Taylor, James Papers, 1774-1888

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Taylor, James 

Title:  Papers, 1774-1888 

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Size of Collection:  2.33 cubic feet 

Location Number:  Mss. A T243 

Scope and Content Note 

Papers include miscellaneous papers relating to land in Ohio and Ky.; correspondence, deeds, and agreements, 1774-1883; papers of James Taylor, Sr., as paymaster-general, showing payments to soldiers in the War of 1812 and containing information on suits and claims; his papers in connection with the building of the U.S. Barracks and Arsenal at Newport, Ky.; papers, 1856-1873, of Barry Taylor regarding farming and personal affairs; papers, 1782-1815, of Major David Leitch; letters and documents from Julius Smalley, 1863, Reuben and Charles Taylor, 1806-1821, Edmund Taylor, 1811-1838, Andrew J. Barry, 1851-1858, and James W. Abert of the U.S. Corps of Engineers and his wife, Lucy Taylor Abert, 1851-1869; and miscellaneous family letters and papers. 

Biographical Note 

1769 Born in Virginia. 

1793 Moved to Kentucky to supervise the sale of his father’s lands there and established the town of Newport. 

1795 Married Keturah (Moss) Leitch. 

1812 Served as quartermaster general on General William Hull’s campaign against Detroit. 

1848 Died and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Kentucky. 

For more information consult the Kentucky Encyclopedia. 

Folder List 

Box 1 

1 Kentucky and Ohio land papers.

2 Kentucky and Ohio land papers.

3 Kentucky and Ohio land papers.

4 Kentucky and Ohio land papers, 1815-1817.

5 Miscellaneous papers.

6 Miscellaneous papers mostly relating to land in Kentucky and Ohio.

7 Miscellaneous, mostly land papers.


Box 2 

8 Miscellaneous, mostly land papers, 1835-1839.

9 Miscellaneous, mostly Kentucky and Ohio land papers, 1840-1844.

10 Miscellaneous, mostly Kentucky and Ohio land papers, 1845-1848.

11 Miscellaneous, mostly Kentucky and Ohio land papers, 1850-1859.

12 Miscellaneous, mostly Kentucky and Ohio land papers, 1860-1883.

13 Land papers, 1817.

14 Correspondence from the General Land Office, Washington, D.C. to Taylor,1817-1848.

15 Land papers concerning William Leigh Pierce, 1794-1819.

16 Correspondence regarding the sale of land in Ohio by Taylor to Jehiel Gregory, 1815-1818. 


Box 3 

17 Land papers, 1792-1829. Deeds.

18 Lewis County, Ky. land papers, 1841-1848.

19 Hugh Stuart estate papers; James McAlister indenture, John Byron patent for Greenup County, Ky. land, 1783-1824.

20 Hugh Stuart estate papers; Ann Stuart land papers, 1825-1828.

21 Ann Stuart Greenup County land papers, 1830-1845.

22 Ann Stuart papers.

23 Correspondence, 1845-1866.

24 William Barret and heirs land papers, 1830-1844.

fl.. 25 Kentucky and Ohio land correspondence and will of William Barret, 1838-1871. 

26 William Barret correspondence regarding Ophelia Watson, 1852-1880.


Box 4 

27 Hugh Mercer papers, 1785-1810.

28 Hugh Mercer papers, 1811-1819.

29 Hugh Mercer papers, 1820-1823.

30 Hugh Mercer papers, 1824-1829.

31 Hugh Mercer papers, 1830-1833.

32 Hugh Mercer papers, 1834-1845.

33 Hugh Mercer estate papers, n.d.

34 James T. Eubanks estate papers, 1809-1814.

35 James T. Eubanks estate papers, 1815-1860.


Box 5 

36 U.S. paymaster papers, 1809-1817.

37 U.S. paymaster legal papers, 1820-1843.

38 Papers pertaining to the Barracks at Newport, Ky., 1803-1812.

39 Barry Taylor papers, 1856-1859.

40 Papers of and about Barry Taylor, 1864-1870.

41 Papers of and about Barry Taylor, 1870.

42 Papers of and about Barry Taylor, 1871.

43 Papers of and about Barry Taylor, 1872-1873.


Box 6 

44 David Leitch notes, accounts, papers, etc., 1782-1815.

45 Correspondence with Julius Smalley about the purchase of horses for James Taylor, 1863.

46 Francis Taylor estate papers, 1803-1821.

47 Edmund Taylor estate papers, 1811-1838.Martha Taylor tuition bills. Mary T. McKinney accounts. 

48 Charlotte T. Haines correspondence to James Taylor, 1867-1870.

49 Isaac D. Barnard papers and suit of Thomas Clayton v. Francis Swayne, 1823-1827.

50 Barry papers, 1851-1858.

51 James W. Abert, Lucy C. Abert, and I. I. Abert papers, 1851-1869.

52 Correspondence, 1856-1864.

53 Prospectus of the Newport Eagle; bills of the Patapsco Female Institute; and printed material from St. Paul’s Church, Newport, Ky.

54 Josephine Tibbatts bills, 1853-1854. 

55 Printed forms.

56 Plats and receipts.

57 Miscellaneous and fragments.


Box 7 

58 Papers, n.d.

59 Correspondence to James Taylor from Robert Wickliffe, 1812-1845.

60 Letter from Colonel H. Butler to James Taylor, 1813 Sept. 1.

61 Additional papers, 1787-1858.