Cobb, Mary Bruce (1925-2016) Collection, 1968-2003

Held by The Filson Historical Society 

Creator:  Cobb, Mary Bruce, 1925-2016 

Title:  Collection, 1968-2003 

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Collections Department. 

Size of Collection:  4 cu. ft. (1 cu. ft. in manuscripts)

Location Number:  Mss. A C653a 

Scope and Content Note 

The collection contains information pertaining to Cobb’s career and artwork, and includes nearly 300 original drawings and paintings. In addition, photographs of artwork in various stages of completion, and of subjects in the midst of “sitting,” give an idea of Cobb’s general approach to portrait painting. Overall, the collection reveals Mary Cobb to be an extremely respected and successful artist, who used her career in portraiture to communicate with people from all walks of life. A portion of the collection has been separated to the Filson’s Museum Collection. Please see the folder list below for more details.The Museum Collection also includes other work of Mary Cobb; please see the PastPerfect database for details.

***For detailed inventory of the collection’s contents, see below.

Biographical Note 

Mary Bruce Cobb was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1925, and pursued an education at Sarah Lawrence College. Cobb began her career as a court room artist in the 1960s, then made a transition to commissioned portraiture. Cobb painted portraits for over 40 years, and her subjects included some of Kentucky’s most distinguished residents. In addition to her commissioned work, Cobb completed artistic projects that focused on average people and daily life practices. In 1985, she began doing portraits of visitors at the St. John Center for Homeless Men, and in 1988 she traveled to Ghana to paint portraits. Mary Cobb has used painting as a means of communication with subjects, and as a way to understand people from all walks of life. Cobb continued these themes in her “waiting” drawings, which highlight average folks in the act of waiting in a variety of everyday contexts.

Folder List 

Folder 1: Biographical Information (1 original, 1 photograph) 

Folder 2: Miscellaneous Drawings and Materials (5 originals, 1 photograph) 

Folder 3: Court Room Art 1968-1976 (7 originals) 

Folder 4: Portraiture 1977-2002 (7 originals, 31 photographs) 

Folder 5: United States Travel Drawings 1977-1998 (9 originals) 

Folder 6: Brazil Travel Drawings 1981 (5 originals) 

Folder 7: St. John’s Center for the Homeless 1984-2003 (60 Photographs) 

Folder 8: Collaborative Effort, “Hot Flash Fan” 1985 (1 photogragh, 1 slide) 

Folder 9: Art Shows 1985-1990 (1 photograph, 1 slide) 

Folder 10: Teaching Workshop 1986 

Folder 11: Ghana 1988 (3 photographs) 

Folder 12: Italy 1989 (17 originals) 

Folder 13: Mary Anderson Center 1989-1995 

Folder 14: “Waiting” Drawings (65 originals, 1 photograph) 

Folder 15: Father Bede Griffiths 

Folder 16: Scotland 1991 (9 originals) 

Folder 17: Arts in Medicine 1992-1994 

Folder 18: “Facing 50” Collaborative Project 1995 (2 originals, 8 photographs) 

Folder 19: Scotland 1996 

Folder 20: Morocco 1997 (25 originals, 2 photographs) 

Folder 21: “Words from the Heart,” Metro United Way Project 1998 

Folder 22: University of Louisville Drawing Class 1998 (1 photograph) 

Folder 23: Elie Weisel, Correspondence and Drawing 2000 (1 original) 

Folder 24: Published Items Including Cobb’s Work 

Folder 25: Visual Clippings- Inspiration and Technique 

Folder 26: Clippings- Written Word 


Oversized Box, Transferred to Filson Museum Collection [OBIIHC L5 46E]

Folder 27: Ovsz. Box 

  • Portraiture 1977-2002 (25 originals, 5 photographs) 

Folder 28: Ovsz. Box 

  • Ghana 1988 (4 originals, 1 photograph) 

Folder 29: Ovsz. Box 

  • “Jamming at Jack Fry’s” Article Illustration Drawings 1990 (2 originals) 

Folder 30: Ovsz. Box 

  • “Words from the Heart” Metro United Way Project 1998 (10 originals) 

Folder 31: Ovsz. Box 

  • Miscellaneous Still Life (6 originals) 

Folder 32: Ovsz. Box 

  • Miscellaneous Landscapes (6originals) 

Folder 33: Ovsz. Box 

  • Miscellaneous Prints (7 originals) 

Folder 34: Ovsz. Box 

  • Published Items Including Cobb’s Work 

Folder 35: Ovsz. Box 

  • Sketch Books- Miscellaneous Entries 


Oversized Folders, transferred to Filson’s Museum Collection [OBIIHC, L5]

Folder 36: Lg. Ovsz. 

  • Court Room Art 1968-1976 (49 originals) 

Folder 37: Lg. Ovsz. 

  • Portraiture 1977-2002 (12 originals, 2 photographs) 

Folder 38: Lg. Ovsz. 

  • Portraiture 1977-2002 (7 originals) 

Folder 39: Lg. Ovsz. 

  • Still Life Painting ((1 original) 

Folder 40: Lg. Ovsz. 

  • Portraiture 1977-2002 (7 originals, 7 photographs) 


Inventory of Box 1

Folder #1: Biographical Information (1 original pieces, 1 photograph)

-Original Self portrait sketch (undated, pencil)

-Photocopy of hand-written resume notes

-Typed resume

-Photocopy of gallery statement about Cobb and her work

-Photocopy of Cobb statement for gallery show

-Article, “Art Ads Musical Note to Annual Auction,” 1969, source unknown (2 originals)

-Louisville Magazine article, Taking Risks, 1986 (2 originals)

-The Courier-Journal article Mary Cobb’s Portraits Mix Paint and Personality, 1987 (3 originals)

-Black and white photograph of Mary Cobb with children of Joy Bale Boon, undated

-Letter from Joy Bale Boon to Mary Cobb, 1987 (original)

-Junior League review article, Improving with Age, 1989 (original)

-Louisville Magazine photograph featuring Mary Cobb, 1992 (2 originals)


Folder #2: Miscellaneous Drawings and Papers (5 original pieces, 1 photograph)

-Original sketch exterior facade/ columns (ink)

-Original sketch of fish (pen/marker)

-Original interior sketch (pen/marker)

-Original landscape preparatory sketch (charcoal)

-Original sketch of sitting girl (pastels/colored pencils)

-Photograph of figure drawing

-Scratch notes

-List of gifts presented to Rector Richard Humke on his retirement from St. Matthews Congregation

-Letter, 1993 to Cobb from sister Ecie

-Handwritten notes about Lena Horne, undated


Folder #3: Courtroom Art 1968-1976 (7 original pieces)

-Original courtroom work, ink

-Original courtroom sketch, ink

-Original courtroom work, watercolor

-Original courtroom work, watercolor

-Original courtroom work, watercolor

-Original courtroom work, watercolor and ink

-Original courtroom work, ink

-11 reproductions of Cobb’s courtroom sketches from the “Black Six” trials, 1968


Folder #4: Portraiture 1977-2002 (7 original pieces, 31 photographs)

-2 different Black and white photograph of Cobb portrait of 1st husband Paul Stewart Cobb, 1977

-Hand-written note from photographer Court Best, 1977

-2 color photographs of portrait, Johnny Davenport, 1977

-Cobb’s Hand-written notes from Johnny davenport’s portrait sitting

-Photograph of portrait, Father Ellis, 1981

-Preparatory sketches and notes for portrait of father Ellis.

-2 Photographs of Eleanor Lucas portrait, 1982, gauche and pastel (1 color, 1 black and white)

-Preparatory drawing for Eleanor Lucas Portrait, pastel and gauche

-Newspaper photo, Julie Mcgee with Cobb portrait of her daughter, 1983, source unknown

-Photograph of Helen Lucas Portrait, 1984 oils

-Preparatory sketches for Helen Lucas portrait

-Photograph of Watson Dabney portrait, 1984,

-Preparatory sketches for Dabney portrait

-Photograph of portrait, Cutter Williams, 1984

-Courier-Journal article, Fiscal Court sends McConnell off with a Trail Named in his  Honor, 12/1984, features picture of Cobb portrait (3 originals)

-Newspaper photograph of Cobb’s McConnell portrait, 12/18/1984 (3 originals)

-Cobb’s handwritten notes from McConnell portrait sitting

-Photograph of portrait, Lee Stough, 1985

-Photograph of portrait, Sylvia Watson, 1985

-Photograph of portrait, Libby Jones and family, 1986

-Polaroid photograph of portrait, Mary Cross, undated

-Preparatory sketches for Mary Cross Portrait (pastels)

-Black and white photograph of portrait, children of Jack and Yancy Moore, undated

-Preparatory sketches for Moore children portrait

-Black and white photograph of Cobb with portrait, Douglas?, 1987

-Letter of thanks from the University of Louisville’s department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1987

-Letter confirming Cobb’s commissioned painting of Judge Allen, 1990

-Photograph of Portrait, Judge Charles M. Allen, 1990

-Preparatory sketches for Judge Charles M. Allen portrait

-Program from portrait presentation ceremony for Judge Charles M. Allen, 1990

-Courier-Journal article, Making a Century of Justice, 2001, features Cobb portrait of Judge Charles M. Allen, original

-Letter from Judge Allen thanking Cobb for doing portrait, 1991

-3 Letters from Gwen Davenport about Cobb painting granddaughter Emily’s portrait, 1987, 1991 and 1992

-Photograph of portrait subject sitting, Gwen Davenport’s granddaughter, Emily, 1992

-Photograph of portrait, Emily, 1992

-Photograph of portrait, Barry Bingham, 1993, oils

-Photograph of portrait, Cooper Lilly, 1993, oils

-3 color photographs of Judge Edward H. Johnstone in portrait sitting process

-5 color photographs of Judge Johnstone portrait in various stages of completion, 1996

-Program from portrait presentation ceremony for Judge Edward H. Johnstone, 1996

-Letter from United States District Court thanking Cobb fro Johnstone portrait, 1997

-Funeral Program for Cyrus Leland MacKinnon featuring Cobb portrait, 1996

-The Voice-Tribune, Obituary for Cyrus Leland MacKinnon, 1996 (2 originals)

-Letter from Archbishop Thomas Kelly to Mary Cobb, 2000

-Photograph of portrait, Barry Bingham, 2001, oil and pastel

-Funeral program for Stanley Gerald Fabe, 2002, featuring Cobb portrait


Folder #5: United States Travel 1977-1996 (9 original pieces)

-Original painting, Puerto Rican Day Parade 5th Avenue, 1977, watercolors

-Original sketch, Waiting on Kewanee Ferry Dock, 1980, graphite

-Original sketch, The Fog Brothers, Maine festival 1998, ink

-Original sketch, Market-Riborac, 1996, ink

-Original sketch, Market Riborac, 1996, ink

-Original sketch, Mount McKinley, 1996, ink

-Original sketch, Mount McKinley, 1996, ink

-Original sketch, Mount McKinley, 1996, ink

-Original sketch, Mount McKinley, 1996, ink


Folder #6: Brazil 1981 (5 original pieces)

-Original sketch, Soccer Beach, Rio, 1981, ink

-Untitled original sketch, landscape, 1981, ink

-Original sketch, Rio, 1981, ink

-Original sketch, Rio, 1981, ink

-Original sketch, Rio, 1981, ink


Folder #7: St. John Center for the Homeless 1984-2003 (60 photographs)

-60 color photographs of Cobb St. John’s portraits

-Article clipping of St. John portrait, date and source unknown

Newsline photograph, The Men and Women of St. John Center, undated

-Cover of program from A Kentucky Symposium on Homelessness, 1988

-Article, Local Artist Creates Mural for Day Shelter, The Record, 2003 (features

Picture of St. John Mural)

-Note from Kenny Hamilton about Cobb’s Center work, date unknown


Folder #8: “Collaborative Effort”- “Hot Flash Fan” 1985 (1 photograph, 1 slide)

Collaborative Effort Symposium program, 1985

Collaborative Effort, papers with handwritten notes, 1985

Collaborative Effort, participants listing, 1985

-Letter from Anne Stewart to Mary Cobb about Hot Flash Fan project, 12/1984

-Letter from Anne Stewart to Mary Cobb, 1/1985

-Menopause project participant responses paper and quotes, 1985

-Menopause project participant responses paper and quotes, 1985

-Letter from Anne Stewart to Mary Cobb about Hot Flash Fan, 2/1985

Hot Flash Fan project schedule, 3/1985

Hot Flash Fan layout and design, 1985

-Menopause Project artist list, 1985

-Menopause Project plan, 1985, 8 pages

-Menopause Project- Categories of Ownership, 1985

-Black and white photograph of Hot Flash Fan project participants, 1985

-Courier-Journal article, Hot Flash Fan, 1985 (original)

-Letter from Suzanne Le Valley thanking Cobb for her participation on the Hot Flash Fan Project, 7/1985

Language of the Fan

-Letter from John P. Begley including slide of Hot Flash Fan, 1985


Folder #9: Arts Shows 1986-1990 (1 photograph, 1 slide)

-program from Artists and Teachers show with hand-written notes, Water Tower, 9/1986

-Society of Fellows First Annual Invitational Exhibition ad, 1986

Creative Progressions show program, 1987 (2 originals)

The Nude show Jury application card, 1987

-Slide of Cobb’s The Nude show entry

-Photograph of Cobb’s entry to The Nude show

The Nude show program, Lexington Art League 1987 (2 originals)

-Newspaper article, Nude Exhibit has a Variety of Good Art, date and source unknown (2 photocopies)

-Newspaper article, Nude Show Bares all, Offers Work of 44 Artists, date and source unknown (photocopy)

-Newspaper article, No-Jury Show Winners, date and source unknown (original)

-The Louisville Visual Art Association Art Auction program, 1988

-Letter from the Louisville Visual Art Association to Mary Cobb thanking her for her donation to the Art Auction, 1988

ME: Artists’ Self Portrait Exhibit program, Liberty Gallery, 1988 (2 originals)

-Letter from Liberty gallery thanking Cobb for her participation in the ME exhibit, 3/1988 with included information about self portrait shows and artists (6  pages)

-Clipping featuring Mary Cobb auction donation, high bid winner, source and date unknown

-Page from Louisville Visual Art Association annual Art Auction program featuring Cobb portrait, date unknown

-Flier from An Off the Wall Show and Tell Exhibit, date unknown

-Invitation to Art Auction 1990, featuring Mary Cobb’s head study donation

-Gallery cards, Swearingen, Mary Cobb: Portraits, Harlan Hubbard: Watercolors, date unknown (2 copies)

-Gallery cards, Swearingen, Mary Cobb: A Few Faces in Retrospect, Ivo Hurst: Works in

Cut Paper, date unknown (2 copies).

-Gallery cards, Swearingen, Mary Cobb: Recent Portraits, Jeanne Dueber: Sculpture, Barbara Gresham: Watercolors, 1985 (2 copies)

-Gallery card, Swearingen, Liz Price: Paintings, Wayne Bates: Sgraffito Poetry, 1986


Folder #10: Teaching Workshop 1986

-Workshop advertisement clipping, 3 copies

-Tower News, January/ February 1986, features Cobb workshop information

-Handwritten notes from workshop, 5 pages

-Template for class evaluation form

-J.B. Speed Art Museum Bulletin, 1981

-Program from Henri de Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at New York’s MOMA, 1986

-8 pages color visual aids, various artists and styles, mainly portraiture

-3 pages black and white visual aids, various artists and styles


Folder #11: Ghana 1988 (3 photographs)

-Color photograph, Sister Moira with Ghanaian people, 1988, 2 copies

-Color photograph, Mary Cobb with Ghanaian people, 1988

-Letter from the embassy of Ghana with handwritten notes, 1988

-Map of Ghana

-Article, The Living is Hard date and source unknown

Scenes from our Companion Parish, from St. Francis in the fields letter, 1988

-Letter from Nana Publications requesting use of some of Cobb’s Ghanaian works, 1988

-Letter from Nana Publications thanking Cobb for her contribution to their “High Roads Folio,” 1989

-Companion Dioceses newsletter, 1989, 4 pages

-Magazine article about Cobb’s trip to Ghana, The Heart of a Country, date and source unknown (original)

-Photograph of African painting

-Tower News article, Profile: Portraits from Ghana, 1989 (original)

-The Courier-Journal Reviews, Bernheim Gallery, Free Public Library, Review of Portraits from Ghana Exhibit, 1989 (photocopy)

-Exhibit Announcement: Portraits from Ghana, 1989 (3 originals)

-The Bishop’s Letter, Art from our Companion Diocese, 1989 (original)

-Louisville Observed, Africa in Retrospect, article about Portraits from Ghana Exhibit, 1989 (2 originals)

-The New Voice, Dances of Pride, Prejudice Transform Motions into Emotions, 1989 (Original)

Are You Ghana Go, Imani Dancers performance announcement, 1989 (1 original and 1 photocopy)

-Letter from Vivian Abenim in Ghana to Mary Cobb, 1991, 4 pages (original)


Folder #12: Italy 1989 (17 originals)

-Bound travel diary, 27 pages, 1989, includes 17 original sketches, graphite and ink


Folder #13: The Mary Anderson Center for the Arts 1989-1995

-Mary Anderson Center for the Arts Board and Committee Lists 1992-1993, 6 typed pages with hand written notes, one handwritten page

-Standing committees of the Board of Directors of the Mary Anderson center for the Arts, 1993

-Mary Anderson Center, Annual Report 1994-95

-Proposal to Bingham Foundation for Without a Net Symposium, 1995

-Letter from Bingham Foundation about support request, 1995 (original)

-Letter to Mary Cobb from administrator of Bingham Foundation funds John L. Richards, 1995

-The Mary Anderson News, September Symposium to Feature Kurt Vonnegut, Paolo

  Soleri, Patricia Rennick, and Karen Grassle, 1995 (original)

-Article about Kurt Vonnegut, 1993 2 pages (photocopy)

-Article about Patricia Rennick, undated, 3 pages

-The Courier-Journal, Symposium Features Four ‘Working without a Net’, 1995 (Original)

-The Courier-Journal, Literature’s Epitaph? 1995

-Letter of Invitation to participate in Mary Anderson Center’s Alumni and Friends ArtShow, 2000, 2 pages (original)


Folder 14: Waiting Drawings

Original Sketches: Medical Office Theme (22 originals)


Paul, profile, undated

-Untitled, Man and Woman Waiting, undated

-Untitled, Man Resting and Waiting, undated

Norton Waiting Room, undated

-Untitled, Profile view, undated

-Untitled, Resting and Waiting, undated

-Untitled, 3 waiting rear view, undated

-Untitled, Standing profile, undated

-Untitled, 2 profiles resting and waiting, undated

Emergency Room, 2/5/1994

-Untitled, Seated woman with purse, undated

-Untitled, four faces, undated

Waiting for Flu Shot, undated

-Untitled, Waiting Room Scene, undated

Paul, seated with cane, undated

-Untitled, Seated women in blue ink, undated

-Untitled, Waiting and resting, undated

-Untitled, 5 profiles, undated

-Untitled, Man with elongated face seated and waiting, undated

-Untitled, Man Waiting in Chair, undated


Miracles Happen, undated


Untitled, Man bending over in chair, undated

Original Sketches: Reading and Waiting Theme (7 originals, 1 photograph)

-Photograph of original sketch, Portland, ink, 10/29/1995


-Untitled, Man reading from behind, 7/1996

Waiting for a Ride to the Hospital, 7/1993


-Untitled, Man reading Highly Effective People, undated

-Untitled, Rough sketch seated man, undated

-Untitled, Woman reading in chair, undated

-Reproduction, George Waiting for Plane-Chihuahua, Mexico, 4/18/99, 3 versions

-Untitled, Lounging and Reading with one leg up, undated, 1 original, 2 reproductions

-Untitled, Man and woman seated waiting and reading the Newspaper, undated, 1 original, 2 reproductions

Original Sketches: Busses, Planes and Trains (17 originals)


-Untitled, Woman waiting for bus, 7/1996

Subway NYC, 10/1992

-Untitled, Man Seated and Waiting, undated


-Untitled, 3 women waiting, undated

-Bus Station, 1995

-Untitled, Standing group, undated

-Untitled, 2 women waiting in different directions, undated

-Untitled, 4 people waiting on double sided park bench, undated

-“Do you hear me!” “You see what I’m Sayin’?”, undated

Train Station, 10/4/1999

-Untitled, prep sketch for Train Station, 10/4/1999

Waiting Paris Train Station, 10/1999

De Gaulle Airport, 10/18/1999, original and 1 reproduction

-Untitled, Crouched man, undated

-Untitled, Man seated and waiting, undated

-Untitled, Man standing leaning on chair, undated

-Untitled, man standing with Cane, 1999, original and 2 reproductions

Original Sketches: Miscellaneous Waiting “Activities” (8 originals)


-Untitled, 3 Women under dryers at hair salon, undated

-Untitled, Fisherman waiting for a bite, undated

Jury Duty, undated

-Untitled, Court room faces, undated

Churchill Downs, 1995, Waiting at the finish line

-Untitled, Perigeux Street, 7/1996

-Untitled, Man with belly, undated

Parade-Bordeilles, Crown “Miss Bordeilles,” 8/1996, 1 original

Parade-Bordeilles, Crown “Miss Bordeilles,” 8/1996, 2 reproductions

Original Sketches: Miscellaneous People Waiting (11 originals)


-Untitled, Scratchy profile, undated

-Untitled, Man laying on couch-back view, undated

-Untitled, Seated Woman, undated

-Untitled, Bowl-cut boy profile view, undated

-Untitled, Man seated and smoking, undated

-Untitled, Man with hands on head, undated


-Untitled, Woman resting on couch, undated

-Untitled, man with outstretched arms, undated

-Untitled, Seated Man with fingers interlaced in lap, undated

-Untitled, ¾ view of man with beard, 1999, original and 2 reproductions


-Untitled, Seated man with Beard profile view, undated


Folder 15: Father Bede Griffiths 1991

-Reproduction of original drawing, Father Bede Griffiths 1991, ink

-Photocopy of Father Bede Griffiths drawing, 1991

-Reproductions of Father Bede Griffiths drawings, seated pose, 1991 (2 copies)

-Hand-written notes from sitting with Father Bede Griffiths, 1991, 2 pages

The New Creation in Christ: Christian Meditation and Community, by Father Bede Griffiths, 1992, includes Cobb illustrations

-Christian Meditation Newsletter, “In Memoriam: Bede Griffiths 1906-1993,” 1993

-Letter from family of Bede Griffiths to Cobb thanking her for her visit to New Harmony, 1993


Folder 16: Scotland 1991 (9 originals)

-Bound travel diary, 19 pages, 1991, includes 9 original sketches, graphite and ink


Folder 17: Arts in Medicine 1992-1994

-Arts in Medicine workgroup meeting announcement, 1992

-The New York Times Magazine, The Mainstreaming of Alternative Medicine, 1992, 7 pages

-Arts in Medicine Meeting announcements, 1992-1993, 5 pages

-Topical seminar memo, “Health Psychology: Introduction to Mind/Body Issues,” 1994

-The Dead Sea Conferences Information, The 2nd Conference: The Anatomy of Well-Being, 1993

-Getting Well: A Psychoneuroimmunology Program for Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases, Booklet and Program information, undated


Folder 18: Facing 50, 1995 (2 originals, 8 photographs)

Letter from Meg Higgins inviting Mary Cobb to participate in Facing 50 project, 9/1994

-Letter from Meg Higgins to Facing 50 participants, 12/1994 (2 copies)

-Artists roster for Facing 50, 1994

-Gallery Hertz press release about Facing 50, 1994

-Original drawings, preparatory sketches for Me and My Shadow, graphite

-Original drawings, preparatory sketches fro Me and My Shadow, charcoal

-Six 5×7 color photographs of Me and My Shadow painting, various perspectives

-Two 8×10 color photographs of Me and My Shadow painting

-Color copy of photograph of Me and My Shadow painting

-Newspaper article, Facing Up to 50: Milestone Birthday Led to Candid Exhibit, source

Unknown, 1995 (1 original and 1 photocopy)

-Louisville Magazine article, A 50-50 chance, 1995 (1 original and 1 photocopy)

-Letter from Meg Higgins to Mary Cobb, thanking her for participating in Facing 50, 1995


Folder 19: Scotland 1996

-11 Reproductions of Scottish travel drawings: Ink, Watercolors and Pastels


Eilean Donan Castle, 2 reproductions

Weaver’s Cottage- Isle of Skye, 1 reproduction

Dunnotar, 1 reproduction

Tombstone of Flora MacDonald, 1 reproduction

Watercolors and Pastels

Dunnotar-Collecting Stones, 1 reproduction

Dunnotar, Castle scene 1 reproduction

Out to Sea- from Dunvegar, 1 reproduction

-Untitled, Church Scene, 2 slightly different reproductions

St. Andrew’s S. St. 2 reproductions


Folder 20: Morocco 1992 and 1997 (25 originals, 2 photographs)

-Color photograph of Mary Cobb on a Moroccan terrace

-Color photograph of Moroccan tanneries in Fez

-Moroccan travel diary, 1997, 30 pages, writings, sketches and paintings: 13 ink/ 3 pencil/ 8 watercolors and colored pencils/ 1 acrylic


Mill near La Roserie, 2/1992

Donkeys along Road, undated

Scramble for Africa, undated

Road to Safi, undated

-Untitled, Road and men on horses, undated

Soccer on Beach/ Road Back to Essouaria, 2/17/97

Heard of Goats Running, undated

– Untitled, Man on road, undated

-Untitled, Mountain Scene: Man carries Bundle, undated

On Road Marrakech to Zagora, undated

Road-Marrakech to Zagora, 2/22/97

Goat Herd-Ski Slope-Oukeimeden, undated

-Untitled, Man with Staff, undated


-Untitled, Essouaria Medina, 2/1992

-Untitled, Man leaning on Medina walls, undated

-Untitled, Natural scenery: shadowy hills, undated

Watercolors/ Colored Pencils

Medina-Essouaria 2/1992

Great Excitement-Geudaruie Helicopter Lands, Asni– 2/20/1997

Tanning- Vats of Dye for Leather, Fez- 2/28/1997

Hahvine- Passport Line into Sebta (Spanish City), 3/3/1997

-Untitled, Man Riding Donkey on Road near the Sea, undated

-Untitled, Natural Scene- Electric Colors, undated

-Untitled, Natural Scene: Olive Tree and Village, undated

-Untitled, Official Ceremony: Men with Flags, undated


On Way to Skoura, undated


Folder #21: Metro United Way “Words from the Heart” 1998

-Hand-written statement about Cobb’s goal with Word’s from the Heart and U of L class project, 3 pages

-Hand-written notes about creative employment program

Center for Women and Families, Henry Hoenig, 3 pages

Words from the Heart: Stories of Hope Lessons in Caring, Diane Aprile eds, 1998.Includes Mary Cobb illustrations

-The Courier-Journal article, Words from the Heart: Writers Capture Compelling Story Of United Way at Work, includes Mary Cobb illustrations


Folder #22: University of Louisville Drawing Course 1998 (1 photograph)

-Map of University of Louisville Campuses

-Application for Enrollment in Independent Study and Research: Drawing on Site-Advanced drawing: Course Syllabus

-Advanced drawing: Final portfolio and critique requirements

-Addendum for Advanced Drawing

-Hand-written notes made while drawing from model in class

-University of Louisville grade report

-Photograph of in-class drawing


Folder #23: Elie Wiesel 2000 (1 original)

-Original sketch of Elie Wiesel by Mary Cobb, charcoal and pastels, 4/2000

-Letter from Wiesel to Cobb thanking her for the sketch, 5/12/2000

Honor, Burden Drive Holocaust’s Witness, newspaper article featuring photo of Wiesel, date and source unknown


Folder #24: Published Items Including Mary Cobb’s Work

-Christmas Card for Children’s Hospital featuring drawing of child, 1970’s

-The Association of the Louisville Orchestra Invitation to Fall Brunch, 10/1983,

Illustrated by Mary Cobb

-Advertisement for a Symposium on Healthcare Practice and Policy featuring Cobb

Illustration, 1986, (2 originals)

Saving the Sands of Time: University of Louisville Geology Professor K. Lai Gauri has Dedicated his Life’s Work to Preserving Some of Man’s Greatest Stone Monuments, Louisville Magazine, 2/1987, features Cobb illustration (2 originals)

Southern Comfort, Louisville Magazine, 10/1987, article’s photograph features Cobb Portrait (1 original)

Highlands Louis-Villa, Louisville Magazine, 3/1988, article’s photograph features Cobb portrait (1 original)

Jamming at Jack Fry’s: During the Bleak Night of Winter, This Bardstown Road Bistro Swings to its Own Beat, Louisville Magazine, 2/1990, article feature’s Mary Cobb’s Illustrations (1 original)

Familiar Faces: The Status of America’s Vulnerable Populations, A Chartbook, A Publication for the Center for Vulnerable Populations, 1992, features Cobb illustrations (1 original)

The King’s Noyse, Chamber Music Society of Louisville Concert Program Cover, 3/1996 illustrated by Mary Cobb, (2 reproductions)

Julliard String Quartet, Chamber Music Society of Louisville Concert Program, 10/1996, illustrated by Mary Cobb,

Guarneri String Quartet, Chamber Music Society of Louisville Concert Program, 9/1996, illustrated by Mary Cobb

Choice Cuts, Dick Smolens Cd cover, 2000, illustrated by Mary Cobb (1 original)

Whose Child is This? :  A Docudrama about Child Abuse, advertisement, illustrated by Mary Cobb, date unknown (1 original)

-Bandana Co., Inc. product brochure, illustrated by Mary Cobb, (2 originals)

-Bandana Co., Inc. product brochure, illustrated by Mary Cobb, date unknown

-Women’s Association of the Louisville Orchestra, booklet with Cobb illustration, date unknown

 Folder #25: Clippings: Visual Inspiration and Technique

-31 pages Miscellaneous Clippings

Palette Talk #12, 1970

Palette Talk # 22, 1980

-Hand-written notes on technique, 5 pages, undated

Folder #26: Written Word: Inspiration and Philosophy

-Owl Card with hand-written notes

-Scratch paper hand-written notes

-Scratch paper hand-written notes

-Handwritten notes on St. Thomas Moore, 10/8/1993

-Strathmoore Drawing pad with miscellaneous hand-written drawing notes

An Introduction to Jung’s Psychology, photocopied page

-Sarah Lawrence Report, 1975

Water Tower Bulletin, undated

Stairway Review, The Junior League of Louisville, Winter 1986, photocopy 6 pages

-Article, Incentives from the Summer, The Ozark River Fun Times, 1994, photocopy 2 pages