Tichenor, Carroll and Doris Collection, 1966-2009

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Tichenor, Carroll and Doris

Title: Collection, 1966-2009

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Size of Collection: 6 cubic feet

Locator Number: Mss. A T555

Scope and Content Note

The Tichenor Collection consists of correspondence, court documents, organizational records, and ephemera collected by Carroll and Doris Tichenor and related to the couple’s environmental activism, which spanned from the late 1960s through the early twenty-first century.  Of particular interest are items related to the early years of the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club, including previously un-archived material related to efforts to save Red River Gorge in Kentucky from a proposed dam, which were highlighted by a 1967 protest hike led by Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas.  The collection also contains newsletters and correspondence related to the national Sierra Club, as well as material from the Tichenors’ efforts to stop the Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) from constructing a transmission cable that would cross their property.  Also included are a number of environmental reports, compiled by both governmental and private agencies, and related to Kentucky and the nation at large.

Although the collection has not been formally separated into series, its organization emphasizes its two major themes: the Sierra Club and the EKPC campaign.  Both major sections are organized alphabetically, with environmental reports of indeterminable context organized similarly at the end of the collection.

Biographical Note

Carroll (b. 1927) and Doris (b. 1931) Tichenor—activists, outdoor enthusiasts, and partners—fought to ensure the preservation and protection of the natural environment from the late 1960s through the early twenty-first century.  They were instrumental in the formation of the first Kentucky chapter of the Sierra Club and in the organization of the protest march, led by Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, which gave the chapter much of its early energy, and Carroll later became president of the chapter from 1970-1971.  The Tichenors remained active in the organization throughout the later half of the twentieth century, and in the early twenty-first century successfully prevented the construction of an electrical transmission line across their family farm, which would have damaged the land and disturbed historic sites on the property.  Carroll and Doris have two children, a daughter Karen, born in 1955, and a son, Annis, born in 1956.

Folder List

Folder 1: Action Cleanup

Folder 2: Agricultural Waste Products

Folder 3: Akers vs. Corps of Engineers

Folder 4: Alaska

Folder 5: Arizona

Folder 6: Bays, J.W., Correspondence

Folder 7: Berry, Phillip, Correspondence

Folder 8: Bishop, Jane, Correspondence

Folder 9: Big South Fork, Cumberland

Folder 10: Big South Fork Environmental Impact Statement, 1975

Folder 11: Board of Directors, National, 1968-1969

Folder 12: Borelli, Peter, Correspondence

Folder 13: Bulletins, Great Lakes Chapter

Folder 14: Cannon, Julie, Correspondence

Folder 15: Channelization

Folder 16: Coleman, Richard D., Correspondence

Folder 17: Congressmen & Senators

Folder 18: Combs Questionnaire

Folder 19: Conservation Material, General

Folder 20: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Cave Run Reservoir

Folder 21: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Cumberland Gap

Folder 22: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Devil’s Jump Dam

Folder 23: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Kingdom Come Reservoir

Folder 24: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Licking River Reservoir

Folder 25: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Lillys Woods

Folder 26: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Mammoth Cave

Folder 27: Conservation Projects, Kentucky, Scenic Rivers

Folder 28: Conservation Projects, National, Grand Canyon

Folder 29: Conservation Projects, National, Miscellaneous

Folder 30: Conservation Projects, National, North Cascades

Folder 31: Conservation Projects, National, Redwoods

Folder 32: Conservation Projects, National, Smoky Mountains

Folder 33: Conservation Policy Guide, 1969

Folder 34: Corps of Engineers

Folder 35: Corps of Engineers, General Information

Folder 36: The Cumberland, February 2000-February 2004

Folder 37: The Cumberland, March 2004-June 2007

Folder 37a: The Cumberland>, July 2007-February 2009

Folder 38: Cumberland Falls

Folder 39: Cumberland Lake

Folder 40: Dam Propaganda, General

Folder 41: Emberton-Host

Folder 42: Environmental Protection Agency

Folder 43: Environmental Law

Folder 44: Flynn, Mike, Correspondence

Folder 45: Forestry

Folder 46: Friends of the Earth

Folder 47: Funk, Marshall

Folder 48: Governor’s Environmental Conference

Folder 49: Grand Canyon

Folder 50: Greasy Creek

Folder 51: Group Accreditation

Folder 52: Highways

Folder 53: Holstein, Bill, Correspondence

Folder 54: Hopper, Jack, Correspondence

Folder 55: Impact Study Team

Folder 56: Insurance

Folder 57: Jaros, Dean, Correspondence

Folder 58: Kentucky Conservation Council

Folder 59: Kentucky Geological Survey

Folder 60: Kentucky River Basin Environmental Impact Statement, 1975

Folder 61: Kentucky River Flood, 1978

Folder 62: Kentucky Section, Bylaws, 1966

Folder 63: Kentucky Section, Executive Committee, 1968

Folder 64: Kentucky Section, Mailing List

Folder 65: Kentucky Section, Publicity

Folder 66: Kentucky Section, Resolutions, 1967

Folder 67: Kentucky, State Senators & Representatives

Folder 68: Kentucky, Water Resources Information

Folder 69: Kiwanis Club, 1974

Folder 70: Kresek, Ray, Correspondence

Folder 71: Leaders

Folder 72: Leathers, Carl, Correspondence

Folder 73: Legal Committee

Folder 74: Luke, David III, Correspondence

Folder 75: Maggard, Clarence, Correspondence

Folder 76: Mammoth Cave, 1970-1971

Folder 77: Mammoth Cave, 1972-1980

Folder 78: Mammoth Cave Environmental Statement

Folder 79: Mammoth Cave Master Plan, 1976

Folder 80: Materials

Folder 81: Mayfield Creek

Folder 82: Meetings, Board of Directors

Folder 83: Meetings, Council

Folder 84: Meetings, Cumberland Chapter

Folder 85: Meetings, Executive Committee

Folder 86: Membership

Folder 87: Membership Materials

Folder 88: Midwest Regional Conservation Committee

Folder 89: Midwest Representative

Folder 90: Miller, Anne, Correspondence

Folder 91: Miller, Mike, Correspondence

Folder 92: Miscellaneous

Folder 93: National Campus Plan

Folder 94: National News Report

Folder 95: National Reports

Folder 96: Natural Resources Development Committee

Folder 97: Newsletters, 1971

Folder 98: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 99: Nuclear Pollution

Folder 100: Off Road Vehicle Policy

Folder 101: Oil Spills

Folder 102: Organizational Problems

Folder 103: Outing Schedules, 1970-1971

Folder 104: Pesticides

Folder 105: Politics

Folder 106: Power Production Task Force

Folder 107: Preserve Our Planet

Folder 108: Recreation Review, 1968-1969

Folder 109: Recreational Areas, National

Folder 110: Red River Gorge, 1967-1968

Folder 111: Red River Gorge, 1967-1970

Folder 112: Red River Gorge, 1967

Folder 113: Red River Gorge, 1968-1969

Folder 114: Red River Gorge, 1970-1971

Folder 115: Red River Gorge, 1971-1975

Folder 116: Red River Gorge, 1974

Folder 117: Red River Gorge Cleanup

Folder 118: Red River Gorge, H.B. Farmer Correspondence

Folder 119: Religion & Environment

Folder 120: Remembrance of Douglas’s Visit to Red River Gorge

Folder 121: Renewable Resources Report, 1975

Folder 122: Rivers

Folder 123: Shropshire, James S., Correspondence

Folder 124: Sierra Club, 1967-1968

Folder 125: Smoky Mountains, 1971

Folder 126: SOAR Committee

Folder 127: Snake River

Folder 128: SST (Super Sonic Transport)

Folder 129: Strip Mining, 1974

Folder 130: Strip Mining, 1970-1971

Folder 131: Strip Mining, 1970-1971

Folder 132: Strip Mining, 1971-1972

Folder 133: Strip Mining, Kentucky, Conservation Projects

Folder 134: Talbott, Alex F., Correspondence

Folder 135: Tennessee By-laws

Folder 136: Urban Conservation

Folder 137: Walcott, Francis, Correspondence

Folder 138: Water Pollution Laws

Folder 139: Water Resources in Appalachia

Folder 140: White, David C., Correspondence

Folder 141: Wild Rivers

Folder 142: Wilderness Management

Folder 143: Wilderness Management, Tennessee Citizens for

Folder 144: Wood, Ginny Hill, Correspondence

Folder 145: Archeological Sites

Folder 146: Big Bend Land Owners & Easements

Folder 147: Consulting Parties October Meeting, 2005

Folder 148: Consulting Parties Meeting, 2006

Folder 149: Cooperative Cultural Resource Analysis Survey

Folder 150: Corps of Engineers

Folder 151: Correspondence and Court Materials, Eastern Kentucky Power

Folder 152: Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative Correspondence, 2005

Folder 153: Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative Environmental Report

Folder 154: EKPC Environmental Report, Comments

Folder 155: Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative, Magazines

Folder 156: Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative, Newspaper Clippings

Folder 157: Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative Open House, May 17, 2005

Folder 158: Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative Request for Confidentiality

Folder 159: EPRI-GTC Project Report & Appendices

Folder 160: Evidentiary Hearing Transcript, 9-12-2005

Folder 161: Final Capitulation, 2006

Folder 162: Fitzgerald, Tom, Doerfield Brief

Folder 163: Hearing Materials from Milner, June 2005

Folder 164: Heritage Council

Folder 165: Indian Tribes

Folder 166: Joey Roberts

Folder 167: Legislating Research Commission, 2005-2007

Folder 168: Letters to Editor, 2006

Folder 169: Maps

Folder 170: McConnell Meeting

Folder 171: Motion to Remand

Folder 172: National Landmark (Deweese Mound)

Folder 173: National Trust for Historic Preservation

Folder 174: Public Services Commission

Folder 175: Public Services Commisssion 1st Data Request

Folder 176: Public Services Commission Application

Folder 177: Public Services Commission Order & Appeal

Folder 178: Roberts Data Request

Folder 179: Rough Notes

Folder 180: RUS/USDA

Folder 181: Section 106

Folder 182: Section 106 Materials

Folder 183: Section 106 Hearing, January 2006

Folder 184: Section 106 Hearing, January 2006, Doris’s Folder

Folder 185: Section 106 Hearing, January 2006, Other People’s Statements

Folder 186: Technical Appraisal

Folder 187: Tichenor 1st Data Request

Folder 188: Tichenor 1st Data Request

Folder 189: Tichenor 2nd Data Request

Folder 190: Tichenor 2nd Data Request

Folder 191: Tichenor Data Request CDs

Folder 192: TVA

Folder 193: Commission on the Future of the South, Report

Folder 194: Environmental Reports, Can Run Lake, 1975

Folder 195: Environmental Reports, Daniel Boone National Forest

Folder 196: Environmental Reports, Kentucky

Folder 197: Environmental Reports, Kentucky River Basin Flood Control, 1975

Folder 198: Environmental Reports, Kentucky Water Resources, 1975

Folder 199: Environmental Reports, Kentucky Wild Rivers

Folder 200: Environmental Reports, Mammoth Cave

Folder 201: Environmental Reports, Miscellaneous

Subject Headings

Appalachian Region

Cumberland Lake (Ky.)

Daniel Boone National Forest (Ky.)

Douglas, William O. (William Orville), 1898-1980

Environmentalism – Kentucky

Grand Canyon (Ariz.)

Historic sites – Conservation and restoration

Indians of North America – Kentucky – Antiquities

Mammoth Cave (Ky.)

Recreation & travel

Red River Gorge (Ky.)

Rivers – Kentucky

Sierra Club. Cumberland Chapter

Strip mining – Environmental aspects

Tichenor, Carroll, b. 1927