Walter, Lewis Allawhyn Papers, 1887-1940

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Walter, Lewis Allawhyn 

Title:  Papers, 1887-1940 

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Collections Department. 

Size of Collection:  1.66 cubic feet 

Location Number:  Mss. A W232 

Scope and Content Note 

Papers include correspondence, 1889-1940, concerning his activities as a member of the Filson Club and the Kentucky Historical Society, and a collector of books; plans for a memorial in honor of George Rogers Clark; portrait of Louisville’s town crier, Willis Levi; letter press copy books, 1887-1897; historical and biographical articles; poetry; travel descriptions; and newspaper clippings. 

Folder List 

Box 1 

There are no folders numbered 1-11. 

12 Biographical material.

13 Correspondence, 1889-1898.

14 Correspondence, 1905-1909.

15 Correspondence, 1917.

16 Correspondence, 1918-1919.

17 Correspondence, 1920.

18 Correspondence, 1921.

19 Correspondence, 1922.

20 Correspondence, 1923.

21 Correspondence, 1924.

22 Correspondence, 1925.

23 Correspondence, 1926.

24 Correspondence, 1927-1928.

25 Correspondence, 1929.

26 Correspondence, 1930-1931.

27 Correspondence, 1932-1934.

28 Correspondence, 1935.

29 Correspondence, 1936.

30 Correspondence, 1937-1940.

31 Transcripts of letters among his papers, 1917-1940.

32 Receipts, 19061934.


Box 2 

33 Introductory remarks at memorial service of George Rogers Clark, 1918 Feb. 15.

34 Notes.

35 Certificate of membership in the Kentucky State Historical Society, 1920 Jan. 9.

35a The Filson Club pilgrimage to the sites of Floyd’s Station, Dutch Station, Linn’s Station, and Spring Station.

36 Filson Club report on the Breckinridge Burial ground, 1921 May 2.

37 Notes on elderly people whom Walter knew in Louisville, 1922 Nov. 16.

38 Tombstone inscriptions in the Frankfort Cemetery.

39 Notes on the origin of the name of Beargrass Creek, 1923 Dec. 11.

40 Notes on memorials in Cave Hill Cemetery, 1928.

41 Data taken from memorials in the old cemetery at Salem, Ind., 1929 July 26.

42 Inscriptions on the old Zachary Taylor vault and the monument erected by the government in memory of Taylor.

43 Article on the extension of Cherokee Park to form the George Rogers Clark Memorial, 1932 Sept. 26.

44 George Rogers Clark memorial data.

45 George Rogers Clark Memorial Tower Lightas designed by Walter, 1936. 

46 Biographical sketches of George Rogers Clark.

47Miscellaneousnotes on George Rogers Clark and his family. 

48 Biographical notes on Colonel John Floyd.

49 Notes on the history of the Henry Clay carriage, 1937 Oct. 26.

50 Article on the Louisville flood of 1937, 1938.

51Articleon Claudius Duvall, 1939. 

52 Notes on Luke Blackburn and his relatives, 1948 Jan. 21.

53 Notes on a portrait of John Cabell Breckinridge.

54 Notes on a portrait of Louisville town crier Willis Levi and his mother.

55 Notes on the horses Longfellow, Ten Broeck and Mollie McCarthey, 1923. 

56 Notes on Tibet.

57 Miscellaneous papers. 

58 Records of books, manuscripts, etc. that Walter sold or gave to the Filson Club.

59 Lists of Filson Club publications with prices.

60 Collections.

61 Map of block south of Broadway between 3rd and 4th streets in Louisville.

62 Maps of Cherokee Plaza and University Park in Louisville and Sunset Park in Tampa, Fla.

63 Printed matter.


Box 3 

64 The story of Walter’s trip from Louisville to Los Angeles, 1915 July 11. 

64a The story of Walter’s trip from Louisville to Los Angeles, 1915 July 11. 

65 Notes for the New Highlander on persons buried in Cave Hill Cemetery.

fl. 66 A series of true incidents told by Walter about Louisville, 1939.

67 Stories: “Miss Betty,” and “Mackay” with other articles.

68 Tom Mix in Toms Mixture or Toms Mix-Try Tom Mix the Red BloodedAmerican in the Super He Man Comedy.

69 Poetry by Walter and others.


Box 4 

70 Writings: Miss Kitty mayor of Smoketown. 

71 Jacob Walter letterpress copy book, 1876-1877. Lewis A. Walter letterpress copy book, 1887-1891. 

72 Letterpress copy book, 1891 Dec. 23-1896 July. 

73 Letterpress copy book, 1896-1897. 

74 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings.