Gray, George Herbert (1874-1945) Additional architectural drawings, 1908-1928

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator:  Gray, George Herbert, 1874-1945

Title:  Additional architectural drawings, 1908-1928

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection:  1 ovsz. box + 4 ovsz. folders

Location Number:  Mss. AR G779a

Scope and Content Note

Collection includes Gray’s architectural drawings created while working at Louisville-based architectural firms Gray & Hawes, Gray & Wischmeyer and as under his own name both in Louisville as well as in New Haven, Connecticut. A collaboration with a Lawrence (first name unknown) is seen in one residential plan (Rye, NY; home of Col. Jason Joy). Another collaboration is with Gray’s (assumed) brother Albert Morton Gray on the Forbes Hawkes, M. D. project. Types of architectural drawings include blueprints, drafting linen (waxed and heavy paper) sets, and pencil on trace paper for projects ranging from: residential, ecclesiastical, mixed use (residential and commercial), medical, and educational. A small amount of landscape drawings are also included in this collection.  To see the project index, please click here.

Biographical Note

George H. Gray (1874-1945), an architect in Louisville during the early 20th century, studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.  He settled in the Louisville area as a draftsman in 1906 and married Mary Belknap in 1909.  Over the next decade, he practiced under several firm names, including Gray & Hawes and Gray & Wischmeyer as well as under his own name.  He designed a number of noted residences and churches while in the state, as well as various other buildings. With the start of World War I, Gray joined the U.S. Engineering Corps and served in France through the end of the war, ascending to the rank of Major. Upon return to the United States, he established residence in New Haven, Connecticut where he again practiced architecture until retirement in 1942.

Folder List – click here for Project Index List

Box 1: Rolled Drawings

Roll 1: Parish House for the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, no date. Fourth Avenue, Louisville, KY.

Roll 2: Garden Cottage for Mrs. Fritzi Scheff Fox, 1911.  Big Stone Gap, VA.

Roll 3: Residence of Mr. C. B. Robinson, Jr., 1916, 1917. Blakenbaker Station, Upper River Road, Louisville, KY.

Roll 4: Colored Mission and Instructional School, 1911. Hancock Street between Green and Jefferson, Louisville, KY.

Roll 5: Residence of Mr. Dan L. Schlegel, 1914. 2067 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, KY.

Roll 6: Apartment Building for the Breckenridge Reality Co., 1910. Second and Breckenridge Street, Louisville, KY.

Roll 7: Residence of Mrs. Fritzi Scheff Fox, 1911.  Big Stone Gap, VA.

Roll 8: Residence of Dr. Ellis S. Allen, 1915. Ransdell Avenue, Louisville, KY.

Roll 9: Fourth Avenue Baptist Church, 1909. Corner of 4th and Oak, Louisville, KY.

Roll 10: Residence, Stables and Additions to Forbes Hawkes, M.D., 1909, 1911, 1913-14, 1916. Port Washington, Long Island, NY.

Roll 11: Competition for the Remodeling of a New York City Tenement Under the Auspices of the Joint Legislative Committee on Housing and the Reconstruction  of the State of New York, no date.  New York, NY.

Roll 12: Residence of Mr. John Hayes, no date. Blakenbaker Station, Louisville, KY.

Roll 13: Library for the Lincoln Institute, 1916.  Simpsonville, KY.

Folder 2: Residential Drawings

Roll 14: Unnamed Residence, 1914.  Unknown.

Roll 15: Residence of Col. Jason Joy, 1924.  Rye, NY.

Roll 16: Apartments & Offices for Dr. Leo Bloch, 1912. 6th and Ormsby, Louisville, KY.

Roll 17: Residence of Mrs. M.E. Dudley, no date. Cherokee Drive, Louisville, KY.

Roll 18: Residence of Mr. George H. Gray, 1917. Cherokee Parkway, Louisville, KY.

Roll 19: Residence of Mrs. B.A. Overbacker, 1917. Sherwood Avenue, Louisville, KY.

Roll 20: Residence of Mrs. L. L. Thompson, 1916. 2219 Napoleon Blvd., Louisville, KY.

Roll 21: Residence of Mrs. Richard H. Baker, 1917. Glenmary Avenue, Louisville, KY.

Roll 22: Residence of Dr. Leo Bloch, 1916. 6th and Ormsby, Louisville, KY.

Roll 23: Residence of Dr. Ellis S. Allen, 1917. Ransdell Avenue, Louisville, KY.

Roll 24: Residence of J. Morton Morris, no date.  Louisville, KY.

Roll 25: Residence of Mr. L. C. Humphrey, 1916. Douglass Blvd and Ellerbe Ave., Louisville, KY.

Roll 26: Residence of Mr. N. B. Danforth, 1916. Gilpin Avenue and Broome Street, Wilmington, DE.

Roll 27: Unknown Client, 1921.  Unknown.

Roll 28: Apartment Building for Mr. Harry Bridges, 1909. 1221 Garvin Place, Louisville, KY.

Roll 29: Garden Plan for Mrs. Charles W. Allen – Preliminary Study, 1916. Glenview, Louisville, KY.

Folder 3: Drawings for the Proposed New City Hospital

Roll 30: Proposed New City Hospital, 1908. Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY.

Folder 4: Non-residential Drawings (Ecclesiastical, Commercial, and Educational drawings that are not related to Berea)

Roll 31: Bethlehem Evangelical Church, no date. 6th and Hill Sts., Louisville, KY.

Roll 32: Church of Our Merciful Savior, no date.  Louisville, KY.

Roll 33: Christ Church, 1917.  Bowling Green, KY.

Roll 34: Highland Office of the Louisville Home Telephone Company, 1916. Bardstown Road and Rosewood Ave., Louisville, KY.

Roll 35: Unnamed church, 1910.  Unknown.

Roll 36: Evangelical Church – Preliminary Study, 1915.  Unknown.

Roll 37: Unnamed church sketch, no date.  Unknown.

Roll 38: Dining Hall for Oneida College, no date.  Oneida, KY.

Roll 39: Flag Staff for William R. Belknap School, 1916. Sils Avenue, Louisville, KY.


Folder 5: Berea College Drawings

Roll 40: Vincent Goldwait Memorial Agricultural Hall, 1928. Berea College, Berea, KY.

Roll 41: Duplex House for Berea College, 1928. Big Hill Pike, Berea, KY.

Roll 42: Unknown and Unfinished Berea Drawings, no date.  Berea, KY.

Roll 43: Gymnasium for Berea College, 1926-1928. Charles Ward Seabury Gymnasium, Berea, KY.


Subject Headings

Allen, Mrs. Charles W. – Homes and haunts

Allen, Dr. Ellis S. – Homes and haunts

Apartment houses

Architects – Kentucky – Louisville

Architecture – Designs and plans

Architecture, Domestic – Kentucky – Louisville

Architecture – Kentucky

Baker, Richard H. – Homes and haunts

Bardstown Road (Louisville, Ky.)

Berea College

Bethlehem Evangelical Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Blakenbaker Station (Louisville, Ky.)

Bloch, Dr. Leo – Homes and haunts

Blueprints – Kentucky – Louisville

Breckenridge Reality Company (Louisville, Ky.)

Bridge, Harry – Homes and haunts

Chestnut Street (Louisville, Ky.)

Christ Church (Bowling Green, Ky.)

Church buildings – Kentucky

Church of Our Merciful Savior (Louisville, Ky.)

Colored Mission and Instructional School (Louisville, Ky.)

Commercial buildings – Kentucky – Louisville

Dudley, Mrs. M. E. – Homes and haunts

Eastern Parkway (Louisville, Ky.)

Fourth Avenue Baptist Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Fox, Mrs. Fritzi Scheff – Homes and haunts

Glenmary Avenue (Louisville, Ky.)

Glenview (Louisville, Ky.)

Gray, George Herbert, 1874-1945 – Homes and haunts

Hancock Street (Louisville, Ky.)

Hawes, Henry F.

Hayes, John – Homes and haunts

Highlands (Louisville, Ky.)

Hospital architecture – Kentucky – Louisville

Humphrey, L. C. – Homes and haunts

Landscape architecture

Library buildings – Kentucky – Simpsonville

Louisville (Ky.) – Buildings, structures, etc.

Louisville Home Telephone Company (Louisville, Ky.)

Morris, Morton J. – Homes and haunts

Old Louisville (Louisville, Ky.)

Oneida Baptist Institute (Oneida, Ky.)

Overbacker, Mrs. B. A. – Homes and haunts

Ransdell Avenue (Louisville, Ky.)

Religious architecture – Kentucky – Louisville

River Road (Louisville, Ky.)

Robinson, Charles Bonnycastle Jr. – Homes and haunts

School buildings – Kentucky

Sherwood Avenue (Louisville, Ky.)

Schlegel, Dan L. – Homes and haunts

Sils Avenue (Louisville, Ky.)

Thompson, Mrs. L. L. – Homes and haunts

William R. Belknap School (Louisville, Ky.)

Wischmeyer, Herman

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