Louisville Women’s City Club Records, 1917-1985

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Louisville Women’s City Club

Title: Records, 1917-1985

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collection.

Size of Collection: 2 cubic feet

Location Number: Mss. BM L888

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Louisville Women’s City Club consist of meeting and committee minutes from 1917 through the mid 1970s. In addition, the collection contains correspondence, club pamphlets, financial records, and bound volumes of the club bulletin.

The Louisville Women’s City Club was founded to increase civic engagement within the city and to work toward the common good of Louisville. The chronological scope of the City Club minutes show how the activities of women within Louisville politics and society shifted over time. Minutes also indicate the role the women believed they should play in war efforts, politics, and as housewives.

During the 1920s, the women were extremely active in political matters related to education and social policy. In order to remain informed regarding current events, an appointed Legislative Committee Chair was responsible for reporting legislative issues to club members during meetings. In addition the club hosted a variety of guest speakers to discuss upcoming election issues and published informative articles in their monthly bulletin. However, during the 1940s most political work was abandoned and the club developed a more social and charitable basis. Members in this period focused more on financial donations than public activism.

Biographical Note

The Louisville Women’s City Club was founded in 1917 through the dissolution of the Louisville Women’s Civic Association. The principle aim of the club was to awaken civic consciousness within the city of Louisville and to work together for the common benefit of others. The club engaged in various civic activities within Louisville, but was most active from its founding through the early 1930s. Members organized campaign rallies, worked for proper sanitation within the city, sought to improve public education standards, and participated in the wartime preservation movement. At its peak in 1921, club membership totaled over nine hundred; however, a gradual decline in numbers resulted in the club’s termination in the late 1980s with only nine members remaining.

Folder List

Folder 1: General Business Correspondence

Folder 2: Condolences and Thank-You Notes

Folder 3: Philanthropic Correspondence, 1973-1979

Folder 4: Philanthropic Correspondence, 1980-1985

Folder 5: Minutes, 1917

Folder 6: Minutes, 1918

Folder 7: Minutes, 1919

Folder 8: Minutes, 1920

Folder 9: Minutes, 1921

Folder 10: Minutes, 1922

Folder 11: Minutes, 1923

Folder 12: Minutes, January – April 1924

Folder 13: Minutes, May – December 1924

Folder 14: Minutes, 1925

Folder 15: Minutes, 1926

Folder 16: Minutes, 1927

Folder 17: Minutes, 1928

Folder 18: Minutes, 1929

Folder 19: Minutes, 1930

Folder 20: Minutes, 1944

Folder 21: Minutes, 1945

Folder 22: Minutes, 1946-1947

Folder 23: Minutes, 1948

Folder 24: Minutes, 1949

Folder 25: Minutes, 1950

Folder 26: Minutes, January – July 1951

Folder 27: Minutes, 1951-1956 (Binder)

Folder 28: Minutes, 1956-1957

Folder 29: Minutes, 1958-1959

Folder 30: Minutes, 1960-68

Folder 31: Minutes, Finance and Budget Committee

Folder 32: Minutes, Health Committee

Folder 33: Minutes, Foods and Markets Committee

Folder 34: Minutes, Membership Committee

Folder 35: Minutes, Garbage Committee

Folder 36: Minutes and Reports- Miscellaneous

Folder 37: Treasurer’s Ledger, 1972-1981

Folder 38: Treasurer’s Reports

Folder 39: Treasurer’s Reports (Binder)

Folder 40: Bank Statements, 1972

Folder 41: Bank Statements, 1973

Folder 42: Bank Statements, 1974

Folder 43: Bank Statements, 1975

Folder 44: Bank Statements, 1976

Folder 45: Bank Statements, 1977

Folder 46: Bank Statements, 1978

Folder 47: Bank Statements, 1979

Folder 48: Bank Statements, 1980

Folder 49: Bank Statements, 1981

Folder 50: Bank Statements, 1982

Folder 51: Bank Statements, 1983-1985

Folder 52: Tax Papers

Folder 53: Deposit Tickets

Folder 54: Blank Deposit Tickets

Folder 55: Bank Notes

Folder 56: Banking, Miscellaneous

Folder 57: Bills and Receipts, I

Folder 58: Bills and Receipts, II

Folder 59: Legal Papers, I

Folder 60: Legal Papers, II

Folder 61: Insurance Papers

Folder 62: Speech Transcripts

Folder 63: History of the City Club

Folder 64: Membership Directories, 1947-1957

Folder 65: Membership Directories, 1958-1965

Folder 66: Club Bulletins and Pamphlets

Folder 67: Bulletins and Pamphlets, Miscellaneous

Folder 68: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 69: Sheet Music

Folder 70: Stationary

Folder 71: Garden Club – Clippings and Photographs

Folder 72: Garden Club – Bulletins

Folder 73: Club Constitution and By-Laws

Folder 74: Miscellaneous

Folder 75: Envelopes

Folder 76: Treasurer’s Reports, 1975-1981 (Binder)

Folder 77: Club Bulletins, 1917-1921 (Bound Volume)

Folder 78: Club Bulletins, 1922-1925 (Bound Volume)

Folder 79: Club Bulletins, 1926-1929 (Bound Volume)

Folder 80: Checkbook Ledger, 1949-1950

Folder 81: Checkbook Ledger, 1972-1984

Folder 82: City Club Corporate Seal

Folder 83: City Club Rubber Stamps

Folder 84: Scrapbook

Subject Headings


City planning – Citizen participation

Education – Kentucky – Louisville

Food – Quality

Louisville Women’s City Club

Manners and customs

Marshall Plan

Sanitation – Kentucky – Louisville

School elections – Kentucky – Louisville

Suffrage – United States

Tuberculosis – Kentucky – Louisville

United States – Race relations

Women – Societies and clubs

Women in politics – Kentucky – Louisville

World War, 1914-1918

World War, 1939-1945 – Civilian relief

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