Thurman, Edward C. (1882-1950) Collection, 1788-1950

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Collector: Edward C. Thurman, 1882-1950

Title: Collection, 1788-1950

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 1.66 cubic feet

Locator Number: Mss. A T539

Scope and Content Note

The Thurman collection contains a variety of letters, envelopes, and other documents related to Kentucky history.  Although collected primarily for their postmarks, the items in the Thurman collection relate to a wide variety of topics in Kentucky history.  Correspondence discusses politics, the military, business, legal matters, religion, slavery, and education.  The collection contains a large sample of early stamps and Kentucky postmarks.  Many feature handwritten and hand-stamped cancellations.  Most of the collection is arranged alphabetically by postmark.

Biographical Note

Edward C. Thurman (1882-1950) was a philatelist and former postmaster of Sonora, KY in Hardin County.  He began collecting “stampless covers” around the time of the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.  Thurman pursued his hobby until his death in 1950.

Folder List

Folder 1: Stampless Covers: Aron’s Run-Bardstown

Folder 2: Stampless Covers: Blandville-Bowling Green

Folder 3: Stampless Covers: Brandenburg-Cedar Creek

Folder 4: Stampless Covers: Clarksburg-Covington

Folder 5: Stampless Covers: Cumberland Ford-Danville

Folder 6: Stampless Covers: Elizabethtown-Flemingsburg

Folder 7: Stampless Covers: Frankfort, 1805-1824

Folder 8: Stampless Covers: Frankfort, 1825-1855; Frederick, MD

Folder 9: Stampless Covers: Gaines Cross Roads-Glassgow

Folder 10: Stampless Covers: Great Crossings-Hardinsburg

Folder 11: Stampless Covers: Harrodsburg-Hawesville

Folder 12: Stampless Covers: Henderson-Horse Shoe Bottom

Folder 13: Stampless Covers: Jamestown-Leitchfield

Folder 14: Stampless Covers: Lexington, 1798-1817

Folder 15: Stampless Covers: Lexington, ca. 1817-1837

Folder 16: Stampless Covers: Lexington, 1836-1854

Folder 17: Stampless Covers: Locust Post-Louisville, 1813-1828

Folder 18: Stampless Covers: Louisville, 1826-1838

Folder 19: Stampless Covers: Louisville, 1836-1844

Folder 20: Stampless Covers: Louisville, 1847-1853

Folder 21: Stampless Covers: Louisville, 1849-1856

Folder 22: Stampless Covers: May’s Lick-Maysville

Folder 23: Stampless Covers: Middletown-Mt. Sterling

Folder 24: Stampless Covers: Mt. Washington-Nicholasville

Folder 25: Stampless Covers: North Fork-Owingsville

Folder 26: Stampless Covers: Paducah-Perryville

Folder 27: Stampless Covers: Pittsburg, PA-Russellville

Folder 28: Stampless Covers: Sandy Spring, MD-Shepherdsville

Folder 29: Stampless Covers: Side View-Stanford

Folder 30: Stampless Covers: Trenton-Winchester

Folder 31: Slavery Documents

Folder 32: Hardin County Academy Documents

Folder 33: Miscellaneous Stampless Covers, Letters and Documents

Folder 34: Decorative Envelopes

Folder 35: Stamped Covers

Folder 36: Edward C. Thurman Miscellaneous Papers


Item list

Note: All postmarks are from Kentucky unless noted otherwise

Folder 1

D. O. Sully to Capt. Jas. Holladay

Aron’s Run – 9 February 1852

re: Sully having been offered $75 to rent for a year or $300 to buy one of his slaves; wanting to get a better price from Holladay

To James H. Holladay (envelope only)

Aron’s Run – 25 April 1857

R. Fisher to Jacob Akers

Athens – 21 April 1845

James Davidson to Jacob Akers

Athens – 26 December 1852

To Rev. Arthur W. Elliott

Augusta – ca. 1845

Ryan & Armstrong to M. L. Hallowell (wrapper only)

Augusta – 4 February 1847

To Mary G. & Martha P. Camp (envelope only)

Augusta – 13 June 1851

To James S. Holladay (envelope only)

Augusta –14 February

Samuel Spotts to Col. Roger Jones

Bardstown – 15 August 1825

Eliza Cook to William B. Cook

Bardstown – 1 April 1837

re: going to school at Nazareth College; missing her parents; April Fool’s Day, “I wonder if you have made any use of the privilege which the first day of April gives, as for my part I have been making April fools all day.”

John P. Duvall to Lt. Henry Daggett

Bardstown – 24 July 1834

To Rev. Dr. Brulé Bishop (wrapper only)

Bardstown – 12 December ca.1840

To Hon. W. L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Bardstown – 15 June 1846

re: Mexican War, “C. Wickliffe offers a Co. of mtd. men.”

To Hon. W. L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Bardstown – 1 December 1846

Re: Mexican War, “C. Wickliffe again offers his Co. of mtd. men for services.”

James Slaughter to Sheriff of Hardin County

Bardstown – 11 January 1848

Subpoena for Ambrose Geoghegan & Mary Ann, his wife

Folder 2

To the Clerk of Nelson Circuit Court

Blandville – 28 August 1854

Montgomery & Greenwell to Samuel [Bissham?]

Bloomfield – 27 March 1846

re: having heard about damage done to a canal and wanting his goods shipped another way

L. P. Holladay to J. H. Holladay

Blue Lick Springs – 21 September

re: Winfield Scott, “Genl Scott will probably be here Thursday or Friday.  He left Cleveland this morning.”

Jona. Hobson to Col. Towson, Paymaster General

Bowling Green – 23 April 1821

re: the arrest of Henry Wright in Washington for forgery, how Wright obtained some government documents that he probably forged

Isaac Reese to Samuel Judah

Bowling Green – 19 April 1830

A. C. Dickerson to Rev. M. Badger

Bowling Green – 25 November 1844

re: Jackson Purchase, American Home Missionary Society; Presbyterian missionaries in southwest Kentucky, “Below the TN river, we have in the extreme SW of our state some five or six counties – of excellent country – of recent purchase by the state, and rapidly filling up with a good population, But one single minister have – in that large field nor is the ground overrun and preoccupied with other orders like many older districts.  Our Genl Agent, Bro. Black, . . . writes us that it is by far the most needy and promising field, he has visited in our state.”

A. C. Dickerson to Rev. M. Badger

Bowling Green – 8 April 1845

re: American Home Missionary Society; Presbyterian missionaries in Kentucky, “Kentucky as a miss.y field is truly need and yet very promising”; “There are from 15 to 20 counties in the So. East, South, and So. West of the State, exceedingly destitute of the means of grace.”

Silas Field to Vines L. Collin, Jr.

Bowling Green – 24 October 1849

re: slaves; “Mrs. Field would have no objection to disposing of her . . . negroes if it can be done to any sort of advantage.”

John B. Helm to Samuel Haycraft (wrapper only)

Bowling Green – 4 August 1850?

To Revd. Mr. [Zevly?]

Bowling Green – 1 January

Edwin S. Williams to William L. Marcy

Bowling Green – April 1846

re: Mexican War, “Offers to raise 500 men by July next.”

Bettie to Hester Edwards

Bowling Green – May 1847

re: slaves she would like to have: a maid and one to do sewing, lists possible slaves by name

Charles D. Morehead to A. G. Abell

Bowling Green – 31 May 1844

re: not receiving money needed to pay a debt to Abell

Folder 3

H. L. Board & Co. to Richard Ashhurst & Sons

Brandenburg – 10 May 1841

re: business matters, selling ham, tobacco and bacon

Richard B. Robertson to William P. Thompson

Brandenburg – 21 April 1848

To H. Thompson

Bridgeport – December

To Clerk of Livingston Circuit Court (wrapper only)

Brooksville – 4 June 1853

Marcus Huling to David W. Huling

Burkeville – 24 April 1823

re: needing money and calling in debt; wants payment of “all the money you have collected for me in bills on the bank of the United States.  Cut them in two & send them by two different mails let them be large bills or send me a check on the United States branch Bank at Louisville.”

To Miss Eugenia C. Price (envelope only)

Burlington – 14 April 1857

W. D. Wood to Bohannon & Edwards

Phillipsburg – 7 April 1858

Elizabeth Dobson to Isaac Edwards

Allendale – 2 November 1860

John G. Fee to Isaac Edwards

Cabin Creek – 23 February 1848

re: antislavery activity in Lewis County, “You ask can it be done – to give the Bible to the slave as well as to the poor white man.  I answer I have done it, and I never have heard of a master or masters refusing that their slaves should have Bibles.”; “We have but little home for a permanent and pure gospel until slavery is removed – its removal is a ‘sine qua non.’”

Samuel Gowdy to S. Garvin

Campbellsville – 31 January 1852

re: not being able to build a boat for Garvin

I. W. Allison to Lindsay & Blackiston

Catlettsburg – 29 March 1845

G. A. Branham to Joseph Lyle

Cedar Creek – 5 September 1839

Folder 4

To James H. Holladay (envelope only)

Clarksburg – no date

To John Bruner (envelope only)

Cloverport – 10 December

To William C. Jennings (envelope only)

Cloverport – 21 December 1850

Marcus Huling to David W. Huling

Columbia – 8 April 1820

re: making salt, “averaged from 25 to 30 bushels per day”; an oil well, “the oil still flows as usual I have sent about 2000 gallons to Urope, no returns as yet from it.  I have also made sale of a great deal in small quantities in the different parts of this & Tennessee state & many pack horses have come from Nort Carolina & Geogi & taking of some hundred Gallons.”

Robert Perry to Mr. Lyle

Covington – 9 December 1837

C. Masters, Jr. to C. Masters [Marten?]

Covington – 26 July 1845

re: slaves, “This is a great country for corn & niggers.”

To John W. Tibbats (wrapper only)

Covington – 10 December ca.1843-1847

To the Adjutant General (Roger Jones) (wrapper only)

Covington – 1 November 1846

re: Mexican War; Company H, 4th Infantry, “There are no men reported to have been killed or wounded in action on the regt. return in this company.”

Seneca Austin to Calvin Austin

Covington – 11 March 1847

John S. Perry to Guy C. Irvine

Covington – 23 November 1848

Thomas F. Tobey to Miss S. C. Tobey (envelope only)

Crab Orchard – 27 May ca.1863

To Miss Lucy J. Whitaker (envelope only)

Crittenden – January

To James K. Polk (wrapper only)

Covington – 25 August 1846

re: Samuel McScott’s promotion to “2nd Lieutcy – to fill vacancy in Co. R. (Grenadiers) Capt. Brannons Co. 16th Regt.”

Folder 5

Thomas C. & Mary Burch to Ann Burch

Cumberland Ford – 22 July 1834

re: bad corn crop; Bank of the United States, “The oldest settlers hear say they have never experienced sutch hard times not heard sutch a cry for money as they have since Jackson’s vetoe on the United States Bank.”

B. N. Sands to Capt. Joseph Hook

Cynthiana – 16 February 1820

re: beginning to manufacture gunpowder; banking, the state legislature revoking the “Charters of all the Independent Banks of which there was about forty,” no one taking out of town bank notes

Alexander Givens to James Ranking

Cynthiana – 9 January 1834

Perrin & Magee to Morris L. Hallowell & Co.

Cynthiana – 30 December 1846

Clemeny Y—  to John S. Boyd

Cynthiana – 11 December 1846

re: Christmas, social life and customs, “The approaching holidays are filled with joy – fun and frolic will reign supreme.  The good citizens of our place intend having a Ball on the 29th.  I fear very much Pa will not let me attend, he objects so strongly to public parties.”; Mexican War, “We have no news from the Volunteers since you were here.  This invasion of Mexico will, me thinks, prove more serious than was at first anticipated.  How I dread the storming of Vera Cruz.”

To John W. Tibatts (wrapper only)

Cynthiana – 8 January

To J. H. Holladay (envelope only)

Cynthiana – 2 July

To Clerk of Nicholas Circuit Court (envelope only)

Cynthiana – 20 October

George James to Joseph Barnett

Danville (no postmark) – 4 June 1788

re: selling land

John C. Young to Charles Hodge

Danville – 15 June ca.1836

re: slavery; emancipation, “My hope is for the generation to come may well emancipate for their children but not for themselves and as to wages of labor to the slave, they never think of it.  If I preached this doctrine they would think I was a raving abolitionist.”

Joseph Huber to Absalom Peters

Danville – 13 March 1830

re: having been commissioned a missionary to New Orleans; having arrived on February 2 and left on February 18 because the American Home Missionary Society did not provide him with enough money to support his family and because they would not allow him to take outside money; believes New Orleans is as in need of missionaries as the Sandwich Islands

Deinologian Literary Society to John S. Boyd (form letter)

Danville – 27 February 1841

re: Centre College, DLS moving into new building but needing money to furnish it and improve the library

M. A. Hart to John B. Mersey

Danville – 21 November

Davidge & Caldwell to Morris L. Hallowell & Co.

Danville – 28 March 1847

Folder 6

H. G. Wintersmith to Absalom Peters

Elizabethtown – 21 January 1831

re: missionaries in Kentucky

A. M. Brown to J. Caldwell Walker

Elizabethtown – 3 September 1840

re: “our friend Jackson M. is about commencing a course of Lectures on Phrenology”

To William L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Elizabethtown – 17 April 1846?

To Adjutant General (wrapper only)

Elizabethtown – 18 July 1851

J. Moss/Lucinda to Benjamin Hinck (two letters on one sheet of paper)

Elkton – 4 August 1840

re: social life and customs; Lucinda’s suitors, “the only think lacking on my part is I do not love him   nothing but love alone will ever actuate me to marry.  Yes contentment is more desirable than riches.”

George W. Botts to John C. Calhoun

Flemingsburg – 4 January 1822

re: the military record of James Brown, substitute for Samuel Moore

To Hon. Richard French (wrapper only)

Flemingsburg – 30 May

To Hon. W. L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Flemingsburg – September ca.1845-1849

H. Powers to Samuel C. Bell

Flemingsburg – 7 November 1850

W. P. Boyd to Minor & Cruttenden

Flemingsburg – 27 September 1847

re: a calfskin Boyd had planned to have made into a pair of boots

To J. B. Temple (wrapper only)

Flemingsburg – 5 June 1850

To James H. Holladay (envelope only)

Flemingsburg – 31 August

To James H. Holladay (envelope only)

Flemingsburg – 17 October

Folder 7

Worden Pope to Worden Pope

Frankfort – 5 April 1805

re: lawsuits

Achilles Sneed to Clerk of Hardin County Circuit Court

Frankfort – 20 August 1805

re: lawsuits

Gabriel Lewis to Thomas Barbour

Frankfort – 5 September 1808

re: bonds, “There is one other bond in the Hands of Mr. Henry Clay which I believe is balanced by the Credits”

Isham Talbott to John T. Langhorne (wrapper only)

Frankfort – 12 December 1814

D. C. Humphrys to Peter Wainwright, Jr.

Frankfort – 15 July 1815

John A. Merkley to Michael Reed & Co.

Frankfort – 24 March 1817

J. R. Wilcox to John C. Calhoun

Frankfort – 30 September 1822

re: traveling from West Point to St. Louis as ordered; coming down with a “bilious fever”

Secretary of State of Kentucky to Governor of New Hampshire

Frankfort – 10 April 1824

Folder 8

Joseph Desha to Governor of New Hampshire (circular letter)

Frankfort – January 1825

re: sending resolutions of General Assembly

O. G. Waggener to General D. Porter

Frankfort – 31 January 1825

re: having sent a report of the strength of the Kentucky militia

Ben Hardin to James Barbour

Frankfort – 23 May 1825

re: lawsuit

B. B. Johnson to Editor of the Home Missionary

Frankfort – 8 May 1832

B. B. Johnson to Editor of the Home Missionary

Frankfort – 18 January 1833

re: mail sent to missionaries

Thomas Metcalf to J. P. Williams

Frankfort – 17 December 1842

John Watson to Quartermaster General of the Army

Frankfort – 10 October 1844

re: prices for delivering horses to dragoons

Thomas S. Page to John McReynolds

Frankfort – 20 January 1849

To James K. Polk (envelope only)

Frankfort – 5 September 1847

re: recommendation for commission, “O. G. Curtis of Frankfort, Ky recommends W. W. Stapp for a commission in the army.  Mr. Stapp served in the KY Cavalry in Mexico” – notation by Polk

Thomas Page to Will Woodcock

Frankfort – 7 December 1843

Ben Edwards Grey to William Cook

Frankfort – 20 November 1850

William Clark to Emory & Addison

Frankfort – 18 February 155

re: being in jail, “I am at present confined in Ky. Penitentiary.  Charge Burglary, Sentence four years – have been here 23 months.”

H. Doyle to Eli Beatty

Frederick, MD – 26 March 1840

re: sending money

H. Doyle to Eli Beatty

Frederick, MD – 20 May 1840

re: sending money

H. Doyle to Eli Beatty

Frederick, MD – 28 February 1840

re: sending money

Folder 9

John N. Taliaferro to Mr. Lyle

Gaines Crossroads – 1840

re: the estate of Eliza P. Craig

Wm. Gayle, Sr. to Temple E. Gayle

Georgetown – 10 August 1817

R. Wilson to Peter Campbell

Georgetown – 10 November 1841

James W. Grant to Nathaniel Hart

Georgetown – 20 January 1820

To Jonathan Shepard (wrapper)

Georgetown – 24 August

Robert Read to Absalom Peters

Georgetown – 11 August 1831

re: list of people who refused the Home Missionary

Robert Read to Absalom Peters

Georgetown – 28 October 1831

re: people refusing the Home Missionary

A. Duvall to Robert S. Bell

Georgetown – 15 May 1846

To Prof. J. Ammen (envelope only)

Georgetown – 15 December 1854

To Elina A. G. Parrish (envelope only)

Georgetown – 19 December 1850

To J. W. Holladay (envelope only)

Germantown – 17 November

John C. Lindsay to John Calvert

Ghent – 4 August 1848

re: slaves, you will please proceed to qualify as Admr. and advertise a sale of the property together with the negroes.”

Turner Morehead to James H. Hooe

Glasgow – 20 May 1816

re: agriculture, “But few nights passed we had a hard frost which put what Corn was up down to the earth & much which has been planted lately is dry rotted & never can Corn, the prospects for Tobo.(which has occupied the attention of nearly all the people of this state) I feel will prove abortion as the plants are nearly all burnt up.”

H. Woods to Rev. Mr. McMillan

Glasgow – 17 October 1844

re: Brother Dickerson; Presbyterian missionaries

Thomas Lewis to Dr. William Merton

Glasgow – 3 September 1841

Re: slaves; bringing suit to get “negroes” promised in his father’s will

R. D. Maupin to James K. Polk (wrapper only)

Glasgow – 13 May 1846

re: wanting a commission in the army

D. Chaplain Nutting to William Nutting

Glasgow – 9 July 1855

re: “From bro. George I have not heard for a year.  Is he still in R. [Randolph, Vt.] & why doesn’t he write?  Please ask him if he has cast of his negro brother.”; politics, “Are you a know nothing uncle?  There has been & still is a great excitement in regard to political affairs here, only equaled in ‘Hard Cider’ times.  Most people think the American party will elect their entire ticket in Ky.  I think it doubtful but hope for the best.  It seems to me high time to give to the rescue.  If the battle must be tonight, as it seems it must. Why the sooner the better.  Voting now may save blood letting a few years later & by blood or by votes, I for one, wish to see our country free from the shackles of foreign influence.”

Folder 10

R. M. Johnson to John C. Calhoun

Great Crossings, KY – 23 February 1821

re: Major William Bradford’s war record and wanting Calhoun to have him keep his post at Port of Belle Point

Samuel J. Cook to William B. Cook

Greensburg – 17 February 1828

re: the death of their brother

John P. Little to James A. Brown

Greensburg – 21 May 1835

re: commercial goods, a detailed list of items for his store in Barren County

E. W. Cook to William S. Cook

Greensburg – 8 July 1837

To Governor William Owsley (wrapper)

Greensburg – 11 September ca.1844-1848

J. Moss/Lucinda to Benjamin P. Hinck (two letters on one sheet of paper)

Hadensville – 17 October 1840

James & Sally Barrett to Joel Johns

Hardinsburg – 14 May 1836

re: religion, “the distracted Condition of a number of Churches in this western region and of different creeds Elicit from me a few lines on the subject, honest difference of opinion and abstract and metaphysical subjects has been the fruitful sourse of discord and strife [among] Brethren of the same order.”

J. [Jenniss?] to John McReynolds

Hardinsburg – 9 December 1847

<pclass=”c9″>Folder 11

William Henry Harrison to Henry Dearborn (wrapper only)

Harrodsburg – 27 April 1807

Thomas P. Moore to John Adair (wrapper only)

Harrodsburg – 8 April 1822

Thomas Cleland to Rev. Absalom Peters

Harrodsburg – 4 December 1830

Lewis Willhite to John H. Smith

Harrodsburg – 27 July 1829

Joseph Lillard to John Baum [or Raum?]

Harrodsburg – 20 August 1842

Robert McAfee to James K. Polk [mailed to Henry C. Pope]

Harrodsburg – 20 December 1844

re: a letter to Polk recommending Pope for a government job

To Col. Knox Walker (wrapper)

Harrodsburg – 25 March

C. C. Moore & Co. to M. L. Hallowell & Co.

Harrodsburg – 22 January 1848

re: business

To James L. Polk (wrapper only)

Harrodsburg – 23 August ca.1848

re: recommending a commission for Joseph Ewing, who served in Mexico

Harrison Taylor and Henry Rhodes to Benjamin Helm

Hartford – 20 July 1807

re: chancery suit over settlement of a will

James Hobart to Thomas A. Dexter

Hawesville – 7 November 1837

R. T. Robertson to Robert Tyler

Hawesville – 22 December 1838

re: lawsuits

A. G. Hawes to James K. Polk (wrapper only, written notations by Polk)

Hawesville – 15 September 1847

Folder 12

L. W. Powell to D. S. Slaughter

Henderson – 28 April 1840

re: real estate, the price of a town lot in Henderson

L. B. Thornton to General Roger Jones

Henderson – 31 October 1844

re: army business, reporting himself on sick leave

M. Maxwell to James A. Fry

Henderson – 10 October 1851

W. P. Jones to James K. Polk

Hickman – 20 September 1847

To Ben L. McAtee

Hodgenville – 22 December ca.1845

J. C. Fisher to J. P. Niles

Hodgenville – 12 March 1854

re: “if i live till fall i intend to make tennessee my home”

Graham Boyd to John Ramage

Hopkinsville – 3 February 1846

Re: business and slaves, “as to the barrel of sugar it was so very bad I could not sell it for anything . . . and I give it to my negroes.”

Landes & Glass to C. B. Henry

Hopkinsville – 1 December 1843

re: business

B. Shackelford to William H. Bell

Hopkinsville – 3 June 1843

To unknown

Hopkinsville – 11 July

Ben Edwards Grey to A. Boston

Hopkinsville – 20 October 1850

W. H. Hopsen to W. L. Marcy

Hopkinsville – 2 September 1847

re: wanting a commission as surgeon in U.S. Army

J. R. Abernathy to James Croney

Hopkinsville – 19 January 1834

Re: business dealings, miscount of kegs of ink

Marcus Huling to D. W. Huling

Horse Shoe Bottom – 20 July 1822

re: salt, “I am making salt but not much.”; discusses financial troubles in the area

Folder 13

Charlotte Hout to John Jones

Jamestown – 29 March 1835

To Thomas S. Tucker (envelope only)

La Grange – 17 June

Spalding, Wathen & Co. to Richard Ashurst & Sons

Lebanon – 17 April 1837

To John Harding (envelope only, franked by Aaron Harding)

Lebanon – 10 April 1867

Dr. Fouche to Dr. B. Young

Lebanon – 21 February 1839

John R. Barton receipt for letter

Leitchfield – 23 November 1853

To Clerk of Nelson Circuit Court (envelope only)

Leitchfield – 2 January

Folder 14

Amasa Delano to Jabez Delano

Lexingon – 11 October 1798 (written, at least in part, from Mt. Sterling)

re: Alien & Sedition Acts, politics, “The most distinguishing characteristic of this State at present is the disposition of the City respecting Politics.  They in general disapprobate the late measures of Congress with respect to the Alien and Sedition Act and likewise the power vested in the President for raising troops, and borrowing money.  A majority of the Counties in Kentucky have convened their citizens, and enter into resolutions against the aforesaid measures which are to be forwarded to Congress.  For my own part I believe that the factious Spirit which seems to be prevalent in this, as well as any other part in the Union, is mostly conducted by the designing and embraced by the Ignorant.”

Finance, medicine, “Tho’ at present money is very scarce yet in time I think this corner a very rich and populous part.  A new Court-House has been Erected in this Town this last summer and a number of Other new buildg.  Land has very much fallen in value since I came here.  I have been particularly successful in my practise since I came to this place having lost but very few patients.”

Will Lavy to John Meredith

Lexington – 19 September 1798

James Morrison to John Matthews (wrapper only)

Lexington – 26 November 1804

Josiah Taylor to William Linnard

Lexington – 8 September 1804

re: Taylor having used Linnard’s credit

Josiah Taylor to William Linnard

Lexington – 5 December 1804

re: Taylor having used Linnard’s credit

Daniel Bradford to Tench Coxe

Lexington – 30 July 1811

re: business, offering cloth to Coxe who made uniforms to the U.S. Army

Daniel Bradford to the Secretary of War

Lexington – 25 March 1811

re: business, wanting to make cloth for the Army

Thomas Buford to Callender Irvine

Lexington – 18 June 1813

re: provisions for the Northwestern army under William Henry Harrison

Jesse Harris to General Dearborn

Lexington – 12 April 1807

Robert Frazer to Aul & Co.

Lexington – 2 July 1817

re: taking a fifty dollar loan

Robert C. Nicholas to General D. Parker

Lexington – 20 December 1817

re: Army policy on using honorable discharge

Thomas Jefferson to Captain James H. Hook

Lexington – 8 August 1815

Richard M. Johnson to Peter Hagner

Lexington – 16 October 1816

re: papers concerning “the case of Lieut. Berry’s account”; “most of these papers were received from a Indian by mere accident”

E. F. Carthran to John Carthran, Jr.

Lexington – 23 October 1817

re: traveling to Woodford Co. from Rockingham, VA, “we were 4 weeks excepting 2 days on the road”

Folder 15

Richard M. Johnson to John C. Calhoun

Lexington – 17 June ca.1817-1825

re: army, increasing pension benefits of Thomas Barney

A. J. Shymanski to E. Parmly

Lexington – 22 April 1818

re: Natchez, “I can not give any serten description of Natchez.  It is the size of Louisville and the buildings tolerable good, and its inhabitans [sic] are collected of different Nasions French Spanish English Dutch &c &c (except Polish).”; Croghan, having an “applicasion” from “Major Crowen’s family, one of the wealthiest in that county, lives 7 miles of Louisville.”

Henry Asbury to Allen Trimble

Lexington – 28 July 1830

J. Friklin to Francis P. Blair

Lexington – 1 February 1831

re: “Is there no way for you peacemakers at the City to conciliate the parties at craziness, what a pity it is that Mr. Crawford should have been able to rekindle embers which had smothered twelve years.”; two subscribers to Blair’s paper

L. Hawkins to Robert Brent

Lexington – 8 April 1818

re: being appointed paymaster of the 8th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army

Charles A. Campbell to Corresponding Secretary of the American Home Missionary Society

Lexington – 23 May 1832

re: receiving pay for missionary work

Margaret M. Parker to Stephen Wichter

Lexington – 6 July 1833

re: “I should have written an answer to your letter before this time but the raging cholera has visited our city and swept before it a number of our inhabitants, and amongst it one of my connexions.”; free blacks, “There were 4 acres of the said land that My Mother gave to her manservant Richard Morrisson a free man of colour, who now demands it of the Estate as he would wish to settle himself.”

J. Amsden, Jr. to Joseph G. Lyle

Lexington – 16 December 1837

re: description and travel, traveling down the Mississippi River to New Orleans to setup a business

Folder 16

S. T. Tibbatts to General Roger Jones

Lexington – 7 May 1838

re: being stationed in Louisville on recruiting duty for army

W. A. Leavy to Joel P. Williams

Lexington – 11 May 1842

re: stock sales for the Harrodsburg & Perryville Road Company

George C. Thompson to Charles M. Cunningham

Lexington – 1 December 1836

re: appointing John H. Slaughter his proxy as stockholder in Harrodsburg & Perryville Turnpike Road Company; gives his preference for the route of the road

To General Winfield Scott (wrapper only)

Lexington – 29 May 1845

Thomas M. Hickey to L. Goodall

Lexington – 16 June 1842

Leslie Combs to Richard Ashurst & Sons

Lexington – 8 May 1840

Isaac W. Scott to M. L. Hallowell & Co.

Lexington – 11 December 1846

re: his business in Lexington, “Business very dull, scarcely able to make expenses without dealing in exchange.”

N. Fleming to Samuel Peterson

Lexington – 15 March 1848

Thomas A. Marshall circular letter

Lexington – 7 May 1851

re: Marshall’s career as appellate judge ending; citizens feeling the need to offer “their high appreciation of your official conduct”; Marshall’s reaction to the letter

To E. Yeisee (envelope only)

Lexington – 18 September 1854

Folder 17

John T. Cromwell to B. P. Hinch

Locust Port – 13 November 1839

re: weddings; disease and deaths in the family

William Croghan to Thomas H. Cushing

Louisville – 23 March 1813

Re: military career of George Croghan as aide to General Boyde at Tippecanoe, recommended for promotion by Boyde and William Henry Harrison, captain in 17th US Infantry

John H. Crane to William D. Solheir

Louisville – 12 January 1820

re: Missouri Compromise, “The proceedings at Boston on the Missouri question have excited some strong emotions in the slave states of the West.  But the friends of the New England principles and practice of freedom are hourly increasing in the country.  The policy is as well as the right of holding slaves begin to be questioned by our most considerable planters – God send them a happy deliverance.”

William D. Payne to John R. Parker

Louisville – 23 January 1820

Whittelsley & Crane to William D. Soheir

Louisville – 31 July 1821

Alphonso Wetmore to D. Parker

Louisville – 5 October 1821

re: paying an army general

D. C. Terrell to Dabney Minor

Louisville – 4 March 1822

re: “One who has not witnessed it can form no idea of the wretchedness of our situation here on account of the Deplorable state of our currency.  Our paper, bad as it is, very difficult to be procured and an unexampled depression in the prize of every species of property.  The scarcity of money in Indiana is even greater than on this side of the River, and no one in Kentucky can be prevailed on to purchase on to purchase lands there.”

Peter Hagner to General Thomas L. Jesup

Louisville – 20 August 1822

J. J. Allison to Charles J. Nourse

Louisville – 12 September 1822

Re: an army captain having “severe Bilious fever”

Thomas Biddle to General D. Parker

Louisville – 8 April 1822

re: army business, “It is reported that the Socs & Foxes will attempt to interrupt the communication between St. Louis & St. Peter.  I, myself, give no credit to the rumour.”

Thomas S. Bryant to Colonel Roger Jones

Louisville – 25 January 1828

re: Mississippi River, description and travel, “I have got this far on my journey to Cantonment Leavenworth, Missouri, and am here informed that intelligence has been received the Mississippi is frozen up and the stages in consequence of the roads have discontinued running.”

Folder 18

Alphonso Wetmore to N. Towson

Louisville – 13 August 1826

re: paymaster work at Ft. Atkinson

Forsyth & Co. to Robert R. Preston

Louisville – 5 May 1828

Session of Bethany Church to Absalom Peters

Louisville – 15 November 1831

re: paying a minister in Owen Co., IN

George Croghan to Colonel Roger Jones

Louisville – 4 October 1827

Re: being attacked by “bilious fever” and recovering in Louisville

B. F. Sands to Major J. A. Hook

Louisville – 3 July 1832

re: dueling, “cousin charles’ death”, “It arose from an old family feud.  Charles was challenged by young Morgan (nephew to the one that Sterling killed).  The note was borne by a person of no standing in society and charles would not accept it but said he would, if it was handed him by any one but this fellow.  Charles being a favorite with the young men, none of the them would bear a challenge to him.  Mr. Morgan met Charles in the street Sunday morning – told him he had sent him a challenge, that he refused to accept it, and consequently must defend himself, at the same time, drawing a pistol from his pocket cocked and presented it.  Charles presented one, but both pistols snapped.  Each drew another and Charles was shot through the heart as he was drawing his – in fact his hand was in his pocket when he fell.”

J. G. Goolrick to Major J. A. Hook

Louisville – 29 October 1832

re: the cholera is increasing here, though yielding somewhat of its malignity.”

Prentice & Buxton to Charles Lyon

Louisville – 10 October 1832

re: buying paper for the Louisville Journal in Cincinnati; wanting to regularly by paper from Lyon (letter is not in Prentice’s handwriting)

R. C. Wetmore & Co. to Charles C. Peck

Louisville – 13 December 1837

re: business, agriculture, “We had an arrival yesterday from Liverpool bringing advice of a rise in cotton of equal in our city to 3/4¢ on the pound.  On this advice we have thought it advisable for you to immediately invest your funds in cotton of a prime quality.”

I. -. Drake to Major William W. Leer

Louisville – 12 April 1838

re: “I write to apprise you that I shall forward by the St. H. Clay (Capt. Holton) the remains of your daughter Caroline.” – notation indicates she arrived in Baton Rouge on April 21 and was buried on April 23.

To B. F. Morris (wrapper only)

Louisville – 20 December

Thomas M. Smith to J. G. Lyle

Louisville – 13 September 1837

Folder 19

J. S. Chenoweth & Co. to Sweringen & Bridell & Sons

Louisville – 11 November 1836

re: shipping goods by steamboat

Aonill & Browning to G. M. McCartney

Louisville – 22 July 1837

re: “We are sorry to hear that money, with you is so scarce, it is unnessary [sic] to say that it is distressing times here.”

William Riddle to C. P. Leverich

Louisville – 15 December 1838

re: drought, business, “The Ohio river is lower than it was ever known before at this season of the year and within a few inches of the lowest stage during the past summer.  In consequence of this state of the river trade is entirely stopped in the staples of the country and almost suspended in [illegible] owing to the want of supplies,” gives prices for sugar, coffee, pork, green ham, lard & flour

N. A. Lowry to Guy C. Irvine

Louisville – 7 December 1837

Kennedy, Smith & Co. to Dr. E. W. Theobald

Louisville – 20 April 1840

I. M. Scott to General Roger Jones

Louisville – 9 February 1839

re: army business

L. H. Mosby to Joseph Patterson

Louisville – 21 February 1842

J. Chamberlin to Muslin & Pepper

Louisville – 12 July 1842

re: business, paying debt

Sanderson Robert to P. W. Waugh

Louisville – 6 January 1841 (mailed from New Orleans)

Re: establishing a business in New Orleans

A. Thruston to B. F. Morris

Louisville – 28 March 1844

re: banking business

John D. Young to Guy C. Irvine

Louisville – 22 February 1844

John D. Young to Guy C. Irvine

Louisville – 25 March 1844

Folder 20

To Colonel C. R. Jones (wrapper only)

Louisville – 9 April 1847

To William L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Louisville – 20 August 1848

re: wanting to serve in the army in either Oregon or California

Fred G. Edwards to Joseph Ficklin

Louisville – 26 June 1850

re: vouchers given by the army during the Mexican War to merchants in Louisville

A. J. Irvine to Gus C. Irvine

Louisville – 15 July 1851

J. B. F. Cotter to Gus C. Irvine

Louisville – 3 November 1851

re: Cotter’s business plans, needing to borrow money

J. B. F. Cotter to Gus C. Irvine

Louisville – 30 March 1854

re: “I have been arrested a few days ago and am now in Jail in this City upon a false charge a false swearing against me.”; wanting to be let out on bond, “It is a long time to lay here until July, and I could be of good service if I had my liberty.”

To Thomas H. Sharp (wrapper only)

Louisville – 26 December 1848

To Levi Lincoln (wrapper only)

Louisville – 1 January 1851

Rev. David Smith to Rev. Dr. M. Badger (wrapper only)

Louisville – 14 January 1853

re: wanting to renew his commission as minister

Folder 21

To Frederic Huidekoper (wrapper only)

Louisville – 12 January 1856

To S. C. Bell (wrapper only)

Louisville –  12 September 1849

To Mrs. C. M. Burtwell (wrapper only)

Louisville – 19 January

S. H. Bullen to T. H. Sharpe

Louisville – 16 August 1850

Leight, Hite & Co. to Morris L. Hallowell & Co.

Louisville – 19 October 1850

H. Ainslie to B. S. Hinch

Louisville – 9 December 1851

To Rev. Dr. Bland (envelope only)

Louisville – 10 August 1853

William Kendall to John J. Thurman

Louisville – 3 January 1854

To Washington County Circuit Court Clerk (envelope only)

Louisville – 1 September 1855

S. Sexton to Mary S. Moorman

Louisville – 18 November 1855

To the Editor of the Home Missionary

Louisville – 25 April 1856

re: publication not being picked up at the post office

Folder 22

Austin A. Hover to the Honorable Secretary of War

May’s Lick – 13 March 1849

re: emigrating to California; requesting arms (1 rifle, 2 rifled pistols, 1 Colt revolver) and wanting pick them up at Newport

To Dr. Lucian McDowell (envelope only)

May’s Lick – 1 July

To Eveline McDowell (envelope only)

May’s Lick – 16 September

To Lucian McDowell (envelope only)

May’s Lick – 22 October

James C. Coleman to Dr. Loyd Warfield

Maysville – 28 June 1836

re: selling slaves, “On Saturday last Nicholas went out to see Mr. Mefford, upon your business, but found him from home.  This evening I met with his son, who informed me that the negro woman, wife to your negro man, together with all her children, four in number, were for sale.”; mentions that the slaves can be bought privately before the auction

To Absalom Peters (wrapper)

Maysville – 15 November 1835

William Molloy to General Roger Jones

Maysville – 6 March 1841

re: enquiring about a soldiery in the 7th Infantry.

A. M. January to Newell & Pruitt

Maysville – 29 October 1847

re: the market for cheese in Maysville

H. B. Hill to D. S. Trumbull

Maysville – 23 February 1847

G. Worthington to M. L. Hallowell & Co.

Maysville – 17 May 1848

re: being owed money by Hallowell & Co.

Hunter & Phister to Daniel Simms

Maysville – June 1848

re: ordering axes from New York

G. Worthington & Co. to M. L. Hallowell & Co.

Maysville – 8 July 1848

Rees & Allen to M. L. Hallowell & Col.

Maysville – 9/12 May 1849

9 – “Cholera being on the increase in our city has alarmed a great many there being 9 or ten deaths last night.”

12 – “Up to this morning there has been 40 deaths of Cholera in the city and vicinity.”

To James K. Polk (wrapper only)

Maysville – no date

Maysville & Louisville Railroad Company to James H. Holladay

Maysville – 16 September 1851

re: Board of Directors meeting; stock information

William Huston & Sons to Newell & Pratt

Maysville – 16 March 1850

re: selling cheese, “We have still on hand some 10 or 15 that are utterly worthless & a number of those we have sold have been returned.”

To Most Rev. Archbishop Blanc (envelope only)

Maysville – 21 March

To James Holliday (envelope only)
Maysville – 1 May

Folder 23

Thomas Q. Roberts to A. Duvall

Middletown – 25 October 1846

re: blacks, depositions for a case involving “the Negroes now in Controversy”

To Clerk of Crittenden County Circuit Court (wrapper only)

Middletown – 29 July 1854

To Miss Annie Oldham (wrapper only)

Midway – 19 October

To Rev. Absalom Peters (wrapper only)

Millersburgh – 22 June 1831

To James Holladay (envelope only)

Millersburgh – 5 March

To Francis Flanagan (envelope only)

Millersburgh – 31 July

J. A. Huling to Marcus Huling

Montezuma Salt Works – 23 October 1826

re: needing money, “I am making Salt fast but my expenses is Great all the improvements to be made by the salt & Now another furnace & putting up mettle for it will cost about $1000 exclusive of a Great many buildings necessary to go on with our business.”

W. Preston Smith to Isaac Shelby Smith

Morganfield – 29 July 1835

re: people in Henderson dying of cholera

J. H. McCormick to Agent of the Biblical Repertory

Morganfield – 7 January 1845

Daniel & Peters to Coats & Austin

Mt. Sterling – 29 March 1845

Richard French to James K. Polk

Mt. Sterling – 22 April 1845

re: army, recommending Captain William R. Jouett for a promotion

Richard French to James L. Polk (wrapper only)

Mt. Sterling – 4 September 1847

re: recommending “General Tracy for a majority in the Ky troops”

Folder 24

To Nathan J. Kendall (envelope only)

Mt. Washington – 9 March

J. E. Cloyd to Enoch B. Brown

Murray – 6 April 1848

re: social life and customs – a camp meeting, trading horses, his plans for marriage

Nancy Brown to Anne Martin

Munfordville – 15 February 1840

Henry C. Wood to W. L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Munfordville – 27 June 1846

re: Mexican War, “will vol. co.”

Elizabeth W. Cook to Slaughter G. Cook

Munfordville – 13 September 152

Re: being sorry her son is going to college without taking the prep course, urging him to learn as much as he can

Major Alex R. Thompson to Callender Irvine

Newport – 7 August 1835

re: religion – requesting Bibles for the soldiers in his camp

Major John Bliss to Brigadier General Roger Jones

Newport – 22 May 1836

re: being suspended as commander of Fort Snelling

To Colonel C. A. Waite (wrapper only)

Newport – 20 March 1850

re: army business

To Major General Roger Jones (wrapper only)

Newport – 31 January 1851

George B. Hodge to James Holliday

Newport – 11 September 1854

re: legal business

James O. Hervey to James K. Polk

Nicholasville – 21 January 1848

re: his military service, wanting a captain’s commission

To James L. Hunt (envelope only)

Nicholasville – 1 September

Folder 25

To S. S. Mier (envelope only)

North Fork – 18 November

W. L. Case to James H. Holladay

Oak woods – 4 September 1856

re: legal business

W. L. Case to James H. Holladay (envelope only)

Oak Woods – 4 September

Nannie O’Bannon to John E. Kimball

O’Bannon – 26 January

re: being a student at boarding school

To Howerd Lodge (envelope only)

Owensboro – 8 July 1851

To Nathaniel Wickliffe

Owensboro – 9 August 1845

Deposition of Lucina Humphrey

John W. Green to Grant Green

Owensboro – 12 October 1847

Re: pretty girls in Louisville; preparing to go to Mexico (Mexican War); will come back to see them if he isn’t killed

To J. G. Walker (envelope only)

Owensboro – 11 December 1852

Cyrus Hawley to Samuel W. Collins

Owingsville – October 1832

re: business – working as a traveling salesman

Collins & Co. to B & R. Carter

Collinsville, CT – 1 August 1833

Form letter re: business matters, selling axes

W. C. Allen to James H. Holladay

Owingsville – 23 September 1851

re: legal matters

To Capt. James Holladay (envelope only)

Owingsville – April

Folder 26

James [illegible] to John Raum

Paducah – 20 February 1835

re: a debt James owes to Raum

Surgeon General Lawson to General Roger Jones (wrapper)

Paducah – 29 June 1842

re: army business

James E. Cloyd to Alexander Brown

Paducah – 4 August 1848

Re; learning carpentry; plans to live and marry in Tennessee

Linn Boyd to Ann L. Boyd

Paducah – 23 October 1853

Re: missionaries, “John T. Johnson, a brother of Col. Richd. M, & a Mr. Rice, both of whom are talented preachers of the Campbellite order are here & with all the Ethiopian Ministres followed by Dan Rice with trumpets & banners are on him.”

Harvey Bell to David P. Page

Paducah – 28 April 1849

re: being a new school teacher, wanting to improve schools and obtain new tax books

To Clerk of Livingston Circuit Court (envelope only)

Paducah – 2 December 1853

To Clerk of Livingston Circuit Court (wrapper only)

Paducah – July 1853

John Corlis to Brown & Ives

Paris – 6 December 1818

re: business, finance, “If the Kentucky banks continue to pay specie, they must call very hard on other debtors, consequently the traders of the country can only buy on credit . . . Those that are able to stand the Call & the Branch of US will have the control of all the exchange or market almost on their own terms, individuals will have no money to buy with, & if the orders from eastward & New Orleans are not too large, I presume tobacco would be lower, in the course of the present month.”

Dewey Whitney to Absalom Peters

Paris – 15 August 1832

re: missionary work in Bourbon and Harrison Counties, church in Bourbon County “has been very much stronger but with two years the spirit of emigration to the new settlements has swept away its principal supporters.  It is situated however in a wealthy and populous section of the county where there are a vast multitude of souls living without God and without in the world!  Here by the grace of God, a large church might be gathered.  The principle opposing influence, without the church is that of avowed infidelity.”; describes church in Cynthiana

James Paton to Loyd Warfield

Paris – 23 April 1838

Henry Morris to Harrison Thomson

Paris – 26 January 1842

re: calling due a note

To Thomas W. Riley (wrapper only)

Paris – 31 August

To Seth Wheeler (wrapper only)

Paris – 27 December

A. M. Brown to Alvin Duvall

Paris – 3 November 1849

re: Duvall collecting an account for Brown

B. Mills to Rev. Milton Badger (American Home Missionary Society)

Paris – 15 July 1848

re: missionary work in and around Cynthiana; suffering from cholera morbus

Thomas Kelly to Morris L. Hallowell

Paris – 12 March 1852

William Garnet to Richard Eubank

Perryville – 1 June 1845


Folder 27

Frederick Hanckel to Charles H. Halsey

Pittsburg, PA – 15 June 1802

re: shipping good; selling goods (coffee, sugar, etc.)

N. W. Watkins to James K. Polk (wrapper only)

Princeton – 18 September 1847

re: army business

R. A. Patterson to Blount Hodge (wrapper only)

Princeton – March

E. Forman to M. B. Hope

Richmond – 4 May 1848

Robert T. Barnet to Adjutant General Roger Jones

Richmond – 4 November 1848

re: army, taking the oath of allegiance in order to accept commission as 2nd Lt.

Thomas Burch to Ann Burch

Rome – 5 December 1840

re: whiggery, politics, “My business as a plasterer has been a little brisker for the last 7 or 8 years & I think it will continue During president harrison’s administration & I hope all business will flourish from the 4th of March 41 as the Democracy is thrown overboard or at least so sayes [sic] the people or they did on the first monday in Novb. last (in Ky. and other states since).”

Ira White to Marvin C. Delano

Rochester, NY – 28 June 1821

re: Rochester, “The Village of Rochester is one of the most growing places in this state, it is but about 7 or 8 miles from lake ontario situated on the Genesee River near the falls, in 1815 and 16 it was a wilderness, but now it is larger than the Village of Windsor, the public buildings are not so [large?] yet but provably will soon be larger.  The great canal passes through this Village . . . they are also prepareing to make an aqueduct across the River which will cost 30 or 40 thousand dollars   there are also a great many buildings a growing up this year, there has been and is contracted to be 140 buildings put up this season including dwelling houses and stores &c.”

“If ever I am happy, if ever I enjoy myself in this life it is when I am faithful in the cause of the religion of Jesus, then it is that I can enjoy that peace of mind which the world cannot give nor take away.”

John Baird to Samuel Bard

Rollingfork – 14 July 1836

W. M. Clark to Alexander Brown

Russellville – 20 January 1855

John B. Bibb to Linn Boyd

Russellville – 20 January 1847

Re: recommending John B. Peyton for a commission in one of the ten new regiments in the US Army, Peyton had been elected captain of a Kentucky volunteer unit for the Mexican War but the group had not been accepted by the Govenor, Peyton has “longed to join our army in Mexico.”

P. M. Barbour to General Roger Jones (wrapper only)

Russellville – 2 July 1843

George W. Ewing to Willis L. Reams

Russellville – 1 April 1843

re: issuing subpoenas

J. W. Wills to Clerk of Nicholas County Court

Russellville – 7 January 1852

Printed circular re: locating land warrants in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa

Folder 28

Edward Stabler to James Hallowell

Sandy Spring, MD – 24 October ca.1848-1855

To Circuit Clerk (envelope only)

Sardis – 2 January

Joshua Barnes to Samuel Minor

Sharpsburg – 20 December 1850

Re: wanting his boots sent by “the stage”

George Moore to H. M. Morfit

Shelbyville – 10 April 1831

re: legal business

M. L. Beeman to Duncan Mauzey

Shelbyville – 26 June 1837

H. Ellingsworth to Editor of the Biblical Repertory

Shelbyville – 2 January 1843

James L. O’Neill to Coates & Austin

Shelbyville – 15 March 1842

re: business, receiving damaged hats

W. C. Crittenden to General Roger Jones

Shelbyville – 6 September 1845

re: army business

To Hite & Tydings (wrapper only)

Shelbyville – 15 July 1851

From Science Hill Academy

B. C. Failk to Ephraim K. Willson

Shepherdsville – 25 July 1844

To Thomas W. Riley

Shepherdsville – 15 March 1847


M. Quincy to Guthrie & Tyler

Shepherdsville – 1 March 1848

re: business

Ellen G. Yenowine to Margaret C. Knox

Shepherdsville – 10 December 1852

Aaron Harding to John Harding (envelope only)

Shepherdsville – May 1865

Folder 29

To James H. Holyday  (wrapper only)

Side View, Ky – 27 December

Peter Cutright to John C. Nichols

Slate – 16 April 1853

John G. Anderson to John Raum

Smithland – 23 June 1843

re: a “swindler” Old Vaughan, “He swindled Shacktel out of his negros for $10.”

S. M. Barnes to James K. Polk

Smithland – 8 April 1847

Re: Barnes’s recommendations for commissions in the army’s 10 new infantry regiments

Reuben Dawson to David S. Chambers

Smithland – 19 November 1847

re: investigating the sinking of a flat boat in the Cumberland River near Smithland, “…fully confirmed that she had been scuttled and sunk purposely.”

W. J. Dallam to M. L. Hallowell & Co.

Smithland – 24 November 1848

Isaphena McCandless to Decatur Wright

Smithland – 10 December 1852

To William L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Somerset – September

To Mrs. Eveline B. McDowell (envelope only)

Stamping Ground – 16 November

To Clerk of the Anderson Circuit Court

Stanford – 2 April 1841


Henry M. Withers to W. L. Marcy (wrapper only)

Stanford – 10 September 1847

Folder 30

L./L.G. Moss to Benjamin Phinck

Trenton – 9 March 1840

Amasa Delano to Jabez Delano

Versailles – 7 April 1804

Amasa Delano to Jabez Delano

Versailles – 28 February 1806

Gideon Blackburn to Rev. J. W. Douglass

Versailles – 1 October 1832

re: missionary work

P. C. F. Noursel to Abraham Peters

Versailles – 5 September 1833

re: a preacher needing more money

Gideon Blackburn to Abraham Peters

Versailes – 22 May 1833

re: slavery, missionary work, “I have fixed my resolution in consequence of my feelings respecting slavery to setle [sic] my family in the state of Illinois, and therefore, an agency in Tennessee or Alabama would be impracticable.”

Eliza to Martha B. Watkins

Versailles – 29 April 1839

A. Buford to General Roger Jones

Versailles – 1 September 1841

re: Buford acknowledging his commission as a 2nd Lt. in the 1st Dragoons

Robert Kinkead to Alexander G. Abell

Versailles – 26 March 1844

re: getting subscriptions for The Life of President Tyler

To C. G. Wintersmith or Samuel Haycraft (envelope)

West Point – 9 July

J. C. Brashear to C. A. Wickliffe

West Point – 22 September 1854

re: finances, business

C. D. Shear to Warren Mitchell or Abraham

No postmark (addressed to Mouth of the Salt River) – 24 February 1844

re: transporting a body, “You will receive a box containing the corpse of John Ditto jr. by this boat Belle of the West as we suppose it is her in sight.  The coffin is enveloped in a tin case & soldered.  If any of his friends should want to see him, the tin case can be unsoldered or cut with a chissell.”

W. O. Phillips to Commissioner of Pensions

Williamsburg – 18 August 1844

Re: looking for information on the military service of James Pritchard

Lewis Myers to Joseph Lyle

Williamstown – 8 February 1841

re: legal business

A. W. Mills to Henry M. Morfit

Winchester – 24 March 1838

Poston & Winn to M. L. Hallowell & Co.

Winchester – 7 April 1847

re: business, merchants, selling & buying goods

Hampton & Hickman to Morris L. Hallowell & Co.

Winchester – January 1851

re: business

Folder 31 (selected inventory)

-26 November 1829 receipt for the sale of a slave to Sinclair Garvin

-29 October 1844 receipt for the sale of a slave to Sinclair Garvin

-1 January 1851 receipt for slave hiring a boy named John, requires clothing to be furnished

-an 1851 list of the property of S. Garvin including a list of slaves and their value

George W. Hitchings to William U. Garvin

21 August 1860 – re: selling slaves

Folder 32 (selected inventory)

-transcriptions from the minute book of the Hardin County Academy Board of Trustees

Stephen Glascock to Samuel Haycraft

29 August 1816 – re: wanting to be a teacher at the Hardin County Academy

A. Payne to H. G. Wintersmith

5 February 1829 – re: seeking payment for surveying work done for the academy

Robert Hewitt to Benjamin Helm

7 September 1833 – re: accepting a teaching position at the academy

Robert Hewitt to Benjamin Helm

6 March 1837 – re: offering himself as a candidate for an opening as a teacher at the academy

J. L. Burrows to Samuel Haycraft

7 August 1837 – re: purchasing equipment for the academy in New York City

J. Brown  & Co. to Samuel Haycraft

16 May 1839 – re: wanting payment for equipment purchased by Burrows while in NYC

Folder 33 (selected inventory)

John Harding to Aaron Harding (envelope only)

31 October 1862

Aaron Harding to John Harding (envelope only)

1 August 1866 (franked by Aaron Harding)

Aaron Harding to John Harding (envelope only)

26 December 1866 (franked by Aaron Harding)

Alexander H. Stephens to Linton Stephens (envelope only)

21 January 1846 (franked by Alexander Stephens)

J. B. Wathen & Co. to Cowan, Dykes, & Co.

Lebanon – 6 May 1853

re: selling barrels of whiskey in New Orleans, “If you can sell it on arrival at not lest than 37½ cts we would be glad to have it done.”

M. J. Wright to Bohannon & Edwards

Aubrey, KS – 13 November 1860

“We are afraid that Lincoln is elected”

“This county is settled up buy people from Ky mostly.”

M. J. Wright to Bohannon & Edwards

Aubrey, KS – 3 February 1861

re: having received a check, “I would be glad to get another buy [sic] the first of next month or sooner   times is very hard here on account of the failure of the crops.”

Civil War, slaves, “We are all watching your prosedings in that state [Kentucky] and for one I will say that the sooner you sever the cords of the union the better it will be for you   you cannot remane in the union in pease & retane your slaves.”

Thomas S. Page to William Fairleigh

Frankfort – 25 August 1830

re: finances

Thomas S. Page to William Fairleigh

Frankfort – 10 August 1830

re: finances

Commercial Bank of Kentucky stock certificate

Signed by C. M. Flournoy, President

Jacob Van Mater promissory note

18 August 1801 to pay £26.18.4 to William R. Hynes

Louisville Courier Letter-Sheet Price Current for 25 March 1852

-(commerce) list of wholesale prices for a range of goods including nails, cloth, flax, hemp, food products, liquor, beverages, etc.

-lists shipping quantities

Folder 34 (selected inventory)

Prof. James Brown to Christiana Thurman

New Albany, IN – 22 September 1871

re: shipping headstones to Upton

John Donan to J. W. Edwards

Louisville – 25 January 1861 (written in Frankfort)

re: Civil War, “Gov. Letcher died last night.  The Virginia resolutions were sent to both Houses today by the Gov.  They were referred to the committee on federal relations.  This committee must now have about a bushel of resolutions before them    they have employed a clerk and I expect will want a printer.  I suppose you have seen the Virginia resolutions  they must be met with much favor.  I don’t Know who our commissioners will be   several distinguished Citizens of Ky have been mentioned in the connection.  A resolution tendering the use of the Hall has been very properly qualified I think not to include Abolition and emancipation speakers.  This will exclude such men as Judge Robertson, Nichols, &c of that stripe as to some of them.”

“What is called the border Confederacy is bitterly denounced by man of the most prominent Bell & Douglass men.”

Cassie to Caroline B. McCleery

Frederick, MD – 6 June 1848

“There was a very serious accident happened on the railroad a few days ago.  The cars ran off the track and a young man who was standing in the door got his leg dreadfully crushed . . . it was thought it would have to be take off, but I have heard since that he is getting better.”

Folder 35 (selected inventory)

Machine cancellations

Roller cancellations

“Fancy cancels”

Davis & Birney to Bohannon & Edwards

Philadelphia – 31 March 1859

Form letter re: legal business

Davis & Birney to Bohannon & Edwards

Philadelphia – 22 August 1859

Form letter re: legal business

P. M. Henry to Jno. S. Bohannon

Washington – August 1858

Form letter re: an act to continue pension benefits to widows and orphaned children of soldiers, “This act mostly benefits the widows of the soldiers and officers who died in the War of 1812 and the late war with Mexico…” (Mexican War)

M. J. Wright to Bohannon & Edwards

Wataga, IL – 4 September 1858

re: Lincoln-Douglass debates, “In answer to your Question is Duglass to be our next US Senator from this state I think he sertainly will be   he is warmly supoarted by his own party  he has entered the canvas with all the vigor of youth   they people of Ky never was more devoted to H. Clay than the people of Ills is to the little Giant   his opponent is a verry feeble both physically and mentally  he seldom fills all the time allowed him on the stand either fails in the head or the legs & some times boath & what is worse than all the people is generly anxious for him to quit before he dose   his speeches is dry uninteresting & generally forigen from the point.  The most prominent position that Linckon takes is negroro equality   that thing of its selfe will secure Duglass Election  Duglass is warmly aplauded whareever he adrsses the people   he leaves the people anxious to heare more   I have not cast a single vote since I have bin in this stat but if alive & well I will count one for Duglaless.”

Subject Headings

African Americans – Kentucky

Alien and Sedition laws, 1798

American Home Missionary Society

American Party – Kentucky

Antislavery movements – Kentucky

Business enterprises – Kentucky

Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850

Cholera – Kentucky

Commerce – Southern States

Croghan, George, 1791-1849

Croghan, William, 1752-1823

Desha, Joseph, 1768-1842

Douglas, Stephen Arnold, 1813-1861

Dueling – Kentucky

Fee, John Gregg, 1816-1901

Hardin County Academy (Elizabethtown, Ky.)

Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841

Jackson Purchase (Ky.)

Johnson, Richard M. (Richard Mentor), 1780-1850

Kentucky – History – 1792-1865

Kentucky – Politics and government – 1792-1865

Kentucky – Social life and customs

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865

Louisville journal (Louisville, Ky.)

Marshall, Thomas Alexander, 1794-1871

Medicine – Kentucky

Mexican War, 1846-1848

Missionaries – Kentucky

Missouri compromise

Natchez (Miss.) – Description and travel

Oil wells – Kentucky

Polk, James K. (James Knox), 1795-1849

Postmarks – Kentucky

Salt industry and trade – Kentucky

Slavery – Kentucky

Stamp collecting – Kentucky

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883

United States – History – Civil War, 1861-1865

United States – Territorial expansion

United States. Army