Sing Out Louisville (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1969-1998  

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Sing Out Louisville (Louisville, Ky.)

Title: Records, 1969-1998

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Size of Collection: 3 cubic feet

Location Number: Mss. BP S617

Scope and Content Note

This collection includes information related to Sing Out Louisville, a musical performing group made up of youth from various Louisville area high schools. The records include some board minutes, newsletters from Sing Out Louisville, its international parent organization Up with People and various other regional Sing Out groups. Also included are performance programs, schedules, group rosters and event planning material. The collection is valuable as a look into Sing Out Louisville over the span of almost two decades.

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Historical Note

Sing Out Louisville was an organization of performing young adults ranging in age from roughly junior high to college age from several Louisville area schools. Sing Out Louisville began in 1969 and was administratively dissolved as a corporation in 1998. It is unclear if the group performed until 1998 as performance records appear to end in the mid-1980s.

The group was initially affiliated with the larger international parent organization Up with People. Up with People traced their history back to the preaching of Frank Buchman and the Moral Re-Armament movement that began in the late 1930s. An article from The Reader’s Digest states that the idea for Sing Out emerged at a youth conference at Mackinac Island sponsored by the Moral Re-Armament movement. According to the article, the idea for the group grew from one college student’s irritation with “the image of American youth being created by beatniks, draft-card burners, campus rioters and protest marchers.”Many local Sing Out groups existed across the United States and internationally. In 1969, there appears to have been some changes and confusion within the Up with People’s structure, specifically regarding the relationship between local Sing Out groups and the parent organization.1

According to a Courier-Journal article, Ann Dorzback, the parent of four Sing Out Louisville members, was instrumental in keeping the group alive and growing throughout its history.3 Included within the collection is correspondence between Dorzback and Sing Out members and parents, as well as a letter in German likely written by Dorzback, who immigrated from Germany.  Throughout Sing Out Louisville’s existence, the group maintained contact with several other similar Sing Out groups in various cities. On several occasions, Sing Out Louisville attended conferences and workshops hosted by other Sing Out groups. In late 1971, in an effort to revitalize the Sing Out program and coordinate among Sing Outs nationwide, the National Sing Out Action Council was formed at a conference in Waco, Texas.4 Along with other issues, the council faced disagreement regarding local Sing Outs’ relationship with Up with People, and the Moral Re-Armament movement.


1 William A Mackenzie, letter to Dan Skuce, November 19, 1969, Mss. BP S617 8

“Sing Out, America!” The Reader’s Digest, May 1967, Mss. BP S617 16a

3 Joan Kay, “Enthusiastic Mother Couldn’t Give Up Sing Out Louisville,” The Courier-Journal, undated, Mss. BP S617 16a

“Special Edition,” People to People newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1, January 4, 1972, Let’s Go San Diego, San Diego, California, Mss. BP S617 13


Folder List

Box 1

Board Meeting Minutes 

Folder 1: Sing Out Louisville Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws

Folder 2: Certificate of Dissolution, 1998

Folder 3: Senior Board Minutes 1974-1983 (incomplete, some undated material)

Folder 4: Board meeting and event planning notebook, 1982-1984

Folder 5: Notes concerning role of board and internal disagreement, c. 1980

Folder 6: Junior Board elections and members 1978-1979


Folder 7: Internal Correspondence

Folder 8: Legal Correspondence with Up with People, 1969-1972

Folder 9: General Correspondence

Folder 9a: Letter in German, undated.


Folder 10: Sing Out Louisville newsletters, 1969- c.1985

Folder 11: Up with People Perspective newsletter, 1970

Folder 12: Up With People News newsletter, 1971-1974

Folder 13: People to People Newsletter (of Let’s Go San Diego, San Diego, Ca.), 1971-1972

Folder 14: The People’s Express newsletter (Kent, Oh.), 1977, 1982-1983

Folder 15: People’s International Lifestyle newsletter (Hutchinson, Ks.), 1982-1984

Folder 16: Sing-Out Tri-City Express newsletter (Jeffersonville, In.), undated

Folder 16a: Sing Out Louisville and Up with People clippings

Organizational Material

Folder 17: Organization history

Folder 18: Operating Practices and Policies, Leadership roles and responsibilities

Folder 18a: Sing Out Louisville business cards

Folder 19: Sing Out Louisville and Up with People advertising and publicity material, c. 1970-1985

Folder 19a: Photographs

Folder 20: Awards and Recognition

Folder 21: Membership information and blank applications

Folder 22: Group rosters, 1969-c.1985
Folder 23: Completed membership applications and commitment forms

Folder 24: Membership dues list, 1981-1982

Folder 25: Membership dues folder, 1983-1984

Folder 26: Rehearsal absentee lists, undated

Folder 27: Group contact information, c. 1980

Folder 28: Parent rosters

Folder 29: Parent rosters by occupation

Folder 30: Information for parents

Box 2

Performance and Event Planning 

Folder 31: Performance and event schedules

Folder 32: Programs (folder 1 of 2), 1969-1972

Folder 33: Programs (folder 2 of 2), 1972-c.1980

Folder 34: Performance and event planning (folder 1 of 2)

Folder 35: Performance and event planning (folder 2 of 2)

Folder 36: Costumes

Folder 37: Sheet music and song lyrics

Folder 38: Anniversary show planning, 1970

Folder 39: Second anniversary show and program, 1971

Folder 40: “Of You We Sing” show, 1972

Folder 41: Tenth Anniversary Show, 1979

Folder 42: Camp Cedarmore trip planning, 1979

Folder 43: Banquet planning, 1979

Folder 44: Banquet planning, 1982-1985
Folder 45: “Love is in the Air” show planning, 1983

Folder 46: Trip and show in Paducah, Ky. planning, 1983

Folder 47: Trip and show in Nashville, Tn. planning, undated

Folder 48: Trip and show in Danville, Ky. planning, undated

Folder 49: Christmas benefit, 1983

Folder 50: Orientation and dedication ceremony planning, 1983-1985

Folder 51: Orientation speech by Ann Dorzback, undated

Folder 52: Sing Kentuckiana senior night program, 1981

Regional Conferences and Sing Out Groups

Folder 53: Sing Out Indiana East (Richmond, In.) and Sing Out Washington (Washington, In.) conference information, 1970

Folder 54: Try Your Heart Out Conference, Sing Out Lubbock (Lubbock, Tx), 1971

Folder 55: Something Different Conference, Sing Out Austin (Austin, Tx.), 1971

Folder 56: Ohio Valley Action Council Conference, Sing Out Troy (Troy, Oh.), 1972

Folder 57: People’s International Inc. conference show, 1981

Folder 58: Day of Sharing conference, We the People (Kent, Oh.), 1981

Folder 59: Sing Kentuckiana summer conference schedule and letter to Ann Dorzback, 1983

Folder 60: Friendship Ambassador Inc. Cultural Exchange program with Romania, 1979

Box 3

Folder 61: Sing Out Florissant Valley (Florissant, Mo.) performance program

Folder 62: SEAC (Southeast Action Council?) meeting agenda and correspondence, 1971

Folder 63: Southwestern Sing Out Association Constitution, undated

Folder 64: From Dream to Reality: A Handbook for Sing Outs, 1973

Folder 65: Offer of assistance to revitalize Sing Outs, undated

Up with People material 

Folder 66: Organization information and correspondence with Irene Dorzback

Folder 67: Mackinac College printed address to students by Dr. S. Douglas Cornell, and correspondence from Dr. S. Douglas Cornell to Irene Dorzback

Folder 68: National Cast C tour in Louisville, Ky. schedule, 1976

Folder 69: National Cast B tour in Louisville, Ky. schedule and host family information, 1983


Folder 70: Fundraising

Folder 71: Finances, 1971

Folder 72: Finances, 1972

Folder 73: Finances, 1973

Folder 74: Finances, 1974

Folder 74a: Finances, 1975

Folder 75: Finances, 1976-1980

Folder 75a: Finances, 1981-1983


Folder 76: Girl Scouts/ Fairlawn-Radburn Leaders Association material, c. 1965

Folder 77: Richard Nixon in Louisville Flyer, 1970

Folder 78: “Why they attack the GI Coffeehouse at Muldraugh” flyer, c. 1970

Folder 79: Miscellaneous material

3×5 Song and Contact Cards 

Folder 80: 3×5 song cards (separated from contact cards)

Box 81 (stored in Box 3): 3×5 contact cards


Subject Headings

Choirs (Music)

Concert programs.

Moral re-armament.

Musical groups.

Music – Societies, etc.

Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.

Students – Kentucky – Louisville.

Up with People (Organization)

Vietnam War, 1961-1975.

Vocal groups.

Youth – Societies and clubs.

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