2024 Cultural Pass

Cultural Pass 2024

The Filson is participating in the 2024 Fund for the Arts Cultural Pass!

Cultural Pass 2024 logo. Reads Cultural Pass "Your Passport to creativity" in front of skyline of Louisville Ky with bridge.

Cultural Pass offers young people and their families in the Greater Louisville area access to participate in arts and cultural activities provided by over 50 venues, free of charge, each summer. Learn more about your child’s “passport to creativity” at the Fund for the Arts website.

Filson’s 2024 Cultural Pass Details

Best Suited Age Range for Activities:  6 – 13 Years Old

Dates:  Mondays 1 – 3 PM (June 3rd through July 29th)

Description:  Get inspired by the history and culture of the Ohio Valley! Passholders will embark on scavenger hunts throughout the historic mansion and exhibits, bring a streetcar scene to life using stop motion animation, and design posters celebrating the 100th anniversary of Kentucky State Parks using historic printing methods like cyanotypes or sun prints.

Image of Filson staff helping children with projects during a cultural pass activity.
image of 4 children and an adult woman participating in the scavenger hunt in the Ferguson mansion.