while serving with the Orphan Brigade, C.S.A.; Jacob F. Weller letters, 1884-1896, while president of the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home of Kentucky; and other letters regarding routine business and family matters. Also included are commissions; licenses, including and 1800 distilling license; land records; personal and household accounts, 1859-1892, of Jacob F. Weller; correspondence and records, 1854-1890, of Weller and Parker, and Jacob F. Weller, Louisville wholesale grocer and commission merchant; records, 1885-1887, about erecting a building at 632 Fourth Ave. in Louisville; and estate records.

Folder List

Box 1
fl. 1 License to work a still to Jacob Hirsh, 1800 Sept. 17 and Order on William Payton form whiskey, 1803 Mar.
fl. 2 Correspondence to Samuel Weller from David Weller and Henry Mille, 1815-1818. [click to access pdf of transcripts]
fl. 3 Samuel Weller Prairie County, Ark. land papers and correspondence, 1821-1854.
fl. 4 Samuel Weller’s executor v. James Ashbaugh et al.
fl. 5 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1853.
fl. 6 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1854.
fl. 7 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1855-1856.
fl. 8 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1857.
fl. 9 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1858-1859.
fl. 10 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1860-1869.
fl. 11 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1870~1875.
fl. 12 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1876-1879.
fl. 13 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1880-1885.
fl. 14 Jacob F. Weller correspondence, 1889-1898.
fl. 15 Jefferson County militia commission to Jacob F. Weller, 1861 Feb. 7 and Permit of Provost Marshal, 1862 Aug. 22.
fl. 16 Jacob F. Weller Kentucky land papers.

Box 2
fl. 17 George W. Weller accounts, 1853-1854.
fl. 18 Weller and Parker papers, 1854-1871.
fl. 19 Jacob F. Weller and Co. papers, 1872-1890.
fl. 20 Jacob F. Weller and Co. tax assessment lists, 1888-1889.
fl. 21 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1859.
fl. 22 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1861-1865.
fl. 23 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1867.
fl. 24 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1868-1876.
fl. 25 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1877.
fl. 26 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1878.
fl. 27 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1879 Jan.-June.
fl. 28 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1879 July-Dec.
fl. 29 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1880 Jan.-June.
fl. 30 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1880 July-Dec.
fl. 31 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1881 Jan.-June.
fl. 32 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1881 July-Dec.
fl. 33 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1882 Jan.-June.
fl. 34 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1882 July-Dec.
fl. 35 Jacob F. Weller accounts, 1885-1892.

Box 3
fl. 36 Jacob F. Weller records of expenditure for his home in Louisville, 1885-1887.
fl. 37 Jacob F. Weller statement of costs of erecting his home in Louisville, 1885-1887.
fl. 38 Jacob F. Weller miscellaneous papers, 1862-1898.
fl. 39 Jacob F. Weller accounts as guardian of his brothers, sisters, and a nephew, and as administrator of the estate of his brother, George, 1852-1875.
fl. 40 Jacob F. Weller papers as executor of the estate of George L. Miles, 1874-1879.
fl. 41 John R. LaRue will, 1882 Sept. 26. Appointment of Jacob F. Weller as trustee of his estate.
fl. 42 Land grant to John McIntire for land in Nelson County, 1787 Nov. 20.
fl. 43 Francis Slaughter deed of gift to his son, Robert, for two slaves and household furniture, 1797 Apr. 18.
fl. 44 Correspondence to George W. Thomas, 1868-1869.
Item 45 Ledger book of Jacob F. Weller, 1855-1864.
Item 46 Sales book and miscellaneous accounts of George W. Weller, 1854.
Volume 47 Jacob F. Weller and Co. receipt book, 1881-1882.
Volume 48 Jacob F. Weller and Co. letterbook, 1881-1896.