Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1905-2008

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.)

Title: Records, 1905-2008

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Collections.

Size of Collection: 14 cubic feet (12 boxes, 1 oversized volume, 1 oversized folder)

Location Number: Mss. BF J59

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the records of Jewish Hospital, which opened in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1905. The papers, dating from 1905 to 2008, consist primarily of board and committee meeting minutes, administrative and financial records, fundraising materials, correspondence, federal grant applications, publications, and scrapbooks. Most of the early records of Jewish Hospital were lost when the Ohio River flood of 1937 destroyed papers stored in the hospital’s basement. As of 2018, the Filson Historical Society has acquired the administrative papers of Jewish Hospital up through the year 1980.

The collection highlights the efforts of the Jewish Hospital Association, incorporated in 1903, to build and manage a hospital that met the medical needs of both the Jewish community in Louisville and a general patient population. The records include discussions throughout the twentieth century about the meaning of the Jewish Hospital name and identity, and they provide information about the hospital’s relationships with local rabbis and Jewish organizations. Papers contain references to the provision of kosher meals, ritual circumcision ceremonies, and the observance of Jewish and Christian holidays at the hospital.

In addition to documenting the relationship of Jewish Hospital with Louisville’s Jewish community, the collection covers issues faced by many private hospitals in the twentieth century. Records detail how Jewish Hospital oversaw fundraising campaigns and confronted financial challenges. The papers include information about individual employees and the hospital’s management of its workforce, including nurses, orderlies, and housekeeping staff. There is some information, especially in the hospital’s applications for federal Hill-Burton funds, on the religious and racial background of patients and physicians. Materials also detail volunteer work at the hospital. The records from the second half of the twentieth century document how the hospital navigated major shifts in health care, including the racial integration of patients and hospital staff, the need for malpractice liability insurance, the incorporation of new medical technologies and computers into hospital care, the introduction of Medicare, and a growing number of federal regulations tied to federal funding. The papers chart the development of Jewish Hospital into a nationally renowned medical center that specialized in hand and heart surgery and organ transplantation. Also included is information about Jewish Hospital’s affiliations with the University of Louisville Medical School in regard to its teaching, open-heart surgery, and kidney transplant and treatment programs.

Folders 1-15 contain miscellaneous materials from 1910-2006, including histories about Jewish Hospital, a small number of photographs and other images, a 1941 fundraising scrapbook, and various annual reports, by-laws, certificates, correspondence, and publications.

Folders 16-84 contain papers of Jewish Hospital at its first location at the corner of Floyd and Kentucky streets in Louisville, covering the years from 1939-1954. These papers include Jewish Hospital Association by-laws, board meeting minutes, financial and fundraising records, correspondence, applications for federal Hill-Burton funds, information about medical residents, and various publications. Important issues addressed are the costs of hospital services, contributions from local Jewish organizations and individuals, the introduction of Blue Cross insurance plans, the labor shortage during World War II, and the management of nurses and the nursing school. Records from the late 1940s and early 1950s document Jewish Hospital’s decision to relocate downtown and to join the newly organized Louisville Medical Center. The records include information about the hospital’s fundraising efforts and its applications for federal Hill-Burton grants for the construction of a new hospital. Also of note are discussions in the late 1940s about eliminating the requirement that board members be Jewish, and references in the early 1950s to the decision to admit African American patients to the new hospital. For other records of Jewish Hospital before it moved downtown in 1955, see folders 289-292, 294-304, and volumes 307-309.
Folders 85-288 contain papers of Jewish Hospital from 1954-1980, covering the period during and after the hospital’s relocation downtown to Chestnut Street. Materials include a Courier-Journal magazine article on the new Jewish Hospital, board meeting minutes, financial and fundraising records, correspondence, annual reports, records of bequests, publications, and applications for federal Hill-Burton funds for additions to the hospital. The Micro-Scoop, a monthly newsletter for hospitals employees running from 1954-1957 and 1967-1980, contains images of and information about employees and new hospital equipment. Another hospital publication was Service, which was distributed to Jewish Hospital Association members. The collection houses issues of Service from 1965-1975. Also of note are materials relating to the activities of the Women’s Guild of Jewish Hospital, an organization established in 1955 to manage volunteer work at the hospital. Records document the establishment of an intensive care unit and coronary care unit (ICU-CCU) in the mid-1960s, as well as the decision-making process that led to the closing of the obstetrical department in 1967. Administrative papers discuss the impact of the decision to close the obstetrical department on the Jewish community and show how Jewish Hospital took steps to ensure that Jewish obstetrical patients at other hospitals would have access to kosher food and facilities for ritual circumcision.

Other major developments addressed in the records from the 1960s and 1970s include the creation of a cardiac catheterization laboratory, a micro-surgery unit, a nuclear medicine department, a kidney transplant program, and an end stage renal disease (ESRD) program. The records provide information about the hospital’s participation in the Medicare program after 1965. Administrative papers document the establishment of the Louisville Medical Research Foundation in affiliation with Jewish Hospital in 1970. Materials from the 1970s detail the construction of the Wheeler Tower and the pedestrian passageway between Jewish Hospital and Norton-Children’s Hospital. They provide information about the board’s efforts to set up a child care center for employees working day and night shifts, and about the board’s reaction to union organizing activities among different groups of hospital employees. Also of note are discussions in the board minutes about ways to regulate smoking in the hospital.
Folders 289-293 contain loose materials that were removed from the following volumes: the school for nurses ledger dating from 1914-1925, a scrap book of response cards and letters sent to Jewish Hospital from former patients in 1942-1943, the 1946 Jewish Hospital building fund scrapbook, the 75th anniversary scrapbook from 1980, and the Frazier Rehabilitation Center scrapbook.

Folders 294-304 contain materials from the minute book of the Board of Trustees, dating from 1911-1921. These materials include meeting minutes, financial and legal records, correspondence, and the Jewish Hospital Association’s constitution and by-laws. They contain data about hospital services, the number of paying and charity patients, and information about the nursing school and students. Records document the hospital’s relationship with local Jewish organizations, such as the Jewish Welfare Federation, the Council of Jewish Women, and Jewish Ladies’ Benevolent Society #1. They include discussions about adding more non-Jewish physicians to the hospital’s medical staff. Also of note are discussions in 1918 regarding the offer of a $100,000 donation from brothers Bernard and I. W. Bernheim, along with their request that the hospital be renamed Bernheim Memorial Hospital in honor of their parents. Some board members wrote about the importance of retaining the Jewish Hospital name, and the Bernheim brothers eventually donated the money without asking for a change in name.

Volumes 305-310 date from the years 1905-2008. A Board of Trustees ledger (vol. 305) dates from 1974-2008 and records the names and meeting attendance of board members. The Harland Sanders Geriatric Center scrapbook (vol. 306) dates from 1986-1987 and consists of proposals for a geriatric center, promotional materials and photographs of the opening of the center, an annual report, and newspaper clippings. The Jewish Hospital memorial book (vol. 307) consists of certificates from 1940-1952, with each certificate noting who made the donation and who was being memorialized. The 75th anniversary scrapbook from 1980 (vol. 308) includes photographic materials, old patient bills, and copies of newspaper articles. The school for nurses ledger (vol. 309) dates from 1914-1921 and consists of pages for each student at the Jewish Hospital School for Nurses, listing the student’s name, dates, classes, lectures, instructors, and final grades. The Frazier Rehabilitation Center scrapbook (vol. 310) covers the years 1953-2003 and includes newspaper clippings, photographic and promotional materials, and correspondence related to the history of the center and its patients. The Rehabilitation Center was established in 1954 and renamed the Amelia Brown Frazier Rehabilitation Center in 1984, when Jewish Hospital undertook its management.

Folders 311-312 include materials added to the collection after 2020: issues of the Jewish Hospital publication Choices from 1990-1995 and marketing materials relating to the Jewish Hospital Hand Care Center, ca. 2001

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Historical Note

The Jewish Hospital Association was incorporated in 1903 in Louisville, Kentucky, with the aim of building a hospital for Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and other members of the Jewish community. The association’s efforts led to the opening of Jewish Hospital in 1905 as a 32-bed institution at the corner of Floyd and Kentucky streets. While primarily a Jewish hospital, its articles of incorporation stated that “persons of any creed may be admitted as free or pay patients.” Beginning in 1909, the cost of charity patients’ hospital care was covered by the Federation of Jewish Charities, which became the Jewish Welfare Federation in 1918. The hospital offered a place to train and practice to Jewish physicians, who faced limited opportunities for internships and medical staff positions at other Louisville hospitals. Jewish Hospital also operated a nursing school from 1909 through World War II. In 1929, the hospital built a new addition and the Bernheim Nurses’ Home. The hospital endured through financial deficits, the Great Depression, and the damage of the Ohio River flood of 1937.

In the decade after World War II, a fundraising drive to build a larger hospital at a new location secured over $800,000 in donations from the community and a federal Hill-Burton allocation of $1,284,000. The Board of Trustees hired the Jewish architectural firm Joseph and Joseph to oversee the design and construction of the new Jewish Hospital, which would offer more modern and racially inclusive facilities to patients. A 1952 Courier-Journal article announced that African American patients would be admitted to the new hospital, with plans to have African American and white patients use “the same medical facilities” but not share patient rooms. In 1955, the new 118-bed Jewish Hospital opened at Brook and Chestnut streets. With its location downtown, Jewish Hospital joined the newly organized Louisville Medical Center and participated in the University of Louisville medical school’s teaching program. Like the old hospital, the new hospital benefited from the work of volunteers, most notably from the Women’s Guild of Jewish Hospital, established in 1955. Sara Greenstein, who served as the hospital’s first female president of the Board of Trustees from 1962-1965, oversaw the racial desegregation of the hospital’s medical staff and patient rooms, the creation of a pension system for employees, and the establishment of the open-heart surgery program.

In the 1960s, Jewish Hospital began to build a reputation as a regional medical center specializing in heart and hand surgery and kidney transplants and treatments. The hospital closed its obstetrical department in 1967 to provide more space for its recently established intensive care and coronary care units (ICU-CCU). Two major expansions—the addition of 1960-1962 and the completion of the Wheeler Tower in 1973—increased the number of patient beds to 403. Jewish Hospital was the site of many “firsts” in Kentucky, including the first kidney transplant in 1964, the first open-heart surgery in 1965, the first heart transplant in 1984, and the first hand transplant in 1999.

The 1980s launched an era of corporate reorganization, starting with the creation of the holding company JH Systems in 1983, later renamed Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services (JHHS) in 1988. By 1995, JHHS had expanded to take on the ownership and management of the Amelia Brown Frazier Rehabilitation Center, the Rudd Heart and Lung Center, and a regional network of outpatient facilities and twelve hospitals. In 2005, JHHS and Caritas Health Services merged to create Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s HealthCare, with JHHS and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) as parent companies. In 2012, Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s HealthCare merged with Saint Joseph Health System of Lexington to form KentuckyOne Health. At this point, the board of JHHS reorganized to create the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence (JHFE), a nonprofit grant-making organization that gives support to medical research, community health, and the Louisville Jewish community. As of 2018, KentuckyOne Health’s Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Foundation provides support to patient care, medical education, and clinical research at Jewish Hospital and other KentuckyOne Health facilities and programs in the Louisville area.


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Folder List

Folder 1: Histories of Jewish Hospital, ca. 1960-1996.
Folder 2: Photographic Materials, 1910-2006.
Folder 3: Fundraising Scrapbook, 1941.
Folder 4: Fundraising, 1940-1941, mid-to-late 1950s.
Folder 5: Contractors and Purveyors, ca. 1946-1958.
Folder 6: Hospital Floor Plan, mid-1950s. [oversized]
Folder 7: Pamphlets, ca. 1953-1996.
Folder 8: Annual Reports and Reviews, 1954, 1957-1959, 1962.
Folder 9: By-Laws and Statement of Philosophy, 1965, 1971, 1977.
Folder 10: Hospital Information, 1960-1980.
Folder 11: Hospital Coordination Committee, 1977-1978.
Folder 12: Vital Statistics Certificates, 1973, 1982.
Folder 13: Henry Wagner, Correspondence, 1988-1989.
Folder 14: Miscellaneous Publications, 1905-2003.
Folder 15: Miscellaneous Materials, 1931, 1958-2003.
Folder 16: Executive Committee Minutes, 1939.
Folder 17: Jewish Hospital Association By-Laws, 1940.
Folder 18: Executive Committee Minutes, 1940-1943.
Folder 19: Executive Committee Minutes, 1941.
Folder 20: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1941.
Folder 21: Executive Committee Minutes, 1942.
Folder 22: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1942.
Folder 23: Medical Council Minutes, 1942.
Folder 24: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1943.
Folder 25: Executive Committee Minutes, 1943.
Folder 26: Jewish Hospital Association Financial Statements, 1943-1944.
Folder 27: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1942-1943.
Folder 28: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1944.
Folder 29: Executive Committee Minutes, 1944.
Folder 30: Intern Committee, 1945.
Folder 31: Medical Council Minutes, 1944.
Folder 32: Jewish Hospital Association Financial Statements, 1945-1946.
Folder 33: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1945.
Folder 34: Medical Council Minutes, 1945.
Folder 35: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1946.
Folder 36: Special Nursing Committee Minutes, 1945.
Folder 37: Medical Council Minutes, 1946.
Folder 38: Special Nursing Committee Minutes, 1946.
Folder 39: Jewish Hospital Association Agenda, 1947.
Folder 40: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1947.
Folder 41: Board President’s Report, 1947.
Folder 42: Special Nursing Committee Minutes, 1947.
Folder 43: New Hospital Committee Minutes, 1947.
Folder 44: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1948.
Folder 45: New Hospital Committee Minutes, 1948.
Folder 46: Special Nursing Committee Minutes, 1948.
Folder 47: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1949.
Folder 48: Jewish Hospital Annual Reports, 1949.
Folder 49: Department Head Minutes, 1949.
Folder 50: Finance Committee, 1949.
Folder 51: New Hospital Committee Minutes, 1949.
Folder 52: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1950.
Folder 53: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1950.
Folder 54: Annual Reports, 1950.
Folder 55: Residents – Applications and Correspondence, 1948-1950.
Folder 56: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1951.
Folder 57: Annual Reports, 1951.
Folder 58: Department Head Minutes, 1951.
Folder 59: Hill-Burton Applications, 1953.
Folder 60: New Hospital Committee Minutes, 1950-1951.
Folder 61: Residents and Interns at Hospital (Foreign Exchange), 1950-1951.
Folder 62: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1952.
Folder 63: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1952.
Folder 64: Annual Reports, 1952.
Folder 65: New Hill-Burton Application, 1952.
Folder 66: Presentations to the Kentucky Hospital Advisory Committee, 1952, 1958.
Folder 67: Your Hospital, 1952.
Folder 68: Courier Journal Sunday Magazine, 1952.
Folder 69: Annual Reports, 1953.
Folder 70: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1953.
Folder 71: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1953.
Folder 72: Employees’ Newspaper, 1952-1953.
Folder 73: Medical Council Minutes, 1953.
Folder 74: New Hospital Committee Minutes, 1953.
Folder 75: Plans for Cornerstone Laying Ceremony, 1953.
Folder 76: Annual Reports, 1954.
Folder 77: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1954.
Folder 78: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1954.
Folder 79: Micro-Scoop, 1954.
Folder 80: Medical Staff Executive Committee, 1952-1954.
Folder 81: Group II and III Equipment, undated, ca. 1952-1954.
Folder 82: Old Hospital Committee Minutes, 1954.
Folder 83: Your Hospital, 1954.
Folder 84: List of checks written for new hospital, 1953-1954.
Folder 85: Courier Journal Magazine regarding New Hospital, 1955.
Folder 86: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1955.
Folder 87: JCAH Survey, 1955.
Folder 88: Open House Committee, 1955.
Folder 89: Annual Reports, 1955.
Folder 90: Memorials A-K, 1954-1964.
Folder 91: Memorials L-Z, 1954-1964.
Folder 92: Micro-Scoop, 1955.
Folder 93: Plans for Moving, 1955.
Folder 94: Room Furnishings, 1954-1959.
Folder 95: Equipment Donated, 1955-1967.
Folder 96: Obstetrical Equipment/Memorial Plaques, 1954-1956.
Folder 97: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1956.
Folder 98: Jewish Hospi-Tales, 1956.
Folder 99: Micro-Scoop, 1956.
Folder 100: Expansion Fund Report, 1957.
Folder 101: Annual Reports, 1957.
Folder 102: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1957.
Folder 103: Micro-Scoop, 1957.
Folder 104: Annual Reports, 1958.
Folder 105: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1958.
Folder 106: Special Obstetrical Committee, 1958.
Folder 107: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1959.
Folder 108: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1959.
Folder 109: Part I – Hill-Burton Application, 1959.
Folder 110: Part II – Hill-Burton Application, 1959.
Folder 111: Part III – Hill-Burton Application, 1959.
Folder 112: Part IV – Hill-Burton Application, 1959-1960.
Folder 113: Special Committee regarding Problems in Department of Surgery, 1959.
Folder 114: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1960.
Folder 115: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1960.
Folder 116: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1961.
Folder 117: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1961.
Folder 118: Dedication Ceremony, 1961.
Folder 119: School for Medical Record Librarians, 1957-1961.
Folder 120: Annual Reports, 1962.
Folder 121: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1962.
Folder 122: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1962.
Folder 123: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1963.
Folder 124: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1963.
Folder 125: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1964.
Folder 126: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1964.
Folder 127: Promissory Note and Mortgage, 1964.
Folder 128: Report to Hill-Burton Office, 1964.
Folder 129: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, 1965.
Folder 130: Presentation before Hill-Burton Advisory Committee, 1965.
Folder 131: Frazier Rehabilitation Center – Miscellaneous, 1954-1965.
Folder 132: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1965.
Folder 133: Hill-Burton Project Review, 1966.
Folder 134: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1966.
Folder 135: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1966.
Folder 136: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1966.
Folder 137: Medical Council Minutes, 1966.
Folder 138: Medical Staff Executive Committee, 1966.
Folder 139: Statement of Policy, 1966.
Folder 140: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1967.
Folder 141: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1967.
Folder 142: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1967.
Folder 143: Micro-Scoop, 1967.
Folder 144: Closing of Obstetrical Department: Data, 1960-1967.
Folder 145: Closing of Obstetrical Department: Copies of Studies, Data, 1965-1967.
Folder 146: Closing of Obstetrical Department: Correspondence, Minutes, Publicity, 1966-1968.
Folder 147: Open-Heart Surgery, 1964-1967.
Folder 148: Medical Residents, etc., Former, 1951-1966.
Folder 149: Report regarding Proposed Expansion, 1967-1968.
Folder 150: Service, 1966-1967.
Folder 151: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1968.
Folder 152: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1968.
Folder 153: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1968.
Folder 154: Louisville City of – Information regarding Closing of Madison Street, 1968.
Folder 155: Micro-Scoop, 1968.
Folder 156: Service, 1968.
Folder 157: Special Committee regarding Hill-Burton Funds, 1968.
Folder 158: Presentation to the Health Facilities Council, 1968.
Folder 159: Statement of Position, 1968.
Folder 160: Bequests – Received A-F, 1951-1972.
Folder 161: Bequests – Received G-L, 1963-1972.
Folder 162: Bequests – Received M-Z, 1955-1972.
Folder 163: Bequests – Pending, 1960-1973.
Folder 164: Bequests – Estate of Ita May Bronner, 1962-1963.
Folder 165: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1969.
Folder 166: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1969.
Folder 167: Joseph M. Frehling Foundation, 1961-1969.
Folder 168: Statement of Position, 1968-1969.
Folder 169: Presentation to the Health Facilities Council, 1968-1970.
Folder 170: Service, 1969.
Folder 171: Special Building Committee, 1968-1969.
Folder 172: Ground-Breaking Ceremony, 1970.
Folder 173: Jefferson County Fiscal Court – Resolution Adopted 2/17/70.
Folder 174: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1970.
Folder 175: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1970.
Folder 176: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1970.
Folder 177: Micro-Scoop, 1969-1970.
Folder 178: Service, 1970.
Folder 179: Special Committee regarding Thomas Cardiovascular Lab, 1970.
Folder 180: Hill-Burton Application, 1970-1973.
Folder 181: Hill-Burton Application – Miscellaneous, 1969-1970.
Folder 182: Hill-Burton Application – Part 1, 1970-1971.
Folder 183: Hill-Burton Application – Part 2, 1965-1970.
Folder 184: Hill-Burton Application – Part 3, 1965-1970.
Folder 185: Hill-Burton Application – Part 4, 1970.
Folder 186: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1971.
Folder 187: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1971.
Folder 188: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1971.
Folder 189: Land Utilization Committee, 1969-1971.
Folder 190: Louisville Medical Center Board, 1971.
Folder 191: Micro-Scoop, 1971.
Folder 192: Service, 1971.
Folder 193: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1972.
Folder 194: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1972.
Folder 195: Micro-Scoop, 1972.
Folder 196: Service, 1972.
Folder 197: Special Committee on Pedestrian Passage, 1971-1972.
Folder 198: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1973.
Folder 199: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1973.
Folder 200: Medical Center Minutes, 1973.
Folder 201: Micro-Scoop, 1973.
Folder 202: Correspondence regarding Special Building Project, 1970-1975.
Folder 203: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1974.
Folder 204: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1974.
Folder 205: Microsurgery/Kidney Transplant Correspondence, 1972-1974.
Folder 206: Special Committee regarding University of Louisville Affiliation, 1972-1974.
Folder 207: Micro-Scoop, 1974.
Folder 208: Service, 1965-1974.
Folder 209: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1975.
Folder 210: Health Systems Development, 1972-1975.
Folder 211: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1975.
Folder 212: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1975.
Folder 213: Medical Council Minutes, January-June, 1975.
Folder 214: Micro-Scoop, 1975.
Folder 215: Special Committee on University of Louisville Affiliation, 1975.
Folder 216: Jewish Hospital Journal, 1975-1984.
Folder 217: Micro-Scoop, 1976.
Folder 218: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1976.
Folder 219: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, January-June, 1976.
Folder 220: Jewish Hospital Board Minutes, July-December, 1976.
Folder 221: Medical Council Minutes, July-December, 1976.
Folder 222: Resolution Adopted by Fiscal Court, 1976.
Folder 223: Special Committee to Consider Retaining General Council on a Formal Basis, 1976.
Folder 224: Special Committee regarding the Future Role of Jewish Hospital, 1975-1976.
Folder 225: Special Committee on University of Louisville Affiliation, 1976.
Folder 226: Subcommittee regarding Role and Scope Study, 1976-1977.
Folder 227: Bank of Louisville – Monthly Reports, 1976-1977.
Folder 228: Building Expansion – Bids and Contract, 1977.
Folder 229: Department Head Minutes, 1977.
Folder 230: End Stage Renal Disease (E.S.R.D.) Program, 1976-1977. [Records with patient names have been removed and are closed until 2050.]
Folder 231: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1977.
Folder 232: Board Committees, 1977.
Folder 233: Executive Committee Minutes, 1977.
Folder 234: Finance Committee, January-June, 1977.
Folder 235: Finance Committee, July-December, 1977.
Folder 236: Feasibility Study, 1977.
Folder 237: Ground-Breaking Ceremony, 1977.
Folder 238: House and Property Committee, 1977.
Folder 239: Legal and Insurance Committee, 1977.
Folder 240: Medical Committee, 1977.
Folder 241: Medical Council Minutes, January-June, 1977.
Folder 242: Medical Council Minutes, July-December, 1977.
Folder 243: Memorials and Scholarship Committee, 1977.
Folder 244: Micro-Scoop, 1977.
Folder 245: Notices to Board of Trustees, 1977.
Folder 246: Personnel and Retirement Committee, 1977.
Folder 247: Professional Relations Committee, 1977.
Folder 248: Public Relations and Membership Committee, 1977.
Folder 249: Resolutions regarding Sale of Bonds, 1977.
Folder 250: Special Building Committee, 1976-1977.
Folder 251: Special Computer Committee, 1977.
Folder 252: Special Committee regarding Future Role of Jewish Hospital, 1977.
Folder 253: Special Committee on University of Louisville Affiliation, 1977.
Folder 254: Sutton, Frank C., M.D. – Consultant, 1977.
Folder 255: Teenage Volunteers (Miscellaneous), 1960-1977.
Folder 256: Thomas Cardiovascular Laboratory Contract, 1976-1981.
Folder 257: Jewish Hospital Board Signed Minutes, January-June, 1977.
Folder 258: Jewish Hospital Board Signed Minutes, July-December, 1977.
Folder 259: Jewish Hospital Mimeographed Board Minutes, January-June, 1977.
Folder 260: Jewish Hospital Mimeographed Board Minutes, July-December, 1977.
Folder 261: Board Committees, 1978.
Folder 262: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1978.
Folder 263: Department Head Minutes, 1978.
Folder 264: Executive Committee Minutes, 1978.
Folder 265: Micro-Scoop, 1978.
Folder 266: Notices to Board of Trustees, 1978.
Folder 267: Jewish Hospital Signed Board Minutes, January-June, 1978.
Folder 268: Jewish Hospital Signed Board Minutes, July-December 1978.
Folder 269: Jewish Hospital Mimeographed Board Minutes, January-June, 1978.
Folder 270: Jewish Hospital Mimeographed Board Minutes, July-December, 1978.
Folder 271: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1979.
Folder 272: Board Committees, 1979.
Folder 273: Programs – Employee Recognition Banquets, 1959-1979.
Folder 274: Jewish Hospital Signed Board Minutes, January-June, 1979.
Folder 275: Jewish Hospital Signed Board Minutes, July-December, 1979.
Folder 276: Jewish Hospital Mimeographed Board Minutes, January-June, 1979.
Folder 277: Jewish Hospital Mimeographed Board Minutes, July-December, 1979.
Folder 278: Micro-Scoop, 1979.
Folder 279: Notices to Board of Trustees, 1979.
Folder 280: Executive Committee Minutes, 1979.
Folder 281: Jewish Hospital Board Agenda, 1980.
Folder 282: End Stage Renal Disease (E.S.R.D.) Program, 1978-1980.
Folder 283: Management Meetings, 1980.
Folder 284: Micro-Scoop, 1980.
Folder 285: Special Committee on University of Louisville Affiliation, 1980.
Folder 286: Special Committee for 75th Anniversary Celebration, 1979-1980.
Folder 287: Jewish Hospital Signed Board Minutes, January-June, 1980.
Folder 288: Jewish Hospital Signed Board Minutes, July-December, 1980.
Folder 289: School for Nurses Materials, 1914-1925.
Folder 290: Patient Correspondence, 1942-1943.
Folder 291: Jewish Hospital Building Fund Scrapbook Materials, 1946.
Folder 292: 75th Anniversary Scrapbook Materials, 1905-1980.
Folder 293: Frazier Rehabilitation Center Scrapbook Materials, 1953-2003.
Folder 294: Minute Book Materials, 1911-1918, 1921.
Folder 295: Minute Book Materials, 1920.
Folder 296: Minute Book Materials, 1919.
Folder 297: Minute Book Materials, 1918.
Folder 298: Minute Book Materials, 1917.
Folder 299: Minute Book Materials, 1916.
Folder 300: Minute Book Materials, 1915.
Folder 301: Minute Book Materials, 1914.
Folder 302: Minute Book Materials, 1913.
Folder 303: Minute Book Materials, 1912.
Folder 304: Minute Book Materials, 1911.
Volume 305: Board of Trustees Ledger, 1974-2008.
Volume 306: Harland Sanders Geriatric Center Scrapbook, 1986-1987.
Volume 307: Jewish Hospital Memorial Book, 1940-1952.
Volume 308: 75th Anniversary Scrapbook, 1905-1980. [wrapped]
Volume 309: School for Nurses Ledger, 1914-1921.
Volume 310: Frazier Rehabilitation Center Scrapbook, 1953-2003. [oversized]
Folder 311: Choices, 1990-1995.
Folder 312: Hand Care Center Marketing, ca. 2001.

Subject Headings

Abortion – Kentucky – Louisville.
African Americans – Hospital care.
African American physicians – Kentucky – Louisville.
Amelia Brown Frazier Rehabilitation Center (Louisville, Ky.).
Berg, Harold F., 1918-2002.
Bernheim, Bernard, 1850-1925.
Bernheim, Isaac Wolfe, 1848-1945.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
B’nai B’rith. Louisville Lodge No. 14 (Louisville, Ky.).
Cardiac catheterization – Kentucky – Louisville.
Children’s Hospital (Louisville, Ky.).
Circumcision – Religious aspects – Judaism.
Coronary Care units – Kentucky – Louisville.
Fasts and feasts – Judaism.
Federation of Jewish Charities (Louisville, Ky.).
Four Courts Louisville Hebrew Home.
Fund raising – Kentucky – Louisville.
Grabfelder, Samuel, 1846-1920.
Greenstein, Sara, 1899-1987.
Health insurance – Kentucky – Louisville.
Heart – Surgery – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hemodialysis – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospital care – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospital buildings – Design and construction.
Hospital consultants – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospital laboratories – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospital patients – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospital trustees – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospitals – Administration.
Hospitals – Emergency services – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospitals – Employees.
Hospitals – Employees – Labor unions – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospitals – Employees – Pensions – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospitals – Employees – Salaries, etc. – Kentucky – Louisville.
Hospitals – Furniture, equipment, etc.
Hospitals – Kentucky – Louisville.
Intensive care units – Kentucky – Louisville.
Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) – History.
Jewish hospitals – Kentucky – Louisville.
Jewish Ladies’ Benevolent Society (Louisville, Ky.).
Jewish physicians – Kentucky – Louisville.
Jewish Social Service Agency (Louisville, Ky.).
Jewish Welfare Federation (Louisville, Ky.).
Jews – United States – Charities.
Jews – United States – Identity.
Joseph and Joseph, Architects (Louisville, Ky.).
Judaism – Relations – Christianity.
Kosher food – Kentucky – Louisville.
Louisville Medical Center.
Malpractice – Kentucky – Louisville.
Medicare – Kentucky – Louisville.
Medicine – Research – Kentucky – Louisville.
National Council of Jewish Women – Louisville Section.
Norton-Children’s Hospital (Louisville, Ky.).
Nurses – Kentucky – Louisville.
Nursing schools – Kentucky – Louisville.
Obstetrics – Kentucky – Louisville.
Physicians – Kentucky – Louisville.
Rabbis – Kentucky – Louisville.
Radiology – Kentucky – Louisville.
Residents (Medicine) – Kentucky – Louisville.
Rudd Heart and Lung Center (Louisville, Ky.).
Sanders, Harland, 1890-1980.
Smoking – Kentucky – Louisville.
Surgery – Kentucky – Louisville.
Teaching hospitals – Kentucky – Louisville.
Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc. – Kentucky – Louisville.
United States. Hospital Survey and Construction Act.
University of Louisville. School of Medicine.
Victor, Julia F., 1903-1988.
Volunteer workers in hospitals – Kentucky – Louisville.
Weiss, Morris M., Jr., 1933-.
Women’s Guild of Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.).
World War, 1939-1945 – Kentucky – Louisville.