Brown-Walker Family Papers, 1827-1979

Held by The Filson Historical Society

Creator:  Brown-Walker family.

Title:  Papers, 1827-1979.

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Size of Collection:  1 cubic foot

Location Number:  Mss. A B879b

Scope and Content Note

These papers were collected by Ernest Walker Jr. and include papers from his mother’s family – J T S Brown, Jr. and his father, Ernest Walker. The Brown family material includes letters and memorabilia from the J.T.S. Brown and Sons distillery, genealogy for the Graham family, LaRue family, Street family and Weir family. The Walker materials include letters and paper from Ernest Walker in Texarkana, Texas. Ernest Walker has letter from Texas and Arkansas Senators and Representatives from the 1940s and 50s.

Biographical Note

Ernest Walker Jr. was the son of Emily Brown Walker and Ernest Walker. His parents divorced while he was a child. These papers consist of papers from both sides of his family. Emily Brown Walker was the daughter of Creel Brown, who was the son of John Thompson Street Brown, Jr. of distilling fame. These papers include material from the Brown family and their distilling business. They also include some materials from the side branches of the Brown family such as the Graham family, the Street family and other Kentucky families related to the Browns. The Walker material is mostly the papers of Ernest Walker who lived in Texarkana, Texas.

Folder List

Folder 1: Graham Brown. A 13 February 1927 card to Graham Brown, a page from a July 1876 newspaper with presidential biographies and an exchange chart for money from 1 January 1888. . Letters to Graham Brown from his mother. Letter of 23 December 1935 from “Brother” to “Sis” states the distillery started running Nov. 28th.

Folder 2: JTS Brown Jr. Recipe for beer. Recipe for Orange Sponge Cake. Copy of an 1849 menu.

Folder 3: Davis Brown. Telegram from Davis dated 8 May [1911] to Ernest Walker telling of death of sister.

Folder 4: Whiskey Labels. JTS Brown & Sons, Early Times, Kentucky. : Creel Brown. JTS Brown label and two stationary envelopes for Creel Brown. Old Prentice Distillery. Stationary, Ink Blotter, Calendar, Receipts, Postcards and labels. Old Prentice Whiskey. Two envelopes for holding warehouse receipts.

Folder 5: 1937 Flood. Letters written from 21 January 1937 to 3 February 1937 describing their ordeal of living in the Highlands on the edge of the flooded city.

Folder 6: Walker Family. Letter from Ernest to Emmie after the divorce. He loves here still and envies her the children. Walker Family. Newspaper clippings, most obituaries and mostly from Texarkana. A copy of an 1862 proclamation from John Hunt Morgan to Kentuckians. Some calling cards, including JTS Brown, Jr. Ernest Walker 1936 Social Security card.

Folder 7: Ernest Brown Walker, Jr. Letter announcing he has been drafted in 1942, newspaper article about Walker purchasing the printing company he works for.

Folder 8: Weir. Genealogy of the Weir family and their ties to the Walker family.

Folder 9: JTS Brown. Family Genealogy. Mostly photocopies

Folder 10: Andrew Graham. Alexander Graham genealogy, including photocopies of family letters from mid 19th century. An 11 March 1848 letter from William Gilbert to dear uncle, from Tampico, Mexico. It discusses the Mexican people. A letter of 28 November 1932 discusses Parker and Gilbert genealogy. April 1848 document to settle an estate of the Parker family. A 26 September 1858 letter from Lester Parker to his wife. A couple of letters of circa 1860 deal with a younger woman marrying an older man. A letter of 9 December 1863 discusses being on the draft roles in Louisville even though he now lives in Tennessee. Genealogical information.

Folder 11: Andrew Graham. Genealogical information and biographical sketches photocopied from various sources.

Folder 12: Printing samples for mail order engraving. Printed Materials. Samples from Walker’s Press. Letter from Taylor Hay Jr.

Folder 13: “Cissy” Walker. Letters from late 1940’s dealing with family matters and Christian Science beliefs. Ernest Walker SR. and Jr. Ernest Jr. is purchasing a house with help from his father. Letter of 4 February 1947 has Sr. asking Jr. to go to the American Legion and preach against all of the veteran bills in Congress because it will bankrupt the country.

Folder 14: Recipes – Wine and Whiskey recipes from JTS Brown. Vino Sano Grape Brick Brochure – not only advertising, but anti-prohibition propaganda. Letter 26 April 1934 to Elmore Sherman describe the cooker JTS Brown Jr. wants to use for making wine in Florida. A letter of 25 April 1934 from Florida Governor David Sholtz to JTS Brown Jr. discussing experimenting with wines. Letter of 3 April 1934 from Art Williams of Mida’s Criteria discusses making brandy with Brown – or more exactly, who to talk to about making brandy. Letter of 7 April 1934 discusses Dr. William Lenz, who oversaw the Stitzel distilling operations and worked with Lawrence Jones. Discussed other companies Lenz worked for including Bernheim, McKenna and Stagg and supervised the construction of Stitzel-Weller distillery.

Folder 15: Recipes, continued. Inquiries about equipment for making wine in Florida. Buffalo Springs at Stamping Grounds, Kentucky distillery stock brochure. Bacardi recipe book. Letter of 8 November 1933 states that “Yesterday put an end to prohibition” referring to Kentucky and 3 other states agreeing to hold a convention to vote on repeal, giving the numbers needed to pass the amendment. A letter of 8 September 1935 from JTS Brown Jr. to Hewett Brown discusses the business that Creel Brown Jr. is entering. It states that he does not want the “JEWS” to hawk the name JTS Brown since they will put any rot gut whiskey they wish into the bottle. Letter of 12 September 1935 from JTS Brown Jr. to J H Waterfill discusses Creel Brown Jr.’s use of the name “JTS Brown Sons” on a distillery. Recipes for wine on Glen Rhea stationary.

Folder 16: Wills. The wills of JTS Brown, JTS Brown Sr., Emily Graham Brown and some legal papers dealing with the will of JTS Brown Sr.

Folder 17: Genealogy: DAR applications and family tree for Emily Houston Brown Walker.

Folder 18: Earnest Walker. Letter from Texas Senator Morris Sheppard, 31 March 1941. Letter from Texas Representative Wright Patman, 15 July 1952. Letter from Wright Patman dated 23 November 1943 about request for vulcanizing equipment. Letter from Wright Patman dated 20 July 1942 about price fixing and rent control. Letter of 9 June 1942 from Texas Senator W Lee stating he will oppose gasoline rationing for Texas and other oil producing states and then describes the “passion to ration” in Washington DC and describes an official making more money from Standard Oil than his government job. Letter dated 10 June 1942 from Texas Senator Tom Connally about gas rationing. Letter of 10 June 1942 from Arkansas Senator Lloyd Spencer about gasoline rationing in producing states. Letter from Arkansas Senator Hattie W Caraway about gas rationing to save rubber. A letter from Wright Patman dated 9 June 1942. Letter of 8 June 1942 to Arkansas Representative William Fadjo Cravens. Undated letter from 1943 from W Lee O’Daniel asks for support of his new radio show and newspaper to tell the people “the real story” of what is happening in Washington and how America is becoming “communist” with the New Deal and the war. A letter dated 23 March 1943 from W Lee O’Daniel thanks Walker for his support and promises to eliminate “labor leader racketeers” from American industry. A letter dated 3 April 1943 from Tom Connally thanks Walker for his views on the National Resource Planning Board’ social reforms plan. Letter of 29 November 1943 from Wright Patman with attached letter about vulcanization equipment request from Walker. Letter of 24 January 1944 from Wright Patman about vulcanization equipment. Letter of 20 September 1951 from Tom Connally to Walker discussing a bill that will tax farm co-operatives. Letter dated 14 December 1944 from Tom Connally to Walker about used car price ceilings. Letter of 20 September 1951 from Texas Senator Lyndon B. Johnson about the taxing of co-operatives.

Folder 19: Brown Family Genealogy. Internal Revenue Receipt for Andrew Graham dated 17 August 1863. Military pass for Miss Eliza Graham dated 6 March 1865. Typed transcript of a letter dated 31 December 1874 from JTS Brown to his son George. The letter discusses his health and James’ business status. Typed transcript of a letter dated 22 June 1870 from A M Brown to his nephew George. Letter discusses family genealogy. Typed transcript of a letter from A M Brown to his nephew George Garvin Brown. The letter reflects on A M Brown’s 75 years of life and the changes in the times. Typed transcript of an undated letter, circa 1880-1890, from A M Brown to James Brown discussing family history. Genealogy of LaRue family – Abraham and Peter LaRue. Hays family genealogy. Three copies of a brief family history for JTS Brown. Genealogical charts for Brown Family and Street Family. A typed transcript of a letter dated 7 November 1826 from William Street to John T S Brown discussing a lawsuit by Park Street. A typed transcript of a letter dated 13 October 1827 from A. Street to John T S Brown discussing a loan. A typed transcript of a letter dated 15 April 1830 from P. Brown to J T S Brown discussing life in Randolph, Tennessee. A typed transcript of a letter dated 20 July 1834 from A. Street to John T S Brown discusses the legal suit by Park Street. Brief descriptions of the Adam Shepherd family and the Henry Chapeze family.

Folder 20: Emily Brown Walker correspondence. A letter of 8 August 1929 from Mrs. Rhett Goode of the DAR appreciating Walker’s service as State Director. Letter of 5 March 1931 from Harriet Arentz to Walker expressing regrets that Walker is resigning as State Director of the DAR. Three letters written between Earnest Walker, Jr. and Helen Hazelrigg in May, 1938 discussing their college relationship. Letter dated 26 July 1948 from J. Strom Thurmand to Mrs. Emily Houston Brown Walker thanking her for the support of his campaign. A card dated 13 October 1948 has Thurmond’s Autograph. A letter of 21 August 1948 from H G Fielder to Emily Walker inviting her to a meeting to support the States Rights Party. Letter of 27 August 1948 expressing regrets that she (Walker) can not be at the States Rights Party meeting, but sending a check to show support. A letter of 9 September 1959 from Ernest Walker to his sister advising her on her investment portfolio. Letter of13 September 1969 from Ernest Wlker to his daughter discussing the death of their house servant Mattie. He makes a racist remark about blacks taking over television – “Even the commercials”. Letter of 7 December 1976 to Ernest Walker from Ana Margarit discussing memories of time in Spain. Notebook from Emily Houston Brown with notes on the “secret marriage” of creel Brown to his second wife, family genealogy, United Confederate Veterans, and Civil War dates.

Folder 21: Abstract of title for land in Bowie County Texas, near Texarkana.

Folder 22: Photo album materials. Correspondence from 1937. A 7 July 1937 letter from “Sister” to “Mother” discusses her travels in Europe. Two letters from May 1937 discuss Ernest Walker’s Texarkana’s Motel investment. Newspaper articles dealing with social events.

Folder 23:Newspaper clippings. Courier-Journal 1 November 1952 with Owsley Brown’s obituary. Photograph page about making Robert E. Lee’s home a National Shrine. An 25 October 1948 Newsweek article on the Dixiecrats and the south. Several other clippings dealing with Thurman’s Presidential bid. Many clippings about social events and trips. Louisville Times Newspaper, 1905, JTS Brown Jr. taken ill. Newspaper clippings. Various subjects.

Folder 24: Programs from various events – churches, plays, dinners, etc..

Folder 25: Report cards, hair locks, etc. from the children of Emily Brown Walker.

Folder 26: Misc. papers. Post cards, stationary, napkins from a wedding and two airmail first day of issue envelopes.