Kentucky Home School for Girls (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1874-2013 

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Kentucky Home School for Girls (Louisville, Ky.) 

Title:  Records, 1874-2013 

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Size of Collection:  6 cu. ft., 1 small box, 3 ovsz. vols., & 1 ovsz. fld.  

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Historical Note 

In 1972, Kentucky Home School for Girls, the Kentucky Military Institute, and Louisville Country Day School merged to form Kentucky Country Day School (KCD). This merger also included Aquinas Preparatory School, which had consolidated with Louisville Country Day a few years earlier in 1967. KCD is a co-ed college prep school in Louisville for kindergarten through 12th grade. KCD was originally located on Rock Creek Drive, adjacent to Seneca Park, but in 1978, the school moved to its current campus on Springdale Road.  

Kentucky Home School for Girls 

The Kentucky Home School for Girls was founded in 1863 by Belle Peers, daughter of one-time Transylvania University president Rev. Benjamin Peers. The school started with a class of 12 students and over the years grew in size and reputation. In 1879, it moved from Chestnut Street to a larger campus on Third Street. In 1880, the school was officially incorporated. In 1904, Peers retired as principal, and KHS was purchased by Annie S. Anderson and Annie S. Waters. 

In 1927, the school moved again, to the Bonnycastle mansion and cottage at 1649 Everett Ave. In 1929 the KHS Holding Corporation purchased an additional property close to Cherokee Park, where students could participate in outdoor activities such as horseback riding, volleyball, baseball, tennis, and archery (KHS was reportedly the first school in the region to introduce archery, importing targets, bows, and arrows from England). This site was also used for annual events such as May Day and the Mountain Fund Bazaar, which raised money to help the blind in rural Kentucky. Other early student activities included gymnastics, folk and aesthetic dancing, hockey, art exhibitions, theater, and the Glee Club, which often placed in the Kentucky State Music Contest. 

Of the 180 girls who graduated from KHS between 1911 and 1932, three fourths entered higher education institutions. In 1948, the school moved to 2301 Douglas Blvd., where it remained until 1972, when it merged with the other schools to form Kentucky Country Day School. Some KHS traditions have been preserved at KCD: the KCD piano lab is dedicated to beloved KHS music teacher Amelia Moody, and senior girls still wear white dresses and carry roses at graduation ceremonies.

Louisville Country Day School and Aquinas Preparatory School

Louisville Country Day was a college preparatory school for boys, incorporated in 1948 by a group of Louisville business and civic leaders. With donations from 143 Louisville families, the school was opened in 1951 with a campus on Rock Creek Lane. In the first year, 91 students were enrolled in grades 1 through 10. By 1953, the school had expanded to include 12 grades. 

In 1967, Aquinas, a Catholic boys’ preparatory school founded in 1957 and comprising grades 1 through 12 and a preschool, was consolidated with LCD. Its campus became known as the Browns Lane Campus, home to preschool and grades 1 through 6, while the Rock Creek Lane Campus maintained grades 7 through 12. 

Kentucky Military Institute

Founded in 1845 by West Point graduate General Robert T. P. Allen, the Kentucky Military Institute was only the third military school in the country. The first classes were held in Franklin Springs, Farmdale, Kentucky. In 1896 the school moved to its campus in Lyndon, and in 1906 the school opened its other campus in Venice, Florida. Students and faculty spent the fall and spring in Kentucky and moved to Florida for the months of January, February, and March to avoid winter weather, shortened days, and seasonal illness.   

KMI graduates volunteered in the Spanish-American War and served in Cuba and the Philippines. Approximately 300 alumni and former cadets served in World War I, and over 1,000 served in World War II. In 1984, twelve years after KMI merged with the other schools to form Kentucky Country Day, the KMI honor code was adopted by KCD.  


Pamphlets and historical sketches within the collection:  

    • KHS info: Folder 33-35  
    • LCD info: Folder 73-75  
    • KMI info: Folder 111  
    • Aquinas info: Folder 119  

Scope and Content Note 

The bulk of the material in this collection relates to Kentucky Home School for Girls (KHS). This material includes correspondence, student publications, brochures and pamphlets for school events, material about financial matters and school accreditation, etc. (folders 1-65). The collection also includes several scrapbooks of KHS material (volumes 122-149), including an oversized folder of separated scrapbook material (oversized folder 150). These scrapbooks contain photos, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and programs, most relating to student life and KHS events, including May Day celebrations, plays, concerts, and sporting events. The KHS material also includes a small box of registration cards that list KHS students and teachers (box 7).  

The collection also includes material relating to Louisville Country Day School (folders 66-98) and Kentucky Military Institute (folders 99-118). Lastly, there is one folder of material relating to Aquinas Preparatory School (folder 119), one relating to Country-Day School for Boys (folder 120), and one relating to Kentucky Country Day School (folder 121).  

Related collections:  

    • KHS, LCD, and KMI yearbooks [Filson library collection]  
    • KMI regalia and ephemera [Filson museum collection: 2021.37]  
    • Photographs from KHS, LCD, and KMI [Filson photograph collection: 021PC45]  

Folder List 

Box 1 

Kentucky Home School for Girls (KHS) records, 1874-2013 

General Correspondence 

Folder 1: Correspondence, mostly to KHS principals Bullitt and Dickerson from parents and alums, 1959-1972 and n.d.  

Folder 2: Correspondence and material relating to music teacher Amelia Moody, 1968-1993 and n.d.  

Folder 3: Correspondence and material related to KHS’s merger with Louisville Country Day School, 1969-1972.  

Folder 4: Correspondence and material related to KHS Mountain Fund, 1932-1943.  

Folder 5: Miscellaneous correspondence, 1924-1959 and n.d. 

School Life 

Folder 6: Student schoolwork, 1925 and n.d.  

Folder 7: Student report card (1931) and honor roll list [includes lists of student grades and examples of their math work] (1967-1972).  

Folder 8: Student prizes and awards, 1936-1957.  

Folder 9: Book belonging to KHS founder and principal Belle Peers, containing salutatory and valedictory speeches from 1876-1885; also includes a list of graduated students.  

Folder 10: School philosophy, motto, songs, rules, etc., 1908-1939 and n.d.  

Folder 11: Articles of Incorporation for KHS and the Kentucky Home Seminary, 1882.  

Folder 12: Information about KHS student government, 1958-1972 and n.d.  

Folder 13: Alma Mater sheet music and various sheet music collection by Amelia Moody, n.d.  

Folder 14: KHS blank forms, stationary, etc., n.d.  

Publications, Programs, Invitations 

Folder 15: Annual brochures showing faculty, courses offered, rules, etc., 1874-1889.  

Folder 16: Annual brochures showing faculty, courses offered, rules, etc., 1890-1909.  

Folder 17: Annual brochures showing faculty, courses offered, rules, etc., 1910-1919.  

Folder 18: Annual brochures showing faculty, courses offered, rules, etc., 1920-1931.  

Folder 19: Annual brochures showing faculty, courses offered, rules, etc., 1932-1959.  

Folder 20: Annual brochures showing faculty, courses offered, rules, etc., 1960-1971.  

Folder 21: Student and faculty directories, 1959-1960, 1967-1968, and n.d.  

Folder 22: The Nuclean student newsletter, 1949-1952.  

Folder 23: Brillig student literary magazine, 1967-1972.  

Folder 24: Pandaisia yearbooks (Bettie Bryant personal copies), 1945 and 1948.  

Folder 25: “School Bell,” 1877.  

Folder 26: Miscellaneous KHS publications, 1914-1969 and n.d.  

Folder 27: Invitations to commencement ceremonies, 1911-1972.  

Folder 28: Programs for commencement ceremonies, 1885-1972.  

Folder 29: Programs for various school productions, 1909-1970 and n.d.  

Folder 30: Programs for Christmas events, 1935-1971 and n.d.  

Folder 31: Programs and invitations for Alumnae Association meetings and luncheons, 1911-1984 and n.d.  

Folder 32: Programs and invitations for miscellaneous events, 1947-1990 and n.d.  

KHS History

Folder 33: Alumnae recollections of KHS, 1891 and n.d.  

Box 2

KHS (continued) 

Folder 34: “KHS Traditions” by Sherry Bounnell, 1979.  

Folder 35: KHS histories, 1920-2013 and n.d.  

Folder 36: Bonnycastle mansion and cottage information, n.d.  

Folder 37: Newspaper clippings, 1915-1973 and n.d.  

Folder 38: Miscellaneous newspaper clippings.  

Alumnae stuff/reunions/anniversaries

Folder 39: Material related to 125th Anniversary Alumnae luncheon, 1988-1989.  

Folder 40: Material related to 50th reunion of the class of 1948, 1998.  

Folder 41: Material related to 135th Anniversary celebration, 1999 (includes several “response forms” from alums, on which many have written favorite memories of their time at KHS).  

Folder 42: Napkins for the 50th reunion of class of 1959, 2009.  

Folder 43: Information about creation of KHS archive, 1985-2013 and n.d.  

Folder 44: Miscellaneous Alumnae Association material, 1923-1972 and n.d.  


Folder 45: Correspondence concerning accreditation, 1940-1971 and n.d.  

Folder 46: Book of Evaluative Criteria laying out KHS philosophy, goals, student data, etc., 1948.  

Folder 47: Applications and reports for accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1936-1969 and n.d.  

Folder 48: Reports to the Kentucky Department of Education, 1947-1966.  

Folder 49: Reports to the Kentucky Department of Education, 1967-1970.  

Folder 50: Reports to the Kentucky Department of Education, 1971-1972.  

Folder 51: Reports of daily class schedules, n.d.  

Folder 52: Reports listing KHS teaching staff, 1965 and n.d.  

Folder 53: Academic transcripts for KHS teachers, 1933-1970 and n.d.  

Folder 54: Report of the visiting committee evaluation of KHS and Kentucky Department of Education accreditation certificates, ca. 1940-1960.  

Folder 55: Guidelines for accreditation through the Kentucky Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, n.d.  

Folder 56: Miscellaneous notes concerning accreditation.  

Financial material/KHS holding corporation

Folder 57: Board of Trustees minutes, 1944-1971.  

Folder 58: KHS Holding Corporation financial material, 1928-1959.  

Folder 59: KHS Holding Corporation financial material, 1960-1972 and n.d.  

Folder 60: KHS Holding Corporation shares, 1930-1972.  

Folder 61: KHS property matters and fundraising for building improvements, 1928-1970 and n.d.  

Folder 62: KHS deeds, mortgages, building blueprints, n.d.  

Folder 63: Bills of sale for KHS household items and school equipment, 1910.  

Folder 64: Miscellaneous material related to financial matters and the Board of Trustees, 1962-1970 and n.d.  

Miscellaneous KHS 

Folder: 65: Miscellaneous KHS material.  

Louisville Country Day School records, 1951-1972 

Folder 66: Correspondence, 1951-1954.  

Folder 67: Educational records – individual student grades, 1963-1967.  

Folder 68: Educational records – median class grades on achievement tests, 1967.  

Folder 69: Lists of students (award winners, announcements, etc.), 1951-1972 and n.d.  

Folder 70: Rules and lists of winners for LCD annual essay contest, 1955-1960 and n.d.  

Folder 71: LCD 20th Anniversary Development Fund information, ca. 1970.  

Folder 72: LCD building drawings, n.d.  

Folder 73: Miscellaneous documents about LCD (history, financial aid information, rules for student conduct, school song, organizational chart, etc.), 1955-1969 and n.d.  

Folder 74: Informational pamphlets (school history, rules, catalogs, reports, factual yearbook supplements, etc.), 1951-1966  

Folder 75: Informational pamphlets (school history, rules, catalogs, reports, factual yearbook supplements, etc.), 1966-1971 and n.d.  

Folder 76: Graduation programs, 1954-1970.  

Folder 77: Miscellaneous student event programs, 1968-1972.  

Folder 78: Newspaper clippings from Courier Journal and Louisville Times, 1961 and n.d.  

Folder 79: Miscellaneous student publications, 1964-1968 and n.d.  

Folder 80: Dayman student newspaper issues, 1959.  

Folder 81: Dayman student newspaper issues, 1960.  

Folder 82: Dayman student newspaper issues, 1961-1962.  

Box 3 

LCD (continued) 

Folder 83: Dayman student newspaper issues, 1963-1966.  

Folder 84: Dayman student newspaper issues, 1967-1972.  

Folder 85: Dayman alumni newsletters, 1964-1972.  

Folder 86: Descrier student literary journal issues, 1959.  

Folder 87: Descrier student literary journal issues, 1960-1961.  

Folder 88: Descrier student literary journal issues, 1962.  

Folder 89: Descrier student literary journal issues, 1963.  

Folder 90: Descrier student literary journal issues, 1964-1965.  

Folder 91: Descrier student literary journal issues, 1966-1969.  

Folder 92: Descrier student literary journal issues, n.d.  

Folder 93: Descrier student literary journal anthologies, 1967-1971.  

Volume 94: Descrier student literary journal bound collection, 1959-1960.  

Volume 95: Descrier student literary journal bound collection, 1960-1961.  

Volume 96: Descrier student literary journal bound collection, 1961-1962.  

Volume 97: Descrier student literary journal bound collection, 1963-1964.  

Volume 98: Descrier student literary journal bound collection, 1964-1965.  

Kentucky Military Institute records, 1901-2005 

Folder 99: Correspondence, 1901-2005 and n.d.  

Folder 100: Correspondence from school to parents and patrons, KMI mailing list, 1946-1986.  

Folder 101: Report cards and military training certificate for William D. Berger, 1967-1968.  

Folder 102: Blank application, report card, diploma, and list of some student physical measurements, n.d.  

Folder 103: Announcements and special orders for students, 1944-1968 and n.d.  

Folder 104: Blue Books, n.d.  

Folder 105: Commencement programs, 1926-1973.  

Folder 106: Programs and script for school play “He Came unto His Own,” n.d.  

Folder 107: Miscellaneous programs for KMI events, 1944-2005 and n.d.  

Folder 108: Fliers for KMI sporting events, 1945 and n.d.  

Folder 109: KMI school cheers, songs, and poems, n.d.  

Folder 110: KMI stationary, n.d.  

Folder 111: Miscellaneous notes and material concerning the history of KMI, n.d.  

Folder 112: Miscellaneous material concerning KMI reunions  

Folder 113: Kayemeye Anvil student newspaper issues, 1944-1947.  

Folder 114: The Kentucadet student newspaper and alumni newspaper, 1945-1990.  

Folder 115: The Adjutant’s Call issues, 1964-1966.  

Folder 116: Miscellaneous KMI publications, 1967-1989 and n.d.  

Folder 117: Newspaper clippings, 1950-2003 and n.d.  

Folder 118: Miscellaneous KMI seals, badges, and ephemera, n.d.  

Other Schools 

Folder 119: Aquinas Preparatory School material, 1963-1966 and n.d.  

Folder 120: Copy of pamphlet about the Country Day-School for Boys, 1916.  

Folder 121: Kentucky Country Day School Thespian Troupe pamphlet, n.d.  

Box 4 

Volume 122: KHS Scrapbook, 1902-1930.  

Volume 123: KHS Scrapbook, 1930 – June 1936.  

Volume 124: KHS Scrapbook, Nov. 1937 – Aug. 1939.  

Volume 125: KHS Scrapbook, Sept. 1939 – Oct. 1941.  

Volume 126: KHS Scrapbook, Dec. 1942 – 1946.  

Volume 127: KHS Scrapbook, 1947-1948.  

Volume 128: KHS Scrapbook, 1949 – Sept. 1951.  

Volume 129: KHS Scrapbook, Dec. 1951 – May 1954.  

Volume 130: KHS Scrapbook, June 1954 – 1956.  

Volume 131: KHS Scrapbook, 1957-1959.  

Volume 132: KHS Scrapbook, 1960-1963.  

Volume 133: KHS Scrapbook, 1964-1972.  

Box 5 

Volume 134: School Girl Days Memory Book, Amelia Rebecca Moody, KHS Class of 1914.   

Volume 135: KHS Scrapbook, Historic Pictures / Souvenirs, 1863-1972, Amelia Moody.   

Volume 136: KHS Scrapbook, 1908-1925.   

Volume 137: KHS Scrapbook, 1913-1927.  

Volume 138: KHS Scrapbook, Glee Club, 1925-1970.   

Volume 139: KHS Scrapbook, 1926-1946.   

Box 6 

Volume 140: KHS Scrapbook, 1926-1970.  

Volume 141: KHS Scrapbook, 1937-1950.  

Volume 142: KHS Scrapbook, 1938-1947.  

Volume 143: Cowling Avenue School Scrapbook, 1940-1948.  

Volume 144: KHS Scrapbook, 1941-1981.  

Volume 145: KHS Scrapbook, 1949-1955, Hildegarde Whitney O’Bannon.  

Volume 146: KHS Scrapbook, 1965-1972.   

Box 7 

Small box of Kentucky Home School registration cards listing information about students, teachers, and trustees, organized by both name and date, 1951-1972.  


Oversized volume 147: Kentucky Home School Remembrances, 1908-1926.   

Oversized volume 148: Kentucky Home School Scrapbook, 1963-1964.   

Oversized volume 149: Kentucky Home School Scrapbook, 1971-1972.  

Oversized folder 150: Loose pages from two KHS scrapbooks: one dated ca. 1945-1947 and one dated 1963 and compiled by Isabel Simpson  


Subject Headings 

Academic achievement.  

Accreditation (Education)   

Alma mater songs.  

Alumnae and alumni.  

Alumni events.  

Anderson, Annie Stuart.  

Aquinas Preparatory School (Louisville, Ky.)   

Art teachers.  


Berger, William D.   

Bessire, Louise Adeline, 1912-2012.  

Bounnell, Sherry L., 1961-   

Bryant, Bettie.  

Bullitt, Laura, 1900-1991.  

Christmas plays.  

College and school drama.  

Commencement ceremonies.  

Country Day-School for Boys (Louisville, Ky.)   

Dickerson, Florence.  

Dog shows.  

Education – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Fight songs.  


Gary, Sue Peers Collins, 1858-1945.  

Given, Clara G., 1867-1936.  

Green, Mabel.  

Health education teachers.  

Horse shows.  

Kentucky Country Day School (Louisville, Ky.)   

Kentucky Department of Education.  

Kentucky Home School Alumnae Association.  

Kentucky Military Institute (1845-1971)  

Language arts teachers.  

Louisville Country Day School (Louisville, Ky.)  

May Day.  

Military education.  

Missions to the blind.  

Moody, Amelia Rebecca, 1895-1993.  

Music teachers.  

Peers, Belle Spencer, 1832-1913.  

Private schools – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Report cards.  

Salt, Barbara Berrien.  

School buildings.  

School facilities.  

School management and organization.  

Schools – Kentucky – Louisville.  

School songs.  

School sports.  

School yearbooks.  

Science fairs.  

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.  

Student activities – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Student government.  

Student newspapers and periodicals.  

Student publications – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Students – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Teachers – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Theater – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Theater programs.  

Women – Education – Kentucky – Louisville.  

Woodward, Elizabeth.  

World War, 1939-1945.