Beatty-Quisenberry Family Papers, 1796-1962

Held The Filson Historical Society

Creator: Beatty-Quisenberry Family

Title: Papers, 1796-1962

Rights: For information regarding literary and copyright interest for these papers, contact the Curator of Special Collections.

Size of Collection: 6 cubic feet

Location Number: Mss./A/B369

Scope and Content Note

Papers of Adam Beatty and his descendants in the Beatty and Quisenberry families.  The papers of Adam Beatty include correspondence, legal papers, and business papers detailing agriculture, politics, slavery, the Episcopal Church, and other aspects of life in Kentucky from the turn of the nineteenth century through Beatty’s death in 1858.  Correspondents include Robert J. Breckinridge, Leslie Combs, John J. Crittenden, Garrett Davis, Richard Hawes, Richard M. Johnson, Thomas Metcalfe, B. B. Smith, Thomas B. Stevenson, J. R. Underwood, Charles A. Wickliffe, Robert Wickliffe, and numerous other prominent political and religious figures.  Letters from family members in California, Louisiana, Maryland, and Texas discuss life in those states.  Also included are letters written to Beatty’s wife, Sarah, mostly concerning daily life.

A small group of Ormond Beatty’s papers contain material related to the Civil War, Centre College, the Caldwell Institute, and real estate in Danville, Kentucky. Letters from Ormond Beatty are included in the papers of his parents.

Ormond Beatty’s daughter, Pattie, grew up in Danville, following the Civil War.  Her papers mostly concern social life in postbellum Kentucky, although they also include references to politics and major events.  Correspondence to and from Pattie Beatty describes traveling and vacationing in numerous parts of the eastern United States.  She was also involved with Presbyterian missionary groups and some related material is included in the collection.  In 1882, she married John A. Quisenberry.  His papers relate to agriculture, politics, social life, business, and real estate in Kentucky and Texas.

Thomas E. Quisenberry, the son of John A. and Pattie Quisenberry, moved to Evanston, Illinois.  His papers reflect business, politics, social life, and other aspects of life in Illinois in the mid-twentieth century.  Included are copies of his letters to politicians, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, offering Quisenberry’s opinions on various issues.  The correspondence of his wife Quinlan Hanna Quisenberry (née Agnes Quinlan Hanna) details social life and travel.

The Filson purchased the Beatty-Quisenberry Family Papers in a number of lots, resulting in the collection having numerous accession numbers.  They are 99z7, 99z11, 99z12, 99z13, 99z14, 99z16, 99z22, 00z5, 00z10, 00z16, 00z18, 00z21, 00z24, 001z14, 001z27, 001z32, 002z8, 002z11, 002z14, 002z20, 002z23, 003z3.

Related Collections

A group of Henry Clay’s letters to Adam Beatty is in the holdings of the University of Kentucky’s Special Collections.

Biographical Note

Born in Virginia in 1777, Adam Beatty immigrated to Mason County, Kentucky, around the turn of the nineteenth century.  In Kentucky, Beatty was a circuit court judge and served at least one term in the state legislature.  He also ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1838.  Beatty was a prominent member of the Whig Party and was a close friend and political ally of Henry Clay.  On his farm, “Prospect Hill,” outside of Maysville, Beatty engaged in a number of agricultural pursuits.  At different times, he raised sheep, tobacco, and hemp.  He married Sarah Green (sometimes Greer) in the early nineteenth century.  He died in 1858.

Ormond Beatty, the son of Adam and Sarah Beatty, was born in 1815.  He studied at Yale in the mid-1830s and returned to Kentucky to take a position as a professor at Centre College.  In the late 1850s, he became acting president of Centre and became permanent president shortly thereafter.  He married Elizabeth O. Beatty (maiden name unknown) ca. 1839.  He died in 1890.

Pattie Beatty, the daughter of Ormond and Elizabeth O. Beatty, was born in 1853.

She married John A. Quisenberry (b. 1851) in 1882.  Quisenberry was a farmer and later a businessman in Danville.  He died in 1930.  Pattie Quisenberry died in 1934.

Their son, Thomas Edwin Quisenberry, was born in 1891.  As an adult, he moved to Evanston, Illinois, where he engaged in numerous business pursuits.   Around 1913, he married Agnes Quinlan Hanna (b. 1892), who went by Quinlan.  They had five children: Martha (b. 1915), Patricia (b. 1916); Agnes (b. 1918); Helen (b. 1922?); John (5 April 1924-6 March 1995).  Quinlan died in 1958, and Thomas died in 1964.


Beatty Family

1.         William Beatty, Jr. (1738-1801) m. Mary Dorothea Grosch

1.1         William Beatty III (1758-1781)

1.2         Henry Beatty (1760-1840) m. Sarah Henning

1.3         Elizabeth Beatty (1762-1831) m. John Charlton

1.4          John Conrad Beatty (16 October 1764-1811)

1.5         Cornelius Beatty (b. 27 February 1766) m. Harriet Vorvell

1.6         Sophia Beatty (b. 1768) m. Nathanial Rochester

1.7         Mary Beatty (b. 1769) m. Daniel Stull

1.8         George Beatty (b. 1771)

1.9         Otho Beatty (1773-1803) m. Mary Logan

1.10         Eleanor Beatty (3 October 1774-1825) m. John B. Beall

1.11         Elie Beatty (b. 17 January 1776) m. Elizabeth Chew Dury/Deery, m2. Mary Yarnell

1.12          Adam Beatty (1776?-1858) m. Sarah Green [sometimes Greer]

1.12.4          Ormond Beatty (13 August 1815-24 June 1890) m. Elizabeth O. Beatty (b. 1825?)          Pattie Beatty (1853-1934) m. John A. Quisenberry (1851-1930)

1.13         John Michael Beatty (31 March 1779-1823)

1.14         Daniel Beatty (b. 1780) m. Ann Cox

1.15        William Assirby Beatty (1782-1802) m. Elizabeth Miller

1.16         Lewis Augustus Beatty (b. 20 March 1784) m. Gist, m2. Lady of Georgetown

Quisenberry Family

1.         Thomas E. Quisenberry (1820-15 June 1871) m. Anna Price

1.1         Lucy Quisenberry

1.2        John A. Quisenberry m. Pattie Beatty

1.2.1        Thomas E. Quisenberry (b. 24 May 1891-1964) m. Agnes Quinlan Hanna (1892-1958)        Martha Quisenberry (b. 1915)          Patricia Quisenberry (b. 1916)          Agnes Quisenberry (b. 1918)          Helen Quisenberry (b. 1922?)          John Quisenberry (5 April 1924-6 March 1995)

1.3        Robert Taylor Quisenberry

Folder List

Folder 1: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1801-1817

Folder 2: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1821-1824

Folder 3: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1825

Folder 4: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-June 1826

Folder 5: Adam Beatty Correspondence, July-December 1826

Folder 6: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1827

Folder 7: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1828

Folder 8: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1829-1830

Folder 9: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1831-1832

Folder 10: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1833

Folder 11: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1834

Folder 12: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1835

Folder 13: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1836

Folder 14: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-February 1837

Folder 15: Adam Beatty Correspondence, March-December 1837

Folder 16: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1838

Folder 17: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1839

Folder 18: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1840

Folder 19: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-May 1841

Folder 20: Adam Beatty Correspondence, June-December 1841

Folder 21: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1842

Folder 22: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1843

Folder 23: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1844

Folder 24: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1845

Folder 25: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-June 1846

Folder 26: Adam Beatty Correspondence, July-December 1846

Folder 27: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1847

Folder 28: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1848

Folder 29: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-March 1849

Folder 30: Adam Beatty Correspondence, April-July 1849

Folder 31: Adam Beatty Correspondence, August-December 1849

Folder 32: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-August 1850

Folder 33: Adam Beatty Correspondence, September-December 1850

Folder 34: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-June 1851

Folder 35: Adam Beatty Correspondence, July-December 1851

Folder 36: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1852

Folder 37: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-June 1853

Folder 38: Adam Beatty Correspondence, July-December 1853

Folder 39: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-May 1854

Folder 40: Adam Beatty Correspondence, June-December 1854

Folder 41: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-May 1855

Folder 42: Adam Beatty Correspondence, June-December 1855

Folder 43: Adam Beatty Correspondence, January-April 1856

Folder 44: Adam Beatty Correspondence, May-December 1856

Folder 45: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1857

Folder 46: Adam Beatty Correspondence, 1858

Folder 47: Adam Beatty Correspondence, undated

Folder 48: Adam Beatty Legal Papers, “Forms in Criminal Cases,” 1803

Folder 49: Adam Beatty Legal Papers, 1796-1819

Folder 50: Adam Beatty Legal Papers, 1820-1840

Folder 51: Adam Beatty Legal Papers, 1852-1857, undated

Folder 52: Adam Beatty Certificates, 1803-1829, undated

Folder 53: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1798-1806

Folder 54: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1807-1808

Folder 55: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1809-1810

Folder 56: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1811-1812

Folder 57: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1813-1815

Folder 58: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1816-1818

Folder 59: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1819-1821

Folder 60: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1822-1824

Folder 61: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1825-1826

Folder 62: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1827-1828

Folder 63: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1829-1830

Folder 64: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1831-1833

Folder 65: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1834-1836

Folder 66: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1837-1839

Folder 67: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1840-1842

Folder 68: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1843-1846

Folder 69: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1847-1850

Folder 70: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1851-1852

Folder 71: Adam Beatty Business Papers, 1853-1858

Folder 72: Adam Beatty Business Papers, undated

Folder 73: Adam Beatty Literary Papers

Folder 74: Adam Beatty Essays on Law and Politics

Folder 75: Adam Beatty Essays on Agriculture

Folder 76: Adam Beatty – Papers related to William Beatty

Folder 77: Adam Beatty Newspaper Clippings

Folder 78: Adam Beatty Miscellaneous

Folder 79: Sarah Beatty Correspondence, 1835-1853

Folder 80: Sarah Beatty Correspondence, 1854-1858

Folder 81: Sarah Beatty Correspondence, undated

Folder 82: John G. Hickman Correspondence

Folder 83: Ormond Beatty Correspondence, 1862-1883

Folder 84: Ormond Beatty Essays

Folder 85: Ormond Beatty Surveying Notebook, 1865-1873

Folder 86: Ormond Beatty Land and Legal Papers

Folder 87: Ormond Beatty Receipts, 1866-1886, undated

Folder 88: Ormond Beatty Account Books, 1861-1865, 1872-1874

Folder 89: Ormond Beatty Account Book, 1884-1886

Folder 90: Ormond Beatty Insurance Forms, 1873-1874

Folder 91: Ormond Beatty Miscellaneous

Folder 92: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1864-1868

Folder 93: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1869

Folder 94: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1870

Folder 95: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1871

Folder 96: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1872-1873

Folder 97: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, January-September 1874

Folder 98: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, October-December 1874

Folder 99: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, January-April 1875

Folder 100: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, May-December 1875

Folder 101: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1876

Folder 102: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1877

Folder 103: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1878-1879

Folder 104: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1880-1881

Folder 105: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1882-1909

Folder 106: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, 1926-1934

Folder 107: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, partially dated, no year

Folder 108: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, partially dated, day of the week

Folder 109: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, undated

Folder 110: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Correspondence, incomplete

Folder 111: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Land & Legal Papers

Folder 112: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Tax Assessment Forms, 1910-1917

Folder 113: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Presbyterian Missionary Papers

Folder 114: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Presbyterian Missionary Receipts, 1885-1913

Folder 115: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Presbyterian Missionary Receipts, 1912-1917

Folder 116: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Essay

Folder 117: Pattie Beatty Diary

Folder 118: Pattie Beatty Receipts

Folder 119: Pattie Beatty Calling Cards

Folder 120: Pattie Beatty Quisenberry Miscellaneous

Folder 121: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1870

Folder 122: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1871-1872

Folder 123: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1873

Folder 124: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1874

Folder 125: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1875

Folder 126: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1876

Folder 127: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1877-1878

Folder 128: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1879

Folder 129: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1880-1889

Folder 130: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1890

Folder 131: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1891

Folder 132: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1892

Folder 133: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1893

Folder 134: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1894

Folder 135: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1895

Folder 136: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1896

Folder 137: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1897-1899

Folder 138: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1900-1901

Folder 139: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1902-1903

Folder 140: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1904-1905

Folder 141: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1906-1907

Folder 142: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1908-1909

Folder 143: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1910-1913

Folder 144: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1914-1922

Folder 145: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, Letterbook 1922

Folder 146: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1923-1928

Folder 147: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence from Pattie Beatty Quisenberry, no year

Folder 148: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence from Pattie B. Quisenberry, day of the week

Folder 149: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence from Pattie Beatty Quisenberry, undated

Folder 150: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence from Pattie Beatty Quisenberry, undated (2)

Folder 151: John A. Quisenberry Correspondence, undated

Folder 152: John A. Quisenberry Land & Legal Papers

Folder 153: John A. Quisenberry – Charles R. & L.C. Beatty Estate Papers

Folder 154: John A. Quisenberry Tax Assessment Lists, 1910-1918

Folder 155: John A. Quisenberry – Danville Fishing Club/Cumberland Club of Danville
Folder 156: John A. Quisenberry Receipts

Folder 157: John A. Quisenberry Checks

Folder 158: John A. Quisenberry Bank book

Folder 159: John A. Quisenberry – Centre College/Central University

Folder 160: John A. Quisenberry Miscellaneous

Folder 161: Thomas E. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1882-1929

Folder 162: Thomas E. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1931-1948

Folder 163: Thomas E. Quisenberry Correspondence, 1950-1962

Folder 164: Thomas E. Quisenberry Correspondence with James V. Hunt, 1938-1954

Folder 165: Thomas E. Quisenberry Correspondence, undated

Folder 166: Thomas E. Quisenberry Centre College

Folder 167: Thomas E. Quisenberry Latin Notes

Folder 168: Thomas E. Quisenberry – Howe, Quisenberry & Co. Minute Book

Folder 169: Thomas E. Quisenberry – Howe, Quisenberry & Co. Papers

Folder 170: Thomas E. Quisenberry – Interstate Commerce Commission Reports

Folder 171: Thomas E. Quisenberry – Congressional Reports

Folder 172: Thomas E. Quisenberry Land Papers

Folder 173: Thomas E. Quisenberry Travel Papers

Folder 174: Thomas E. Quisenberry Miscellaneous

Folder 175: Thomas E. Quisenberry Newspapers

Folder 176: Quinlan Hanna Quisenberry Correspondence, 1909-1913

Folder 177: Quinlan Hanna Quisenberry Correspondence, 1924-1958

Folder 178: Quinlan Hanna Quisenberry Account Book

Folder 179: Quisenberry Family Miscellaneous Papers

Folder 180: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder 181: Nannie Barbee Miscellaneous Papers

Folder 182: U.S. Supreme Court and Kentucky Court of Appeals decisions

Folder 183: Genealogy

Folder 184: Miscellaneous

Folder 185: Miscellaneous 20th century newspapers


Folder 186: Adam Beatty Broadsides and Newspapers

Subject Headings

African Americans – Kentucky


American Party


Antislavery movements – United States

Beatty, Adam, 1777-1858

Beatty, Ormond, 1815-1890

Breckinridge, Robert J. (Robert Jefferson), 1800-1871


Buchanan, James, 1791-1868.

California – History

Centre College (Danville, Ky.)

Cholera – Southern States


Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 1810-1903

Clay, Henry, 1777-1852

Combs, Leslie, 1793-1881

Courts – Kentucky

Crittenden, John J. (John Jordan), 1787-1863

Davis, Garrett, 1801-1872

Democratic Party (U.S.)

Diseases – Sourthern States

Draper, Lyman Copeland, 1815-1891.

Education – Kentucky

Episcopal Church – Kentucky

Fugitive slaves – United States

Governors – Kentucky

Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841

Hawes, R. (Richard), 1797-1877

Hayes, Rutherford Birchard, 1822-1893.

Hemp industry – Kentucky

Hunter, R. M. T. (Robert Mercer Taliaferro), 1809-1887

Incest – Kentucky

Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845

Johnson, Richard M. (Richard Mentor), 1780-1850

Kentucky – History – Civil War, 1861-1865

Kentucky – Politics and government – 1792-1865

Kentucky – Social life and customs

Kentucky. Constitutional Convention (1849-1850)

Kossuth, Lajos, 1802-1894

Lossing, Benson John, 1813-1891

Louisiana – Social life and customs

Metcalfe, Thomas, 1780-1855

Mexican War, 1846-1848 – Public opinion


New York (State) – Politics and government – 1775-1865

Oregon Territory – History

Polk, James K. (James Knox), 1795-1849.

Presidents – United States – Election – 1824

Presidents – United States – Election – 1840

Presidents – United States – Election – 1844

Presidents – United States – Election – 1848

Presidents – United States – Election – 1856

Presbyterian Church – Kentucky

Public works

Quisenberry, John A., 1851-1930

Quisenberry, Pattie Beatty, 1853-1934

Quisenberry, T. Edwin (Thomas Edwin), 1891-1964


Republican Party (U.S. : 1792-1828)

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945

Ruffin, Edmund, 1794-1865

Sanders, Lewis, 1781-1861

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Calif., 1906



Slavery – Political aspects

Smith, B. B. (Benjamin Bosworth), 1794-1884

Southern States – Description and travel

Soviet Union

Stevenson, Thomas B., b. 1811?

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.

Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850.

Temperance – Kentucky

Texas – History – To 1846

Tobacco industry

Tyler, John, 1790-1862

United States – History – Revolution, 1775-1783

United States – Politics and government – 1845-1861

Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852

Whig Party (U.S.)

Wickliffe, C. A. (Charles Anderson), 1788-1869

Wickliffe, Robert, 1775-1859

Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924

Wool industry – Kentucky

World War, 1914-1918

World War, 1939-1945

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