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Bullitt Family Papers - Oxmoor Collection, 1683-2003. 164 cu.ft.

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Mss. A B937c / 56,123, 137-233, 244, 282, 295-303, 305-307, 330, 332-335, 372, 378, 450, 504-505, 527, 530, 532, 592, 634, 641, 886, 892-940, 961, 970, 992a, 1391, 1415, 2384-2395, 2408, 2420, 2435, 2690, 2693, 2716-2717, 2739, 3160, 3184, 3279 OVSZ


John was the third child of William C. and Mildred Ann Bullitt. He studied law and moved to Philadelphia where he had a successful career. His papers include correspondence, most of which is transcripts, from his family and friends dating from 1835-1851, and provides a great look into antebellum Louisville and the Bullitt family in the 1840s touching on slavery, politics, religion, and agriculture; and some later correspondence and early business correspondence. (137-167) There was also a chronological index and an index of names that appear in the correspondence.(168- 172) Also among his papers were documents re: specific cases Bullitt worked on including the Bank of Kentucky case (1825-1872); Montgomery court martial (1858), the Montour Iron Co. vs. Christopher and John Fallon (1859), the Fitz John Porter case (1879), the Philadelphia and Reading R.R. case (1880-1881), the Homestead Mills case (1892), and the John Moon murder trial.(173-192); Also included among the papers were papers and correspondence re: the setting up of the Fidelity and Safety Vault and Trust Company in Louisville(193), and land papers re: his portion of the Oxmoor and Ridgeway estates and properties he owned in Philadelphia, Louisville, Ky., and Ohio. (210- 218) His estate papers were mostly re: his Oxmoor property. (194-209) Also among his papers were political papers re: the 1896 Democratic Convention(219), speeches and compositions given by Bullitt, including a composition about his law office and law partners(220-227), newspaper clippings re: cases he worked on and his death (228-229), and genealogy(231-232). Letters dated 27 July 1838 and 18 December 1839 from Alex Scott Bullitt to his brother John re: family and slave news.(56) Letter dated 3 January 1901 letter from Thomas W. Bullitt to his brother Henry M. Bullitt re: Henry moving into the Oxmoor house. Thomas wrote that they should write their older brother John, who owned the house, before they do anything. (123) Deed dated 20 November 1859 from Joshua F. Bullitt to his brother John C. Bullitt and Fred Fairthorne for land in Jefferson County, Ky. (244) There were references and letters to John in his mother Mildred's correspondence in letters dated 1858-1861.(282) There were references and letters to and from John in his brother Thomas W. Bullitt's correspondence dated 1854-1864, 1881, 1891, March 1896, 1901- 1902, and 1905.(295-303,305-307) Thomas W. Bullitt mentioned his brother John's feelings about the Civil War in a narrative he wrote about his experience as a Confederate soldier serving in John H. Morgan's cavalry. (330) Thomas W. Bullitt mentioned his brother John in a manuscript he wrote in 1906 titled My Life at Oxmoor. (332-335) John was mentioned in his father William C. Bullitt's will dated 18 November 1875 as receiving a portion of the Oxmoor estate.(372) Deed dated 6 March 1848 from William C. Bullitt and his wife Mildred to their sons Joshua and John for a lot in downtown Louisville.(378) Deed dated 24 April 1872 from William C. Bullitt to his son John for a part of Ridgeway land that William had received from his sister Helen Key's estate. (378) In a letter dated 6 January 1882 from Susan B. Dixon to her brother Thomas W. Bullitt she mentioned that their brother John was buying from her the Oxmoor house tract.(450) Letter dated 24 September 1900 from Susan B. Dixon to her brother John re: her financial affairs.(450) In the correspondence of Susan Bullitt Dixon to John's daughter Julia Bullitt Gross dated 1903, she wrote in great detail about herself and John and their life on the Bullitt family farm, Oxmoor, in Kentucky in the 1830s and 1840s. She also mentioned their journey through the northern part of the country in 1848 and John's marriage to Therese Langhorne in 1850.(450) Anne de Kermel mentioned her cousin John in letters dated 1868 and 11 February 1891.(504) Helen Key mentioned her nephew John in a letter dated 1865.(505) Mirah Logan mentioned John in letters dated 4 February 1876, 8 August 1878, 12 May 1884, 1 December 1884 and one undated. (527,530,532) Undated note from Mary Boswell inviting John to come for a visit. Copy of 8 December 1849 letter from Virgil McKnight to John re: the marriage of Mary Boswell.(592) Letter dated 1898 from John to his nephew Scott Bullitt re: the death of John's brother Joshua.(634) Undated letter from John to his nephew Scott Bullitt.(641) There were references to John's letters in the correspondence of his grandson Orville H. Bullitt dated 1943-1946. (886) Letters and references to John in his brother Thomas W. Bullitt's correspondence dated 1861- 1862, 1865-1868, 1871-1899 re: legal, business, political, and family matters. Some of the letters dated 1873-1874 and December 1882 were re: the Ridgeway property he inherited from his aunt Helen Key. The letters dated 1882-1884 were mostly re: the establishment of the Fidelty Trust Company in Louisville, and his purchasing his sister Susan Dixon's Oxmoor lot. (892-940) Agreement dated 5 February 1894 between George Winkler and John re: Winkler's rental of Oxmoor.(961) Lease dated 9 November 1899 from John to Henry Stutzenberger for a portion of the Oxmoor farm. (970) There were entries for John in Thomas W. Bullitt's personal ledger dated 1877-1891.(992a) Correspondence between John and his nephew William Marshall Bullitt dated February 1900. (1391) There were also references to John in correspondence between Isaac Cate, who was a former student of John's, and William Marshall Bullitt dated June-July 1916.(1415) Among William Marshall Bullitt's genealogical papers there are letters and papers re: research he had done on his uncle John C. Bullitt. He also compiled an index for John's correspondence. (2384-2395) Letters to and from John in William Marshall Bullitt's genealogical papers re: various ancestors.(2408,2420,2435) In William Marshall Bullitt's scrapbooks dated 1890-1892 and 1895-1907 he enclosed several clippings re: his uncle John including his obituary. (2690, 2693) There were letters to and from John dated 1881-1907 re: the Fidelity Trust Company in Louisville.(2716-2717,2739) Deed dated 1883 from Susan Dixon to her brother John for her portion of the Oxmoor property left her by their father William C. Bullitt. (3160) Among the papers re: the Oxmoor cemetery there was a copy of the articles of incorporation for the cemetery dated 1878 signed by John and his siblings.(3184) Plats of the Punch Bowl property in Philadelphia dated 1884 and 1889 and broadside for sale of lots on Cape May dated 1868.(3279 ovsz )

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Bullitt, John C. (John Christian), 1824-1902

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